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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  August 1, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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proposed legislation. >> the plan is expected to pass in the senate. >> i never count my votes until they're cast so.... i'm hopeful. >> in the house it's a tougher time. three dozen house republicans said they'll vote no. that number could rise. >> this is something i can't support. >> the mood among lawmakers is pessimistic. >> the severe cuts and education of our children, clean air, food safety, you name it. from that one red cent from wealthyest people in the country. >> the deal would raise the debt ceiling by $2.4 trillion to carry through next year's president yim election and would cut spending. republican leaders took a victory lap. >> the big win here is the fact that there are no tax
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hikes in this package. >> this is a step in the right direction. >> and this is a very hard deal to swallow and after voting one democrat described it as a satan sandwich. today when diane sawyer asked nancy pelosi about that, pelosi said yeah w a side order of satan fry autos is this a republican victory? or a tea party victory? >> this is the wait was described by an expert who i think would prefer to remain nameless. saying its a republican drive train with options added on. >> mitt romney has come out against this. how will this affect the race for the white house? >> this depends on what happens. this is going to demobilize
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the base he but we're still a year out this, will depend on who runs against obama and who republicans put up. i think that the second big deal is will it hurt the economy? this f.this deal slows the economy significantly and the economy is struggling a year from now, that will be very bad news for the president. >> thank you. we want to take a look now as voting continues. you can see 156 republicans voting yes. 19 democrats as well. and there is 175, looking for 218 to pass this. >> and the senate vote would come tomorrow. the budget office says this would save tax payers $2.1 trillion and shows most money saved would cut coming up from tight caps on operating
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budgets of agsz like department defense skped x. now we want to know how this down turn is affecting you. and perhaps forcing to you change the way you live. we invite to you record testimonials on your cell phone and upload to it you 7 so we can tell your story. >> and a young woman from san ramone plunged to her death climbing down from half dome. the 25-year-old fell 600 feet yesterday, park rangers saying she's slipped on wet rocks when weather changed and she cannot hang on to the cables. she's the 14th person to die in yosemite so far this year. >> too many guns, shootings and murders and not much hope is the situation in oakland following another bloody weekend. and we're live where mothers are mourning the loss of their sobs. >> if you can imagine this violence hit families multiple times in their -- some mothers
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are mourning the loss of more than just one son. this is almost too hard to believe here. the murder rate is quickly climbing and police are hoping a new batch of officers who will be fired this weekend will be making a difference out here. >> babies are dying. the children are dying here. >> and yellow tape blocking streets, yellow streets covering their children, and vans driving them away. >> this is what residents witnessedded today. a young man, shot dead at 10:30 in the morning. it's the fourth murder in less than 72 hours, on the heels of a bloody weekend on the streets of the city. started on sundown, friday. two nonfatal shootings, then, two more saturday, including a 16-year-old boy, shot dead z before the sun came up sunday
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two, more murders over just 13 minutes. and there is a woman who just celebrated her 26th birthday. >> this 16-year-old was visiting his grandmother, and he was standing outside when he was killed. his brother was murdered in west oakland just last year. police say the only thing that connects the murders is wide spread availability of guns and young people firing them. >> when you have guns and get into a personal dispute, it's very easily accessible there. is no cooling off. you just grab the gun and use it there have been 71 murders so far this year. and residents wonder if anyone is paying attention. can. >> this is crazy.
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>> the murder rate now stands at 71, that is 20 more murders from this time last year. live in oakland abc 7 news. >> and thank you. >> and want to let you know about the breaking news and abc will be interrupting this newscast in just a moment because the vote is in. and the house has passed that debt ceiling provision. it looks like it's full speed head. not everybody is behind it. they're voting for it we're seeing this live now. you can see a lot of applause in the house, but it's for congressman gabrielle giffords who you can just make out there. she's shown up on the house floor. she has glasses on there. she's receiving quite a round after plaus for everyone here. she was shot back in january by a gunman in a political event. many thought she would not be
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able to pull through this, but she's done well z here on the house floor, there you can see her standing up wearing a teal-colored jacket. >> recovery is really mazing showing importance of showing up for this particular vote. and how important she felt this was. >> we're now at, as you can seerk vote is done. the total there, 266 yeses, and there were 66 republicans voting no and among them, mitt romney hoping to run for president and he says it's not something he can support. and there is a plus side here, the compromise was reached. they're halfway done. they have to do a similar voting process. and there is nobody really happy with compromise they
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came up with. the debt keeling is raised and we avert a potential economic crisis. >> still, we're expecting you know, some negative ramifications from this, taking this so close is just a day and a few hours away. so... >> not only that, but provisions depending on perspective, there is cuts in military spending that a lot of people will not like. there are some cuts in education that could be painful. and something had to give, somewhere. and there is a sense this is a republican-driven car with a few amendments on the side. and let's listen in now. >> a motion reconsidered is laid on the table.
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>> does a job effort, without objectives to order. kids in the back can't see because you're standing in front of them. first time we've had pages that are going home this week. they've had a chance to see history in the making on several fronts z i wish you'd give them, before you do that, page board, representative fox, north carolina, myself, representative giget. and i want to thank all of the wonderful pages who are in the back of the room. you have really seen history the last six weeks in this congress. and we're so hon skbrord proud to have you here with us.
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and i'm sure that this may be not be my place but we want to welcome back our wonderful colleague congress woman giffords here. good evening to all of you. good afternoon to our viewers on the west coast. i'm diane sawyer. we're interrupting your regular programming to bring you the breaking news that there is late word the vote i i the house is now done. the gridlock has been broken. a compromise deal has been passed. an incredible human drama on the floor of the house tonight. take a l lk at this. who showed up, arizona
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congresswoman gabby gifford. so valiant after she was shot in the head in january. returning to the house floor. she is there. she's in glasses. she is dressed in a a kind of teal-green. she came in to cast her vote. the ahah plus was deafening. and i'm here with congressional correspopoent john karl. what a moment, john. >> reporter: one of the most remarkable moments i have ever seen on the floor of the house of representatives. and it comes on what is the most important vote of the year. and by the way, she came back to vote yes for this deal to raise the debt ceiling. she thought it was important. her office says that she was disappointed watching this gridlock over the past t t weeks. she was watching it from arizona. she wanted to come back and she wanted to be here to vote. she voted yes. look at the vote total, diane. 269 yes votes. 161 no votes. overwhelmingly wins. no nail-biter anymore. why? 95 democrats voted yes. now -- >> 95, we were wonder ing if thy
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could get 76 this afternoon. >> that is the gabby giffords boost. >> you think it is? >> i absolutely think so. >> jet fuel she propelled just by walking in. a human drama. political drama. the gridlock finally broken. we will of course have more on all of this throughout the abc shows this evening. we're going to return you to your regular programming right now. for those of you on the east coast, that is "world nene." we'll follow every development online of course at and for the rest of the country, we'll see you later and hope you have a good evening. jsjsjsjsjsjs
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taking a look at washington, d.c. on the house floor. where again, the vote on the debt ceiling has passed substantially with 269 voting yes, including 95 democrats. >> so this averts what would have been a potential disaster. it should be debt clock have expired tomorrow no. all the way done, though. because the senate has to dot same thing to. house and senate have to agree on this proposal. >> nancy pelosi, sorry. that is not nancy, nancy just finished speaking. that is who applause was for. we'll keep on top of this for you. >> in other news, for the second time in a week, two people nearly drowned in a san jose pool, this latest incident just hours ago in an apartment complex. witnesses say a man was playing with his 3-year-old granddaughter, something caused them to end up underwater several minutes. a swimming instructor helped get the man out of the water. the little girl rescued by a
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young hero. emergency crew arrived and both victims were breathing but they were unresponsive. the little girl is alert but the elderly man is unresponsive and is at the hospital. >> and moving on. a key witness in the brutal attack of giants fan brian stow suddenly died himself of an allergic food reaction. law enforcement say he was with stow the day of the attack died on sunday after eating a salad that contained nuts. lee, who was assaulted, was considered an important witness in's unclear how the death will impact this case. prosecutors say the 29-year-old louie sanchez led a rampage against a number of giants fans at the game in l.a. during and after the season opener, alleging sanchez took part in four assaults that night z sanchez and a 30-year-old marvin norwood arrested and charged the next day with attacking stow. stow, a 42-year-old santa cruz
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paramedic, and father of two remains hospitalized. >> and turning to health news now. free birth control will be soon available in the house almost any woman who wants it. part of the new womens health care guideline as announced today, stirring up a lot of controversy. >> beginning a year from you had toed, all private health care plans will be required to cover womens -- intended to help avoid health problem autos half of women, according to studies forgo ordeal yeah preventive care because they can't afford it guidelines included in the law force insurance to cover all well woman visits, screening for gestational diabetes, breast feeding support, domestic violence screening and all fda approved birth control methods including emergency contraception like the
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controversial morning-after pill. >> most private health care plans already include most of the kfs services, including contraception, family planning is something that can keep women healthy. >> and before today's announcement, idea of health insurance covering birth dronl has come under criticism for some groups, and seen in this clip from fox news. >> many women who get pregnant are blasted out of their minds when they have sex are not going to use birth control anyway. >> if you can afford a $5 starbucks you can pay a $5 co-pay. >> those who oppose guidelines argue covering a morning after pill is equivalent for using federal dollars for abortion. >> it's illegal to use federal dollars to provide abortion autos many women won't see the benefits until 2013. but once they do, women won't have to sign up for anything. they've receive benefits automatically.
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>> and white house advisor tells abc news she does not believe it will impact premium buzz that will be up to insurance company autos time now for a look at the accu-weather forecast. and temperatures cooler than today? >> below average, sunny skies at the coast. we don't have dreary weather, we don't have heat inland. there are sunny skies just about everywhere. there is a live view now, and emeryville, looking towards golden gate, you can see the coast is clear. skies are blue across the bay area, and right now, here is a look at our satellite image from this afternoon, you can see wide spread clearing and only coastal clouds are well, well north. and so let's take a look at current temperatures, before getting to that, i should point out again, mild at the coast. and there is sunny, mild inland.
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and there is 84 fairfield. and 85 antioch z other inland locations have current temperatures into 7 owes. there is low 70s around the bay. and there are patchy low clouds that will return tonight. and there is temperatures remaining below normal. overnight tonight, patchy low clouds and fog developing tonight and low temperatures that will be into mid to upper 50s. and water vapor shows there is a cool air to the north z it's not having much of an affect at the moment. we do expect temperatures to rebound and start to rise a bit. and there is low clouds and fog around. and pulling back by mid
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afternoon z pattern like this, some low clouds along the coast z high temperatures on the low to mid-60s, 80s to near 90 into warmest locations if you find any 90s they'd be in the far inland east bay. sunny skies, and high temperatures ranging from upper 70s to low 80s and we'll see mainly mid-70s and low to mid-60s on the coast and there is some patches of fog. downtown san francisco, 66 and north bay highs from mid 70s to mid-80s, near east bay, upper 60s to mid-70s across the board there. inland east bay, mid-80s and upper 60s to low 70s around the bay. upper 80s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is about temperatures dropping off thursday, and
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they'll rebound to upper 80s inland. and we'd have a string of lovely days coming our way. >> and miley cyrus's twitter talk about her tattoo is getting her fan's attention. >> halle barry is relieved today. here is chris bailish. >> in hollywood it's back to the halle barry stalking case. a judge today granted barry a three-year restraining order against the accused stalker, police say the man entered her property three times, now, he must stay 100 yards away from her and her 3-year-old daughter. miley cyrus has a tattoo of an equal sign on her finger, stirring up the same-sex marriage debate, she wrote all love is equal. a follower asked thor look up bible versions. cyrus tweeted back where does it say in the bible to judge others? there is a close
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dollar to dollar race in the box office. studio estimates showed "the smurfs" tied with "cowboys and aliens" but the sif eye western is 800,000 ahead of the smurfs. for more movie news go to >> coming up next, the house that leaks honey and a whale's remarkable show of thanks to a boat full of rescuer autos then at 5:00 app that can help you find a carpool companion and do a background check at the same time.
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>> a new homeowner in colorado needs to fix a sticky problem with her house, debbie hill noticed something leaking from the foundation of her house. the home was vacant before hill bought it. an inspector never noticed anything, let alone something sweet oozing from foundation. >> i put my finger in it and noticed it was sticky. i tasted it. the best honey i've tasted. >> there was at least 50,000 or 60,000 bees in this colony. >> and this tastes great. the expert believes honey started melting once temperatures started heating up there. >> individual yof a whale putting on an mazing show has become a most-shared you tube clip. >> he's showing us. >> yeah. >> and she's free now.
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there is this clip a couple months ago that just started gaining steam, showing this young hump back whale, doing what can only be described as celebrating after rescuers cut her loose from yards of fishing net in the sea of cortez this, operation took hours. and the whale stayed calm, then you can see stuck around for a fantastic show, afterwards fr about an hour. >> looks like whale is a couple feet from the boat. >> remarkable. >> amazing scene that must have been. still to come in 4:30 half hour, airline ish qoo ewing rebates because of an faa shut down. >> a cut to welfare in california. recipients are now losing one-year benefits. we're life with details on this. >> and i'm vic lee. 51,000 people are have signed a petition urging the mayor to run in november. that story is coming up. >> high definition sutro
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camera, this is the traffic shot. showing traffic flowing smoothly out of san francisco. and not so smoothly in. we'll have weather coming up shortly. lñlñlñlñlñlñlñlñlñlñlñlñlñlñlñlñ
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>> one of the promises ed lee made before taking over as mayor is that he would not run for election once his term
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ended. >> but now there are a number of groups pushing lee to throw his name in the hat that. seems to be the direction that lee is laeb leaning at this point. there is efforts to draft ed lee. >> the run, ed run campaign announced today they collected 51,000 signatures and say they're not going to turn the petitions into the election office saying this is symbolic to show he's got lots of support and should run for mayor. today, ed lee appeared in a event, a city event in the bay view district and before and after was asked numerous times are you going to run for mayor? now, here are the answers, listen carefully. you be the judge. >> i haven't paid much attention to the carp campaign. i've been talking with family
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and friends just to have a good feel for what i want to do to make sure i makeup my mind about this, and there is a lot of encouragement going on. i'll take that into consideration. there is a chance to talk to a lot of foam see where we want to go. speaking with a lot of people who have continued to call and want me to follow up with them. now friends are talking to me and are taking this input in 10-14 days. it's not easy being a mayor of a major city these days. i had a chance to talk to other mayors this week. >> has anyone asked you not to run? >> not to run? well... i shouldn't get into that. and i feel boosted by senator feinstein's comments, she's very reassuring and this is is just greatly appreciated we
4:33 pm
get her support. >> there gou. last comment, you mayor refer to have the comments what she said is that ed lee should throw his hat into the ring. >> and there is a lot of talking going on. nobody asked them not to run. they're talking about running. is there any idea on on when he'll announce his intentions? is there a time line? >> there is. the filing deadline is august 12th two. good sources tell me that again, today, you heard him, he'd announce by the filing deadline weren't to run. >> the other mayoral candidates can't be happy about attention he's getting. a lot of them thought he wasn't going to be running. they're trying to hold him to that promise. what are they saying now? >> and you're right.
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they're upset. five of the candidates have banded together and support an investigation into this run, ed run campaign. one, they want to know if ed lee is involved in this thing and want to know if the group violated city campaign laws. >> and there is more to come for sure. >> poorest on the poor in california are living on less today. a second state cut to welfare went into affect. and we're live with the story. >> welfare is changing in california. it used to be recipients with children could depend on cal works for five years. but gibbing today, counties must start removing, cutting off adults receiving benefits for four or more years. after 48 months, benefits cover only children. and this will be tough for
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thousands of families, nearly 600,000 recipients just saw an 8% cut to checks last month z they near their end of the elibility there will be another cut. debbie watson is on her 44th monday mo, with four months to go. she'll go from nearly $900 a month before cuts to $725. and that is a $175 drop. she's doing everything she can to find a job in the legal field which she studied on welfare. >> i'm hoping, against hope, that i will find employment before that time. i don't know how we're going to make it. it's bad enough i had to move back home just to be able to make it. >> all areas have been asked to make contributions. we felt that this was a way to make a contribution without
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terminating the program or families. >> and the state says that this is the best it could do. california department of social services ponts out families will be given a small boost in food stamps to help. advocates say it's unfair to keep balancing the state budget on people that can least afford it and they're upset because continuation of the higher income taxes as well as vehicle ledge straigs fee koz have saved a lot of this pain. >> and senate democrats getting ready to layout a plan and senator rockerfeller says they're hoping to introduce a bill as soon as tonight. and this air traffic controllers stayed on the job. welcome news for delta passengers. announcing today it will refund taxes charged to
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passengers who bought tickets during the faa shut down. and this only applies to people who purchased before last saturday's shut down. delta says it's waiting to hear from the irs. >> and there is honda getting a rare negative review from consumer reports. >> and a soldier happy home coming from iraq. >> why there is hope two uc berkeley grads will be released from an iranian prison soon. >> and they're traffic is moving along nicely. and atlanta with moderate delays now up to 45 minutes because of thunderstorms. and there is thunderstorms causing delays more than one hour. and in washington, d.c. reporting delays from one to three hours because of thunderstorms.
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i'll be back in just a moment with a look at the accu-weather forecast. =x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x
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a soldier from daily city died in afghanistan. confirming he was killed yesterday when his vehicle was bombed. he was a combat soldier based out of hawaii. waedz 28 years old oo. and an east bay family is all smiles today after welcoming back a
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soldier who finished up a tour of iraq. tommy flores received hugs and kisses from parents, nieces and grandparents. he comes from a long line of military men, serving as a gunner aboard a black hawk helicopter. he says before he left he was safetying in the draw down of military operations in iraq. >> a lot of installations to shut down. we're helping the -- taking guys to different bases so they can go home. so... we're taking personnel and equipment. >> as you can imagine, tom gee looking forward to a good, home-cooked meal from mom and plans on taking a rest before going back to work, and school. >> two uc berkeley graduates will learn if they'll be freed from an iranian prison on ease peen yauj charges. their attorney believes the court will deliver a verdict within a week. the two men spent two years in custody since being arrested by authorities long iran's border with iraq. ramadan begins this week, when
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islamic countries traditionally pardon prisoners. sarah showered was released on humanitarian reasons. she now lives in oakland. >> still to come at 4:00 google's deal to get into deals. more on the internet giant's latest purchase. >> is filled as a renaissance in richmond.
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we have breaking news in fairfield. at about 4:10 p.m. reports of a grass fire near central avenue and pitman in fairfield shut down a portion of cordelia road. hard to tell from this distance this, view how big this may be. we're told three alarms, but will keep you posted throughout the newscast and abc 7 news at 5:00. >> and google made another deal to offer internet deals. and we have that and first another disappointing day on wall street despite the debt deal in washington. >> headway in capitol hill wasn't enough to keep the market in green. take a look. stocks down for saichlth day. the dow, s and p and nasdaq posting losses. one reason is weak manufacturing numbers out today. a report on the economy showed manufacturing almost stalled in july. economists say the economy has not picked up momentum in the
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second half of the year there, is a big concern we can slide back into a recession. it's not just here at home, other reports indicate a global slow down in asia and europe. could google be groupon's next competitor is in the company has acquired a deal. that is a blog that offers local deals. the purchase made public today and gives google an opportunity to venture into coupon retailing. similar to groupon and living social, there are deals across the country saying there are 85 million monthly visitors. that is the late gleft business, i'm deborah kostren. >> and teams in richmond found a way to discover talents escaping streets of the dangerous iron triangle. and this energy of hip-hop dancers fills one of the rooms, young musicians practiced in
4:47 pm
another part of the building. the center helps develop training. >> we say we're here to build your skills. >> i actually only thought i was alto. it turns out it do pretty high notes too,. >> we have a dream and try to do something with our lives. so everyone tries to be the best they can be. >> and there is a monthly series of performance autos one bay area entrepreneur believes digital does not do it all. his huge undertaking to make sure books stick around. he's making a lot prof gres. >> many skin creams were tested but only one stands out from the bunch. michael finney shows which drug store brands prove to smooth out wrinkles. @ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ
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consumer reports is scaring car buyer as way from the latest version of the honda civic. it scored so low in testing that consumer reports gives it a rating the november recommended, describing the model as a choppy ride with an interior that is cheap looking and not well put to the. the group says road noise is more pronounced with longer braking disstnss and if that is not enough, listen to this. >> you can expect a resigned vehicle to be better but this is one of the worst resigns we've seen in years. >> ouch. it has been one of the best-selling small said yanz but the latest rating puts the civic near the bottom of the list. >> americans spent $8 billion on antiwrinkle creams was it money well spent?
4:52 pm
>> look here, perhaps not. consumer reports tested creams to see if they can make fine lines and wrinkle s disappear the way a skilled photographer can. here is michael finney. >> photographer kathy pinski often uses computer software to help people. >> i use photo shop to minimize wrinkles and my clients are thrilled and love that. >> look how wrinkles disappear in this photo. you can't just click away wrinkles in real live. and they tested to see how well this works. >> there is seven products from $8 to 80s oodz kreemz included big names like loreal, and lancomb, and equate and cvs store lab. >> we used an outside lab. people applied two creams in the morning. >> the lab took before and after photos, then consumer
4:53 pm
reports panelists examined results. 600 photos in all. panelists evaluated creams to assess how they feel on the skin and their smell. >> all products smelled pretty good. they didn't leave much of a tacky residue behind. >> after 12 weeks only one cream did a little bit beter than others. garnier nutritionstist ultralift. >> the thing with wrinkles once you get them, they're hard to get rid oof and stay out of the sun as much as possible. and wear sun screen as well as a wide brim, tightly-woven hat. consumer reports shop smart says drinking plenty of water keeps your skin looking healthy. it's important to moisturize your skin day and night. you don't need expensive
4:54 pm
antiwrinkle creams to do that. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> and you know, yes. >> and let's check in with spencer now. >> and you heard michael talking about staying out of the sunshine. it would be a ice idea to stay out of the sun. i'll show you how hot goitsing to be. this is just relentless. and there is some i'd wears ear into temperatures could climb tomorrow. there is there is there is two thirds of the nation seeing sweltering heat. it's a dangerous heat wave. and there is ailments attributed to this heat wave.
4:55 pm
tomorrow, things heating up and there is 100 in fres know. 90 in yosemite. 108 down in palm springs. 87 on the coast in los angeles and here in the bay area, there is a highs into mid to upper 80s, and there is down to jant rosa, 80 degrees which is below average at this time of the year so there is 70s around the bay and there is in san jose, a high of 79 degrees. and there is no extremes, 87 in gilroy. and sandhya will be along to take a look at the accu-weather forecast.
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>> and. >> there is a bay area internet entrepreneur decided digital isn't enough. >> his goal is to collect a copy of every book ever written. and this is talking about ever, ever written. there is a long way still to go. >> i grew up in a generation that grew up around books. idea is to be able to collect one copy of every book ever published. >> this internet entrepreneur is in beginning stages of collecting millions of donated books and storing nem a huge warehouse in richmond. they'll be protected from fire and floods. >> they're built out of shipping container autos this wall of module can store a million books and we can store things permanently in this inexpensive way to last forever. >> unlike libraries, books
4:57 pm
here are meant to be sealed and stored for centuries. not checked out. but first, scan sod people can read them online. google has undertaken a similar scanning project. but this all about preserving original copies of books in case digital copies are lost. >> we can see ourselves part of a chain of how to get knowledge to every generation in such a way they can learn from it 100 million books have been published throughout history f you can find them, they'd need dozens of warehouses to hold them all, requiring future generations of other volunteers to keep collecting. but he sees the work as a pro log to a story that may some day become a classic. >> it's one step. >> there is is saying the fact they're being stored here means they'll likely be
4:58 pm
protected. >> interest tl is a long way still to go. >> noins for the news at 4:00. >> and news at 5:00 continues right now with cheryl jenning autos and gabby giffords returns to congress for the first time since the shooting and steals the show from the debt coat -- vote. brian stow was not the only one singled out in dodger stadium. new information about other fans who were attacked. >> and women with come a long way towards free birth control and gaining other health perks as well. good evening, we begin in san jose. good samaritans pull a drowning child and her grandfather out of the pool. and there is where caring numbers chose to get involved.
4:59 pm
>> is this is a large complex with four pools and this happened after 1:00 this morning. a spokesperson says a 3-year-old girl and her grandfather were unconscious, not responsive when people at the pool noticed a problem. and this is possible says he lost consciousness and then, the little girl went under. they were in about six feet of water and an older child unexpectedly became a hero. >> information is that a 9-year-old child pushed a little girl to the side of the pool is to people could pull her out. then other bistanders pulled out the elderly male. >> and i'm told the grandfather is still in the


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