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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  July 7, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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cameras in front of lefty odoule's. that is him, police say. the cab driver took him to a nearby hotel at 4th and market. from there, police were able to track him to nappa. he had the stolen picasso and a fed yechl box. >> we'll speculate it looked like he was preparing to have it shipped to an undisclosed location. >> why he took it remains a mistry. he could have had a buyer. >> i don't know. it's not anything you'd take to market or could resell or really show to anyone. >> police credit the video and a cab surveillance camera for helping them in this case. the police chief is encouraging businesses to install video cameras. that is part of the change come together gallery. >> we'll have video surveillance and we'll have more people watching the door and also they're going make sure it's not eegsy to get a painting or drawing or art work off the walls here, as
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far as we know there are no accomplices in this case. and the charge is grand theft. they're happy in this gallery tonight. >> and the family of a man who went missing after his boat cap sized in the gulf of california. his waiting for word after the coast guard searched another 500 square miles of water today. don lee is one of six men still missing. this is the photo of lee along with the other fishermen the night before they took off on the trip. it's the last photo of all of the men together. bruce marr, who survived will meet with lee's family tonight as he returns from mexico. >> i know it's painful for him. he has to come here to his best friend's house, and pick up his car and drop off his best friend's car. so he's coming to drive by mom's car back. without my dad. >> lee's family is urging congress woman jackie speir to
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get a dive team to search the sunken boat. >> the man shot and killed at bart police sunday night has been identified. he's a 45-year-old charles hill, who had no known residence. a passenger who witnessed the shooting has become the first to share what she saw. she told the bay citizen hill it was not running or lunching at the two bart officer who's shot him. she didn't think it made sense and described hill as a quote drunk hippy who moved like frankenstein. bart says one officer had a taser that was not used. bart is in the process of interviewing 40 witnesses. >> a bacterial outbreak at california pacific medical center let to the shut down two of floors of the hospital. 10 patients were infected with the germ and became ill. this happened in late june. floors closed for five days of cleaning. nine of the patients have been released. and people don't usually get
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sick but antibiotics make people more vulnerable to the bacteria. >> central subway plans need to be scrapped and redesign add cording to a civil grand jury. the report says the project is not answer the city's transportation problems and does not reduce operating expenses. the central subway designed to extend metro service to chinatown. however, the report criticized the proposed route saying it could worsen the rate. the grand jury predicts it will add to the city deficit, and may push transit maintenance to quote, the breaking point. >> we're learning more about yesterday's deadly bear attack in yellow stone national park. a man hiking with his wife and they came face-to-face with a grizzly bear and cubs. the couple continued walking but the bear charged them arks tacking and killing the husband. >> hikers on the trail heard the woman's cries for help. they called 911. and it summoned rangers.
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>> the park officials say they'll not try to capture or kill the mother bear. they believe she was trying to defend her cubs. this is the first fatal attack by a bear signed of the park since 1986. there have been other fatal bear tacks outside of the park. a 48-year-old man was mauled to death sleeping in a tent. >> a federal judge ordered caltrans to stop work on a controversial plan to cut wider highway lanes in humbolt county, calling for realigning a section of 101 to accommodate larger trucks. crews would need to cut extensively into the roots of towering redwoods. several environmental groups requested the injunction. they claim caltrans failed to evaluate the impact of the project as required by federal law. caltrans has not responded to the ruling and the case is set to be heard in december. >> the florida woman who has been cleared of killing her 2-year-old daughter received a sentence today for lying to
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investigators in this case. she'll be free by this time next week. abc 7 is live in orlando. and this sentence has outraged people there today. >> that is right. carolyn. the judge tried as hard as to award the maximum possible sentence, but it didn't turn out to be very much of anything. she's going to be out of prison by next week. just six more nights behind bars and casey anthony will be free. the judge spared no effort to give her the maximum sentence allowable. >> i will sentence you to one year in orange county jail. all four counts to run consecutive to each other. >> and fined her $1,000 for each guilty count, forced to deduct time served. official release date? july 13th wr. she will go is unclear. in an interview, defense attorney baez said he's concerned about her safety.
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>> i am. i'm afraid for her. and i don't think it's fair. >> anti-casey sentiment on display outside of the court house. some taped their mouth was duct tape, dotted with hearts, and others held signs calling for a boycott of books or movies made about the trial for fear she'd profit from circumstance autos only way to get justice for caylee is that casey doesn't make money. >> bella vita, meaning beautiful life, tattooed on to her skin on the days following the death of little caylee anthon yeechl she'll be on probation for a year thanks to a check fraud case in which she pled guilty. >> we've seen some damages of casey smiling during the hearing. what was her overall demeanor?
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>> you know, it's surprising. she walked into the courtroom and looked different and she acted completely differently. you know her hair was down and loose. she was playing witness and smiling and seemed giddy wh. judge asked if the defense wanted to proceed with a mistrial, she giggled. but as soon as the judge started to talk about her lies and how she'd wasted time and resources she knew she wasn't going anywhere that night that, smile went away. >> and there has been a lot of buzz did her defense team. we want to show a photo now making rounds. we've blurred it. you can tell it shows the attorney giving reporters the finger after the verdict came down. and now, we're hearing her lead attorney, jose baez retained an agent what. have you heard about that? >> you know the defense hasn't done itself favors in its its behavior post court. yesterday they threw a party, visible through glass windows. that is the picture you're referring to. cheney has no
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love lost. now we're hearing jose baez has retained an agent. we don't know what he plans to do as far as having that agent but he's thinking of a few tour far beyond practicing law. >> all right. thank you very much. and spencer christian sup next with the accu-weather forecast. >> and cooling coming just not quite yet. take a look at next and once again, it will be mild this evening with temperatures ranging from 52 to 82 degrees, tomorrow morning will be a little bit of lingering fog and mostly sunny skies, temperatures into early morning hours 52-64 degrees. we'll take a look at sunny skies from coast toinland and will be warm again inland tomorrow, temperatures ranging from 62 at the coast to 94 inland. this talk about a cool down is more than just a tease. i'll deliver goods a little bit late year looking forward to it. thank autos and in less than 24 hours, you can see final space shuttle launch.
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could, because there is some trouble brewing, just ahead. >> this man was desperate for a kidney transplant. how he found a donor. >> ask 7 on your side is taking your questions through facebook and twitter, there are links at abc 7 you'll find that at the top of the home page. >> checking traffic, it's slow going there on the skyway. also, slow heading south. back in a moment. [ male announcer ] bring home a complete meal for your family.
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10 pieces of the world's best chicken, 3 large sides and 6 biscuits. enough real food to feed a family of 4 or more for just 20 bucks. today is a kfc day. today tastes so good. space shut yet atlantis is
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on the launch pad in fla for the final liftoff burke that slooking iffy. bay area native rex wallhim was born in redwood city. in florida tonight, and what is the latest on conditions there? >> well, the conditions here are pretty rut. it's getting soaked. we had thunderstorms earlier today. now, it's raining and the forecast for tomorrow, there is more rain z nasa says that the chance of acceptable weather conditions is only 30%. >> after nine months of training three men, one woman making preparations to take their place in history. leading the 135th, and final, shuttle mission. if all goes to plan, they're scheduled to lift off at 11:26.
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>> there would be showers. >> the crew may have to wait to get their 12 day mission underway. >> if things don't work out so we can do that, we've got plenty of options to take a look at saturday and sunday. >> atlantis will carry spare parts to the international space station. the crew will test tools and technologies to refuel satellites and space craft. it began 30 years ago. >> this expanded our capabilities as a nation and world. >> when it's over, i think i speak again for everyone. i say there will be proud to put the right hand book in on the space shuttle program. >> this completion will not mark the end of an american presence in space. and nasa plans to use russian shuttles to transport
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astronauts back and forth from the international space station. in case there are problems with atlantis preventing it from coming back to earth, it would be russian space craft heading up to the space station and bringing the american astronauts back to earth. >> and there is only four astronauts on board this time y are there so few for this launch? >> for that reason, what i just dismused, that space craft going up only has room for three. there would be two russians in it and they would bring americans back one at a time. so they can't afford to have that many americans. other issue is just supplies up there. if they had to stay at the space station there won't be supplies enough for that to just wait for the russians to bring them back. >> what is a time line?
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>> there is a 10-minute window. so of course that three hour difference for you guys, they're planning to do it into the middle at 11:26. and let's not bet on it. >> yes. and thank you. a north carolina man has been waiting for a kidney donor found one through facebook. he has lived with kidney disease for a decade n march, his sister set up a page to look for a donor. an old friend who hadn't seen them in 15 years saw the faith and told his wife bit. she skided to get tested to see if she's a match. it turned out they were as los as -- close as if they were siblings, 20 million to one odds. she decided to be a donor. >> if i can help another girl keep her daddy for 10-15, 20
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years, just by donating a kidney? heck, i got two. >> amy is a special person. not many people will do what she's doing. >> and the transplant was yesterday and his family says he's doing well. >> and that is an mazing story. >> and a little bit cooler today. just a little bit. >> spencer is back now to explain everything. >> yes. and everything? i don't -- . >> yes. i don't doint know about that, but i will explain weather. there is a live view and spots were cooler today but there still warmth holding on. here is our satellite image showing an area of circulation there. is a coastal eddy. this serves to pull low clouds and fog back just enough that they can't push far inland there. is basically the same pattern as yesterday, but just cooler in inland spots. now, we're taking a look at temperatures low to mid-90s
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from fairfield to livermore. and there is where we may see a little bit of a warm up again, tomorrow, before there is area-wide cooling. fog at the coast moving locally into the bay tonight. another warm day. cooling down this weekend, finally. as they say finely. overnight low was coastal fog will be into low to mid-50s tonight. with some upper 50s to near 60 in inland east bay locations. now, here is a look at our sat lift image. there is a sea breeze that is weak, light sea breeze now. and more northerly component serving to push clouds away from the coast tomorrow, starting at 5:00 in the morning, coastal fog there, burning away to get swept away by winds. ending up with temperatures that is familiar. we've seen this all week long. low 60s near the coast. low to mid-90s inland.
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and that is snom, sunny skies, temperatures from low to mid-80s up to about 90 in saratoga. and there is 81 at redwood city. and menlo park. there is north bay highs, 83 in petta luma. near east bay highs will be mainly into 70s up to 78 in castro valley. 80 at fremont. and there is low to mid 90s and looking for highs into low 70s near the bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. and after tomorrow's inland mid-90s we'll see maybe 90 into warmest spots saturday. after that, just 80s inland for the remainder of the forecast period, low 70s around the bay.
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up to 60s on the coast. >> harry potter fans going around the world to say goodbye. >> stars are talking about the joys of giraffes. >> hollywood is recovering from a wild night. of course kevin james kept everything in order, co-stars and friends walked the green carpet. i had to ask, did any onset animals leave whim a funny story? indeed. >> i did get french kissed by a giraffe. not as horrible as i thought. i got to say it's a little like sand papery. and once in, you're in. >> across the pond, thousands of fans from around the world squealed for a premier of harry potter and the deathly hallows part two.
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it's the age and final film, hitting theaters july 15th z for actor bowow is admitting he's a father, the 24-year-old announced the news of his undisclosed daughter saying he waited long to tell the truth because he feared what people would think. and we know the name of natalie portman's baby boy. find out what it is on >> the symptoms can be vague, consequences fatal. a different way women experience heart problems and serious price we're paying. >> and hackers attacking a bay area museum. dedicated to technology. what they got away with. >> then, later on abc 7 news at 5:00 toxic danger hidden inside of a compact florescent light. worse than first thought.
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they're off. thousands of thrill seekers flocking to spain for the annual running of the bulls. the first run went off without anyone being gored but four people were taken to the hospital after being injured in the sprint. the festival lasts until july 14th. >> and a new study is revealing a growing gap between men and women whit comes to heart haj. >> the cdc found heart disease
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death rates are dropping faster among men than women. and found women often have different warning signs of a heart attack and delay seeing a doctor thinking they're overrereacting. >> the result? women more likely to die during the first year. >> pain could be more subtle. it's a sense of fullness, pressure in the chest that. is very different z half of the women who have heart disease don't have chest pain, just nausea or unusual fatigue. and those symptoms can be rather vague. >> one of the co-authors says gender bias he plays a role. there aren't enough heart-related studies done on women. >> ahead in the 4:30 half hour, lawmakers prepare to work nonstop on the national deficit. >> and there are both sides likely to feel the pain. >> and there is coastal fog. skies mainly clear, changes are on the way. i'll have the forecast coming up.
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marijuana supporters took their battle to legalize it to the streets of oakland and straight to the federal government. a recent warning doesn't seem to be detering these protestors or city leaders for that matter. >> that protest took place here this afternoon.
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as a medical marijuana grower facing -- [ loss of audio ]. >> pro testors chanted as a hearing went on inside to determine the fate of the late county resident allowed to grow medical marijuana by the state. he's facing federal drug charges. neither would talk, but supporters say no plea deal was reached and it appears he's headed to trial. >> scott is a service provide yes, providing medicine to low and no income patients. >> it's the second set back for supporters. the obama administration made it clear last week it will not allow large-scale growing operations, even if state law allows them n a letter to prosecutors, the deputy attorney general wrote person who's are in the business of cultivating or selling marijuana and those who knowingly facilitate the
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activities are in violation of the controlled substances act regardless of state law. >> this he by will slow down sm. some will stand up. >> that is what oakland appears to be doing. the city was considering allowing growers to open four marijuana warehouses and despite the letter the city council public safety committee will consider a scaled down version. limiting the spaces to 25,000 square feet. the mayor says the letter didn't provide cities like hers anymore clarity on the already-hazy issue. >> this has been ongoing stay to get state and federal laws in sync. it's just another ongoing part of the battle. >> and the city council will take up this issue on tuesday. >> just a few hours ago, police officers ratified a contract for the city that
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will put more cops on the streets. under the contract, oakland officer as agreed to pay 9% of the plan and benefits will be lower for rookie officers. and will save the city $30 million. it means 22 laid off cops will be rehired. both sides seemed thrilled to work together. >> there are 22 officer who's are unemployed and not having money coming into their families. and i was hoping to bring back 44 but i'm hammy and proud of the officer autos police officers are humans, too. they have real financial situations so these police officers are digging down deep to help out the city. >> and saying rehired officers will be back on the streets by early august. >> and the mayor gave a pep
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talk to a group of job seekers. dozens people turned out for the job and health fair. companies from genentech to whole foods were there. organizers say they have to think outside of the box to get people back to work. >> city of oakland is in trouble. it's up to us as leaders to provide services to the community to let them know that companies are hiring. >> attendees received free health screenings including blood pressure checks. >> and if you're looking for a job employers will be accepting resumes at hotel whitcobm. just go to abc 7 look under see it on tv for detail autos there is good news on the job front. accord together payroll
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processor adp, private sector added 157,000 jobs in june. that is more than double the number economists had forecast and higher than 36,000 jobs employers added in may. applications for benefits reached a seven week low. >> after weeks of tense negotiations on capitol hill, congressional leaders met with president obama at the white house today. >> their goal is to try to hammer out a deal to increase credit limits before the deadline and mark matthews is here now with more and both sides are feeling the pain. >> they are. and you'd think so, anyway. they're drawing lines in the sand. as deadline marries failure to reach an agreement could send the stock market plummeting. neither side wants that to happen. president obama set his meeting was constructive but... >> nudging is agreed to until everything is agreed to. and parties are still far apart on
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a wide range of issues. >>. the president and speaker have been discussing a plan cutting $4 trillion over next 10-12 years, both would need to make concessions. >> everybody acknowledged that there is going to be pain involved on all sides. >> for republican that's could mean reducing tax deductions. >> tax reform built on corporate side make america more competitive. >> it could mean signing off on cuts to med wri care and social security. >> democrats? suck it up. put entitlements on the table. make sure end of the day, these are still programs that serve the public. >> senior congressional republicans expressed doubts to abc news that anything resembling an increase to pass the house. >> we, as republicans are not going to support tax increase
4:34 pm
autos nancy pelosi is ruling out cuts. >> do not consider social security a piggy bank forgiving tax cuts to wealthyest people in the country. >> and staffers are going work throughout the weekend. another meeting set for sunday. coming up at 6:00 abc 7's political analyst looks at likely winners and losers in this political struger. >> when republican triesed to private ties social security, that really hurt them. what are they going after this time? >> what they'd like to do is see major cuts in social security. what is being talked about is not really a cut. it's a reduction anyone crease. you know, with the consumer price index? the way the government determine whatz rate is inflation s they're talking about wiging that number so increases don't go up as fast as they might otherwise. and that result in a cut to ben fights if the president makes this deal, what is the probable impact on the
4:35 pm
presidential race? >> going to hurt him with his face. -- base. on the republican side if they have to raise taxes in any form that is going cut into their base. i think it serves the president if a portion of the country, maybe left looks and says boy you're not one of us. because middle of the country going to look and go, well he's not so radical. is he? most gorg to be into the middle. >> it could work out. >> thank you. >> and this is it for a notorious british tabloid. the scandal putting news of the world out of business. >> there is time to post your questions for 7 on your side's michael finney. checking facebook and twitter to see what you want to know. we have links on abc 7 >> and for east bay now there. is a live look at traffic on 680. cars moving smoothly now. let's check in with spencer for a traffic forecast.
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>> can't say the same thing now. there are thunderstorms and as a result there are reports of air traffic delays and we'll start with denver, thunderstorms are causing delays up to a half hour, similarly in atlanta up to a half hour. and more severe delays up into mid atlantic and thunderstorms around washington, d.c. causing delays up to an hour and 45 minutes. and new york area, reporting delays up to an hour, over an hour. and jfk reports delays up to two hours, 15 minutes. now, without delays, i'll be back with the accu-weather forecast in just a moment. as abc 7 news at 4:00
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a museum debt indicated to promoting silicon valley technology has fallen victim to hackers. saying they captured up to 800 member names, e mail and home addresses and phone numbers. the information then posted to twitter friday before being taken down. the hacker tweeted homophobic slurs. the museum says twitter has been working with them on this incident and have notified 800 numbers but treated and released plees have not been called until abc 7 skchl the museum decided to report the crime. >> the hugely popular british tabloid is shutting down in the wake of a phone hacking scandal. the 168-year-old paper will publish the last edition
4:40 pm
sunday after losing advertisers. the tabloid has been accused of hacking into voice mails of murder school girls families, soldiers killed in afghanistan as well as bribing police for information. it took 200 staffers by surprise, employees will be able to apply forth jobs with the parent company, news international. >> i'm torn. i still feel disgusted that, you know in a distance past this, things have occurred. >> and one former editor is keeping her highly-paid position but there is word another editor and a senior journalist are set to be arrested. revenue from the final issue will go chair tie still head proposal to make you microchip your pets. >> and 9:00 to 5:00? no more. more on the change in the way americans work. yoplait light.
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they have great flavors like... boston cream pie, raspberry cheesecake. even though i work here, i've lost weight. wow. yeah. carry on. (announcer) 28 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each.
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just a little bit hazy out there. you're looking at the view towards san francisco. spence jer along with a look at the forecast for us. a proposed bill would require all newly adopted or impounded pets to be fitted with a microchip. today he joined pet owners in front of the capitol where animals were implanted. the devices make it easier to reunite lost pots pets and owners.
4:44 pm
california shelters take in a million dogs and cats and half of them have to be euthanized. >> folk who's have pets that are not microchipped. if they get lost, only 13% of returned. if you have a chip on pet it's near 74% of the time you'll get your dog or cat or animal back. >> a controller's office says sheltering and euthanizing lost pets costs the states about $300 million per year. >> and you're not the only whoun is working something other than an old 9:00 to 5:00 job. more on that and the fraud settlement from a u.s. bank. jp morgan dishing out millions on fraud charges agreeing to pay $228 million to settle charges that it rigged bidding competitions to win business accord together justice department. and jp morgan made 93 secret deal was condition kps and it was those deals that is
4:45 pm
allowed the bank to peek at competitor officer offers and jobs report boosting confidence in the economy z cot end of a 40 hour work week be near? adorgd center for american progress, more higher level workers being asked to put in 50 hours per week. 38% of the professional men work at least 50 hours per week, up 4%. for women, 14% asked to work more. on the flip side, lower income workers are working fewer hours but at job was a regular schedule. >> and jaycee dugard talking about her ordeal for the first time. >> still head her nearly two decades as a prisoner in a bay area backyard. >> and wendy f wants to know why she's being pressured to tell a survey things they she
4:46 pm
might not tell a friend. >> and then at 5:00 tipping the scales on weight charts, how much bigger american obesity problem has grown over the past two decades.
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back to the skyway in san francisco to check traffic. and it's getting slower heading to lower deck on the bay bridge and also south as well. michael finney is here, answering questions people have posted to his facebook page autos one concerns san francisco ordinance requiring most employers to contribute to an employee health care fund z there is more on that for use we haven't heard a lot about that. there are many arguments and small business people in san francisco think bit a lot. and so do their employees, there is a question coming
4:50 pm
from denise g. i read about charges tacking on extra charges but not contributing the money. is that true? i've got to tell you, it happens, someone is trying to duck it. i know athat hundreds of businesses have been investigated and dozens have been fined and caught not giving them money. and just reminding you money we're talking about is for health insurance, every employer with 20 employees have to offer it one way or nornl, one is contributing money to the san francisco city fund. they give you health care. the bills, here is the important thing. as a consumer is that they have to tell you they're going to give you an extra charge. some restaurants are good at that. some are not. if you feel you've been duped, don't pay the bill and say you show me where you said very to pay this. and david d. i'm having trouble getting a promised compensation from
4:51 pm
united airlines, suggestions? this is a crack up. not if you're you, but if you're me. they no longer have a complaint line there. is nowhere to call. no. nowhere to call. you can e mail. and they have been taken over by continental airlines. you can try complaining there, but at this point your best option is contact me here at 7 on your side wech have a telephone number. give us a call. we'll see what we can do. and three from wendy f. do you know about the american community survey? why do we get fine fd ke we don't answer questions? some questions -- answers to questions i won't share with friends, no lie them. ask how much money you make. they ask how many rooms are in the house. do you sprob lemz because mental problems climbing stairs? who wants to answer those? it's part of the census, you can be fined $5,000.
4:52 pm
and we spent time today tracking this down to find out has anyone been fined? best we can get was there is a rumor in 1960 someone was fired. so very few people are fined. zp and there is a rumor to take a look and say perhaps you want to do it, now there is a conversation bit you understand the point but what is the point of the intrusive questions? huch is rent? rent? >> skmenl health? >> i know. >> how many stairs? >> yes. >> and thanks michael. >> one last check of the forecast now. >> and spencer is here with an accu-weather forecast update. >> starting with a satellite image. this current alignment is producing a light sea breeze so this is high temperatures
4:53 pm
inland, lots of 90s tomorrow, 70s to 80s near the bay and 60s on the coast. things cool down over the weekend. there is if the sierra is to your liking, sunny skies, high temperatures into mid to upper 70s, yosemite, sunny skies, highs into mid to upper 80s, if you like desert you're going to find hot weather in palm springs, sunny skies, and high temperatures around 106 degrees in las vegas, sunny skies and less hot with highs around 101-102 f you're a south coast kind of dude, in los angeles, sunny skies, next three days and high there's into low to mid-80s, san diego, sunny skies and highs into mid-70s, hire is our accu-weather forecast. let's start with warm inland, highs into mid-90s, upper 70s
4:54 pm
around the bay. getting area-wide cooling on saturday. highs only up to about 90 into warmest locations on saturday. mid-70s around the bay. just upper 50s on the coast. sunday throughout remainder of the forecast, inland temperatures tumbling from upper 80s to just low 80s by next wednesday. low 70s around the bay so this is is a cool down. no rain and there is a stronger sea breeze contributing to this. and we deliver. >> and she was held captive 18 years. >> now, jaycee dugard is speaking about her imprisonment at the antioch home. >> this is an abc news exclusive. and we're live with the preview for us. >> this story captivated the
4:55 pm
bay skpaer nation l until now, the most compelling side of the story was missing. we've heard bits and pieces but never heard from jaycee dugard until now n an interswru abc news, jaycee dugard, now 31 years old talks in great detail about her abduction when she was only 11 and her life as a prisoner in that secret compound behind the antioch house. in that compound she says she gave birth to her two daughters father bid garrido after he and his wife studied individual dwroz learn how to deliver a baby. she says for some of the years she was locked up every night, sometimes chained to the bed but something changed after the birth of her first daughter that gave her renewed strength to endure that abuse. >> i felt like i wasn't alone anymore. and i knew i can never let anything happen to her. but i didn't know how i was
4:56 pm
going to do that, but i did. >> her memoir will be in bookstores next week called "a stolen life". you might recall dugard helped garrido run his printing business. say and the garrido woz not let her attend school. you can see the interview in a special here on abc 7 starting sunday night at 9:00 and we'll have a little bit more of the interview tonight at 6:00. >> and that is interesting. she insisted on writing that book. she only had a fifth grade ed oox she does have a way with the printed skbord she had her own printing business. and that is remarkable. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> news at 5:00 continue continues right now with dan and cheryl. >> a bittersweet reunion taking place in the bay area
4:57 pm
as a survivor on board that cap sized boat returns from mechl -- mexico. >> obesity rate levels off at an unacceptable rates. and toxic danger that lingers when a compact florescent light is broken, worse than first thought. >> and there is a turn tonight in the case of seven missing northern california fishermen. >> one of the men who survived that tragedy last weekend is driving back to the bay area now to the home of a missing friend. these are the six of the seven friends still not accounted for. abc 7 joins us now from san ramone this, will be a very difficult reunion. >> that is right. the folks have been waiting for word about their loved one. in the meantime, one of donald
4:58 pm
lee's closest friend, a survivor from the boat is driving, as we speak back here to pick up his know bruce doesnt to do that. he's one of my dad's very best friends. >> mandy lee is talking about the difficult trip home for one of her dad's best friends. walnut week's -- creek's bruce marr survived the cap sizing of the fishing boat in the sea of cortez. at last word he is driving back from mexico. his yellow suv is parked in front of the lee home. lee is still missing. along with another close friend. >> i know that this is painful for him. he has to come here to his best friend's car and drop off his best friend's car. bruce is coming in and driving my mom's car back with, out my dad. >> mexican and u.s. rescuers
4:59 pm
continue searching for for the seven men still miss oogt coast guard and mexican navy have picked 1500 square miles to concentrate their search. >> beyond the search, the family is working with jackie speir to organize a dive team. >> if this can answer questions out there and bring closure, family just wants to know they can move on to a grieve prog ses. >> we're drinking and having a good time. >> these photos were taken by a man who met some of the fishermen the night before they left on the tragic trip. donald lee and albert mine are both seen in photos. >> i didn't realize until later that these photos were of the group that had gone missing.


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