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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 4, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. and breaking now, tropical storm emily, wreaking havoc just off our shores. thousands in its path in an already ravaged haiti. is emily now headed here? and the deadly heat melting air conditioners and sending hundreds to hospitals all across the country. ten hours of terror. the teenage heiress attacked by a masked man breaking into her home. he put a suspected bomb around her neck. her father speaks out this morning. risque on the runway. look at this ad. how provocative should preteens be posing for fashion? meet the 10-year-old supermodel. is this too sexy too young? and we take you to our extreme campsite on the edge of the earth. on top of the world and into the deep blue for the experience of
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a lifetime. ♪ ice, ice baby and our "ice, ice baby" is cameron mathison. that's one way to cool off. >> boy, that sure is. and we could use it in so much of the south right now. so hot -- going off camera so much. 111 degrees in memphis right now. boy, dallas has had 33 days straight over 100 degrees. and it's getting so dangerous right now. air conditioners are breaking down. the risk of heatstroke has gone way up. so many are heading to the beach because it's so hot. but you don't want to do this. this is a teenager buried alive on the beach. lifeguards and paramedics rushing to dig him out. how the sand collapsed all around him. >> completely around him. he was completely buried. it took 27 minutes to get him out. we'll have more on that coming up. also, going to get into the
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new troubles for baseball star, alex rodriguez.. just days off the disabled list. baseball is investigating him for possible illegal gambling saying he was part of that underground poker game including tobey maguire, matt damon. >> going to have a little chat with him. good morning, josh. the top stories that are developing. good morning, josh. >> good morning, robin. very busy morning. let's get right to it. we begin with one of the largest meat recalls in u.s. history. cargill is recalling some 36 million pounds of ground turkey that may be the source of a salmonella outbreak blamed for 1 death and the sickening of nearly 80 others nationwide. e turkey was produced in arkansas between february 20th and august 2nd. it has this code on the label, est. p-963 and was sold under brand names including honeysuckle white, shady brook farms, kroger and safeway. the other big story, tropical storm emily, now barreling through the caribbean at this hour, with haiti in its
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crosshairs. it's a country where thousands of earthquake survivors still live outside in camps, virtually unprotected from the elements. abc's matt gutman is in port-au-prince with the very latest. matt, good morning. >> reporter: josh, about 25,000 and in just a couple of hours there are going to be 6 to 12 inches of rain. the entire place will look like this, with mud so thick it sticks to absolutely everything. aid organizations have been building these canals to try to channel the water out of here. they've also been raising red flags to alert people that there is significant danger here. but most people don't have anywhere to go and can't go anywhere. josh? >> matt gutman in haiti. thank you. and so, the question, will emily make landfall here? let's check in with sam. >> hey, josh. we're going to use this color-enhanced satellite picture to show you what's going on with the storm. the bright red are the colder, higher cloud tops where the heavy rain is involved here. there is an area of high pressure sitting in the atlantic right there. it forms a fence, basically,
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that has not allowed emily to join the hurricane center's path. so, it is sitting down here and will sit in this area. there will be a weakness in that path, probably in that border, in that fence, a little bit later today that will allow emily to take a path more to the northwest, we believe. that's all that heavy rain going right over haiti. this could be up to 20 inches of rain in the mountains by the time we get that storm to finally move out of the way. here's the hurricane center's path. but remember, this has not joined that path yet. it is not following their path. and that would put it someplace off miami by about sunday morningishsh we'll have to watch this storm very closely because it's not behaving as expected. josh? >> you'll be doing that all morning long. thank k u, sam. a tour bus heading from niagara falls to new jersey crashed and overturned in upstate new york wednesday, injuring dozens, four seriously. police say speed and wet road conditions were factors. it's now the fourth serious tour bus crash this year in the northeast. more than 70 suspects have been charged in 1 of the largest international child pornography rings ever. authorities say that members
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were forced to continue producing explicit photos and videos to remain part of the group. 20 more suspects are being sought. this labor day will mark the end of an era. jerry lewis will not appear at this year's mda telethon. the muscular dystrophy association says lewis is no longer its chairman. it's not giving a reason for the change. lewis has helped to raise more than $2 billion since he began hosting the telethon in 1966. and finally, more on that dramatic rescue in newport beach, california, when a teenager became buried alive in sand. he dug a hole on the beach about seven feet deep. and the walls caved in on top of him. lifeguards frantically started to dig. but took 27 minutes for firefighters to finally free him. the 17-year-old described the ordeal, saying he just passed out. >> i thought i was going to die. wondering how i lived through
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that because i can't even tell if anybody heard me screaming help. the helplessness you feel when you're under the ground, it's like you think you could just pull yourself out. but you can't because it's so heavy. >> again, the young man is okay. but, guys, firefighters say they do train for these sorts of incidents. >> i remember when dr. richard besser had that report and cautioned people about doing that, burying yourself in the sand. >> thank goodness he is okay, though. we'll turn to that standoff in washingtotothat's having an impact on every airport in the country. for weeks the faa has been partially shut down because congress couldn't agree on its budget. so, now, thousands of workers aren't getting paid and thousands of others could lose their jobs. and congress has left town without solving the problem. abc's jon karl is at national airport right now. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. this standoff has already cost the faa $300 million. but the only people who can fix it are now on vacation. thanks to inaction by congress, more than 200 airport construction projects have ground to a halt.
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leaving 4,000 faa employees and some 70,000 construction workers out of their jobs. >> everybody wants to play hardball. and hardball hurt us. >> reporter: 40 airport safety inspectoto are even being asked to work without pay and to pay their own travel expenses. for the second day in a row, president obama pleaded with congress to end the impasse. >> so, this is a lose-lose-lose situation that can easily be solved if congress gets back into town and does its job. >> reporter: i caught up with the republican house transportation secretary, john mica, on the phone as he was leaving town. how can you leave town without this issue being resolved? >> last time i checked, i didn't have a vote in the u.s. senate. >> reporter: what's the holdup? congress is considering cutting a program that subsidizes flights to small, rural airports. >> it's the issue of hostage-taking. it's as if someone puts a gun to your head and says give me your money.
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and you say, why won't you give them their money? >> reporter: the republican cut would save $ $ million a year. but thanks to the standoff, the government is losing nearly $30 million a day because it is no longer collecting fees c crged each and every airline ticket. if congress doesn't fix this until they get back from vacation in september, the faa will be out $1.3 billion. only ones benefiting here are the airlines. most of them are simply pocketing the money normally collected by the faa. now, three smaller airlines have decided not to keep the extra cash. one of thosesealaska airlines, passing the savings on to their customers, has seen their bookings increase by 26% since this mess began. george? >> okay, jon. thanks very much. >> it is a real mess. all right. now, to yankee superstar alex rodriguez, under investigation by major league baseball for possibly taking part in high-stakes, underground poker games. now, no one is saying that he broke the law here. but he could be sanctioned by major league baseball.
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and abc's john berman has more on, well, a-rod's latest troubles. >> that's right. good morning, robin. you know, normally being mentioned in the same breath as tobey maguire is a good thing. but for baseball star alex rodriguez it could be trouble. perhaps even enough to get him suspended from baseball. yankee slugger alex rodriguez likes huge home runs and cuddles with sometimes-girlfriend cameron diaz and reportedly high-stakes underground poker. major league baseball is investigating reports first published by radaronline that a-rod was present at secretive poker games in california, including one where cocaine was openly used and a fight nearly broke out when one of the players refused to pay after losing more than $500,000. some of these roving games around beverer hills allegedly included stars like tobey maguire.
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"star" magazine reporter dylan howard alleges they were meant to be top-secret. >> these players would go to these venues, knock on the door, have to say a password and be allowed to go in. >> reporter: maguire's publicist has not commented. but what's wrong with alex rodriguez potentially palling around with spider-man? baseball has told a-rod to stay away from poker. it happened more than five years ago when he was first connected to gambling. no one is alleging that a-rod bet on baseball, an act that earned pete rose a lifetime suspension. but the league feels contact with gamblers is a slippery slope. we take this very seriously and have b bn investigating this matter since the initial allegation, says the league. as part of the investigation, the commissioner's office will interview mr. rodriguez. what's more, alex rodriguez never seems far from trouble. two years ago, he admitted to espn he had taken steroids. >> i'm guilty for a lot of things.
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i'm guilty for being negligent, naive, not asking all the right questions. >> i reached out to representatives for rodriguez overnight. they would not comment on the investigation, though they have denied in the past he was playing in these poker games. there are reports baseball is just plain frustrated with a-rod. the commissioner will meet with him. and reports say, if they prove he did play in these games, he could face suspension. robin? >> he's about t come off the d.l., disabled list. so, probably will face questions. >> the knee is the least of his problems. >> okay, thank you. new details on the story we brought you yesterday. d.b. cooper, we broke it here. the fbi now tracking down new leads to confirm the claims of marla cooper, who told us that the man behind the only unsolved hijacking in u.s. history was her uncle. abc's pierre thomas secured that exclusive interview. and he's back in oklahoma city this morning. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: hi, george. this morning, we have more insight into why the fbi thinks marla cooper is credible. it's all about the legendary
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hijacker's profile. marla cooper's mother, grace haley, believes her daughter right to suspect her uncle, l.d. cooper, of being the iconic suspect who pulled off the only unsolved hijacking in u.s. history. >> i've always had that feeling, just a gut feeling, that it was l.d. >> reporter: hailey says he grew up in sisters, oregon, and was familiar with the area where the hijacker jumped. he was a logger, an outdoorsman, tough enough, she believes, to jump out of a plane into the wilderness. >> i think a man who is willing to jump out of an airplane in the middle of an ice storm over a forest doesn't have his wits about him. >> reporter: but that's exactly what dan cooper did after saying he had a bomb and demanding $200,000 and a parachute on thanksgiving eve 1971. the fbi's investigating what it describes as marla cooper's credible claims, in part because much of what she has said about her uncle fits their profile of
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the hijacker. agents believe the hijacker had a military background. cooper says her uncle was a korean war veteran. they thought dan cooper was familiar with the pacific northwest. marla's uncle lived in oregon. and the fbi suspects the hijacker took his name, dan cooper, from this 1960s french comic book. >> and had the "dan cooper" comic books thumbtacked to the wall. >> reporter: what made marla cooper and her mother most suspicious was how l.d. cooper soon vanished from their lives. >> i definitely think it was strange he disappeared like that. >> reporter: and while marla cooper is revealing what she believes could be her family's darkest secret, she does not believe her uncle was a monster. >> i don't think he was an evil person. i think he did a really terrible thing. and i think he regretted it. >> reporter: marla cooper speaks with conviction. but is she right? the fbi has spent months trying to find out. and they say their work will continue until thehevidence allows them to say, case closed. george?
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>> one way or the other. okay, pierre thomas. thanks very much. >> probably not going to stop until they're able to say that. all right, george. now, to that oppressive heat dome baking 165 million americans this morning. triple-digit temperatures all over the south and texas. abc's ryan owens is there still in sweltering dallas. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, robin. as you well know, down here in texas, we know a little something about hot summers. but this one is really different. it was 109 here yesterday. supposed to be 108 today. and the seven-day forecast will really make you sweat. more than half the u.s. population in 15 states is now sweatingngt out. in arkansas, 115 unbearable degrees. in memphis, 111. in 92-year-old amy johnson's bedroom in dallas, temperatures of more than 106. the heat has gone from simply depressing to downright deadly.
7:15 am
calls to emergency rooms are pouring in. more than 100 dead nationwide. just this week, two, young football players in georgia, d.j. searcy and forrest jones, died from heat exposure. 16-year-old jones collapsed moments after practice. >> he was a great kid. >> reporter: wednesday it was 109 in dallas. at's a new record. 107 in oklahoma city. 103 in little rock. it's not just the eye-popping highs, but how long they've stuck around. dallas has been in triple digits for 33 days in a row. so hot, there are now reports of air conditioners melting down. utilities concerned about blackouts are asking customers to cut back. ♪ and texas high school band practice is now happening in the hallway. >> we got kids passing out because it's like 105 outside before we even come in at noon.
7:16 am
>> reporter: at this exotic animal park north of dallas, they've resorted to spraying down the parrots. and these lemurs are now chilling on frozen towels. for obvious reasons, the low temperatures don't get nearly the attention those highs do. but the fact of the matter is, it only got down to 86 degrees here last night. and, robin and george, that is not nearly cool enough for anybody here to really cool off. >> no, it doesn't. all right, ryan. thank you. and i know high school football is huge, especially down south. but you have to take those precautions. >> oh, my goodness, to see that. let's get back over to sam now. sam? >> it's easy for us to get a little desensitized to how incredibly bad this heat is. ryan's package did a great job of showing you just what it's been like for those folks to live under it. and these numbers are not just record highs. they're not just above 100 or 105. these are the warmest temperatures, hottest temperatures eveve
7:17 am
ft. smith, arkansas, 115. little rock, arkansas, 114. in missouri, 108 degrees. highest temperatures ever. this is where we go today, oklahoma city, 104. memphis, 102. new orleans, 96. that is incredible heat to suffer under. if i had to pick some good spots, seattle at 77 is gorgeous. new york city gets better and better and cooler than normal, at 80.
7:18 am
well, robin, president obama has finally cutting up with us. >> yeah? >> big day's today. >> he tutus 50 today. >> he does. >> why does that have anything to do with me? i'm 50? you just can't -- what? >> you were first at 50. >> minding my own business. throw me under the bus. >> well, a lot more is planned at the white house todod. and whippersnapper jake tapper is on duty. >> there you go. >> reporter: that's right, george. as if those low approval ratings
7:19 am
weren't harsh enough, now president obama joins the ranks of you and robin roberts in that half-century club. turning 50.0 members today this is how president obama turned 50, with a huge campaign fund-raiser in his hometown of chicago and oscar-winner jennifer hudson. ♪ happy birthday >> it's true that i turn 50 tomorrow. which means, that by the time i wake up, i'll have an e-mail from aarp. asking me to call president obama and tell him to protect medicare. >> reporter: and the president is not the only one who finds it funny. >> he's registered at bed, bath and can i still blame bush? >> reporter: they say 50 is the new 40. they, of course, being people who are 50 or older. like sally o'malley from
7:20 am
"saturday night live." >> i like to kick, stretch and kick. i'm 50. >> reporter: while the president may not be as suave as george clooney, as funny as eddie murphy, or as fit as wayne gretzky, he, like them, is hitting the half-century mark this year. along with heather locklear, meg ryan, boy george, the actress who played the youngest daughter, cindy, on "the brady bunch," and charlie the tuna. aside from a few gray hairs accumulated since he took the oath of office, president obama is, by all accounts, in excellent physical health. nicorette notwithstanding. that's good. because for his last lunch, in his 40s, this president had a burger, fries and shake. he's eating like he's 20. robin and george, one final note. he's still the youngest person running for president in 2012. >> all right. jake, thank you very much. and sam is going to be joining the 50 club in a couple of weeks. >> what? i was minding my own business. coming up, inside those harrowing ten hours of terror
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7:25 am
month of ramadan. and the two and sarah shourd were detained while they hiked along the iraq-iran border. shourd was released last september. get update on a slippery morning commute. sue? >> it can be slippery because of the drizzle. but so far, so good. all public agencies are on time. muni, bart, ace train no, problems. metering lights are on at the bay bridge. traffic as you can see is backed up to the west grand over-crossing here. to pay the toll. we have high wind advisory in the span. in effect heading to san francisco and other directions as well. >> sue, thank you. when we come baccccccccccccccccc
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welcome back. look at the clouds causing flight arrival delays to sfo. drizzle and the breezes that are bringing the coolest afternoon in the forecast with us today. right now, 50s. 60 in fremont, mountain view, san jose antioch. by the afternoon, mid-up to every 60s around san francisco, oakland, richmond. san mateo. low to mid-70s elsewhere until you get to east bay valley, , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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take a look at one of the hottttt supermodels out there right now. these pictures, in "vogue" magazine. but get this. she is only 10 years old. some are saying something is wrong with that. we're going to get into that in a little bit. >> two daddies with young daughters. >> that ain't happening. >> not a chance. not a chance. that's too young. way too young. >> of course, elliott is not looking at the screen. yes, it is, daddy. >> it's on, daddy. it's on. we'll let you weigh in later. also ahead, the polygamist cult leader on trial in texas. the grapapc, new evidence played in court. and why warren jeffs is insisting he is the victim. also, extreme camping, day two. cameron mathison went way, way,
7:31 am
way north way up to alaska on a glacier. look at this. he is in the crevice right there. this is dangerous. he says he loved it. >> he'll share that in our next hour. but let's get right to the terrifying story of the teenage heiress, surprised by a masked intruder, who chained her to what he said was a bomb. josh is here with the details. come on. this sounds like it's right out of a movie. >> absolutely. as this was breaking i know it was gripping us. and as the world watched with really an increasing sense of panic, the young woman, madeleine pulver, suffered ten hours of terror. now, the bomb turned out to be fake. but for every moment of those hours the first responders had to work on the assumption that it was real. >> i can tell you that we as parents are extraordinarily proud of maddie. i guess she has woken up this morning in pretty good spirit. a little tired, a little sore from holding this damn device in place for ten hours. >> reporter: for 18-year-old madeleine pulver, it was a most horrible story sprung to life.
7:32 am
it happened here, in one of australia's wealthiest neighborhoods. madddd, the daughter of one of the country's richest men, was alone in her family's multimillion-dollar home when suddenly a masked man broke in. forced her to hold still while he attached a bomb-like device to her neck with a chain and then fled. >> i can confirm for you that it was a letter attached to this device that did make certain demands. we are treating this as an attempted extortion, a very serious attempted extortion. >> reporter: according to reports, the note claimed that the device would explode if the police were called. but bravely, maddie contacted them anyway. the bomb squad and hostage negotiators rushed to the scene. the entire neighborhood was immediately evacuated. her worried parents forced to wait across the street. for hours, experts worked to disarm the device. and throughout it all, police say, maddie remained calm and composed.
7:33 am
finally, after ten excruciating hours, maddie was freed and taken away on a stretcher as a precaution. only hours later did police learn the device was a fake. >> the examination of the device has revealed that there was, in fact, no explosive material contained in that device. >> reporter: the case is eerily similar to a 2003 incident in the united states, when pizza delivery man, brian wells, walked into an erie, pennsylvania, bank with an explosive collar attached to his neck. with the crowd watching, the bomb detonated, killing him instantly. federal prosecutors eventually determined that wells was involved in the plot that took his own life. but maddie's story ends on a much happier note. >> maddie particularly wanted to thank those few officers who spent many long hours sitting with her, showing little regard to their own personal safety.
7:34 am
they know who they are. and she is incredibly grateful. thank you. >> and now, you're going to know who one of them was. one of the first people on the scene, a female police officer, constable karen loudon, who entered the home without any protective clothing and sat by maddie's side for two hours. >> for her to be so composed. as it was unfolding, we didn't know what was going on. >> details leaked out again. to sit there for half a day with what you think is a bomb wrapped around your neck. >> how to stay calm through all just amazing. okay, josh. thanks very much. we turn, now, to the trial of warren jeffs. the polygamist cult leader charged with sexually assaulting two young girls. wednesday's session was exceptionally comfortable with prosecutors playing a tape of jeffs having sex with a 12-year-olds. and jeffs is arguing back he is the victim of religious persecution. clayton sandell was in the courtroom for all of it. >> reporter: prosecutors ended their case against warren jeffs using his own words against him. playing a disturbing recording where jeffs conducts what he
7:35 am
calls a heavenly comfort session with his wives, one barely 12 years old. prosecutors say jeffs made the girl submit to sex to win god's approval. you shall learn the powers of the spirit of god as a heavenly wife should, he tells her. the judge then told jeffs he could begin his defense. but the defendant is also actiti as his own attorney. and jeffs told the judge he wasn't ready. the judge told him, your lack of preparation is your problem. eventually, jeffs gave an opening statement, defending his faith and polygamy. this is a peaceful people, said jeffs. he added, government intent is to break up families because of prejudicial ideas. >> he is a narcissistic, evil, con man. >> reporter: susan boone found his words hard to take. >> what they are doing to these children is rape. and no religious defense is going to cover that. it's a crime. >> reporter: jeffs later called a witness, mostly asking him to read religious verses.
7:36 am
that irritated prosecutors who repeatedly complained the testimony wasn't relevant. even the judge said, the court doesn't understand your defense. jeffs has pleaded not guilty. he maintains god's laws supersede man's. but if he is convicted, it's the laws here on earth that could send him to prison for life. clayton sandell, abc news, san angelo, texas. our "gma" legal analyst dan abrams joins us now. dan, it almost seemed as if jeffs is treating this like a political platform with that 30-minute speech than a courtroom. >> of course, the evidence against him is overwhelming. they've got dna evidence. they've got photographic evidence. they've got audiotaped evidence that all of this happened. he's not responding to the question of dihe sexually assault these girls? i mean, imagine a fraud case where they presented enormous amount of evidence against someone for fraud and the response is i'd like to eat cereal. he's not responding to the actual allegations. >> he can't because of the tapes. >> that's the point. this is a court of law.
7:37 am
and the sorts of argument he's making, broad religious prosecution arguments, are the arguments you make to a judge. to say throw out the charges. and, of course, that was rejected. >> boy, the judge certainly seems to have no patience at all for jeffs here. jeffs, when he's asked to call up witnesses, as clayton pointed out, has someone come up and read the book of mormon. how long can that go on? >> i think the judge has had patience. i think the fact that the judge has allowed him to go as far as he has thus far. remember, at certain points he's been objecting moment after moment during when the audiotape was played of him allegedly sexually assaulting this 12-year-old. he's objecting, objecting, objecting, objecting, with nonsensical objections. and the judge is still letting him remain in the courtroom. another judge might have said, you know what? you're done. you're out. you're not respondininto the actual facts in evidence we're dealing with in this courtroom. and i want you out of my courtroom. >> so, what happens if jeffs goes up todadaand calls up another witness reading from the
7:38 am
book of mormon? is it allowed? >> the judge will have to make a call. i think the judge is becoming increasingly impatient with him. and i don't t ink she'll town to allow people to recite passages that have nothing to do with the actual allegations. >> conviction inevitable, right? >> his only hope at this point is maybe one juror for a hung jury. i can't see possibly how there would be an acquittal. i think everyone expects there to be a conviction particularly when you hear about the jurors rolling their eyes looking at the clock when he's calling witnesses or speaking. >> dan abrams, thanks very much. now, out to sam for the weather. hey, sam. >> good morning. bad day for haiti and the dominican republic with very heavy rain in the mountains and 50-mile-per-hour winds. we know the storm is on the move to the north, since we last spoke with you about it. so, it's got a slight north-northwest edge. and all the models whereret is going once it comes across the end of haiti. once that happens, the path it is put on, it passes within 90 miles of the east coast of florida. closest to it, probably west
7:39 am
palm beach by the time we get to sunday morning. and then curves back out but a very close path to florida the way it looks now. and it'll be forced to go all the way around the edge of it and think now it's finally caught up with the motion that the e rricane center has for it. gorgeous in seattle, beautiful day. i know it's slow. but it'll get there in the new york city area. atlanta to dallas in the deep south, numbers even to phoenix well above 100. atlanta, first tim almost friday, george. and all that weather was brought to you by fiber choice. >> almost. okay, sam. thanks very much. and coming up, captivating or creepy? she's only 10 years old. should this be allowed? but did you know fiber choice
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it's coming up on 7:44 now. we have a 10-year-old whose provocative fashion spread that you can see is causing a lot of debate right now. so how young is too young for a child to be striking a seductive pose? abc's dan harris is here with more on this brewing controversy, dan. >> robin, good morning. as you know a lot of little girls like to play dress up, put on mommy's clothing and makeup but what you are about to see goes well beyond that. flip through any fashion magazine and you'll find models silently p pting back at you with simmering eyes, parted lips and come hither looks, you may be vaguely aware that they're young, midteens perhaps. but 10? yes, this little girl who graced the pages of french "vogue" is 10. the pictures show her aping with dead-on accuracy the sultry stares of much older models. here she is with her hip jutting out and here she is in lipstick
7:45 am
and an updo laying face down on a tiger. her name is thylane blondeau. she's the daughter of patrick blondeau and celebrity photographer veronica lubiu. some say they go too far and make sexy for little girls acceptable. when you see pictures like this, what do you think? >> i think that i'm seeing a very young girl being sexualized, being gazed at in a very adult way. >> reporter: but thylane's pictures have defenders. on one site solely dedicated to her, one fan dismisses the critics as being part of america's uptight culture. thylane's pictures are an extreme version of a controversy that is raging right here in america where this year in fashion has been the year of the tween with designers competing to dress litite stars like 13-year-old elle fanning who in these marc jacobs ads seems to
7:46 am
have the steamy stare down pat and 14-year-oldctress haley ste steinfeld in these miu miu ads looks like a child bride. it makes you wistful for th the '80s when a fully clothed brooke shields generered a firestorm with this ad. >> want to know what comes between me and my calvin's? nothing. >> what was right for a 14-year-old is now right for a 10-year-old then right for an 8-year-old? what more needs to happen before everybody shouts enough. >> where are we heading? a lot of people asking that. as for thylane, the 10-year-old we reached out to her parents and agent but got no response. >> she wasn't the only one in the french "vogue" that ages. >> there were several other -- two other i believe young girls in the french "vogue" spread but their poses and the looks on their faces not quite as suggestive so a lot of attention on thylane. >> thank you. it is time for you to weigh in.
7:47 am
does a 10-year-old model posing like that cross the line? vote now using your "gma" app on your smartphones or always head to our website, coming up, our most extreme campout yet. we're headed to the top of the world -- well, cameron mathison is, diana under the ice. ♪ [ female announcer ] nutri-grain -- one good decision... can lead to another. ♪ ♪ with real fruit, more of the whole grains your body needs, and a good source of fiber. nutri-grain can help you eat better all day.
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@i@i@i@i@i@i@iñ'ñ'ñ'ñ'ñ'ñ'ñ'ñ'ñt two big casts coming up. find out what happens behind-the-scenes of "jersey shore." >> and "the women of the help" are here. intelligence that's helping people rethink how they live. ♪ in here, video games are not confined to screens. ♪ excuse me, hi. my grandfather lived in this village. [ woman speaking italian ]
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7:56 am
we have developing news from virginia tech university where some summer camp substitutes thought they -- students thought they saw unsomeone with a gun in the dining hall. they issued an alert advising students and employees to stay inside and lock all doors. the dining hall is steps away from the dorm where a student gunman killed 32 people and himself in 2007. mike is here with a look at the forecast. >> all right, eric. thank you very much. we have much cooler weather today from the 60s along the coast to the bay. 70s in our valleys of north
7:57 am
bay. and south bay. 80-degree temperatures in the east bay valley. warmer from here on out. sue? >> in san francisco we have a stall off the bay bridge, westbound 80 at ninth. we have accident also reported 880 northbound at davis blocking the left lane there. you will find slow traffic from union city headed to san leandro. >> thank you very much. the news continues now with "good morning america."
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] for a very good reason, take a look at this footage right here. >> that is cameron mathison. yesterday it was bill weir. today, it's cam. pushing himself to the limits ice climbing on dangerous glaciers, hiking all over treacherous terrain. and we'll see e re coming up. >> these guys get real bravery badges this week. >> whichever you prefer. we're also going behind-the-scenes of "jersey shore." saw a little bit of it
8:01 am
yesterday. but today, our cameras get all the outtakes, everything that happens behind the scenes, the things you don't see on camera. we'll have a big preview of the new season tonight. >> spent a little time with chris connelly. the wait is over for fans of "the h hp." the story that attracted some of hollywood's hottest actresses. four of the stars will be with us live with a sneak peek of this brand-new film. >> it is such a fantastic movie. so heartwarming. cannot wait for that. first news with josh elliott and "ice, ice baby." >> lots to get to. tropical storm emily is expected to make landfall on haiti today. a major concern because more than 600,000 people are still living in tent cities, exposed to the elements following last year's earthquake. 20 inches of rain could fall in parts of the country. meanwhile, here at home, more than 100 deaths are now being blamed on the extreme heat this summer. the dallas area is expected to reach 100 plus degrees for the 34th-consecutive day.
8:02 am
and more americans than ever before are using food stamps. 15% of the population, a record high, now relies on them. unemployment figures may be a part of the explanation, as layoffs hit a 16-month high in july. many of them in previously safe industries. and in new hampshire, investigators looking into the death of 11-year-old celina cass have impounded her stepfather's pickup truck. they also entered the girl's home with a search warrant. celina's body was found a river monday one week after she vanished. an autopsy failed to determine her cause of death. casey anthony can continue to keep a low profile, at least for now. she will not be forced to report for probation today for check aud conviction. abc's yunji de nies is in orlando with the surprising development. good morning to you, yunji. >> reporter: good morning, josh. like everything around casey anthony, the last 24 hours have been completely unpredictable. but for now, her attorneys have brought her a little more time.
8:03 am
it's deja vu in the casey anthony case. after objections from her attorneys, judge stan strickland is out. and judge belvin perry is back. he'll decide whether she nee to serve probation for check fraud. all morning, the probation order stood. at 11:30 the department of corrections held a press conference to say they were ready. >> we are prepared to begin supervising casey anthony on probation. our goal is to treat her like every other probationer who we supervise. >> reporter: like every other probationer, casey's address would be made public, forcing her out of hiding. despite all the animosity in this town -- >> caylee, caylee. >> reporter: and a myriad of hate-filled websites, they have no plans for any added security. by 3:00, no change. >> and our expectation is that she will be here tomorrow between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.
8:04 am
>> reporter: then, at 4:45, just before the close of business judge perry gave casey a small victory. >> we received a call from the court saying that ms. anthony does not have to report to probation tomorrow. >> reporter: now, it is all up to the judge. jose baez will make his case to him in a hearing tomorrow morning. he'll argue that casey anthony already served probation while in prison. and where is casey anthony? well, josh, that is still a mystery. >> abc's yunji de nies there in orlando. thank you for that. and finally, an explanation, this morning, that sheds light on the dark side of the moon. new research indicating that the earth once had two moons. one larger than the other. now, scientists believe they collided about 4 billion years ago creating something of a lunar merger, astronomers believe this explains why the side of the moon facing away from the earth is so lopsided and has so many craters. they've actually given it a name.
8:05 am
they call it the big splat, which in no way is a seamless transition. >> don't you dare. >> don't you. with bianna, come on. >> go ahead. >> you know what? i'm officially retiring from "the pop news heat index" after today, the release of it. but i wanted to bring you your favorite story. follow me here. happy feet, one of the little penguins racking up pretty large numbers in his own online reality show. he took one big wrong turn. he is an online sensation. he has racked up 120,000 followers on twitter. thousands of followers logging on to a web camera monitoring movement. and they'll all follow his progress when he's released back into the wild soon. the little guy doesn't do much more than eat, sleep and waddle. but he's pulling in big numbers. >> what do you want? he's a penguin. >> and he's really cute. marcus mumford and kerry mulligan are engaged but for real this time. their supposed engagement was
8:06 am
first reported on last week. but now, "us" magazine says they have the latest scoop from an insider close to the couple. they first got together five months ago. and kerry got an education when she went to a secret mumford and sons show with her buddy jake gyllenhaal. unlike her ex-boyfriend, shia laboeuf, i guess you can say he never let her go. it's hot out there. this i ithe hottest fashion accessory. not that flattering. but it does something way better than make your waist look thin. keep your body temperature pretty cool. introducing clothes with built-in fans created by a japanese designer. they're battery-operated, a big necessity in japan's current power shortage. and the designer says thanks to his creation wearing a jacket in the heat is cooler than being naked. i'll take him for his word. okay. finally, here's why it's always good to have a former soviet russian-speaking friend at your side, hint, hint.
8:07 am
mila kunis and justin timberlake are friends with benefits. but the benefits aren't what you think. justin was lucky to have mila by her is side when a reporter asked why he was making movies instead of music. mila not only had his back but had it in russian. she's ukrainian. moved here at the age of 7. so, she's fluent. check out how she smacked the reporter down. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> did you not get that? let me translate that for you. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> you know what she said? why is he making a movie? he wants to make a movie. what kind of question is that? why are you here? so, guys, just letting you know i've always got your back. >> that was fantastic. [ speaking a foreign language ]
8:08 am
>> okay, i haven't been practicing. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> many have. how about some weather? >> sometimes i walk in and make bianna speak russian because it sounds so incredibly like wonderful. no, really? nothing? nothing? nobody is up there. nothing? [ cheers and applause ] they're like, move on, sam. move on. good morning, gang. let's get to the boards. let's see what's going on this morning. you'veedeemed yourselves because it was a little anemic at the start. but you really, really came through. to the boards. what's going on that we want to talk about. good, thank you. as we look at the big heat through the big part of the country, the jet stream is making a move to the south. that could mean a lot of this heavy heat is going to break for northern areas and stay better for the summer. but it is still big-time heat, well into the middle of august for most of the country and particularly the deep south.
8:09 am
there's where it's gorgeous, well, thanks. how about a cue? so, here's what's ahead on "the "gma" morning menu." extreme camping continues as cameron mathison takes us on the ice and i really mean on the ice. wait till you see what he does for us. also, the big news on the "jersey shore." we're e taki you inside like nobody else can when the "jersey
8:10 am
shore" goes to italia. if you were related to a royal, you could be more famous than the royal herself. pippa has a brand-new show and we'll talk about it. [ dramatic soundtrack plays ] whoa! man: what is that? i don't know, but it burns! it's like fire. woman: ow, ow! i can't see. man: it's singeing me! it's the sun. get out of the office more often with chili's $6 lunch break combos. pair a texas toast half sandwich with fries and super salad every weekday. ♪ chili's lunch break combos ♪
8:11 am
the pain was so frustrating. i found out that connected to our muscles are nerves that send messages through the body. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia -- thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves.
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i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. and less pain means i can feel better and do more of what i love. [ female announcer ] lyrica is not for everyone. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior, or any swelling or affected breathing or skin, or changes in eyesight, including blurry vision, or muscle pain with fever or tired feeling. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. i found answers about fibromyalgia. then i found lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today.
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8:14 am
i've never tasted anything so delicious. richard, why are you wearing grandpa's jacket? i'm not richard. i'm grandpa smucker. male announcer: tim and richard smucker always looked up to their father and grandfather knowing that one day they too would make the world's best jam. grandpa says it like, i've never tasted anything so delicious! i've never tasted anything so delicious! tim: [ laughing ] you got it! male announcer: for five generations, with a name like smucker's, it has to be good. ♪ time now for more of our extreme campout series. yesterday we saw bill weir on the sheer face of el capitan for a scary night's sleep and now cameron mathison takes on his own dangerous adventure by taking on this spectacular glacier. good morning, cameron. >> good morning, george. i like to think of myself as a pretty adventurous guy, but this trip challenged me physically
8:15 am
and mentally. you will see what i mean. how did i get here? good question. and what if i told you this was one of three times i could have died on my extreme camping trip? it's no lie. an alaskan glacier camping adventure came calling and i answered jump nothing a helicopter in juneau where i quickly took to the air and was on my way. our destination, the hole-in-the-wall glacier which is an offshoot of the tack cue glacier in juneau. more than five miles from the closest airport or heliport, it's a destination not many tourists see. so naturally i was going to spend the night out here. we touched down a little after 9:00 a.m., did we just land on the moon or is it just me? we got right to work setting up our camp. if i showed up with my travel roly bag we would have three tents and a chunal tent for meals and our guides, shawn and
8:16 am
ed from the outfit above and beyond alaska would spend the night. we weren't s sposed to bring our own, were we? oh, yeah, awesome. once the tents were up we had a quick knack, got geared up and headed out to explore. i literally felt like i was a kid again exploring the coolest place i'd ever been on earth. >> it has a weight limit when it's wet like this. >> are you seriousy. >> no. >> reporter: geez and thus began a beautiful friendship but while i was feeling like ed and i were lewis and clark it was easy to be reminded that in treacherous terrain like this danger is never far away. >> how deep is that? >> you know, i bet this goes for hundreds of feet. straight down. >> and i think we need to open a swath on the glacier. this can be like our lap pool. it just goes on and on with
8:17 am
light radiating out of there because light waves are the only light waves short enough to make their way through the crystaline formation. that goes down, right? >> yeah. >> reporter: and more of cameron and ed. we got to work on the interactive part of the adventure. so spectacularly beautiful. i was feeling my oats. hopping across the crevasse like a gazelle. little did i know they haha plas to have me rappel down into one and do ice climbing. this looks deep to me. how deep. we used two ice screws. each is 22 centimeters long and two screws to hold me in and since i weigh somewhat less than a dump truck in theory i'd be safe. i'm nervous. >> you should be. >> that's not helping. nerves got the best of me as i
8:18 am
stood on the edge so i went with the always butt scootch twisting slide to lower myself into the crevasse. oh, that was fast, that was fast. is this me or is that fast? if the lowering down was scary, the climbing up, simply exhausting. and i was hoping these ropes were strong because one false move and 200 feet is a long way down. woo! but we weren't done. a tubular cute in which water enters the glacier. coololo look at but deadly if you fall in and this is where i started to wonder if i wandered on to the set of a "jackass" movie. woo! welcome to alaska.
8:19 am
back at camp, shawn and ed cooked up a delicious pasta with scallops and halibut. cheer, guys. >> cheers. >> awesome day. >> reporter: before long i was ready to hit the hay. cold, probably a little bright. but i came prepared. good night. we woke the next morning to rain, conditions so poor that our professional cameras shut down. yet we still had to trek off the glacier in the most difficult terrain yet. fortunately my iphone was working and i was able to shoot a video diary. hike in the glacier wasn't enough. check it out. we are going to make our way through forests and bear country, no joke, river below, forests above, only way out. i'm not going to lie to you. i'm not fluffing around here.. that was serious total solid bush whacking.
8:20 am
i would have taken more video if i wasn't so terrified of getting eaten by a bear. we arrived safely so taku lodge with company, of course. not merely extreme camping but the experience of a lifetime. >> wow, i will say, that is just unbelievable. what was the scariest moment? >> i think never more so than my very masculine butt scootch over the edge into the very vast tcr. that mulan, that 400-foot hole, the tie rolian tra durst like a zip linepá our camera man who has been rappelled further in so clearly i'm more concerned about him than i am myself and then as we're finally off the glacier i think i'm home free, right? our guide warns us we're in serious bear country and there's fresh evidence that brown bears
8:21 am
were close by, so the whole thing was just extreme from beginning to end. >> experience of a lifetime. would you do it again? >> i would do it again in a heartbeat and the funny thing is i just finished our first family camping trip a few days before i left for alaska, so on a much less extreme version i think my family would totally dig something like that. it was pretty amazing. >> that was incredible. thanks, cam. coming up ryan owens, this is coming up tomorrow. he is literally up a tree. our next extreme campout. >> but the adventures continue, george. the adventures with the cast of "jersey shore" in italy. abc's chris connelly has an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how the hit show is shot and he kept up with all their wild antic, didn't you, chris. >> it's true. i did everything i could. it was amazing. the "jersey shore" people, many of them are of italian descent but at the same time they're not indigenous to florence so what had been at that times did they like to hang out with you were expecting perhaps the pity palace. try a pizzeria. a shoe store, a soon-to-be
8:22 am
famous apartment with a soon-to-be infamous plumbing issue. >> this is their living room. this is where theylive. >> reporter: for some 40 sun drenched days this summer this third story apartment in florence, italy, was home to the eight members of the "jersey shore" cast, as show creator and producer sally ann kept a constant eye on them. >> waky-waky. >> there's cameras like this all over. they always know as long as they're around they're on camera. >> i didn't do [ bleep ]. >> [ bleep ] you. mike, i'm not kidding. >> reporter: on camera an unashamed to live however they chose to. >> this is the girls' room. this is snooki's bed. this is sammi's closet. they are all in their 20s, yet there is more stuffed animals in here than there are in most nurseries. >> i'm really kind of like a slob. i don't like to put my clothes away so they would be in the corner, under my bed, everywhere
8:23 am
here it was just -- it was a mess. >> this is pauly d.'s spot. he is like completely like neat freak and he sees his stuff it looks like he works at the gap. >> the place featured four bedrooms. >> they have so much stuff it's unbelievable. >> reporter: with lots of "jersey shore" touches. >> this is hair jacuzzi room. >> reporter: including a high temperature jacuzzi and a low-tech alarm system. >> a grenade walk in, you just go -- >> reporter: grenade is shore-speak for an unattractive woman. is that a frequent sound heard around here. >> yes, pauly would wake us up with that. >> reporter: there were two bathrooms and by the end of the shoot one unspeakably disgusting bathroom sink like the tuscan version of a jersey swamp. what happened to that sink? >> oh. >> listen, all i got to say is that bathroom wasn't in the greatest condition to begin with. >> you liar. >> r rorter: but a lot happened
8:24 am
outside this place too. like at this neapolitan pizzeria where cast members worked alongside a blazing hi hot oven. >> it's amazing. it's really good. >> reporter: here they'd whip up pies and sell them to scores of lunchtime customers. >> mimo makes the dough then we do the rest. >> reporter: would you like the oil? >> yes. >> there you go. >> reporter: this is really delicious. enough to require a session at the gym. getting to the gym as often as you are -- >> that's why i was a l ltle angrgrr this year. i stay away all the [ bleep ] time. let's indite. let's do it. >> just in case i get into another fight with ronnie. >> while they fight we get the girls. >> high heels. >> reporter: but as this trip to a shoe store proves, the women of "jersey shore" like to look good everywhere and will shop
8:25 am
till they drop. >> i'm going home with 32 pairs of shoes. >> reporter: shouldn't you be in shoe rehab? yeah. >> reporter: kicked off with sammi in high heels. >> i love high heels, especially when i'm wearing shorts. >> reporter: but they say heels are a challenge in the cobblestones of florence and seaside heights. >> these will get stuck between e cracks. >> we wear these on the street when we get home. >> cobblestone and seaside. i fell. get off me. >> like a dominatrix. >> reporter: jenni picks out thigh high red boots. not a look most people could pull off. >> that's exactly what -- >> i look like superwoman, wonder woman. >> reporter: most people don't have a name like j-woww. yet not everyone is happy. >> they're huge. >> that's why i don't go shoe shopping. i can never find my shoe size.
8:26 am
>> reporter: she perks up when her fall feet find some boots that do fit. >> oh, how much? >> like 300. >> for these? can i get a discount >> that's one word we do know here. [ speaking italian ] >> reporter: as this new season of "jersey shore" figures to prove, no matter what country she's in, no one rocks the checkout line like snooki does. >> 20% discount. >> make a discount for you just to get your -- >> my dad is going to kill me on that one. >> reporter: somehow i think snooki's dad has lived through crazier crises than how much she spent at a shoestore. >> grazie. >> discounte, that'sne word they all knew in italian. >> you took one for the team. >> i sure did. the cast of "the help" coming up in our next half hour. come on back.
8:27 am
the marine mammal center in marin county observes important milestone today. they're set to release the 10,000 and 10na 001st sea lion back in the ocean. they began operation in 1975. it has since rescued, rehabilitated and released thousands of injured sea lions, seals, sea otters and other marine mammals. let's see how traffic is doing on the land. sue? >> all right, not so good if you are in the san leandro area. we had an earlier accident. that is the bad news. out of lanes now. on the shoulder, northbound 880 at davis. slow traffic from hayward to san leandro. westbound 580, first report of accident at the livermore truck scale. you will find slow traffic
8:28 am
past the scene. >> thank you.
8:29 am
welcome back. good morning. still cloudy and temperatures in the 50s and 60s now. still flight arrival delays to sfo. drizzle will start drying in the next half hour to 45 minutes. eventually we'll see the sunshine, mainly in the valleys. still clouds hanging around the bay. especially at the coast. 60s at the coast. through the bay. 70s in the inland valleys to 80 in east bay valley. 50s and 60s tonight with
8:30 am
drizzle again. today, the coolest day of the forecast. >> kristen? >> all right. thank you championchampion ♪ boy you got my heartbeat runnin' away beatin' like a drum and it's coming your way ♪ huge summer concert event with nicki minaj just 24 hours away. all the tickets are gone. >> like that. >> went so fast. you at home will have the best seat in the house for this special event tomorrow morning right here on "gma." it's going to be great. >> it is going to be another great concert. also ahead, the phenomenon named pippa, of course, the other half of the sister act known all around the world. sometimes she even overshadows kate, and now there is a new documentary about her on tlc. it's called "crazy about pippa." that's just ahead. >> we'll be watching. >> if you're on a diet counting calories but can't seem to lose the weight, one of the problems might be the misleading serving sizes. the serving sizes are often much
8:31 am
smaller than you know and we'll check that out and all that fine print on the label but first let's get right over to sam with the weather. sam? >> hey, good morning, josh. we are outside in a gorgeous times square as the clouds are clearing. our good friends from the pan massachusetts challenge. you're riding when. >> this weekend, this saturday. >> 190 miles? >> 192 miles. >> dana-farber cancer institute and -- >> yes, for the jimmy fund. >> and our big friends are a sponsor of that. one or two things going on. as you look outside your doors, do you see anything like this? if you're in new york, you do. boston has a good day coming. new haven has a good day coming and this is all improving, and it's going to get better and better as we go through the day. am i bragging? maybe. here's the map. cold front swings to the south. we had a little bit of rain there. oh, by the way, facebook pictures from the bahamas, i love it. thank you for doing that. and ohio, that's kind of interesting. i like that shot, as well. here's what happens, 80 degrees in new york city today, 75 in boston. this is a little cooler than normal.
8:32 am
even 88 in d.c. is a little bit more pleasant than it has been. quick look at the big board. record heat in the south in the red spots where the worst thunderstorms will open up today. a lot of storminess in the sout >> all of that weather brought to you by smucker's jam. robin >> we're going to have fun now. millions of fans have fallen in love with "the help." uh-huh. a runaway best-seller about the relationships between white women and their black maids in the segregated south that's been on "the new york times" best-seller's list for the last hundred weeks. now they're coming to life on the big screen thanks to this group of award-winning actresses, and joining us now to talk about "the help" are its stars, viola davis -- you didn't know that. award-winning actresses. >> yeah, i'll take it.
8:33 am
>> bryce dallas howard, octavia spencer and emma stone. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the four talented -- i'm love, love, love, love the , movie. >> oh. >> ah ch. >> it is just -- the relationship is just remarkable, and it's great to see a strong femaleleast. don't see that always. >> absolutely. >> in hollywood. so was it a bonding experience for everyone? >> oh, man. >> absolutely. >> yes. >> we were all playing very interesting, difficult characters at a very difficult time in history, and i think it made us bond because, you know, it was difficult to play those roles. >> such a love fest. >> yeah. >> it's a unique opportunity, isn't it, emma, to have a cast like this. >> oh, it was incredible. i mean i've never been a part of anything like this, and it was one of my favorite -- it's such a great memory. takes me back to last summer, it was incredible. >> since i'm from mississippi, i love to hear you say that. >> oh, really? >> oh, yeah, i'm from the
8:34 am
mississippi gulf coast. i know you were in greenwood and mississippi has a real character. >> yes. >> right. >> i feel like for the few people, the two people who may not know about "the help" and may not have read it, let's play a little clip here because what it's about is crossing racial and class barriers. the black maids there, the white families that they work for, and so they decide to write a book about their experiences and some of the maids don't want to do it because it's going to really change their lives and with nicki minaj just 24 hours your character, missy, minnie was very reluctant. was very reluctant. here's a clip right now of "the help." >> all right. i'm going to do it. but i need to make sure she understands this ain't no game we playing here. face me. i need to see you square on at all times.
8:35 am
i got to come up with the questions too? >> oh. >> there had to be real trust between the maids to do that because they were really putting their lives on the line, weren't they, viola? >> absolutely, absolutely. there had to be real trust, but there was also extraordinary need, you know. i mean i think that we got to the point where we felt like the only thing left was to tell our stories because the injustices were so great, and also i think that after a while there was something about skskter, and it's presented in the beginning of the movie, which i can't say anything, but there's something about skeeter that makes her different from her counterparts that allows us to open up to her in a way and trust her as much as black people could trust. >> especially in the '60s. especially at that time. >> '61.
8:36 am
1961 is when the movie is set in, and then you see these relationships develop out of the trust, and then you see the civil rights movement almost being the backdrop and at the forefront of these rich and juicy and beautiful relationships that you never see on screen. >> you said that so well. that's perfect, and, bryce, i got to tell you, i've known you for a little while. i couldn't believe that was you. i was mad at you. you're playing hilly. you're playing this character that goes so against who you are. >> thank you. >> how was it for you to play this role? >> i mean, it was -- it was kind of complicated, honestly, because she's a really horrible woman, and there were many scenes like, you know, the scenes with you with the chocolatatpie that were so fun to play, so fantastic. >> i love the chocolate pie. >> she deserves getting it, but there were other scenes that i'd never really want to go back and
8:37 am
ever do again because you don't want to be in that head space. >> but it was such an important story to tell, and personally you all are doing so well. emma, "vanity fair," you're on the cover and they're calling you this summer's sensation. i mean, this is your third movie this month. how are you juggling everything? >> i mean, it's been a busy couple weeks, but it's been, you know, it's so exciting and just in close proximity, it doesn't feel too crazy just close together, that's all. >> you have another cover girl here, viola on the cover of "essence" magazine because we don't get a chance to see you like this because usually the roles that you play -- >> oh. >> that's my body. you used my body. enough said about that. >> once again, she's stealing it from you. that's what it's all about and have to say that this movie is not without some criticism because of the book because a few people were -- more than a few people were offended by a white writer using black
8:38 am
dialect, and some people were taken aback about that. did you all experience any of that, any pushback or -- >> well, in the tour, just meeting people and doing screenings, there have been questions about it, but kathryn stockett obviously isn't making a statement about race, she's writing from a certain education level and socioeconomic level and she writes so beautifully and intelligently. now, had she not, that would have been a problem for me, but i think she does a wonderful job. >> she had you in mind when she was writing. she said your character minnie, she met you and she knew. is she like her character? you guys, is octavia like minnie? >> when i'm hungry and hot. >> but only then. >> only then. >> other than that just sweet and warm and -- >> oh. >> yes. >> minnie had that too. >> but speak of food, there's a character in the movie too. i had to run out and get fried chicken after watching that.
8:39 am
the one scene with all the food and pies except for the -- >> they asked us to gain weight. yeah, the best thing they could have ever done was invite us to greenwood, mississippi, and say, ladies, gain some weight. >> and they fry everything in mississippi. fry the butter before they put it on the bread. >> they fry pickles. >> they do it all. >> well, just so happy for you all and sissy spacek, the whole cast is just terrific, and as i said, being from mississippi and seeing it and how you do it with such respect, sure do appreciate it. wish you all the very best. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i know you're busy too. you're working with your dad and stuff like that. >> yeah. >> and you're pregnant with your second baby. >> yeah. >> oh, gosh, i wish we had more time, but thank you all very much. >> thank you. >> and "the e lp" opens nationwide next wednesday, august 10th. next, mad for the other middleton, the new tlc documentary looking at why so many people are crazy about pippa.riririri@i@ii=iiiiiiñ'ñ'ñt
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
you would have thought that prince harry would be the sibling stealing all the headlines after that royal wedding, but it's not even close. it's been shining on pippa middleton, the most eligible
8:43 am
bachelorette, even the subject of a tlc documentary and bianna golodryga has a sneak peek at "crazy about pippa." >> can you imagine a world without pippa, george? >> nototnymore. >> hard to believe that just six months ago pippa middleton was london's best kept secret. that changed on april 29th when cameras got hold of the back side of a stunning maid of honor carrying a future queen's train. the question on just about everyone's mind at that time was who is that girl? now tlc is hoping to answer that question. it was the wedding watched around the world. the bride, breathtaking, t t prince, charming. but it was someone else who unexpectedly caught our attention. >> there was almost a gasp across the world. who's that girl? she single-handedly crashed twitter. >> i remember headlines, a star is born. her royal hotness. >> reporter: and an instant pippa frenzy began. in a flash we game obsessed with the princess' little sister. >> you know, i think we are obsessed with pippa.
8:44 am
we are around the world i think fascinated by what she's up to. >> reporter: and in the new tlc documentary, appropriately titled "crazy about pippa," we get to know more about the woman standing next to the princess. >> she seems to be eclipsing kate, doesn't she? everybody -- everything that you pick up is about pippa middleton. >> she definitely got the attention of a lot of high-profile people, as well including hollywood casting agents and directors who were flooding her with offers to appear on various tv shows, cameos and film roles. >> reporter: from her ballerina flats, her gorgeous hair, even down to her saint-tropez spray tan, the documentary explains why women aroundndhe world want to be like pippa. >> she's gorgeous. >> she looks amazing. >> i definitely would want to talk to her trainer and say, what does she do and what does she eat? >> reporter: and men want to be with pippa. >> excuse me. >> i heard she's pretty hot. she's on the market right now. >> reporter: and there's another side of pippa that many can't help but admire. >> a lot of women were
8:45 am
interested then, of course, in what her diet was, what her fitness secrets are. we've seen her recently run the triathlon in incredible shape. this is a girl who takes fitness very seriously. >> i think probably if you're not keen on outdoor sports, it would cost an awful lot of money in gym membership and hair treatments to look as good as pippa. >> reporter: but the woman known as perfect pip isn't shying away from the spotlight. >> i think in the months to come, we will see an even more beautiful, even more had slim, even more attractive pippa middleton because she is not going to let this opportunity pass her by. of that, i'm sure. >> even prince william has caught on to the pippa spell. the documentary reveals her brother-in-law reportedly refers to her as foxy filly. and rightly so i'd say. she has a 230,000-strong facebook fan book dedicated to -- you guessed it. >> he says that in front of kate? >> i guess he does. kate is a confident woman. >> i guess so. "crazy about pippa" "crazy about pippa" premieres next tuesday at 9:00, 8:00 central on tlc. thanks, bianna.
8:46 am
and when we come back, why your diet may be failing. all about the serving size.ngngx
8:47 am
8:48 am
whether you're trying to lose weight or perhaps just stay healthy, you probably spend a lot of time in the supermarket looking at the sides of the products and really tryingngo manage what it is you're putting in your body. but chances are, you're still doing it wrong. and it has everything g do with serving size. abc's linsey davis tells us more about why it's so hard to manage what it is we're eating, even when we're trying to do our best. ♪ >> reporter: serving sizes are sneaky. and while labels don't lie, they can certainly be misleading.
8:49 am
>> it's important to realize a serving size is not necessarily a portion size. >> reporter: so, it's time to play "how many servings are you eating?" take pam cooking spray. what is a serving size? >> a quarter of a second spray. >> reporter: is that realistic? >> no. >> reporter: just how long is that? start the clock. we decided to try to cook with that amount. one serving of eggs, which is one egg. it's hard to be nutritious. next up, campbell's condensed chicken noodle soup. here's a serving according to the label. a little less than half a can. but many consumers admit to eating a whole c c. >> it goes down so easy. >> reporter: in response to all this confusion, the center for science in the public interest is urging the food and drug administration to revise its serving size regulations. >> i think they should just tell you what it is for the entire
8:50 am
product. you know, so if it's -- there's "x" amount of grams of fat in the whole entire product, then that's what it is. >> reporter: but until then just relax. pour yourself a nice serving of cereal. a little less. a little less. and perfect. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> and you're starting to see the problem. now, we heard back from several companies whose products were singled out. and they took pains to say their serving sizes are within fda guidelines. terri glassman, a registered dietitian, is here with more. and really, that might be the idea. do we have to do something about the guidelines for serving sizes to sort of help us manage ourselves? >> well, there are a few different scenarios. in individual products that people are planning to eat the whole thing, an individual muffin or a candy bar, i think that the calories for the entire product should be clearly labeled for that entire product. but that doesn't mean the serving size needs to necessarililincrease.
8:51 am
for other products that others are buying in large quantities putting back in their pantry or freezer, a big box of cookies. if a serving size is five cookies, that shouldn't increase. that's just giving americans a license to eat more. however, the amount of calories for the entire product or bag, again, should be clearly labeled. and then, there's the final scenario where there are some serving sizes that are just ridiculous. as, for example, in that taped piece we saw of the cooking spray, that's ridiculous. no one is spraying for a quarter of a second. those should be increased and clearly labeled. so, we have a little quiz for you. >> which i'm sure to fail. >> all right. let's go. >> you want me to tell you what i think is a serving size? >> you go for it. what would you eat here? >> all right. a serving size is -- i mean i'm a two-scoop guy. and i probably would let myself maybe get to about the halfway mark. >> okay. so the halfway mark there. well, there are 3.5 servings in
8:52 am
this container. that is really what a serving is. that is 250 calories. so, if you did whack out that entire pint, you would have double the amount of saturated fat for a day. >> that is a waste of time. >> so, it should be labeled on the front, how many calories are in the entire thing. you're eating some chips. what are you having? >> it's a handful. right, it's a handful. >> a handful? that's a big handful. >> that is way more. i say that's about triple the amount of the 12 that is a serving. so, again, it could be clearly labeled. 12 chips equals 150 calories, 1,800 in the entire bag. >> okay, so coffee. this is just -- it's a personal thing, right. >> it is. >> you're pouring. you're pouring. >> you're pouring. might be mixing it up. get to the color you like. >> okay. so, i'm going to go a little lighter than that. >> one teaspoon. this teaspoon is ten calories.
8:53 am
but people usually go at least a tablespoon so that's an example where the cooking spray, the serving size should be changed and clearly labeled. okay, cookie time. what would you go for? >> we're out of time so you just tell me. that right there is a serving size. >> three cookies is a serving. and people usually go for more. the serving size shouldn't increase. but it should be clearly labeled on the front.
8:54 am
8:55 am
we're on the air now.
8:56 am
>> a 10-year-old on the cover of french "vogue." 10 years old. we asked you, does a 10-year-old model cross the line when modeling like that? well, 89% of you said uh-huh. where's the other 1 percent. oh, 88 and 12. >> i'm surprised at the 11. not even close. have a great day, everyone. [ female announcer ] every box of general mills big g cereals
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freedom may be near for two u.c. berkeley graduates detained in iran on espionage charges. the ambassador to iraq says josh fattal and shane bauer will be released soon. there is a feeling they will be released in the month of ramadan. they were detained two years ago while they were hiking along the iraq-iran border. sarah shourd was released last september. low clouds out there. mike, what do you think? >> the flight arrival delays to sfo, nearly 85 minutes. temperatures are well below average from 60 along the coast. the warmest weather east bay. the accident at washington is cleared out of the lanes. good news. slow traffic from the central valley. north greenville an accident 58


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