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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  July 6, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning, i'm amy hollyfield. live in alameda. coastguard search continues for seven missing u.s. tourists and the families say they are not giving up hope. a live report coming up. >> also this morning, richmond city council approves a plan to supply municipal i.d. cards to residents. they say it will encourage more illegal immigrants to move into the community. >> live look at the embarcadero. not much of a wind. it's moved farther inland and i'll show you how much temperatures will drop today. >> bay bridge toll plaza, no delays heading into san francisco. >> and bart police have identified the man killed by officers.
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we heard some of the police radio transmissions. >> i'm kristen sze. thanks for joining us. searches searchers are looking for a people after a boat capsized. we're learning more about the tragedy. amy hollyfield is live with the very latest. there is hope and then there is reality and the families are dealing with a mixture of both. the coastguard has already searched 1400 miles, mexican officials say the mexican coastguard and navy are expected to dive down the boat to see if they are trapped on board but they families are hoping they made it to sure shore or still floating. relatives spoke with abc7 about
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lee and his love for this fishing trip. >> he just loved it so much, he wanted his friends to enjoy it also. so he would -- it took him a year to get ready for the next year. >> i had a strange feeling that something was going to happen. and i said to my uncle, please take care of him. >> reporter: seven men are still missing and hopes to find them are dimming. coastguard says it is possible someone could survive for days. family members have set up facebook accounts and printing flyers to keep the search for them very active. live in alameda, amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news."
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officials have identified the man shot and killed by a bart police officer sunday night but they are not releasing had his name until his family have been notified. they did release some of the radio transmissions from the incident. two officers speonld. they say the man was armed with a knife and broken bottle. within a minute of arriving at the scene, one officer shot the man. >> a shot fired. get an ambulance. he had a knife. >> that is the officer's radio call signal. three shell casings were recovered at the scene. bart has surveillance cameras at the platform but it provides a partial review of the incident. bart officers remain on administrative leave. the city of richmond is one step closing to offering city i.d. cards. the city council approved the
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plan at a meeting last night. alan wang reports. >> reporter: the crowd is in favor of municipal i.d.s that could give them easier access to banks, libraries and other city services. >> they are specifically targeted for robbery and other violent crimes. >> 30% of the city are latino and 10% are undocumented immigrants that help make a thriving economy. >> i think they work pretty hard. they have the right to be identified. >> there would be picture i.d.s by the city. richmond police support the idea because they believe a sense of legitimacy will prevent situations reich this. >> it was a key witness to a crime in the city of richmond
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but she didn't have identification to police officers she stood quiet. >> think how many man-hours would be saved by the i.d. card, saving the policeman of having someone in the police car down to the police station to find out they are, indeed, richmond residents. >> but critics point out the i.d. cards require little verification could raise security issues. >> the proposal passed unanimously, supports are confident it's a done deal. reporting in richmond, i'm alan wang, "abc 7 news." the santa clara city council has tan another big step toward construction of a stadium for the san francisco 49ers. santa clara voters approved the plan to help finance the stadium last year. during a meeting last night they decided the process for hiring subcontractors for the new facility. they also selected companies that will sell concessions and
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season tickets. >> we're encouraged with the state of the progress we've had. we've had really strong commitment from fans and companies. that has been demonstrated in the street sale. we think it will be the same. >> there is still opposition to the new stadium. a group called santa clara plays fair, they believe much of the financing remains up in the air. >> tib lone will vote on ban smoking in all large apartment complexes. it would be phased out by 2014, condos and small apartment buildings would be exempt. it would be banned in outdoor dining airs and building entrances. about 3,000 homes and businesses in morgan hill are
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still without power this morning. pg&e expects power to be restored in about half an hour. the area went dark when an underground cable failed. it affected 7,000 customers. >> they are watching flare-ups from a grass fire near phrase si they declared it fully contained around 8:30 last night. the vehicle fire spread on the grass and high winds pushed the flames through the dry brush. the flames threatened a few structures for a while and nobody was hurt. >> when you see pictures like that, you know it's summertime. >> you know it's summertime when you see that fog rolling in. >> and the high was 102, no air-conditioning, it must have been pretty tough. >> you can see the trough ever
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so slowly getting closer and closer to the bay area. as it does, it intensifies the sea breeze which means the cool ocean air is going to move deeper and that is why we'll see a cooling trend. 52 in san francisco all the way to 69 in antioch. by the afternoon hours, still have warm weather and east bay valleys. we'll have mid to upper 90s but the triple-digit it's are over. 87 in santa rosa, all the way down to 74 in richmond and 69 in san francisco and mid to upper on 80s around palo alto and into the south bay and 62 at the coast. 70 in monterey, mid to upper 70s santa cruz, salinas and mid to upper 90s for gilroy and morgan hill. seven-day forecast, i will the be a slow cooling process inland that you'll definitely notice starting tomorrow and temperatures could be a few
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degrees below average but close enough to average. have a great day. here is danielle with the traffic. >> roadways looking pretty good out there. we do have some road work, connector ramp to 580 is shut down until about 6:00 this morning. reside work on the dumbarton bridge, crews have various things closed in the eastbound direction. that should be wrapped up by 5:00. things are looking good at the bay bridge toll plaza, we do have road work on the lower deck. >> thanks a hot. it's now 4:39. >> he didn't need a mask, rope or flashlight. not so sneak sneaky theft. >> and a man that vanished in the hills above oakland, why his loved ones are concerned about
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4:42 on a wednesday morning, looking from the roof camera, looking toward the bay bridge and we've got another warm day on the way. maybe not as hot as yesterday, but warmer than tomorrow. >> they are looking for witnesses to come forward for an art theft. a pencil drawing from pablo picasso. it's valued at $200,000. it was hanging on the entrance to a gallery. the thieves just walked in
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grabbed the work and then jumped into a taxi and got away. nothing tricky. the owner is assessing his security. >> i feel sorry because it really truly is my goal to be able to bring in this gallery, picasso, i want to give to it the public. we need to do a better job for security is in place. >> we hope it will turn up very soon very quickly somewhere. >> they describe the thief, six feet tall, 30-35 years old. he was wearing dark jacket, white pants and loafers without socks. >> they are hoping to locate a cyclist that has been missing since saturday when he was riding on tunnel road somewhere between the oakland and berkeley hills. lyanne melendez has more. >> she has in her hands the
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cellphone that may tell police more about the disappearance berkeley resident anthony michael martin. she was supposed to meet with her boyfriend at 8:00 on the berkeley campus. >> i walked over to his place and i waited outside of his place for hour and a half, two hours and i got a call from the cyclist who found his phone. >> that was picked up near this stretch of the road. martin was riding a green and white bicycle. he may have been wearing street clothes at the time. they say the boyfriend was just recovering from an illness and also been fasting for several days. >> he was going through a cleanse. i think he was malnourished, physically and mentally and may not have been able to cycle at the same level as he did before. >> they are investigating the case but the former professional
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cyclist could be anyway. >> he was an engineer and his girlfriend said he was having a hard time getting his life in. >> today he was working a full-time job and under a lot of stress. he was trying to get his ph.d. in physics. >> he decided to leave the bay area to move back to florida where his parents lifted. his car is still parked behind his apartment complex. coming up, swallowed up in a cloud of dust. massive sand wall that turned day into instant night in phoenix. >> the nation is stunned by the verdict of the casey anthony murder trial. >> and a new low for a british tabloid, police say what they did jeopardized the investigation of a 15-year-old girl's murderer.
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welcome back. check out the temperatures across the country, all very warm, cool spot 80 in seattle to 101 in dallas and 109 in phoenix let's take a look at any delays. we don't have any right now but several severe pockets of weather, charlotte, boston, new york, if any delays develop and you can see flight tracker at here is terry. in orlando, florida, casey anthony could walk away a free woman as soon as tomorrow. a jury found her not guilty of killing her two-year-old daughter caylee. she is to be sentenced tomorrow, she has been in jail for three years, she could be released.
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a nation trance fixed by the trial was left stunned by the verdict. >> to the charge of first-degree murder, we, the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> for the defense there was relief. >> casey did not murder caylee. it's that simple. today, our system of justice has not dishonored her memory by a false conviction. >> for casey facing four convictions and a sentence of up to a year in prison, nearly. >> for the parents and father accused of disposing of the body silence. >> i don't know how the anthony family will ever recover from that. >> the crowd was stunned and
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angry. >> oh, my gosh. >> for some the sense of justice denied. >> we wanted justice for caylee. >> why the jury chose to acquitted on all major accounts, none of them would say. >> my guess is that there was reasonable doubt. >> in the end it may have been the physical evidence. caylee's body had been missing for so long, it had decomposed to help their case. right now, residents of phoenix, arizona are cleaning up this morning after a massive dust storm rolled through last night. it looks like something out of movie, a dust cloud that reaches 10,000 feet,. >> poor visibility made driving dangerous. flights why grounded for about an hour.
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arizona has had dust storms before but this one was the worst they ever encountered. >> i remember seeing that. >> but not like this. >> we posted a time lapse video of the phoenix sand storm at and that is really incredible this week. can you imagine seeing it coming. >> right. >> carwash isn't going to take care of that. >> and refrain from jogging, please. >> this morning, visibility. not so poor. >> not swallowing us like what you saw right there but it is blanketing a little downtown san francisco as we look from sutro tower and east bay hills where we see fog form and low clouds this morning. let's talk about temperatures. we are running in the 50s and 60s and to 69 in antioch. and also 52 in san francisco. we have mid to upper% 50s around the monterey bay and inland and
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a little more cloud cover. it will be sunny around the bay this afternoon. clouds will linger at the coast but not going to be quite as hot as yesterday. mostly cloudy overnight as the sea breeze continues to strengthen and coolest will be over the weekend. just about everybody going cooler. fremont 2 degrees cooler. oakland the exception, two degrees warmer today. san jose and san francisco about 3 degrees cool are by the sun sets at 8:35. cloud cover from 5:00 to 11:00 and notice always around the 9:00 hour, it starts to retreat to the coast. pockets of sunshine from time to time but with that onshore flow or sea breeze, stay in the 50s and a lot of 70s around the bay and 90s in the inland valleys and we'll push it up to the hundreds and that is where they'll stay.
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some of the warmer weather down in the south bay, low to mid-80s for most of the peninsula. mid to upper 80s to the north bay valleys. 74 in richmond, almost 87 in fremont. still low to mid 90s throughout most of the east bay valleys. morgan hill, gilroy and mid to upper 90s and 87 at hollister and 70 at monterey and 70 in watsonville. it's going hot in a lost areas. if you head into the central valley, 100 in chico. noticed the scattered thunderstorms that are possible is as the moisture being pushed in by the monsoon works its way into california luke it did yesterday. for tonight, thicker clouds moving in especially up in the north bay, santa rosa at 48. a lot of 50s around the bay shore and coast. as you head into the east bay valleys, see 60s and also in san jose. >> seven-day forecast, another
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2-4 degree drop tomorrow and we'll do the same on friday and a couple more on saturday and sunday. coolest days will be sunday and monday. good morning, danielle. >> good morning. so far things looking good for your morning commute. live look at walnut creek, 680 at north main street, traffic is moving well in both directions. let's head over to berkeley where a live shot of the east shore freeway, those headlights are headed in the westbound direction down towards the maze. bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is light and smooth right as you make your way into san francisco. for the latest go to and click on the bay area traffic link. it's now 4:54. >> los alomos lab is set to reopen today. the fire has burned more than
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121,000 acres but the lab escaped major damage. residents were allowed back in their homes on sunday. a british tabloid is facing intense scrutiny over allegations some of the reporters hacked into a missing teenager's cellphone. she was later found murdered. police realized some of the 13-year-old's messages had been deleted soon after her disappearance and that gave her false hope she was still alive. the news of the world hired private investigators hacked into her phone and listen to messages by parents and friends. david cameron is calling for a police investigation. >> what i've read in the papers is quite shocking that someone could do this, actually knowing that the police were trying to find this person and trying to
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find out what had happened. >> the tabloid has been accused of hacking the phones of high profile politicians and celebrities. president obama will hold his first twitter meeting today. he will be answering questions about economy and jobs. the company will choose the questions and obama's answers will be streamed live from the white house website. you can submit your questions by using half tag ask obama. >> there is new evidence that healthy living can dramatically cut a woman's risk of cardiac arrest. they examined data in a study for 26 years. they found that women with a body mass of less than 25, body mass index of less than 25, who exercise regularly and followed a mediterranean diet were 92%
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less likely to experience sudden cardiac arrest. they say the minimum exercise is half-hour of cardioexercise three times a week. so 90 minutes a week, something like that. >> i don't know if there is anything in that survey, but it's a reminder, eat healthy and exercise. you might have known that. just a reminder. california schools move a step closer to making history a mandatory curriculum in the classroom. next at 5:00, opponents say a new bill has goon too far. >> the coastguard continues its search for 78 missing u.s. fishermen but how much longer will it last. a live report is coming up. and a near death experience caught on camera, a group of bay area rafters learn the dangerous conditions that record snow melt is creating alongtttttttt
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