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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  July 28, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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that's what's making news in america this morning. >> thanks for watat good morning, i'm amy hollyfield live at sfo where passengers who have just arrived from miami have decided a violent incident involving on the involving a pilot getting punched. >> two men are in jail after leading police on a chase. >> plus, lawyers for a parolee wrongly accused of beating bryan stow is asking them to be let oust prison. >> not everybody is going to see the cloudiness. heat wave is on for some areas. >> pretty good start. overnight road work. all that and more coming up.
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>> low clouds and fog. in the meantime, you won't be able to see many stars. it's 4:31. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. a lot of news going on. a flight land at sfo after a wild trip from miami. witnesses saying of passengers coming to blow west side an angry pilot who ended up injured. amy hollyfield is live at sfo with the story. >> reporter: what a story. passengers arrived here in a state of shock. it was 2:00 in the morning it was a long flight. what an eventful start the flight had. we have some pictures of what happened given to us by a passenger. here is what they say happened. two people they believe were drunk turned obnoxious. they were acting so crazy the pilot pulled back into the gate and told them to get off his plane. one man punched the pilot in the eye. that is when the plane of people really turned on these men. six people jumped on the guys and pulled them off the pilot
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they were beating up. they held them until police arrived. people said it was an unbelievable sight. >> we were all scared. we knew these guys were weird and they were acting funny and talking weird and everything. they looked really different. it was pretty shocking. they should have called security right away but they had a big confrontation. >> people said they were actually surprised the men were allowed on the plane. they were acting strangely in the terminal. one was sleeping in a wheelchair has everyone boarded the flight. they were whisked away by police and the plane flew off without incident. a plane full of people who now have quite a story to tell. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." meantime, two grieving
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sisters on their way from burbank to dallas to see their father were taken off a southwestern flight in oakland last night. it followed a misunderstanding with the flight attendant. >> i broke down and starred to cry. i'm a little bit afraid to fly. i said to the stewardess, i said when you are going to be serving i'm have a glass of wine. she said i think you had enough. i hadn't anything to drink. >> the sisters say they were pulled off the plane by a waiting supervisor because they were considered a flight risk. >> i think apology is in order. she has no idea what she has done. >> southwest put the sisters up
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for a hotel and put them on a flight back to dallas but they don't think they'll make it in time to see their father alive. >> two men are in redwood city jail after a chase. it started at 7:45 in newark. officers from san mateo swatted team and chp chased the two suspects. investigators say they are not murder suspects as originally thought but they were driving the silver mercedes that is registered to a murder suspect. it ended in san joaquin county where officers laid down spiked strips. they forced them into a gas station where they were taken into custody. >> this morning the woman accused of breaking in alex trebek's hotel room says she didn't do it. she says she wasn't even there. jeopardy star was in san francisco to host a geography
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contest at google. john alston has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, game show host alex trebek is safe in his own home in southern california but it was a different story in his hotel room. he was here to host the contest at google. around 2:30 a.m., a woman broke into his room on fourth street at the marriott. trebek chased the suspected burglar falling and tearing his achilles tendon in the process. last night she said she was not never in trebek's room. >> why do you think you were arrested? >> because my record. maybe it was alex trebek. i haven't gone in his room or nothing. just like i said that night. i wasn't in his room. >> we have most of our stuff
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back except for the one piece of jewelry that i wear, my mother gave me and the cash. >> he turned 71 years old last friday. he had to hobble around on crutches but was able to host the geography contest at google headquarters. he is scheduled for surgery and will be in a cast for six weeks. she is burglar with a long rap sheet. it's unclear how she got in the n their room. how important it is to use all the locks when staying at any hotel. now as john mentioned, trebek was in town to moderate the world championship geography contest. it featured teams from 18 countries. top three finalists from canada, tai pai and russia answered.
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the team from russia won the gold medal. >> it's been two months since michelle le disappeared from kaiser hospital in hayward. family and friends and marched through the streets of the city to mark 61 days since her disappearance. they have evidence that le was murdered but michelle's family is refusing to give up hope. >> it really is strange and surreal and awful. somebody is so close to you is actually missing. >> the family has offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to le's whereabouts. they continue to organize search parties to look for her. >> attorneys for the parolee who was wrongly accused of beating bryan stow is asking a judge to release him from prison.
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giovanni ramirez's filed court papers yesterday. a parole board gave hem political pressure when it concluded that ramirez vie it will his parole after arrest of his home after a gun was found. he is serving a ten month sentence for that violation. two suspects were charged on the attack on stow. the giant's fan remains at san francisco general hospital where he is recovering from brain injuries. >> a sir sum couple signifies ban proponent is presented in court. the proposed ban would violate california law because local jurisdictions don't have the authority to regulate medical procedures. they would remove the proposal from the november ballot. they also argued the circumcision ban violates the state's amendment rights. they will hear the backer of the measure before a final ruling is
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issued. >> get a check on the forecast. we're starting off with fog and low clouds. >> a little bit of split pea soup. >> if you want to see the stars, east bay valley, lack of clouds this morning. here is a look what is going on. this is going retreat to the north and that is going to help bring us with a southeasterly push of warm weather into the valleys. those will be the warmest today while everybody else is going to be close to average. take a look at the temperatures, low to mid-50s, livermore and antioch. everybody else in the 50s with the clouds enthusiasticest around the bay to the coast and north bay valleys. by the afternoon hours, mid to upper 90s. temperatures a little bit above average. mid to upper 80s around fremont, palo alto into the south bay. we'll have low to upper 80s in the north bay valleys. low 70s around san francisco and richmond. oakland, 75. half moon bay, 66.
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heading down to monterey bay, 68 in monterey, mid-70s for santa cruz and salinas. accu-weather seven-day forecast, tomorrow and saturday, could be the warmest days in the forecast inland but temperatures remain in the 90s while we drop to the 80s by sunday and mid 60s at the coast. we've got a stall in novafo already. southbound 101 at rowland boulevard. chp is reporting the stall will not be moved out there for an hour or so. a little farther south 101 at ignacio on-ramps ares are closed >> speaking of fog, very heavy coming out of the waldo tunnel, down on the deck of the golden gate bridge. time is 4:40.
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>> the government says give it back. airlines saying not so fast. backlash over a tax break on tickets that is going to the airlines instead of to you. >> house speaker john boehner tries rally conservatives to raise the debt ceiling. i'll have details coming up. >> a little later a follow-up, they come to the rescue of a bay area animal shelter on the verge of shutting its doors.3q
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good morning, it's 4:43. a live picture of the embarcadero in san francisco. traffic is fine but we do have some low clouds, maybe a little drizzle in coastal areas on this side of the bay. if you wanted clear skies, we'll talk to mike and change in the forecast coming up. in the news, your airline
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might owe you a refund but had there is a chance you may not get i. most airlines adjust fares to reflect the tax but they raise them equal to the amount of the tax. now, the irs is asking airlines to refinanced taxes to people who bought tickets before land weekend but just now are taking their trips. catch is airlines are not required to issue the refund. they only have to do it if customers ask for it. airlines regularly raise fares and adjust their pricing. that is the way the market works. >> it's not fair. they should really do the right thing for their customers. >> industry says they need the money to stay profitable. with four days to go before the u.s. default on its bills there is a vote in the house to raise the debt ceiling but it's supposed to be dead on arrival
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even before it reaches the senate. >> house boehner is facing a critical vote. to raise the debt ceiling through next spring and cut underlie a trillion dollars from the deficit. the speaker has been working to get it passed. in a meeting with republican lawmakers yesterday, boehner laid down the law. get your act in line, he said. i can't do this job unless you are behind me. his threat might just work. >> it's pretty hard lined conservative and i'm going to support this. >> i've zeend to lean in. >> the white house has threatened to veto his plan. he wants the debt ceiling raised through spring of 2013. >> even if the house passes boehner's plan it is not expected to pass in the senate and back to negotiations.
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>> coming up, why pg&e is being ordered to dig up another natural gas pipeline in san bruno. >> they try to stall a plan to opt out on the smartmeter program. >> and giants are in to win it. the bold move on acquire one of the top offensive players around. >> lysol believes your family should never have to touch a germy pump again. so we developed the lysol no touch handsoap system. it automatically dispenses the perfect amount of soap to kill 99.9% of bacteria. for healthy tips, visit
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90s in atlanta. 80s around boston and new york. we do have flight arrival delays into chicago's o'hare international airport. check out flight tracker at members of the california citizens redistrict go commission will hold a hearing in sacramento today as they review their final draft for redrawing the state's political map. california will have more political districts dominated by democrats in the latest version of the map which is set to be released today. meanwhile, latino organizations they are not accurately represented in some parts of the southern california and san joaquin valley. lawsuits challenging those maps are expected to follow. >> pg&e is set to dig up an abandoned section of pipe that was originally part of the gas line that blew up in san bruno last september.
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the california puc ordered the excavation into the blast. the stretch of pipe was laid in 1948 and has been inactive since the 1950s. quality of the pipe has come under intense scrutiny since it was revealed that the active line had shoddy welds. >> the giants are playing the phillies today. they agreed to a trade to bring carlos betran is an all-star is expected to help the offense. so we're going to have a great defense and with this addition, great offense. good to see it. >> we like to see him that
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giant's uniform. mike was off helping to bring beltran to san francisco. >> it was a tough deal but we got it taken care of. but we've got a several pitching prospects. sun will come out. things are looking brighter all across the bay later today. as we look down from mount a tamalpais this morning, clouds hanging around. retreat back to the coast. coast, you'll remain fairly cloudy during the afternoon hours. so that is something that is going to keep us at least cool there at the coast while everybody sells going to be dealing with a lot of sunshine and temperatures that will be on a warming trend. let's take a look at those temperatures. we are running right how in the 50s except for antioch, livermore and san jose, in the
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low 60s. 51 in gilroy. let's talk about a warmer bay and inland this afternoon but still cloudy and cool at the coast. comfortable tonight even inland with coastal clouds and day clouds like we're seeing this morning. they will hang around for the entire weekend. everybody is going up. concord and san jose two degrees warmer. fremont, oakland, san francisco 5 and santa rosa at 6. 14 hours and 12 minutes of sunshine before the sun sets. here at warmest weather, dublin and walnut creek to 92 to brentwood at 97 degrees. richmond at 72. san leandro at 78. you see a lot of low mid-80s castro valley, fremont and newark. down in the south bay we'll have mid to upper 80s to even 90 at saratoga and san jose will be about 86. mid to upper 80s and low to
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mid-80s for the rest of the peninsula. then we'll have low to mid-50s along the coast. near 70 in downtown san francisco. through the north bay valleys, san rafael at 82. mid to upper 80s santa rosa and napa. around the monterey bay, 68 in monterey. mid-70s, santa cruz, watsonville. low to mid 90s around gilroy and morgan hill. a's, 12:35, 70 up to 74 degrees at the coliseum this afternoon. if you are heading around the state it is going to be a warm one. 100 in sacramento. 102 in fresno. 10 may not have palm springs. near 100 in chico to about 80 in l.a. good news tonight, east bay valleys, it will drop down in 60 in concord and 59 in livermore and everybody else around the bay and out to the coast will be
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in the 50s also. look at the warm air coming in from the southwest. that is going to be easiest to move into the east bay valleys. harder for it to get to the bay and the coast because we really don't have an offshore wind that would move it out to the west. so it looks like it will be comfortable at the coast to near 70. mid-80s around the bay. temperatures will drop, we'll say about 6-8 degrees by tuesday. good morning, sue. >> good morning, mike. we've got no major stalls or accidents. overnight road work, looking at southbound 680. heading toward the 24 junction at walnut creek. sycamore valley on-ramp, crow canyon and stone valley on-ramp are all closed in the tri-valley area. san mateo bridge, a little bit of fog down on the span but no slow traffic there. earlier stall in novato, rowland
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boulevard has been cleared out of the lanes, road work at the on and off-ramps. is our website. click on bay area traffic for the latest. sue, thanks a lot. >> two men arrested following the shooting of a 11-year-old san francisco girl have been released from jail. a stray bullet penetrated the walls of her apartment friday striking her in the chest. she has been released from the hospital and is now recovering at home. police arrested a 19-year-old and 20-year-old on saturday but prosecutors say theythere is not enough evidence to charge them. investigators say the case remains open and active. a judge is now considering several options for an opt out program for those that continue want a pg&e smartmeter. they had different proposals at a hearing yesterday. cpuc is requiring pg&e to come up with an of79 out program. opponents fear that they pose a health risk. they want to install the devices
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but tun off the radio signals they emit. a judge will decided on options by the end of september. we first told you about humane society's. shelter has 30 days to raise $125,000 or they would be forced to make severe cuts. an anonymous doirn came through with the money. operators say donations are down by almost a third this year. >> we know the economy is not where we want it to be. but we can't as an animal organization survive this without support. we see a demand in services. >> they have lowered the numbers it cares for by half. although this generous donor
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stepped forward they always need help. you can find a link if you would like to contribute at >> our time is 4:57. next at 5:00 a.m., the exclusive jailhouse interview with the woman that police say broke into alex trebek's hotel room. >> passengers prove once again, if you act on an airplane they will tackle you and hold you until police arrive. the story of chaos on a san francisco bound plane. stay with us. >> and is this the deal for you? a billion dollar bay area homes going for less than half price.
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