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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  July 5, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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does it not appear structures are still in danger at this moment. >> there are a lot of power lines in the area, though. let's bring spencer in for just a minute. >> the winds are very light, only at about thee miles per hour right now out of the north-northwest. winds shouldn't be a significant factor, but it's quite hot, it's 98 degrees and temperatures not expected to drop and it's relatively dry z you know more massive fires than this can generate their own micro conditions. this fire is moving in a narrow path. not likely to generate much of an updraft unless this moves uphill a little bit. winds don't appear to be a factor but it's hot and dry. >> and of course we'll keep monitoring this fire for you and update you throughout this newscast. good evening, everyone oo. let's move now on to a different fire danger. talking about damage from
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illegal fire works on the 4th. the sun came up this morning, results were very clear. and we're live in berkeley. and some folks are feeling pretty lucky, i guess. >> they're lucky and they're actually frustrated, and thankful they've got a fire department nearby this, apartment here around the corner where where a lot of folks we spoke to live caught fire because someone set off illegal fire works and thankfully no, one was living inside when this happened. >> this is the fifth of july surprise, willy and his berkeley neighbors woke up to this morning. and there is lots of sorry on their minds. and around the corner, this vacant apartment building went up in flames, fire investigators have no doubts about what caused it. >> berkeley had their fire
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works last night and would have encouraged our residents and communities to go watch fire works instead of setting off fire works that could cause fire works like this one. >> in east oakland, cars in this yard were burned. investigators looking into whether smoldering illegal fire works for blame. it was a 4th of july fire works spectacular, lighting up the skies like big budget shows, only there weren't any professionals around. >> explosives is what it sounds like. >> in a sign of just how explosive problems are, this barrel for illegal fire works in east oakland is empty. around the corner a street littered with remains of a neighborhood show. the fire works in this neighborhood left him frustrated. >> if they'd been doing their job they could have caught them.
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there is a, you know, the police, it's illegal for fire works in berk lie authorities say they're outnumbered. >> given the number of fire works they're stretched thin already. so it's pleading with the public, asking neighbors to ask their neighbors not to partake in lighting off fire works. >> and it's up to local police departments to enforce this ban on illegal fire works and fines can run from a thousand up to $10,000 if you're caught with large amounts. reporting in berkeley abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. the east bay not the only area, take a look at these illegal fire works being set off in san jose last night. there were no reports nif damage or serious injuries. and san francisco display lasted longer than the city-sponsored version. residents say they can see professional grade fire works
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more than an hour. the displays not limited to one neighborhood, either. >> another developing story right now about 7,000 people in morgan hill have lost power and won't get it back until 11:00 or later tonight. pg&e says the problem is an underground kaichbl they don't know what happened, but say it will be a lengthy repair job. the outage is in the monterey road-church street area. berkeley police are asking for help in locating a 29-year-old cyclist who went missing on tunnel road between oakland and werkly hills. anthony michael martin hasn't been seen since saturday night. and leanne? >> well, an investigation is definitely going on. but berkeley police say they're not actively searching for mike martin because they won't know where to begin searching. take a look behind me. this is a huge terrain. we're talking about berkeley hills and oakland hills,
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police say they need someone from the public to give them some kind of lead. amaya has a cell phone that may tell police more about the disappearance of the 29-year-old berkeley resident anthony michael martin. james supposed to meet with her boyfriend saturday at 8:00 p.m. >> and. >> i picked up food and waited out in front of the his place an hour and a half two, hours then got a call from a cyclist who found his cell phone it was picked up above a stretch of tunnel road. he was riding a florescent green bicycle and may have been wearing street cars. james says her boyfriend was recovering from respiratory illness and had been fasting. >> he was going through a cleanse. i think he was malnourished, physically, mentally he may
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not have been able to, you know, cycle at the same level he did before. >> berkeley police are investigating the case but say the former frogsal cyclist could be anywhere. >> it's possible he, as an avid cyclist and a former professional accord together girlfriend could have gone a number of different routes, covering you know 10-12 square miles of sometimes wooded terrain. sometimes, steep terrain. >> martin was an engineer and a physicist. his girlfriend admits he was having a hard time getting his life in order. >> he was under a lot of stress, working a full-time job. he's trying to finish his phd in physics. that is a lot to have on your plate. >> she says martin decided to leave the bay area to move back to florida where his parents live. his car is parked behind his apartment complex.
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according to his girlfriend, mike martin was supposed to least bay area today, tuesday, his parents are still in florida. in the oakland hills, abc 7 news. >> thank you. the man shot and killed by bart officers last weekend at civic center station has not been identified. police say they're trying to gather information about the man killed on the platform around 9:30 sunday night. at this point, all they know is that he's between 35-50 years of age wearing a tie dye shirt and green military fatigue pants. investigators are now reviewing bart surveillance video as well as interviewing witnesses. >> i have been told there are credible witnesses that have been helpful. information that we're receiving is the officers confronted an aggressive, combattive suspect that was not complying with directions. >> police say this shooting happened about a minute after confronting the suspect who had a knife in one hand and a bottle in another.
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investigators say three shell casings were found. this was the sixth officer-involved shooting in the 40 year history. a brazen theft from a san francisco art gallery. a man walked in before lunch and walked out with a picasso, snatched off the wall. and don sanchez is live where the heist occurred. >> the man just walked in, grab that had picasso after the -- off the wall and walked out. that drawing may be worth $200,000. it was on a column inside of the place. near the entrance. police say the suspect was only in the gallery long enough to grab the work and leave. it's called a 1965 pencil drawing on paper that translates into "head of woman". it's small, just eight by 10. the theft is a blow to gallery owner roland winestein
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creating a museum like atmosphere accessible at union square, he's upset and reassessing security. >> i feel sorry because it is my goal and has been to be able to bring what you see here, on to street level. we just need to do a better zwrob make sure security in place. >> this is something high value. we're hoping this will turn up soon, somewhere. >> investigators say the suspect is six feet tall, wearing a dark jacket, white shirt. dark pants and loafer was out socks, a peppy look, if you will. cab drivers picked up people in the neighborhood at that time. this driver says there was someone similar to the suspect speaking german headed to the alcatras tour. there is new art work on that
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column and it will be business as usual tomorrow. and if you know anything about the suspect or anything else, or saw anything, you're asked to call police. >> thank you, john. >> two women are expected to be all right after being exposed to hazardous chemicals. the napa fire department team decontaminated the women outside queen of the valley kopt. they were accidentally sprayed with pesticide, being used in a vineyard. and. >> the city of richmond poised to begin issuing mu nins pal id cards. any resident can get one. the program is. >> there is a rally going on here in support of the id card
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program. and people with no other form of government id say would it give them access to things most people take for granted. getting a library card and opening a bank account, and making richmond a safer place. san francisco implemented a city id card program. and now, richmond is likely next. the mayor says one in four residents is foreign port. and richmond is a sanctuary city. police do not assist with immigrationens forcement. >> the victim has come forward asking for and to produce id. and they don't have one, they're refered to ice. >> we want to see a homp hencive policy. richmond stood for that.
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i brought forward resolution calling for that. in the meantime, if that seems to be stalled on a national level, we think this id is a step in the right direction. >> the police say they like the idea its going to give people more of a sense they can come to us to report crimes or give us information or, anything that they need to do in conjunction with the police department. >> they vote on a final ordinance tonight.ñiw'ipym putggw3 a strain on pumps. >> if this were to pass it would encourage higher illegal immigration. therefore, putting more pressure on schools[ñ,0 and therefore, city budget. richmond is pretty much broke. >> it's theçç ordinance gets
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through the counsel tonight there is one more city council vote in two weeks. if it passes then, again, it would be implement bid a third party at no cost to the city of richmond. it's unclear what time line would be involved in implementing the cards. >> and coming up a solar revolution in california. a look at the growing popularity of solar power, how california is becoming a national leader in green technology. >> here is alignment of weather bringing us a cooling trend. when we can expect that to happen in the accu-weather forecast coming up. abc 7 news at 6:00 continueueuee
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officials are causing -- cautioning people in the woodside area to be caution of a mountain lion. the latest happened this morning at around 3:50 a.m. before that, someone spotted a mountain lion before 6:00 yesterday morning. and emergency officials advised people in the area to avoid hiking or jogging at dawn, dusk or at night when mountain lions are the most active. >> and there is a cool down in the forecast. dwoitsing to be into the 70s. a live view now from our east bay hills camera looking towards the golden gate. you can see fog there. and marine layer advancing throughout the golden gate. won't have much of a cooling influence for a couple days. there is a satellite close up showing active weather over into the sierra and our little
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bit of coastal fog here, there is a closer look at high temperatures today, we had one record high for the date in oakland. a new record, 84 degrees and we had numerous highs into upper 90s so hot inland again, let's take a look at activity near lake tahoe. we had thunderstorms earlier, both north and south of tahoe and around truckee. now there are is thunderstorms up between portolla and susanville. stormy weather and its not very wide spread. back to the bay area now, temperatures into mid-90s inland. and down into los gatos, mainly 80s around the bay. 69 here in san francisco. and these are the highlights. will be mild inland and there is a wide range of highs again tomorrow and below normal by week's end. overnight tonight, looking for mild weather, lows into mid-50s mid-60s most of the
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60s inland locations and here is what's happening into the atmosphere, winds blowing to a center of low pressure inland. the low moves farther inland and there is a stronger sea breeze and day by day and by weekend's temperatures dropping below after rej levels, fog with us overnight and tomorrow morning, turning to the coast. a pattern like today, highs into 60s near the coast. 70s and 80s ash the bay. and as a matter of fact we'll close in and show you south bay, which will be warm tomorrow. highs into upper 80s to low 90s and mid-80s on the peninsula. upper 50s to low 60s on the coast. downtown 66 degrees, 60 into sunset district. highs ranging from low 80s to mid-90s moving farther north. and there is mid 9 ows inland.
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here is the accu-weather forecast, cooling begins on thursday, and becomes a little bit more assertive on friday. then, friday through next tuesday, highs only into 80s, 70s around the bay. upper 50s to 60s on the coast. >> and we want to return now to breaking news. a grass fire west of tracy still burning out of control. it's now topped 300 acres and it does not appear to be threatening homes, there are some major power lines in the area. >> this is happening off highway 580 not too far from altamont pass. we have daniel burland on the phone line with us now. can you hear us?. >> i can. >> thanks for joining us. and give us a update on what's happening out there. >> this fire has been able to consume 350 acres. you can see it's grassland. open fields with dry conditions and gusty winds, this fire was quickly able to grow to a large acreage in a
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small amount of time. >> how close do you think you might snb. >> crews have been working both on the ground and near to put a stop to this. we're lucky to keep this away from homes in the area. >> do you have a handle on how long it's going to take until this is contained? no longer an issue? it's 350 acres but an hour ago about 100? >> this fire has grown very quickly. no estimate just yet of when we'll have containment. we're working into difficult and hard this tong put a stop to it. no word just yet oo. and are any other structures into the bath here? there is a number of rural homes there. there are open grass hills, making it easy to get our
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resources in front of this fire, there is some challenging weather, warm temperatures and dry conditions and a difficult fire fight for use sure. could be a beginning of a long summer, thank you very much. this situation happening tonight. >> and lieutenant governor newsom has a little fun during an announcement today. >> and donations to san francisco that comes with a surprising source, coming up, stay with us. sure, pulling the mold, mildew, and grime from out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots.
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and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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californians are opting to go solar at home.
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the california public utilities commission showing that the rate at which people are installing roof top systems is going well, frankly through the roof. installations jumped almost 50% between 2009 and 2010 and that is not just homeowner was a good amount of money. the program to help housing agencies go solar has been such a hit. there is now a waiting list. >> san francisco much-publicized soda-free smairntzly don't afly to city officials. and there is a 250 thouv check from coca coala, using the money to buy portable sports equipment. and newsom says the campaign against sodas as mayor of san francisco made this donation possible. >> we drove coca-cola and pepsi crazy z that is how we've engaged into these
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conversations they wanted to know what they can do. i said you want to promote it, we can make a contribution. >> newsom says it's a gift and does not translate to corporate sponsorship. coca-cola logos will not be going up at city park autos and still to come here this evening, a verdict in the high-profile murder of a 2-year-old girld. >> casey did not murder caylee. it's that simple. >> next a jury decides the fate of casey anthony. the decision brought tears and jeers outside of the court house. >> also, why the families of fishermen missing off baja, california remain hopeful their loved ones will be found alive. 8t8t8t8taúaúaúxñrtçtçt@r@p
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. >> i stunning tond a nearly two-month trial and three years of speculation about the murder of little caylee anthony. >> today, the mother was acquit bud all but the least serious charges against her. we have reaction tonight from outside of the courtroom in orlando. >> as to the charge of first degree murder, verdict as to
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count one, we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> as the verdict was read a sobbing casey anthony collapsed into her attorney's arms but after rendering their verdict of not guilty on the most serious charges the jury declined to explain how they've arrived at that decision. >> the 12 jurors have declined to talk to you. >> so ends the nearly two-month trial and three years of speculation and high-stakes drama in the death of cayle anthony. she disappeared in 2008. hert( mother emerged as the prime suspect after it was revealed she waited 31 days to report her missing. cayle ae.s remains were later discovered in a wooded area. tee fence attorneys claim the toddler died in a accidental drowning and her grandmother covered et up. a relieved jose baez said while there were no winners justice had been done.
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>> casey did not murder caylee. it's that simple. today our system of justice has not dishonored her memory by a false conviction. >> this trial team is world class and in command of the ofdz. -- evidence. they did it skill fully. >> outside of the court, spectators cried and shouted. >> a little girl's memory still fresh in their minds. her mother acquitted in the death. sentencing is set for thursday morning. the most casey could serve is four years. minus time served which is two and a half years. abc news, orlando.. >> and the coast guard is not giving up on the search for seven men missing from a fishing boat off baja, california and neither are the families, to be sure. david louie is live with the latest on this. david? >> well, the coast guard sent in search capability to baja,
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california because the clock is ticking to find seven missing men. and sun exposure and dehydration are the major concerns. solidarity emerged among 37 survivors of of the cap sized fishing boat. gary wong leave nose doubt about his resolve to locate his missing brother from berkeley. >> we're not leaving until we find him. one way or another. >> extreme conditions will be the seven missing men's greatest challenge wex spoke to one man who rescued some of the men sunday evening. >> it's really hot. into the 100s with 80% humidity f you're exposed, dehydration is a big thing. >> survivors found in little more than tee shirts and under wear. the hope is that strong winds pushed the missing towards a cluster of islands. a 48-year-old is one of the
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missing. his wife, son and daughter are in seclusion. sean's brother, darrell says they remain hopeful. >> our whole family is confident he's surviving. he's a strong, smart man. avid fisherman, camping and all of that stuff. >> strength and the will to live will be important. one 62-year-old from novato told his wife how he survived. >> i guess he was in the water about 12 hours. i think he said he swam or at least told me the last call he swam maybe about eight miles. >> besides brian and sean, the other include don lee, and others. the coast guard dispatched a c 130 from sacramento to do a day long search. it can operate for eight hours. >> a lot of personnel there, still. >> mexican fishermen have
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joined a search. the -- they know the coves well of the enchanted islands where it's likely the men may have come to land. and what started as a fun rafting trip turned dangerous for a group. they were rafted at the south fork of the american river near placerville y rafting right now is so different than in years past. >> reporter: nothing like the morning after joys of unpacking unless a guy is grateful to see another morning. that would be jim from walnut creek. >> i feel blessed and a little bit lucky. >> the evidence inside of this case. >> have you been more frightened in your life sf. >> no. >> i was pushed to the limit. >> it's your latest wrinkle
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from portable cameras. a near-death experience during a rafting trip down the south fork of the american river. it was extreme conditions of this spring that lured them to the river. water moving at 5,000 cubic feet per second, three times normal. they just hadn't planned it would -- take them under. and plenty of the white water rafters get sport but for this well trained group, the strength took a toll, then for minutes, went to work on their will autos what surprised me is going down the river that long. felt like i was underwater five to eight seconds. i asked myself this can't be the way i'm going to go. >> ultimately, no. they all survived though one woman did suffer a near
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concussion and went to the hospital. >> she went into shock with memory loss. >> and now will have this video of one raft trip gone awry. and after last weekend there is one last picture to appreciate. safe and a happy ending. >> there is a bill requiring public schools to include contributions of gays and lesbians in social studies is heading to the governor's desk. passing senate bill 48 supporters call fair education act leaving it up to local school boards to decide what grade level is best implemented. supporters say the measure would teach students to respect difference autos and president obama has summoned leaders to the white house thursday to reach a solution on raising the national debt
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ceiling. republicans and democrats have been clashing but the treasury zeptz a deal must be reached by august 2 or the united states may be forced to default on bills. the president prodded congress to reach a long term deal within two weeks time, declaring this agreement must include hike that's republicans oppose. >> we need to take on spending in defense programs and in entitlement programs is and into the tax code. spending on certain tax breaks for the wealthyest of americans. >> the president asked congressional leaders to leave their ultimatums at the door. >> and in mchb matters dow jones closed down nearly 13. nasdaq gained nine and s and p
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500 dropped one. net flix traded at an all-time high today. and it's the online movie rental company's largest push, yet. and stock ended the day up, closing at 289.63. commerce department says factory orders rose driven by orders for airplanes and autos suggesting a fly disruption are fading. report shows companies are investing in computers and other equipment.3wñzv retailers expected to report healthy sales gains for junes, expect a 4.6% increase in sales attributing to gain to deep discounts that are expected to continue this month. >> and a lot more still to come.
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16 violations in 14 months, okay is in the problem is that he wasn't driving on the bridge. >> michael finney gets a problem resolved, taking a look at camera confusion causing the problem in the first place. michael is next. tttttttx
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no one wants to pay someone else's bridge toll but that is what happened to a january san jose man he kept getting another toll violation on his account. so michael finney stepped in to help him out.
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>> this is a problem not toll authority doesn't have a solution for. drew learned to go with the flow. a viral infection put him in a coma. he manages well. and managing a problem with a bridge toll? well, it proved to be too much. he came to 7 on your side. >> about a year and a half ago in, march of last year, i started to get toll violation notices for a car that is not mine. >> the violations occurred on dunbarton bridge. a bridge he says he never uses. and it came in bunch autos one two,. three. he called fast track and weeks passed and more bills for more unpaid tolls would arrive.
6:42 pm
>> eeflt time, fast track admitted mistakes but violations september piling up. he received 15 over a 14-month period. >> it was aggravating. i called them a few times. i sent a letter. then... i assumed it would stop. >> security cameras snapped this picture of the license plate. drew's plate is 4 ydb 218. >> the license plate is similar. but it's one number off. >> so what is the confusion? the camera system was reading the plate incorrectly. no manual review of the license plate was conducted because the program assign aid
6:43 pm
high confidence level for idz its automatic read. two years ago 7 on your side did a story about a family facing a near identical problem. >> violations continued to mount. >> and two years later it says easiest solution would be the elimination of license plate frames. the bay area toll authority has not proposed to do away with license plate frames. and it did take care of the problem. >> if i wasn't a comedian with a higher standard of comedy i might think the was funny. >> might. fast track says it has one million accounts in the bay area and that the system handles well over 99.9% flawlessly. of course here at 7 on your side we're concerned about
6:44 pm
that 1%. 50 this may not come as a shock to you. one out of every two office workers say they've had a bad boss. in a survey 46% say they've worked for an unreasonable manager. 59% of those workers stayed in jobs and tried to address the situation or just lived witness. and friction can stem from different work styles. you can change how you respond to them. the staffing service and team interviewed 441 employees. >> the new race to space. >> two men trying to launch missions into outer space. when it could be reality.
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stormy weather may wash out the space shuttle launch.
6:48 pm
officials say there is a 6 0e% chance rain will delay the planned liftoff, the shuttle bringing a year's worth of supplies up to the space station aichl million spectators expected to jam the cape canaveral area for this historic send off. and lift off is scheduled for friday at 8:26 our time. >> and if nasa's space shuttle program comes to an end smrks companies and requires are ramping up efforts to make space flights as routine as airline flights. the first company to have a license to allow a space craft to return to earth. they hope to begin carrying cargo next year. and british business men and virgin ceo hopes to fly tourists into outer space within 18 month autos do you think they'll charge extra for
6:49 pm
carry on bags? >> i think you're going to be paying for that trip. >>ko and let's update the weather forecast. >> yes. check out this time lapse video from our heavenly camera this afternoon. taking a look at the storms. take a look at the clouds building over the lake. there are powerful thunderstorms around lake tahoe and up north. and there is this one, clouds just erupt. thunderstorms are developing this afternoon. and have calmed down a little bit. hot weather, upper 90s in chico. there is thunderstorms around tahoe. high temperatures tomorrow will be on the hot side inland. there is mid to upper 90s into warmest inland loks. near the bay looking for highs near the bay into 60s and 70s,
6:50 pm
90s inland. sheert accu-weather forecast. and cooling begins on thursday, and will be even cooler over the weekend and into next week. inland highs reaching into mid-80s, 70s around the bay. upper. >>s on the coast. another couple days of good heat. >> been comfortable. >> tiger woods making a decision in playing on next week's british open. >> the story is next in sports. stay with us.
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remember, you can stay connected 24-7 at abc 7 >> and join me tonight at 9:00, cable channel 13, coming up, as companies scale back spending one work perk they're not gegt rid of because it saves them money. >> then at 11:00, 49ers back in santa clara tonight pushing their proposal. we'll take a look at what is holding up construction at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and now, on to sports, and the answer about whether tiger woods will play in the british open. >> shuu has it for us.
6:54 pm
and tiger likes to keep his name in the news. he hath had not hit golf balls nearly two months. so it's no real sur vice pris when announcing will not play next week. woods said he will not return to play until he's 100% healthy and claimed he made a mistake playing hurt two months ago this, is the second major woods has missed, but he still has the championship coming up and is that rag yesterdayy ann there in the distance? there is a evans taking the stage in a photo finish sprint to the line. and had the champ by that much. and evans is only one second behind and giants left fielder cody ross pulled up lane
6:55 pm
yesterday will not be in the line up. he said he felt a twinge in his left hamstring running after this fly ball, had an mry., and he's day-to-day. that is good news. a's losing 2-1 yesterday collecting only three hits. they're 12 and 19 and that is a the worst in the majors. >> any time you play a division, it's huge. now we want to go into the break. you know? and so... we just got to take it day by day. >> there is a team you haven't heard from. the san jose sabre cats returned to arena football. cats led by quarterback who reminds me of one of my former teammates for what he's done throughout his career. >> reed looking. and touchdown.
6:56 pm
>> he has been a perfect fit to the sabre cats and played college ball at uc davis. after a two-year hiatus head coach wasn't sure if he can lure mark back. >> he was excited and he wanted to play. >> i love competing and this game. there is a is the 11th season. he's an mvp, holding every passing record. he's the joe montana for arena football. >> this is a great teacher and leader. and can't ask for anything eels he comes out here and competes and is working. his love for the game rubs off
6:57 pm
on everybody. >> he knows his career is coming to a close. he's prepare forward a new chapter. >> last year i thought 10th grade science. i know some day when the timing is right i'm going to go into coaching. >> and he's becoming the only player in league history to throw 70 passes in eight seasons. good time for families. and this is a great career. >> thank you. >> and that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> thanks for joining us. richard: so delicious, so delicious!
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