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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 8, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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making news in america this morning. >> that sinking feeling. wall street gets its first chance to react to that historic u.s. credit downgrade. on asian markets, it wasn't pretty. and morning heroes. we're learning about those killed in the deadliest attack yet for u.s. forces in afghanistan. and on the run. a mother's plea for three siblings being sought by police. she's having them to turn themselves in. good morning, everyone. i'm tanya rivero. >> and i'm daniel sieberg, sitting in for rob nelson. it could be a day of losses on wall street, as nervous investors react to the downgrade of u.s. credit. >> and there's growing pressure on the president to do something
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to shore up confidence in the nation's financial future. karen travers is joining us from washington with the latest. good morning, karen. >> reporter: good morning, tanya. good morning, daniel. when the stock market opens this morning, we'll get a feel of how investors feel about the downgrade. u.s. futures are pointing to losses, after a fluctuating day in the asian markets. all eyes are on wall street today. and if the asian markets are an indicator of what's to come, we may be in for a wild ride. markets in japan, hong kong and south korea, all dropped sharply today. >> i think the reaction in asia has been much better than expected. i think it's been muted. >> reporter: across the globe, investors are concerned. not just because of the u.s. credit downgrade, but the general economic slowdown in the u.s. and across europe. >> scared them. the world's got too much debt. >> reporter: here in the u.s., the obama administration continued to hammer at s&p for the downgrade. >> i think s&p has shown really
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terrible judgment. and they handled themselves poorly. and they showed a stunning lack of knowledge about u.s. fiscal budget math. >> reporter: while s&p officials fiercely defend their decision. >> our job is to hold them up. >> reporter: the credit agency, said the u.s. could drop another leveveif the debt crisis isn't fi >> years. >> we think there's a one in three chance that the ratings could fall further. >> reporter: what should the average investor do? an lists say don't panic. >> you have a 401(k). you may be holding your breath until monday. but i'm telling you should exhale. over the long term, this is a bump in the road for the country. >> reporter: in the midst of all this anxiety, there's one piece of steady news for the white house. treasury secretary, tim geithner, told president obama over the weekend, he was staying on the jobs, after weeks of rumors he was going to be moving on. daniel? >> karen travers reporting from washington. thank you so much. markets in asia have closed for the day.y. as karen mentioned, the numbers
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were down across the board. >> and abc's akiko fujita us f us from tokyo. akiko, what can you tell us there? >> reporter: the extended losses from last week. but the general sentiment out there is that things could have been a lot worse. the markets were expected to fall on news of the s&p's downgrade of the credit rating. and we saw the numbers across the board. the hang seng in hong kong fell 3.56%. the index went down nearly 5%. and the kospi in seoul, experienced the biggest decline in nearly two years. there was hope earlier in the day that the news of the g-7 nation's global response to the financial instability, would bring some relief to the markets. but we saw the numbers fall quickly in afternoon trading. one analyst saying that futures players were toughening the waters foror while. but after they realized there weren't specifics that came out
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of that g-7 talk, they quickly reacted in a fall of the asian markets. >> we know that japan is the second-largest holder of u.s. bonds. what is the government there saying about the u.s. credit downgrade? >> reporter: the japanese finance minister has been sickened by the u.s. bomb. he says his confidence in them hasn't waivers, despite that downgrade. he spoke to reporters today. and told them that the u.s. treasuries has a waiver. he called them an attractive financial product. he has a vote of confidence out there. >> abc's keiakkiko fujita in to. and a hospital shoutdown in afghanistan this weekend will come home. 30 americans were killed. 22 were navy s.e.a.l.s. one by one, we're learning their nameme and yunji de nies has their story. >> reporter: they are the military's elite.
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their identities kept so secret. but now, in death, we're learning more about these heroes. 25-year-old michael strange, served in iraq, africa and afghanistan. and had just gotten engaged. >> he got deployed again in july. and he said he would be home for thanksgiving. he was a great kid, man. >> reporter: his family says he understood that his dedication came with great risk. >> he knew what he was getting into. it's unreal. and when i heard about it happened. and now, it happened to us. >> reporter: and to the family of 30-year-old aaron carson vaughn, a father of two, with a newborn daughter he had been with for two weeks before heading overseas. vaughn had volunteered to return to combat. >> he was a fabulous son. parents and a great big brother. and to me, the love of my life. >> reporter: at the wade church in virginia beach. >> we thank god for all of our
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military. >> reporter: prayers for those lost and left behind. in this town, there are no lines dividing civilians and the military. >> it's a great sense and love that we have for the military. it's part of our family. it's touched part of our family. >> they served us. we need to serve them with the same honor. >> reporter: and especially now. >> especially now. >> reporter: i spoke to the woif of a navy s.e.a.l. here who was not involved in the incident. she says that the wives are rallying around the women that are widows. they are dividing cooking duties, trying to get ready for the flood of family coming here, doing everything they can to provide some comfort. yunji de nies, abc news, virginia beach. police officers are patrolling the streets of london this weekend, after weekend riots. a peaceful protest of a killing of a man in north london went on a rampage sunday night. the victim's brother is calling
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for calm. more disturbances broke out overnight. and the syrian government is expanding its military campaign against pro-democracy protesters. activists report fresh gunfire this morning, a day after at least 42 people were killed. more than 300 syrians have died in the past week. the bloodiest in the five-month uprising to oust syria's president from power. and now, for this morning's weather here at home. severe storms with winds as high as 90 miles per hour around minneapolis, omaha, des moines, kansas city, st. louis, louisville and nashville. scattered thunderstorms from new york to d.c. hazy, hot and humid in the south. showers in the desert southwest. >> phoenix hits 103. albuquerque, 95. and near 90 in salt lake city. mostly 80s from fargo to detroit. 88 here in new york. 97 in atlanta. coming up, a remarkable long-distance swimming attempt. all the details next. and the siblings on the run. they're being called a
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modern-day bonnie and clyde team, plus one. and a tight rope high above
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welcome back. a florida mother is pleading for her three children to turn themselves in, after they shot at police and robbed a bank at gunpoint. >> so far, though, the ptwo brbrhers and sister are ignoring her plea and staying ahehead of the law. meg oliver has the story. >> reporter: their picture is plastered on billboards. three siblings on the run with an arsenal of weapons. >> it's going to be a violent
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ending, unless you catch them by surprise. >> reporter: the manhunt began tuesday, outside tampa, when an officer tried to pull them overs a high-speed chase followed. the suspects sprayed bullets at police. a few hours later, in georgia, the trio allegedly robbed a bank, wearing masks and quiring ak-47s at the ceiling. the suspects in their 20s, texted their mom last week, saying there's a time for all of us to die. their mother, who didn't want to show her face, is begging them to surrender. >> only mom knows what good people you are inside. please prove me right and everybody wrong by doing the right thing now and turning yourselves in. >> reporter: all three siblings have a troubled past. 20 felonies among them. ryan dougherty had registered as a sex offender last week. at one point, the suspects
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reportedly lived in this elaborate florida bunker. and perhaps, it reached eed gra mind. >> it's a thrill thing for her. probably for all three at this point. >> reporter: sunday night, their brother, barbara ll, told abc news, she wants to send a message to her oldest son, dylan. set an example. do the right thing. and turn themselves in. she wants them to know it doesn't have to be the end. meg oliver, abc news, new york. 45,000 verizon workers are on strike today. the communication workers of america says the workers went on strike after verizon repeatedly demanded concessions during contract talks. the union says the concessions are unjustified. the strike could disrupt some phone, internet and fios and tv repair installations. a chinese acrobat was trying
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to walk 50 feet of steel wire between two balloons. he lost his footing because of some strong winds. >> that left him struggling to get a grip about 300 feet above the ground. he was able to right himself, as you see there, and finish the stunt. >> i got chills and my palms were sweaty watchchg that video. all right. when we come back, drastic steps to beat the drought in texas. and a small, ohio community in mourning and in shock, after a gunman's rampage. the question is, why did he do it? k9 advantix ii.
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avoid contact with infections like chicken pox or measles while using nasonex. ask your doctor if nasonex is right for you. [ female announcer ] visit for more information. [ female announcer ] visit twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. well, the taps are dry in kemp, texas, as the drought drags on. water was shut off to all 1,100 residents yesterday, forcing everyone to rely on bottled
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water. officials say it will take 48 hours to replenish 2 million gallons of water that leaked when pipes ruptured. for a look at morning road conditions. flooding on i-90, from sioux falls, to southern minnesota. and on i-80, from omaha to des moines. i-70, from kansas city to st. louis. wet on i-95,rom maine to washington. and on i-10, from jacksonville to d.c. and some slick roads in the southwest. >> if you're taking to the sky, airport delays are possible in minneapolis, kansas city, memphis, boston and new york. wellll a small ohio town is reeling from a shooting rampage that has left eight people dead. stunned neighbors gathered at sunset last night for a candlelight vigil. police say the gunman killed his girlfriend, members of her family and several others in three, different places, before he, himself, was killed. >> eight deaths, one that went to thehe hospital. we understand that at some point
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in time, the shooter was chasing somebody. so, our job is extremely complicated right now because we actually have four, different scenes that we're processing. >> i'm probably in shock right now. just imagining what could have went on. it's a tragedy. it's pretty bad. >> police are working to sort out what happened and why. they have not yet identified the victims. but one is believed to be a chchd. we should get more details today. oregon's longest-serving senator has died. mark hatfield was an outspoken critic of u.s. involvement in vietnam and thth persian gulf war. his liberal views often put him at odds with the rest of the republican party. hatfield said one of his major establishments was helping to usher lu congress a ban on nuclear weapons testing. mark died died yesterday. he was 89. the largest pediatrician groupp says it's okay for young
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people and teens to play sports in weather within reason. making sure children drink plenty of liquids and educating them about the signs of heat stress. last week, two georgia high school football players died following practices. and staying with sports news. endurance swimmer, diana nyad has become the first to swim the florida strait without a shark kang. >> she is trying to swim from havana to the florida keys. it's expected to take 2 1/2 days. back in 1978, she tried the same feat, in a shark cage. and adam scott clinched the bridgestone invitational. but his caddie is the one that stole the spotlight. >> steve williams, who was fired by tiger woods, after 12 years, called it the best win of his life. and he pumped his fist in celebration. woods tied for 37th place. now, some baseball highlights. we get those from espn news.
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>> good morning. this is your espn news update. i'm max bretos. sunday night, the yankees and red soso playing for the rest record in the american league. in the seventh inning, tied a a 1-1. brett gardner, nobody on. trying to get on base. but he'll do better than that. off of matt albers' solo shot. 415 feet. first career home run first the red sox. bottom of the ninth, mariano rivera to seal eat. marcos scutaro tags and scores. we're heading to extras. bottom of the tenth, red sox get runners on second and first. josh reddick, driving in pinch runner, darnell mcdonald. red sox win 3-2, in walkoff fashion. the phillies have won nine-straight. roy oswalt making his first start since coming off the d.l. carlos beltran in the bottom of
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the third. three runs allowed. top of the eighth, chase utley hits the ball with his bat. it comes towards tim lincecum, hitting him on the leg. utley would check on lincecum to make sure he was okay. to reassure that was an accident, which it was. later in the inning, javier lopez. he gets raul ibanez to fly out. and the giants who lost eight of nine coming in win, 3-1. this has been your espn news update. for all of the latest, check out "the highlight express." here's an extreme sport for you. underwater gallery of hopping. a dozen works of art are made on a ship off key west. >> and the artist shot photos of the ship. up next, the stories we'll be following later today, including what could be a jittery day on wall street. and warren jeffs, back to
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troops killed in the downing of a helicopter in afghanistan over the weekend are being revealed, one by one. tomorrow, they will make the final trip back home. the fbi and police in several states are on the trail of three florida siblings, accused of robbing a bank at gun point and escaping in a stolen car. their mother is pleading for them to turn themselves in. warren jeffs is due back in a texas courtroom today, as his sentencing hearing continues. jeffs was convicted of sexually assaulting two girls he had taken as brides. he could get up to life in prison. police are on the streets in london today of a riot broke out this weekend after a fatal police shooting. the family the calling for calm. a warning for pararents as kids get ready to head back to school. most bag lunches get too warm to prevent food-borne illnesses, even if ice packs are included. and for some of you, your
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next, an overnight house fire sends women to the hospital with serious burns. what investigators are saying about how it started. market madness, traders get ready for the first day of trading after america's credit rating is downgraded for the first time in history. and mike is back with the forecast. >> yeah, it looks like we'll be downgrading the high temperatures. below average again today. we talk about where the and finally, bidding a final farewell to wisteria lane, finally. abc has announced the upcoming season of "desperate housewives"
4:28 am
will be the last. >> after years of twisted plots, infidelities and indiscretions, they said they wanted the show to have a final lap. >> reporter: before "desperate housewives," there was susan, lynette, brie and gabrielle, the original housewives. who may not have been real. but they sure were desperate. the secret. the sabotage. >> orson is blackmailing me to stay with him. >> we hasn't seen women portrayed like that in primetime. >> reporter: "desperate housewives" has become an international sensation, with over 100 million viewers worldwide. >> a straight. >> reporter: but the eighth season, set to premiere this fall, will be the last for these modern-day lucille balls, who
4:29 am
let us behind the doors of their seemingly perfect lives. and shed a bright light on the dark side of the american housewife. >> we saw television moms and wives who were frustrated. who were bored. >> reporter: and the only exaggerated tv drama, were women dealing with issues that touch close to home for viewers. like domestic gender roles. >> i'm going to be a stay-at-home dad. >> reporter: sickness. >> you're like the poster girl for kidney transplants. >> reporter: and even plastic surgery. >> did you have a deviated septum, too in. >> don't tell anyone. >> reporter: the trailblazing show's understand ast no, ma'amal ratings have dropped in recent years. although their run comes to an end this spring, the gang of tv housewives will be remembered for being just as naughty as they were nice. bianna golodryga, abc news, new york. >> no doubt, the desperation will live on in re-runs.


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