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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  August 1, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> thanks for watching, everybody. in the news this monday morning, violent night in the east bay. one person is shot in oakland near a popular nightclub. two people are shot in richmond. >> also this morning, the house and senate are expected to vote as soon as today about a last-minute debt ceiling deal between congressional leaders and president obama. it's still uncertain if there are enough votes to pass it. >> iranian court expects to announce in a matter of days whether two former u.c. berkeley students jailed in iran for two years now will finally go free. >> weather wise, welcome to august. looks a lot like july. clouds out there, drizzle. and cooler than average afternoon. go in search of a warming trend in the accuweather seven-day forecast. >> good monday morning, i'm sue hall. we are following overnight big rig slip in sunnyvale
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valley. we tell you how it affects the commute coming up. >> 4:31 on monday morning, we're raring to go. jumping right in. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. thank you for joining us. the top story, this morning police in richmond are investigating a double shooting that left two victims in critical condition. it happened around 2:45 a.m. near the intersection of seventh street. investigators will only say at least one of the two people shot was a woman. there has been a big jump in murders in the city lately. nine people were killed in july. there have been a total of 21 murders in richmond so far this year. the same total for all of last year. >> in oakland, police are investigating a shooting that happened late last night outside of kimball's nightclub. police were called to second and broadway before midnight. one person had been shot less than a block away apparently after leaving the club. injuries were said not to be
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life-threatening. police found several cars with bullet holes in them and 30 shell casings in the area. more violence in oakland over the weekend. three people died in separate shootings, including a 16-year-old boy who was shot as he stood outside a house in 9300 block of sunny side street. oakland has had 70 homicides so far this year, compared to 52 homicides for the same period of last year. house and senate are expected to vote today on a deal that president obama and congressional leaders reached to avoid the nation's first ever financial default. right now, lawmakers are reviewing the deal that calls for raising the government borrowing power through the 2012 election in exchange for more than $2 trillion in spending cuts. abc's scott goldberg has the latest. >> reporter: the deal is done. now, president obama is trying to calm america's nerves and the world's financial markets saying it's time to vote. >> it will allow us to avoid default and end the crisis that washington imposed on the rest of america.
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>> asian stock markets liked the news. but with less than two days before the united states risks a default that so many say would be catastrophic, it's not clear congress can pass this deal. >> you're pleased with this, right? >> speaker john boehner spent last night trying to reassure republicans they won and should vote yes. the deal includes no tax increases and raises the debt ceiling up to $2.4 trillion enough to last beyond the 2012 presidential election. there will be $1.2 trillion in spending cuts over ten years. then, a special congressional committee will come up with another $1.5 trillion in deficit reduction measures. if congress can't pass that committee's recommendations, spending cuts kick in automatically, targeting mostly medicare and defense. >> both parties gave more ground than they wanted to. neither side got as much as it had hoped but that is the essence of compromise. >> the united states of america will not for the
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first time in our history default on its obligations. >> reporter: but some member of the tea party say the deal doesn't go far enough and one democratic member of the house called the deal a satan sand witch. so they're both counting the vote. 4:34 now. the compromise could have a big impact on california and other states struggling to recover from the recession. lawmakers from both parties discussed the need to control discretionary spending which could include wide-ranging cuts in federal aid to states. bay area congresswoman barbara lee is concerned there could be major fall-out. >> i don't know where the cuts will take place and who will get hurt. obviously if you are talk about discretionary spending, it's the poor, low-income individuals, working poor and middle income people. >> lawmakers say federal funding for everything from head start to meals op wheels to transit agencies and education grants could
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be slashed. 4:34. an iranian court is expected to announce in the next few days whether two former u.c. berkeley students jailed in iran will go three. it's been exactly two years since the men and a female friend were arrested hiking on the iran-iraq border. they had the final hearing on spying charges yesterday. abc7's tomas roman talked to local experts who are optimistic the long ordeal may soon be over. >> from stanford university, he believes after two years the remaining hikers will be freed soon. >> my sense is i'm cautiously optimist take the regime has decided to let these people go. it's trying to find a face-saving mechanism. >> dr. milani is the director of iranian studies and thinks that the iranian government will release shane bauer and josh fattal in ramadan. >> it's a month of fasting for muslims. usually a month of peace and forgiveness. to me it's a very good sign.
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>> we have had ramadan over the past years and they have not been released. >> an iranian journalists followed the hikers since the beginning. exactly two years ago, shane bauer, josh fattal and sarah shourd were arrested on the iranian border with iraq and were accused of spying. the trio's families were allowed to visit them last year. shourd was released for help and humanitarian reasons and refused to go to irain for the sentencing. she told abc news, "we have high hopes. this gives us hope that the trial will be the end of this nightmare." >> i think in the past two years the iranian government was hoping to get something out of the u.s. government. but they document see positive sign from the u.s. >> they say the government is bending to public opinion trying to save face. they say that's why a recent discussion regarding the hikers by the government has been so low-key. tomas roman, abc7 news. it's 4:36 now.
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the families of seven northern california men missing since their boat zap off the coast of baja, california, are making a new plea for help. six of the victims are from the bay area. their families gathered in vallejo yesterday to launch a new campaign to raise money to hire a private dive team to look for the ship's wreckage. the families want to know if any of the missing men went down with the vessel that sank in stormy seas july 3. so far, no dive team has gone down for a look. >> there will be a lot of fundraising efforts on behalf of the seven missing as a group. individual families will do fundraisers with the help of others. hopefully, at some point, we can give closure to a lot of families. >> bay area businesses are hoping the families hold a number of find our fathers fundraising evidents. we have a list of the upcoming fundraisers on the website. see it on tv. next week, pg&e will
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begin filling in a crate they're has been compared to an open would. a large hole after pipeline blew up killing eight people and destroying three dozen homes. the hole was left open so inspectors and insurance companies could get information. pg&e promise nod gas will throw through the line that blew up. it will be filled with cement. >> workers are still trying to repair broken water maine that gave a san francisco neighborhood a wash down. take a look. broken water maine sent a stream of water rushing down amber drive at court's way late last night. the fire and water department arrived to shut off the broken main. no report of flooded homes. the water department workers have been at this all night, making repairs. no word what caused the pipeline to rupture. don't know what caused it, but you see the effect big-time. >> oh, yeah. big-time. 4:38. this weekend was nice.
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mild. >> it was. a very nice weekend. beautiful. just as mike described us. something has to be wrong. what is going on next? >> with me or the weather? >> you take your pick. >> nothing wrong with you. >> well, nothing wrong with the weather either. cooler than normal. you can see the onshore flow developing around the bay area. that is going to keep the temperatures below average. good morning to you, by the way. a look at what is going on, as you step out now. warmest weather on the peninsula to the south bay. with the low 60s there. rest of us in the mid-to-upper 50s under mostly cloudy conditions. as you head to the east bay valleys, not as many clouds this morning. earlier sunshine, low to mid-80s. the warm spot, other than clear lake and ukiah, mid-to-upper 80s. mid-70s in the north bay valleys throughout the bay shore and south bay. low to mid-70s. low to mid-60s half moon bay, san francisco, 67 in richmo
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richmond. 65 in monterey. 69 in salinas. near 70 in watsonville and santa cruz. more sunshine. 76 in hollister. low to mid-80s around morgan hill and gilroy. take a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. the first seven days of augu august. each and every day is cooler than average. may see a warming trend tomorrow and wednesday before another dip in temperatures thursday and friday. then we try to rebound with warmer weather saturday and sunday. good morning, sue. off to a tough start somewhere? >> yeah. that is the sunnyvale area. matilda avenue. the clean-up crew is still there, there was a fuel spill. the off-ramp is closed. matilda off-ramp from 101. no traffic on the 101 is affected the and clean-up is in progress. we'll follow this. incline, westbound, bay bridge. roadwork. lights on the upper deck in san francisco. should be picked up at 5:00. if you are commuting in santa rosa, southbound 101, expect a lane shift
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southbound. put a new overpass in play in the santa rosa onramp will be reopened. kristen, eric? >> sue, thanks a lot. 4:41. >> still ahead. the bay area health department offering free whooping cough vaccinations this week. >> why do people who vandalize vehicles on the coast may face hate crime charges. >> unusual hazard that golfers on the peninsula a a
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good morning. 4:43. monday. back to work day. look at the traffic on the embarcadero, san francisco. not much going on there. you can see, it's not extremely foggy this morning. we have some low clouds there. we'll check in with mike to talk about how the temperatures will be with small ups and downs for you. talk to sue about ramp closures and other work on the freeways coming up. in the news, santa cruz police are asking for the public's help to solve a wide-spread case of vandalism. about 50 cars were
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vandalized on or near almar avenue some time late friday night or early saturday morning. many had their tires slashed and at least six had swastikas scratched in their paint. because of the hate symbol, it could be charged as a hate crime. investigators hope anyone with information about the case will contact the santa cruz police department. also in santa cruz county, this week, health officials there will be offering free whooping cough vaccinations for middle and high school students. a new california law requires students entering 7th through 12th grade to get the vaccination before cool begins. the county will offer six free clinics in august. the first clinic is held wednesday from 9:00 a.m. to noon in watsonville. golfers on the peninsula are being warned to keep an eye out for a mountain lion. a large cat has been seen walking on a golf course in san mateo county. he was spotted over the weekend. workers at the crystal springs golf course in unincorporated burlingame
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spotted the animal at 4:30 yesterday morning. the course remained open, of course, it's a golf course but golfers were advised not to go in the rough in the sixth hole where the mountain lion was spotted. mountain lions like to forge in the predawn areas and there is a lot of wildlife, but mountain lion is usual. i'm half joking. mountain lion, see if we can get the rest of the holes in. >> the f.b.i. may be closed to solving a 40-year-old mystery. coming up, the evidence they finally closed the books on the d.b. cooper investigation. also, the deal between two indian tribes and the city of vallejo finally ends a protest at a sacred burial ground. next, burglars target a quiet peninsula neighborhood. why some homeowners may be making the criminal's job easier. this little monkey has a lot of attitude and a lot of gears. robo monkey is taking on the world.
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welcome back. 4:48 on the dot. look at the high temperatures across the country. widespread 90s around boston, new york, near 100 in d.c. st. louis. dallas again. 106. 105 in phoenix. cool spot, seattle, 76. good news, all of our major airports running on time right now. if that changes, the flight tracker will have it. so can you. 4:48 now. two native american tribes ended a three-month protest at the planned site of a new park in vallejo. glenn coax is on a sacred burial ground. tribes have been protesting plans to develop the land to a water front park. protesters set up camp at the site in april to stop construction. last week, vallejo agreed to scale back the plan. to come to this point, a number of us are really happy and excited and looking forward to going home now.
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>> it would eliminate planned restrooms and relocate a parking lot. vallejo agreed to share development rights with the two tribes and give them a bigger voice in future decisions that affect the land. the f.b.i. says it has new credible leads in a 40-year-old halftiming case that has become a legend. a man known as d.b. cooper halfti hijacked a flight and parachuted over the plane over washington state with $200,000 in ransom money but he was never seen again. investigators checked out more than 1,000 leads in the last 40 years but now a recent tip on a suspect and some forensic evidence are all being checked by the f.b.i. a lot of kids love robots and monkeys, so why not a robot monkey? richard heart reports on
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this. >> the little guy on his shoulder is monkey 1.0. it makes cheeky noises that performs behaviors. nick made him for fun. >> every time i go out in public, i get mobbed by people running up to me, that's so great, where can i buy one? >> but the robot was too expensive to manufacturer. the motor inside costs $100. to reduce the number took time, hard work and his own clever cam design. >> the original one took two years to build. >> last holiday season dave here outsold buzz lightyear in the u.k. and was the number five top-selling toy. in the u.s., he is on is the shelves of toys "r" us stores. he says monkey business is good. so is life around the house. his two boys are nuts about robots, modifying their own
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menagerie. unlike his sons, nick didn't want to grow up to be a robertier. >> for his 30th birthday i got him an lego and it sparked the journey. to the moon from there. it's all because of me. >> rather than inventor, nick considers himself a maker. part of a breed of the technology buff that collaborate with open source software and hardware like this ardueno circuit board. his robots now compete in national contests. ziggy here undefeated in the class for eight years. call it the rise of the plan for the apes. with the next step in roberts, richmond hart, abc7 news. >> cool! >> waiting for a version with a front-facing camera. >> waiting for the version that has the drink tray. >> yeah. >> going with it. >> i'm sure it's coming. >> see if we are going bananas over the weather. >> it depends what you want. >> mild, temp rate, bay
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areaish. >> it sounds like what we'll have. summer slipping away from the forecast. >> he just ignored that. >> the banana thing? >> got nothing for it. it was good. thought it should sit there on its own two feet. >> is that what that was? >> yeah. >> she is smiling. she's happy. >> 4:52. looking at clouds. clouds over the bay area. we have drizzle over the coast. i imagine we have flight arrival delays at some point in sfo. dress for 50s everywhere. 60-degree weather in redwood city, mountain view, san jose and los gatos. in monterey bay, temperatures in the 50s. inland, extremes. 58 in salinas. let's talk about what is going to happen. it's august 1. it didn't matter. the weather will stay the same. that is cooler than average afternoons, through the extented.
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at night, we have the foggy conditions. clouds and cool temperatures in the 50s and 60s. see how it plays out. the 24-hour temperature change. we have warmer weather today. santa rosa. 5 degrees warmer. in san francisco, two degrees cooler in concord. redwood city, four degrees cooler than yesterday. it depends which way the wind blows, how fast the clouds retreat. they are hanging around to make a late push in east bay valley. by noon, to the coast. they will hang out through the better part of the afternoon. notice along the peninsula coast, an area that is usually the most locked in with the clouds. going to see sunshine. 60s. 70s and 80s dominate the rest of the weather. break it down for your neighborhood. live in the south bay, we have mid-to-upper 70s. 76 in san jose. 80s at los gatos. millbrae, 69. 59 in daly city. cooler spot. mid-to-upper 60s downtown, south san francisco and
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saucelito. near 60-degree temperatures. low to mid-70s in your valleys. we have upper 60s in richmond and berkeley. low to mid-70s for the rest of the east bay shore. union city around 75 degrees. upper 70s in dublin, walnut creek. low to mid-80s for everybody else in the east bay shore. low to mid-80s morgan hill, gilroy. heading to the bay, itself, snipe. mid-60s to 70 degrees. if you are travelling the state, the cool sea breeze makes it to sacramento. 88. 92 in chico. 79 in tahoe. 88 in l.a. heading to palm springs it will be hot. 106. the giants are back in town. they have a two-game lead. 7:15, the first pitch. 60, dropping to 56. watch out for the clouds, they will move in toward the end of the game. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- slight warming trend is possible tuesday and wednesday. the temperatures are below
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average. we have a roller coaster with cooler weather friday. warmer weather saturday and sunday. sue? s>> we will take you live to sunnyvale. overnight, while most of us with asleep, we had a big rig that lost a tire. the tire blew out. flipped over at matilda and the 101 off-ramp. there is a fuel spill. the off-ramp is shut down. 101, itself, not affected. that is good news. crews are there, as you can see the clean-up in progress, trying to get the big rig cleared out and get the fuel spill cleaned up. report of ace train number one out of the central valley, running 5 to 10 minutes late. be forewarned if you're wait for train. it's a little behind. is the website. get the latest traffic situation clicking on the bay area traffic on the left of the computer screen. thank you. 4:55. crews finished cleaning up a chemical spill at the st. helena water treatment plant.
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disinfeck tant leaked out of the tanks on saturday. they say the chemical is similar to bleach but three times stronger. officials say there is no danger to the public. the initial soil test shows no contamination. they're still trying to determine the cause of the leak. belmont police warn residents after a series of burglaries there has been at least nine incidents in the past week around el camino real and alameda de la polgas. most crimes took place while people were not at home. the crooks got in unlock cars to find garage door openers and used them to break in the homes. two men have been seen lurking in the area recently. investigators are trying to find them. take away, lock your door and window. don't make it easier for them. >> hide the garage door opener. >> right. 4:56 is the time. next on abc7 news at 5:00 -- the eyes in the sky that will be again watching out for red light runners in the
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north bay. >> richmond police are on the scene of a double shooting. i'm amy hollyfield live in richmond. i'll take you to the scene and have an update on the investigation up next. >> also, republican leaders and president obama reach a debt ceiling deal. but do they have the votes to pass it? the arm-twisting democrats and republicans are facing today coming up. the bay area gets another world series champion. the local team coming home with some winners' hardware today. [ male announcer ] kentucky grilled chicken.
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