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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  July 9, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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it happened here, i want to move. i just secure my area around my type of living around that is about it. >> police are still trying to come up with a motive. they have not released a name of victim from san leandro. as to person who is being questioned. he is a person of interest and not a suspect at this point. live in richmond, john alston, "abc 7 news." >> we are learning more about the ordeal that took place after a fishing boat sunk off the coast of mexico. l cuba ga spoke to a survivor today about the moment right
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after the boat went under and harrowing hours that followed. >> charles gibson ask used to facing danger. he is now the chief of police for the contra costa community college district. he was also on board the erik. >> i could read the name, erik. i felt the feeling of abandonment. they were in the dark water confused and scared. charles didn't have a life vest and instead held on to an ice cooler. amplify a fellow fisherman offered his. his brother is still missing. >> but then the group separated. charles spent nearly 15 hours alone and eventually swam to an island where local fishermen found him and another survivor.
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this is video of charles and mexico back on land before he returned home yesterday. meantime, the search for seven others who are still missing continues today. do you think they are still alive. >> i hope so. >> coastguard has agreed to keep looking at least until tuesday, survivors have been found in the water and on nash islands. >> if i made it to island, i hope they are somewhere on one of those islands out there waiting to be helped. >> don lee's family is trying to stay strong. they are bracing themselves for the worst. they would like a specialized dive team to get involved and search the sunken ship. >> just to get that closure, their father is down there. bring him home. >>. >> reporter: late today the secretary of tourism say a deep
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water dive team from hawaii is willing to help. they could arrive on the scene as early as tomorrow. lisa amin gulezian, "abc 7 news." >> a diving expedition in the sea of cortez could last two weeks and cost hundred thousand dollars if a private company takes on the job. the fishing boat is thought to be at at depth of 200 to 300 feet. that would be a mixed gas dive. each dive could take a half-hour to reach a boat and full hour or two just to return to the surface. >> you have the problem of getting all the equipment there to do it. then you have the problem of doing the actual dive and the penetration is probably most dangerous thing, you don't know how the wreck is and sitting upside-down. >> divers could only spend up to 15 minutes another a time searching inside that second
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sunken ship. >> they are battling a wildfire near sacramento. high winds are fanning the flames just after 4:00 this afternoon. it's burning in rural yuba county and so far it's only 25% contained. however, the fire is not threatening any homes at this time. cal fire officials say the blaze was sparked by downed power lines. a tsunami alert has just been lifted after another major earthquake in japan. it shook the northeastern coast same area devastated by a quake and killer tsunami four months ago. the epicenter was 130 miles east of sendai. dozens of aftershocks have rocked the country since that disaster. >> the tsunami is march however ripped up the santa cruz harbor and today new jobs are being created after dozen of boats sank or damaged.
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the city has been awarded $1.4 million emergency granted and part of that money will be used to hire 57 temporary workers to help repair the harbor. jobs are open anyone or older 18 or older or have been lait laid off in the past 26 weeks. >> house john boehner has rejected president obama's compromise offer to make major cuts to the federal government and social services in exchange for tax hikes. boehner reportedly made his decision to president obama by phone this afternoon. he has offered to put social security, medicare and medicaid cuts on the table in exchange for a tax hike of roughly 100 billion dollars a year over ten years. gop leadership is scheduled to meet tomorrow to continue debt ceiling negotiations. the latest effort to help
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san francisco's mission district to help free two hikers imprisoned in iran for almost two years. they came to support the two people, sara shourd was not there. shourd was arrested along with the man but was arrested in september on half a million dollars bail. men are expected to stand on trial for espionage. they were arrested two years ago on the iran-iraq border. >> dozens of guns are off the streets of east palo alto. they were turned in the city's gun buy-back program. the buy-back program was established after a toddler was shot to death by a 12-year-old boy who found a gun in a garage. >> its safety issue. chances of injuring yourself with a weapon is greater than
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using it for self defense. >> tomorrow night abc7 will air the exclusive interview with jaycee dugard during a two-hour special. she was kidnapped when she was 11 yeersd old and held captive in antioch for 18 years by philip and nancy garrido. people in south lake tahoe have been waiting for the girl who disappeared from her neighborhood. >> he is a real survivor. i would be proud to have her living back here. >> you can watch her interview in a two hour prime time special tomorrow night at 9:00 right here. diane will be answering questions about her interview on twitter. you can tweet your questions to her at diane sawyer hash tag
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ycabc. >> headline says it all. thank you and goodbye. ruppert murdoch shot the paper down in allegations of illegal phone hacking and police payoff. they are accused of hacking into the voicemail of a young murder victim, celebrities and grieving families of dead soldiers. now his multibillionaire take over of the biggest channel is in jeopardy. he is flying to london to try to control that damage. the future king and queen of england had a full day in southern california. prince william and kate middleton spent time raising money for charities. bob woodruff has been traveling
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with them and has more from los angeles. >> day two of their excellent adventure begin in an aerial convoy at the california coast. at the posh santa barbara polo club where the well known came to ming well the most famous newlyweds. he seems like a really good guy. >> security at the polo grounds was extremely tight, even a vips were screened, luxury cars carefully inspected. they came here to raise money for the many charities that he and his brother harry support. >> we like to help military veterans working on sustainable development. we also for disadvantaged young and hope and confidence in their lives. >> in a sea of splendidly dressed guests, the prince
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showed how comfortable he is to play polo. who its fast game, a bit risky since he took a head first tumble in a match in new york but escaped injury. it has thus far been very different than the tour of canada where adoring crowds got up and close and personal with the couple. >> he is playing polo and you are getting a glimpse of william and kate. 2,000 people helped kick off the avon walk for breast cancer in san francisco today. jp there they go, each participant is walking up to 39.35 miles for ongoing search for a cure.
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they raised more than $4.35 million all the funds will go to breast cancer organizations. since launched, avon foundation has raised more than $35 million. congratulations to them. leigh glaser is here. >> we're going on to have cool weather to walk in. >> high definition rooftop camera, but also kind of hazy skies, the low clouds and fog and now getting reports of mist and drizzle in downtown san francisco. thanks to an onshore wind flow and that is a trough that is going to pass to the north 6 us. 57 in antioch, 55 san francisco. 54 santa rosa, 55 about low overcast in half moon bay and san jose reporting a little bit of cloudiness overhead, 59 degrees. here is a look at highlights. we will continue to see the low clouds and fog move a little further inland tonight.
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we'll bring in that coastal drizzle, as well. cooler inland and get ready for temperatures to really cool even more so as they drop below normal as we head into monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. you can clearly see the fog bank it's right here, the strong onshore winds pushing all the low clouds and fog through the gated, through the bay. this will head out over the delta tonight. as i mentioned a little bit of moisture there as well especially around the coast. 59 will be the low in antioch. there is a clear patch in santa rosa, 37 degrees and 54 for san jose. here is a look at trough of low pressure. you can see it diving toward the south. behind this coupled with a very cool air mass. this is going to effect us the next four to five days. as i mentioned by week, upper
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70s and it's going to cool down in those locations the next few days. we started off with low clouds and fog well out to the east bay and even out toward the delta. it should burn back to the coast about 10:00 or 11:00 and those westerlies will be with you. up to 25 miles an hour and look for 60s near the peninsula a as well as san francisco and just mid to low on 80s as you head out toward the east bay. highs for tomorrow, campbell 86. at our beaches, patchy fog, 59 degrees for half moon bay. mid-70s for the peninsula. san francisco cool down to 62 degrees. expect a little bit of sunshine tomorrow afternoon. 77 for santa rosa as well as sonoma. 68 for oakland. 74 union city. interior east bay very comfortable, readings for
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tomorrow, danville and concord, 85 for brentwood, interior locations, gilroy and morgan hill tomorrow in the low 80s. 68 for watsonville. seven-day forecast, much cooler as the trough gets closer and inland temperatures in the 70s. 60s around the bay. mid 50s at the coast. don't forget we will start to warm up next weekend after it moves out of here. this weekend is aids walk, it will be held in eight days on july 17th. to register call 615-walk or visit aids colirn is here for shu and sad news in baseball. >> we know what happened on thursday in arlington, texas. kind of good news for josh hamilton.
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rangers josh hamilton had something to smile about and tim lincecum locking down the mets at at&t park.
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welcome back. six wins, eight losses and all star, even t lynn wanted nothing to do with that. he will head to phoenix a .500 pitcher. i was not invited. facing daniel murphy, deep to right. beltran will score for one and bottom half, sandoval doubles down the left field line. cable set up the middle and tejada misses the tag, his throw to first that is late and the game is tied. giants get two more runs and tim is able to tame them. six strikeouts 3-1 giants and they are now two up on arizona in the national league west. >> quote from my producer, will southwood, i'm just sick of it, colin. he is talking about the beloved
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oakland a's, first pitch of the second inning give the a's the lead, towering blast off of kobe lewis, a's jump out with a 4-0 lead. brandon mccarthy deliver, beltre demolishes it. in the sends, coco crisp crushing deep to right and gone. his fourth of the year, a's up 6-5 and then it collapses. a grounder toward second, con or jackson and not enough time to get to the bag, collision. that is going to leave a mark on you conner jackson. next batter josh hamilton but part of me is so happy for him tonight. walk-off 2-run homer. rangers go for the four-game sweep tomorrow. >> history made by derek jeter,
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joins one other player to hit a home run for 3,000 hit. amazingly the first yankee to ever get to 3,000. he wasn't done, a perfect five for five at the plate with a game winning base hit. yankees 5, raise 4 in the bronx. >> still to come, a huge upset at women's world cup while the earthquakes against
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-dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ]
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[ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are the great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a perhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ two, that is number of goals the earthquakes have scored in the last five games, that number includes the contest against philadelphia. so the quakes didn't make much noise, fred gallup did his share of yelling. john bush did very good tonight. back in the two, he would get a shutout but san jose scoreless in a nil-nil draw. >> and germany is out of there.
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108th minute, he out runs the german defense, that is the game winner. two time defending champ and japan advance together semifinals ever. >> it looked like a mistake at the top of the leader board in two rounds. she was in first and second place. nika, not related. and nina on the par five ninth. it's straight in. wow! never done that nor will i ever. she is three over and just inside for a birdie and it drops the. she is four under par. one shot back of nika and, any ka at 5 under. both unable to tee off and will play the final round tomorrow. if only steve stricker could do
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the master the way he just the john dear classic. he shoots and 63 and finally nascar and bluegrass state for the first time. kyle busch pulls away from jimmie johnson with three laps to go and takes the checkered flag for third cup win of the season. >> thank you very much. >> that concludes another broadcast of "abc 7 news." thanks for watching us tonight. good night everyone.
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