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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  August 5, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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a tick to 9.1%. but within 30 minutes investors enthusiasm gave way to fear about the broader economy, pushing the market down more than 200 points. and the market closed in positive territories. >> european concerns were hitting headlines on and off throughout the day. and so... there is just a lot of information to be pro tes sesed. begin, with markets so thin during the summer, you get volume tilt. >> on thursday, markets plunged more than 500 points, the worst day on wall street since 2008. over the last two weeks, some $940 billion worth of investors wealth was wiped out. the average 401(k) lost nearly $12,000. >> there goes my 401(k). that is it. i mean, look. it's uncomfortable. >> where some see law loss, others see opportunity.
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>> i think you buy great companies and great earnings with a longer term approach. >> neemic growth, a slow down in manufacturing and a dip in consumer confidence and spending fueling fears of a double dip recession. >> and president obama trying to return focus to the economy and job creation. there is a debt limit wrangling done in washington. >> when i want the american people and partners to know is this. we're going to get through this. things will get better. >> the president made reassuring remarks this morning at washington's navy yard. a san francisco agency is getting a boost nef yorts to put people back to work. and. >> this agency is called robert enterprise development fund. it got a $3 million grant from the federal government to help create more jobs. it's basically a venture
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capitol firm for business that's put people back to work. one of the businesses is a san francisco company called green streets, working at several local housing projects, sorting out compost from trash cans and going door to door to empty out compost pails from peoples kitchens, their bigger mission is hiring people from those communities who would have trouble finding jobs. that is the company that had sponsor buzz once it gets started it requires there is a way to keep going on their own. >> this salary comes from the trash bill from each property. the money we're able to safe from reducing waste is what goes in our pockets. >> through the earned income they get from running a normal business therk provide wages and, you know, normal business costs. >> is the kind of
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revolutionary? >> it s it's necessary in the face of government cut backs we're seeing now. >> in the case of green street they've reduced one housing project there by $10,000. that more than pays for labor to sort trash there. they told us by picking up kitchen waste they're saving wear and tear on garbage disposals. management is passing that on to them, too. >> this does sound like a tough job. >> and they have people lining up to do the jobs. the property manager told me there are 20 people on the waiting list. >> what are they planning to do with the grant money? >> some is going to go towards new enterprises. and some will go helping companies like green street which wants to have a garbage hauling system. they're going to use some of the funding for that. >> and part of our ongoing
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efforts to keblgt employers with job seekers we're sponsoring a job fair wednesday in san jose. it takes place at gateway hotel and address and times are on abc 7 under see it on tv. a 9-year-old boy is in critical condition this afternoon, the victim of a hit and run driver. the boy and his parents were leaving the game last night when this child got hit. and abc 7's vic lee joins us live with the latest. vick? >> this 9-year-old ryan white's condition has not changed. police sources tell abc 7 news doctors have at least stabilized him. just about an hour aggie, police chief paid a surprise visit and we were there. >> we drought we dropped some on the little guy.
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>> the chief came with gifts for the 9-year-old. >> america's past time. it's family goesing to baseball. and they should be able to make it home okay. so we'll go see him. >> the boy was struck by a hit and run driver. ryan and his family in town from philadelphia. they had just left the game at at and t mark. police say the toyota pick up driven by the 21-year-old andrew vargas hit the boy at mission and new montgomery as he walk add cross the street them say vargan plowed into several cars as he fled the scene. and what happened next. >> a young patrol officer walked up, put out the license plate. next thing you knew we knew he was in oakland, then, they're asking for witnesses to make an ikd. >> officers from hayward armed with a description spotted it with its front end damaged. vargas was arrested after he
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was given a field sobriety test. >> at the time they gave him pads, which is an alcohol screening and he was over the legal limit at this point. >> there were two dozen witnesses to this hit and run. one witness gave that police officer referred to, the license plate number of the truck. and that started the quick police response. and by the way there was another victim in this hit and run. a 58-year-old woman who suffered foot injuries, she was treated at 9 hospital and released. vic lee abc 7 news. >> this is just terrible. we're hearing there was a passenger in that truck. >> that is right. and according to a published report there was a passenger in that truck. and he was identified by the newspaper as raul moreno. he told a newspaper he and vargas had been drinking in a bar in hayward and had two drinks and headed out to the city to a downtown bar.
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moreno says did he not witness the actual hit and run because he was texting on the cell, but he panicked and they end upd back in hayward and were arrested. >> where is vargas being held? is he talking? >> no. we tried to get a jail house interview. he's being held in jail on charges related to the hit and run and this dui charge that we talked about. he's been placed, we've learned in a psychiatric unit skpk held in observation for suicide watch. >> and a 4-year-old boy abducted from a homeless shelter was apparently taken by another woman staying at that shelter. he has brown hair and brown eyes and weighs 33 pounds, last seen wearing a camouflage shirt, blue under wear and spiderman blanket.
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his mother told police a 5-year-old woman took him from the first baptist church shelter this morning. this is a picture of her. hail is not related to the child. police say sheegs not known to drive a car and may have just walked away with the little boy. and anyone with information is asked to contact the police department. >> how do you drive away men looking for prostitutes? in oakland they're talking about identifying them publicly. oakland police chief says he's considering posting pictures of men arrested on suspicion of solicitation on the police department's web site. and that as community groups unvaimed two new bill boards yesterday, meant to discourage prostitution along international boulevard. they asked men cruising for prostitutes what they'd do if it were their daughters working the streets. the chief says he's considering a plan to use dmv records to send dear john letters to owners of the vicks spot loitering along
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international wlfd. >> let's take a check of the weekend forecast. >> our first look at the weather. >> there is one thing our pattern has going for it is consistency. there hasn't been much change in 24 hours, let's take a look at evening conditions. we'll see low clouds and fog returning inland again, this evening, as we've seen last couple evenings, temperatures ranging from mid-50s mid-70s, tomorrow morning, we'll see gradual clearing and temperatures on the mild side, mid-50s mid-60s, then, afternoon hours, low clouds and z.fog linger there, sunny skies inland. highs ranging from about 62 along coast to 84 into warmest locations. there is a more detailed look at the weekend and at the week ahead in a few minutes. >> and spencer, thank you very much. next at 4:00 bay area workers have been hurt by a game of hard ball in washington. now they're getting ready to go back on the job. >> this is when you're
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surprised. >> this young man got a blow when he learned his gender could affect his treatment. >> this afternoon our first check of friday traffic looking at the skyway in downtown san francisco. sluggish in both directions whether towards peninsula or towards bay bridge. the entrance towards the bay bridge heading east has been pack backed up since 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon and just brutal today. we're coming back with more on the news at 4:00.
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dozens of construction workers build lg a new tower at oakland international airport should be getting a call back soon about returning
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to work. the president left for camp david this afternoon after signing a bill reopening the faa. and this is good not only for worker buzz also, government coffers. however, the fix is temporary. >> there is relief on the way from employees and 70,000 construction worker who's lost their paychecks when funding expired almost two weeks ago. a compromise reached yesterday cleared a way for the senate to approve a house bill extending the operating authority through mid september. and that arc teesh yofr -- taken this morning. >> hearing no objection and so ordered. >> it only took two senators 47 seconds to approve a measure in what is known as a proformance session, costing the government an enormous
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amount of money z lawmakers arguing how to save $16 million a year they were losing $30 million a day in uncollected ticket taxes. the government and the taxpayers have lost almost $400 million. >> this is an example of a self inflicted wound that is unnecessary. >> everybody wants to play hard ball z hard ball hurt us. >> and furloughed workers should be be back to work and construction projects will resume. many employees say damage has been done. >> congress with every person sitting at home now. >> passengers thought they're going to get a tax refund on tickets bought during the shut down, think again. today's reauj saigs retroactively reinstates the tax, meaning passengers who paid tax during a shut down when it had expired are not eligible. and however, irs says it will
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not seek money from passenger who's bought tickets during the period and not charge add tack autos and checking healthy living news, most people hear breast cancer they think of a disease that affects women but 2000 men are diagnosed every year, including raymond johnson from south carolina who learned he had breast cancer. the 26-year-old doesn't have health insurance, medicaid denied his application because the program is only for women. it's costing him $10,000 per treatment. >> right now, i'm just stuck with these bills. and trying to find a way. >> the state health department in south carolina agree there's is a problem with the program and admits it's discrime in a tori and asked the federal government for help. >> and more americans are turning to antidepressants because primary care physicians are prescribing them. and the study in health
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affairs finds 10% of americans are taking antidepressants at some point every year. psychiatristses are concerned some are taking them for minor complaints without fully understanding the risks. they are now the third-most prescribed class of drugs in the u.s.. a group of psychologists believe states and the federal government should legalize same-sex marriage. the american psychological association points new research showing marriage provides same-sex couple was a sense of security, support that does it for straight couples. the national organization for marriage opposes it and that group claims there is no evidence to support the psychological association finding autos spencer is back with a look at the accu-weather forecast. what does the weekend look like? >> better. it's a value judgment. and this is drier, we don't expect drizzle over the weekend.
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and that is a live view now from our sutro camera looking over skyline of san francisco and what a beautiful afternoon. we have a little shallow marine layer that wasn't worked across downtown san francisco in the skyline there yet. this morning there is more drizzle and some yesterday morning and the day before. and there is a small amount z 5/100ths in half moon bay. and at the moment, we have all locations dry, we do have a shallow marine layer and that is lingering there. there has not been much change this afternoon. it has warmed up a bit inland. right now, it's 87 degrees in livermore and fairfield. and there is santa rosa, 82 degrees, there is warming
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beginning next week, water vapor shows yet another in a series of weak low pressure systems. and there is a little change this weekend from pattern we have now. at 11:00 tonight we'll see low clouds and fog pushing inland, diminishing visibility in highways and there is clouds that will retreat tomorrow during the daytime. we'll have sunny skies inland. overnight tonight, low temperatures in the range they've been in, mid-50s, tomorrow, there is upper 70s to just above 80 degrees,
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upper 50s to low 60s on the coast. downtown 65 tomorrow, north bay highs from 75 in san rafael to 80 in santa rosa. 90 way up north. near east bay highs from upper 60s to mid-70s tomorrow, highs near the bay in the upper 60s and low to mid-80s in gilroy. here is the accu-weather forecast. warming strikes on monday. and there are mid-70s around the bay. and there is up to about 80 around the bay. and there is lovely august weather coming our way. >> thank you. >> and we're taking you live to philadelphia now. authorities have evacuated this jet because of an uns un fess fied threat there this afternoon. the flight supposed to leave
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for anchorage, alaska. passengers and crew returned aboard buses and the jet was towed to another part of the airport to be cleared by bomb-sniffing dogs. the plane arrived earlier in the day from scotland. >> and on the lighter side, entertainment news, hollywood celebrating who what would have been lucille ball's 100th birthday this weekend. >> hollywood is loving lucy today, but a british funny man ends up in the hospital. he is best known for his mr. bean movies was treated after a sports car crash in england. and if you love lucy you've got to take a trip to hollywood. the mol hollywood museum open aid lucille ball exhibit today, celebrating her 100th birthday and 60th anniversary of her series, "love lose eye". they posed on the red carpet to help kick it off. >> she was my mother. i was her daughter, she meant
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everything. your mother is your world. >> and it is open through november. >> and huntington beach waves of the nike surfing brought out vanessa hugens and the duo hosted and judged a high school fashion competition right on the sand. >> this is beachy, everybody is here, hanging 10. >> and there is competition and a winning school a $25,000 donation. >> and get your celebrity low down at >> still to come, see new five years, where nasa is sending this rocket, next. >> and there is a campaign to trance form your e mails into letters and later at 5:00 they served our country in time of war, will companies now give back by hiring these veterans? >> taking a look at traffic now there is cars moving
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nicely and there is a beautiful day out there. c@ct
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america's latest mission into space is a journey to jupiter, blasted off today. juneau lifted off, taking five years to reach the solar system's largest planet. and scientists say it's designed to get closer to jupiter than any other closest to it. they'll power the craft on the journey. >> do you miss putting pen to paper and sending a letter? an art designer create aid project to convert e mails
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into hand written letters. and it's converted into paernl messages like this one. there was a venture not intended to make money, just to raise awareness of what we've lost with e mail and facebook f you're interested in converting your e mails to snail mail there is a link on thousand do that just look under see it on tv. >> and ahead hospital mix about jobs and hang in there advice. >> and america is not going anywhere. >> who he says ought to be investing is next. >> and california supposed to be reducing prison overcrowding but is there process gres being made? >> and there is a finger of fog working through the golden gate. there is more coming later tonight. i'll have details in the accu-weather forecast.
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well, the stock market was another wild ride. wall street neets needs a weekend owe cool off. >> the dow ended the day up after the drop, but this was another serious nail biter. you can see highs and lows on this graph. investors anxious about the situation, but encouraged by
4:29 pm
jobs report here at home. >> labor department says 117,000 jobs were added in july, and that nudged unemployment rate down to 9.1% nationwide. and california's rate is at 11.8%. >> and there is some glimmers of hope for job seekers and investors. >> dow jones went up and down this morning, and brokers took it in stride. traders know there is a slow season. enthusiasm about the drop was soon temper bid details of a jobs report. >> but then, you can read numbers more and there are less people looking for work. >> and people are still looking for worth, and he expects a construction job. >> years ago, it was iffy, and
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cuts and stuff that is a lot getting cancelled due to cuts. just whatever, like too many people working on the job. but now there are a lot of construction going on around here, looks like it's opening back up. >> most optimism came from frank reynolds, he was jobless, homeless, a drug-addicted veteran. today, credits a veterans group with gegt him ready to work again. >> they're paying for me to go to truck driving school. that is what i'm going do. it's going to make my job situation better. >> skpf free advice for those worried about their future and 401(k). >> if you're under 50 this is a wonderful opportunity to keep buying. america is not going anywhere. we're the gold standard. >> the manager on the stock exchange floor says do not fear. because november through may is historically the time stock
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market goes up. >> and talking about jobs, san francisco fire department welcomed 35 new firefighters and and over 6,000 people applied for those much-sought after positions, the first graduating class in six weeks and. >> i'd like to beef up the staff. today, there are 35 new members in our department. >> the fire department does not have funding for another training class. also there was a moment of silence to remt two firefighters who died battling a blaze in june. >> state of california is facing a critical deadline ordered by the supreme court to reduce its prison population. it appears a plan to shift
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some inmates tow jails just cannot happen in time. and. >> this new report finds governor brown's realignment plan to ship tens of thousands to local jails will fall short of the court order, including u.s. supreme court. the nonpartisan analyst office recommends asking the courts for more time, the stay is under orders to reduce the population by 34,000 over two years, and the governor's own numbers estimate realignment will get them to only 32,000. the state of california has been emploiled -- embroiled in a legality battle saying severely crowded prisons led to substandard medical care. inmates attorneys say it's ridiculous to ask fog more time and point out 50,000 maints are within six months of release, and the state can meet the reduction by simply
4:33 pm
releasing them early that. is an unpopular move and the brown administration will be recalculating numbers using fresh data, believing early release is not necessary. >> and i'm confident we're going to avoid a prison release, we're doing it safely and without freeing inmates and putting them out on the streets. >> these prisoners were going to get out anyway. it's been proven advancement of their release date by just a few weeks or months won't have any adverse affect on public safety. >> and if they don't order early releases, critics say it will happen anyway and they believe jails don't have room so they'll have to let some of the inmates go. and there is a number of law enforcement agencies have endorsed governor brown's plan and it's slated to start october 1. live in sacramento, abc 7 news.
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a jury convicted five current and former new orleans mofrs on charges stemming from a deadly shooting this, days after hurricane katrina devastated the city. prosecutors accused them of covering up shooting of six unarmed people, and four of the officers now face potential life jentss. a defense attorney claims media coverage tainted the jury. >> this group of gunman attacking a city bus. the bus driver sped away from the scene when the shooting started. a witness testified yesterday that it started when he criticized another passenger for spanking her child. he said the gunmen were waiting for the bus at the next stop after the mother made a call. the woman and five others now face charges. >> and a judge called a check fraud case against casey anthon yeerk quote a haes mes in a hearing to decide whether
4:35 pm
she needs to return to florida. anthony did not attend that hearing. it's unrelated to her acquittal last month. she admitted last year she was guilty of using checks stolen from a friend. the judge plans to issue a ruling on probation next week. >> and coming up next, a deadly encounter a polar bear. >> and nato air strikes in libya. rebels say a one strike from the libyan leader. >> this is 680. everything moving along nicely f you're planning on head together giants game there, is a look at the forecast. >> and you're driving into the city you may encounter fog and low clouds. and follow the time line. low clouds and fog spreading inland start agent 11:00 tonight. overnight will spread inland. we'll see visibility on highways around the bay area, but will fog lift throughout the weekend?
4:36 pm
the answer in my accu-weather forecast coming up in just a moment.
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in syria the government says it's about to seize control of the rebel city. it's been the scene of daily mass demonstrations against the regime of syrian president. and some 300 have reportedly been killed since the assault
4:39 pm
began on sunday. >> and the libyan government is denying reports that gaddafi's youngest son was killed this morning in a nato air strike. libya's deputy foreign minister says the 27-year-old spoke to officials today and said he was fine, commanding an elite unit. >> bizarre attack in norway involving a polar bear. a british teenager died after that bear attacked a group of studentsment bear mauled four other teens before a member of the group shot it to death. the school's exploring society organized this trip. they paid $4900 hunting for arctic fossils and learning about the environment. >> we've been in touch with the family to whom we extend our sympathy. they've asked their privacy being respected. >> polar bears usually don't
4:40 pm
hunt human buzz authorities point out there isn't much food for them in the summer. >> still to come at 4:00, the company letting parents keep on eye on how their children interact with teachers online. >> one european city has a set of new employees. these horses are responsible for. the news coming up in just a moment.
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let's take a moment to enjoy nature, and if you're thinking about hiking to the top, spencer will have the weekend forecast. arnold schwartzeneggar back in the pub lirk eye since admitting he fathered an out of wedlock son with a family housekeeper. he delivered a key note address and did manage to crack a couple jokes and never mentioned his divorce for lingering fallout on the affair. >> i'm going to run in 2012. i'm going to run for president of the national body building association. >> he was very dishonest. and disrespect tofl his wife and family. >> in addition to his divorce, schwartzeneggar is facing two lawsuits stemming from his
4:44 pm
commute taigs of estoban nunez's 16 year prison sentence. >> you can expect gas prices to drop a bit over the next couple weeks. that and the week on wall street. oof and wall street breathing a sigh of relief thanks to a surprising jump in jobs. dow ending higher and nasdaq, s and p, lower, latest casualty of the stalling economy is businesses catering to middle class vacationers, occupancy in economy motels is offering rerecession peeks and a senior economist says it's because discretion nairy spending for middle income families and vacations are not at the top of the list for vacations. and there is good news for consumers, gas prices will
4:45 pm
likely go down 15 to 30 cents per gallon according to an oil researcher cameron hanover because the price of crude oil dropped to now $86 a barrel. >> and one town in bell gym is trying to promote a better relationship between residents and garbage collectors. so check out the new garbage collectors. this is is to recreate social links between workers and people. sounds like a lofty goal. and the they'll attend parades and no word on who is cleaning up after new employee autos yes. there sex tra work there. >> and still to come, social networking for classroom autos
4:46 pm
you've probably seen products advertised. they claim to give you benefits of a gym without expense. a consumer report review of a couple of the gym in a box products just ahead. >> and later at 5:00 bay area refinely that is about to pay up for keeping a chemical release under wraps. clclclclclct
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and one last check of the traffic in downtown san francisco on the skyway. about the only good thing we can say is that if you're watching ot home you're not in it. spencer will have a look at the forecast in just a few minute autos if you're gym membership is costing too much there could be a less expensive way to go. >> two products promise a total body workout at home. and michael fin gee wheer will he down on gyms in a box.
4:50 pm
>> you've probably heard about these. or maybe seen infomercials. they both work. >> and you're going to like what we're going to say. which is a better value? consumer reports has answers. a gym work out can feel great. do you have to drag yourself to the gym to get one? there is a $200 trx and tower 200 for $150. promising to give you an effective workout at home. consumer reports rounded up 14 panelists to try them out. >> we have men and women with range of heights and fitness levels. >> the trx uses body weight with exercises that work your body. and alternately, tower 200 uses resistance bands and pullies to get this job done. each can be installed on
4:51 pm
almost any door in the home. and both with a workout dvd. trx's 35-minute video has two variations of each exercise, one for beginners and mother another, more advanced version. >> exercises mighting challenging for someone with limited strength. >> some initially complained about the trx exercise, have you to put your feet in stir ups and flip to a plank or push up position. but tower 200 some complained bands rubbed against their bodies during exercises. bottom line, trx deliver effective workouts but consumer reports says trx has the edge. >> and there is a different skill and fitness level by changing your body position. >> and it's easy to take with you whenever you go.
4:52 pm
if you're looking to spend less, the tower 200 can provide a good workout. do you think they're ease he to set snup. >> yes. trx sf not easy. so if you're like a beginning exerciser, it's not a way to go. i am a p 90 x guy. >> watching the guy... >> it's awkward. >> yes oo. sure. >> thank you oo. and spencer christian is in great shape. and i talk about it a lot. and let's take a look at whaps what's happening nationally. heat going on and we're looking at highs tomorrow of 108 degrees in phoenix, and that will be the 36th day of heat in dallas, 94 in st. louis. and in many cases there is humidity to be factored in so
4:53 pm
this is high z this is a dangerous heat wave showing no sign of relenting soon. on we go to conditions closer to home. across the state of california we'll see warm weather down through interior locations. 93 degrees the high in chico tomorrow. 92 in sacramento. 96 in fresno. these are below average temperatures for thyme of the year. and 107 in palm springs is about average. 79 in rangs los angeles tomorrow, and here in the bay area, we'll see mainly sunny skies inland and early morning hours there is low clouds and fog. and clouds linger at the coast. highs of 65 in san francisco. and there is some mid 80s in antioch and fairfield. south bay there is a high of 78 z we'll see 74 in palo alto
4:54 pm
and across the bay a high of 75. tomorrow afternoon at and t park a match up of, i've gotten head of myself. 70s near the bay tomorrow z low to mid-80s inland. and there is probably two best teams in national league tomorrow, giants hosting phillies at 1:10. sunny breaks and clouds around. and should be a great afternoon in baseball. and larry? carolyn? >> and thank you. >> beginning this school year, missouri law making it illegal for teachers to be friends with students on social networking sites. >> the idea is protecting students with inappropriate contact. but it's controversial here in the bay area. social networking is now a standard tool for many teacher autos it s one local company has come up with a solution
4:55 pm
and abc 7 is in the newsroom with more on this. >> and the problem is that the law in missouri says we're not going allow the sites unless parents have sack ses to them. one company says hey swrerks the solution. >> at this conference on technology, teachers are learning latest computer tool that's will help them. >> there is stuff i won't want stud dwronts see. about my children and family. it's not just not for them. >> missouri lawmaker as agreed, making it illegal for teacher there's to interact with students under the age of 18 on face bs or any other social networking site including
4:56 pm
twitter. the former ceo of sun micro systems says that is wrong and is hopeful that it will change. >> i'm comfortable longer term we'll understand online distance shifted will be a very important component. >> none of the teachers interact with students through facebook. and one says she seize nothing wrong with teachers and students communicating through facebook. >> it's important to extend our learning communities that solidify them into one community. >> many school districts for bid teachers to friend students. >> i don't use facebook. i use what is accessible with the district. >> and there is one web site that school districts do allow. edmoto wall is remarkably similar to face bs book but
4:57 pm
it's there for students and teachers to discuss, share and learn only school-related materials. students and teachers can not have private conversations. or share with those outside of their classroom network. >> in addition to that there are school administrator accounts providing those extra layers of visibility. >> and there is now two million subscribers. >> and in december, you can see how it's growing. and three people had heard of it. dimension it's free? >> sounds interesting. what happens when it's over? do teachers continue to interact former students? >> no. what happens is that they close out the network meaning the class and start a new one the following year.
4:58 pm
>> and the news at 5:00 continues right now. >> a rollercoaster ride on wall street today. and we look at how much money 401(k) investors look in two week autos and stories of those who served our count i in the military and their battle to find civilian jobs. >> san francisco police chief makes a personal visit to a young tourist injured by a hit and run driver. applause and the sigh of relief greeting a closing ball bel on wall street, taking investors for a wild 400 point swing. dow jones opened up 168 points, but then, fear took over and a huge drop at one point, dow dropped 237 points below yesterday's close. that topsy turfy ride
4:59 pm
continued all day long. and when i was said and done, the market ended with mixed results. the dow jones finished at 114456789 nasdaq closed down 24 points. s and p closed down a fraction and common investor took a hit this week. >> there goes by 401(k). >> and over the last two weeks, the average 401(k) lost nearly $12,000. experts encourage investors not to panic. the report was encouraging. department of labor says 117,000 jobs were added in july. slightly easing the rate down from 9.2 to 9.1% nationwide. and president barack obama used a positive job number to urge congress to do more to


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