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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  July 13, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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i'm amy hollyfield live in the newsroom with new details about philip and nancy garrido the couple that held jaycee dugard captive for 18 years. >> also in the headlines, a d.a. makes a ruling on the deshon marman for to the pulling up his pants. >> and a. here is a look at sfo where flight arrival delays will develop again thanks to the low clouds and drizzle this morning. temperatures cooler than average today but i do see warmer weather in the forecast. i'll tell you when. >> and good morning. despite a lot of heavy fog will limit your visibility. we'll have the hot spots for you and cool spots as the case may
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be. certainly limiting the visibility on that có-iéww good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. i'm kristen sze. top story, just when you think you've heard all there is about the jaycee dugard kidnapping and rape story we're getting new and disturbing information about the actions of her kidnapers. amy hollyfield joins us with this new information. >> new video information about other victims, the disturbing details. let's start with the new victims. prosecutors released this map showing where garrido attacked five females. two of them we didn't know about is coming to light, jaycee dugard is the fifth victim. the district attorney is angry about failing to supervise philip garrido and released video to back up his outrage. it shows how the couple went on the prowl for little girls.
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she is pretending to photograph philip garrido but she is taking pictures of the children in the neighboring park. they say it's hard for so close to the house. >> get to know your neighbors. it could be a nightmare next door, who knows. >> then a video of a parole officer searching the garrido home. nancy took this video showing how philip garrido seems to lead him around. the officer never appears to branch off on his own and failed to check the backyard where jaycee dugard was being held captive. in her book, she writes, she put her hope in the officers they would free her. when they didn't help her, she figured that no one cared. the law makes and victims rights advocates and law enforcement officials will hold a public meeting in sacramento to discuss
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how it could have happened and what kor can be done better in the future. and a quick reminder, you can watch an updated version of diane sawyer's exclusive interview with jaycee dugard this saturday night at 9:00. the sonoma county district attorney has decided not to press charges -- the san mateo county district attorney decided not to press charges against a passenger on an airplane. nick smith is live at sfo with an exclusive interview with this young man. the information just came to us today that the district attorney of san mateo has decided not to press charges against deshon marman. if you will remember he was arrested on june 15th but the family begin celebrating because an official announcement came to us. they got word last night that they would not be pressing
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charges. the champagne was flowing and the mood was joyful at his home. >> i was ecstatic. it was all unfortunate what happened in the past. once again i do want to apologize to passengers of flight 488. >> he apologized for his actions. he was arrested last month on a u.s. airways flight after an act told him to pull up his pants. he was jailed on resisting arrest. san mateo district attorney's office has decided not to press charges, in fact we received a statement from them, saying in part that they don't believe that his actions, the evidence warrants the filing of a criminal charges against mr. marman. they do believe that the officers on the scene acted
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appropriately and professionally. now, marman also has said that, his mother said that she received a phone call from u.s. airways offering free round trip tickets to she and marman for as long as he is in new mexico. we're live at sfo, nick smith, "abc 7 news". pg&e is trying to set the record straight. the victims of last september's disaster are not at fault for the tragedy. after legal paperwork hinted that pg&e may try to blame the residents for the damaged pipeline. pg&e defended the wording said it was in a response to a very broad lawsuit filed by victims. >> what it is pg&e right now, they've had a year to figure it out and stand up, what you are you saying and what they are saying, it's not our fault. >> pg&e's president made this
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statement. we wanted to be crystal clear that no one at pg&e would suggest that the plaintiffs or residents of san bruno impacted by this accident are somehow at fault for the tragedy. since the inside the of september 9th, 2010 we have been helping the families affected by this tragedy. the santa clara city council has agreed to enter exclusive negotiations with a group including joe montana to build a major hotel and restaurant complex across the 49er stadium site. the vote was 5-1 despite the city manager urging the council to let everyone bid on the project. they report montana says the planned stadium is a great location and business group includes the former owner of the 49ers will have 18 months to negotiate a lease with city officials. >> let's take a live look outside. you can see it is very overcast and really drizzle liquor.
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>> san mateo bridge was especially bad. >> my windshield wipers were on high today. >> that is pretty thick and that is due to this low. you see it spinning down, cold front dropping down ahead of it drawing in warm, moist air and why the drizzle is thicker than the last couple of mornings, going to be the reason why the cold front we'll see more sunshine but still be cooler than average this afternoon. it's pretty mild. 55 in san francisco. up to 58 in half moon bay all the way to redwood city and concord and livermore, fairfield a lot of upper 50s and 50s around mountain view and san jose. highs today, 8-19 degrees cooler and biggest drop. and upper 60s to low 70s aroundó the bay shore and into the south bay and even into the north bay valleys with upper 50s to low
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60s around half moon bay and san francisco and richmond and oakland. as far as what is going to happen around the monterey bay, lot of cloud cover, low to mid-50s around the bay into salinas. mid-70s with sunshine around gilroy and morgan hill. here is seven-day forecast, expect more of the below average afternoon temperatures to at least is sunday and then we'll mix out the clouds and bring more sunshine monday and temperatures warm back to average. good morning. let's go back to the san mateo brimming, it's typical what you are going to find especially the coastal areas and down near the bay. that fog is very thick. limited visibility. no problems reported on your east and westbound drive between foster city and hayward. golden gate bridge, beautiful bridge but shrouded in fog this morning and very heavy over the waldo grade. you will need windshield wipers as you head into san francisco. no problems reported at the bay bridge toll plaza. they might have just turned the
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metering lights on. thanks so much. it's now 6:08. >> he rarely works and some question whether he is qualified to do the job but still you pay him more than three-quarter million a year. >> plus, a catastrophic in the making of the east bay medical care. the closure that could have some waiting up to 12 hours to see a doctor. doctor. >> and dangerous dentist ri>2ñ2, empty nest, new kitchen, new us? who are we? chic, modern, daring dinner-party hosts. that sounds dangerous, maybe we're more the tradiotional sunday brunch set?
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6:13 a live look on the embarcadero looking across the bridge, it's damp and drizzly out there. we will warm up. as to when we'll check in with mike in a few minutes. >> the highest employee in the state of california a surgeon who hasn't done any work in six years but still took home $770,000 last year. he worked at high desert prison in susanville. he has history of mental illness was fired for incompetence and hasn't treated a patient since 2005 because they don't think he has the skills. his bay pay accounts for a third of his pay, of the $770,000 and
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rest of the bay was back pay while he did no work. $12 million of state funding cuts could be the final blow for an east bay hospital that has been pushed to the brink of closure. doctors hospital in san pablo says they won't have money to keep its doors open unless new funding can be found. without the hospital. an estimated quarter of a million people would have to go to another hospital, that would be kaiser permanente in richmond. they serve 40,000 patients every year and wait time is just 30 minutes. at kaiser patients may have to wait up to 12 hours. >> so if you have an emergency, it would be tough for the patients to be going to hyland is the next place. and that is like 35 miles away. >> it happened unexpectedly and it has driven the financial
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crisis what we're experiencing right now. >> managers say they plan to meet with state leaders to look for a way too keep the emergency doors open in san pablo. >> if you see smoke coming from the areas around mount hamilton today, it's likely a prescribed burn. that burn is scheduled to begin in the park. 600 acres will be burned under firefighters' supervision. they tell us the smoke will be visible throughout the santa clara valley and the operation is, of course, weather permitting. >> there are three elements that require high fire danger. >> we have one. that will be the wind. gusting around 15-20 miles an hour but it is cold and damp. there is plenty of fuel up there that could burn. >> let's take a look back home. coming up on 6:15. there you go sfo we do have some flight arrival delays developing
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there. our flight tracker has it at see the low visibility and some of the drizzle that shank go around the bay area this morning. it is mild, check out these temperatures, running pretty much in the upper 50s to near 60 in mountain view, and los gatos. mid-50s around san francisco. heading down to monterey bay, inland neighbors, dealing with cloud cover and drizzle, temperatures 57 or 58 degrees. as far as highlights, see pockets of sunshine today, but it will be tempered by the cool breezes. another reason we'll be below average and clouds and drizzle expect those to return tonight and next couple of nights as we head into the weekend. cool afternoons will follow us in the weekend but next week that is when i think we can get some warmer weather. for today, fremont, one degree warmer, same in san francisco, santa rosa one degree cooler. san jose 2, concord and oakland
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4 degrees cooler. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. we should be in the 70s to near 90. much cooler than average today. here at reason why, look at the cloud cover this morning, the drizzle the increase in clouds to 80, 90. then the opening of those clouds in our inland valleys by noon but still a lot of clouds around the bay. those will start to open up around say 2:00 or most of clouds will be back in the coast with the 50s. with the rest of us in the 60s and 70s. down no the south bay, san jose should be 83 and upper 50s to low 70s for the neighbors. on the peninsula low to mid-60s until you get to redwood city, upper 60s there. mountain view could hit 68. 70 in los altos. mid to upper 50s along coast to near 60 in downtown san francisco and sausalito. most of north bay valleys low to mid-70s. over on the east bay shore, low to mid-60s. fremont around 67.
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upper 60s danville, dublin and pleasanton. one last stop down around the monterey bay, low to mid-60s. drizzle tonight and temperatures are a little bit cooler this morning. low to mid-50s. accu-weather seven-day forecast, thursday, friday and saturday, not much of a change, sunday start to notice a change and temperatures back to average next week. >> i do have an update. if you have plans to travel to los angeles this weekend, 405 freeway will be completely shut down over the sepulveda pass up by the getty museum so just be forewarned that 405 will be shut down starting on friday. this is macarthur maze. thereafter is bunching up as you approach the 580 eastbound. let's see when you come into the toll plaza area, metering lights
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are on and you can see it is back to the west grand overcrossing. no problems there. other than that, getting into san francisco across the span, 680 southbound, that is what you are looking at, heading toward north main and 24 interchange moving at the limit toward walnut creek, bart and muni everything is running on time. caltrain no problems there. before you leave the house, check out and click on bay area traffic. >> two bay area dentists have a story to tell after making a house call to the zoo. their patient was gorilla with a today's able. they normally work on people but made an exception. a 30-year-old male low land gorilla that developed a bad tooth. the tooth was saved and hopefully plenty of sedation there. >> that would be something. >> coming up.
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it's 6:23 on this wednesday morning, you are looking at the embarcadero. we have some low clouds and fog
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in san francisco. how long is it going to stick around? how many days are we going to have on the mist on the windshield? and what is it doing with flights? we'll check in mike in a few minutes. >> netflix is raising prices, new rate structure any customer who wants a dvd through mail and movies through the web would buy two subscriptions at $16 a month. existing customers will have to accept it or change their plans by september 1st. >> if you can't beat them buy them. it's groupon and they offer could you pons. the search giant after a failed to buy another site.
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>> living social that offers daily deals has an instant deal service designed to work with smart phone to find deals close to you. best restaurant and donut shop. they are all over the place. >> still ahead, and foul smell that is making people sick. >> and a proposal to fine kids that miss school in one bay area city. >> and perfect venue where fans will be able to watch the u.s. women's team tries capture the world cup today. >> and no charges against the man arrested in the saggy pants case at sfo. i'm nick smith and i'll have a live report. >> check out the flight arrival delays into sfo, an hour and 48 minutes and flight departure delays out of newark, go to
6:26 am and flight tracker and flight tracker is at the bottom of the
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning, it's 6:29 on this wednesday and you can see the opening bell is about to ring on wall street. stock futures is rising after an
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encouraging report on china's growth. ben bernanke will testify before congress and he is expected to lean on lawmakers to raise the debt limit. we'll go live to the new york stock exchange. >> san mateo d.a. is making it official, as we first told you last night. no charges filed against a young man who was arrested aboard a jet for refusing to pull up his pants. nuk smith is live at san francisco international where it all happened. d.a. issued an official statement this morning? >> absolutely. this is good news for deshon marman and his family. i want to show you the statement we received from the district attorney's office. we have determined that the evidence does thought warrant the filing of criminal charges against mr. marman, we believe the officers on the scene acted appropriately and professionally. we spoke with deshon marman and his mother last night. >> for the most part i knew that
6:31 am
my god had a chance in the midst of this and my friends had done nothing wrong. >> there are a lot of things. you know as far as it happened. >> reporter: he was arrested last month on u.s. airways flight after an agent told him to pull up his pants. he was jailed on resisting arrest. yesterday at san francisco city hall more than 100 community activists and religious leaders held a noon rally to support him. his mother says around 6:30 last night she got a call from her attorney saying the d.a. has decided not to file charges. today was made official. she also got a call from. you airways offering round trip tickets to she and her son and she referred to official to her attorney. we have an end to the dilemma between u.s. airways and mr. marman but not answered the
6:32 am
question what is epable attire when flying u.s. airways. >> what is acceptable attire. they have called of the search for the seven missing fishermen. the men aboard a boat that capsized and sank. one man's body was recovered and 28 others were rescued including 19 americans. word came yesterday from the state department that the final seven victims won't be coming home including brian wong who saved his three brother's by waking them up in time to get out. >> we would be getting our sleep if he hadn't woke us up. >> i am doing my best to just remain as focused as i possibly can because i'm not giving up this fight. i am not giving up. >> the wife of don lee who is
6:33 am
also missing saying the kheostd showed them a chart they searched but families learned the wreckage continue be found because the sonar can't reach the sea floor. back here in richmond, they are walking up to the smell of rotting eggs, back in october the smell was so pungent when a plant released hydrogen sulfide. officials shut down the plant. now, the plant is still closed but residents say the smell and the scent have returned. air quality officials say the smell could be from the transporting of the waste. >> late last night concord city council approved a tough new day time curfew for students, they approved the measure. under the new rule a student would be warned the first time. after that fines would jump to
6:34 am
$100 then $200 and then $500. and parents would get the same fine if they knowingly let them skip class. >> this is not nation will create funds for the city but we want to instill a message into parents and students is law is here to be at school. >> critics complain that it goes too far and would create a burden for home-schooled students. it has exceptions for emergencies going to work or those running errands for parents. it will cost students to attend the csu system this fall after trustees raised tuition another 12%. fees were already raised by 10% as the campus system tries to offset deeper than expected cuts
6:35 am
in state funding. new state budget reduces csu's funding by 20%. critics say csu says making college unaffordable to many students. students must also pay an average of $950 in other fees that vary by campus. the u.c. board of regents are expected to vote on a plan tomorrow and expected to win approval. >> students at san jose state university found out they will be housed in a hotel rather than housing on campus. they have more demand for on campus housing so they are putting them up in hotel rooms and doubling them up two to room. they have an option to cancel the housing contract but they would have to find affordable housing. soccer fans can watch the
6:36 am
women's quarter fuinlsz between the u.s. and france in san francisco's civic center plaza. crews set up huge video monitors. they will show the tournament starting at 9:00 this morning when the americans play france. thousands enjoyed the men's world cup and watch the giants clinch the world series on the jumbo screens. something about seeing it with everybody else in a public space. >> next best thing is crowds and people screaming. it's exciting. >> but don't scream about the fog and drizzle. it's not my fault. >> it will be there, that time of the morning, still cloudy around san francisco for the soccer match all due to area of low pressure. off to a wet start this wednesday morning, cold front attached to this area of low pressure will bring us some sunshine but it will also temper that sunshine and keep our highs well below average. check out winds, gusting around 12 miles an hour.
6:37 am
14 in oakland and livermore 23 in fairfield. they are pretty fast this morning. 24-hour temperature, everybody on positive side. 1 degree warm in half moon bay to 10 in los gatos but we have a more humid air mass and drizzle is more widespread. cloudy and 8:00 still in the 50s to low 60s. by noon, notice the sun breaking out in inland valleys. but still mid to upper 50s along the coast san francisco and oakland. by 4:00, clouds retreat all the way back to the coast temperatures will be in the upper 50s to low 60 aces around oakland. mid to upper 50s around the south bay and east bay valleys and low 70s places like santa rosa, fairfield and antioch and morgan hill. seven-day forecast, more below average afternoons through sunday and then temperatures warm back to average monday and tuesday. good morning, sue. >> good morning. we're going to check around the
6:38 am
bay area's slow spots and they are still slow this morning. altamont pass out of central valley, find westbound 580 slowing down by the time you hit tracy. all the way from manteca and over the altamont pass remaining slow into the dublin interchange. speeds of about 20 miles and less if you are headed to the livermore area. westbound 4, slow out of antioch towards concord. hillcrest to leverage, fairly typical. you will find slow traffic behind the bay bridge toll plaza, that is not unusual when they have the metering lights on. traffic is backing up past the west grand overcrossing. traveling from the east shore freeway begins to slow as you get into the maze there. no other problems to report to you heading westbound into san francisco over the bridge but you will find heavy fog so take it ease on the speeds.
6:39 am
some unwelcome news that likes orange juice for their breakfast. >> live look at the big board. the dow is, it's about 37 somewhere. >> it's up 71. it was supposed to be a tease. >> we'll talk more to jane king when we go live there. >> and if you are on diet, new study could have you reconsidering to drink if you are looking to lose weight. if you thought you heard and seen it all, we have new details b regarding philip and nancy garrido whoúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúdú
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welcome back. coming up on 6:44 this wednesday morning, radar returns are up in the northern part of the state. in the central valley, cooler 80. >> 87 in fresno. 70 in tahoe and yosemite will be around 80. we'll have low to mid-70s for san diego and l.a. palm springs, 100.
6:44 am
a new congressional report says u.s. airports are still vulnerable to a terrorist attack nearly ten years after the september attack. it will be the topic of a congressional hearing this morning. they will discuss a high number of mishaps, more than 25,000 security breaches have occurred at u.s. airports since late 2001. that is one breach for every 170,000 passengers. last weekend a cleaning crew found a cellphone sized stun gun on a jet blue plane. >> we have the best technology, you can have the best processes and plans but again it comes down the human factor and human error. >> its small percentage given the large number of people screened. but we know from experience, one security breach can be catastrophically fatal. >> tsa maintains that u.s.
6:45 am
airports are safer now than ever before. >> newly released numbers show president obama have a huge fund-raising lead. in a video posted earlier this morning, president obama's campaign manager announced that the campaign raised more than $47 million and the democratic national committee brought in more than $38 million through the end of june. he kicked off his reelection campaign in april with a goal of raising a combined $60 million for the quarter. collectively other declared president candidates have raised $35 million. >> a rude wake-up call if you are like orange juice for your breakfast. >> jane king joins us with that and gold is hitting a new record high? >> new record high this morning, let's start with this. bad news for o.j. lovers you may
6:46 am
threw the nose. highest grocery store prices, record high, it's probably going to get worse. futures have been down 40% and bad weather say prices will hit an all time high by winter. >> what big retailer saw the fastest sales growth, think i-pandz eighth apple. resale powerhouse, they say in the first quarter, they accounted for a fifth of on growth of retail sales of public traded companies. they announced record sales. >> and economic news in china giving stocks a boost. we do have ben bernanke on capitol hill giving two days of testimony about the usual stuff
6:47 am
monetary policy and the economy. bloomberg index is trading up. gold futures hitting a new record high. let's see where they are right now. $1689 an ounce. this is for all the concern about europe's debt crisis. ireland yesterday became another european nation to have the debt rating cut to below investment grade. i'm jane king, bloomberg news. >> space shuttle astronauts will spend the day transferring supplies to the international space station. take a look at pictures of the astronauts aboard the atlantis, last journey of the space shuttle brings a year's words of food and clothing and other supplies. they will be returning next week from trash from up there. they took the last spacewalk of the shuttle era. later today i will get a chance to talk to the astronauts and we'll have that for you midday at 11:00. >> and this morning, workers are
6:48 am
working a high profile problem at one n.f.l. stadium. you may remember last winter when a record snowstorm literally destroyed the roof of the metrodome in minneapolis and doing millions of dollars of damage. work begin to inflate a new floating roof on the stadium. reinflating the roof should take about three hours and crews will make other tweaks to the structure. if all goes to plan and n.f.l. walkout ends they should be ready for the pre-season opener. >> and they are making progress on those talks. they are going to have a season for sure. >> hopefully. baseball game, all-star game last night. >> i watched a few innings of it. giants making it to world series and get home field advantage.
6:49 am
>> let's take a look outside. kind of looks like football weather and looks like fall out there. almost winter with the clouds and drizzle and cool conditions. there you can see barely the bay bridge as we look at the embarcadero. notice the trees that are blowing there. that is the wind coming in ahead of a cold front. it's a little bit warmer this morning than the last couple of mornings. but it put that extra amount of moisture and why the drizzle is thicker this morning. speaking of those temperatures. 60 in mountain view, san jose and los gatos. everybody else in the upper 50s monterey bay inland, clouds and drizzle, temperatures 57-28 degrees. pockets of sunshine will develop as cold front moves from northwest to southeast but i will bri in a cool breeze that will keep our temperatures below average. once it moves on, clouds and drizzle return tonight and keep afternoons cooler than average for the weekend.
6:50 am
for today, looks like yesterday as we compare our highs. 8 degrees cooler in san francisco. san jose 13, redwood city, 16 and livermore, biggest discrepancy, suppose to be 89 and it will be 70, 19 degrees cooler than normal. that is most of the valleys will be. we'll have low to mid-60s through most of the east bay shores. 67 in sunnyvale to 71 in campbell. 70 in san jose and los gatos will be around 72 degrees in the south bay. 70 in los altos and drop down to 67 in redwood city. mid to upper 50s along coast today. daly city is cool spot, 56. low 50s in downtown san francisco and low to mid-70s in the north bay valleys. we head down to the monterey bay low to mid-70s, best chance for
6:51 am
sunshine around santa cruz and gilroy mid-70s. temperatures tonight, a little cooler behind the cool front, low to mid-50s but pockets of drizzle is developing again. here is the low, it's moving to the east cold front dragging behind it moving to the southeast. you see the jetstream diving straight down from alaska and as long as it stays that way the cool pattern will continue with morning clouds giving cooler than average temperatures. we'll see more sunshine saturday and sunday with a slow warming trend. big jump in temperatures will happen next week with we're back to average. >> we'll begin in san francisco, reports of a new accident. on sky way eastbound 80 at seventh street brie yantd exit, blocking the right lane and it will affect your drive into san francisco coming up from the peninsula on 101 and could even effect the 280 junction, heading to walnut creek, beginning to
6:52 am
bunch up, heading toward north main and 24 interchange, no reports of fog but just getting crowded. out of novato, lucas vvlt road moving at the limit but beginning to crowd up a little bit as you head toward san rafael. here is the bay bridge, past the west grand overcrossing, metering lights are on. find heavy fog down on the span this morning. it's not not slowing too much once you come out of the treasure island tunnel. before you leave the house, go to and it has all the information. this morning, some of the nation's largest restaurant chains are planning to announce they will add healthier options to their men use. 19 major chains say more nutritious meal choices will be on their children's menus.
6:53 am
increasing servings of fruits and vegetables and low fat dairy. it includes 16,000 restaurant locations they will offer burgers and fries but also promote things that have less fat, sugar and salt. >> you think drinking diet soda will help you lose weight, think again. they followed 500 people over 65 years old and diet drinkers had weight gains three times larger. more diet soda consumed the bigger the waistline increase. people splurge on calories because their drinks are calorie free. another reason, artificial sweetners condition our bodies to crave sugar foods. >> and people 65 and over who the study was checking on. >> right. >> there is more information on the jaycee dugard case.
6:54 am
just when you think you've seen it all, prosecutors have released video showing how philip garrido prowled for little girls. this is video that garrido shot of children, take a look. >> i see them. >> that is philip and nancy garrido sounding disappointing that some of children they shot were wearing pants. there are at least three videos, here is another one. nancy garrido is pretending to film philip playing in the park. we also have videos from their home showing a parole officer searching the home. parole agents stopped by 60 times while jaycee dugard was being held in the backyard but never went back there. in the video they appear to
6:55 am
follow garrido around the home rather than taking his own path through the house. jaycee dugard's book was released and she says she put a lot of hope in the officers that stopped by the house that they would lead to her freedom. she thought was show strange they didn't know the property extended further back. law enforcement and victims rights advocates will discuss in of the unanswered questions in this case. other top story, the case of the sagging pants. good news for the family of deshon marman in that case of the sagging pants, college student that was arrested to a flight after he refused a request by the captain to pull up his pants and disembark. i wanted to read a statement we received from the district attorney's office deciding to drop the charges against him. we have determined that the evidence does not warrant the
6:56 am
filing of criminal charges against mr. marman while we believe the officers on the scene academy appropriately and professionally. he was arrested last month on flight at sfo after an agent told him to pull up his pants. he was jailed on suspicion of trespassing and resisting arrest. yesterday at san francisco city hall, more than a hundred activists held a noon rally to support marman. today a conclusion to all of that. the case will not go forward because the district attorney will not press charges. now that is over, it does not, however, end the debate on what is and is not acceptable attire when flying on u.s. airways. definitely includes a jacket this morning. >> and patience for people coming into sfo, flight arrival
6:57 am
delays an hour and 45 minutes. it is warmer and more clouds and drizzle. temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. as we look at the afternoon temperatures, they will once again run well below average about 18 to 19 degrees. >> accident eastbound skyway this is san mateo bridges but there is an accident in the city. it's very foggy that is typical of limited visibility that you are going to find around the bay. >> we'll
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