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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  August 4, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning. i'm amy hollyfield live in the newsroom. we have a massive ground turkey recall to tell you about this morning. it's being called one of the largest meat recalls in history. >> also this morning, a boat collision near brisbane leaves one man dead. police are asking for witnesses to come forward to determine what happened. >> there is a live look from downtown san francisco. notice the flag. yeah, the breezes are gusty this morning. bringing drizzle in our morning commute. cooler temperatures in your forecast. >> good morning, happy thursday. i'm sue hall in the abc7 traffic center. we have first report of an accident in san jose. overnight roadwork we'll help you to avoid coming up. >> a report this morning says 48 muni operators are still on the job, even though they don't have a commercial driver's license.
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muni says it's just weeks away from a plan to fire them. thursday at 4:30. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. we begin with a recall of possibly contaminated meat that many of us may have in our fridges right now. car gil meat company recalling 36 million pounds of turkey because it may be tainted with a dangerous bacteria. amy hollyfield is covering the story for us in the newsroom. >> reporter: the one person who has died from the outbreak lived in sacramento. and one illness has been reported in san francisco. illnesses have been reported in 26 states, dating back to march. the minnesota based company cargill says it's recalling the meat voluntarily after conducting its own internal investigation. this is called one of the largest meat recalls ever. government officials say that even contaminated ground turkey is safe to eat, if it's cooked to 165 degrees. the fda recommends you cook it for ten minutes. make sure to wash your hands
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to keep from getting sick. >> the most vulnerable people are the very old, the very young, and imunocompromised people and pregnant females. >> reporter: cargill is pulling all ground turkey processed at the arkansas plant between february and august. sold under a variety of brands, safeway, cargill honeysickle white, fit and active, riverside and kroger. the turkey was sold at safeway, winco, kroger, food for less, foods company and all of the packages include the code estp-963. on the label. cargill says it won't be making ground turkey at the sprint hill plant until the company can figure out the source of the contamination. live in the newsroom, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> all right, amy. thanks a lot. police in brisbane are investigating an accident that killed a fisherman when two boats collided in san
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francisco bay. a father and his 30-year-old son aboard a dinghy when it was hit by a 46-foot power boat yesterday afternoon. the fishing boat capsized, thrown both men in the bay off sierra point. the son was trapped underneath the boat and had to be pulled from the water by rescuers. he did not survive. >> that guy was doing cpr to try to get him back alive and stuff. another boat came in and they had another person. but he was alive and stuff. moving around. he looked banged up. >> officials say the father is in good condition. brisbane police say the larger power boat may not have seen the smaller boat and remained on the scene after notifying authorities. 4:33. the el dorado county district attorney says phillip garrido told prosecutors he abducted at least three other people long before he kidnapped and held jaycee dugard captive for 18 years. garrido told them one was from the bay area, two from the reno-carson city area.
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garrido said he didn't kill them. garrido denied any involvement in the 1988 kidnapping of garrett in hayward. yesterday, state senator ted gains and the d.a. pearson led a forum in sacramento looking at family by the state and federal parole system to recognize the danger that phillip garrido imposed. gains is going to introduce a measure to give previous crimes more weight compared to psychological evaluations. the california lawmaker wanted an inside look at napa state hospital. yesterday, state assemblyman michael allen took an eight-hour tour investigating reports of often violent environment that threatens the safety of workers. as abc7's leslie reports allen says he understands why employees are afraid to come to work. >> i observed an attack, a patient attacked another and five of the staff had to go in and intervene to bring the person down and medicate
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them. >> assemblyman allen was a former tech himself about he wasn't so much shocked as impressed. >> i want a varnished look at what is going on at the hospital. i saw that you had staff and dealing with the situations where they simply don't have enough help to get the job done. >> there have been 800 staff injuries here in the last two years, including the worker of worker donna gross last october by patient massey who just sentenced to 25 years to life in prison earlier in week. but the assault continue. patients attacking staff and each other just the other night. now the state hospital say they welcome allen's visit to witness the quality of care and service our staff provides and better understand the complexities of the hospital. >> there was a swarm of hospital police officers that followed him. i was thinking to myself, gosh, i wish they would respond as quick when we have an incident on our unit. >> assemblyman allen says
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solution here is take tens of millions of dollars allocated for overtime and use it to hire more regular staff. >> there is also money in the new state budget to hire more hospital police and put in a new alarm system that has not materialized here. >> i'm having a hearing in sacramento august 23 to find out what cal osha said and try to get answers. >> in napa, leslie brinkley. san francisco muni officials say they are weeks away from a plan to fire up to 48 muni drivers who are still working without the required commercial driver's license. the "san francisco examiner" report that some of the muni operators have been without a valid license for two years. despite the threat of termination, none have been fired. the new muni contract imposed in june gives the transit agency much more leeway in the issue. of the 48 operators without licenses some have let them lapse, some have let them
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suspend and others involved medical clearance issues. this morning, san jose state university says 100 returning students who were bumped from dorms because of overcrowding are offered accommodations as a resort style hotel. the media partner, "san jose mercury news" reports the san jose state upper classman will have the option to stay at the clarion hotel, three miles from the downtown campus. the hotel has a pool, hot tub, spa, cable tv and weekly maid service. last month, some students were sent letters saying the university had a higher than anticipated demand for on-campus housing and they will be housed in a hotel. not the freshman. they want the freshmen on campus to keep better track of them. >> you bet. when i was in college, my next door neighbors in the dorm put up their own panelling and hammocks in the room completely altering the architecture. i don't think the hotel would like that. >> you don't think so? but you might like the weather if you like damp and drizzly. >> the drizzle is out there.
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if you washed the car in the last couple of days, it is going to get dirty depending where you are. good morning. you can see the ripple in the atmosphere and how the jet stream is sinking down and bringing low pressure and cooler weather with it in the neighborhood. look at the winds. you expect it in fairfield, gusting up to 31. looking up to concord, gusting to 32 miles per hour this morning. sfo is up to 14. yesterday was almost calm. northwest at 12. half moon bay. you can definitely see the surge of sea breeze in the cooler air brings with it. moving in our neighborhoods. the temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s to low 60s around mountain view and san jose. as we head to the afternoon hours, one to six degrees cooler yesterday with near 60 at half moon bay. mid-to-upper 60, san francisco, richmond, san mateo. low to mid-70s for the rest of the bay shore, south bay and north bay valley. low 80s to east bay valley. around the monterey bay, temperatures stuck in 60s.
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heading inland, 73 in hollister. we may make 80 in morgan hill. the coolest day in the forecast. four degrees warmer tomorrow. temperatures will be pretty close to where they are tomorrow. saturday and sunday. a small warming trend early next week. good morning, sue. you have an update? >> we do. good morning. we're going to san jose first with reports of an accident. 101 at 880. possibly blocking a lane of traffic there. it doesn't look like it's affect i affecting your traffic. look at the overnight roadwork. the north pedro off-ramp. fruetes parkway onramp is closed until 6:00 due to roadwork. southbound 680, drive to the junction moving at the limit. be forewarned of roadwork in that area. sycamore valley road to stone valley road. accosta, they should have it picked up by 6:00, too. >> thanks a lot. still ahead -- eating healthy. why a lot of families say they can't do it.
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the perfect amount of soap, and kills 99.9% of bacteria, helping to stop the spread of bacteria all over your home. for healthy tips and more, visit good morning. 4:42. do you remember at this time yesterday, what mike was telling us? not that this is a pop quiz, but he said drizzle, drizzle. we have it going on. we talk to mike whether we'll see the sun in san francisco or the coast today and check in with sue to see how the commute is doing so far this morning. coming up. eating healthier could cost you big bucks. new study says the food guidelines are cost prohibitive. it calls on americans to eat
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ca callum, vitamin "d" and fiber. but many foods rich in those are expensive so it could make it difficult for americans to meet nutritional guidelines. researchers say the people who spend the least for food has lowest nutritional influence. advanced global cyber threat targeting 72 businesses and agencies. computer security experts at the mcafee corporation say the audacity of the perpetrators survived even then. abc7's karina rusk has details. >> reporter: mcafee identified 72 organizations, businesses and government agencies that have had their computer systems hacked and information stolen. the cyber security bust is dub operation shady rat and identified 49 victims in the u.s., including government agency and 13 defense contractors. other than naming the united
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nations and international olympic committee, mcafee does not identify the victims, instead referring them to u.s. government agency number one and defense contractor number three. the length of infiltration lasted months to years. they're not naming the prime suspect but based on recent cases like a we2009 attack on google, the logical culprit is china. mcafee's gary davis says they believe the responsible for the hacking is operated by nation state. country with resources and patience to launch a long-term coordinated attack. the santa clara firm is working with the federal government and other hacking victims but admits it's almost impossible to stop determined cyber thieves. >> there is nothing to say there is a silver bullet to
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do one thing or best practice because the nature of this is they are trying to find new ways to get information. >> in san jose, karina rusk, abc7 news. >> 4:45 now. coming up, the plan unveil today aimed at creating up to 100,000 jobs. >> also, the economic boom one east bay city is experiencing. see what makes it so different. >> plus, an 8-year-old boy who helped save a 3-year-old is honored for his action. next, why he is giving his mom credit. >> best news i heard all morning. can eating chocolate build muscle? researchers at the university of california 3q my name is ashley. i was using cascade actionpacs. they just didn't have that brilliant shine. when i took the finish challenge, i could tell there was a difference.
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lysol no mess automatic toilet bowl cleaner cleans your toilet and freshens your bathroom with every flush. so it's always at its freshest. welcome back. 4:47. blistering, dangerously hot in the midwest and southwest. it looks like it's cooling off in other areas. chicago is 82. boston, 72. upper 70s for seattle and portland. still 112 in phoenix. we do have flight delays,
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but they are in to philadelphia. the flight arrival delays. all other airports are on time. check out the flight tracker. anytime you travel, kristen? >> all right, mike. thanks a lot. 4:48 right now. the chairman of the federal communications commission and the coalition of several call center companies are set to announce a major hiring commitment today. the coalition plans to hire 100,000 call center employees in the u.s. in the next two years with some jobs returning from overseas. the chairman says improvement in broadband availability are making the new jobs possible. the new call center is being built in southern indiana where 175 positions will be added. the coalition called jobs for america includes sprint, nextel corporation and the non-profit american teleservices association. remember the days when bay area cities had large budget surpluses and growing economies? well, city leaders in the east bay town of brentwood say it's exactly what they
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are going through now, despite the recession. abc7's laura anthony is in brentwood with the story. >> despite having the ten-year housing boom halted by the bad economy, brentwood are in a financial position most other cities would envy. greenwood is the director of the economic development. he points to the new 28 million city hall project of one example of the relative wealth his community enjoys. >> we have a 30% budget surplus, one of the few cities to have that. we kept the permit counter open. >> greenwood credits taxes from the store streets of brentwood shopping center, which is 95% leased. there is revenue generated by new companies that recently moved to town. like tactical command industries. the company which makes head sets for police and the military brought with it 50 new jobs. jobner health has 110,000
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square foot outpatient campus in brentwood with more than 300 employees. brentwood has had the share of struggles, too. city wide, commercial vacancy rate is 20%. the current budget surplus can be attributed at least in part to the dismissal three years ago of 30 employees. or 13% of city staff. 9.8% brentwood unemployment rate is lower than contra costa county as a whole. but its foreclosure rate, one in 76 homes in june of this year is higher than surrounding communities like antioch. in brentwood, laura anthony, abc7 news. . a young boy is honored a as hero for his action at a pool on monday. the 8-year-old was presented with a plaque and treated to a ride on a san jose fire truck yesterday. he is being rewarded for jumping in a pool at an apartment complex to help save a 3-year-old girl who was drowning with her grand far.
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>> i wasn't scared. i just jumped in. >> he pushed the little girl to safety as the two neighbors helped her grandfather. the neighbors pumped on the girl and grandfather's chest until paramedics arrived. the little girl is doing fine. we're told the grandfather is hospitalized in serious condition but definitely jumped in to save a life. he said he wanted to be a software engineer when he grows up but there is a job on the fire department. >> riding on the fire truck could have changed his mind. every little guy's dream. >> this morning, remember the wind shield wipers may need action. >> grab the steering wheel with both hands. breezy this morning. coming up on 4:52. we have temperatures running mild with the cloud cover. mid-to-upper 50s in all neighborhood. 56 in mountain view.
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we have a thick cloud deck and drizzle. temperatures in the upper 50s to 60. in watsonville. more clouds, breezy and cooler today. cloudy and drizzle tonight. cooler afternoon through the weekend. still trying to hold on to the warming trend next week. today, look at the cloud cover and how extensive is it. in the central valley. pulling back. not until 2:00 or 3:00. we may see clouds most of the bay, to the east bay shore in the afternoon hours. 50s along the coast. 60s and 70s dominate most neighborhood. the forecast should have a spring cleaning of 90s. we are one to six degrees cooler than yesterday and ten degrees cooler than where we should be for august 4. low to mid-70s. average high in san jose is 83 degrees. you will make 74. good nine degrees below average. mid-to-upper 60s in millbrae, san mateo. low 70s for the rest of the peninsula.
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head to south bay, you may hit 76 in los altos. pacifica is stuck in the upper 50s. along with daly city. mid-60s for downtown south san francisco. saucelito. low to mid-70s through most of the north bay valley. you could hit 76 and 77. upper 50s at the beaches. hercules, castro valley, union city and fremont, try to make a run at 70 degrees. check out how mild in east bay valley. at practice everybody talked about how cool it was. the practice was in the 60s already at 7:00 out here. temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s this afternoon. 73 at hollister. mid-to-upper 60s around the monterey bay. heading around the state, the cool weather moves to san francisco. 86. chico, 89. tahoe is cooler at 76. yosemite 89 with sunshine. fresno out of the 100s.
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110 in palm springs. 83 in l.a. got a game in town. it doesn't get easier. we salvaged one game with the diamondbacks and phillies. one of the best teams in the league is coming in. look at the record. 71-39. it will be cool and breezy. 59 dropping to 56. 7:15, the first pitch at at&t park. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- morning clouds, afternoon sunshine tomorrow, saturday and sunday. slightly warmer than today. more sunshine, monday, tuesday, wednesday. temperatures will still be below average. >> good morning. if you get out on the roads this morning, we have good news in san jose. earlier accident. southbound 880 at highway 101 has been cleared out of the lanes. no slowing there. take a look at the san mateo bridge commute as you head from hayward to foster city. very light. i will tell you roadwork on the hayward side. 880 northbound. the ramp to eastbound 92. that direction is closed due
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to roadwork. look at the golden gate bridge. southbound, we have been talking about the fog on the coast. you need windshield wipers across the golden gate bridge to san francisco. before you leave the house, click on the bay area traffic on the left side of your computer screen. eric, kristen? >> sue, thank you very much. 4:55. we are getting a detailed look at the 49ers prose proposed santa clara stadium. it features a grand entrance terrace, glassed in food court and seating that brings fan closer to the field. the designer say it will be a wi-fi paradise. >> what can i look at with the replay or the food. >> the niners want the stadium ready to go for the 2015 football season but questions about funding are unanswered. santa clara voters passed a measure last year providing $114 million in public
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funds. there is opposition to the expenditure. kizer is looking to -- kizer is looking to sell lipitor over the counter. the fda so far resisted allowing companies to sell clost ral medication over -- cholesterol medications over the county but they may consider pfizer's proposal. the drug-maker would have to show that people can monitor their use of the drug without doctor's oversight. you can't replace the energy bar with a candy bar yet, but there is a connection between chocolate and building muscle. researchers at u.c. san diego found giving mice purified form of the main ingredient in dark chocolate developed increase muscle response, even without exercise. scientists aren't sure if the effect is the same for all people. chocolate that isn't in liquid form doesn't contain
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the ingredient. >> it's working to get to the chocolate. >> the workout we can get behind. 4:57 now. coming up on abc7 news at 5:00, the warning airport officials are giving to travelers as dispute in congress keeps the faa shut down. >> health officials track down the source of salmonella tainted turkey. next, what you need to know to keep you and your family safe.
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