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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  August 6, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> alan: they deadliess day for american forces in afghanistan. the devastating loss of nearly two dozen from an elite military unit. many of those killed were part of the elite navy seal team six. it happened in eastern afghanistan after insurgentses shot down a helicopter. we're in the news room with the very latest. >> the military is mourning the loss of 30 americans lost in battle last night. 22 members of the seals make up the majority of those killed. military officials say the team was on a mission to help down a unity -- unit pinned down by taliban units. >> the cashties clue 30
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americans, navy seals, afghanistan commandos and a -- an interpreter and a dog. this afghan eye witness says he saw this helicopter flying very low. it was hit bay rocket and it was on fire. it started coming down and crashed just yards from our hose close to the river. bay area retired admiral has worked with navy seals, reached in florida by phone, he says we have lost some very special troops. >> they are different. they're different from the run of the mill soldiers there, marines, because of the type of mission they are trained for and ultimately involved in. >> 22 members of seal team six killed in one night. >> it's a terrible loss. a terrible human tragedy. also significant strategic loss for the nation as well. it takes a generation to grow a
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special operations warrior. >> i don't know where we get those people. it's so difficult. and i include in that the army rangers and the delta force. these people are just fine-tunes. >> when notified, president obama issued condolences. their deaths are 0 remind are of the extraordinary sacrifices made bid the men and women of the military and their families. the seals carry out covert and perilous missions daily inia. of note, the raid that killed osama bin laden in may. while she's seals -- these seals william from seal team six, they were not involved in that mission. while this is a devastating loss for seal team six, there's a large contingent left. each team has 12 members in teams of 40. this incident is being investigated by nato to determine if the taliban was in fact involved.
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>> alan: top officials at standard & poors spent today defending their conversation to downgrade the united states' credit rating and the obama administration claims it was hasty and based on faulty math. they lowered the rating from aaa to aa-plus, concluding that the country will face difficulty getting its debt under control. the first ever downgrade followed the deal earlier in the week to stepped the government's debt ceiling. >> the political brinksman ship was something beyond our expectations. >> s&p insisted it hat given plenty of warning they downafraid would come if the obama administration and congress did not produce a credible debt-cutting plan. the downgrade could have an immediate' effect on interest rates. credit cards, student loans and mortgage rates could all go up. we spoke to home buyers and
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severals today. >> this couple has been browsing for homes for a few months, and news of the u.s. got's downgrade added urgency to their surge. >> in this economy people are already not qualifying to buy houses, and to have this happen is just making it worse in a sense. >> their biggest concern is that interest on a future home loan will surge. >> definitely a situation where, if we wait too much longer and not knowing what's going to have with interest rate, could significantly affect our mortgage payment. >> bob evans is a real estate expert and says his main concern are buyers looking for mid-to lower price property. >> it could affect things seriously, particularly for the purchasers in the 800 sundown under bracket, where they require to get more favorable financing go through the fha. >> when news hit friday that the government's credit rating was
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downgraded by standard & poors, he got plenty of calls from people in the market to buy. >> i urge buyers not to sit round because if you're locked into an interest rate, you're locked in, which means they cannot raise you even if they raise the interest rates for everyone else. >> it's another worry a potential buyer has to consider, but this couple is trying to keep things in perspective. >> keep me up at night knowing that we have an interest rate -- as long as it doesn't go back to the 1980s rate, we're all right. >> experts are not sure how long this will affect interest rates. if it even does, and this has never happened before. the government never had a downgrate in their crit rating - credit rating so the experts are making their best gais. >> alan: a nine-year-old baseball fan is still in critical condition after being plowed into by a suspected hit-and-run driver in san
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francisco. ryan white's family came to san francisco from the philadelphia area to watch the phillies giants series. police credit witnesses with helping them capture the driver of a white toyota pickup truck that struck the boy in a crosswalk at on late thursday night. the suspect, alan vargas, is being hell in the san francisco county jail. >> a person ended up in the hospital in the last hour after being shot in san francisco. it happened shortly after 10:00 this evening on haren street in the city's south of market area. police detained one person in connection with the shooting elm victim suffered what appears to be a wound the leg and is expected to survive. police are still on the scene tonight. san francisco police also captured an armed fugitive after a standoff in the mission district this afternoon. officers say the man hit his sister and threatened her at home around noon. s.w.a.t. teams surrounded a home for several hours, but the man
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turned up in a backyard of a nearby house. the gun he had turned out to be a b.b. gun. more police officers are on the streets of oakland this weekend. half of the 24 rehired officers hit the streets today. thanks to new funding now that the budget appears to be balanced until the next fiscal year. budget issues forced oakland to lay off 80 officers. about 10% of its total force, last year. the new officers will help patrol a city with 71 homicide this year. that's 19 more than it had this time a year ago. friends of a missing man searched the area around ocean beach today. maurice james' roommate last saw him on sunday night and his ex-fiancee last heard from him on monday. searchers focused on the beach when police found the man's ipod and clothing near the
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cliff. his friends say he likes to spend time around the beach. >> we're still a small family so somebody has to have seen him. somebody has to know something. so we're going too talk to people along the ocean, people with security cam's. we know he is out there. we need to find him. >> alan: police say james may have been despondent but want to hear from you if you know anything about his disappearance. the body of a mow kess dough man who was september over a falls in yosemite national park has been found. park rangers have been searching for the body of the 22-year-old ever since he disappeared on july 20th. his body was found 240 feet from the base of the waterfall. david and two friends had crossed the metal guardrail to pose for photos when they were all swept off the 317-foot cliff. park rangers are still searching for the other two missing victims. a group of hackers known as
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anonymous, says it hacked into 70 law enforcement web sites across the southern and central united states in retaliation for the arrest of its sympathizers in the u.s. and britain. the group also claims to have stolen ten gig pa bytes of data, including e-mails and credit card information. as a result, sheriff's department web sites in arkansas, kansas, louisiana, missouri, and mississippi, have been disabled. and riots erupted in north london after hundreds of people protested the fatal shooting of a man by police. fire bombs were hurled at police and buildings set on fire. the circumstances surrounding the shooting are still under investigation. the sounds of silence filling the streets. but for some car loves, that's not a good thing. how hollywood is trying to rev up the electric car industry. plus, celebrating 100 years of lucy. that's next.
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>> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. this hour most reporting stations are reporting low clouds and fog. this is a live shot from our san jose cam. you can see hp pavilion in the background. the good news is we're going to get into a warming trend. going to be next week. we'll take a look at the seveveveveveveveveveveveveveveve
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: electric cars can be huge gas-saves but not just gas. they also save on sound. they're nearly silent. could that be a good thing? here's dave wright. >> that gas-guzzling engine is what gives the car itself
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signature sound. the car of the future sounds like -- nothing. >> silence is one of the selling opinions but there's quiet, and there's too quiet. with these new electric vehicles, the power windows are louder than the engine. you don't even hear it coming. research as shown that electric vehicles are twice as likely to hit a pedestrian. it's a real problem for blind people who rely on their tiering know when to walk. -- on their hearing to know when to walk. so the designers of a new nissan leaf brought in a ringer, from fast and furious. >> they wanted hollywood reside input. >> peter brown knew just what missing. he approached it just like a movie. took a video, stripped out the sound and then add new sounds of his own. >> we have electric razor,
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gyroscope, heartbeat, space ship. >> the fascinating thing to me is it doesn't need to sound like a car. it could sound like those little space ship thursday the jetsons cartoons. >> which is kind of what nissan wanted. >> i can easily imagine the day when you can change the sound of your car like you change the ring tone on your car. >> the result makes the car distinctive. bus it is more viz visible to blind people? >> how would you know that's a car, with the high-pitched squeaky sound. >> i didn't realize that was the car until it was right in front of me. >> nissan may still have some work to do. david wright, action news, los angeles. >> alan: whatever you're driving, look out for detours on part of highway 101 next week. 101 will be closed between
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belmont and san mateo for painting of an overpass. northbound 101 will be closed monday through thursday from 12:30 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. between the ralston avenue exit and hilldale boulevard, and the following week southbound 101 will be closed. >> are you tired and run down and listless? do you pop out at parties? >> alan: today would have been lucille ball's 100th birthday, and after all those years, people still love lucy. a special celebration was held at the hollywood museum where a new exit -- exhibit honoring the star was unveiled. >> she pushed you to do your best. >> she was the best. she was the best friend, best human, just wonderful. >> and in lucille ball's home town of jamestown, new york, hundreds of look-alooks attempted a world record and
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with 915 look-alikes, they have a world record. and leigh glaser is here. you love lucy. >> leigh: everyone loves lucy. absolutely, still do. i think a lot of us are going to love next week as we start to warm things up a little bit. especially around san francisco. that has been chilly the past several days. you can see a live look from the roof top cam. a fuzzy sky. reports of mississippi and -- mist and drizzle at the golden gate bridge and the coast. concord, 58 degrees, clear skies, but a very strong west wind, up to 25 miles-per-hour out there this hour. napa, 57 right now. 56 in san francisco, 58 in half moon bay. 60 in san san jose. here's a look at the weather highlights. drizzle overnight. little change temperaturewise.
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sunday afternoon, and then after that get ready for a slight warmup as we head into the wednesday, thursday, friday, time frame of next week. here's a look at fog cast. 11:00 tonight, all of this has already started to move inland, out towards the delta area, and this stuff is going to be thick by tomorrow morning. 5:00 a.m. mist and drizzle at the coast as well as the bay. if you hear early morning flights especially out of sfo, call ahead. this could slow down some flight activity tomorrow morning. overnight lows tonight, mid-to-upper 50s. 55 for san francisco. livermore, you'll dip to 56. and the coast looks for another cool weekend, another upper level low, and this will continue to pass to the north of us and will bring us morning clouds and then we'll look for afternoon clearing, especially in the east bay locations and that's where temperatures tomorrow will be in the 80s. we'll keep 50s near the coast.
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next week we're going to return to some 90s. tomorrow, not a bad day. 78 for saratoga. san jose, 78. half moon bay, peek-a-boo sun, 62 there tomorrow. 7 4:00 redwood city. san francisco, morning overcast, and then you should start to see breaks in the overcast tomorrow afternoon. you'll warm to 73. north bay, 77. sonoma, 76. oakland tomorrow, afternoon sunshine, 69 degrees. castro valley, warm to 74. interior east bay, that's where the mild numbers will be. mid-to-low 80s, for concord and pittsburg. brentwood, 84, and santa cruz will sneak out sunshine. 72 degrees. the seven-day forecast, a couple more days of temperatures remaining below where they should be this time of year, but as we head through into wednesday, thursday, friday,
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next week, high pressure builds in. the marine layer thins thins ano the 90s inland, and 6 series at the -- 60s at the coach. >> alan: football season is right around the corner. she's excited. >> i think teams are excited and teams that have off years and can't wait to get back in and prove they actually righted the ship, and the cal bears fit that description. bears hit the gridiron, they're season begins in lest than one month from now. and two players who were once members of the 49ers are all
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>> college football almost here. fall camp opened today for the cal bears. they were upbeat after the contact drills on camp pumps players came into camp in better shape than a year ago, singling out aaron zapate and kendrick paine, and the new quarterback
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figures to be taking snaps september 3rd. >> threw the ball with authority, did a nice job. i'm happy with the command of the offense. >> greatest quarterback coach ever met in any life, so every day is a lesson. i learn something every day, and it's beautiful. >> michael bush is now in raider camp, and today he finally signed on the line that was dotted. he offered and accepted a one year deal for $2.6 million, as a restricted free agent he was a man with no options other than holding out. seven newcomers into the pro football him a hail. , deion sanders, and what a year. he was a key member of the '94 super bowl champion team that crushed the san diego chargers. in his acceptance speech he paid tribute the 49er team, especially those teammate's who he worked most closely with.
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>> the best secondary in san francisco, hanks, and eric davis, donald, this game, this game taught me how to be a man. this game taught me, if i get knocked down, i got to get my butt back up again. >> all right. and when finished, deion draped his best with his signature bandana. and richard dent, member of the 794 super bowl team, also enshrined today. when we come back, we find out if tiger woods can come back. and coco crisp runs wild ♪ ♪ we were skipping stones ♪ and letting go ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ ♪ she was waiting up around the nd ♪
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>> the giants finish up their series with the phillies none too soon. they managed a mere three runs in three games and it figured to be a pitchers' duel, matt cain and coal cole hamels.
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the phills got to cain quick. sandoval fumbled the ball leading to a second run. other than that, cane was great. but ham mels throws a complete game and almost a complete game shutout if not for sandoval's home run. nice catch by the fan. lincecum and oswalt in tomorrow afternoon's finale. >> in florida, giants got lou piniella looking for batting in that a's rays game. in the fourth, weeks send its into the hole. scott sizemore. a's keep rolling on the wheels of coco crisp, who stole four bags today. 37 on the season. the pitching top notch. mccarthy throwing eight shutout innings, and david dejesus clubbed two home runs. the third time this year. the a's win it 8-0.
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and golf. there was hope that tiger woods would be back to his old self. he started fast at the bridgestone invitational in akron. he had a good first round and okay second. needed a really good round today, but tiger shot 2-over par and is 13 strokes behind the lead. new names on the leaderboard. rickie fowler is in the hunt, three in back of the lead. this is 11. the eagle has landed. into the cup. and the leader through three round is adam scott, whose caddie is steve williams, who tiring fired last month. was it john lennon who said, instant karma is going to get you? and there is your sports. will see you again tomorrow. >> alan: that concludes another broadcast of abc-7 news. thanks for joining us. captioned by closed captioning services inc. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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