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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  August 1, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the 3-year-old girl is alert this, follows a similar one just last week. you may remember on wednesday, in west san jos yai. there is a good samaritan what pulled a 6-year-old girl and her father from the bottom of a pool. the captain says these back to back incidents serve as a reminder that young children should have floatation devices in them in a pool even when there are adults around. >> and crews responding to a grass fire near fairfield, reported less than an hour ago in the area of central avenue and pitman road this, is a picture and the vegetation fire is again rating a lot of smoke, as you can see, billowing over that portion of solano county. crews had to close a portion of cordelia road and we're going to keep you updated on
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that fire as soon as new information arrive autos and the debate over the debt ceiling deal in the house of representatives passed this afternoon in the packed hour. this vote eclipsed by appearance of gabby giffords. she received a standing ovation. and she's looking good, and she was shot in the head in a near fatal attack and has battled back to congress. mark matthews is here now with the vote. >> and i would like to see her back in the house. vote 269 in favor of raising the debt limit. 161 against, more than enough to pass the debt limit bill. and nancy pelosi was one that did. minority leader nancy pelosi
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urged democratic members to vote for the measure because it raises a debt ceiling throughout the end of the year, and it protects entitlement autos this is an important assignment go together taichblt make sure there are no cuts in benefits. and medicare, medicaid and social security. that was achieved. >> for republicans, big selling point? no tax increases and no elimination of cuts. >> i think the big win for us and for the american people is the fact that there are no tax hixs in this package. >> this deal will raise the debt limit, carrying the country throughout the presidential election. this also cuts spending by $1.2 trillion over 10 years. and that is a concern to labor expert and uc professor. this could derail the kmechl
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by slashing government and this is where this economy will likely remain fragile when most of this clicks in. >> and there is barbara lee said she couldn't vote for the deal. >> when invest manies are needed to jump start the economy and put people back to work, i believe that this deal and its cuts only approach, which is what it is, cuts only that, is the wrong approach. we'll hear from who wo lawmaker who's wound up on opposite sides today and take a look at larger implications for the president in his efforts to get reelected. >> it was a see saw day on wall street. dow up 139 points and finished down more than 10 points, closing at 12132.
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the seventh down day in a ro. nasdaq lost more than 11 points. we'd like to know how the economic down turn forced to you change the way you live. we invite you to report a testimonial on your cell phone and upload it to you 7 so we can tell your story here on abc 7 news. >> and the grieving family of a bay area hiker wants to know why there isn't more supervision for climbers in half dome mountain. a 25-year-old fell to her death yesterday. she's from san ramone. she is the second person from that city to die at half dome in the last two years. >> reporter: according to family hebs, 25-year-old hailey was very excited to scale the cables of half dome again. shown in this photo. she's taken the route a year ago. and weather that appeared much better than what she and three others encountered sunday.
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>> that the rock was definitely very wet and very slick. hailey had summitted the cables and was on top of half dome. they, her and her party of three were coming down the half dome cables and she was approximately halfway down when she fell off of the cables. >> it started raining about noon, i believe. >> a climbing instructor at the rock gym, will masterman happened to be at yosemite sunday. he wasn't on half dome but did hike the cable system where she died just three weeks ago. >> what would you do if it started rain something. >> i'd probably continue. if there was thunder i won't want to be on the top of half dome. i'd probably just go back. >> and there is a sign thaels you not to continue if there is lightning. >> the death is two years after a 40-year-old also from san ramone fell to his death during a rain and hail storm.
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so far, 14 people have died in parks this year. average is five to six by the end of july. in an e mail to abc 7 news one family member questioned whether rangers do more to protect visitor safety z warn climbers of phone shall hazards including lightning storms. >> it's up to the visitors to make the proper safety assessments and really make the right decision on whether or not they believe it's safe for them to continue on. >> yosemite officials say there will be a full investigation into the death. >> four murders in 72 hours part of a bloody weekend of shootings in oakland. police say seven people were shot beginning friday night. saturday, two people were shot including a 16-year-old boy, who died and sunday morning, two more murd qlers over just 13 minutes and this morning, police found a fourth person fatally shot and that brings
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the number of homicides to 71. last year at this time there were 52. police hoping 25 newly rehired officers will help to stop that violence. and in richmond a man and woman dead after being shot this morning. this is when they waited in a car for an automatic driveway gate to open. mcfadden died at the scene and williams air lifted to a trauma center and died later at the hospital. detectives believe the pair did not have any gang ties. richmond's iron triangle has been plague bid gang violence. >> there is no indication there was a life style that would bring them into that situation. >> i didn't want him to leave like this, i'm sure nobody else did, either. >> this morning's shoot brings the homicide total to 23 for the year that, compares to 21
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for all of last year. >> san francisco woman accused of breaking into jeopardy host's al yerk trebek's hotel room is charged with felony burglary and possession of stolen property. prosecutors say she had two prior burglary convictions that make this case a phone shall third strike. trebek says he woke up to find her taking his belongings. he says he injured both he legs chaigs her down the hallway in an effort to get back stolen property. a water main break left customers in diamond heights without water tonight z this is affecting people and this san francisco fire department says it does not reach homes or businesses and took crews about an hour and a half to clean up and service should be
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rye stored by 8:00. >> quick acting cruise were able to contain a small spill in san francisco before this linked into the bay. most contained by a cement barrier. crews used special materials to soak it up. >> and soup porters of the run, ed run campaign say they've collected 51,000 to 60,000 signatures to draft interim mayor ed lee to run for mayor. lee initially wanted to return to his old job as city administrator when named after gavin newsom became california's lieutenant governor. since then, lee has seemed to waiver in interest, running in upcoming november elections. lee says he hasn't made
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decisions yet but there is a lot of political friends encouraging hem to jump in. >> speaking with a lot of people who have continued to wall street. and there is u.s. senator dianne feinstein urging lee to get into the base rais. >> a good math tiff californians say they want a part time state legislature of 65% over all. 75 prgs republicans support this idea and so does 67% of independent as cording to a bipartisan poll two of firms. and california is one of 10 states in which lawmakers work year round. and coming up a convicted sex offender wants to live whiz
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parents but koit put children at risk. >> and new details about the attack brian stow suffered. >> and temperatures trending up tomorrow showing how much warmer it will turn. >> the app helping you find a carpooler and do a background check at the same
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. there is a grass fire near fairfield, we showed you, sky 7 is overhead now. the vegetation fire was first reported less than an hour ago in the area of central raef. you can see it's got a lot of flames there and generating a lot of smoke billowing over that portion of the county. crews have closed a portion of the road as a precaution.
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we want to remind you, so far no homes are threatened and there are no evacuations. there is a neighborhood at the top of the hill. they're trying to knock this fire down as quickly as possible. >> and prosecutors say the man accused in a vicious beating of giants fan brian stow staged a series after tacks on fans at the same game, and there may be more victims. and this 29-year-old is a man secretaried of multiple attacks. marvin norwood is also charged in the beating. >> that is right. we're just getting word of a bizarre development, a tragic development. lapd confirmed that one of the key prosecution witnesses in this case have died. martin lee, one of the key prosecution witnesses died over the weekend as a result of a peanut allergy. we're trying to get more details on that. the lapd feels this case can move forward and there is one
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1-800-got beat up in the parking lot on march 31 died. we're learning about more of the alleged attackers accused of not one, but four assaults. >> this is opening day at dodger stadium. fans stand for national anthem and in this home video. you can see two suspects in their seats. both have been charged in a brutal beating of a 42-year-old brian stow from santa clara. according to court papers sanchez went on a rampage during and after the game, allegedly threw soda at a woman, then threaten aid group of young men before running into stow and friends. bruters allege stow and friends were assaulted walking by sanchez's sister car. san chess allegedly shoved stow and punched his friend. the stow group walked away.
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they continued to walk when allegedly sanchez attacked show he is -- stow's friend. stow was naising -- facing norwood, when sanchez allegedly sucker fumpblged -- punched him from behind according to documents he was kicked in the head. stow's friends ran to his defense, and norwood stood over stow and said who else wants to fight. prosecutors say the four separate assaults committed by sanchez are justification for keeping his bail set at $500,000 but today, his lawyer asked for more time to review evidence against the client. >> there is a lot of statements out there in the media of things people supposedly said, didn't say. and i can't confirm the accuracy of those reports. >> and prosecutors say there
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is a rifle with a scope, a 12 gauge shotgun and a resolver. and sanchez lives a few house as way. detectives are hoping to talk to other giants fans who may have been assaulted on that day. they think there are other victims here, believing these suspects were targeted specifically giants fans. they're hoping that those victims out there will contact the lapd. reporting from dodger stadium, abc 7 news. >> and a registered sex offender is suing over a local law he says prevents him from living with his aling parents. he spent nearly nine years in prison and elk grove prohibits sex offenders within living within 100 feet of facilities used by children.
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and he believes the law violates his constitutional rights. >> new rules insist for the first time ever health insurean plans must cover birth control and other services for women. the benefits begin to take affect a year from now, requiring most companies to cover things such as annual routine checkup, breast feeding support, domestic violence counseling and all food and drug administration approved birth control that. includes emergency contraceptions such as the morning-after pill. officials say making services free to patients will make a difference. >> half of women delay or forgo preventative care. >> most women will not be eligible until january, 2013. and there is're looking
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for a safe way to carpool, they'll soon be an app for that. there is an online demand app matching drivers with riders and here is a great catch, giving you background checks and is available in washington state, not expected to hit the rest of the country until next year. >> and sandhya patel with tonight's accu-weather forecast. >> we need an app for weather wex saw plenty of sun and there are warmer conditions and there is way behind where you should be. and it has been a cool late spring, early summer. there is a cameras bouncing around a bit. and there are winds around 20, 24 miles per hour. you can notice skies, nice and
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clear. taking a look at the satellite picture from this afternoon, there is deep marine layer cleared away. the coastline enjoyed sunshine, temperatures into mid to upper 60 as long the coast. and there is this is a sunny, mild afternoon. we're going to see more that have tomorrow. there are 80s inland. warmer inland tomorrow, temperatures going to remain below normal. and take a look at the overnight readings into 50s, we'll see cloud cover and not just at the coast but filling in over the bai. marine layer is around 2000 feet deep. so it will reform and will return later on tonight. trough of low pressure is nothing new to our north. cool pocket of air going to remain north of us so
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temperatures rebound inland. today's temperatures higher than yesterday. and there is tomorrow morning, looking for clouds. and then, low clouds will be pulling back to the coastline. temperatures inland into east bay, numbers into 60s and late into afternoon, clouds start to pull away. after 3:00 or 4:00, there is a beautiful day for tuesday. and if you're going to be in the south bay sheer what it will look like. and 82 degrees los gatos, and on the peninsula, mainly sunny skies, 73 in san mateo z coastal areas a little bit of fog into early afternoon, holding into low to mid-60s tomorrow. and 66 degrees, you should be about 69 for this time of the year. 63 into sunset district. and there is east bay
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communities, 71 oakland. and fremont gegt up to 77 degrees inland areas, there is cooler than average. and 85 degrees in walnut creek and there is 73 in santa cruz and there is mid 60s to upper 80s tomorrow, there is a drop in temperatures tomorrow, and then, coming up a lit bill inland friday and saturday. and there is normally talking about 90s here and there is just not happening. there is a low pressure system coming through to the north. >> and that is beautiful,
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still. >> coming up, putting a tight leash on where pets could be sold in california. also... a center going into richmond's iron triangle hoping to trance form the vibe of a neighborhood.
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today fof brown introduce aid bill making it illegal to sell dogs or cats on the streets or flea skmarkts the measure was written to help remove illegal puppy mills from the equation. the measure sets tougher penalties for those convicted of animal cruelty and neglect. both now call for a maximum sentence of a year in jail and a fine of up to $20,000 that. is the same as a penalty for animal abuse. >> and we'll be right back. ah yes. there it is.
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there is a amber alert issued for a 16-year-old boy kidnapped in antioch but an armed suspect. the victim is african american, five four, weighing about 110 pounds. last seen wearing black jeans, red coat and a cincinnati reds baseball hat. the suspect is armed with a shotgun and last seen driving a stolen black gmc yukon with shiny rims and a harley davidson sticker there. is the license plate. all right. now, we're going to have that for you coming up at 6:00 and also, we're going to update you on a brush fire burning in solano communitiy. some californians will have to find a new way, we're looking at the fire in solano county. also, a new way that families now say that state is changing rules we'll have that and more coming up at 6:00. and world news is


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