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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  July 5, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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those fishermen, including some from california. abc 7 news begins ♪ ♪ this is how we do it ♪ oh, la-la, la-la got to go get a soda. be right back. santa! my man! ♪ make it a pepsi. pepsi? yeah, pepsi. but, mr. claus, i thought you had a deal with, uh, you know... i'm on vacation. i want to have a little fun. a'ight! ahh! shh!
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♪ this is how we do it ♪ summer time is pepsi time naughty! nice! a massive sandstorm envelopes the city of phoenix, arizona tonight. >> just a wild picture. this video from a news helicopter shows the massive wall of sand as it moved across the desert. >> one local t.v. station says it stretched for 50-miles. >> and severely reduced visibility in the region. you can see how the dust made it appear that the control tower at phoenix sky harbor international airport vanished. >> the dust storm delayed several flights in and out of phoenix as well. that is the wind howling, 60-mile an hour winds that whipped up the dust. authorities urged drivers to stay off the roads when they
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saw the first signs of dust blowing into traffic. >> spencer christian is here now. tell us about what would cause this. >> powfpowflpowerful thundersts rolling through phoenix this evening. still another powerful thunderstorm moving through the phoenix area right now. the the storms produced winds that gusted between 50 and 60 miles per hour. visibility at the height of the dust storm was down to one-eighth of a mile in phoenix, really poor visibility. even now there is still a lot of dust in the air and thunderstorms rumbling around phoenix and a dust storm warning right now for the southeastern counties in california of riverside and imperial. go back to the graphic for a second. show you the conditions in phoenix are gradually improving. visibility up to 1.2 miles. 82 degrees. this is the monsoon season in phoenix and the weather shows that. that it really is. i will have our local forecast
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coming up late. thank you, spencer. remarkable images from phoenix. we posted a time lapse video of the sandstorm on worth checking out. >> the families of 7 northern california men missing now for two days in the sea of cortez are not giving up hope. more than two dozen fishermen and 16 crew members left san felipe saturday. their boat capsized 2:30 sunday morning. at least one tourist died. a coast guard c 130 out of sacramento searched the area today. so far they have covered 1300 miles. john austin is in san jose where one of the missing men lived. >> a few of the belongings are still parked behind me and relatives are getting to the search site. diane lee's family is putting on the pressure to keep up the publicity on the case. >> in the i is a ramon dining
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room, don's family has made a command center, creating a blog and facebook account called find our fathers featuring this missing person's flyer. meg lee talked to her husband just before he got on the boat. >> he just wanted to make sure that we had a chance to speak with each other and he was going to be back o home friday. >> the retired auto parts worker has been getting fishing buddies together every year for 15 years, the past two times with the charter company in baha. >> he just loved it so much that he wanted his friends to enjoy it as well, also. >> this year, lee, seen on the left, went with about two dozen friends including al mean in the red tie here. he, too, is missing. >> this is something that was second nature to them. >> but mandy lee hahn says she had a bad feeling about her father's trip. >> i did make a phone call to him on his way to mexico and
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told my husband that i had a weird feeling that something was going to happen which is why i made the call. >> 37 tourists and crew survived including gary wong of san francisco. >> this guy was yelling for help, help me, help me, i was like oh, god. >> a san diego area man who rescued several of the survivors thinks the warm water could keep all of the others alive. >> everybody down there did everything they could physical looking and looking and spending days looking and i pray to god there isn't somebody left out there on an island. >> the missing include brian wong. don lee, al mean, are yo are yl bautista, gene, mark shallack and mark dorland. >> there is a lot of shoreline there not close to major highway so there is a
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possibility they are on land. >> in the water there is a 96 hour window of survival. we a little more than 24 hours to go. don lee's daughter says it is her understanding the group would not be sleeping on the boat during the first night. the one confirmed fatality is leslie yi. he recently retired and this was his first trip with the group. live in san ramon, abc 7 news. thousands still without power in morgan hill tonight. the massive outage happened just after 4:00 this afternoon. pg&e blames an underground cable failure for the problem which is impacting residents and businesses all over including several off eastern avenue. >> i can't ring nothing up. not even like cigarettes or drinks or anything. i can't do any of that. >> what about the gas pumps? >> they shut down. >> the outage originally affected more than 7,000 people but now about 4700 are still in
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the dark so some improvement. power is being rerouted from separate sources for the time being. >> the city of richmond moved one step closer tonight to approving city i.d. cards that undocumented unkowmented immigrants but the plan is not without controversy. >> reporter: one of the few opponents of municipal i.d. cards found themselves outnumbered at the richmond city council meeting. the lostly latino crowd is in favor of municipal i.d.s that could give them easier access to banks, utilities, libraries and other city services. >> they often carry larges amounts of cash and therefore are targeted for robbery and other violent crimes. >> reporter: 40% of richmond is latino and the city estimates about 10% are undocumented
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immigrants who help make up a thriving economy that can be seen along 23rd street. >> i think that they work pretty hard and they have the right to be identified at least. >> they would be picture i.d.s issued by the city proving residency in rich monday. the police believe a sense of legitimacy will prevent situations like this. >> she was a key witness to a crime committe in the city of richmond and she was afraid and because she didn't have an i.d. to identify herself to police officers she stayed quiet. >> think how much man hour wos be saved by the i.d. card. saving the policeman from the trouble of having to take someone in the police car down to the police station doing background checks to find out that they are, indeed, richmond residents. >> critics point out the i.d. cards require little verification. the municipal i.d. proposal passed unanimously. it still needs a second reading
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but supporters are confident it is a done deal. reporting in richmond, alan wang, abc 7 news. we are hearing some of the radio transmissions from sunday night when bart police officers shot and killed a man at the civic center station. a bart employee described the behavior of an unidentified man. >> the guy with the tie dye with the open bottle of alcohol is still there and kind of moving around a lot. >> 10-4. >> two officers responded to the station and say the man was armed with a knife and broken bottle. at least one of them shot at the man within a minute of arriving at the scene. >> shots fired. code three ambulance. he had a knife. >> offy ver involvererofficer . >> the 41 the officer call sign and not the number of shots fired. the san francisco police department is leading the probe into the shooting.
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the officers involved are on administrative leave. standard procedure. bart has videos on the platform but has not released video of the shooting. the 90 49ers asked the sana clara city council to approve the building of a stadium near great america. the council decided how subcontractors who be hired and who will sell concessions and season tickets. >> we are really encouraged with the state of the progress that behave had. we just had really strong commitment and interests from fans and companies and that has been demonstrated in the $138 million that we had in suite sails and we think it will be the same for building and merchandise licenses. >> a group opposing the stadium called clare plays fair believes that much of the financing for the facility remains up in the air. police are looking for help
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solving the brazen theft of apy picasso from a san francisco art gallery. it is valued at $200,000. police say the thief was there long enough to grab it and leave. epijumped in a gab -- he jumped in a cab and drove away. the gallery owner is reassessing his security. >> it has been my goal to see original works by picasso on to the street level. i want it to be available to the public. we need to do a better job in the future to make sure security is in place. >> we are hoping it will turn up soon some where. >> the preppy looking suspect is 6 feet tall and 30 to 35 years of age. he was wearing a dark jacket and dark pants and dark shirt
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and loafers without socks. a grass fire burned hundreds of acres late this afternoon. also, the search for a man who vanished during a weekend bike ride in the hills above oakland. >> and how scientists are working on turning bad body fat into good fat. >> all that turning up a bit later on nightline. >> coming up next on "nightline" casey anthony found not guilty of killing her daughter caylee. we are live from orlando, florida, with a special one hour broadcast. as public anger over the verdict brews we go inside to the trial that has the
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the new tour of america menu. starting at $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. this fire burned about 400 acres of dry bush along interstate 80 near tracy before firefighters got it under control today. broke out about 4:30 this afternoon. cal fire says the vehicle fire spread to grass along the freeway, high winds and then pushed the flames through dry brush. the flames threatened a few structures for awhile. no one was hurt. berkeley officials are
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investigating the disappearance of a cyclist. he disappeared sometime saturday afternoon in the hills between oakland and berkeley. martin is working on his doctoral degree at uc berkeley. his friends describe him as being under a great deal of stress lately. reaction is pouring in tonight to one of the most watched trials in this nation's history. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilt. >> y casey anthony was found not guilty in the death of her daughter caylee. she cried as the verdict was red. she was found guilty on the lesser charge of lying to investigators. >> casey did not murder caylee, it is that simple. and today our system of justice has not dishonored her memory by a false conviction. >> this trial team is world class and in command of the evidence. they did it skillfully and
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without hi histrionics. >> the sentencing is scheduled for thursday. >> a bill that would require public schools to include the contributions of gays and lesbians in the social studies curriculum is heading to the governor's desk. the democratic controlled assembly today passed senate bill 48 which supporters call the fair education act. the bill leaves it up to local school boards to decide when and how to implement it. supporters say the measure will reduce bullying and teach students to respect each other's differences. >> let's move on to the weather. the heat that we felt the last few days is going to be abating a little bit in the next couple of days. >> we have to wait a little bit but spencer christian is here to tell us more. >> this afternoon as the satellite close up shows, thunderstorms in the sierra and we had coastal fog in the bay area. that is what we had hoped would bring us cooling sooner rather
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than later. no records inland but oakland airport a a new record high for this date, 84 degrees. 102 the high in morgan hill. numerous upper 90s in other inland locations. right now looking at warm conditions in the inland east bay. 81 degrees at antioch at this hour. mid to upper 70s in many other inland locations in the east. around the bay, 60s. 53 degrees right here in san francisco. we are the cool spot. coastal fog tonight. mild to warm inland. wide range of temperatures again tomorrow, much like today. and we will see below normal temperatures by the week's end. overnight tonight look for lows to range from the mid 50s to the upper 60s in parts of the inland east bay and here is how things shaping up as we give you a soo at light view. a high pressure off shore to a low pressure inland. this is a system that will give us onshore blow. as it gets stronger the sea
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breeze, itle have more of a cooling influence in the inland areas. 5:00 tomorrow morning some pawchy coastal fog. away from the coast in some spots tomorrow. with a little less of a marine layer than we had today, warm again tomorrow. high temperatures along the coast in the 60s. 70s and 80s around the bay and 90s to triple digits in the warmest inland lecations. we will see mid to upper 80s in parts of the peninsula. low 60s on the coast. downtown san francisco a high of 70 degrees tomorrow. 64 in the sunset district. north bay high 8le. sonoma 94. cloiveerdale. 100 at ukiah. 75 perkily to 79 at -- 75 berkeley. 87 fremont. inland east bay to the again tomorrow with mid to upper 90s as you push farther inland. 99 brentwood. 98 antioch. near monterey bay, 72 in the
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bay and mid to upper 90s inland at gilroy and morgan hill. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. more inland heat tomorrow and another rather warm to hot day inland on thursday. finally get some area wide cooling on friday and then saturday through next tuesday inland highs reach only to the mid 80s. that is below the normal range. mid 70s around the bay and upper 50s to 60s near the bay. this rain is really holding on. we hoped the marine layer would cool influence inland. but that won't happen until thursday or friday. new evidence tonight that could help women avoid heart problems. >> stay with us for that study that could save lives.
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dnchts you know there are two kinds of fat in your body. scientists believe they have found a way to turn bad fat into good fat to help fight obesity in type two diabetes. white fat stores calories and brown fat burns energy. doctors have found a way to convert white fat into brown fat in mice by blocking a certain protein. the mice gained less weight and showed improved sugar levels
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and insulin tolerance. but the technique is a long way from use on humans. there is evidence that healthy living can dramatically cut a woman's risk of sudden cardiac death. the women took part in the health study for 26 years. women with a body moss of less than 25 who exercised regularly and followed a heart healthy mediterranean diet were less likely to experience sud suddn cardiac death. how much exercise do you need? >> exercise three times a week. >> think speaking of exercise. marrmare mariners sunk the a's ship for two nights in a low. paul showing torres how to block the pay for the out. then just watch this. he will just spike the ball.
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you can see
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the padres winning 11 of their last 14 here on the giants home soil. for the first time in his 15 year career, miguel tejada playing second base. chopper over the mound. fourth inning. cain is able. tejada scores. same score in the sixth. two on to the gap in left center. a triple. a three hit three rbi night and three run sixth. padres up 4-3. in the 7th, in the dirt. andres torres tries to score from third but he is out of there. fired up, spikes the ball to home plate. bottom of the ninth. runners on second and third for
11:29 pm
crawford. he could be the hero. makes contact but finds a padre glove. the padres of 33-0 this year when leading after 8 innings. geogonzalez the only a named to the all-star team sporting the cap tonight against seattle. brings conor jackson to his knees in the second. 1-0 mare new year's lead in the second. trevor cahill deep to center. just enough to get over the wall. 2-0 seattle. cahill wondering why routine plays seem to be so hard. watch david dejesus. like ane adventure out of the fly ball. falls to the turf but does make the catch. 7th homerun of the year. two-run game. to the ninth. cocoa crisp. this is going to fall. weeks scores, that ties the game. seattle would answer in the 10th. ryan rolls into the tailor made
11:30 pm
double play but cliff pennington can't turn it. franklin gutierrez scores and that is your game winner, man, 4-2 the final. tiger woods has not hit golf balls for sneerly two months due to an injured left leg including his knee and achilles tendon. no surprise when announced he would not play at the british open. he said he will not return to play until he is 100% healthy and claims he made a mistake playing at the player's championship two months ago. he still has the pga championship coming up on august 11. raggedty ann watches for the tour de france. for the -- pardon my french. >> evans takes it in a photo finish. over the defending champ by
11:31 pm
that much. when i think about it, tiger woods, i don't think he should even come back this year. get himself healthy. only one major left. no reason to come back. >> and difficult to perform well coming back. >> i know he wants to but i just at this point want him to just get healthy. >> doesn't seem like he will. >> there is one major pleft and he would like to win a ladies this year. >> he didn't win one last year at all. >> last word to mr. christian, seven-day forecast with the heat. >> a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow much lier today. inland highs in the upper 90s. close to 100 in the warmest spots. wouldn't be surprised if one of the two east bay inland locations do hit 100 degrees. low 60s on the coast. little cooling on thursday. saturday new next tuesday inland highs reach only to the
11:32 pm
mid 80s and that is below the average for this time of year. 58 to 60 on the coast. >> unlike last week there is not a raindrop in the forecast. >> so true. going to be quite good. interesting but dry. >> i want to see you do it in french. >> we don't want to hear you do it it in french. >> giving you a hard time about your french. "nightline" is next. >> i'm da dan ashley. ♪ mmm. oh gosh. oh dear. big deal. you're delicious. so what. i've got news for you. there's no such thing... a bear sheriff. you think i'm afraid of you? hey what? you don't have to be mean to the ke. i do. you don't. i do. just eat yoplait light. they have great flavors like... boston cream pie, raspberry cheesecake. even though i work here, i've lost weight. wow. yeah. carry on. (announcer) 28 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each.
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