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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  August 7, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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night deadly attack that killed 30 americans in afghanistan hits the bay area. in a small town in the north bay is grieving tonight. good evening. i'm alan wang. among the navy seals killed in afghanistan this weening end was a young man who grew up in napa county. abc7's lilian kim spoke with a friend of the family that is mourning him tonight. she is live in the newsroom. lilian? >> alan, that attack was the single deadliest loss in the war in afghanistan, and tonight we learn one of the service members killed was derrick benson. derrick benson was born and raised in a small town in napa county. he went to pacific union college prep. those who knew him were aware of how special his navy seal training was. of the 209 picked to enroll,
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only 19 finished and benson was one of them. he apparently was low key about it all. >> he was not the kind of person who talked a lot about himself. some people would have been really -- would have wanted everybody to know, but he was not that type of person. >> benson was one of the 22 navy seals killed when their chinook helicopter was shot down. eight other service members and eight afghans died in the crash. today the u.s. military finished the painful job of recovering what is left of the downed helicopter. but fire fights continue today as the u.s. forces sought up the taliban fighters responsible for shooting down the chinook. >> it is events like this where their own brothers are shot down that really builds their resolve and they come
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back stronger. >> according to two u.s. officials, they were sent to help the army rangers who had come under fire. as is typically the case, it was a clandestined mission. the whole town is now grieving over benson's death. >> my reaction to this is one of deep sadness because this young man enjoyed a wonderful reputation, and his loss is felt by many, many people who knew him very well. >> many of the navy seals say he was a member of the elite team. team six is a unit that killed osama bin laden. although none of the minute in this weekend's downed helicopter were part of the mission. lilian kim, abc news. >> thank you, lilian. turn together economy, there is anxious anticipation as investors wait to see the impact america's lower credit rating will have on wall street and the global markets.
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larry jacobs reports. >> the asian markets opened lower in trading because of concern over the unprecedented down grade in america's credit. the job's machine minister says the trust in the dollar and u.s. treasuries has not wavered. in germany, prices are expected to drop because of uncertainty over both the u.s. and the european debt crisis. the european central bank says it will buy italian and spanish bonds to restore confidence and ward off more market turmoil. president obama said nothing about the historic down grade on returning from camp david, but it is high on his agenda. timothy geithner says standard and pours -- poors shows terrible judgment. but the agencies highlight investment risk and lower the u.s. from a triple-a score to a double a plus. >> the political gridlock in washington leads us to conclude that the policy makers don't have the ability
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to put the public finances of the u.s. on a sustainable footing. >> the policy makers and analysts say it is wrong. >> it will really sound strange for me to sarks but the government can't pate -- pay its debt. >> and they could be down graded too. since the down grade was announced late friday, the stock market hillary act on monday. larry jacobs, abc news. >> part of highway 29 is closed tonight after a man was shot to death about two hours ago. the victim died near the seen. -- near the scene. police are still investigating the motive. officers are questioning employees of a mcdonalds restaurant near the scene to see if anyone saw anything. police from other parts of solano county and napa county were on the scene assisting the vallejo officers. and in oakland, police are searching for a suspect who shot a man and woman. officers found two gown shot
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victim had -- victims around 10:00. the victim was taken to hospital in stable condition, but the man refused medical treatment. both victims were able to identify the shooter who were believed to be armed. a young baseball fan is in critical condition, but he appears to be making small improvements after being hit by a suspected it drunk hit-and-run driver. four days ago nine-year-old ryan white was struck while crossing mission street in san francisco. he and his family live near philadelphia, and they came to san francisco to enjoy this weekend's phillies-giants series. police credit bystanders with helping catch the driver. the suspect, andrew alan vargas is in custody at the san francisco county jail after being arrested in hayward. relief tonight after firefighters stopped a wildfire from reaching their homes. you can see the smoke and flames rising up from behind kearney street. it started behind the
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community park shortly after 4:00 this afternoon. the firefighters quickly called for reinforcement from other cities in solano county along with the departments from napa and contra costa counties. >> i just heard some fire crack lig. i opened the window and i saw the fire going over the hill to the house. and i just went outside and all of the neighbors were outside and kids were crying. >> just thank these guys because they came so fast. the fire department were not as staffed as they were, we would have nothing right now. >> the crews brought the wildfire under control around 5:30 this evening. investigators still don't know how it started. >> another patient at problem-plagued napa state hospital has attacked another staff member. the latest attack took place last night. the union representing psychiatric technicians tells abc7 that the worker was punched and choked. napa state hospital kept unit t3 under lock down until
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around 9:30 this morning. th comes after a patient killed a staff member last october. he pleaded no contest to murdering in the death of donna gross. >> you have problem -- have you probably seen them along the embarcadero, pedi-cabs. a war is brewing between the licensed pedi-cab companies those operating illegally. thomas roman explains. >> they peddle back and forth along the embarcadero every day filling the tourist sites along the popular water front. they love their ride to pier39. >> it is a wonderful, wonderful thing. i enjoy the bike. >> they say an upstart company may be endangering tourist biz uh allowing the unlicensed drivers to transport tourists in the pedi-cab. >> all pedi-cabdrivers pay
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$300 to get a permit to operate. it is my understanding that the other drivers don't have those permits. i start to wonder why i paid $300. >> reporter: three companies operate on the embarcadero, san francisco pedi cab, cabrillo and golden gate pedi cab. he says there are specific rules of operation including licensing the cab, getting a permit and a license like this for the operator. but most importantly there are specific fares that can charge allowed by the city. >> they charge $100 for a couple to go about a mile -- three miles. really they can charge $20 to $25. >> they have been leveled at west coast pedi cab since they showed up. the owner says it is all sour grapes from other companies. his operation and descriefers -- and drivers are legal. >> they don't want anyone else come frght territory. i have applied for the permits and i have done everything i need to do. >> and the drivers have paid
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their fees and they have their driver's license and they have done everything they need to do on their end. >> many of the drivers are foreign exchange students from turkey. they say they are only here for two months, but they have done all they should to earn money legally to continue studies back home. >> he says none of his drivers have charged anyone $100 for a short ride. with only 40 pedicabs operating in the city and millions of tourists each year, there is plenty of business to go around. he hopes a tuesday meeting will help everyone get along. thomas roman, abc news. there has been a change of mind for ed leigh. -- ed le. san francisco's interim mayor is expected to announce he will run for a fullterm. he said in the past he would not run, and he says he will do it without using any public money. le says he is not going to take funds to finance his
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campaign. it showed the other nine candidates collected more than $3 million in public funding. a national manhunt for siblings on the run from the law. and -- what they were running from and the bizarre text they sent. and a little bit of harry potter come to life jie. and we are already seeing pockets of dense fog moving about. san francisco could slow the monday morning commute down. we are going to see a change in our weather pattern. a little warmer temperatures expected this workweek. we will look at the
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to
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a florida mother is asking her fugitive children to turn themselves in tonight. the mother of all three siblings began in florida as the suspects fired at an officer who tried to pull them over for speed pg. the trio then robbed a bank in georgia firing off their ak-47's. the suspects all in their 20s texted their mom last week saying "there is a time for all of us to die. >> in texas a 13-year-old boy is under arrest accused of shoplifting with his mother. police say when an employee approached the two at a store in el paso, the mother ran out of the store leaving her 13-year-old to face the consequences. the boy now faces theft charges. police are still unable to track down the boy's mother. safety investigators are looking into possible transmission problems in 66,000 cars. it is the 2011, 2012 ford mustang models and fuel lines in the 2011 volkswagen jetta
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is being investigated. the national highway traffic safety administration has got numerous complaints. the preliminary investigation involves about 66,000 cars as we mentioned. and you can make a photograph, you can make a video, but did you know you can also make a cinemagraph? it is similar to the newspapers that harry potter reads. richard hart reports on the drive to discover a way for anybody to make potter graphs. >> it appears to be a photograph until those eyes move. is this a photo that is part movie? or is it a movie that is part photo? in tribute to those animated pictures, let's call it a potter graph. most people call it a cinemagraph. >> i really see this as a completely new art form. >> chuck is an oakland artist and photographer who has
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caught the bug. on the web the phenomenon is credited to jane knee beck here in a self-portrait. >> i really see a huge future for it in advertising. the whole point in promotional marketing is to get the consumer's attention. >> the video graph begins as a movie. copy one frame from that movie and lay it on top to mask the movie. and then begin to erase the top image to reveal only part of the movie through a whole. but also you need to edit the movie to loop. you need to save the whole thing as an animation to be enjoyed on the website. this takes lots of tools and lots of time. >> moving to the final cut and to the premiere, it is just too confusing. >> so chuck developed his own app to turn to point and click for anyone. >> say we want to set that as the still frame and set that as well. >> his video graph designer is in beta, but his goal is to
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turn anyone into a potter graph wizard. >> you have to sink in the terms of potter magic. >> richard hart, abc news. >> interesting. >> leigh glaser is here with a look at your week ahead. >> it looks like we will start to warm up a little bit as we head through the middle part of our workweek toward the end of our workweek as well. but right now we have had some strong westerly winds, and boy has that just pushed the fog bank well inland this evening alleady. i plan on the low clouds and fog. mist and drizzle out there too. right now it is 68° in antioch. they are reporting clear skies. compare that with 55 in san francisco as well as napa. 59 in redwood city and san jose is sitting at 60°. we will go ahead and show you the wind speeds. about two hours ago sfo was reporting wind gusts about 35 miles per hour. you can see the westerly winds died down to 12. check out fairfield. a bit of a gap there.
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southwesterly winds with gusts to 30 miles per hour. and there is the low cloudiness and fog just off the coast. it has been pushed further inland. and in fact, here is a look at some of our highlights. fog and drizzle will move inland. we will start off cloudy tomorrow morning for all locations, but we will see midday sunshine to break out inland and threne there is the midweek warm up heading into wednesday, thursday and friday. shear look at the forecast, and you can see it doesn't take much. 101 and even out toward the east bay highways and roadways you are definitely going run into pockets of dense fog. keep that in mind early tomorrow morning as you head out. now, temperature wise tomorrow, we are keeping everyone in the mid to upper 50s for overnight lows tonight. 54 san francisco, napa, 50 for santa rosa and 58 overnight for santee -- for antioch. this is the set up.
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we have been stuck with these upper level lows for the past two to three weeks. we will show you this is one right here. do you see that counter clockwise spin? this is an upper level low and we will put a graphic on it for you. you can see as it moves on down it is going to stay to the north of us. the circulation around the low is counter clockwise. so there will be a little low cloudiness and fog. you get a little west wind and then it is all moving in toward the inland locations. that's why we have been unseasonably cool the past four to five days. it looks like by wednesday the high pressure to the south will build to the north and push this to the north and that is when we that start to begin to have a little warming back at least into the 90s in the east bay. tomorrow though not too bad. we will go with some 70s in the south bay. 77 for san jose. we will keep things cool, upper 50s to low 60s. the paw peninsula will break out midday sunshine. mid70s there. 63 for san francisco. north bay community, santa
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rosa 76. 74 for napa. 58 tomorrow for oakland. that is tomorrow afternoon with some hazy sunshine breaking out. 72 for union city. inteen yes, sir east bay, mild 80s, 85 for antioch and 82 for concord. danville 80 stwo -- 82 and gilroy with afternoon sun too. here is a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast. below normal readings for monday and tuesday and look what happens as we head into wednesday, thursday and friday. the high builds in and then we return to 90s inland and 80s around the bay. 60s at the coast. >> thank you, leigh. the giants finally get a win against philly. >> and you know, alan, despite all of that gloomy news we have had about the giants lately, they are still in first place by half a game. nevertheless, a huge sigh of relief as the giants' backs -- bats wake up. highlights
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a four-game sweep at at&t if they could not salvage the final game with the phillies. the problem was the giants got
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a little tip. double plays and heads up plays by the defense kept the giants at bay. ruiz making the tag to keep things score less. tim lincecum lead until the fourth. stewart putting one into center field. the game was up 1-1. sac flies in the fifth and 6th gave the giants a 3-run lead. his arm was not in time. utley loses his bat and clips lincecum's right knee. after the game lincecum says no harm, no foul. and on brian wilson jersey day, a -- he pitched a score less 9th inning 1k3* his 34th save and it preserves his 10th victory. the giants avoid the sweep and rejoin a bit of lost confidence. >> four-game sweeps are tough
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to do especially coming in. >> obviously we haven't been playing well. it is nice to get out of it and hopefully start something else up. >> it is really big. it is good for our confidence, and hopefully we can keep it going against pittsburgh. >> and more news on friday night's fight. bruce bochy not pleased with philadelphia radio host tony b ru no. in a tweet, bruno referred to ramone ramirez who had thrown at a philadelphia player as, quote, an illegal alien pitcher. bochy called it racist and bruno apologized for the tweet. the oakland a's get tomorrow off. they are traveling to toronto to begin a series with the bluejays on tuesday. the a's not known for their road successes and look for their second straight win in tampa bay. down 3-1 and that changed suddenly. he is on fire and blasting a two-run blast. in the process it extended his
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hitting streak to 15 and tied the game at 3. a's went up, but not for good. evan longoria took them for a ride 4-4. and now to the 10th and josh willingham with the game winner. this was his 17th of the season, and it leads the a's to their second straight win 5-4 over the rays. and we are going to step aside, but there is more to come. why a caddie is getting more ;ppbpbpbpbpbpbpbqç$ç$ç$ç$ç$ç$ç$$
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karma. we may have seen it over in ohio. helped little known adam scott to a victory. first tiger woods who because of the firing of his long-time caddie continues to be a rather unsympathetic figure. he starts this shot in the trees and then in a few seconds wound up in the sand. it was double bogey and indicative of his play as of late was 30th place in this tournament. williams helped adam scott to the bridgestone title. scott ran away from the field, and even though williams bagged tiger woods on 13 major titles he called this win one of his most gratifying.
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>> it is the worst week of my life. i am never, ever going to forget this week. the people here have been unbelievable. >> and you are looking at the feet of brad kowawski. his feet broken, but he won the race in pocono. his dodge took the lead on a restart with 16 laps to go. he won the pocono 500, an amazing feet. and the san jose sharks picked up center james shepherd from minnesota and it is the third deal these teams have made during the off season. and mike shumann will be back with sports next weekend. >> that concludes another broadcast of abc7 news. i'm alan wang with lee. thanks for watching. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. good night. [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste
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