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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  August 5, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco, where a 9-year-old boy is suffering life threatening head injuries. he was hit by a truck after leaving last night's giants game. >> stock futures surge after the government releases a better-than-expected july jobs report that follows yesterday's 500-point drop on the dow. similar crashes across foreign markets all night long. >> you can see it's a marine layer back. even mist and drizzle as you approach the local bay area bridges. and we'll see a cooler day today. but what about the weekend? stay tuned. >> good morning. i'm sue hall in the abc7 traffic center. the fog will hamper the drive. golden gate bridge is covered in it. thick fog around the bay, visibility is limited. we have details coming up. good morning. i'm terry mcsweeney in for kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. hayward man is in jail and #-year-old boy is -- 9-year-old boy is fighting
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for his life. it happened while the boy is walking away from the giants game from at&t park. abc7's amy hollyfield is live near the scene of the crash with the latest. amy? >> reporter: the boy went to the game, eric. he was walking ahead of a family member. he was here in the crosswalk on mission street. the truck was coming off the new montgomery and turning left when the car hit the boy. the car took off. and left the scene. but a couple of hours later, police say they got the driver. hayward police actually spotted the damaged, white, toyota truck in hayward. it matched the description of the truck from the accident in san francisco. san francisco police headed east to check it out. they brought witnesses with them who confirmed it was the same truck. this was around 1:00 in the morning. the accident happened in san francisco around 10:30. witnesses say after the truck hit the boy, it went on to hit a few cars on mission street. before getting on the freeway and heading out of here. the boy is nine years old. he is in the hospital with life threatening head
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injuries. he doesn't live here. he is from philadelphia. he was here in town visiting family. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> amy, thanks very much. less than half an hour ago, the u.s. government released one of the hotly anticipated report in years. the investors truly, literally all over the planet waited to see if america created enough jobs in july to reduce the employment rate and the answer is yes, they did. labor deparent says employers added 117,000 new jobs last month, dropping the nation's unemployment rate by tenth of a percept to 9.1%. after that jobs report, the future market booming this morning. traders hoping that the glimmer of economic hope will be enough to right the ship when the market opens at 6:30. 28 minutes from now. yesterday the market plunged 512 points. asian markets followed that. nikkei losing 3.7% in
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overnight trading. hang seng index in hong kong closed with a drop of 4%. trading in europe lower, but the markets there are still open. and things have time to improve. we don't know what comes first, the chicken or the egg. it starts in asia and goes to europe and comes here. the question is will that negative circle continue? >> the financial analysts saying we could be headed for a double-dip recession but so far things are not that terrible compared to the larmer percentage losses that wall street have seen in the past. >> believe it or not, there was an up side to the stock market carnage. price of oil fell dramatically to give the drivers a break at the gas pump. mortgage rates are approaching record lows. rate on the 15-year mortgage is 3.54%. the 30-year rate at a yearly low of 4.39%. but, bigger down payments and the need for strong credit scores are keeping
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many potential buyers out of the market. police are warning that a group of thieves is targeting elderly asians on the street of san leandro. there have been five strong-arm robberies in the past three weeks. the victims are confronted by as many as four black males who flash a gun in at least one robbery. they have been spotted driving away in a blacks lexus and white camry. east palo alto, the police chief and mayor face angry residents as they held a special town hall meeting last night to address the recent spike in violence. for the first hour, the police chief and mayor did all the talking, but when the question and answer period began, the comments were often emotional and even angry. at times it became an attack on how the city is allocating resources to deal with the problem. >> my husband didn't get killed at 2:00 in the morning. he was killed at 4:58 in the daytime when people was at home and people was all outside. >> do not delay this opportunity. this hurts us.
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this is serious. >> the mayor says the city distributed $180,000 this summer to 16 violence prevention programs. >> east bay and fire investigators are trying to figure out if a train caused a cluster of grass fires that forced residents to shelter in their homes. the fires broke out in eastern contra costa county between byron and oakley along the railroad tracks. the plan destroyed barn and heavy equipment and came dangerously close to a home. residents say the fire started after a freight train passed by. >> i was coming home from work, and i saw the train going by. it was on fire. it just kept on going. >> there was a big -- a really big fireball. and then we start hearing explosions. it was just really scary. >> officials at burlington northern san jose who operate trains in that area say they are investigating.
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>> 6:05 now. almost 6:06. lisa argen is in with the weather this morning. as bad as that was, it could have been worse if the weather had been different yesterday. >> it's cooler than it should be really. lisa? >> yeah, the fire danger really benefitting from the summer of troughs where we have seen the cooler than normal temperatures. and we definitely really back up in the fire danger. but hey, we have september and october to get through. we're looking at the warmer weather in the seven-day outlook. today, it will be another cooler than average day. but little warmer than yesterday in some neighborhoods. 56 in oakland. 61 in fremont. 62 in san jose. the fog, it's wherever except by the carquinez strait, delta. we have a west wind all the way to the east bay valleys. the fog will sit here by 1:00 this afternoon. so we are looking at low 80s in the inland valleys. that means a quicker burnoff by 9:00, 10:00. you will notice in the north bay, we have fog poichlt reyes, 60s along the
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shoreline. 70s along santa clara. it will keep cooler numbers around the bay today and tomorrow. 68 in oakland. 73 in fremont. 76 in san jose. we have a first cool week of august and then warming up next week. fog is a factor for the drive. look at the drive times through marin county. southbound 101, 37 to 580. just overnight roadwork about ready to pick up if it hasn't been picked up already. we have find it a little under 15 minute. highway 24, the drive from 680 to macarthur maze is good through the caldecott tunnel. no problems. and still relatively light, westbound highway 4 out of antioch on the drive toward concord and 242. talking about the fog, take a look at the golden gate bridge real fast. the fog on the span. you will hit the fog coming up, waldo grade to saucelito.
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traffic light at the metering lights. just ahead, the business booming as the economy worsens and how it could put more money in your pocket. >> as oakland unveils a new tool to fight prostitution, the city's police chief announces what could be even more drastic plan for dealing with the problem. >> why you are about to spend thousands of dollars on california prison guards to las vegas. clclclclclclclclcll
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good morning. 12 minutes after 6:00. we are looking out from a roof cam near broadway and the embarcadero, looking to the bay bridge. which isn't entirely visible right now. because of a low clouds. but we've got a weekend in front of us, not going to be bad. warming trend next week. details from lisa argen in a few minute. >> in the news, oakland's police chief says he is considering posting pictures of men arrested on suspicion of soliciting prostitution on the agency's website in hopes to convince would-be johns to stay away from oakland. the announcement came yesterday as the community groups unveiled two new billboards meant to discourage prostitution along international boulevard. they asked men cruising for prostitutes what they would do if it was their daughter working the streets. >> but, of course, it's going to take a lot more than just billboards. it is going to take people
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as myself, to just reach out to them. >> police chief anthony batts also says he is considering a plan to use dmv records to send dear john letters to owners of vehicles spotted loitering along international boulevard. the city of oakland is also suing to shut down three hotels known for prostitution. this month, hundreds of california prison guards are headed to las vegas for the union annual convention and still receiving the full state pay. it will cost taxpayers as much as $350,000. california correctionm peace officers association usually reimburses the state for pay involving union activities but ten years ago instead of taking a 1% pay hike like most other public employee unions prison guards opted for other benefits instead. for taxpayers, it was cheaper than pay raises. >> we chose to use that to ensure that our union activists who attend our annual convention do so while still receiving their
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pay. >> this is one of those things that makes no sense whatsoever and why i think taxpayers are outraged at the sweetheart deals. >> the latest contract negotiated by governor brown's administration, the convention benefit continued. the union says members gave back $150 million in concessions and shifted some union leaders' salary away from the school board. they are close to hiring security guard to guard against thieves. several schools had suffered damage. thieves are looking for copper. they voted to solicit the bid from the security firm to provide patrol and protect district property. stagnant economy created a boom for one business, thrift stores and consignment stores are thriving. shoppers say consignment is a good way to save and make extra money. at the st. vincent depaul
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society the increase is dramatic. >> we are seeing the first and foremost of foot traffic through the st. vincent depaul store is up significantly year by year driven by the economy. sales volume are up and we're seeing the amount that any particular family can afford to buy as down. the volumes are up, the foot traffic are up and we can see the people hurting. >> good will stores of silicon valley says sales there are up 22% this year. >> local donors are doing all they can to help those hit hardest by the economy. the lake merritt breakfast charitable association donated to the school. they're getting toner for printer to last the year and 65,000 sheets of multi-colored paper to be used for various projects. >> halloween is coming up. you have the color things, the orange. thanksgiving is coming up. maybe it will be more orange/brown. christmas for green. so, yeah, the kids will get
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a chance to use the paper. >> in milpitas, hundreds of volunteers are busy stuffing backpacks that will be donated to needy kids in the south bay. the family giving tree plans to hand out up to 16,000 back packs filled with school supplies. >> so many stories about the economy. most of them not so positive. way to save money. if you want free music tonight, the santa cruz beach boardwalk, the gym down there. it's good for music listening. >> cooling. you will need jacket out there. numbers dropping to the 50s. right now, we are in 50s and low 60s. a look at mount diablo and we are looking there at the mountain. and from our east bay, volmer peak camera. we have plenty of low clouds and fog. in fact we are looking at the sea breeze toward the delta. but we have clear skies out toward delta. 56 in fairfield. with clouds. concord and livermore. 55 in san francisco. 57 in half moon bay. the highlights then this
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morning, well, we will feature the low clouds and fog clearing to the coast. we are going to look for the numbers cooler than average today. here is what we are expecting. anywhere from two to ten degrees below where we should be for this time of year. we should be in upper 80s in livermore and low 80s in napa. but only the low 80s today for livermore, with 76 in napa. only oakland near normal. san francisco, six degrees below your average. san jose, redwood city should see the low 80s, only in mid-to-low 70s today. not only today, the weekend will get the cooling trend further enhanced due to an area of low pressure that will, another one that is going to come on down. that will bring minor fluctuations in the forecast. a couple of degrees up and couple of degrees down. right on through tuesday. once all of these weak impulses pass east, we will look for the high pressure to build back in to the bay area. that should bring a bit of a
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warming trend today. 75 in santa clara, milpitas. 79 in los gatos. 70 in san mateo. in and along the coast, it will be cloudy. we have mist and driz to deal with this morning. 60 in pacifica. san francisco only 63 today. with the sun set coming in. 61. so gray skies around golden gate park. 77 in santa rosa. with 75, san rafael. also vallejo. low 70s hercules. 69 in san leandro. so about 10:00, 11:00 we should see clearing in the east bay. in valleys it will be sooner. so we will see the highs today slightly warmer here. 80 in danville. 78 in dublin. later today we get in the sun. look at cool numbers, 65 in monterey with 83 in morgan hill. a look ahead. a few degrees cooler tomorrow coming up again on sunday. a steady increase in afternoon highs, all around the bay. from tuesday right on through the middle of next
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week. hi there, sue. >> good morning. if you are trying to make early get-away to 580. the freeway, the eastbound direction, the get-away direction, we have accident at north flinn blocking lanes. not too slow in eastbound direction but you can see the rubber neckers and the typical slow traffic westbound 580 toward livermore in downtown livermore to the dublin interchange. it is beginning to bunch up a little bit. farther west at macarthur in oakland. report of debris in lanes. it looks like a sofa fell off the back of a truck. in the lanes there. if you are looking for a sofa, get over there and get out of the lanes if you can. berkeley, toward the macarthur maze is looking good. bunching in richmond area heading toward berkeley, but not bad to the toll plaza. the metering lights remain off at this hour. as you can see, it's friday light. headed westbound, so far, so good in san francisco. no delays reported. for the latest information, for incidents and traffic delays, you can click on bay area
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traffic before you leave the home. or the office later today. terry, eric? >> sue, thank you very much. 6:20. >> coming up, a bb gun and prayer. the mountain view 15-year-old who managed to stop a robbery with quick thinking and a lot of luck. erert
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a 15-year-old mountain view boy is credited with stopping an armed robbery by
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using his bb gun. it began at a friend's apartment when two men, one armed with a semi-automatic pistol jumped the friend's father as he came home. the teenager aimed his b.b. gun at the armed man, drew the slide back making it sound like a real gun. the two would-be robbers panicked and ran away. police say the boy acted bravely but add it's not wise to confront an assailant, especially one armed. in two hours, a new solar powered spacecraft will take off bound for jupiter. it's named juneau and it will take five years to reach the biggest planet in the solar system. there is a picture of it on the launch pad there, what it would look like. the message was tweeted -- the picture was tweeted by nasa 90 minutes ago on the launch pad an it will be powered by three huge solar panels and will set a record for the farthest distance travelled by a solar powered spacecraft. other jupiter explorers
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relied on the nuclear energy to get where they were going. astronomers hope to figure out how the earliest planets formed by studying jupiter. jupiter, the biggest planet in the solar system was one of the first planet to form in the solar system. 6:25 now. still ahead at 6:30, the latest on the early morning homicide in san jose. >> plus, the new investigation coming after yesterday's high wire rescue 14 stories above the streets of san francisco. >> washington can't stop the slide on wall street where the dow had the worst day since 2008. will today be better? i'm scott goldberg. the story is coming up. police have arrested a man for hitting a 9-year-old boy with a truck. then leaving the scene. i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco. details up next. good morning, everyone. happy friday. low clouds and fog. mist and drizzle to start. then we see cool afternoon with high temperatures in the upper 80s this sacramento. upper 70s in the northern
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sierra. we have changes to our seven-day outlook. for the rest of the weather across the country, check out the flight tracker. we'll have that forecast for you coming up. you can find that at we'll be right back.k.k.k.k.k.k. these sweehoney clustery things have fiber? fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one! i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it. are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyo recognition. fibeone.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. the bell will ring on wall street in a couple of
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seconds. >> told you. >> yep. and the markets are bracing for another wild ride today. after the big selloff yesterday. the biggest since the 2008 financial crisis. about 500 points. an hour ago, traders got their first look at the federal government july unemployment report. the news was good enough that futures began rising. what affect that will have on the big board, well, we will tell you in 15 minutes when we go back to the new york stock exchange. >> that reporter eric is talking about showed america created enough new jobs last month to drop national unemployment rate by tenth of a point to 9.1%. most experts admit it's only a glimmer of good news. wall street traders hope it will be enough to turn things around after yesterday's huge selloff. we'll again, check in a little bit with the new york stock exchange. right now, abc7's scott goldberg joins us live from the new york stock exchange and the huge selloff. >> the july jobs report is
6:31 am
better than the experts predicted it would be. maybe it's reason for optimism at the end of what has been a grim week. a glimmer of hope today, the labor department says the u.s. economy added 117,000 jobs in july. that is more than economist predict and the unemployment rate fell slightly to 9.1%. >> i got 75,000. >> this after the dow suffered the biggest one-day loss since the height of the economic crisis, and the debt deal in washington did little to build confidence in economy. >> there isn't much that washington can do right now. even if there was, there isn't much trust they will do the right thing. >> not just the u.s. this tumble started overseas, over fears that italy and spain might default with greece. it is continuing in asia, where the markets lost between 2 and 5% already today. it could add up to a double-dip recession. >> i think investors in general are worried that we're headed for a recession and they want to get out while the getting is good.
6:32 am
>> the hits keep coming. manufacturering fell last month. consumer spending dropped for the first time in a year. then there is the job market. >> even when there are jobs people are willing to relocate to get jobs but they can't because they can't sell their home. problems are compounded all the time in this environment. >> to be sure there is weakness in so many sectors of the economy. investors have been told it will be a bumpy ride. but the july jobs report, 117,000 jobs added to the economy. at the very least, not bad news for the first time in a while. eric? >> scott, the jobs report shows that 117,000 new jobs were created last month but only dropped the unemployment rate bay tenth of a percent. so what would it take to drop it even further? >> twice as many jobs. if the u.s. will see the unemployment rate drop dramatically, the economy
6:33 am
has to add closer to 250,000 jobs a month. what we saw in july, at least, is a start. >> all right, scott. thank you very much. scott goldberg live from washington. here, look, we have a look at the big board. we see the dow is up. 166 points after the big selloff yesterday. of 500 points. so at least early on, investors must like what they see in that jobless report. >> dropped four points while you were saying that. obama is going to unveil a proposal to give companies incentive to hire veterans. they will get $4800 if the veteran has service related disability and more if they were unemployed for six months. there are more than a million unemployed veterans in the united states. stroll home from a ballgame turns in a
6:34 am
life-or-death struggle for 9-year-old boy in san francisco who was injured by a hit-and-run driver last night walking away from at&t park after a giants game. abc7's amy hollyfield is live at the scene of the crash with good news about the search for a suspect. amy? >> they did make an arrest. hours later. not here. this is where it happened but the driver took off. witnesses say the boy was walking in the crosswalk on mission street in downtown san francisco and the truck was driving on new montgomery and turning left. hit the 9-year-old boy in the crosswalk and kept driving. but the police did make an arrest a couple of hour later in hayward. they say he was driving a damaged white toyota pick-up truck which fits the description of the truck that was hit, that hit the boy. hayward police spotted the truck. san francisco police brought witnesses over to hayward and they confirmed it was the same truck. the accident happened at 10:30 in san francisco. witnesses say after the truck hit the boy, it went on to hit several cars on
6:35 am
mission street. some of them were parked. some of them were driving. and then he got on the freeway. police say the boy is from philadelphia. he's here visiting family members. he was coming from the giants game. he was walking ahead of the family member in the crosswalk when he was hit. he's now in the hospital suffering life let thereining injuries to his head. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. san jose police just made an arrest in connection with the city's latest homicide. police say they were called to the 4200 block of albany drive. just after 2:30 this morning on reports of a stabbing and they found a substance, 48-year-old man as they arrived. minute later they found woman stabbed to death in an apartment. registered sex offender is in custody after police say he tried to force a woman in the car in highway 29 in napa county. the woman was pushing a stroller and police say 63-year-old paul webster pulled up, got out and
6:36 am
offered her a ride. she refused and he tried to push her in the car. she managed to get away. webster was arrested at the concord home after the woman identified him from the photo line-up that police showed her. and webster faces attempted kidnapping charges. anthony batts, oakland police chief, says eight more of the officers laid off last year will return to the department next week. 42 of the laidoff officers will come back if all goes as plan including ten officers that mayor jean quan authorized rehiring in january. more officers began retraining and are due on the street august 16. the other new hires are wrapping up other commitments. mayor quan says rehiring saves money instead of paying to train new ones. cal osha is investigating an accident that left two window washers dangling above the streets
6:37 am
of san francisco. both men were wearing safety harnesses that kept them from being thrown off the platform. witnesses say it looked like a close call. >> i was hoping and praying that the other end would collapse. the only thing holding it up was arm on the roof. if that goes, he goes. >> they eventually pulled a window washer through a 16th floor window and hoisted the other man to the roof. one man had a broken arm and the other nothing at all. maybe a little scared i would think. >> i would think so as well. 6:37. i know we all have different measuring sticks for whether it's foggy or not. but this one is mine. see if you agree. >> saying it is? >> i'm saying it's foggy, a wee bit foggy. >> get verification from expert, lisa argen. >> i'm agreeing with you. we have low deck of clouds allowing for poor visibility heading to the golden gate bridge. mist and drizzle heading to in to san francisco from oakland. with mid-50s out there.
6:38 am
grab a jacket. cool. low 60s in mountain view and san jose. it will be another cooler than average day today. the low cloud and fog lifting throughout the afternoon. we will have a slightly warmer day and we are looking to cooler than average temperatures over the weekend. all the lo cloudiness across the bay. it's 10:00 before it clears, maybe 11:00. then we're stuck with low cloud along the coast and golden gate park and ocean beach. it will be gray and cool. over the weekend, we're not going to get rid of the weak weather systems to the north. as long as they're here, we will see temperatures remain cooler than average. for today. highs will be a little bit warmer in the east bay valleys. how about 81 in concord, 82 in livermore with 63 in san francisco. 68 in oakland. fremont, warming up to 73 this afternoon. cooler tomorrow with drizzle. warmer on sunday. the first weekend of august
6:39 am
will be cool and then we will warm up steadily, it look like it in to the end of next week. slow traffic out there. sue has details. >> we're going to the east bay again. slow, westbound highway 4 from antioch toward the concord area. we have an accident eastbound past leverage. not affecting the drive. but rubberneckers are slowing a bit to take a look. typically slow there anywhere. westbound 580 at north flynn. there is slowing going on in the earlier accident in eastbound direction. so far, so good. your public transportation checked in with bart, caltrain, muni. everybody running on time. a.c. transit no, delay there. there you have it, down on the span and thick when you come up on the waldo tunnel toward your golden gate bridge commute. the toll plaza is light, and you will find fog on the span. to delays or accidents
6:40 am
reported westbound in to san francisco. terry, eric? >> sue, thank you. 6:40. >> for the first time in two weeks as far as the 401(k) is concerned, that is a good thing. you see the dow jones up 135 points. right now. wow! good news. the vote coming today that will end a political standoff and send thousands of airport employees back to work including dozens in the bay area. >> water wonders. the intriguing new evidence of life on mars. ♪
6:41 am
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good friday morning. waking up to low clouds and fog. sacramento is 889 today. 90 in yosemite. and sunshine in southern california, 81 there. we are looking at a cool weekend. but a warming trend is in the offing, though. talk about it a little bit later. eric? >> all right. thank you, lisa. it's 6:44. chrysler is recalling dodge chrysler minivans because air bags could go off unexpectedly. this is the second recall of the 2008 chrysler town and country, voyager and dodge van dare van mini -- caravan and minivans. they were recalled in january because water from
6:45 am
the air conditioner can leak to computer chips to control the air bag to make them inflate. the dealers replaced a part to fix the problem but chrysler says its engineers found that water may have damaged the chip in the van and they are recalling them again. senate is expected to fund the federal aviation association until december. it will temporarily the end shutdown that brought airports to a halt. it furloughed 4,000 federal workers and it left 70,000 construction workers without a job. 60 of those were working at the oakland international airport. building a new control tower when the shutdown began. democrats and republicans will continue to negotiate a long-term agreement. well, evidence that the dot comes are alive and kicking. linkedin shares are rallying. >> bulls are carrying on, on wall street, as they react to the jobs report. >> jane king is live with the latest. hang on, jane.
6:46 am
buckle in. >> no kidding. this has been crazy. we're up today. we have the job report coming out a bit better than expected last month. the numbers, in july, the u.s. created 117,000 jobs. we expected 85,000. so a little bit better than expected. jobless rate dropping, actually, to 9.1% from 9.2%. in california, currently stands at 11.8%. so that is much higher than the rest of the country. so let's see how the market is doing after that bloodbath that we had yesterday. a bit of a rebound here this morning. the dow is up 100 points. s&p and nasdaq all trading higher. the big question is this going to ease fears of recession and banking crisis in europe? the shares of mountain view based linked-in soaring. in their case, the job market, weak one is helping out the social networking
6:47 am
company. they have sales from hiring surface tripled. the bad news for brocade communication, they lowered the third quarter guidance, facing softer than expected i.t. spending environment. they'll have full financial results in the few weeks. analysts tell bloomberg sony is under pressure to vida. nintendo cut the price of the 3d portable player to low as $169. more gamers are flocking to other mobile games to play on the apple i-phone and ipad like the angry birds. still, chairman is signalling that they are not running a price war with nintendo. live at the new york stock exchange, jane king, bloomberg news. >> thank you very much. have a great friday. >> thanks. well, nasa scientists believe they have new proof of water on mars. yesterday, geophysicists in washington, d.c. unveiled
6:48 am
the latest high definition pictures from nasa recon any sans orbiter -- reconnance orbiter showing something flowing on mars. they say it appears to get heavier in the summer and dry up in the winter and it runs in formation that look like rivers. nasa scientists in mountain view who attended the presentation, via satellite, say the finding is promising. but many questions remain. >> it did look like water just oozing out of that bedrock and sliding down the surface. the thing that is puzzling there is an instrument on the same spacecraft able to image locations and measure the presence of water. it didn't see a signature of water. >> one explanation is the mars orbit water detection device is not as sensitive as the high definition camera. one day, nasa may send the mars rover to take samples but it could be years away before they know for sure what created formation on mars' surface. >> looking a that, it looks
6:49 am
like fog rolling in. maybe i have it on my brain because it's going on behind me but a big fog bank on mars. oh, my gosh, look at the picture of mars. look at that. >> this is the season, right? we have picture from volmer peak camera. in the distance is mount diablo. we have plenty of low clouds and fog with the deck of low clouds over 2,000 feet. once again this morning. so, plenty of mist and drizzle as well. if you headed to san francisco, from oakland, or the north bay, you may need to use the wipers. we've got upper 50s out there. cooler than average day today. it sounds familiar. we will look for a slightly warmer day today inland. east bay. and that is because the sea breeze will be a little bit weaker. you have low clouds and fog in livermore valley. cooler than normal weekend. beyond, that we are looking at warmth out there. but not today. look at numbers, low 60s to low 80s. it's been familiar theme throughout the summer. we should see 70 in oakland
6:50 am
with low 80s around san jose and redwood city. not going to happen, as much as 10 degrees below the average. redwood city. we should be close to 90 in the inland valley. so, today, very comfortable in the east bay valley. we will look at a cool weekend. in fact, not only one area of low pressure but another area of low pressure on the way to bring a dip in the temperatures tomorrow. so one area heads out and then with another one on the way. we'll see more of the low clouds, mist and drizzle for morning hours. and then as the system finally lifts out by early next week, it looks like we may get a piece of that bridge, bringing the warmth to much of the nation. that should warm numbers up. maybe near normal. by mid-week next week. 75 today santa clara and milpitas. 79 in los gatos. look for low 60s here. 72 in menlo park. redwood city coming in, in the low 70s. the low 60s downtown. 60 in daly city. it will be a gray day for much of the early afternoon in san francisco. sunshine is on the way for
6:51 am
santa rosa. at 77. but cool for your standards for this time of year. 68 in oakland. 71, union city. some low 70s in newark today. but, you know, going to be another cool one here with the west wind. it's blowing through the delta, the carquinez strait. the numbers in the low to mid-80s there. 80 in danville. 78 in dublin. by the monterey bay, 65 there with the afternoon sun. 75 today in hollister. it's morning drizzle today, tomorrow, then afternoon sun. we'll see our temperatures steadily warm up by early next week. right on through the middle of next week. very some 80s around the bay. 90s inland. good morning, sue. >> good morning, everyone. good morning, lisa. we have a couple of issues in the non-compute direction. couple of areas. go first to eastbound highway 4. normally the west, still westbound this morning is slow as well. eastbound accident at loveridge slowing things more than usual in that direction. westbound as i mention is as typical slow toward your drive.
6:52 am
242. and the concord direction. eastbound 580, again, non-commute direction. we have an accident at north flynn cleared from the lane. a little slow traffic. not bad. it look like it evens itself out. light toward 24 junction headed toward north main. as i mentioned 24 from concord area. the maze, the ride to bay bridge and 580 and 880 looking very light this morning. no problems. in fact, when you need in toll plaza, take a look. the metering lights have just been turned on. not backed up whatsoever heading westbound. nice ride, fog on the span. other than that, it's looking good. is the website. click on the bay area traffic for your updates. terry, eric, back to you. >> thank you, sue. former governor arnold schwarzenegger has now made his first public speech since announce in the may he father adson out of wedlock
6:53 am
with everyone wondering what he'd say. he tried to lean on the sense of humor to break the ice. >> i want you to know this is actually also a fundraiser. [ laughter ] because i'm going to run in 2012. [ applause ] i'm going to run for president of the national body building association. [ applause ] >> schwarzenegger was the keynote speaker at american chamber of commerce convention in l.a. he didn't mention the scandal or marital problems with maria shriver. pacifica dog lovers should find out today if they have enough votes to win a contest to bring a new dog park to the city. for five years, a local group worked tirelessly to get a dog park built in pacifica and they found a perfect spot behind the city recreation center, but they need money. so they entered online video contest called bark for your park. they already know they made the final 15. and today's winner gets
6:54 am
$100,000 from pet company pet safe to build a dog park. recapping the top stories, 9-year-old child fighting for his life after being struck by hit-and-run driver while leaving the giants came last night. >> abc7's amy hollyfield is live near mission and new montgomery in san francisco with more. amy? >> yeah, eric, walking in front of a family member of the game in the crosswalk when a truck turned here and hit the boy. the car took off and left the scene. a couple hours later, the police say they got the driver. hayward police actually spotted the damaged white toyota truck, which matched description of the truck from the accident. sfravens police headed east to check it out. they brought witnesses with them two confirmed it was the same truck. now this is around 1 verz in the morning. the accident happened in san francisco. at 10:30. witnesses say after the truck hit the boy it went on to hit a few cars on mission street. before getting on the
6:55 am
freeway. and heading out of here. officers haven't released any information about the man they arrested. the boy is nine years old. he is in the hospital with life threatening head injuries. he doesn't live here. he is from philadelphia. he was in town visiting relatives. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> all right, amy. thank you very much. 6:55. >> checking the other top stories, wall street jumped 150 points in early trading. largely response to this morning's better-than-expected jobs report but you can see things reversed themselves and the dow is currently in negative territory, down 50 points. the labor department says 117,000 new jobs were added last month. dropping the unemployment rate a tenth of a percept to 9.1%. but the dow still hasn't figured out which way it likes to -- it likes this report so down 42 points. let's check in with something far more stable, the forecast of one lisa
6:56 am
argen. >> i knew you weren't talking about me. >> let's talk about stable. we have a stable atmosphere because of the fog. keeping a lid on everything. we have low clouds to east bay. by 10:00, 11:00, sunshine inland valleys and that will bring us up to little warmer numbers this afternoon in concord and livermore. low 80s for you. some sunshine on tap for oakland at 68. 73 in palo alto. 76 in san jose. do we havewarmer weather in the offing? we do, but not over the weekend. cooler tomorrow and coming up a few degrees on sunday. here comes the warm-up. it looks like the temperatures coming up to near normal by the middle of next week. sue has a look at the friday light traffic. >> light. we have a giants game. the phillies are in town. a big rivalry. you will find traffic that is heavy around the embarcadero. at&t park. because friday get-away, too, later today. maze, look at the drive. once again in toward the toll plaza. and 580 at 880.
6:57 am
it's light this morning. coming down the westbound east shore freeway. san rafael is light from novato to central san rafael. 580. no problems heading to the golden gate bridge except you will hit fog. pretty dense fog as we've been talking about all morning. >> westbound east shore freeway is tough. >> it is. confused. >> thank you very much. that's it for this edition of the abc7 morning news. back with a local update at 7:24. join us for mid-day news at 11:00. stave connected 24/7/7/7/7/7/7/ú
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