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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  July 6, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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i'm amy hollyfield live in alameda. coastguard says it is possible that the 7 missing fishermen still could be alive and they are still searching but they do have plans to call off the search by the end of this week. story is coming up. city of richmond moves a step closer to approve city i.d. cards. >> and we're just a few hours away to find out a new facebook feature. check out a beautiful sunrise from sutro tower this morning, high clouds and low clouds but we want to focus is in the sea breeze and how far inland. cooling trend is here.
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here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, if you are headed into the city, no delays and metering lights are off. wednesday morning, good morning. thanks for joining us, i'm kristen sze. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. a rescue may be fading for seven california men tossed into the waters after their fishing boat capsized. the mexican navy is helping search for the men. amy hollyfield has the latest. >> good morning. there is hope and there is reality and families are dealing with the mixture of the two as they wait. coastguard search has already covered 1400 miles. mexican officials say the u.s. coastguard and mexican navy are scheduled to dive down to the boat, the erik to see if they are trapped on board. the families are hoping may be they made it to shore or still floating and waiting for helpful.
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relatives of missing man don a lot lee spiok to us. >> he just loved it so much that one his friends to enjoy it, as well. so he would, it took him a year to pack for the next year. >> hade a phone call and shared with my husband, i had a mixed feeling that something was going to happen which is why i made the call. i said to my uncle, please take care of him. >> reporter: seven men are still missing, all of them are u.s. tourists. hopes are finding them alive are diminishing but the waters are warm this time of year and coastguard officials say it's possible someone could survive for days if they had enough drinking water. she was told the search would be
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called off on friday. the city of richmond is a step closer to offering city i.d. cards that will benefit undocumented immigrants. city council approved the controversial plan at a meeting last night. mostly latino crowd is in favor of municipal i.d.s that could gave undocumented residents to city services. richmond police support the plan because would it save them time in investigations. but they say the i.d. cards require little verification and could face security issues. the measure still needs a second hearing. >> the family of bryan stow are releasing an update on his medical condition. he was the fan that was severely beaten at a dodgers game in march. they say a recent fever has gone down and they are hopeful he can have surgery.
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officials have released some of the radio transmissions sunday night when bart police officers shot and killed a man at civic center station. two officers responded to the station. they say the man confronted them with a knifepoint and broken bottle. at least one of them shot of the man within minutes upon arriving at the scene. they described his behavior of the unidentified man. >> shots fired. call for an ambulance. he had a knife. >> one of the two officers suffered a minor cut to his arm. san francisco police department is leading the probe into the shooting. bart has surveillance cameras on a platform but police say they only provide partial views of the incident and not what the suspect a suspect was doing when the shots were fired. they are not releasing his identity until reaching relatives. >> richmond police and contra
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costa sheriff's are developing leads to a series of deadly shooting sunday night. gunfire killed one person and injured another in front of a house about 10:30 on west ruby near second street. they think gang members drove to other areas. there were two more shootings and then two more people dead and one more injured. >> a bill would make california the first state in the nation to require schools to teach gay history is headed to governor brown's desk. it adds gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people to the list of groups that should be included in social studies curriculum. opponents say that it would force school districts to use material that some parents find
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objectionable. governor brown hasn't indicated if he'll sign it. >> facebook says it is launching an awesome new product and holding a news conference at 10:00 this morning. there are reports on several technology websites that a skype-style service will finally launch on facebook. deal would bring video capabilities to facebook and allow multiple friends to talk at the very same time. it's predicted that the chat will have a similar feature that google last week. skype would not comment on the report. still up in the air. >> wonder if we can service to do a newscast from home? >> it's a possibility. mike nicco likes to come on, hands on the computers, that kind of stuff. >> yeah, but they could be moved to my house. [ laughter ] >> it's mike nicco. >> i still get up and shower. >> thank you very much.
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>> good morning everybody. we're watching monsoon, the redirection of the moisture that is moving through the southwest. some of that is trying to most of into our neighborhoods, we showed you the high clouds but the low flow that we're worried about. you can see the trough that is going to bring the deeper sea breeze and start the cooling trend. mid to upper 60s in the east bay valleys. low to mid-50s around los gatos and san jose. less of us in the 50s. by the afternoon hours peeks of sunshine, 69 san francisco, mid-80s richmond and oakland, mid to upper 80s from fremont, palo alto into san jose. upper 80s in the north bay valleys and still some mid to upper 90s in the east bay valleys. same thing with morgan hill and gilroy, 78 in watsonville. it's going to be slow-go. it's going to take the better parted three or four days to get us back to average which would be over the weekend. think we have an accident
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update. here is danielle with the news. >> this accident is in oakland, southbound 880 at fifth avenue, right lane is blocked. our sensors are starting slow speeds. this is live look at the east shore freeway, headlights are head in the westbound direction. if you wanted to avoid the roadways, check in with mass transit. muni and bart running problem free. but one of ferries is out of service for emergency repair work. just ahead, first was barry bonds and now the perjury trial against former all star roger clem ovens begins to determine whether he lied to a congressional committee about taking performance enhancing drugs. >> and the bay area rafters take a frightening ride and it's all caught on camera.
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good morning, it's 6:12 and gowlg us on sunset in the bay area. casting the glow on coit tower. >> golden. >> get up early, go to work and started your day. >> like 2:00 in the morning like you and i do. >> in washington, d.c., roger clemens has arrived in federal court as the latest prominent player to testify in the steroid era. he is accused of lying back in congress when he denied using performance enhancing drugs during his career. it will pit him against his former trainer brian mcnamee. he said he injected clemens several times.
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president obama has summoned leaders of both parties to reach a solution on raising the national debt ceiling. they have been clashing on on this issue but the treasury department says a deal must be reached by all 2nd or the u.s. may be forced to default on its bills for the first time ever. they prodded congress to reach a deal and the agreement must include tax hikes that republicans strongly oppose. >> we need to take spending on domestic programs, defense programs and in entitlement programs and we need to take on spending in the tax code, spending on certain tax breaks and deductions for the wealthiest of americans. >> president asked congressional meerdz to leave their ultimatum at the door. join bair predicted the progress
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would be fruitless unless they back down on tax inzbleesz a fun rafting group quickly turned disastrous. it was on the american river near placer very many. wayne freedman shows us why rafting right now is so different than in years past. >> nothing like the morning after joys from unpacking from a weekend camping trip unless they are grateful to see a morning at home. >> i feel blessed and lucky. >> evidence on a camera inside this case. >> oh, my god [ bleep ] we're going to die. >> have i ever been more fright nndz your life? >> no, i have not. >> i was pushed to the limit. >> it's the latest from portable cameras, a near death experience captured for posterity during a rafting trip. >> it was the extreme conditions
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of this spring that started it in the first place. water moving at 5,000 cubic feet per second three times the normal average. they didn't know it was going to take them under. plenty of rafters get tossed that is part of sport but for this well-trained experienced group, the strength of these rapid waters took a follow and then went to work on their wills. >> what surprised me most was going down the river that long. >> it felt luke i was underwater for five to eight seconds. that is when i asked myself, this can't be the way i'm going to go. >> ultimately, no, they all survived. one woman in the group did suffer a near concussion and went to the hospital. >> she went into shock. she has memory loss, short term memory loss. >> and she'll have this video of a cautionary tale of one raft
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gone awry. >> and after the close call, one last picture to appreciate, safe and home, a happy ending. a story of special interest to you, because you got something up. >> i remember doing it years ago and no helmets were required. but i'm going to check in on that. >> and wee you got a sun have i sor and plenty of sunshine. >> plenty of heat. don't forget the water is very cold. show you what is going on, we're looking southbound from mount sutro. you can see the clouds boiling through there and pushing into the bay. west wind around 12-15 miles an
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hour bringing in those cooling clouds and cooling sea breeze that will start to touch our inland neighborhoods later this afternoon and have a bigger influence over your weather as we head deeper into the forecast. for now we still have a lot of 50s out there. mid-50s around fairfield, antioch and livermore. monterey bay, not much of change has the clouds of kept you around 55, 56, or 57 degrees. sunny around are the inland but not quite as hot, three to four degrees cooler than yesterday. becoming mostly cloudy overnight and that will keep the cooling trend continue and coolest temperatures in the afternoon will probably this weekend when most of us are outside. everybody else is falling backwards, concord san francisco three degrees cooler.
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here is a look at the cloud cover. you can see over the next hour or so it did you say push farther inland and by 11:00 it's back to the coast. you can see during the afternoon hours, pockets of sunshine develop at the coast but with the breeze blowing in, still stuck in the 60s. 70s and 80s around the bay and 90s campbell and los gatos before you head into the santa cruz mountains. rest of the south bay in the mid to upper 80s. san mateo southward a lot of low to mid-80s on the peninsula. low to mid-50s along the coast this afternoon. downtown, south san francisco, sausalito, upper 60s to low 70s. farther north into the valleys, santa rosa at 87 but ukiah around hundred degrees. 35 --3-4 degrees cooler. >> san leandro, 79.
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mid to upper 90s in the east bay valleys. concord and danville and pleasanton, around 94 grandson. morgan hill, 88. monterey around 70 degrees. if you are heading to the game, coliseum, 71 to 76 degrees. game at at&t park will be evening game, partly cloudy, 63 dropping down 59. >> notice the cooling in the afternoon cooling through saturday and then saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday, temperatures are pretty much the same and close average. have a great day. here is danielle. >> all right. back-up is starting to build at the bay bridge toll plaza. it looks like in the cash lanes, backed up by the westbound overcrossing. they haven't turned on the metering lights yet but coming up in the next ten minutes or so. let's take a live look at the
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golden gate bridge where it's still very foggy out there. it hasn't slowed any drivers down. speeds are moving at the limit as you make your way across the span. check in drive times, 580 from 205 out by the dublin interchange, 23 minutes, nice trip along the east shore freeway, carquinez out to maze. antioch, westbound 4 lone tree way to 242, 15 minute ride. for the latest traffic go to and click on the bay area traffic link. thanks a lot. it's now 6:20. >> last day to get unlimited data plans for verizon smarted phones. >> also the british royals may be slipping out of their niisññ/x
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in today's tech bytes a presidential townhall on twitter. president obama is answering questions from ordinary citizens but this time they are coming in via twitter. the subject is economy and jobs. it will be his third social media townhall this year. >> today is the last day for verizon customers to get unlimited data plans for their smart phones. they will be based on usage based plans after today. current customers will not be affected by the change. >> and netflix is expanding online tv service to latin america later this year. right now the service is available in two countries, u.s. and canada. expansion to 43 countries but
6:25 am
few analysts thought the extension would be quite this big. will and kate fans might find news of the couple slowing down over the next couple of days. they leave nor northern alberta town as their tour winds down. they'll have a rare private day to relax. yesterday during their tour, they once again charmed the locals. >> kind of like the ultimate compliment. >> they attempted to score in the favorite sport but came up short. fans say kate should have tried but she was in heels. though will head to the calgary sfam speed. >> she just didn't try it. >> all right.
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still ahead at 6:30. 49ers and the santa clara city council take the next step toward building the new stadium. >> and marin county town already has a smoking ban and how tiburon may take it further. >> the coastguard is still accepting for seven missing fishermen in the gulf of california and says it's tough out there. >> good news if you are traveling by plane. all the major airports running on time except for baltimore. flight tracker at abc7news.comom
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. we are about ten seconds away from the opening bell. u.s. stock futures fell and
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interest rate hike in china. moody's has downgraded portugal's debt. we're going live to the new york stock exchange 15 minutes from now. >> right now, top story, missing a at sea. rescuers are hoping they will find seven northern california men. meantime, we have new video of the search and new words from the men's families. amy hollyfield is live on coastguard island in alameda. >> reporter: the coastguard has covered 1400 miles in the search. one relative of a family member says she was told the search would be called off at 2:00 a.m. this friday family is hopeful they will be found. he loved the trip. he spent a year packing for it. he organized the trip. his family says they are holding on to the possibility that he is on shore or he is floating and waiting for help.
6:31 am
coastguard says it's a tough job out there. they are 500 feet up in the air and they are looking for someone's head. they say it's tough to spot, but they say there is a chance they will find survivors. don lee called his wife just before he climbed on board. >> he wanted to make sure that he had a chance to speak with each other. he was going to be back on friday. >> came up on shore and we have a scanner checking the shoreline again with the water temperatures being as high as it is, survivability is certainly possible. >> reporter: seven are still missing and the coastguard is expected to dive down to the boat to see if any missing people are trapped on board. there were a total 43 on board
6:32 am
and 35 survived. their stories are giving the families of missing men hope. live in alameda, amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." officials have identified the man shot and killed by a bart police officer sunday night but they are not releasing his name until his family has been notified. authorities did release some of the radio transmissions from the incident. two officers responded to the san francisco civic center bart station. they say the man was armed with a knife and broken bottle. within a minute of arriving at the scene, one officer shot the man. . >> three shell casings were recovered. bart has surveillance cameras on the platform but officials say it only provides a partial view of the incident and not what the suspect was doing when the shots
6:33 am
were actually fired. the bart officers involved remain on administrative leave. 49ers asked santa clara city council to build a new stadium. voters approved a plan to finance it last year. last night's meeting approving companies that will play a key roles in building the stided is staidium. they decided on how subcontractors will be hired and who will be selling season tickets. >> we are encouraged with the state of progress we've had. we've just had really strong commitment and interests from fans and companies. that has been demonstrated in the street sale. we think it will be the same. >> but council is deciding who will end up serving food service retailer. they believe much of the financing for the facility remains up in the air. >> tiburon will vote tonight to be the marin county to ban
6:34 am
smoking in all large apartment complexes. smoking in apartments will be phased out by 2014. condo and small apartment buildings will be exempt. it's aimed at people that live next door to smokers. earlier this year, the american lung association gave tiburon an "f" for the tobacco control policies. >> this morning, pg&e says only 170 customers are still without power in morgan hill. they expect those customers to be back up by 11:00 this morning. morgan hill went dark and lost air-conditioning yesterday afternoon when an underground cable failed. the outage affected 7,000 customers. >> there was a brush fire near tracy hundred percent contained. it broke out yesterday afternoon. a vehicle fire spread to grass along freeway and high winds pushed the flames through the dry brush.
6:35 am
flames threatened a few structures and nobody was hurt. >> we don't have any real runaway fires but the temperatures, they could happen. >> we're going the take it down a notch for the fire worries. >> when it gets in hot, the winds don't blow that hard in some areas. that was the case yesterday to get the fire contained. it's getting drier and drier by the day. here is a look of the haboob producing storm, big dust storm that is going to rotate into the sierra and bring scattered storms. ever so slowly it sinks down towards us it reinforces the sea breeze and it will be even cooler each and every day. west wind at sfo at 12 and winds shoot all the way through san pablo bay, and you know you got
6:36 am
a sea breeze at 17. >> temperatures a little warmer especially away from the bay shore this morning. when we start out at 8:00, we'll have mostly sunny conditions and a lot of clouds hanging around the coast and bay shore. not much of change where we are, 50s and 60s. by noon, upper 50s along the coast and 68 in san francisco, 69 in oakland but a lot of 80s as you head inland. by 4:00, it's not going to be quite as hot, still pretty hot, low to mommy 90s and mid to upper 80s in north bay valleys. palo alto to the south bay but upper 60s to mid-70s for san francisco. the gradual cooling trend will continue tomorrow, friday and saturday and into sunday. sunday temperatures may still be a little below average. we're going to head outside right now. live look in berkeley for your ride along the east shore freeway, 80 at university,
6:37 am
headlights are headed in the westbound direction but speeds still moving at the limit. we should see delays around the morning. bay bridge toll plaza, they have turned the metering lights on and back-up is extending to the 880 overcrossing. a 20 minute wait until you get past those metering lights. checking in with mass transit, bart, muni, caltrain all checking in problem free but one of ferries is out of service for emergency repair work. trading is under way on wall street. live report from new york stock exchange. live look, dow is up just about 9 points. >> also, smothered by a cloud of dust, a major western city engulfed by sandstorms. >> after three years a nation is stunned by the verdict in the casey anthony trial. i'm john hendron and more on that coming upupupupupupupupupup
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6:42 am
clouds around big sur at 77 and san diego at 78. this morning, police are appealing for help in solving the brazen theft of a picasso from a san francisco art gallon gallery. it's worth $200,000. it translates to head of a woman and ended up in the hands of a man. it was hanging inside the gallery the thief was there just long enough to grab the work and leave. in a cab. the owner is reassessing his security. >> i feel sorry because it really is truly my goal to bring what you see in the gallery, original works on to the street level. we need to do a better job in the future to make sure that our security is in place. >> it's high valued. we are hoping it will turn up quickly very soon sosome where.
6:43 am
>> investigators say the thief is six foot tall, mid 30s, wearing dark jacket, white shirt dark pants and loafers, no socks. berkeley police piss are asking for help to locate a former professional cyclist that has been missing since saturday. anthony michael martin has not been seen by family or friends after he went riding on tunnel road. the cellphone was found in the area just above the caldecott tunnel. his girlfriend says he was recovering from an illness and also been fasting for several days. >> he was going to a friend's. i think he was malnourished and he may not have been able to cycle at the same level that he did before. he was an engineer and trying to complete work on a ph.d. his girlfriend admits that he
6:44 am
was having a hard time getting his life in order. cyclist could be anywhere. >> in florida, casey anthony could walk away a free woman as soon as tomorrow. jury found her not guilty of killing her daughter. she was found guilty of lying to investigators but since she has been in jail for three years, she could be released. here is more from john hendron. >> a nation trance fixed by the trial was left stunned by the verdict. >> as to the charge of first-degree murder, we, the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> not guilty murder manslaughter or child abuse. for the defense there was relief. >> casey did not murder caylee. it's that simple. today, our system of justice has not dishonored her memory by a false conviction. >> for casey facing four convictions for lying to police and sentence up to a year in
6:45 am
prison, joy that it's over. for her family, father and brother accused of sexually molesting her and her father accused of disposing of the body silence. >> i don't know how the anthony family will ever recover from this. >> outside the courtroom, the crowd that had followed the case was stunned and angry. >> oh, my gosh. >> for some, a sense of justice denied. >> we wanted justice for caylee wand we're not getting justice. >> why they chose to acquit on all major counts, none of them would say. >> my guess is there was reasonable doubt. >> in the end it may have been the physical evidence that undid the prosecution, caylee's body had been missing for so long it decomposed too much to help their case. groundbreaking begins this month on a major extension
6:46 am
project at the oakland zoo. it's expected to cost more than a hundred million dollars and help the economy. zoo got the final approval last month to expand 54 acres into nolen park. the project includes construction of a 17,000 square foot veterinary hospital. they report the project will employ about 200 workers over the next several years. extension will create an additional 60 zoo jobs when the work is done in 2015. >> trading is under way and china is among the thing that investigators are looking at this morning. -- investors are looking at this morning. china one of the reasons the government there raising official interest rates again, bank of america eric and at&t under pressure. general motors shares gaining and morgan stanley raising
6:47 am
their. >> so about everything but what goes on in factories but it could have a big impact on how we trade here today. also there is a new feature from facebook. speculate that go facebook will launch a skype-style service. but for right now, another direction-less days. bloomberg silicon valley index trading slightly hire. >> prescription from your doctor to buy a pack of cigarettes. they are debating a proposal to only to sell cigarettes with a morning certificate.
6:48 am
>> business is rolling out summer specials. blockbuster is offering movie rentals 1.49 each. on sunday, price goes down to 99 cents. it's available nationwide. i'm jane king, bloomberg news. thanks a lot. residents of phoenix, arizona are cleaning up after a massive dust storm. look at this. like a sci-fi movie. it reached as high as 10,000 feet, 50 miles wide. blanketing the city. poor visibility may driving dangerous. flights were grounded for about an hour. some longtime residents are saying this one the worst they've ever seen. we have posted a time lapse
6:49 am
video at you really should check it out. time lapse of that sand storm. mike nicco is here to talk about my favorite new word, haboob. >> haboob is technical name to you. for the dust cloud? okay. are you saying sand storm? i'm sorry. i'll have more coffee. 6:49 this morning, hello to you, too, and hello to the golden gate bridge, what we can see of it as the marine layer is back and bringing clouds into our forecast, that cooling trend that is going to be gradual moving in so slowly as you see the clouds doing the same thing. we'll talk about the temperatures. we have a lot of 50s out there. 60s are still combined to the east bay valleys and mountain view and into san jose.
6:50 am
as far as around the monterey bay, temperatures in the mid to upper 50s with cloudy conditions also. sunny day this afternoon, we'll see pockets of sunshine along the coast and still be hot, just not quite as hot, mostly cloudy overnight and see that trend continues as the sea breeze gets stronger. coolest afternoons we'll have those over the weekend. today compared to average, cooler and still warmer. one degree, not bad in san francisco, 3 in oakland, san jose 4, napa and livermore, 6 and 7 degrees lower than average. >> 92 at dublin all the way to 98 in brentwood. looks like walnut creek will be around 93 degrees. stuck in the 70s, berkeley and richmond and san leandro. southern parts of the east bay shore that is why you are in the low to mid-80s, even 87 at fremont. mid to upper 80s for most of the
6:51 am
south bay is until campbell, saratoga, throw mid 90s. millbrae, 78 with wind shoeing through the san bruno gap. 64 in the sunset. low no mid 50s at the beaches, mid to upper 80s in the north bay. 70 in monterey and everybody else n mid to upper 70s to mid to upper 90s in gilroy and morgan hill. the sun will be out there and it will be baking. coliseum, mostly sunny, 71 to 76. it's a night game across the bay as the giants take on the padres partly cloudy, 63 dropping down to 59. you can see a lot more 50s and low 50s around concord and san jose. the area of low pressure, it will strengthen every day and temperatures will drop 2-4
6:52 am
degrees every day. by the time we get to saturday and sunday, back to the mid-80s inland and mid-70s around the bay and mid-50s around the coast. here is dachb yell. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on, traffic is backed up to the 880 overcrossing and slow and go ride as you make up the incline on your way to san francisco. east bay southbound 880 at tennison road, it's blocking a couple of lanes there. as you can see sensors are slowing slow speeds around 42 miles an hour. emergency crews are on the scene and working to get all that activity cleared out of the roadway. for the latest traffic go to and click on the bay area traffic link. >> a british tabloid is facing intense scrutiny for hacking into a murdered teen's cellphone some of the messages had been deleted soon after her
6:53 am
disappearance in 2002 and that gave them false hope she was still alive. they now believe the tabloid was to blame. this story is huge in britain. the prime minister have been answering questions at a news conference in afghanistan. >> what i read in the papers is quite shocking that someone could do this, actually knowing that the police were trying to find this person and trying to find out what had happened. she was found dead six months after she went missing. a serial killer was convicted of her murder last month. >> the nuclear lab in new mexico is set to reopen today now that the threat of the largest wildfire in state history has passed. that fire has burned more than 121,000 acres. the town was evacuated last week. residents were allowed back in on monday.
6:54 am
they believe the fire was sparked by a tree falling on to power lines. >> the final space shuttle launch is in danger of being postponed because of severe weather in florida. there is 60% chance of rain will delay the liftoff of the atlantis. countdown clock started ticking yesterday. they are going to the international space station, once it returns. it will be retired. local person makes good, yet again. >> recapping our top stories, crews are looking for seven americans still missing after their fishing boat capsized off the coast of baja california. >> amy hollyfield is live in alameda with details. >> reporter: coastguard will be sending a c-130 back down there. it was there yesterday and
6:55 am
spokesman says they were able to spot some debris and not sure whether it was from the fishing boat. they want to go back down and search more today. boat capsized early sunday mornings when a freak storm caught those on board by surprise. 35 of those on board survived after swimming 16 hours to shore were rescued by mexican fishermen. those stories of the families missing, seven men are still missing and families are hoping they made it to shore or floating waiting for help. coastguard says the water is warm and surviving this long is possible but they say searching for someone so far up above is tough. there is some fear they are trapped. the waves hit the boat at 2:30 in the morning. survivors say many of them were underwater and couldn't open their doors. that boat is on the sea floor about 200 feet deep.
6:56 am
they are scheduled to dive down to the boat later this week. time to check weather one more time. here is mike. >> thank you very much. check out temperatures, coolest around oakland and san francisco 52 degrees, a lost mid upper 50s los gatos and out to the coast and north bay valleys. east bay valleys stuck in the 60s for the warmest weather right now. heading into the afternoon hours temperatures will be warmest in the east bay valleys, not as hot air-conditioning weather with low to upper 90s. 87 in fremont, nice 76 in oakland, 69 in san francisco, 62 in half moon bay, still toasty up in the north bay, mid to upper 80s for you. seven-day forecast, ten to on 15 degrees cooler by the weekend. >> one last check of the bay
6:57 am
bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on and back-up is to the west grand overcrossing. checking in with mass transit, bart, caltrain and muni checking in problem free. certificate not here. thinks we're twins. >> kristen will be back with 20
6:58 am
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