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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  August 8, 2011 3:05am-4:00am PDT

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life. >> reporter: at the wave church in virginia beach -- >> thank god for all of our military. >> reporter: prayers for those lost and those left behind. in this town there are no lines dividing civilians and the military. >> it's a great sense and a great love that we have for our military. so it's like part of our family. it's touched part of our family. >> they're serving us, we need to serve them with the same integrity and same honor. >> especially now? >> especially now. now is just a really hard time. >> reporter: i spoke to the wife of a navy s.e.a.l. whose husband was not involved in this incident. she tells me the wives are rallying around these women who suddenly find themselves widows. they're creating babysitting schedules and dividing cooking duties, trying to get ready for the flood of family coming here, doing anything they can to provide some comfort. yunji de nies, abc news, virginia beach. .
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>> such a tragedy. and moving on now, extra police officers are patrolling the streets of london this morning after this weekend's riots. a peaceful protest against the killing of a 29-year-old man in tottenham went into a rampage saturday night. the victim's brother is calling for calm, saying the family does not condone violence. but more disturbances broke out overnight in a nearby town where hundreds of young people looted a pharmacy. a small town near akron, ohio, is in shock after a shooting rampage that left eight people dead. investigators say a gunman killed his girlfriend, members of her family, and several others nearby before he died in a gun battle with police. at least one of the victims is a child. police have not yet released the names of the dead or said what triggered the attack. a florida mother is urging her two sons and daughter to give up before there's bloodshed. the three siblings have been on the run from the fbi since last tuesday. abc's meg oliver reports. >> reporter: their pictures are plastered on billboards from
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florida to new york to texas. three siblings on the run with an arsenal of weapons. >> it's going to be a violent ending unless you catch them by surprise. >> reporter: the manhunt began last tuesday outside tampa when an officer tried to pull them over for speeding. a high-speed chase followed. the suspects sprayed at least 20 shots at police and escaped after a bullet punctured the patrol car's tire. a few hours later in georgia the trio allegedly robbed a bank wearing masks and firing ak-47s at the ceiling. the suspects, all in their 20s, dill and dougherty stanley, lee grace doherty and ryan doherty, texted their mom last week saying, there's a time for all of us to die. their mother, who didn't want to show her face, is begging them to surrender. >> only mom knows what good people you are inside. please prove me right and everybody wrong by doing the
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right thing now and turning yourselves in. >> reporter: all three siblings have a troubled past. 20 felonies among them. ryan dougherty had just registered as a sex offender last week. at one point, the suspects reportedly lived in this elaborate florida bunker. in perhaps one glimpse into lee grace's mind her flickr page. which reads, i love to farm and shoot guys and wreck cars. i'm a redneck and proud of it. >> it's a thrill thing i think for her. probably for all three at this point. >> reporter: sunday night, their mother, barbara bell, told abc news she wants to send a message to her oldest son, dylan. set an example, do the right thing, and turn themselves in. she wants them to know this doesn't have to be the end. meg oliver, abc news, new york. a major milestone for two little girls who have been defying the odds from day one. guatemalan twins josie and terecita alvarez just celebrated their 10th birthday with a big bash in los angeles. the girls were born conjoined at the head. they were separated a year later
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in a difficult operation. meningitis left terecita unable to speak. doctors are thrilled with their progress, many calling it a miracle. >> such an amazing story. >> unbelievable. >> i love that story. really is. now here is your monday forecast. severe storms with winds topping 80 miles an hour around minneapolis, omaha, des moines, kansas city, st. l louis, louisville and nashville. scattered thunderstorms from new york to philly and d.c. hazy, hot and humid in the south. showers in new mexico and arizona. >> phoenix hits 103. albuquerque 95. upper 80s in salt lake city. we'll see 80s from fargo to indianapolis. 88 here in new york. and 97 in hotlanta. here's a fun story. the chief requirement for a pilot in a colorful flying event in moscow this weekend was the ability to swim. >> and a sense of humor. >> 35 teams competed with homemade human-powered flying machines to see who could fly the farthest. >> the farthest is a relative therm i think in this competition.
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machines with names like "the flying dog," "the devil's wheel," and "the flying mexican" took off from a 30-foot pier and promptly fell into the water. fortunately the so-called flying machines were also judged on creativity, showmanship -- they're having fun, obviously. >> a lot of effort to put into something that just doesn't go anywhere but down. >> like the wright brothers in their early days. >> look at the crowd, the crowd is having a great time. >> enjoying the sun. >> it's a win-win situation. >> exactly. >> we'll be right back with more "world news now." [ smooches ] [ male announcer ] it can open doors, it can erase boundaries and hold its ground. it can even the score and start a movememe. -it can... -[ beatboxing ] [ male announcer ] it can buy time and tell time. shhh.
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♪ all right. as you know, i'm a bit of a geek at heart. >> really, daniel, you?
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>> you're so shocked. whether it's technology, science, including space. this next story, right up my alley. it's about a probe that nasa launched that will help us study that big gas giant jupiter. >> that's right. the unmanned spacecraft will take five years to just reach jupiter. but as the bbc's daniel boettcher reports it could shed new light on the mysterious planet. >> reporter: this is the probe that is about to set off on a five-year journey to try to unlock the secrets of jupiter. the team behind the juno mission hope it will give them a wealth of new information about the planet's composition and its distant past. jupiter is by far the largest planet in the solar system. scientists also believe it was probably the first to be formed. so knowing more about its structure and makeup could be key to understanding how other planets in the solar system, including the earth, evolved. >> juno is a mission planetary scientists have been waiting for for a long time. juno is going to do several things no other spacecraft has done.
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it's going to go much closer in and give us a view of the planet we've never had before. >> reporter: the probe will look through jupiter's dense and turbulent atmosphere and measure any water it contains. it will also try to see if at the center of the planet there is a solid core. to collect new data and images, juno will have to overcome particular challenges with sensitive electronics. the craft have to be shielded from intense radiation. and before it even gets to jupiter, juno will have to cover a distance of almost 2 billion miles. daniel boettcher, bbc news. >> do you think there's a chance juno just won't make it? >> there is a chance it just won't make it. there's always a concern with that. they barely touched on the fact that it as solar-powered vehicle. if it does get as far as they're hoping it will go it will be the furthest a solar-powered vehicle has ever gone, which is very impressive. >> perhaps you can tell us why you're wearing that outfit. >> you know, that's actually what i wear normally to work but
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i change before i come out here. that's my favorite robot. >> is that you on jupiter? >> yes, it is, actually. there are cacti on jupiter, little-known fact. >> you obviously have more points for us. coming up, one way to silence rambunctious 8-year-olds. and it's legal. >> it is legal, no drugs involved here, we're told. show them how to meditate. you think they'll like it, though? hm, hm. you're watching "world news now." . you're watching "world news now."
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ready? >> checking my watch, it is time for our -- oh, a little slow. >> slow. >> we weren't slow. favorite story of the day. it should get the attention of most parents. >> it's a groundndreaking way of getting your kids to do what you want them to do. sounds nice, huh? abc's dan harris reports on a new kind of meditation.
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>> reporter: we've all seen children behaving badly. from "daddy day care." to "cheaper by the dozen." which makes this scene all the more remarkable. a classroom filled with normally rambunctious 8-year-olds sitting totally and blissfully silent. these children are from the pidea school in atlanta doing something called compassion meditation. they do it every day, in fact. they insist they enjoy it. >> do you like it? >> yeah, i like it. >> really? >> it does really calm my mind. >> do you think it makes you nicer? >> yeah, it feels like it. because if i don't meditate, then i get really mad and yell at people. >> reporter: there is now an explosion of cutting-edge science suggesting compassion meditation can physically
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remodel your brain for kindness. at the university of madison, wisconsin, they studied buddhist monks and found that when they did compassion meditation, they produce levels of certain brain charts. at were simply off the >> this is pretty wild. this is the electrical activity in your brain when you're sitting there doing nothing. then when you're meditating you kind of -- >> there's dramatic change. >> reporter: you don't have to be a monk. researchers also took regular people, like this cartoon character here, and had them meditate for 30 minutes a day for two weeks. and it changed key areas of their brains. and even made them more generous. scientists argue this can work on almost anybody. even theoretically people who work in television. which brings to mind a really interesting study that was done at emory university recently, in atlanta. they found people who had never meditated before. they taught them how to do a little bit of meditation.
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then they hooked up microphones to these people, like the one i'm wearing, and they recorded them at random times throughout the day. and it turns out these people were actually saying nicer things. hey, you lose weight? you're looking pretty good. >> yeah, i did, thanks for noticing. you have a fantastic day. >> clearly a meditator. there's a pretty good reason for you to want to be nicer. studies show compassionate people tend to be healthier, more popular, and more successful at work. >> nice to meet you. >> reporter: i interviewed the dalai lama, a huge proponent of this kind of meditation, who does caution, however, that it is no guarantee. is your mind always calm? >> hopefully. >> reporter: you never lose your temper? >> no, no, no, occasionally lose my temper. >> reporter: you do? >> oh, yes. if someone never lose temper, perhaps that may come from outer space. real stranger. >> reporter: so no silver bullet but sam, remember him, he says he uses it to keep calm in that most stressful situation, being stuck in traffic with his mother at the wheel. >> my brother screaming, my mom
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♪ hear that music and you u can't help yourself, you start going back and forth. it is time for "insomniac theater." "rise of the planet of the apes" was king of the box office. coming in a disappointing fourth place was the comedy "the changeup." >> the ryan reynolds/jason bateman film pulled in just $13.5 million and it didn't get great reviews either. so how bad was it? our digital news associate jackieie fernandez hit the thear to find out and joins us now.
3:26 am
hi, jackie, what did you think? >> i understand you're ready to go back and watch it again, you loved it that much. >> yes. this movie stars jason bateman and ryan reynolds as two friends who are complete opposites. bateman is a workaholic father of three. ryan reynolds is your typical leading ladies man and bachelor. so one night after drinking they end up urinating in a fountain that just happens to be a magical fountain. >> that's key, right? >> super classy. they bototwish they had each other's lives. the next day when they wake up they've switched roles. so usually in these body-switching comedies hilarity ensues. in this case it didn't. and this movie did not do well in the box office. and that isn't hard to believe because the movie theater i saw it in was basically empty. people were actually leaving the theater. but of the few that did see it, they actually liked it. so let's hear what some of those people had to say. >> the whole movie was great. i mean, we laughed all the time. it was great. >> it was funny. >> i thought it was funny.
3:27 am
a little too long but it was funny and entertaining. >> ryan reynolds and jason bateman run off each other perfectly. everything they do, how they are offscreen versus how they are onscreen, just synonymous. >> jason bateman, you let me down a little bit, i think you could have been better. you're usually amazing. >> it had a lot of humor and i thought it was quite confusing for my age group. >> i love that. >> she wasn't the only one who was confused. i was confused at how bad it was. >> was there a lot of flying poop? >> there was a lot of flying poop from the babies into jason bateman's face. >> which does happen, let's be honest. >> the poop wasn't just flying. >> no. the movie was bad. >> i'm guessing stars here? what are we talking about? >> did you give it any? >> i endededp giving this movie one whole star out of five. >> only because they managed to complete the movie? >> the plot was predictable, the jokes were bad and the humor was crude without being funny. >> thank you so much. that's the news for this half
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this morning on "world news now," economic anxiety. with the unprecedented downgrade in america's credit, tradede and money experts worldwide are on edge. >> with wall street opening in a few hours, all eyes are on the foreign stock markets. it's monday, august 8th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, i'm daniel l sieberg in for rob nelson. >> i'm tanya rivero. the markets in asia reacted immediately after they opened this morning and it's been a fluctuating and jittery day overseas. we'll take you live to tokyo for an update and explain how this problem got so severe. >> and could continue to get worse which has worried a lot of folks. we will see how that opens how the markets open here in the u.s. as well later today. also ahead, the small town in north texas with a huge problem.
3:31 am
the municipal water supply was switched off. the intense heat and the severe drought hits home with no water for drinking, bathing or to flush toilets. think about that for a second. we all take water for granted. if you were to shut it off. >> scorching heat on top of it. >> punishing. >> really awful. later this half hour, the problem with high-tech electric-powered cars. you can't hear the engine running. while the silence may seem golden, it can be a safety issue. >> you do have to look around. they are quiet, those electric cars. which is g gat when you're inside. could be a problem. first, stocks appear headed toward a lower opening on wall street in a few hours. it's the first trading day since an agency downgraded the u.s. credit rating. >> the effects of that downgrade are being felt worldwide. but we start at the white house with abc's david kerley. >> mr. president! >> reporter: returning from camp david, the president waved off
3:32 am
questions about the historic downgrading of america's credit. the president and his economic team will be talking to leaders around the world who are all bracing for the impact of this unprecedented move. israel delayed the opening of its market by 45 minutes to let cooler heads prevail. in europe an emergency call by the centrarabank. the world's major economies, the g-7, including the u.s., also on the phone, urgently discussing how to stabiliz financial markets. the rating agency here at home isisn the hot seat. >> you must be in some quarters at least the most disliked m ma in america right now. >> reporter: standard & poor's is not apologizing. flooding the airwaves, defending the downgrade, even warning the u.s. could drop another notch if it doesn't solve its debt problems in two years. >> at least a one in three chance of a downgrade over that period. >> reporter: possibly even more bad news because the u.s. backs the mortgage companies fannie mae and freddie mac, there is a chance they too could be downgraded. so governments are bracing. what should an average investor do? >> the market opens weak, i'm buyer. if i'm an individual investor and i'm scared to death and i
3:33 am
feel i can't sleep at night, i certainly wouldn't act on monday. i would let the dust settle. >> reporter: s&p cited political brinksmanship for its lack of confidence that the country's debt problems will be solved. the political parties were still pointing fingers at each other. >> this is essentially a tea party downgrade. the tea party brought us to the brink of a default. >> members of the administration have been using even stronger language, calling the downgrading amateurish, breathtaking. the white house admits there's little it can do now but deal with the consequences of the action. david kerley, abc news, the white house. >> obviously a lot of controversy surrounding that decision. and from washington let's gogo overseas and see how traders are reacting to the credit downgrade there. >> abc's akiko fujita is live in tokyo where the asian markets went through some fluctuation. akiko, what are you hearing from traders? >> reporter: tanya, asian markets were expected to open down today because of concerns over the s&p downgrading of the u.s. credit rating. that's just what we saw here in tokyo on the nikkei.
3:34 am
closed just a short time ago, down more than 2%. that number clearly a sign that that downgrade as well as concerns about the global economy still weighing on investors out here in asia. the numbers fell despite hopes earlier in the day that that statement from g-7 leaders would bring some relief to the markets. those leaders saying that they will take all the necessary measures to support financial stability and growth. the numbers are much better in other parts of asia.a. hong kong's hang seng fell more than 4%. the kospi fell as much as 3%. daniel and tanya? >> how did the japanese government react to the credit downgrade? are they supportive of the u.s. economy? >> reporter: well, japanese finance minister noda has said that the downgrade has not shaken his confidence in u.s. bonds. earlier today he told reporters that the market trust in the dollar hasn't wavered and he called the bonds an attractive financial product and that is a
3:35 am
prprty big vote of confidence coming from the second-largest holder of u.s. treasury bonds, second to china. >> akiko, what is happening with the yen now? do you think the government is going to have to intervene again? >> reporter: the japanese finance minister and the economic minister both said they won't hesitate to step in if they see the yen climb back up again. the yen fell 4% last week after the government intervened but it has climbed back up again since. today we saw it end below 78 yen against the dollar. at least one fellow finance minister said he thinks the yen will end the year 73 against the dollar. troubling numbers there. so the government is keeping a close watch and you can expect them to make a move as soon as they see the yen reaching those record levels again. >> all right, our thanks to abc's akiko fujita reporting live from tokyo. we'll be following the credit crisis and the worldwide impact of the credit crisis all morning long. look for more live reporting later on "america this morning" and "good morning america."
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u.s. officials say the military personnel who died in a helicopter crash in afghanistan over the weekend were rushing to save army rangers who were under fire. among the 30 americans who were killed when the taliban shot down their chinook were 22 members of the elite navy s.e.a.l. team 6. among them was 25-year-old michael strange, who had also served in iraq and africa. he had just gotten engaged. >> he got deployed again in july. and he said he'd be home for thanksgiving. he was a great kid, man. he fought for this country. >> it's unreal. everyone who hears about that happening. now happening to us. >> the helicopter crash made saturday the single deadliest day in the ten-year war. and in this one incident, more than 7% of the highly trained, highly valuable s.e.a.l. team 6 were lost. oregon's longest-serving senator has died.
3:37 am
mark hatfield was an outspoken critic of u.s. involvement in vietnam and the persian gulf war. his liberal views often put him at odds with the rest of the republican party. hatfield once said one of his major accomplishments was helping usher through congress a ban on u.s. nuclear weapons testing. mark hatfield died yesterday. he was 89. extra police are patrolling a london neighborhood after a weekend riot sparked by a fatal police shooting. rioters torched a double-decker bus, destroyed patrol cars, and trashed a shopping mall. new violence broke out this morning in an area five miles to the north. the violence has cast a pall over a city preparing to host next year's olympics. verizon land line customers could be affected now that thousands of union employees have gone on strike. a contract for 45,000 employees in the northeast expired at midnight saturday. the company and the workers were unable to come to terms on issues including health care costs and pensions. in washington state the future of flight came one step closer, years behind schedule.
3:38 am
boeing rolled out the first of its new 787 dream liners that will go into service. it was made for the japanese airline ana and will carry its first passengers next month. the dream liner is made of new, lighter materials to dramatically reduce the amount of fuel it uses. as much of texas remains bone dry in the midst of record drought and heat wave, one city is now struggling to cope without one of its most precious resources. water has been shut off to everyone. they'll have to make do for 48 hours. wfaa's jonathan betts has the latest from kemp, texas. >> reporter: with water running low, so is patience. >> you tell them that this old woman's hot down here. and not just because of the heat. >> reporter: she couldn't hold back against a utility worker telling her what she already knew. >> i got two grandkids in there i had to bathe in the sink. >> reporter: there's no water. >> 107 degrees because you people and those people dodo there will not get off their duff and fix this stuff.
3:39 am
>> we have no water. >> reporter: with the tap dry she worries for her ailing 72-year-old husband. >> it't'a necessity. you have to o ve water. >> reporter: sunday afternoon,n, the town of kemp suddenly shut off water to its 1,100 residents. >> it is hot and we don't have ananwater. >> reporter: sweating under a near record heat wave. having demand tax ageing pipes. simply drained the town's water supply. >> we're in pretty bad shape. to be honest with you, we are. we're in pretty bad shape. six cases right here. >> reporter: the mayor says he needs to shut off the water for days to allow tanks to refill. meanwhile, as workers hand out relief at city hall -- >> it's going to be a long night. >> reporter: council members plead for help. >> i was wondering if we could possibly get assistance from the red cross. >> reporter: there's only so much to go around. clyde scott returned home empty-handed after searching for miles for water. >> they tell me they can't fill me up with water. there's no water at all. >> reporter: with ponds dry, the rancher needs thousands of gallons of water for his family and 31 horses. >> we've got seven kids. we can't be without water.
3:40 am
>> reporter: for now folks like bloomfield rely on bottled water for even a bath. one of hundreds suddenly feeling high and very dry. >> yellow water she gets to o ke a bath in. >> reporter: jonathan betts for abc news, kemp, texas. >> tempers rising along with temperatures. >> exactly, let's hope they get some relief soon. here is your monday forecast. stormy in the middle of the country. gusty winds, hail and heavy rain from oklahoma city to minneapolis. st. louis and nashville. popup thunderstorms in the northeast, showers in the southwest, as well as wyoming and montana. >> 70s in billings, seattle and portland. 91 in boise. 85 in sacramento. dallas 103. new orleans 93. and baltimore 91. a wet 84 in the twin cities. 86 in omaha and 82 in detroit, motor city. and most people scuba dive to see fish and other marine life. but for those who want something a little different, there is an underwater art exhibit on an artificial reef made from a former air force missile
3:41 am
tracking ship. >> isn't that super cool? >> that really is. >> an austrian photographer is exhibiting a dozen works on the side of the ship which was scuttled two years ago off the coast of key west. the photos include images of the ship which were digitally enhanced then encased in airtight frames. isn't that really cool? >> that's so neat. >> have you been scuba diving before? >> i have not. >> that would be awesome to do. >> i wonder how much the paintings are or the photographs? >> are they for sale, perhaps? >> it's an exhibit, he's an artist, he's selling his work. that's a great idea. >> don't touch the artwork, or the artificial work. >> we'll be right back with more "world news now."
3:42 am
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welcome back. electric cars are often considered the future alternative to gas guzzlers. automakers brag about their efficiency and drivers have discovered they have a very peacefeful ride. >> they are very quiet which is one of their perks. but is that sound of silence on the road a danger to others? abc's david wright checked it out. >> reporter: that gas-guzzling
3:44 am
internal combustion engine is whatives the car its signature sound. the car of the future sounds like -- nothing. silence is one of the selling points for these cars. but there's quiet, and there's too quiet. with these new electric vehicles, the power windows are louder than the engine. you don't hear it coming. research has shown electric hit a pedestrian. it's a real problem for blind people who rely on their hearing to know when to walk. so the designers of the new nissan leaf brought in a ringer. the hollywood sound designer from "the fast and the furious." >> they wanted it to sound fast and furious? >> they wanted hollywood's input, i think. >> reporter: peter brown knew just what was missing. he approached it like a movie. took a video, stripped the sound, then added new sounds of his own. >> you've got electric razor?
3:45 am
gyroscope, heartbeat, spaceship? the fascinating thing to me is that it really d doesn't need t sound like a car, it could sound like little spaceships in the jetsons cartoons. ♪ >> reporter: which is kind of what nissan wanted. >> i could easily imagine a day when you could change the sound in your car as easily as you change the ringtone on your phone. >> reporter: the result? certainly makes the leaf distinctive. but is it more visible to blind people? we drove it past our panel of experts. >> how would you know that's a car? >> right. >> with the high-pitched squeaking sound? >> i didn't realize that was the car until, like i said, it was right in front of me. >> reporter: nissan may still have some work to do. david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> it's a good point, though. you can't make up crazy sounds that don't sound like a car. defeats the purpose. >> can you imagine the cacophony of noise going on with every car
3:46 am
king a different sound? horrible orchestra. >> ford is leaving the choice of sound up to fans who are voting on their facebook page. apparently a lot of people are weighing in on this one. >> we'll see where that goes. coming up, plenty of drama over tiger woods, his return to pro golf and his dismissed caddie. >> yes, and how producers are killing off charlie sheen's character on "two and a half men." get the scoop in "the skinny" coming up.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny it is time for "the skinny." correct me if i'm wrong but this could be the first time a golf story is included in "the skinny." >> i think you may be right about that. >> no? maybe guys in the control room could check? let's talk about golf -- >> it's not the first time. >> fair enough. >> thas all right, we'll still be talking about it. >> it has to do with tiger
3:49 am
woods. which tiger has been sort of an entertainment show in and of himself lately. we're also going to talk about his caddie. his former caddie steve williams, who was fired not that long ago. rather unceremoniously, one might argue, after being with tiger woods for about 11 years. this weekend the bridgestone invitational took place where tiger has had a lot of success. he was not with his caddie, steve williams. in fact, steve williams was with adam scott who you see on the right. guess who won. yeah, not tiger woods. adam scott won. >> there's some justice in that. >> poetic justice here. there are those saying steve williams is a bit of a sore winner. he's sort of bragging a little bit about all ofofhis, gloating that f ftunes have turned in his favor. >> that must be hard not to do if you were fired. >> tiger woods finished 37th in this tournament. so his fortunes not doing so well. >> maybe the caddie brings the luck. >> some adce, you never know$ caddies can make a difference. >> stick with your caddie. as we know, charlie sheen's character is no longer on "two and a half men." ashton kutcher all set to take over. now we have the details how they got rid of charlie's character.
3:50 am
apparently he will have suffered a brutal death by falling off a paris subway platform and getting hit by a train, and get this, apparently he's pushed by a lady. >> how much fun do you think the creator of this series had coming up with that scene? >> i think he probably imagined a bazillion ways of getting rid of his character. as you know, his epic rant against the show's creator is one of the reasons he's no longer on the show. ashton kutcher is playing walden schmidt, a broken-hearted internet billionaire. so a lot of people are raving about him. for that show with ashton gs do kutcher. i'm not totally convinced he's going to be able to keep it going. anyway. let's move on to ryan reynolds and scarlett johansson. you know, previously, earlier in the summer we talked about how these two had split up. now there are rumors according to radaronline they are going to be getting back together. >> you're kidding. >> maybe ryan reynolds is so upset about "the changeup" doing so poorly, he's run back to scarlett johansson. they've been spotted out in public and they may be trying to rekindle their romance together.
3:51 am
>> they both had other little flings that have ended. >> a very private sort of a thing going on when they were together. >> we're rooting for them, i guess, kind of. it's always nice. >> they're young and attractive. >> why not. >> i'm sure life will work out just fine. >> that's right. all right. now "desperate housewives." that's it, no more. after eight seasons, that's it, over, over. >> they're saying they want to go out on top, sort of? >> a high note. >> they're not a top show anymore. >> the show's creator mark cherry confirmed to tv critics this morning we just don't want to hang on too long. the final season apparently will revisit the suicide of mary alice if you remember her. apparently this came as a bit of a surprise to some of the cast members. as recently as last week, eva longoria had said she expected two more years. so the cast members told them they were grateful for what he'd done for them in their careers but i'm sure they're anxious about what's coming next. >> this is our question of the day at on facebook. >> please weigh in. >> how would you like to see the
3:52 am
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still feeling fresh? oh, yeah. [ female announcer ] what will you outlast? here are some stories to watch today on abc news. more police patrols are on the streets of london after a weekend of unrest. a peaceful demonstration over the death of a 29-year-old man turned violent. last night more problems erupted. convicted polygamous sect leader warren jeffs' sentencing hearing continues today in a texas courtroom. the judge was forced to adjojon saturday's hearing after a woman's tearful testimony. vice president joe biden is preparing for a major trip to asia today. he'll be meeting with leaders from china, mongolia and japan later this week. wracking up frequent flyer miles. >> that's for sure. and finally, "rise of the planet of the apes" was the weekend's box office winner. it's the story of primates communicating together and taking over the planet. pure sci-fi, right? >> maybe not. considering we've already taught real apes to communicate with sign language.
3:56 am
is a rebellion next? here's abc's meg oliver. >> put those apes down. >> you have no idea what you're dealing with. >> reporter: out of control apes scaling buildings, smashing cars, and attacking helicopters. majestic primates portrayed as dangerous killers in the new movie "the planet of the apes." >> increased intelligence? >> reporter: i irereed telligence in the movie and in real life. this is the picture that has animal experts in awe. millie covering her eyes. a gesture never seen before. >> she did this maybe at a time when she didn't want to be disturbed and she thought she was basically hiding and no one else could see her. >> reporter: evolutionary biologist mark ladray was the first to recognize millie's message. >> this gesture meant she didn't want to be bothered. >> i found it fascinating they'd come up with a sign to say what a state of being that they were in. >> reporter: a first of its kind because millie invented it. in the past, humans taught sign
3:57 am
language to gorillas like cocoa. >> where do you want to be tickled? your knees? >> reporter: and nim the chimpanzee. >> i just mapped out a teaching plan for nim and i did it. >> reporter: this is the first time primates have ever invented sign language to communicate with each other. >> there's a lot more going on with all the animals than i think we've ever given them credit for. >> reporter: a lot more going on in real life. and let's hope they use their new intelligence for good. not world domination. meg oliver, abc news, new york. >> do you know what this means? >> i want to be left alone. >> this means, have not had any sleep, studio lights very bright. that's an international sign. >> did you just develop thatat daniel? wow, you're amazing. >> that's the sieberg language. no one else knows it.
3:58 am
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