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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  August 1, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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male, five feet, seven inches tall weighing 108 pounds. the boy and driver last seen in a stolen black gmc two-door yukon with shiny rims and a harley davidson sticker in the rear window. and we're going to update you on those story was any developments and now, we want to move to washington. the house passed a debt ceiling bill. 95 democrats voted yes, including many from the bay area. mark matthews is here now with a look at how representatives boded. mark? >> this is a compromised bill but it's being seen in washington, d.c. and think of it as an republican engine and transmission. never theless, leader of the democrats in the house is on board. the house minority leader urged her colleagues to vote yes.
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>> we cannot allow our seniors to be caught in the collateral damage. >> pelosi voted for raising the debt ceiling. lynn woolsy voted no. >> this is not a balance add approach to controlling spending. it doesn't ask for shared sacrifice. and this puts the burden on working families. >> here is how the bay area delegation voted as far as we've been able to confirm. a lot of no votes, but with a split. and there is speier, thochson. >> i voted yes for a reason that is that i don't believe that the united states of america could ever go into default. >> abc 7's political analyst, bruce cane. >> there is a big overriding issue. what is the of the cuts in
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terms of the economy? >> and if this economy continues to struggle, the president could find chances evaporating. and i think longer term it could derail the economy by slashing government we're cutting jobs at a point where the economy will remain fragile, even several years down the road when most of this slicks -- clicks in. >> the chair of the democratic party says the president's tais base will be energized. >> next year, they've seen a taste of what republicans can do to the government and country and will work harder. >> the senate plans to vote on the bill tomorrow, those on capitol hill tell me that it will be far less draw matic than what we've witnessed today, in the house.
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and a new report by the congressional budget office says the debt bill will save taxpayers $2.1 trillion over coming decades. the analysis finds a combination of caps on cabinet agencies should save more than $900 billion, crediting 1.2 trillion more in taxpayer savings because of cuts and a bipartisan committee will come up with and congress will vote on later this year and finds most of the cuts would occur in 2014 or later, so the debt bill would have little immediate impact on the party. there are rules affecting welfare recipients in california, it's not good news for those struggling to find jobs in a down economy. and. >> i don't know what we're going to do. >> it's a race against the clock for debbie watson. she has to find a job soon. beginning this month, the
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state is changing welfare limits from five years to four. after 48 months, benefits will only cover children. watson, who has moved in with family to cut expenses is on her 44th month. >> i'm hoping that i'll find employment before that time. i don't know how we're going to make it watson and 600,000 just saw an 8% cut in benefits on july 1. it's a double cham whamy for those nearing the end of eligibility period. a family with one adult and four children like watson was getting nearly $900 a month before cuts. the checks went down to $825 last month, and once exhausting all four years, the household of five has to survive on $725 a month. the state department of social services points out that while these families will get a small boost in food stamps, they've had no choice but to lower benefits given the
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times. >> this is all program areas have been asked to make contributions. we felt that this was the way to make a contribute wgs out terminating the program or families. >> advocates for the poor say california's tax levels are the same as in 1970s, yet, state leaders keep balancing budgets on the backs of people who can least afford it in cases the same families are being asked to sacrifice over and over and over again. we're faling down the letter. >> debbie watson feels she can't get up. >> i don't think they look at human beings. just look at number autos in addition to cuts, the state slashed money for child care and job raining for these wismt. >> and the run, ed run campaign gathered 51,000 signatures urging interim mayor to run in november. and promised he wouldn't seem reelection, but is he now
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reconsidering? >> this answer is, judging from the way he's talking he's giving it thought. and there they hope 51,000 signatures will convince them to say yes. they held a rally here today, and they're closing up their offices because they say that this mission is accomplished. the rally was large and diverse. >> hopefully, the work we've been able to accomplish over the past few weeks is enough to encourage ed lee to run for mayor. >> the grass roots campaign backed by a savvy political hand in the city collected 10s of thousands of signatures. >> our final digits is 51,000
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signatures have been gathered. >> they're warning fear the mustache. lee has been keeping a stiff upper lip. >> i haven't paid attention to the campaign and i've been talking with family and friends just to have a good feel for what i want to do to make sure i makeup my mind about this. >> and is lee hinting he's running? >> a lot of friends are talking to me. and all are taking this equipment next 10-14 day autos what about this reaction to the senator's recent comments urging lee to run? >> she's very reassuring for someone with her experience, years of knowledge, it's just greatly appreciated. >> and there is many going on
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the offensive. david hsu wants to investigate to see if they violated campaign law autos the activities of the economy and extent they might have had city contractors and there may have been any illegal coordination. and the mayor has until august 12th to makeup his mind. >> and prosecutors now say one of two men accused of leelt beeting giants fan brian stow went on a belligerent rampage. prosecutors allege louie sanchez took part in four salts and say sanchez threw a soda at a woman, then later charge aid group of young giants fans, swung his fists
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at them, but missed. sanchez then allegedly attacked stow and his friends, later punching him from behind, knocking him to the glound. sanchez is accused of kicking stow in the head several times as he lay unconscious, police arrested sanchez and mark norwood both of reef yalto, and charged the pair in connection with this attack. the paramedic and father two of remains hospitalized alt san francisco general hospital tonight. >> a second victim died this afternoon after someone opened fire on him and a woman this morning. and this is this happened when the 25-year-olds waited in their car for the the driveway gate to open. and williams died later at the hospital. detectives believe the pair had no gang ties. richmond's iron triangle has been plagued by violence. >> there is no indication they
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were having any type of a life style that would bring them into that situation. >> i'm sure nobody else did, either. >> this morning's shooting brings the homicide total to 23 for the year. they were 21 for all of last year. >> a young woman from san ramone plunged to her death climbing down from the top of half dome in yosemite. the 25-year-old fell 600 feet yesterday, park rangers say she slipped on wet rock and the weather changed and couldn't be near the cables. there is a picture and we don't have have that for you. she's the 14th forn die so far this year. the average is five to six by the end of july. >> this is wet and slick. railly plummeted the cables and was on top of half dome.
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and this is when she was halfway down, she fell off of the cable. >> this is two years after a 40-year-old also of san ramone fell to his death. and also curing a rain and a hail storm. >> and cherished moments for an eager family. and the soldier returns after his first tour of duty in iraq. the home coming is just ahead. also... bay area musicians return from performing in iraq, getting too close to dangers there. >> it's not a heat wave but there is a warm up coming our way. i'll give you a look in the accu-weather forecast. >> and there is a how art is
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a year of waiting came to an end to an east bay family. he was spending last year in iraq. he flew 560 flight hours as a gunner. one of his last assignment was to help fly soldiers on their way home as part of the draw down of operations in iraq. >> a lot of installations were shutting down. we're taking guys to different
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bases so they can go home. taking personnel and equipment. >> like most soldiers, tommy is looking forward to a good home-cooked meal for mom and plans on taking a rest before going back to work and school. >> and bay area musicians returned from kuwait and iraq and they stopped by to tell bus the trip. they found themselves ducking for cover. >> we knew that this is dangerous. and this is in case someone shot at us. >> you went anyway? >> yes. >> this is it. >> i didn't realize that. >> it didn't seem that dangerous when we thought about going. >> yes. let's go play for troops. >> this guitarist with the band and singer song writer jamie kyle joined several famous rock entertainers to bring a little bit of home.
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>> these guys know these songs and its something. >> he's known for hits including love will find a way. and and bobby kimbell and the fan, chicago. >> there is some chicago hits. >> there is a wild ones, faith hill's first hit. they loved her. the danger became he a reality for performer autos just finished last hit. of what you're going to do when she says goodbye. as soon as we hit that, incoming!
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everybody, everybody on stage just jammed to get this down to flow. and. >> this is an adventure they'll never forget. >> this is amazing. >> cheryl jennings... >> yes. and had a great time, anyway. >> what an experience it's been. what a treat for those there. >> i'd like to have them here too,. >> love it. takes me back. >> several decades. >> thank you. thank you. >> and weather has been amazing today. we had sunny skies at the coast and inland. and there is is a live view right now in emeryville. there is some western sky. low clouds and fog pulled away
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at the coast this afternoon as evidenced this afternoon, look at it move away. result was sunny skies across the area and there is mild to warm inland. and there is no unusually high temperatures and there is 83 in antioch. those are the warmest readings at the moment. low 70s inland locations and low 70s to upper 80s and there is low 70s around the bay and 62 degrees here in san francisco. there are low clouds returning along the coast tonight z later tonight will be warmer inland tomorrow by a couple degrees. temperatures remaining below normal, low clouds and fog returning around the bay and along the coast. there are lows into familiar patterns mid to upper 50s and there is a trough in the jet
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stream, a pool of cool air to the north looks like goitsing to stay north meaning our temperatures inland will remound -- rebound tomorrow, starting to move into mid to upper 80s and there is some low clouds and fog and will burn back to the coastline during early part of the day tomorrow. by afternoon, we'll see a familiar summer pattern, clouds along the coast, sunny skies around the bay skpinland. -- and inland. high temperatures mid-60s to 70s around the bay, 80s to near 90s. and there is about 82 in los gatos, 79 in san jose. and mid-70s for the most part in other locations. 64 in half moon bay. still mild on the coast. 66 degrees downtown z 63 into sunset district tomorrow. north bay highs from mid 70s
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to mid-80s and there is near east bay highs ranging from low to mid-70s, and there is near monterey bay, low 70s near the bay and upper 80s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is temperatures dropping off a few degrees thursday, starting to bounce back friday and over the weekend. we'll see highs upper 80s, mid-70s around the bay. mid-60s on the coast. that is a nice stable pattern. >> thank you. >> and water everyone. another focus, also, a step in the right direction. how dance is helping transform
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water services expected to be restored tonight after this main break forced the water department to turn off services in diamond heights on amber drive and firefighters say the same main has been repaired earlier in the day. >> and teenagers in richmond's iron triangle have a place transforming. it's a community arts center. and don sanchez discovered what happened there is extraordinary.
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>> energy of hip-hop and grace of ballet. maybe a solo. they learn it all in this center. >> we don't preach to them. we just say we're here to build skills. >> for 30 years, jordan simmon has been the director where students face challenges. >> over four years, students put in more than 2000 hours. >> mostly what i like to do is sing. and dances are fun, too. this is a lot about myself, actually. >> it can bring change. >> i want to lurn as much as i can. and later on, i can move to another city like this. and teach kids there is hope for them. they can do more than what they think they can do.
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>> this is about engaging each other, making a commitment to the neighborhood. this performing arts center is a hidden treasure. and they have taken what was once a run down building with a leaky roof and mold and turned night a show place of opportunity. that is thanks to renovation. they'll showcase their best in a month-long series of performances and events in october n richmond abc 7 news. >> and lots of talent there. >> and there is a neighborhood pool becoming a scene of an emergency. just head, caring neighbors hailed as heroes tonight them rush to the rescue two of drowning people. >> giants fan brian stow hit from behind, then attacked more than once. what court documents revealed about the assault at dodger stadium and men accused of the beating. >> and also, pain of federal
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cuts, $2.4 trillion is being slashed.úp
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you can see
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we have an update for you on the amber alert we told you about during the beginning of our newscast. antioch police have released a picture of the suspect taken during a robbery at a barber shop. they say they this man abducted an employee. ford is african american, five four inches tall, 110 pounds, last seen wearing black jeans, a red coat and a kins -- kins reds baseball hat. they were seen in a stolen black gmc yukon with shiny rims. the license plate on the car is 4 way 944. the kidnapper was armed with a sawed off shotgun. if you can see the car, call
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police. also, our second breaking news story, we're keeping an eye on the brush fire we told but in fairfield now charred about 60 acres and this is about 50% to 70% contained. crews surrounded it well. you can see there is a lot of light smoke that. is encouraging sign. there are homes nearby, but no evacuations at this point. the weather is helping a little bit and traffic is still moving. >> and four murders in less than two days in oakland and a dozen shootings there since thursday. violence is becoming too familiar for people who live there. police are promising help with an end of summer crime reduction team. >> this is 24 of the 80 police officers who were laid off last year were reinstated under a new city budge skbrit began retraining today. that is just in time for this
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spike in shootings here in oakland. residents wonder if anyone cares. >> start giving up your white folks kids, they'll do something out here this, is crazy. >> for mothers this is an all-too familiar scene. yellow tape covering the streets, yellow sheets covering up their children. and coroner vans driving them away. >> every time i turn around, there is something. >> this is what residents witnessed today. there is a young man, shot dead at 10:30 in the morning. it's the fourth murder in less than 72 hours. and this started with two nonfatal shootings, then, two more on saturday. including a 16-year-old boy,
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shot dead z two more murders over just 13 minutes, one of them is a woman who just celebrated her 26th birthday. >> this is you know he wasn't having trouble. >> this 16-year-old was visiting his grandmother, standing outside of her apartment saturday night when he was killed. his brother murdered last year. >> it doesn't appear they're connect bud what we're finding is what we're hearing is that a lot of the younger residents in oakland are very much armed with gun autos police hope 24 believeusly laid off officer who's will hit the streets this weekend will make a difference. residents say something has to change because they can't go on living like this. >> this is daylight what. is wrong with these people? they're killing our children out here. >> and after this weekend's violence, the murder rate here is up nearly 40% compared to this time last year z oakland
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is down to just nine homicide investigators. it's a sign of how needed these officers are. they'll bee begin patrolling on saturday. >> and for the second time in a week, crews had to respond to a near drowning in a pool. and for the second time, good samaritans got involved thchl afternoon's incident -- dent occurred on a apartment complex. witnesses say he was playing with his granddaughter and something caused them to end up underwater several minutes. and the little girl rescued by a young hero. a 9-year-old child pushed the little girl to the side of the pool to people can pull her out. >> and the little girl is now alert.
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the elderly man remains hospitalized. >> and back to washington now. a tension shifts towards the senate. the house voted to pass that bill via 269 to 161 votes tonight. the vote just a day before the government hit its credit limit. the bill expected to pass and not everyone is feeling optimistic about it. >> i never count my votes until they're cast. >> cuts and initiatives and education of the children and water, food safety. you name it from that one red cent. >> the bill raising the debt keeling and would cut spending by more than a trillion over the next owe year autos and if this deal was unpopular, there was applause on the house floor as lawmakers cheered a surprise return of congress
6:35 pm
woman gabrielle giffords. she came in through a door. many colleagues were focused on vote count. she voted yes this, was her first time back in the house since january. she was shot in the head while meeting with constituents in tucson. giffords has been undergoing rehabilitation and stayed out of the public eye until now. >> and quite a scene there this, afternoon's vote is not the end of budget wrangling. there is more debate coming to pin down $2.4 trillion in spending cuts. where, and how cuts will be made. >> this defense department is going to be among the first, once the president signed a condition troll act, $1 trillion in cuts will be triggered. $350 billion coming from defense. >> this is a sizeable chunk but only about a half of 1% of defense spending across krek
6:36 pm
dek yaids cuts would be stretched out. >> cory is an expert in defense budgets and a research fellow at hoover institution. she thinks retirement benefits might be modified to save money. then, deeper cuts totalling $1.4 trillion made by a 12-member commission before the end of the year. >> if you don't get an agreement on the $1.4 trillion second chance, that is another $600 billion. and that starts to be real money. places where you talk about having to cut divisions out of the army and carry them. >> this could target payments. rail funding has been granted but future highway and transportation projects might not get money. >> there is this backlog prof jekts in the nation. that keep us from being competitive internationally,
6:37 pm
getting foam work in the marketplace is the key to being competitive. we're lagging way behind the rest of the world in terms of those characteristics, now. >> anyone wanting a list of the federal program and service cuts will have to be patient and this commission has until thanksgiving to get the work dub done. >> and a seventh day of decline on wall street makes it the longest losing streak in more than a year z dow jones closed down nearly 11 points. s and p 500 lost five. numbers released today show construction spending up two-tenths of a percent yechblt the third month of increases and say builders began work on shopping centers and hotels and housing construction declined an over all activity remains at depressed levels. and global chip levels full
6:38 pm
fel and the industry association reports world wide sales totalled $24.7 billion. a year to year decline of.4%. >> still ahead, so called smart traffic signals graduate to a new level. >> one city topped lights at some busiest intersections to figure out who is crossing the street and how much time they'll need. medicare. it doesn't cover everything.
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series video helping police put together a case against a robbery suspect. police release that had video today and you can see a woman walking to the intersection and a man violently snatching her cell phone from her hand. police say the cab driver saw it go down two weeks ago. and there is when he got the victim into the cab, following the suspect. and he's being raised by quick thinking by police. >> and riding a bike should be safer in one city because of new smarter traffic signals. abc 7 has more on what could be a trend setting change in the city. >> big wide intersections like the ones along foot hill boulevard can be dangerous on a wik. >> one of the main complaints we had is that they'd get green and start pedaling and
6:42 pm
see it turn yellow, then red. >> this is quite a few times. >> this cyclist knows this problem all too well. owe so called smart lights that are just too doum notice a bicycle. sometimes, they turn red quickly. other times never turning green. >> i'll just go hit the crosswalk and wait for that to go. >> and in pleasanton that changed. >> this just comes into the detection area. >> they call it intersector. looks like a big radar gun next to a traffic light. it fires microwaves. when they bounce back, you can tell if it's looking at a car, or bicycle. >> once it does that, it can then tell traffic controllers there is a bicycle here z provide extra time it needs. >> on this screen, black numbers are cars, number 22 is a bike. >> computer will ghaif bike 10 seconds to cross the intersection. if there is no bike it speeds
6:43 pm
up traffic lights to get more cars through. >> it's going to make this work better and improves the road for bicyclists and driver autos the coalition is thrilled at this first, and hopes it won't be the last. >> we'd thereof see this technology used in other cities and it's great to see pleasanton taking the lead. >> in addition to the intersections here, they're already installed pleasanton officials say from now on, every new traffic light will come with a bicycle detector n pleasanton, abc 7 news. >> and wow. and still ahead, giants aren't the only baseball champs in the bay area. a team is also a national champion despite challenges. stay with ususususususususususus
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san francisco has 12 permanent community ambassadors to help address safety issues on muni, helping translate safety information for nonenglish speaking riders and ride rails to report criminal activity and dmot carry weapon buzz do have cell phones in case they need to call for help. this morning, san man mayor announced the program will be a permanent part of the system thanks to corporate grants.
6:47 pm
>> and there is a group of players chasing a series title, hoping to win without benefit of eye sight. this is a batting practice for members of the west coast dogs. one phrase you won't hear is keep your eye on the ball. the dogs are one of the nation's premier baseball teams made up of blind, and vision-impaired players. you'll hear a beeper hidden in balls. and blind playing by ear can be a learning curve. >> this die fenders fielded
6:48 pm
the ball before a runner reaches the base. and says there is plenty of action. >> people think of baseball as being a slower sport. and this is in many ways a game of timing. before the play is over, you distract defense. >> people will scream when they're not supposed to. they'll be told. and there is eric is an original team member. >> there is maybe two, three dynasties in baseball. we're one of them. >> now, blind molds in place there are sights set on yet
6:49 pm
another championship. and there are links on our web site. >> and we couldn't do that. >> and we're talking about this difficulties in that. >> this is incredible. >> that is an amazing story. i'm going to watch that again, take a look at what's happening nationally. just a relentless heat wave. and there is deadly heat into last couple weeks, high temperatures 108 in phoenix. 107 in dallas z area from basically new mexico across northern texas, oklahoma into arkansas temperatures could reach 110 degrees tomorrow. and there is about a third of the nation continues to bake
6:50 pm
under this heat wave. across california tomorrow, temperatures into 90s up to 100 throughout the central valley 87 in los angeles. and there is warm and not hot conditions, 80s inland locations and 70s around the bay. and here is the accu-weather forecast. there is pattern with us throughout the next several days, and generally mid to upper 80s inland. mid-60s on the coast. at the moment there is no noticeable marine layer. the coast is clear. >> lovely. >> thank you. >> and just ahead... good news for san francisco 49ers and frank gore reports to c
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join me tonight at 9:00, coming up, they're calling it the high seas. a huge haul of cocaine intercepted. why the coast guard considers this a milestone. >> and then at 11:00 lawmakers agree that beer and caffeine
6:54 pm
don't mix but final say is up to the governor. his decision is coming up later this evening. >> and now, time for sports. >> yes. larry beil is here. >> talking 49er football. and there is best news so far may be they're getting frank gore back. and there is a is he'd like more, and the niners have apparently agreed to discuss a contract extension. the heart and soul of the offense, niners probably wary of committing huge long-term dollars to a running back but will be good to have him back. raiders have come up with big bucks for linebacker cameron wimbley. and the deal does commit a lot of money to wimbley but frees up cap space. and there is randy moss
6:55 pm
retired today, scoring 153 touchdowns. fifth all-time. at his best he had blazing speed. and could destroy defenses, worst, lazy disinterested distraction who quit on the field. and last southbound, a low point, playing for three different teams and scored only five touchdowns. local college football season almost upon us. cal and stanford now a part of the pack 12. college football sarn the corner, today in san francisco local head coaches gave us a preview. and went to his first losing season, can't wait to go back to work. >> there is time to talk about it.
6:56 pm
and now, it's time to perform. just can't wait to get work. >> across the bay, last year's coordinator takes over at stanford. >> there is a way we have to pait and so... i think we're in a good position now. >> the quarterback is the top candidate to win this year's highs man. >> this is a competitive son of a gun. he is. i went through and he shrugged it off. >> stanford opens with san jose state. >> this workout was better attended. young men knew what we're doing and play calling. last year he they didn't know what to expect. >> camp opens this week with
6:57 pm
college season kicking off september 3. in san francisco, mike shumann, abc 7 sports. >> and there is giants looking to get back on track and without freddy chan says, second baseman dislocated his shoulder on this play. the hope is that he could return with rest, that is not working. he needs surnlry. done for the year, hopefully will be healthy again but that is why giants acquired orlando cabrerra. >> that is a shame. >> too bad. >> and that is going to do it for us. i'm cheryl jennings and i'm carolyn johnson. have a good evening, we'll see you back here at 9:00 and 11:00.
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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. this is the "jeopardy!" college championship. here are today's contestants-- a senior from u.c.l.a. from elk grove, california... a junior from the university of notre dame from murrysville, pennsylvania... and a seniorrom the university of pennsylvania from saratoga, cifornia... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- alex trebek!


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