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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  August 6, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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good evening. reaction continues tonight to standard & standard & poors' decision to downgrade the u.s. rating. one area that could feel ramifications is consumer borrowing, economists believe higher rates for student loans, credit cards and home loops could be on the way and that's not welcome news for an already sluggish housing market. we're live in san francisco with more from bay area realtors. >> reporter: the big concern here is that since the s&p has downgraded the government's credit rating it could hike the amount of interest the government pays on its debt and that could affect the consumer
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market and that's a big deal if you theme be in the market for a big ticket purchase like a new home. josh and mike have been brought for homes now for the last few months, and news of the u.s. government's credit downgrade has added some-under gems si to ---under gems si to their search. >> people are already not qualifying for houses, and to have this happen is just making it worse in a sense. >> reporter: their biggest concern is interest on a future home loan will surge. >> definitely a situation where, if we wait too much longer and not knowing what's going to happen with interest rates, could affect our monthly mortgage payment. >> reporter: bob evans is a real estate expert and he said theman concern is buyers looking for low to mid-level properties. >> the concern for the purchasers in the 800,000 and under brackety they require to get more favorable financing go through the fha.
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>> when news hit that the government's credit rating was downgraded be standard & poors he got plenty of call from people in the market to buy. >> strongly urge buyers not sit around because if you're locked into an interest rate, you're locked in, which means they cannot raise you even if they rates the interest rates for everyone else. >> reporter: another worry a potential buyer has to consider but they're trying to keep things in perspective. >> doesn't keep me up at night knowing -- as long as it doesn't go back to the 1980s rate, we're all right. >> reporter: right now, interest rates are exactly the same as they were when news hit yesterday of this credit downgrade to the government reside credit rating, and so experts i talk to today said may take a few weeks and even a few months to see if this affects any of the interest rates. reporting live, abc-7 news. >> alan: top officials from
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standard & poors are defending their decision to downgrade the country's credit rating after the obama administration says the decision was based on bad math. the administration accused s&p of inflating the country's def skit -- deficit by $2 trillion but s&p officials concluded the u.s. will still have difficult digetting large deficits under control. the agency emphasizedded warned lawmakers of a downgrade during the debt zeal debate. >> the political brinks manship we saw was something beyond our expectations. >> alan: some economists say the downgrading might not be finished. they say fannie mae and freddie mac could be next. insurntz shot down a u.s. helicopter today, making it the deadliest day in the u.s. military's ten year war in afghanistan. 30 americans onboard were killed, including 22 navy seals from seal team sifntle u.s. military officials say none of this navy seals participated in
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the raid that killed osama bin laden but they were from the same unit that carried out the mission. seven afghan commandos were also killed. the taliban claims they shot down the helicopter with a rocket-propelled grenade. nato confirm thread was enemy fire in the area but is still investigating. >> these are the most courageous and deposit -- decent people. >> the white house released a photo of president obama being briefed by the pentagon today. the president released a statement that says, my thoughts and prayers go out the families and loved ones of the americans who were lost. their deaths are a reminder of the extraordinary sacrifices made by the men and women of our military. a development in the trial of the two u.s. berkeley hikers detained in iran. iran's foreign minister said today he is hopeful the trial of the two americans accused of illegally entering iran would lead to their freedom.
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the trial for shane bauer and josh fattal end on sunday without a decision. the men were detained two years ago on the iran-iraq border along with sara shourd. she was released on bail last year. during a press conference, the foreign minister said the judiciary would announce the verdict soon. a standoff ended about an hour ago when an armed patrol year surrendered in the mission district. police say the man ran into a home after he assaulted his sister around noon. she is expected to be okay. the s.w.a.t. team moved in to capture the parolee but he snuck into an adjoining home, nearly evading police. >> we still have people watching the place, and the guy had in fact, while we set up our perimeter hard gone in the next building, climbed out a window, did some things, and then entered into these other folks'
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residence here. >> the police would not say why the parolee was wanted but he was armed give a gun. in oakland, police and crimestoppers are offering $15,000 for information leading to the arrest in a deadly overnight shooting. one woman was killed and another woman was injured this morning near the 8700 block of b street. according to the oakland tribune, 25-year-old woman got caught in the crossfire between rival groups. she died and her aunt was taken to the hospital with a gunshot twowndz her hand. they were visiting family in oakland. they're from antioch. >> san francisco police patrolled intersections south of market neighborhood looking for pedestrian safety violation. the crackdown comes two days after a nine-year-old ryan white was struck by a hit-and-run driver while crossing the street after a giants game at at&t pancht members of the southern station community police advisory board also hasn't out
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fliers about pedestrian safety. >> this district, district six, has the highest incidence of fatilities and injuries, and we want to bring those numbers down. and the injury that happened last night is a good example of how dangerous our intersections are. >> alan: nine-year-old ryan white is still in san francisco general hospital in critical condition. he and his family were visiting from philadelphia. rangers at yosemite national park found the body of a modesto man who died after falling into a raging waterfall three weeks ago. the body was found 240 feet from the base of the waterfall. the 22-year-old and two friends crossed a metal guardrail to pose for photos when they were swept over 317-foot cliff. rangers say there's still scanning the river daily for the other two victims. the river water levels in yosemite are higher and colder
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than usual for this time of the year. the coast guard is asking for the public's help to find a concord sailor reported missing by his family. the 62-year-old man took off from alameda in his 27-foot sailboat two week ago. he was scheduled to arrive in san diego on monday but never did. he son tried unsuccessfully to reach him by phone. the coast guard has issued an alert but so far there have not been any sightings of that boat. a major security breach by a group of hackers. they're threatening to expose classified information they took from police web sites. >> with rising costs of school supplies, the salvation army lends a helping hand to more than 1,000 bay area students. >> leigh: high there, i'm leigh glaser. yes, there is how it was today, over san francisco and coastal communities. low clouds and fog. but we did manage plenty of
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sunshine inland. get ready for things to warm up next week. we take a look at the forecast
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acknowledge -- >> alan: a group of hackers say they hacked into police sites in retaliation for arrests of sympathizers. they group claims to have stolen data, including e-mails and credit card information. sheriff's department web sites in arkansas, kansas, louisiana, missouri, and mississippi have been disabled. the group says it plans to release a massive amount of confidential information that could discredit police officers.
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some 30,000 people turned out for a texas governor wreck perry's prayer rally in hewitt. the controversial event was organized by perry. critics say it inappropriately mixes religion and politics and some picketed outside the arena. perry is expected to announce his plans to run for president sometime after today's event. about 1500 kids stocked up an book to school supplies thanks to the salvation army and community volunteers here in san francisco. the students enjoyed carnival games during the giveaway in the south of market area. each child received a backpack filled with items like note books, pens, pen silz, crayons, and books. >> so, there's been a study that everything they need to start the school year, are most likely to attend and complete their assignments and understand
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better what they're learning. >> alan: the salvation army says the price of school supplies has risen 12% in the past year. >> the world series of sailing kicks off in portugal. the first event in the countdown to san francisco's america's cup, and after a cloudy start the sun made an appearance. leigh glaser has the
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>> alan: the opening races of the america's cup were held in portugal today. new zealand led the pack with just one point over sweden, while the bay area's oracle racing team came in fourth place for the day. the race continues tomorrow with a speed trial and a series of fleet races. today's event is a precursor to the 2013 america's cup here in san francisco. it was a great day for
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sailing on the bay. >> leigh: you could see the bay. the low clouds and fog -- we're going to take you to one spot on the coast actually enjoying sunshine today. and this is santa cruz. a lot of folks out there. current temperature, 66 degrees. and you can see that wall of fog well off the coast there. those winds will start to shift more onshore, and it's going to move back in tonight. antioch right now, 84 degrees. livermore, 78. 82 in fatherfield. plenty of sunshine there. novato, 77. san francisco, 60. the fog starting to move in towards the golden gate. headed towards the bay. redwood city, 77. 73 right now and sunshine in san jose. the 24-hour change, livermore, you win it. you were down 10 degrees from this time yesterday. thanks to the trough of low pressure off the coast bringing in that cooler air mass. down two in san francisco. plus one in redwood city.
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san jose was down five degrees. so was napa, down eight degrees. so the warming trend -- you can expect that to come later in the week. next week. at least for the next few days, little change. definitely for sunday. we look at the fog and drizzle overnight, and the warming will begin as we head into mid-week. we started off with low clouds and fog will inland. started to see it kind of peel off a little bit. down toward accept cruz, -- santa cruz, but the strong onshore flow the last four to five days will continue to push the low clouds and fog inland tonight. also, we'll bring in the mist and drizzle near the coast and the bay. and overnight temperatures, a little change from the past several nights. we'll keep everyone in the mid-to-upper 50s. in the north bay, napa, 53 degrees. now, we just had a couple more areas of low pressure, one here
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and one here, and they're going to kind of merge in the next 24 hours. it is going to continue to move on towards the east and will continue to provide us with those morning low clouds and fog. well look for all that to burn back to the coast by mid-day or so so inland locations will see plenty of sunshine. we'll keep the clouds coastside, and then looks like by tuesday and wednesday, higher pressure will start to build in, and that's going to help to change our weather pattern and warm things up a bit. we start off overnight, the low clouds and fog moving inland. travel 101, even out towards the east bay, 680, find some low clouds and fog there mist and drizzle into the morning hours. but as mentioned, there has been typically the past several days and it will burn back to the coast by noontime or so. tomorrow, los gatos, 80 degrees. 77 for santa claire. a san jose, 78. at the coast, hit and miss fog throughout the day with 52 for half moon bay. 74 for redwood city. san francisco, you'll warm to
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63 degrees, a little january -- afternoon sunshine. north bay, mid-to-upper 70s. santa rosa, 77. on the east bay, oakland, 69. 74 for union city. interior east bay locations, 84 for brentwood. 82 for concord, and 80s towards gilroy. the seven-day forecast. little change, and then check out mid-week, wednesday, thursday, friday, the high builds in, we start to warm up into the 90s where we should be this time of year. >> alan: everybody is still talking about that fight. >> yeah, frustration is in high supply, but unfortunately for the giants, runs are not. they may be core -- correlated. giants keep the boxing gloves off but can they provide some punch to the phillies pitching
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it's understandable fans at at&t are not sure what to expect. a little mlb and wwf. bad blood could carry over to today. giants in suspension for what might come from the mlb office. both teams were punchless today, although hunter pence continuess to kill the giants. pence goes the other wear --way for the rbi. sandoval drops the ball.
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cole hamels was masterful, five ks in a complete game. the giants avoid the white wash thanks to sandoval. the series wraps up tomorrow afternoon, lincecum and oswald. >> the a's and raise are hooking up at tropicana field. the a's are up 4-0. dejesus hit a home run in that one. >> michael bush finally signed on with the oakland raiders and reported to training camp. the raiders tendered a one year deal for $2.6 million. we don't know if bush signed that or negotiated a longer deal. as restricted free agent he didn't have a whole lot of options other than holding out. he rushed for 655 yards last year and had a pretty nice one-two punch at the running back spot with mcfadden. >> and seven new members are being inducted into the pro
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football hall of fame. one of them is deion sanders who enjoyed his best season with the chargers. he would sign with the dallas cowboys the next year, and before his induction he offered no apologies for his flashy and brass request style. >> if you don't believe in yourself, nobody else with. the bigger the vision, the more naysayers, but i tried to get -- dreams do come true. >> among those joining sanders were marshal faulk and another 1994, 49er, richard dent. the comeback of tiger woods has to wait another day. tiger needing a big day at the bridgestone in ohio. instead it was the same old struggling tiger, especially with the short game. to much oomph for the par on 18.
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2 of on the day. names like rickie fowler are in the hunt. this approach rolls back for an eagle. fowler is just three back of the lead, and perhaps a bit of karma, adam scott, and tiger's fired caddie, steve williams, who have the lead. scott rolls in one of his six birdies on the day. he has the lead heading into tomorrow. more sports comes your way at 6:00. the cal bears football team begins camp. see you at 6:00. >> alan: thank you very much,
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>> alan: coming up in half hour. dozens of oakland police officers back on the job today. why they're patrolling the streets once again? and remembering a comic icon, celebrating lucille ball on her 100th birthday. join us at 6:00. and tomorrow marks the 66th anniversary of the end of world war ii. and for some people it brings back memories of a famous life magazine photo. big band music played alongside the sculpture depicting the times square kiss at san francisco's fisherman's wharf today. the photographer never got the names of the sailor and the nurse, saying he was too busy capturing the spontaneous celebrations as people learned
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of the end of the war. at least 11 men have claimed to be the sailor and three women say they were the nurse. very iconic. >> leigh: all those people doing what they're doing in san francisco today. we have been unseasonably cool for the last four or five days. the weather pattern will change a bit as we head into the middle part of next week. but you know the old song and dance. low clouds and fog move in. and mist and drizzle for sunday morning. 80s inland. 70s rind the -- around the bay. and 60s at the coast, and the low clouds and fog will thin out monday, tuesday, and wednesday, and we're going to warm up where we should be. thursday and friday, inland temperatures in the 90s, and mid-60s at the beaches. >> alan: warmer days ahead. that does it for us at 5:00. thanks for watching. world news is next. our next newscast is


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