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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  July 7, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> small plane nose dives into a hospital building and burst that flames. >> 2 people on board were killed. good evening everyone. i'm carry listen johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. tonight investigators trying to figure out why the plane went down. >> no one on the ground was injured. small plane had just taken off from the watsonville municipal airport when moments later it slammed into a building at the adjacent watsonville community hospital. lisa is live for us on the scene tonight. lisa? >> the faa just arrived and ntsb should get here any minut minute. this is 2 agencies will be in charge of investigating this crash. the plane did land not far from
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watsonville community hospital main building and instead crashed into another neighboring facility. coastal women health care billing department to be exact. and it was closed when the plane crashed. l the plane was 4 passenger, 1974 moony single engine m 20 f. similar to the one on the serene right now. it is registered out of santa cruz. witnesses say the plane took off from watsonville municipal airport which is less than half mile east of here before it hit the building it did skid through the parking lot. if. >> we had never imagine like something could have happened especially right in our building because it's a hospital it's pretty big so it could have landed anywhere but we are kind of lucky we weren't there. >>reporter: this is closer look of the plane. i did speak with the fire chief short time ago and he told me the 2 people inside the plane died. back here live now you are looking
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at live pictures of the plane that is still inside of the building. no one on the ground or the clinic was hurt. hospital was also not impacted by this. no patients were evacuated and no care was interrupted. investigators still say that they will not release the identity of the victims at this time. live in watsonville, lisa abc 7 news. >> thank you lisa gentleman for the first time j.c. dugard speaks publicly about the 18 years she spent in prison in secret back yard compound near antioch. philip and nancy both now in prison and j.c. starting a new life. diane sawyer has the exclusive interview and tonight jonathan has a preview for you. >> you just do what you have to do. to survive. >>reporter: in an interview with diane sawyer j.c. speaks publicly for the first time about her kidnapping at the age of 11. and the 18 years she spent locked up in the antioch back yard of philip and nancy greed o. during the years dugard says she was never
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allowed to even say or write her real name. she spent some nights chained to the bed and gave birth to 2 daughters fathered by him. >> august 18, 1994 you are how old. >> 14. >>reporter: you are in labor and there's nobody there. having a baby numb a back yard. >> yep i addition dugard says the garrido studied video to deliver a baby themselves. never allowed her to see a doctor or go to school but the moment her first daughter was born, dugard says she found new strength. >> i felt like i wasn't alone any more. if had somebody else if that was mine. if i wasn't alone. if and i knew could i never let anything happen to her.
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>>reporter: dugard who has only a fifth grade education did her best to educate her daughter schooling them at home from 10 to 2 every day. while the 3 of them were in prison in the secret back yard compound. all the while dugard missed her own mother to caution never take your kids for granted. >> good lesson. take a minute for your kids. >>reporter: jonathan bloom abc 7 news. >> if you can see diane sawyer entire interview with j.c. dugard in two hour prime time special that airs sunday night at 9 right here on abc 7. >> search for 7 minimissing off the coast of mexico brought no good news tonight. some of the survivors arrived in the bay area this evening safe after their boat capsized over the weekend. lillian is live in san ramone where the family of one of the missing is desperate for news. >> as you said many of the survivors started making their way back to northern california today. one of them bruce will
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have to retrieve his car from the san ramone neighborhood. this is the residence of his best friend don lee who is one of 7 men still missing. about lee family is the down with conference call with officials from mexico. chance to get the latest information on the search for lee and 6 other men who are missing off the mexican coast. it was also an opportunity for the family to put on the pressure. >> felt good for us because we financially got visibility what is going on down there. area they have been searching and whether dipd of obstacle they have been facing as far as what they are looking for. for us still focusing on trying to get divers down there. it has been 5 days since 27 american tourist were tossed into the sea of cortez after stormy water capsized the charter fishing boat. one man died but 7 others are still missing. today a u.s. coast guard c 130 crew completed a 300 square mile search grid. they or mexican search teams found anything. >> the thing they are concerned about is dehydration.
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basically comes down to survivability rather than conditions of the environment so we are still optimistic about the environment being suitable for them. >>reporter: 16 of the 19 remaining american survivors crossed the mexican border and began making their way back home. most from northern california. bruce mar from walnut correct among them this photo was taken the nature before the tragic fishing trip and while many wanted to stay in mexico and help any way they could their physical condition left them little choice >> >> because of their injuries many are sec. they have sunburn and bitten by jelly fish and what not that they need to come home. >>reporter: if coast guard c 130 back in the air tomorrow as for dive team one its scheduled to arrive on sunday to search for that sunken boat. live in san ramone, abc 7 news. the picasso snchd off the wall of san francisco art gallery has been recovered and man who police say stole it is now under arrest.
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investigators tracked down 31-year-old mark lugo at friend apartment in napa. he flew to san francisco from new jersey early this week but investigators are not sure why he stheel picasso drawing. it's worth an estimated 200,000 dollars and while it isn't damage frame rae moved and it appears as though he was preparing to ship it. >> i think 48 hour turn around on crime like this is again just another case of unbelievable police work by the cops at central station. >>reporter: san francisco chronicle is reporting he had experience in the high end wine restaurant industry. he was reportedly blt fish in new york city and worked as server if one of the initial top rated restaurants. >> tiburon dealt another blow to smokers. city approved ordinance banning smoking in all large apartment complexes. that's the first town in marin county to do so. lurks purchase and fairfax have approved non-smoking law but with few restrictions. smokers have a 3 year grace period before the law takes effect.
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>> man shot and killed by bart police at the civic center station in san francisco sunday night has been identified as 45-year-old charles hill. police say he had no known residence. passenger who witnessed the shooting has become the first to publiccly share what she saw. she told bay citizen that is hill was definitely not running or lung lunging at the 2 bart officers who shoot him. she didn't think the somewhating made sense and scoobd hill as a quote drunk hippie who manufactured like frankenstein. bart says one officer had a taser that was not used. >> in sacramento state lawmakers are considering a bill to repeal the death penalty and to replace it with life in prison without possibility of parole. during hearings today democrat argue that the death penalty does not reduce crime and is a drain on state rae sources. >> california death row is the largest and most expensive in the united states and it is not helping protect our people. it is helping to bankrupt us. >>reporter: there are 7 14 people on death row. at the
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annual cost of 184 million dollars. republicans say life in prison without parole doesn't serve as deterrent for repeat offenders. >> they could care less that's where most of the friends are. they get l they have they don't have to work. get free hot and cot they are fine. >> man who author california death penalty in 1978 is now against it. government is on a collision course with mainly deadline. up next. what has to happen before america credit runs out. battle shaping up over your retirement money. >> also. surgeon perform the world first transplant of synthetic organ and the man who got it is cancer free as a result. >> plus the final journey for the space shuttle program. >> all that and more then later on nightline. >> come up next on "nightline". casey anthony will go free next week as public outrage over the verdict simmers and her prison letter say she wants
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>> closed captioning brought to
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you. >> first transplant of synthetic organ grown from a patient own stem cell. once terminally ill patient is now cancer free. this man suffered from kearns of the windpipe. tumor growing there was too large to remove and couldn't wait for donated organ. that's when surgeon thought to create a synthetic one. doctors used stem cell from the patient hip to grow cell on man made windpipe. perhaps most critical part of this the patient body did not reject this did he vase. man told the bbc he was afraid but he knew without the transplant he would have died. >> i was if scared. very much scared. between laiving and not living. >>reporter: this is considered a landmark achievement for regenretive medicine. patient no longer has cancer and doctors say he should have a normal life expectancy. in fact after a month stay the man is expected to leave the hospital tomorrow. casey anthony made first
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court appearance today after jury found her not guilty of killing her 2-year-old daughte daughter. the june sentenced her for lying to police handing down the maximum sentence of 4 yourself in prison. because of credit for good behavior and time served anthony release date was set for next wednesda wednesday. but just hours after that decision correction officials announce there had been a miscalculation and anthony will not be freed until july 17th. >> president obama has called both democratic and republican leaders back to the white house on sunday to work on the debt crisis. of president met with both sides again today. discussions included pro pestal to cut spending for social security as well as medicare and medicaid. democrat say no way. >> do not consider social security. piggy bank for giving tax cuts to the wealthiest people in our country. we are not going to balance the budget on the back of america seniors, women, people with disability. >> we believe that comprehensive tax rae form both at corporate side and personal
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side would make america more competitive health create jobs good in our country and something that is under discussion. >>reporter: congress faces august 2nd deadline to decide whether to raise the debt limit. proposed merger between at&t and t mobile drawing criticism from several california utility groups. p uc is investigating the merger and affects on the economy. it held the first public hearing today. at&t california president held a news conference to discuss the benefits of the merger for the state. >> we believe that the merger has sal win-win for california. i think it is going to provide certainly jobs, investment and new technology. >> we are very concerned that the lack of competition is going to mean only one thing to consumer and that is prices are on a steady sky rocket up. >>reporter: california is the only state by the way requiring
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a hearing about this merger. >> nasa final space shuttle launch delayed because of stormy weather. take a look. this is live picture from cape canaveral. it was pouring there earlier tonight and there's a 60 percent chance of more rain around the scheduled launch time. lightning strike naert launch pad caused brief concern yesterday but engineers say the space ship is okay. nasa has until sunday to get atlantis into orbit otherwise it has to wait until next weekend. >> some rain there perhaps nothing of the kind here but it is getting a bit cooler. >> sure is. sandy here now with our forecast. >> probably notice that temperatures came did you know today. we still had warm weather inland but wasn't quite as hot as we are dealing with last couple days. what contributed to it was the marine layer that was along the coast line along with stronger sea breeze but late this afternoon you probably notice also the clearing was definitely some dryer air coming in from the north and the fog started to clear away from the coast line. this trend is going to continue as
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we head that tomorrow. take a lack at time lapse from the high definition south beach camera tonight look at san francisco. fog layer pretty shall o. mainly confined to the coast at sundown at 8:35. tonight that fog has not advanced very far. made it out to the east bay a little bit towards the oakland area and that's about it. 50's along the coast. out towards the oakland area. inland area mainly 60's right now except antioch at 73 degrees. fog on the coast locally in the bay tonight. another warm day is expected inland for your friday then cooling down this weekend. by next week you begin to wonder if it is really summer. temperatures are really going to come down. tonight only dropping down to the 50's except in antioch down to 60 degrees and once again we will see some areas of fog tonight. as you look at the pacific satellite picture we do have this area of high pressure that is going to start to nose inland as it noses inland the wind flow will be out of the north so coming out of the north blowing towards this area
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of low pressure that northerly wind flow will help to clear out what little fog we do have first thing in the morning. so patches of fog around the coast and bay quickly clearing out. making way for nice sunny day toen the work week. 90's inland. 60's at our beaches. temperatures bouncing back jaws few degrees so it will be a little bit warmer for your friday afternoon. if traveling for the weekend tahoe looking at mid upper 70's for afternoon high. look at this. sunshine all the way across numbers in the 40's overnight. yosemite few buildup expected tomorrow. 87 degrees in the afternoon and staying in the mid upper 80's range for the rest of the if getting away it's nice looking weather. here in the bay area looking beautiful for the south bay. 85 in san jose. 92 degrees in los gatos. sunshine on the peninsula 78 in san mateo o. why for palo alto, mountain view and menlo park right along the coast you look at temperatures in the 60's with sunshineing so even the coastal areas will come autopsy if you degrees. 69 in
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downtown san francisco. you will need sunt screen in the north bay. 60's at the coast line to the low to mid 80's adarns nits around clover dale santa rosa 88 degrees. 86 for novato. nap a.head out to east bay you are on the mild side. 74 in oakland. 80 for castro vaechlt inland area a warm day. 95 for livermore and brentwoo brentwood. 94 degrees in concord. around the monterey bay 70 in monterey. 68 degrees in carmel. here's look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast and it ace warm one for friday at least inland. low 60's to mid 90's we'll have our wide range of temperatures. summer micro climate. cooling on saturday and cooling trend really continues well into the middle part of next week. that's when you will see low 80's inland on wednesday. upper 50's at our coast line. that's not really summer like. more spring like. so much cooler compared to normal next week. >> thanks sandy. >> bay area company innovative new testing method. >> promises 98 percent accuracy
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in the hope of bringing in more shipping traffic. that's according to the silicon valley business journal. project would replace the wooden wharves at the port of redwood city with concrete docks. they hope to have it done this summer. menlo park says it has developed a new test for determining the risk of cervical cancer. it promises results with 98 percent accuracy biannualizing individual cells. if approved by the fda the test would cost about 20 to maybe upwards of 30 dollars. >> warrior remodel the headquarters. project is expected to cost one and a half million dollars. hope to have it completed by the he said of the nba lock out. >> more on the headlines in tomorrow's print edition of the silicon valley business journal. >> some little leaguers at at&t park had no reason to fear the beard today. >> here we are. >>reporter: san francisco giants all star closer brian wilson treated hundreds of
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little league tore free baseball gloves this afternoon. wilson made donation to the giants community fund junior giants baseball program. he also had a question and answer session. maybe that goodwill brought the giants good luck day. don't fear the beard. cheer the beard. good news for the giants. >> about not one way but 2 ways the a family mourning the loss of legendary figure and the game tonight turned out to be a tragic one. meanwhile in san francisco. zito bringing it for a third straight start. good enough for split with the padres? good enough for split with the padres? that's next. -dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's prize, all right.
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oh common. i dare you to taste one hint of ber in fiber one. oh, i'd be able to tell. why don't i just eat this bag? and how can you talk to me about fiber you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. ber one. you. >> since returning to the giants starting line up following a 10 week injury absence zito bringing it. 2 starts. 13 inning pitched 2. bottom 3. zito white side takes it to left. solo shot. third of the year. 1 nothing giants. l zito. heat to ludwig in the fourth. the giants add to the lead in the sixth. single to right. miguel scores 2 nothing giants. zito only mistake and it was a
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big one. to that ludwig guy in the seventh. wow! halfway that left field bleachers 2-1 game. zito gives way to brian wilson in the 9th. double play ball. this will end it. 2-1 another 1 run win for the giants. they are able to split the 4 game series. okay. to some sad news dick williams as manager of the a's led the first professional championship passed away at the age of yoochlt williams managed in the major for 21 seasons with 6 different clubs. but he will be remembered here for what he did in 1972 and 1973. leading the a's back-to-back world series titles. hall of famer williams died at his home in las vegas. >> from somber to tragic. earlier tonight in the a's rangers game a fan fell to his death. it happened in the 2nd inning. rangers outfielder josh hamilton retrieved ands to add foul ball to the stands.
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he caught the ball plummet 20 feet head first between a gap in the wall and stand. fan who has not been identified taken to local hospital where he was pronounced dead. i mention the josh hamilton was the player who threw the ball into the stands. one can only imagine how he feels tonight. now hamilton starts our highlight of the game which continued on. he had a 4 rbi night. single in the third brought home anders for 2 nothing texas lead in the fifth. michael young solo homer to right center off rich hard. derek hall shuts oakland down. complete game 4 hitter. 6 nothing the final. of course this game will be remembered for what happened off the field unfortunately. let's end with some positive news shall we. former cal running back lynch didn't have the easiest life as kid. didn't arrive in the best neighborhood. but he percent veered. today the guy known nationally for his epic touch down run against the saints 6 months ago announced plans to
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open a youth center in hometown of oakland with his cousin quarterback johnson. while it won't open until 2013 lynch is already involved. l they help him get ready for nfl season that may or may not happen. >> i get back and work out with the kids and get them he motivated keep me motivated as well. like running around with 18-year-old kids got energy all day kind of wear you out. >>reporter: i asked him i said are any of the kids challenging to you a race. yes they all want to challenge me. he wins every time. >> exactly. we have to check in on that. >> thanks. >> that is our report "nightline"up next. >> thanks for joining us everyone. >> back in the evening of course. stay texted at our web site. we appreciate your time. course. stay texted at our web site. we appreciate your time. hope to see you tomorrow.
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