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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  July 9, 2011 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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in the news this saturday morning july 9th, eight people and two young pete are injured after police chase add person in a hummer. and jaycee dugard, two decades of failure by authorities. and clouds, north and south end of the bay but inland valleys it's sunny in this morning. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. airlift people are injured this morning after a stolen hummer got into two separate crashes into vallejo last night. hit a small car around 9:30 at broadway and redwood street injuring two teenagers. it took off again crashed into three more cars about a mile away at broadway and toulome streets, a young mother and two
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boys were injured. five-year-old was airlifted to the hospital. woman was also injured. chp says he has a long juvenile record and faces multiple charges including felony hit-and-run. >> a federal judge has released a scathing reported reviewing the tracking of convicted sex offender philip garrido and during the 18 years jaycee dugard was held captive. dozens of documents cases where federal parole agents failed to properly monitored him. >> next month will mark two full years of freedom for jaycee dugard. she and her mother will never forget the phone call that came after 18 years of captivity. >> they found her! my daughter. i was crying and they are crying you can't speak.
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>> now, two days before her exclusive television appearance, chief district judge james ware of san francisco has released a confidential 45-page report how federal parole officers repeatedly botched the supervision of philip garrido. he had been on federal parole during which time he kidnapped the junk dugard from lake tahoe. even though garrido was high risk sex offender, home contacts by federal parole officers were rare. officers never verified if garido had registered as a sex offender and failed to notify state and federal authorities about his failed drug tests. >> normally you can't sue the state or federal government because what is called immunity. >> jim hammer says there will be hurdles if she decides to sue
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the federal government. she as a $20 million california with settlement. >> think what the crime that garrido of kidnapping and raping another woman in shed it was foreseeable he would do it again if you didn't closely monitor this guy. they are probably responsible for this woman being held captive. >> we tried to reach the attorneys representing jaycee dugard. there is a two-year statute of limitations on negligence which would presumably expire after august 26th. dhiat philip and nancy garrido were arrested two years ago. >> you can watch diane sawyer's entire interview in a two hour prime time special tomorrow at 9:00 right here on abc7. in about an hour from now, east palo alto police department will be offering hundred dollars
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worth of incentive for the first 75 people who turn in their guns. city's annual gun buy-back program begin two years ago after a toddler was accidentally shot to death. they collected 76 guns. since 2009, they have taken 140 guns off the street but guns will be checked to make shu they are not stolen. they must keep them unloded in the trunk of the car and stay inside the car until contacted by staffers on university avenue. >> there is still no answers in what caused a deadly plane crash. a family was on board when the plane hit. lisa amin gulezian reports on the family and investigation. >> he was like my big brother, looking out for me. >> john can't believe his brother is dead. david and his wife and sons were
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on their way to to yosemite when they crashed. this little boy laid flowers at the crash scene. this is video taken by a witness soon after the plane crashed near watsonville community hospital. n.t.s.b. is in charge of find go out what happened. investigators picked through the charred remains. >> we looked at the man, machine and environment. we look at the pilot, his or training and experiences. >> david has started flying a few years ago. he bought the plane last year. investigators won't speculate on a cause for this crash but his friends have their own ideas. >> probably the airplane stalled and lost altitude when you lose altitude on takeoff there isn't enough altitude to recover from a stall.
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>> authorities confirmed, they died instantly. >> it's just incredible family they do so much. if you need a hug, a smile, anything, they were there. >> to see one of them injured let alone die and let alone have the whole family go down. >> the ntsb will release a preliminary report in the next ten days but it will take close to a year before the final findings are published. in watsonville, lisa amin gulezian, "abc 7 news." >> in pescadero a man was killed after he fell from a cliff yesterday. the man had been fishing with his family and decided to walk to the cliff top and he slipped and fell. firefighters say it was too late to revive him. >> they are monitoring their oakland chabot science center after a fire.
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firefighters thought somebody intentionally set it it but now they say an overheated car is to blame. >> the man who stole the art drawing in san francisco is asking for help. he is being held on $5 million bail in connection with the heist of the pencil drawing. don sanchez spoke to lugo in jail in jail yesterday but lugo says he does not want a public defender. since this is high profile case he wants a high profile defense attorney. >> n.t.s.b. has released a report on the amtrak train cash last month that killed six people in nevada. a big rig slammed into the amtrak train. the fire broke out and the flames raced through two train cars. investigators say a video camera from the train's engines show the crossing gates and warning lights worked properly.
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skid marks were found but failed to stop the truck. >> coming up next, an icon of american politics passes away, more on the life of bet if i at this ford. -- betty ford. >> space shuttle atlantis is on its way into history. [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life?
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[ male announcer ] you don't makeby pressing a button.cken it takes a cook. we're kfc and we've got a certified cook in every restaurant freshly making the colonel's original recipe, today and every day. 11 herbs and spices, hand-breaded, hands down the world's best chicken. today is a kfc day. so bring home a real meal -- 10 pieces of that famous chicken, 3 large sides and 6 biscuits. enough real food to feed a family of four or more, just 20 bucks. today tastes so good. it's part of the game of baseball, fans catching foul balls or or those tossed into the stands by players. but a 39-year-old father lost his life at at a's rangers game in texas. it has rocked the baseball world. >> it was supposed to be a father-son bonding moment, one that dreams are made of.
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>> his son cried out daddy. my husband grabbed the boy so he wouldn't see it. >> shannon stone reached over the railing to catch a ball tossed out by josh hamilton. >> just as it hit his hand it threw him off balance. >> he fell 20 feet to the concrete floor behind the walls that hollywood up the jumbotron. >> they reached up to grab it and went over the rail. he went straight down, head first. >> stone was alert enough to ask about his son but an hour later he was dead. >> the memory that we try to make in this game for our fans. >> major league baseball will review the incident with every club to ensure fantasy safety. if it could happen here -- fan's
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safety. >> the organization will look with a fresh set of eyes at any vulnerabilities that may exist here at at&t park. a bay area soldier has been killed in afghanistan. a sergeant of san jose died tuesday when his unit was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade. he received numerous medals during his career. >> betty ford was remembered as woman that spoke her mind. many americans admired betty ford for her candor in the white house including support of abortion rights and equal rights amendment in a republican white house. she suffered from breast cancer and arthritis along with addictions.
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she is also being remembered by thousands of recovering addicts that credit betty ford center with saving their lives. space shuttle atlantis has begun preparations to dock with the international space station after blasting off yesterday for the final space shuttle mission. >> two, one, zero and liftoff. >> a million people watched in person as they lifted off in kennedy space center. it will bring a year's worth of supplies including food to the international space station tomorrow. current and former employees at ames research center celebrated the moment. so within 24 hours we brought a sample of the tile here from florida, we prepared for a test and ran it the test
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conditions and certified that it would survive. atlantis will spend 12 days in space before returning to earth on july 20th. it marks the 135th mission. >> the economy has some americans giving up some of their basic luxuries. a new poll finds 21% of people say their morning cup of coffee is too much of financial burden. 46% of americans are taking their lunch to work and three-quarters of shoppers admit to cut back and started buying generic products. cellphone service and driving their own cars to work they are not giving up. >> one out of five people that is endanger to all of us. >> we had a couple, two, something like that. >> we are looking at sunshine,
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stratus is struggling to make its way inland. it's parked along the north coast, down to san jose and golden gate bridge, to foggy and cool, we are along our way to a cooling trend. i'll have answers coming up. >> and first splash hit, was it enough for the giants to beat the mets. =x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=xx -dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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[ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ right now, thousands of people are taking steps to help fight breast cancer. this is video of some of the folks walking along the embarcadero. ninth annual avon walk for breast cancer is under way with participants walking along the embarcadero, part of 39 mile course. some walkers are going complete. its marathon and half a their mair thon. organizers raise more than $4.5 million for local organizations. i know there is women in the station taking part of that. that is a long walk and that is a heroic effort. i know a couple of them, they were concerned about the fog, how cold it was going to be. >> they want it warmer? >> that is what i said.
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doing all that moving and temperatures will be comfortable out there. compared to last week we were so hot, a lot of folks thinking to the cooldown but it's continuing right on through next week. here a s a look at mount tam. you'll notice we do have a deck of clouds and temperatures are pretty cool around the bay. inland where we've had sunshine, 65 in antioch and winds have been blowing pretty good. 60 in redwood city and 53 in san francisco. a few airport delays here and we are looking at temperatures as much as 3-6 degrees cooler than where we were yesterday at this time in concord. livermore, you are going to feel the cooldown today. in fact we are looking at temperatures below the average by the middle of next week. the morning fog and area wide we are looking at temperatures all on the way down with
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temperatures bottoming out by tuesday and wednesday of next week. visible picture, it shows the deck of clouds in the north coast all the way down to monterey bay. we are looking at the clearer skies inland. day to day, we'll see the clouds making it a little bit further inland and that will aid in more cooling. so today, numbers coming down as much as eight degrees here in the livermore valley, concord and the delta, winds are blowing. an area of low pressure is parked along the pacific northwest coast and by the middle of next week, it will slide further south and we will cool further. 102 in fresno. 92 in sacramento. 87 in the southern sierra and numbers tomorrow even a couple degrees cooler. 71 in big sur with more low clouds and fog. 83 campbell today. 85 for los gatos with upper 70s for sunnyvale. 84 in saratoga d.b.a. along the
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coast, upper 50s, so cool with westerly winds, 76 in menlo park in san francisco, we will be as much as 35-7 degrees below average with a high of 63. definitely cool with onshore winds, 61 with bodega bay, 79 in sonoma. 76 in vallejo. 74 in union city. mid-80s returning in pittsburg. get used to this weather for the next couple of days, we will see the cooldown overspread our inland and east bay but then more dramatic cooling. look for afternoon n of sun in monterey and 71 in santa cruz. giants game will be providing some sunshine but the wind will be breezy and numbers dropping through the 60s this afternoon. not a lot of change through tomorrow but the fog begins to make its way probably through
8:22 am
sacramento valley which will keep the numbers even cool there mid and upper 70s for highs. >> thanks a lot. coming up in sports, a's will play the texas rangers about w both teams carrying heavy hearts following the death of a fan. here is this morning's sports. >> good morning, this sort of tragedy would mess with anybody's head even with josh hamilton. besides the reigning mvp he is recovering drug addict. an interview, he told reporters what he did after stone fell from the stands. he was talking and asking about his son. i thought he was going to be okay. i found out after the game. it was a shock.
8:23 am
said my prayers. >> the a's have donated $5,000 to the rangers and memorial fund set up for stone. pitchers in the a's bullpen were closest to the tragic accident and ranger players are taking it equally hard. >> if that happened at our baseball game, we play this game for fun. there is so many enjoyable things about it. one thing you see is little kids at the ballpark and you hate what happened last night. >> a moment of silence, black ribbons in honor of shannon stone. >> here a single off of gonzalez. napoli blasts a grand slam, 5-0
8:24 am
texas after one inning. scott sizemore a shot to left. nobody aboard, that is a solo homer, 5-1 fourth of the year. bottom half, power surge continues for texas. he takes him deep, number 13 for him. 6-4, three batters, beltre and that is belted, he did not have all star stuff lags last night. he lasted four innings in the 8-5 loss. >> mets are in town and san francisco two up in the west on arizona coming in. and al michaels and bob costas on the call. hangs the pitch high and makes had him pay 2-1 shot to take the lead. >> he drives one to deep right. it is a tie game.
8:25 am
>> costas with the call, down to mccovey cove and first splash down. anderson pulls a homer to the left. they win it 5-2. arizona a winner last night. they are game back of san francisco in the west. >> i want to show you the weakest fight in major league history. red sox, royals, david ortis and kevin takes it and say run it out. not a single punch landed. both players ejected. sox win the game 10-3. >> we will always wonder what could have been for yao ming. he is retiring from the n.b.a. after 8 seasons, an icon in his homeland in china. he took the n.b.a. by storm when he was drafted by the houston
8:26 am
rockets in 2002, chronic leg and foot injuries derailed a possible hall of fame career. >> memorabilia, will cost a coach his job is costing the football problem all the wins last year, that includes the buckeyes sugar bowl victory. they are under a self-imposed two-year probation. >> because of thunderstorms postponed the majority of play yesterday or thursday, u.s. women's open was a test of endures on friday. paula creamer failed to get in 29 holes. she drains a putt and tied for fifth. in the clubhouse for 4 under but creamer was unable to finish her second round. conclusion of the third round play today. >> tour de france and it's not even close.
8:27 am
massive pileups, levi lost three minutes. she out of contention. mark, another stage win. be sure to tune in 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00, plenty more gulf and a's, giants and earthquakes. have a great day. >> next at 8:30, a bay area survivor of a doomed fishing expedition, the captain put them in even more danger of going down with the ship. he overlooked positive news. coming out of the dismal jobs report, the opportunities on the report, the opportunities on the horizon coming up.
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because it's seriously waterproof and ultra sweat-proof. coppertone protects across 100% of the uva/uvb spectrum. coppertone sport. embrace the sun. survivors aboard a fishing boat that sank in the gulf of california blame the captain for failing to do his job and protect his passengers.
8:30 am
seven men are still missing off the coast of mexico. some of the survivors grabbed on to rest cue rings and even coolers until help arrived. pete made it to one of the small lifeboats. he says the captain did not do a job. >> there was never any warning to us. there was no mayday. we didn't hear beacon or no flares. a beacon in the water, gps picks it up immediately. >> they provided the images of the survivors. several bay area families hope their loved ones will be found alive. >> we have to face the fact that with had this outcome may not be the way we want. for us, one place not searched is inside the boat. >> the u.s. coastguard have assisted in the search and
8:31 am
mexican authorities plan to continue the search for today. >> good news, santa cruz county has 57 openings for federal funding temporary jobs. jobs repairing damage to the santa cruz harbor caused by the tsunami from japan's massive earthquake back in march. swevs can make up to $18 an hour and jobs will last no more than six months. they are open to adults that lost their jobs as a result of the natural disaster as well as the people who have been out of woke for 15 of the past 26 weeks. application deadline is july 20th. >> president obama is asking for partisan politics on to be set aside to get the financial house in order. it comes on the heels of the dismal jobs report and head of upcoming talks on the federal debt. they say the unemployment rate to 9.2% in june. >> republicans and democrats don't see eye to eye on number of issues.
8:32 am
we're going to continue to working over the weekend to bridge those gaps. good news is we agree on some of the big things. we agree that after a decade of racking up deficits and debt we need to get our fiscal house in order. we agreed to do that, both sides are going to make political sacrifices. he says economic recovery is fragile and is not producing enough jobs and last thing the nation can afford is political game playing or kicking the problems down the road. >> for the latest jobless numbers leave little to cheer about, there is some hope on the horizon at least in certain industries. with a look at the flip side of the dismal economic report. >> carpenters and plumbers and electricians, together they northern as the skilled trades, a vital part of the construction industry and the number one hardest job to find qualified applicants for according to a recent study by manpower.
8:33 am
>> we don't want people that are unskilled and untrained. what we do is dangerous. anything can go wrong and if you don't have the professor training you are not an asset to the job site. >> a fourth generation electrician, he started by attending a union training program and became an apprentice but with the recession, waiting list for such is hundreds of people long. >> the person to bring them in and into a class and go find your own job. we don't do it that way. so if there is no job, we don't want to bring them in. >> but kathleen barber who heads the program things are about to rapidly turn around for skilled tradesmen with three hospitals and an airport terminal to be built in the next year. that is one reason why skilled construction trades will have a lot of vacancies and the no one to fill them.
8:34 am
also in the top ten are i.t. staff, managers, teachers, administrative staff and machinists. for the carpenter, the news couldn't come soon enough. he has been on the waiting list for the training program. now with morning mor work on the horizon the union has something to look forward to. >> i'm fortunate to to be in the carpenters union so i have a job. >> the head of the training program says there will be more openings in the next few years because a lot are getting close to retirement. not as many people are going into those trades but that means more opportunities and more money for those that do. if you have been over the bay bridge, you probably couldn't help notice the new work going on. heather ishimaru tells us about the amazing things going into our new bridge. >> those two reddish orange
8:35 am
strips hanging from the west side are catwalks. they are 12 feet wide made of wire mesh. eventually workers will walk on the ramps installing the mile long suspension cable that wraps around the tower reaching 500 feet above sea level. >> this 35 degree angle but our workers are skilled and trained and they are experienced and know what they are doing. >> this caltrans animation shows what the finished plod plod look like with the cable draped at the top of the tower and wrappings around the road bed at both ends. curved section of metal shows the route the cable will take. the catwalk sits about eight feet below. >> there is an apparatus that will feed the cable that it needs to go in. >> workers will be tethered to the catwalks as they work and no strangers working at altitude.
8:36 am
it's hard to tell but workers on construction of the old bay bridge did their job untethered. it will be one-mile of 137 bundles of cable and each bundle has 127 small cables. and the bundle sit waiting underneath blue tarps. two more catwalks on the eastern side need to be installed and work on putting the cable in place should begin next year. lisa, would you go up those cat walks if you were offered? >> no, i know you would,. >> i think it would be exciting. >> we're looking at a pretty nice looking day if you look it cooler because the cooldown is under way. san jose, cloudy skies and sunny inland but temperatures a little below normal. also ahead a disturbing
8:37 am
discovery in what had been shark infested waters. scientists are so concerned about the disappearance about the ocean predator. [ cherie ] i always had a job, ever since i was fourteen. i could not make working and going to school work. it was not until the university of phoenix that i was able to work full-time, be a mom, and go to school.
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denny's new tour and of america menu. 50 star cuisine. the new tour of america menu. starting at $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open. welcome back. heavenly mountain resort and beautiful lake tahoe. looks like we got mist on the lake this morning, we're going to burn off a little bit. i wonder what the temperatures are going to be like there. lisa argen knows and she will tell all in a few minutes. >> royal newlyweds, duke and duchess head to santa barbara today for charity polo match. bob woodruff has been along
8:40 am
every step of the way. >> when prince william and kate arrived in los angeles, they were driven through the city. fans have been waiting for hours infat waited with this couple. particularly kate. >> it more common to a royal, it's like a fantasy. >> then the garden of the house, duchess of cam break wearing a green silk dress joins her husband to talk with celebrities including english soccer star david beckham. they will head for a little polo fans paying between $400 and $4,000. then it's off to downtown l.a. to pay tribute to british film and a chance to rub elbows with hollywood stars. tom hanks, nicole kidman among the guests. >> the young couple comes to town and has stolen the
8:41 am
limelight. >> tonight, royal couple will join with the british academy of film and television arts to recognize future british stars. to introduce 42 brits we think you'll hear more a lot. >> names like edwards, director of monsters. he helps prince william in his next film. >> i think he would be great. >> so tonight as the royal couple take on hollywood who will emerge as most celebrated? favorite actors or the duke and duchess of cambridge, only the paparazzi know for sure. >> where is your dress? >> sorry. >> i think i heard it right. >> she always looks great.
8:42 am
we are looking at nice day and temperatures are coming below average. we should be in the upper 80s for livermore for this time of year. anywhere from 5-10 degrees cooler than we were yesterday. that is due to the low clouds, fog and made it inland, they are trying to make it inland but really along the shoreline. good morning, it's 60 in redwood city. that is the warmest location out of entire bay area with 55 in oakland. 58 in monitor mt rui view and we will be looking at a cooling trend to continue throughout not only the weekend but next weekend, as well. 1-8 degrees cooler than we were yesterday. you know the reason, low clouds and stronger onshore flow bringing an area wide cool down, we are not stopping there by the middle of next week, we are talking about temperatures bottoming out in the upper 70s in the warmest inland valleys.
8:43 am
around 2,000 feet, marine layer continues to deepen to the overnight and early morning hours and also continue to spread inland, east of the caldecott tunnel, into the valleys and sacramento valley in the next day or so. that is all due to an area of low pressure which is parked to the north and west of us. eventually the low will continue to sag south and as it does, we will look for our coolest day probable wednesday of next week. today we are looking at still 91 in sacramento. 102 in fresno. 72 in big sur. so temperatures slowly coming down in the interior but you felt the cooldown all week here. 81 in cupertino with sunny skies 79 in santa clara. look for mid-70s on the peninsula with 76 in palo alto and upper 50s. 57 pacifica and numbers in the low 60s, we're about 6 degrees shy of normal averages for this time of the year.
8:44 am
partly cloudy in the n city and 78 in napa and temperatures will be around 90 the further north you go, around clearlake and elsewhere, only mid 60 knees berkeley. 68 in oakland with low 70s to mid-70s as you head down toward newark and fremont. 84 in concord. 82 in dublin with pleasanton coming in the mid-80s and down by monterey bay, 63 and 66 in salinas. numbers will be in the 50s, then with very chilly conditions. >> it's going to be that way for the next several days, mid-70s through tuesday and wednesday for the warmest temperatures in inland valleys. >> thanks a lot. >> researchers at the california academy of sciences in golden gate park are home after an historic expedition to the
8:45 am
philippines. abc7 was the only tv station as they discovered more than 300 species believed to be new to science. we focus on what they go not find. here is dan ashley with the tale you'll see only on abc7. >> the philippines is made up more than 7,000 islands, a spectacular wonderland, captured in this underwater video. scientists spent more than a month off the island of luzon searching for life. divers focused on an area to have the world's richest coral releases now with a big ex zblepgs we saw two sharks during 1,000 lives. >> john is one of the world's top shark experts. 30 years ago, things were very different. >> they were sharks everywhere and i was nervous at first but i got over it they weren't
8:46 am
dangerous sharks. >> the disappearance of sharks what is really dangerous. he blames overfishing. >> the removal of top predators like the sharks that are critical to ecology causes a downward collapsing cascade, a spiral of the ecosystem. >> one way they figure out which are left, what is sale for fish markets. this one is in manila. >> do you sell sharks? no sharks. >> we didn't see any sharks in the fish market. not because they don't want to sell them but the sharks are all gone. >> the team spent a week on a research boat in the deep sea off the philippines. >> we haven't seen a single shark. >> but far from the surface they did find more than a dozen small sharks, 1500 to 3,000 feet deep.
8:47 am
they are believed to be a new species of swale sharks to change body shape, sometimes sleek and streamlined, sometimes roly-poly like this one. >> they will swallow enough water to look like a bowling ball. >> these sharks were treated like celebrities by the scientists, excited by discovery but worried about the worldwide decline. >> if they disapeern peer by as many 73 million a year to have their fins cut off to be sold to the asian community for shark soup. >> several are being brought back for research but most were returned gently to the water. they hope other sharks will get the same chance. >> live in the ocean depends on it. the california assembly has passed a ban on the sale of
8:48 am
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including the honey nut flavor, and that's amazing to a mom like me. as a parent you dot want to have to tell your kids "no" all the time. it's nice for me to be able to say "yes" to something th they want to eat. [ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavors. gluten free. ten minutes in front of 9:00 roof cam near the embarcadero, transamerica building, bank of america, we have got clouds right now and a whole lot of the bay area is going to give way but not as warm as yesterday. lisa argen will sort it out momentarily. >> big screen tv prices have come way down but if something goes wrong, they can be expensive to fix, michael finney takes a look. >> eddie joined his big screen television until he turned it off one night and mysteriously
8:51 am
it turned itself back on. so he turned the tv off again, but to his surprise, it came back on again. all by itself. eddie was baffled. >> i used remote control and as soon as i turn it off the tv clicked on. >> before the picture could fill the screen, it shut itself off. no matter what he did, the tv seemed to have a mind of its own >> he had to pull the plug to get it to stop. next day, the same thing happened. >> i couldn't watch any of the programming because before the picture would come on. >> it was two and a half years old, long out of warranty. he thought it was a little too soon for $12,000 tr set to die. he contacted the manufacturer. he spoke with customer service agents over two weeks.
8:52 am
he made these logs of calls in which agents kept agreeing the whole thing must be frustrating. >> first person said, why didn't you buy an extended warranty. i don't think they should break down less than three years of owning it. >> other folks had the same problem suddenly turning themselves off. >> frustrating. this is a unique nature of today's tvs which are really computers that have big monitors attached to them. >> and technology computer at and they say they are a lot more complicated of tube tvs of the past but this kind of problem is relatively rare. >> when your tv dies after two years and goes into something like this you are the victim of bad luck than technology. he wasn't happy so he turned to 7 on your side and we contacted lg. company said it had agreed to pay for new ports for the tv, two circuit boards costing
8:53 am
around $300. eddie had to cover around $185 labor charges. they said we have found this is not a common problem. even though the tv was out of warranty they cover the cost of the parts. >> what they replaced solved the problem. >> i was wary of turning off the tv. >> here is a tip to prolong the life of a digital tv, use a power strip that monitors the flow. it's called a conditioner. they can be damaged with a power spike or surge or also from a brownout that reduces electrical flow. >> coming up next, many people have had them, we're talking about this. don sanchez so the aisle to review the movie. =x=x=x=x=x=x=xx
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>> here are the winning numbers from last night's drawing, mega number was 45. nobody got them all. tuesday's jackpot is estimated at $24 million. >> in theaters this weekend a new adult comedy called horrible bosses, they are so bad, employees like to kill them. don sanchez checked it out on the aisle. >> kevin spacy evil. he loves to torture employees. >> sorry. >> jennifer anniston talked dirty and has one thing on her mind, this is harassment. >> what do you mean by trim the fat?
8:57 am
>> colinfarrel is almost unrecognizable. they are beside you often. >> that is jamie foxx and it puts the comedy into another realm. jennifer aniston, foul language bombs and explicit body talks. stacy and farrell, takes it over the top. it's funny stuff. >> this is very raunchy film, eventually the cast members intersect and what a collision that is. i'm sure we've had at least one horrible boss. it proves that good guys can
8:58 am
finish first and i'll give it half a bucket. we'll see you on the aisle. one last check on weather with lisa. >> cooling trend continues, especially inland today, we'll see highs they're coming down into the mid-80s. 63 in san francisco, 68 in oakland, 76 in palo alto and we'll look ahead shows much of the same tomorrow, by the middle of the week, much cooler numbers well below normal. >> after that, a little warmup. we want summer back, some of us do. >> thanks for joining us. next newscast starts at 5:00. stay connected at 24/7 at have a great weekend. the midwestern meat and potato sandwich. where french fries and meat, meet come try the midwestern meat and potato sandwich from our new tour of america menu. only at denny's
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