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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  August 7, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> in the news this sunday morning, n.a.t.o. is investigating whether the taliban is responsible for killing 30 elite american troops who died in a helicopter crash in afghanistan yesterday. and nine-year-old boy is improving after being run over in a hit and hundred by a driver in san francisco. >> good morning. temperatures in the 50s downtown and a bit of a warm warmup coming our way. >> good morning, terry mcsweeney in for carolyn tyler this morning. the american government is trying to decide if the taliban is responsible for the killing of 30 afghanistan troops yesterday. it happened when their helicopter was shot down in
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eastern afghanistan. we have more on what happened. >> reporter: aa nature -- na. to helicopter was brought down. the seals were on their way to support a u.s. unit pinned down in a firefight by insurgents when the helicopter was shot down. this afghan eyewitness says he saw this helicopter flying very low. it was hit by a rocket and it was on fire. it started coming town in the crash just yards away from our house close to the river. bay area retired admiral john bitoff has worked with navy seals. reached by phone he said we have lost some very troops. >> they are different. they are different from the run of the mill soldiers, marine, because of the type of mission they are trained for and
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ultimately involved in. >> twenty two members of seal team 6 killed in one night. >> it's a terrible loss, a terrible human tragedy, but it's an also significant strategic loss as well. it takes a generation to grow a special operations warrior. >> i don't know where we get those people. it is so difficult, and i include in that the army rangers and the delta force. these people are just fine tuned. >> when notified friday night, president obama issued his condolences. their deaths are a reminderful the extraordinary sacrifices made by the men and women of our military and their families. elite, highly trained seals carry out covert missions daily. of note, the raid that which would osama bin laden in in may. these seals were not the ones involved in that mission. and while this is a devastating loss for a seal team 6, there is
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still a large contingent of the seal team left. there are about 120 members in three teams of 40. standard and pors are defending their decision to down grade the credit rating, they decided to lower it from triple-a to double-a plus after concluding the country will face difficulty getting its debt under control. the first-ever down grade followed the dead ceiling agreement last week. >> what we saw over raising the debt ceiling was something beyond our expectations. >> s&p insist it had given plenty of warnings the down grade would come if congress and the obama administration did not produce a credible debt limiting plan. it could possibly have an effect on student loans, mortgage rates and credit cards. they could all go up.
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we spoke to home buyers and sellers. >> josh and of has been browsing for a home for months. news of the down grade has added urgency to their search. >> especially in this economy people are not already qualifying to buy houses and to have this happen is making it worse in a sense. >> their biggest concern is that interest on a future home loan will surge. >> it's definitely a situation where if we wait too much longer and not knowing what's going to happen with interest rates, it could significantly affect our monthly mortgage payment. >> bob is a real estate expert in san francisco. he said his main concern are buyers looking for mid-to lower-priced properties. >> it could affect people seriously, particularly for those purchasers who are in the $800,000-under bracket where we require to get more favorable financing going through the fhh. >> when the news hit friday that the government credit rating was
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downgraded, he got plenty of calls from people in the business to buy. >> i would strongly urge buyers not to sit around because if you are locked into a interest rate you are locked in. which means they can't raise you even if they do raise the interest rate for everyone else. >> it's another worry a potential buyer has to consider. but they are trying to keep things in perspective. >> keep me up at night that we have an interest rate that as long as it doesn't go fact to the 1980s rates works i think we are all right. >> they aren't sure how long it will affect interest rates and even if it discuss because it has simply never happened before. the government has never had a downgrade in their credit rating so the experts are simply making their best guest. in san francisco, abc7 news. a nine-year-old baseball fan is improving, but still in critical condition. and after being plowed into by a suspected hit-and-run driver in san francisco, ryan white's family came to san francisco from the philadelphia area to
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watch this weekend's phillies-giants series. police credit witnesses with helping them capture a driver of a white toyota pickup truck that struck the boy on thursday night. the suspect, andrew alan vargas, is being held in the san francisco county jail. one teenager is hospitalized and another questioned by police after a shooting in san francisco. it happened shortly after 10:00 last night near 8th and harrison. the 16-year-old san francisco teenager appeared what appeared to be a wound to the lake. a 20-year-old man at the scene was detained for questioning. >> friends of a missing san francisco man searched the area around the city's ocean beach yesterday. his roommate last saw him on sunday night and his exfiancee last heard from him on monday. volunteer searchers focused on the beach after police found the man's ipod and clothing near a cliff. his friends call him mo and said he likes to spend time around the beach. for being a big city we are
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still a small family so somebody has to have seen him. somebody has it know something so we will talk to people along the ocean, talk to some of the store fronts, security cameras, and somebody hopefully has seen him. we know he's out there. we just need to find him out. >> they said james may have been despoken dent but they want to hear what you if you have seen anything. and coming up next, whether the hikers in iran will be released. and for some car lovers these sounds are not a good thing. our hollywood is trying to [ female announcer ] every box of general mills big g cereals can help your kids' scho get extra stuff. ♪ like musical instrents. ♪ and new art supplies. ♪
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you want that? you want a warm, super-delicious strawberry toaster strudel yeah but now i have nothing to eat sureou do. hey! you can have the pop tart! pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat with totino's pizza rolls. big pizza taste in a bite size roll that my kids can't resist. plus i get two box tops for their school. totino's pizza rolls. the pizza way to snack. >> there are conflict being reports this morning about the hikers held in iran.
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the iran judiciary is still probe be the case and yesterday the foreign minister gave his support to the uc berkeley hikers held for two years now. he sad he hopes a final court verdict will lead to their release. he's the highest ranking iranian official to speak out on their behalf. the final hearing was held last sunday and the court was expected to announce their verdict within a week. san francisco's interim mayor, ed lee, is expected to take out papers on monday to make an official run for a four-year term. today's san francisco chronicle reports lee will not only take out the papers, he will do so without using any public money to finance his campaign. he said it's not something he feels comfortable doing right now, spending public money. he said other candidates have spent more than a total of $800,000 on political
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consultants on the campaign so far. electric cars can be huge gag savers but also on sound. can that really be a good thing? here is david wright. >> the gas-guzzling, internal come bus stun engine gives it their sound. the car of the future sounds like nothing. >> silence is one of the selling points for these cars, but there's quiet and there's too quiet. with the new electric vehicles, the power windows are louder than the engine. youyou don't even hear it comin. >> research has shown electric vehicles are twice as likely to hit a pedestrian. it's a real problem for blind people who rely on their hearing to know when to walk. so the designers of the new nissan car brought in a ringer. the hollywood sound from the fast and four yes, sir. >> they wanted it to sound fast
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and furious. >> they wanted hollywood's impact i think. >> he approached it like a movie. took a video, slipped out the sound and then added new sounds of his own. >> you've got electric razor, gyroscope, heartbeat, spaceship. the fascinating thing to me is it really doesn't need to sound like a car. it can sound like the spaceships in the jetsen's cartoons. ♪. >> which is kind what have nissan wanted. >> i can easily imagine a day you can change the sound in your car as easily as you change the ringtone on your phone. >> the result? certainly makes the leaf distinctive, but is it more visible to blind people? we drove it past our panel of experts. >> how would you know that's a car? >> right. >> with the high-pitch kind of squeaky town. >> i didn't realize that was the
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car until i said, it was right in front of me. >> nissan may still have some work to do. david wright, abc news, los angeles. well, lookout for dedoors on part of highway 101 this week. it will be closed between belmont and san mateo for painting of an overpass. northbound closed monday through thursday from 12:30 to 4:a.m. from the rosten avenue exit and hills day avenue. next week southbound in the same area will be closed down. lisa is joining us now. take a look at the sunday forecast. >> we are back at with it the low clouds, mist and drizzle this morning. another day or two of this and then we should see some changes. a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. you will need the wipers. numbers in the 50s. we will talk about sun and warmer temperatures next. >> and also next, the pandas try to spark the struggling offense against the phils. we have the highlights in this
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morning's sports.
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>> look at a live picture. clouds are here. how about the warming trend we heard from lisa? a few more questions of her in a few minutes. some bay area musicians recently returned from kuwait and iraq where they performed for the troops. they talked about the trip and found themselves ducking for cover. >> we knew that it was dangerous because we were having to wear flack jackets and helmets to and from every airplane in case somebody shot at us. >> and you went anyway? >> yes. >> yeah. [laughter] >> it really didn't seem that
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dangerous when we thought about going. yeah, let's go play for the troops. >> the guy tarrist and vocal lift and singer songwriter jaymee kyle joined several famous rock entertainers to bring a little bit of home to u.s. troops serving in kuwait and iraq. ♪ are you going to do >> a lot of them are young but they know the songs. >> pablo cruz is known for songs like -- watcha going to do. >> we about the pablo hits, we did some chicago hits, and the toto hits and jaymee wrote a wild one, jake hill's first hit. >> did you perform that. >> i did. >> they loved her. >> ♪.
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>> and the danger of being in a war zone became a reality for the performers. >> and we just finished the last, the very last hit of watcha going to do when she says good-bye, and as soon as we hit it, incoming, incoming, and everybody, everybody in the audience, everybody on stage we all just jammed to get as down low and we heard the rocket go over and we heard it hit. >> their trip was an adventure they will never forget. ♪ wathcha going to do when she says good-bye ♪ >> in coming, incoming. it was amazing. >> abc7 news. the america's cup is getting underway with the america's cup world series in portugal. the opening races were held yesterday near the capital of lisbon. at the end of the day's races new zealand led the a pack with
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one point over sweden while the bay area's oracle racing team came in in fourth place. it continues today in the speed trial in a series of races. this is the precurser for the 2013 america's cup here in san francisco. and the world will be watching us! hopefully they will be watching, and they probably got a pretty good chance of watching a very windy san francisco bay, perfect for sailing. >> that's right. when the fog comes in and out, the winds pick up. we have plenty of the fog this morning. marine layer at 2,000 feet. we are looking at the mist and drizzle and the clouds outside our studios. this is the roof camera. sun officially up at 6:18 and setting at 8:12. we are looking at a spread of 50s and 60s this morning. san francisco 55. good morning napa, 56 for you. and the cool spot to the north in santa rosa. so once again we are met with fog and drizzle. little change today. we will see the clearing later on this morning. in fact, early to late afternoon
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san francisco, and as the weak systems begin to lift out we are look at just a little bit of warming. so here's the delta where the fog is pushing into right now. and by 11:00 you will notice we still have some fog in our east bay and all along the north bay and peninsula. it will be slow to clear. we are talking once again late clearing from the san mateo coast and the marine coast. san francisco in the upper 50s of the west side. but the financial district will see some 60s, low 60s, but for the most part will see the widespread 70s around the bay. eventually into the early part of the week we will see some of those 80s inching our way. but as one trough lifts out you notice the thunderstorms up to the north. still we have this other system here and that will keep some low clouds and fog as we begin the work week. after that we will clear out today and once again look for temperatures a little bit below the average. east of us, though, we are warming up into the 90s from
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the san joaquin valley, 96 in fresno into the low 80s in los angeles. the fog pulls back throughout the day. a nice afternoon. 103 in vegas. back home temperatures mainly in the upper 70s here. mid-70s closer to the water. 75 in sunyvale. 74 in milpitas. and the low fog and clouds for the morning hours and by early afternoon, yeah, we will see the clouds begin to evaporate. 70 by about 3:00 in milbrae. and san francisco not much change. clouds dominating the whole area through much of the day. 63 downtown. 73 in pet aluminum ma. mild day in the north bay. and berkeley and richmond today, mid-to upper 60s with the low 70s making it feel pretty good but a chilly start with the clouds and low clouds. afternoon temperatures still in
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the low 80s for concord and danville today. another nice day if you are liking this weather, otherwise you are waiting on the sun here. it's a gray start in monterey and gilroy will see a high today of 83. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. still somewhat cooler today, tomorrow, and finally the last trough should lift out and we are seeing just modest warming. maybe two degrees or so each day right into the middle of the week. so just a subtle enough change to take the edge off some of that cooler air. >> and get us back to where we should be, right? >> right. >> all right. thanks, he'sa. in sports this afternoon, tim lincecum will take the mound as the giants try to salvage the final game of the four-game series against the phils. the giants shutdown yesterday by cole hamels. also yesterday college football officially got underway with the first day of fall camp for cal. here's jerry with this morning's sports. >> good morning. college football, it's almost here. fall camp opened yesterday for the cal bears.
5:23 am
jeff ted ford was upbeat following yesterday's noncontact bills on witter field on campus. players came into camp in better shape than a year ago. singling out defensive lineman. and he sang the praises of zach maynard, who will be taking snaps opening day at monster park. >> i saw zach throw the ball with authority, did a nice job. so i'm happy with their command of the offense. >> the greatest quarterback coach i've known, ever met in my life. every day is a lesson with him. i learn something new every day. it's good for me. >> michael bush is now at raider camp in napa. yesterday he finally signed on the line that is dotted. he was offered and finally accepted a one-year deal for $2.6 million. he was a man witha options other than holding out.
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and one year 49er dewon sanders was enshrined into the hall of fame. he was a key member ever the super bowl champion team that crushed the chargers. in his acceptance speech he paid tribute to that 49er team, especially the teammates he worked closest with in the secondary. >> the best secondary ever assembled to me. in san francisco, thanks, davis, and dodge as well. this game, this game taught me how to be a man. this game taught me if i get knocked down i got to get my butt back up again. >> when finished with the speech, he trained his bus with his caught do-rag. and a anybody of the '94 super bowl team was also enshrined yesterday. baseball, the giants finish up their series this afternoon with the phillies and none too soon. they have managed a mere three runs in three games against the phillies pitching staff. it figured to be a pitcher's duel yesterday. matt cain and cole hamels, a
5:25 am
rematch of last year's game three of the nlcs. a lot of goose eggs expected but the phils got the first inning single by pens and the fumble led to another run. other than that the game was pretty good. but not better than hammels, who tamed the giants. he had almost a complete game shutout if not for sandoval's home run in the ninth. 2-1. nice catch by the fan. and lincecum and oswalt in this afternoon's guy mally. >> down in florida lou piniella look for some sticks during today's a's-rays game. a's up 3-0. jaw mya bit into the hole, scoring scott sizemore. the a's keep rolling and rolling on the wheels of coco crisp, who stole four bases yesterday. he has 37 on the season. pitching top match brandon mccarthy through eight shutout
5:26 am
innings. and dejesus got it. >> and there was hope tiger woods with be would back to his old self. he had a good first round, pretty good second. needed a good third round yesterday but he shot two over par and is now 13 strokes behind the lead. when will it get better for him? new names on the leaderboard. ricky fowler is in the hunt. this on 11. it rolls back in the cup for an eagle. and the leader through three rounds is adam scott, who caddie is steve williams, who tiger fired last month. talk about instant karma. we will get you. and they head into the final round today at the bridgestone. next, california's spending practices under fire. why the state is playing hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend their prison guards to
5:27 am
las vegas. despite the negative economic reports, one east bay city is defying the odds. we will
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5:29 am
>> two months before last month's gas explosion in san bruno the risk management group predicted with chilling accuracy their response created a significant risk. the risk management group all but predicted the calamity in san bruno even saying it would raise questions about what they should have known about the natural gas distribution system. the report urged pg&e to have nor automatic shut off valves. they also said it would lead to an international tarnishing of
5:30 am
pg&e's image. hard to believe california will pay hundreds ever thousands of dollars to send prison guards to las vegas. we explain the deal to cover their annual union convention. >> hundreds of california prison guards are led to las vegas for their annual convention where they elect new leaders and get training. they will receive their full state pay with packs payers footing as much as $350,000. >> it makes no sense whatsoever and why taxpayers are outraged at the sweetheart deals. >> the california peace officers association usually reimburses the state for pay involving union activities but about a decade ago, instead of taking a one percent pay hike like most other unions, they opted for other benefits as well, including what is called activist relief time. for taxpayers it's far cheaper
5:31 am
than pay raises. >> we chose to use that to ensure our union activists who attend our annual convention do so, while still receiving their pay. >> in their latest contract this year, negotiated by the brown administration, the convention benefit was continued. union points out members gave $150 million in concessions. but at a time when families on welfare are seeing smaller checks, social services are being eliminated, and public schools are doing away with teachers and p. e. classes, some atiance are scratching their heads. >> i do kind of question the wisdom in making a trip like that. >> if you are sending californians out of state for conventions, that needs to be reassessed and the money needs to stay in california. >> the union says this convention site wasn't chosen just so what happens in vegas stays in vegas. >> it is 65 to 80% cheaper unfortunately to hold conventions in las vegas.
5:32 am
>> the state believes some prison guards did union activity while on state time in years past and is suing to get back $4 million in pay. in sacramento, nannette miranda, abc7 news. remember the days when bay area cities had large budget surpluses and growing economies? the city leader in the east bay town of brentwood say that's exactly what they are experiencing right now, despite the recession. here's laura anthony with the story. >> despite having its ten year housing boom abruptly halted by the economy, they are in a financial position most a cities would envy. >> brentwood has been extremely well-managed. alan is the director of economic development. he points to the new $28 million city hall project that's one example of the relatively wealth his community enjoys. >> we have a surplus, we've kept
5:33 am
our permit counter open 45 hours per week. we have no cuts in services as far as police and public safety. and that resonates with the business community. >> green wood credits taxes from the 80 stores streets of brentwood shopping center, which is 90% leased. and there's revenue generated by new companies of that recently moved to town like tactical command industries. they make headsets for the police and military and brought with it 50 new jobs. >> the city is a pro business city. they want business to come to brentwood and they are very, very supportive if that process. >> john also has a 110,000 square foot outpatient campus in brentwood with more than 300 employees. >> the dynamics in brentwood are perfect for our population. >> but brentwood has had its share of struggles, too. city-wide the commercial vacancy rate is about 20% and the current budget surplus can be
5:34 am
attributed, at least in part, to the dismissal three years ago of 30 employees or 13% of city staff. >> it was painful in the short term but today it's paying off dividends. >> at 9.8% the employment rate is lower than the whole. but foreclosure rate is much higher than surrounding communities like antioch. >> we are looking at families where both spouses are unemployed and on unemployment benefits. and unemployment benefits do not pay a mortgage payment. >> in brentwood, laura anthony, abc7 news. about 1500 kids stocked up on back to school supplies, thanks to the salvation army and community volunteers in san francisco. the students also enjoyed carnival games during yesterday's give away in the south of market area. each child received a backpack
5:35 am
filled with items like notebooks, pens, pencils, crayons and books. >> this is the beginning of the school year for the children. this will get them excited and ready to go. they come in and when they enter the building, the level of excitement is already happening. once they receive their backpack, they are already thinking i can't wait to go back to school now. >> the salvation army said the price of school supplies has risen 12% in just the past year. joining us now is lisa right now to talk about the forecast and misting on the way across the golden gate bridge again this morning, though nothing close to what it was like yesterday. >> not as pervasive. we are looking at the fog all the way into the east bay. when the sun comes up this morning after 6:00, we will see the low clouds, the fog. here's a look outside, our roof camera. atmosphere is pretty stable. so the wind by the delta now and that's where the fog will begin to retreat. we will talk about that and how warm it will get coming up. >> all right. also ahead, some big changes are in the works for san francisco's
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>> welcome back. we are trying to look out at the golden gate bridge, but as you can see, moisture on the lenses. you have the wet roadway. it's misting this morning. not terribly surprise fourth a summer morning in the bay area. how long will it last, 7 day forecast, all that coming up with lisa in a little bit. riding a bike should be safer in one east bay city because ever new, smarter traffic signals. jonathan bloom has more on what could be a trend-setting change in the city of pleasanton. >> big, wide intersections can be dangerous on a bike. >> one of the main complaints we had from cyclist, they would get the green indication and start pedaling and get halfway through the intersection and it would turn red on them.
5:39 am
>> a few times i was stuck. >> he knows the problem all too well. so-called smart traffic lights that are a little too dumb to notice a bicycle. sometimes they turn red too quickly or sometimes they never turn green. >> i'll sit five minutes and eventually go to the crosswalk and walk across with my bike? >> pleasanton it all changed. they call it the enter sector. it looks like a radar gun mounted next to a traffic light. it fires microwaves down into the intersection and when it bounces back they can tell if they are looking at a car, a pedestrian or a bicycle. >> it can tell the traffic controllers there's a bicycle here and provide the extra time it needs to get across the intersection. >> the black numbers are cars, number 22 with the blue box around it is a bike. the computer will give that bike an extra ten seconds to cross the intersection and if there's no bike, the computer speeds up the traffic lights to get more cars through. >> it's going to make the whole intersection work better. it actually improves the road.
5:40 am
so bicyclists and drivers alike. >> the east bay bicycle coalition is thrilled with this and hopes it won't be the last. >> we would love to see it used in other cities and it's great to see that pleasanton takes the lead. >> they say from now on every new traffic light they put up will come equipped with a microwave bicycle detector n pleasanton, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. lisa is here to talk about the forecast. looking out at the golden gate bridge it's looking pretty darn misty now. >> yeah, consistent pattern throughout the past summer, shall we say. >> yeah. spring wasn't so hot either. >> it really wasn't. but we are look at warmer temperatures in the seven-day outlook probably by about tuesday. once the last trough pushes to the north of us. a live look outside emeryville where we have low clouds and fog. yeah, the pattern remains unchanged. some subtle differences here and
5:41 am
there in the next couple days. temperatures this morning are mainly in the 50s and low 60s mountain view. good morning san jose, 61 for you. 56 in oakland. we will be looking at once again the bern off late morning, early afternoon. so the fog and drizzle will head on out. little change for the latter part of the weekend but the warming trend i think should get underway by about tuesday, wednesday, where we will add on another 3 to 5 trees in -- degrees in most neighbors. the fog is out in the east bay valleys but 10:00, 11:00 we have sunshine. it will get hung up right across the bay. looks like 3:00 we are still going to look on to plenty of cloud cover in san francisco, keeping some of the temperatures in the 50s and the winds pretty breezy onshore. more 70s around the bay. to so you are not going to notice much of a change." if you are waiting for the warmup, you have to wait another day or so when the upper level high brings that ridge of high pressure back into the bay area.
5:42 am
it's been the troughs of low pressure of a another trough of low pressure that keeps the persistent marine layer. this time of year the winds should be backing off and the marine layer compressing a little bit, but it looks like nothing too dramatic. the morning clouds and afternoon clearing, and with that not a lot of time to warm up out there. temperatures will be warmer further away from the bay with mid-90s in fresno, 90 sacramento. still pleasant here with low 90s in yosemite. temperatures will be climbing into the low 80s in and around los angeles. the fog eventually pulling back but right around san francisco it will be a tough call. today just mid-and upper 70s around the south bay. enjoying about 78 degrees in saratoga. and the peninsula look for the upper 60s where the fog sits. and 63 downtown. about four or five degrees shy
5:43 am
of the average. in the north bay pretty pleasant and mild afternoon, although it will be after 10:00 until you see the sun in parts of navato but a nice afternoon toward calistoga. 80 today. 69 in san leandro with the low 60s returning for hayward today. 79 fremont. 80 danville, 80 pleasanton. down by the monterey bay we look for the range from the low 60s carmel and gilroy. tomorrow may be just a couple degrees of warming. tuesday some subtle warming, as well. low clouds and fog retreating a little bit sooner and that should allow us to gain 2 to 4 degrees right on through wednesday and thursday. you know, finally feeling a little bit nicer out there. although if you get away from the water it is pleasant. >> thank you, lisa >> a favorite bay area attraction is getting a major upgrade. the exploratoryium broke ground.
5:44 am
in this morning's assignment 7, dan ashley has a progress report on the new digs for one of the world's top hands-on science museums. >> where do you go to watch an eclipse, play with a laser or see a yo-yo grand master? for more than 40 years answer has been the exploratoryium at the palace of fine arts neither golden gate bridge. but it is moving to a couple of delaptated piers that will soon become a city showplace. piers 15 and 17 are just north of the fairy billed be on san francisco's embarcadero. >> this location gives us the opportunity to do new kind of exhibits, exhibits about the environment, the bay, exhibits about the outdoors that we really can't do in our current location. >> they are big barn-like structures that stretch 800 feet over the bay. pier15 will be developed first recreated as a state of the art science museum with exhibits
5:45 am
that can change and grow over time but that's just the start. part of their gift to the city is to provide roughly two acres of civic space for the public to just come and enjoy the area. and to that end they are expanding this deck as sort of an outdoor recreation area for the public. >> the space in between the piers used to be a parking lot. this is what it looked like in february. now it's being removed little by little. project manager, joe, showed me around. >> we are standing where the public will be. >> this is the view looking back toward the city where the parking lot was and this is an artist's rendering what it would look like when it's finished sometime in 2013. >> so when the public is here they will get the new jewel in the exploratoryium and they will be able to sea this magnificent view of the bay? >> absolutely. and remember the america's cup is coming as well. the finish line and start line is practically here. >> is that right. >> the front. buildings will keep the same historic look but under the
5:46 am
piers there's a major overhaul for earthquake safety. first, divers inspected the pilings that were already there. >> they go down there with heights and physically look at each piling. >> it is mostly fill because of the darkness. >> they touch it because they can't see? >> right. >> many old pilings are being repaired. but this old time lapse video, shows the biggest seismic strengthener. giant new pilings up to 160 feet long. crews use a process that slowly pushes it in the bay mud. when finished they will have three times the exhibit space they do now. that's three times the space to amaze and to educate. in san francisco, dan ashley, abc7 news. that project is expected to cost about $300 million. the nonprofit exploratoryium is still working to raise all that money. in the meantime the old building is open and full of lots of cool
5:47 am
exhibits. we have it on our website. click on "see it on tv." don't go away. 7 on your side is next. >> a loyal customer is banned at shopping at her favorite store. shopping at her favorite store. it can [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®.
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we are looking at the golden sunrise from up there. we are down under here under the fog by the water. talking to lisa and find out what we can get more of the sunshine down into our lives down here. many of us are regular customers of certain businesses, but there is -- is there such a thing as being too loyal? apparently so. one woman was banned from her favorite store. 7 on your side michael finney explains how it can happen to you too. >> one look at her closet tells her where she loves to shop. >> this one is really
5:50 am
comfortable. >> it's filled with trendy ripped jeans and sweats with the name abercrombie and fitch. >> all her clothes seem to fit and last over the years. >> her husband's closet is filled with abercrombie clothes, too. she said she spends at least $1,000 a year at the upscale store. but for her loyalty she received a slap had the face. it happened when they went on line to spend her $200 gift card. >> when i put my number in, my order was cancelled. >> they said they would no longer accept orders from her. she couldn't use her gift card. reason was they suspected she was retailing clothes. they said retail of merchandise is strictly prohibited. >> i'm not reselling them. as you can see i have the clothes on, i wear them to work, i have worn every pair of jeans. >> i feel attacked.
5:51 am
they are accusing us of doing something that we never, never would dream of doing. >> the company wouldn't even let her explain. only pointed to the policy that said any orders found to have characteristics of reselling will be cancelled. we reserve the right to cancel all subsequent orders from such customers. >> if they are buying multiples of the same item, they will be flagged. >> golden gate university professor said they are on guard against counterfeiting which costs up to $300 billion each year. however, she said abercrombie should have inquired before banishing a long-time customer. >> there's a difference between understanding why they would want to protect their brand and feeling like the way they reacted is understandable. it's not. at this point i think abercrombie probably should send them a new wardrobe. >> kim contacted 7 on your side and we called abercrombie. the company declined an interview but told us we do have policy in place to protect our brands against customers who buy
5:52 am
and resell products on websites or ship large quantities to other countries. these policies are sometimes triggered based on order history. however, after we got involved, abercrombie did listen to kim's side of things and agreed to let her order clothes once again and use that gift card. >> now i'm just waiting again for them to have good sales and waiting for them to have their 25% off. >> as long as she's happy, then happy wife, happy life. >> she was only band from making online orders and could have shopped at a store. if you are feel like you are unfairly blocked from buying, they say contact customer service and i say feel free to contact me by going to i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> coming up next, the renaissance of richmond's iron triangle. how artists are helping young people in that neighborhood.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
>> teenagers in the city of richmond's iron triangle are finding hope in a community arts center where performance can be transforming. abc7's arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez says what happens there is extraordinary. >> the energy of hip-hop. or the grace of ballet. maybe a solo with the jazz band. they learn it all in this performing arts center. >> we doan preach to them, we just say we are here to build your skills. >> tore more than 40 years he has been the artist tis director of east bay performing arts
5:56 am
where students face challenges. ♪ >> over four years these students will put in more than 2,000 hours of structured training and performance. >> mostly what i like to do is sing but the dances are really fun, too, and i think i'm getting really good in ballet. i'm discovering a lot about myself actually. >> the hard work and commitment can bring change. >> i want to learn as much dance technique as i can so later on i can move to another city like this and teach the kids that there is actually hope for them because they can do more than what they think they can do. >> it's not just about training and technique, or become a performer. it's about engaging each other and making a commitment to the neighborhood. the morning arts center is a hidden treasure. they have taken what was once a run down building and leaky roof and mold in the basement and have turned it into a showcase
5:57 am
of opportunity." thanks to a private $16 million renovation. >> we challenge the students to do the best. >> they will showcase their best in dance, theatre, poetry, art, film in a month long series of art and performance necessary october. don sanchez, abc7 news. >> speaking of music, today is the ninth annual jerry day in san francisco, named for the late grateful dead guitarist gary garcia. they will celebrate his 90th birthday in the city's excelsor district today. garcia died in 1995, but is considered one of the greatest rock guitarists of all-time. he's best known as being a founding member of the grateful dead. next at six, nato investigates the deadliest day for american forces in afghanistan. the devastating loss of nearly two dozen from an elite military
5:58 am
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