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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  July 10, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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denny's new tour of america menu. 50 star cuisine. the new tour of america menu. starting at $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open. good evening. i'm alan wang. in a matter of hours we'll hear for the first time jaycee dugard telling her story. she is speaking exclusively with diane sawyer and no one is more curious than what she has to say than the neighbors that live next door. >> this is neighborhood that has been through so much already. soul searching that came after realizing they have no idea she
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had been in prison for years. she is anxious to hear her story of hope. >> the house where jaycee dugard spent 18 years in captivity is now boarded up and abandoned. was two years since she was rescued and what happened here remains a mystery. >> i want to hear her side and why she didn't try to leave. >> helen lives next door. she remembers see her working in the front yard. philip and nancy garrido were good neighbors. >> i can't imagine it. he seemed to be gentle to us. >> neighbors will be watching the interview tonight with diane sawyer when she tells her story for the first time. she was 11 years old when garrido kidnapped her on her way to school in south lake tahoe.
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she would be forced to live in a backyard prison, same place where she gave bivtd to two daughters. >> you're in labor and there is not be there. having a baby in a backyard. >> yep, i did. then i saw her. she was beautiful. i felt like i wasn't alone anymore. >> she would occasionally eat at the cafe down from the house. diana remembers all too well. >> just glad to to be with the family. >> the house where it happened will be on the auction block but so far no one wants to buy it.
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neighbors are hoping they may soon frightened out how the unimaginable could have gone on for so long in their own backyard without them noticing. >> not even hear a baby cry. >> she is now 31 years old. a book that details the ordeal called a stolen life will be available this week. don't forget. you can watch the entire interview here right here on abc7 tonight. the two hour prime time special begins at 9:00 and you can tweet diane about her interview with jaycee during the program. it will take place at twitter. a drug deal gone wrong. that is what investigators believe escalated into a shootout that killed three men in richmond. it happened yesterday inside a
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two bedroom unit at the triangle housing complex where a gun battle at close range erupted. they say 36-year-old michael l. anderson was murdered. also killed 28-year-old corey walker junior and 19-year-old person. all of them were found in the same bullet riddled room. they are questioning two material witnesses in that case. >> for a sixth day the contested searched the sea of cortess for seven missing men. they have been lost at sea since last sunday when a charter fishing vessel sank. the coastguard has searched water and land. no sign of the fishermen has been found. one man died in the accident, 19 other americans survived. the mexican navy and federal police are also conducting searches. >> final victim of the amtrak
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train crash in nevada has been identified. officials say 60-year-old barbara bell of the united kingdom died in the accident. a total of six people died when a big rig slammed into a train at a crossing east of reno. truck driver is among the victims. n.t.s.b. is still working with the nevada highway patrol on that investigation. it's going to be a late work night at the nation's capital where president obama is meeting with congressional leaders. they are trying to head off a national credit crisis. yesterday republicans backed out of a so-called grand bargain that would allow the u.s. treasury to borrow more and avert defaulting on its bills. president obama and congressional leaders are trying to figure out what to do after house speaker john boehner walked away from the beginning of a grand bargain. they showed interested in a $4
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trillion budget deal that included tax reform, entitlement reform and deficit reduction. an enormous deal some hoped would reserve the august debt ceiling crisis. >> we have an extraordinary, extraordinary rare opportunity to move forward to make sure our government lives within its means. >> before the meeting, it appeared boehner was open to raise additional revenue, but the speaker, knowing tax increases is a hard sell abandoned hope. he now wants a smaller deal. republican leader in the senate also says the big deal is off the table. >> i'm for the biggest deal possible but we're or not going to raise taxes in the middle of this horrible economic situation. >> tim geithner warned some sort of deal must get done. >> if congress doesn't acted by august 2nd they will downgrade
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our credit, first time in history and you will see catastrophic damage across the american economy and global economy. >> they want to focus on $2 trillion deal, no entitlement reform, no tax reform. the talks continue tonight. meanwhile, the head of the international monetary fund foresees some quote really nasty consequences if the u.s. does not raise the borrowing limit. the chief sez expects u.s. will take action before the august 2nd deadline. >> there are expectations that will be the case otherwise it would be a real shock. it would be bad news for the u.s. economy. >> international monetary fund's new chief told abc news if the u.s. fails to act she for sees global interest hikes and stock
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markets taeng taking a huge hit. >> the switch to ticket machines begin yesterday as part of an effort to close an $89 million budget gap. the move eliminates 7 ticket agent positions but five of the employees have been placed in new jobs. ticket machines have been up and running for several months, but they do not sell tickets to at&t park. instead the larkspur ticket office will open on giants game day. >> saying goodbye is never easy. an emotional final meeting for atlantis crew at the international space station. remembering the victims of the japan's earthquake and tsunami. >> after overcast this morning, skies cleared to a brilliant sunshine. it's going to be cooler as we head into the first part of the work week. we'll take a look at the
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history was made in space as the space shuttle program comes to an and. the space shuttle docked for the final time. space station crew greeted the space shuttle astronauts that make up the smallest crew ever. four person crew would have to stay in space for months since the or shuttles have been retired. atlantis will retire after this flight. >> in japantown they marked the four month anniversary of the japan earthquake and consume today. ♪ >> japanese flower offering ceremony paid tribute to the 23,000 victims of the disaster and was to remind others there
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is still a continuing need for support and assistance for japan >> in assistance from all over the world. >> a special flower arrangement were made by a icibana flower arrangement organization. people that attended had the opportunity to contribute their own individual touches to the flower arrangement. >> sarah shourd talks about her imprisonment in iran. >> and they are coming together to rally for the release of two other berkeley grads still held there.
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our temperatures are taking a dip. leigh glaser coming up to tell you when the cooldown will
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just 20 bucks. today tastes so good. people in berkeley are rallying to free the men. they grew up in due lutdz minnesota where the families have created an organization dedicated to make sure the two have not been forgotten. it's been two years since they were arrested along the iran-iraq border. shourd was released on half a million bail. she talked about the deplorable conditions that they are still in. >> lights are always on. they have to sleep with
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something on their eyes. they can leave their cell for 40 minutes a day and to go on larger cell where they can exercise. >> we need them home. >> the mother says she has given up her business to be an advocate for her son. the duke and duchess of cambridge are on their way home tonight. they wrapped up a trip to los angeles today at an unemployment fair for veterans. last duty is care packages for overseas service members. they got their hands dirty, played with paint and putty in downtown los angeles. >> it is going to cool off? >> it is going to cool off. as much as 16 degrees below where we should be for this time of the year.
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we'll take you to the santa cruz 67 degrees, lots of folks hit the beach today. low clouds and fog started to burn off a little sooner than yesterday. plenty of sunshine. we also, antioch is 84 and 81 in concord and fairfield. 71 in napa and 62 in san francisco. 61 in half moon bay. 78 in redwood city and san jose you are at 74 degrees. we're seeing mainly clear skies near the coast but the low clouds and fog will begin to increase overnight tonight. we'll bring in mist and drizzle for the monday morning commute. look for clearing inland, it will push back to the coast and normal temperatures will linger right through mid-week forecast. started out this morning, i can see the low clouds and fog and a little bit of a northerly wind component. it's going to move the low clouds and fog on out of here.
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you can see we have more low clouds and fog and strong onshore winds push that right in through the coast and bay overnight tonight. we'll look for all of that to return inland. overnight temperatures, santa rosa, 48, 53 for san francisco. mid to upper 50s and east bay locations, antioch getting down to 58 tonight and 54 for san jose. set up is a trough of low pressure. this is the one temperatures dipped a little today and this one will start to sag a little more south closer to us as we go into tuesday and wednesday where temperatures will bottom out. inland locations, highs on tuesday and wednesday only in the mid to upper 70s. so much cooler scenario than what we would typically have. once it moves through it will start to warm up.
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here is a look how we'll start out in the morning, fog will spin off to the delta and then push back to the coast. we'll get the clouds, mid-50s and mid to low 80s the further east you go. 75 tomorrow for san jose, milpitas will cool to 72. cloudy half moon bay, mist and drizzle. 74 for palo alto. san francisco will cool to 62 degrees with overcast conditions mainly in the morning hours. north bay, 77. 72 for napa. east bay oakland, 67. 72 for fremont and comfortable 80s with brentwood 82. 79 for concord and 67 degrees with afternoon sunshine for watsonville. seven-day forecast, get ready for the clouds and much cooler conditions tuesday and wednesday. coast mid-50s. 60s around the bay and 70s in east bay locations and this then
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we'll warm things back up. speaking of next sunday. this is aids walk. we have in seven days, to register call 615-walk or visit audz >> and good news for women in world cup action. >> did you see the game this morning? >> i did not. >> this was unbelievable. if you missed it. you missed one of the most frustrating entertaining and june lent soccer games ever. playing ten on 11 for over 57 minutes. they found the bestsports is ne.
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it was 12 years ago that brandy and the soccer team beat china, different opponent and different players but the results were the same. off to a fortunate start against brazil. santa ana none goes off the defender. that is a goal. 1-0 u.s.a. this was just nasty. chasing down, ref give her a red card. penalty kick for brazil, solo
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denied and big time save. brazil, they get to kick it again and marta takes advantage and we go to extra time. it's marta going off and in. brazil takes the lead. reason why many dislike professional soccer, that is going and the delay helps the u.s. by adding three minutes of time. here a perfect drop. penalty kick will decide it. solo, huge again. 4-3 u.s. and to win it and american win, 5-3. france is up next in the semis. >> i really don't know what to say. that is a perfect example of
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what this country is about. the history of the team has always been. you never give up. it literally went to the last second. >> that was good stuff. sandoval is heading to the all-star game and you can thank the guy in the dugout. it was so hot in texas, rangers are going for a sweep of the a's. he was phenomenal today. josh hamilton swing and the third. to adrian bel train in the fifth and two-run shot. only run of the game and cayhill was phenomenal, harrison was brilliant. a's were shut out. >> and john deere classic.
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with two to play, steve stricker drains a birdie. ahead of stricter and he tal fers the putt. he is how tied with steve striker on the 18 for the win. come on! his domination continues for a third straight year. >> i'm sorry i missed that soccer game. >> don't worry the freeze will be worth [ male announcer ] you don't make the world's best chicken
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comes up in half an hour at 6:00. jaycee dugard tells her story tonight. more from people in antioch who were shocked to learn that she was being held by philip and nancy garrido and what president obama had to say about debt negotiations right before he went into his sunday meeting with congressional leaders. finally tomorrow's date is 7-11, so grab a straw 7-eleven stores are giving away free slurpees and free birthday, celebration they will offer free


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