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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  July 31, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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good evening, i'm john salston. a deal may be near to raise the debt ceiling. huar ri reid has signed off to an agreement and it's up to republicans. now, the latest from washington. >> in washington, sounds of hope. >> i think we are very close to something that i could comfortably recommend to my members. >> a new round of talks paving the way toward a deal. negotiators have worked out a tentative agreement that would avoid a government default. >> we have hard work to do but it could be inconceivable that we don't. >> a tentative framework of debt
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ceiling $2.4 trillion. agreement on more than trillion in spending cuts over the next ten years and a special congressional committee to recommend additional deficit reduction. after days of partisan bickering a shift in tone on the senate floor. >> i hope that this agreement will assure the american people that we will meet our obligations to them to govern. >> negotiators hope that credit agencies won't lower the credit score but it may be too late. >> it will not remove the threat of a downgrade. it does nothing to restore to house hold and corporate confidence so unemployment wlo be higher than otherwise. >> congressional leaders still need to sell the deal to their members and get a vote. >> it's still unclear speaker boehner can get enough support
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to pass the deal. the house reconvenes monday. the debt debate could have an impact on the nation's real estate market with some economists say mortgage rates could shoot up if a deal is not reached. sunday is normally open house day and for sale signs were spotted all over but the potential for higher interest rates are keeping people from purchasing a home. one mortgage expert says even if a deal is reached before the tuesday deadline, rates could continue to rise because a higher debt ceiling could devalue the dollar. >> two berkeley grads being held in iran are going to have to wait to see if they are released. they were hoping to be freed after the court hearing but the lawyer says a verdict won't be announced until later this week. tomas ramon is here with more. >> the imminent release of the two hikers is no way assured. it comes down to releasing them
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next week or adding a couple more months to the sentence. >> an iranian court saying a decision will be revealed next week. a professor of stanford believes that after two years, the remaining two hikers will be freed soon. >> my sense s that i'm cautiously optimistic. that they have decided to let the people go. it's try to find a face saving mechanism. >> he is a director of iranian studies. he think thinks the iranian government will release them during ramadan. >> it's a month of fasting and peace and forgiveness. it's a good sign. >> we have had ramaden and they have not been released. >> an iranian journalist who have followed them since the beginning.
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exactly two years ago the three were arrested while iranian board with iraq. they were accused of spying. the families were allowed to visit last year. shourd was released for humanitarian reasons and refused to go back to iran for the new sentencing. >> the iran government was hoping to get something out of this politically, but they didn't see any positive from the u.s. >> they say they are bending to public opinion while trying to save face. recent discussion regarding the hikers by the government has been so low key. >> they say the iranian lawyers have told him prosecutors have not been able to support the allegations of spying. illegal entry into the country carries a sentence of one to four years so the hikers could be released for time served. find our fathers, that sleet from families of seven northern california men who have been missing since their boat sank in
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baja. six victims are from the bay area. they gathered in vallejo to come up with ways to raise money to hire a private dive team. the men have been missing since their boat sank in stormy seas. no dive team has gone for a. >> look there will be a lot of fund-raising efforts and also individual families will do fund-raisers with the hem help of others. hopefully at some point we can get closure. >> some bay area businesses are helping the families over a number of find our fathers event. we have list on our website. go to and click on see it on tv. two people are recovering after falling down a 150 foot cliff in marin county. a sheriffs helicopter lowered a
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rescue worker to the injured couple. the man was flown to the hospital in critical condition. the woman was taken to marin general hospital. she was not seriously hurt. the couple was posing for pictures at the edge of a bluff mile south of stinson beach when they suddenly slipped over the edge. three people died in separate shootings in oakland, latest killing happened before midnight. a 16-year-old boy was shot several times as he stood outside a house. the latest cases bring the homicide total to 70 so far this year. oakland reported a total of 52 homicides in all of last year. fremont police are investigating that city's second homicide of the year after a man was shot to death in the business district. his body was found near a rental storage facility last night. they are checking with nearby businesses if any surveillance video shows what happened. for now they are describing it as drive-by shooting with no known suspects or motive.
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>> crews finished cleaning up a spill at the water plant. 11,000 gallons used as disinfectant leaked out of a tank. there were no injuries and there is no danger to the public. they say the chemical that is similar to bleach but about three times stronger. they were conducting soil tests today and initial results show any contamination. they are still trying to determine the cause of the that leak. >> a close encounter has some bay area golfers making an extra effort to stay clear of the rough. and protest in the east bay that lasted more than three months is over tonight. the deal that ended the impasse. >> if you were looking at the coast and bay today, you saw some sunshine. this is a live shot in san jose. current temperature, 73 degrees. we say hello to august tomorrow.
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what will our weather be the first week of the new month.
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this week, pg&e will hold hearings in several cities to discuss on can you say the ongoing natural gas line inspections. they are testing pipes in san bruno but was halted because residents said they smelled gas. it's been inactive since the mid 1950s. they say the smell is not a concern. san francisco chronicle is reporting that pg&e has handed over documents to federal
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investigators detailing a 1988 rupture along the same section of pipeline. records show that part of the pipe had developed a leak and was repaired. it occurred a long a seam weld they are required to check the 51 miles of pipeline but the company questioned the cause of the leak. a golfers are used to dealing with hazards but not like this. people reported seeing a mountain lion lurking around the bay area golf course. the animal was spotted around 4:30 this morning near crystal springs golf course. the course remained open but golfers were advised not to go into the rough. that is the area where the mountain lion was spotted. after more than three months of occupation, two native american tribes packed up and left glen cove park in vallejo today. they removed their tents and
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other items. protestors had set up camp to prevent the city from bull dozen go the sacred burial site. last week -- bulldozing the site >> a number of us are really happy and excited and looking forward to going home now. the agreement between vallejo and the tribes will eliminate the restrooms and relocate the parking lot. violence also agreed to share development rights with the two tribes and give them a bigger voice in future decisions that affect that land. >> the cost of getting around is going up. the latest transit system that raising fairs. also glowing lava against the night sky. one of the world's most active volcanoes is at it again. >> and a look at cooler temperatures. leigh glaser has the forecast right after the break.
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sending flames and sparks into the air and lava flow down the sleochs. volcanic activity continued through today. no report of injuries or damage. aetna is one of the most active volcanos in the world. >> starting tomorrow it will cost you more to ride al a.c. transit. basic adult fare will increase by a dime to 2.10. youth and disabled fares will increase to 1.05. trips to san francisco and peninsula will cost 4.20 for adults. more fare increases are planned
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over the next three years. >> changes are coming for passengers who use the bay link ferry. current bay link ferry, a scheduled of 12 runs will be cut back to 10 and the morning will be eliminated to bus service. reducing the runs florida 14 to five. bay link tries to deal with declines in riders and state funding. a lot of tired runners this afternoon. 25,000 people hit the streets to take part in the 34th annual marathon. the race started this morning on the embarcadero and went along the waterfront over the golden gate bridge and back to the city to finish at the ferry building. michael wardian won the race with a time of 2 hours, 27 minutes and 6 seconds. it is first win in san francisco. past two years he placed second.
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hundred thousand spectators lines the race route. gorgeous day for it. >> everybody was out there running but i decided to go for a run today, not 26 miles. >> temperatures cooled down a few degrees in most locations today. live towards the bay there, you can see the low clouds and fog continue to drift inland in many locations. this fog bank did not lift at all. antioch managed 81 degrees. that is where you are right now with sunshine. 74 in concord. 65 in oakland. san francisco, 61 degrees. half moon bay, 62 and san jose right now, 73 degrees. so how far did your temperature drop? down 3 in santa rosa and napa down and 4 in san francisco. san jose were down as 2.
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1, antioch. this below normal trend will stay with us right through the first few days of august. partly cloudy conditions and coastal fog and drizzle, morning clouds and inland clearing. temperatures as you said will remain below what they usually are. the moisture moves up through the state, southwest tahoe, most of moisture has kicked out from the east of it. southern california got hit with showers and thunderstorms. los angeles is drying out and it's starting to move off to the east. i don't have to tell you if you were out there. dense overcast across much the bay area and it took its time to slowly peel back to just near the coast. golden gate bridge is socked in all day. westerly winds will advance inland. overnight temperatures, generally in the mid to upper
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50s. now, this weather is going to hang around for the next couple of days. why? because we have another trough of low pressure and slowly pushing to the south and cooler pool of air is with us. temperatures will remain below where we should be for this time of the year. our highs for monday, 76 in san jose. cupertino, 75. at our beaches, half moon bay, 62 grandson with fog, mist and drizzle. redwood city, 74. palo alto 75. san francisco you start off gray and then hopefully see a little bit of sunshine, la late in the day, 64 degrees. in the north bay, 75 for santa rosa and sonoma and napa. oakland 70. and interior east bay, 90s for you but 80s for you. 82 in pittsburg.
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80 for concord and we'll look for 83 tomorrow for gilroy. gilroy garlic festival all weekend. temperatures have been mild, 80s there. morning clouds tomorrow. tuesday and wednesday we'll get bump up in temperatures a little bit near 90. 70s around the bay. 60s at the coast. slight dip on thursday and much warmer as you head into the weekend. >> mike shumann with sports. a's and pirates. >> a's swinging the bats like no one else in baseball. it was better in rehearsal. >> and serena williams swings a mean stick. dominates at stanford and play the highlightstststststststststs
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aez trade are zeegs her for a couple of prospects. what up with the a's. the bats have exploded the twins are latest to get a taste of oakland's thunder. jerseys were handed out today. he crushes this off of mccarthy. home run number 597, twins looking good with a 3-0 lead. but the a's explode. he shoots one down the line, josh willingham but he beats the throw and pennington's turn, r.b.i. single, they score six in the third and they roll 7-3.
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recently acquired orlando cabrera starting with the g-men, the giants love his defense, smash and grab against hernandez. that was as good as it got. zito on the hill, not good. jumps on the curveball, first home run. gives up five runs. they had no answer for johnny plato. complete shutout. reds sweep the giants 9-0 the final. >> serena williams is back in the winner's circle. after foot surgery and a blood clot. her return at stanford. playing in her first final since 2010. facing mary bartoli. she was up 3-1 but overcame the break two-breaks and wins the set. she dominates the second. srena goes on to win it and
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first win since her return. >> anything can happen literally. i don't think about that anymore. i just really enjoy myself. i'm so happy to be on tour again. after everything i've been through, i thorly enjoy each moment. >> the newest superstar in the lpga, her fifth of the career, youngest ever at 22 years old. shot a 69 and caps it off with a birdie winning by four strokes. >> 7 footer for birdie for first pga tour win, he curls it in, made six birdies on a $1 million check for that seven-footer. u.s. senior open in toledo and owen brown rolls in one for the win the first champion tour event being omeara with a 71.
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>> first sprint cup victory by conserving fuel. this was menard's start and paul menard the brickyard 400 winner. raiders, michael huff. niners we'll hear from their top stories coming up at 6:00. busy day as usual on sunday. >> up next, arnold schwarzenegger gets back to his austrian roots. >> his message to his homeland after receiving a special gift from the village where he was
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why one small town in portugal wants you to keep the cork going. join us at 6:00. >> arnold schwarzenegger hometown gave him a special present for his 64th birthday. the museum opened on his birthday. it is located in his former home and filled with movie props and pictures as well as items he grew up with including his old bed. he could not make it to the museum's opening but told the crowd, you guessed it -- i'll be back. >> wrong. >> your own museum. >> that does it for us at 5:00. i'll john alston. thanks for joining us. world news is coming up. you can connect 24/7 at see you in one-half hour.


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