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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  August 9, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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streets with officers and calling for outside help after a 3-year-old child is hit and killed by a stray bullet in broad daylight. i'm tomas roman at the san francisco branch of the new york stock exchange. the opening bell is about a half hour away. investors are concerned that the fluctuating markets overseas could signal a bad day for wall street. i'll have more coming up. and bart train up and running again this morning after a computer glitch brought the entire system to a standstill last night. good morning. the low cloudiness is here in the city. mid-50s. it hasn't moved in to inland valleys or the south bay. good morning. i'm sue hall. we have sig-alert in effect traveling to sierra. we have full details in a few minutes. tuesday at 6:00. thank you for starting your day with us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. in oakland, often precedented call -- unprecedented call for help to solve murder of 3-year-old boy caught in the crossfire of a shooting.
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now they're asking for help from state and federal government. nick smith is live at 64 and international at oakland near the scene. nick? >> reporter: eric, those outside agencies are only part of the help that oakland p.d. are asking about. this tactical unit is in place and full effect. look at the video. the shooting happened here at 64 and international boulevard. the intended target were two adult men. the victim was a 3-year-old. his name was carlos. he was called carlito by his family. he was pushed by his home and crossed in the crossfire. this was on a busy street in the middle of the day. >> what i said to the parents is i can't bring your son back. i'm sorry for that. we can do our part to make sure that someone is brought to justice on this. >> the tactical alert citywide, chief batts as you
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mentioned called on other agencies for help. the housing authority, sheriff department and a federal task force. tonight, mayor jean quan will hold a vigil here at 7:00 p.m. she is asking to grieve for carlito for the family. and she is also asking to bring the community together. we're live in oakland, nick smith, abc7 news. thank you so much. it's 6:02. this morning, bart is trying to determine the exact cause for computer problem that brought the system to a halt for hours last night, stranding thousands of riders. the computer is at the operation center monitoring the movement of trains that went down around 7:30 last night. bart shut down the system after moving passengers to the nearest station to let them off. they were told to find another way to get to one place to another, including thousands of giants fans leaving the game. the problem was fixed around 10:00 p.m. and service was restored after 11:00. this morning, so far, all trains are running on time. expect another bumpy
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ride when the u.s. markets open less than a half hour from now. stock future reflect investor worries after the dow dropped 600 points yesterday. overnight, the asian markets yo-yoed wildly. abc7's tomas roman is live outside the san francisco floor of the new york stock exchange. tomas? >> reporter: eric, there are a lot of nervous investors today wondering if the stocks fluctuating wildly in asia and possibly in europe today are going to cause another problem for wall street. but some experts are saying that small investors shouldn't join in a panic. yesterday the dow fell 635 points. the biggest point drop in u.s. history. the first downgrade of the u.s. credit rating and massive global selloff. they are watching asian market that began fluctuating in both directions heavily. average investor, a hit to the financial future. 401(k)s could see drop of $16,000. many small investors see
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nothing but gloom. experts say people need to think long-term and avoid panicking. >> everyone feels nervous. i hope i have a long enough runway to retire. >> investors should focus on things they could control. that's how much money they spend or save. diversity of the portfolio and keep long-term perspective. >> major concerns among the small investors are mortgage rates will go up. freddie mac and fannie mae were downgraded by the s&p. it could signal change in interest rate on student loans. there is a concern that the sell yuf of the fluctuating market could cause economic slowdown that could effect the job market. again, the stock market opens in less than half an hour, we'll have more at 6:30. reporting in san francisco, tomas roman, abc7 news. >> thank you so much. california is now officially a winner-take-all state when it comes to electing a president. governor jerry brown set
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legislation yesterday that would award all of the golden state 55 electoral college vote to winner of the national popular vote. so that is what is different. an activist group called national popular vote backed a law. they want to avoid a repeat of 2000. remember, al gore won the popular vote nationwide but george bush won the electoral votes and presidency. brown's signature makes california the ninth state to sign on to the effort. 6:05 now. check in with lisa argen and mike and a look at the forecast. >> we have clouds in the bay, like an immediate area. further inland, not the case. >> that's right. south bay, look at the clear skies in san jose. but is it pretty cool out there. in fact, numbers have dropped in the mid-40s in some spot. novato, 46. 56 in napa. visibility down to a quarter of a mile in santa rosa. if you head to san francisco, from the golden gate bridge or the bay bridge, you will run in pocket of dense fog. be careful out there.
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in the east bay valley, clear. so the fog is not as widespread. not as deep. we look for mild to warm afternoon today. so the pattern continues. with subtle warming by the end of the week. in to the weekend. 680, fog for you. not so much on 580. 101, count on it. we'll see an earlier burnoff at 10:00 in the east bay. terms of the temperatures, widespread 80s in valley with mid-to-upper 70s to near 80 here. we will see sun. toward the afternoon hours downtown. look ahead, we are talking low 60s in san francisco. mid-70s in san jose. with upper 80s in the inland valleys. a little dip on thursday. but overall, a subtle warming trend through the weekend. good morning, sue! >> good morning. we have a sig-alert in effect traveling eastbound 80. up toward auburn and to the tahoe area. a big rig accident. two right lanes are blocked with an accident there. emergency crews on the
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scene. after bart delays last night, everything back on track. happy to report. just checked in. all the public transportation is running on schedule. you will find slow traffic. out of antioch. westbound 4 is 13 miles per hour between hillcrest and railroad avenue. 6:07. >> just ahead, what pg&e is now doing for the first time in the 108-year history. >> plus, new technology for one of san francisco's oldest forms of transportation. >> the new way you can pay to ride the cable cars. is there rambling isn't a crime. the unusual argument used to convince a judge to drop the conviction of baseball great barry bonds. abababababababababax
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good morning, everyone. 6:11 on the abc7 morning news. live look from volmer peak in east bay of the weather conditions that lisa has been telling us about this morning. the marine layer bringing us low clouds and fog, but not like yesterday. and what is the next couple of days going to be like? she will tell you coming up. >> more news. state regulators say they are investigating new allegations that pg&e ignored warnings that failed to fix critical gas leaks. and scheme to overbill customers by nearly $2 billion. according to the "san jose, mery news," the previously undisclosed allegation are in a lawsuit by the pg&e former manager of investigation who claims he was laid off after making
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claims. pg&e settled the suit. spokesman for the company refused to comment on the specific claims and did tell the paper that all employee allegations are investigated. pg&e appointed a new president and ceo. anthony early comes to pg&e after serving as the executive chairman of dte energy in michigan. this marks the first time in pg&e's 150-year history it named someone from the outside to lead the utility. early plans to start work september 13 a few days after the first anniversary of the san bruno pipeline disaster. lawyers for barry bonds are trying a new tactic to get his conviction of justice conviction thrown out. he was found guilty of obstructing a federal grand jury investigation giving a deliberately rambling misleading answer to a question about whether he used performance-enhancing drugs. his lawyers filed court papers asking judge to set
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aside the verdict because prosecutors have not shown that rambling is a federal crime. government is warning of a tax scam targeting the elderly, disable and the asian community. it's reported throughout northern california, including in the bay area. the i.r.s. authorities say the con artist convince victim they are eligible for refund through the making work pay tax credit. the tax credit issued in 2009 and 2010 is real for some low-income workers. but the scammers told people who weren't employed and therefore not eligible they could get it for a few hundred dollars in paperwork fees. this morning, an entire texas town is without water. mayor turned off the tap as temperatures climbed over 100 degrees. heavy demand taxed the aging pipes and drained the supply. officials say the water had to be cut until local water towers can be refilled. kemp, texas, has 1100 residents and has been
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broiling under a near record heat wave. the mayor's decision isn't going over well. >> you tell them that this old woman is hot down here, not just because of the heat. 107 degrees in my blood because you people and those people down there will not get off their duff and fix this stuff. >> i think she is upset. the town draws water from the nearby lake but the pipes date back to 1930. they need repair. with the shutoff due to last for days, residents are using and relying on bottled water. they're hot under the collar about it. >> they are. as you saw there. texas needing relief there. meantime, we continue to be stuck in a cooler than usual pattern. >> they are going on day 40 there with the temperatures over 100 degrees. and back home, boy, don't you love it. the same old, same old with the low clouds and fog. the sun is officially up. we look at marine layer not as extensive as it has been. it will lead to changes
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today. subtle changes to last through the rest of the workweek. and on to the weekend. we are looking at the numbers on the cool side to the north of us. 48 to novato. 51 in santa rosa. we have fog in santa rosa and novato. some of the dense fog heading to san francisco. and also, over in oakland, we have gray skies ahead that reached concord and livermore yet and we expect to say clear there. 49 in los gatos. 56 and clear skies in san jose. so winds are calm. that has something to do with how cool it is in the north bay. we are not looking at a strong breeze in the delta. that is going to keep marine air around the bay. mild afternoon there. and warmer temperatures inland. it will be pleasant out there. the warming trend is subtle. we'll see it or feel it by the weekend with the low 90s returning. the low clouds and fog around 1,000 feet or so.
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high pressure on top of the marine layer pressing down. the fog is dense heading on in. we have high pressure in the eastern pacific. and low pressure to the north of us. we are looking for area of low pressure to weaken and travel to the northeast of us. that will set up a slight warming trend. between now and then, things remain the same. the summertime pattern. the afternoon sea breeze kicking up. we will keep it cool at the beaches. the temperatures running again below normal downtown today. but elsewhere, getting close to normal. 76 in san jose. average high should be 82. 77 in cupertino. in mountain view, you should see 77 for a high. 73 in redwood city. low clouds and fog staying put along the coast. we will see the clearing, getting close to the sunset district today. 62 downtown. 82 in sonoma. northwind here. we are getting clearing at
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the beaches. the low 80s returning. cloverdale, upper 80s. 70 in hayward today. out over the hills, mid-80s. nice day in pittsburgh. 82 in dublin. down by the monterey bay, 69 in salinas. look ahead, it stays consistent with the low clouds and fog. slight dip on thursday. then numbers coming up a little bit through monday. sue? >> good morning, everyone. we have light tuesday commute so far. a lot of folks taking this week on vacation. let's take a look at the drive-times. westbound highway 4, out of antioch, concord. a good drive. no major stalls or accidents reported. there you will find some slowing past hill crest. 24, drive from walnut creek to the caldecott tunnel through lafayette. ten minutes. if you are coming in from the central valley. westbound 580. so far, so good. slowing up and over the altamont pass. let's take a look at the southbound 680 drive from walnut creek, as you head to 24 junction. southbound direction. moving at the limit. 80 berkeley, no problems
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reported. it's bunching up. you can see in the westbound direction, headed to the macarthur maze. slowing through berkeley. no stalls or accident. toll plaza, metering lights are off. a minor backup this tuesday morning. no problems to report westbound on the upper deck. is the website. click on the bay area traffic for the latest update. 6:18 now. san francisco cable cars are now accepting the new clipper transit cards. the cards have been active for months on the other transit system including bart, golden gate transit, caltrain and muni light rail and buses. on cable car, you can only use them if they have a preloaded cash. muni computer would not withdrawal cash to pay for the cable car ticket. that is cleared up and the cards are fully functional. some of the unibombers victims started to receive checks after they auctioned off ted kaczynski's
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belongings. it made more than $225,000. the unibomber handwritten yournal brought in the largest bid. the biggest payment goes to window of advertising executive, thomas masser who was killed by a mail bomb. susan masser will receive some money. and lois epstein, the wife of a researcher will receive $35,000. it's far short of the money kaczynski was ordered to pay in restitution. 6:19. coming up, protecting your friends. the new feature meant to make facebook safer. forget signing a high school sports standout. the elementary school kid. yeah, elementary school, who has just been signed by one of the best professional soccer teams in the world.
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6:23 on the abc7 morning news. the view from mount tam this morning, you would see at least this much if you were this much. lisa argen will tell us how this is going to shape up weather wise for you. in a couple of minutes. >> facebook is offering two new safety features, one is mobile social reporting that lets you warn friends about content you don't like. for example, if the teenagers are bullied online he or she can tell a friend, parent or other person they trust to mediate the situation. the other new security
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feature lets you reset the password from the mobile device. 62-year-old marathon swimmer diana nyad ended an attempt to swim from cuba to florida in 39 hours. she hoped to make it 60 hours. she was about halfway through when she tweeted "it's over." she said she decided to end it herself after realizing the winds and currents were against her. a chart of the gulf street currents revealed she would be sent offcourse. this is the second time she quit the attempt. real madrid has signed 7-year-old, you heard me, 7-year-old leo angel. he is from argentina and will begin training with the team next month. no word on how much he will be paid or what role he will have with the team. as you hear, he has his own theme music.
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>> you should find out when he is good enough to play with the team and take the field for real. it will take a couple of years. he's mastering the technique. >> i hear he is getting mentoring from david beckham now. >> is he? >> no. >> oh. [ laughter ] >> sorry. got you there. 6:25. still ahead at 6:30, the disaster that is scheduled to hit contra costa county today. >> plus, london no longer. the city burning as riots erupt in england. the new plan to end the violence. mayor ed lee. [ boos ] >> the less than warm reception for a man that wants to stay mayor of san francisco. the constant response that ed lee got in the first candidate forum. >> i'm nick smith in oakland. 3-year-old is shot and killed in broad daylight. what police are doing to find those responsible. i have a live report coming up. >> clouds along the coast. locally inland.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. 6:29. the opening bell is about to ring on wall street to start the trading day. hopefully a better one.
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investors are told to hold and stay the course as the marks begin trading one day after the sixth biggest drop in the new york stock exchange history. you don't see a lot of laughter right there now. we'll go live to jane king in new york for the latest on early trading in 15 minutes. to see how things start. >> it looks tense. as investors watch the futures market, overseas trading move from positive to negative, back to positive all night. it became clear the market volatility is far from over. >> there were massive selloffs among traders in asia and europe overnight. following the dow's 634-point loss yesterday. markets in london and frankfurt are still open and are mixed right now. in japan, the nikkei fell 4% before pulling back to close with 1.7% loss. it's much worse in hong kong where hang seng plummeted 5.7%. >> it's a complete meltdown. it's like the financial crisis, or the financial tsunami.
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there is a complete loss of confidence. >> any given day, ebb and flow of the stock market is all about the confidence. right now, there is no confidence. >> as kristen said, the 634-drop was the sixth worse in wall street's history, erasing $16,000 from the average investor 401(k) plan. checking the early numbers out of the gate, we see that the dow, starting off in positive territory. up about 77 points. you can see it closed below 11,000 for the first time since what? last year. we'll check in with jane king in a little bit to see how the numbers are changing. the federal reserve meets today under pressure to do something and stem the market meltdown. most analysts expect the fed will not make any major policy changes in the meeting. on capitol hill, the senate banking committee looking in the standard & poor's downgrade. critics are questioning s&p's judgment. they point out the company gave enron an a.a.a. rating
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until the day the energy giant went bankrupt. in 2008, s&p gave high risk mortgage a.a.a. rating even as the housing market collapsed. they gave "a" rating to lehman brothers before the investment bank went under. in oakland, an all-out call for help solving the murder of a 3-year-old boy caught in the crossfire of drive-by shooting. now the mayor and police chief are asking for neighboring police departments, the state and federal government to help them stop the violence. nick smith is live at 64 and international in oakland near the murder scene. nick? >> reporter: good morning. a full-on tactical alert is in effect on the oakland p.d. they have visible police presence and officers controlling the neighborhood looking for the car involved in the drive-by shooting. look at this video. the shooting happened at 64 and international boulevard. the intended target, police say two adult men, the victim, 3-year-old carlos, called carlito biff his
6:33 am
family. he's pushed by his mom in a red stroller when he was caught in the crossfire. witnesses say they heard ten shots and saw people diving for cover. all of this on a busy street in the middle of the day. the police spoke with them after visiting with carlito's family. >> you don't know how tough is it to look parent in the face after you lost a 3-year-old, the pain you're going through and say you're sorry. you know it won't make a difference. >> chief batts called on the other agencies for help. the housing authority, the sheriff department and a federal task force. the tactical alert is citywide; meaning, that the police will continue to scour the neighborhood looking for the car involved. this evening, mayor jean quan and other community leaders will meet here at 7:00 p.m. to hold a vigil, to remember carlito and hold community together. we're live in oakland. nick smith, abc7 news. driver involved in a
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hit-and-run accident is due to make his first court appearance this afternoon. the san francisco d.a.'s office is charging 21-year-old andrew allen vargas with two felony count of dui, police felony count of hit-and-run. he was arrested in hayward hours after the pedestrians were hit at mission and new montgomery street thursday night. the boy was walking home from the giants-phillies game with his family when he was hit. he is improving in the hospital and expected to survive. 6:34 now. bart trains are up and running this morning after a computer glitch halted all the agency trains for hour last night. the computers that monitor the movement of trains went down around 7:30 last night. bart decided to shut the whole system douven after moving passengers to the nearest station and letting them off. people were advised to take the alternate forms of transportation. the problem was fixed before 10:00, but the bart officials say they still haven't found the exact cause of the computer failure. this morning, san francisco's interim mayor is
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suggesting to a new political reality. just after officially entering the race to run for full term. after promising he would not. >> mayor, ed lee. [ booing ] >> boos filled the candidate forum at the castro theater as mayor lee walked on stage last night. he was there to face off against other candidates who already appeared at a dozen similar forums. those who are contenders didn't wait long to target the new addition. >> you know tonight the ethics commission is considering ethical violation against the run, ed, run campaign that drafted you in the race. there is allegations that the committee did not follow campaign finance laws. >> when lee did speak he chose not to respond to the criticism and instead focussed on the proposals for city. often, the audience shouted
6:36 am
over the answers. they selected lee to complete gavin newsom's term in january after lee vowed not to run on a full term. 100 local volunteers and the animals will help test contra costa county readiness to respond to a major disaster. the disaster drill will take place on the san pablo campus and will test the first responder ability to get the medical aid and food to victims quickly after an earthquake. it will even include setting up an animal shelter. 6:36 right now. we are gray this morning but we wonder to get things to clear sooner today. >> maybe it will clear out quicker. get out of the way. lisa argen is in for mike. >> east bay, sunshine, partly cloudy in south bay. it will clear sooner. we will see the sunshine, by 10:00 in some spots. no fog at all in livermore valley to concord, vacaville. antioch is clear. 58. it's cold in novato.
6:37 am
48 degrees. 55 in san francisco. winds are calm. and the fog stacked up to 1,500 feet. with less of a marine layer, we'll see a mild to warm afternoon today. it will take time for the fog to clear in the city. we'll see the warming trend continuing through the weekend. a little bit of fog toward hayward and castro valley. hasn't made it to the inland valleys. in fact, it will pull back so we should see full sunshine in our east bay. before 11:00. in fact, the temperatures will be fairly similar to what we have been used to the past couple of days. 60s at the coast. low 60s in san francisco. and in and around the mid70s for the south bay. upper 80s inland at 4:00. that sun setting at 8:10 tonight. we are looking at the temperatures to stay the same through tomorrow. then a little dip on thursday. the numbers slowly warm through the weekend. coast, mid-and upper 60s by the end of the weekend. near 80 around the bay and low 90s inland.
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good morning, sue. >> happy to say for the bart travelers everything is on time. we had an issue last night with a computer glitch. the whole system delayed. everything is back on track. in fact, check with your ace train. and they are both on time. number one out of central valley. number three is on time. muni no, delays. caltrain, everybody running on schedule. take a look at the drive if you are traveling from san mateo, foster city, toward hayward and the other direction from hayward toward foster city. westbound direction on san mateo bridge. bunchal and moving fairly well both directions. 80 berkeley bunching up in richmond. a lot of headlights. smooth sailing. no stalls or accidents. approaching the maze. once you get in the toll plaza, take a look. the metering lights have been turned on. you will find traffic back to the west grand overcrossing heading westbound toward san francisco. no stalls or accident on upper deck. traffic is flowing smoothly to the city. >> all right, sue.
6:39 am
thank you. 6:38 now. >> no evidence that americans are burrito-eating, golf-playing, massage-loving bunch. i don't know if a lot of folks can afford doing those things now but the dow is rally something far. >> not at the same time. bart rolls out the ideas of cars of the future. one thing that the various designs include that should make the riders happy. >> plus, improved surveillance camera coming for muni and why some riders say they go too far. >> it's called the worst violence london has seen in decades. this morning, it appears to be spreading. the new tactic that the british leaders will finally hope, hope will finally help end violence.
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good tuesday morning. keeping with the consistent weather pattern, we have low clouds and fog along the shoreline locally. sfo, partly cloudy skies. no delays. 71 later in big sur. 90 in sacramento. 91 in yosemite. 73 in san diego. your full weather forecast is coming right up. kristen? >> all right, thank you so much. we have breaking news right now in martinez, where a life has been taken by a fire. it started at 4:45 at a home on martha drive. investigators say the fire was quickly knocked down but one person was found dead
6:44 am
inside. we will continue to follow the breaking story out of martinez and bring you more as we get it. >> in london, british prime minister david cameron cut short his vacation and is recalling parliament from the summer recess today to deal with the crisis touched off by days of rioting. cameron is ordering 18,000 police officers to take to the street. police say they have made 500 to 2,500 arrests so far. for days group of young people set buildings and vehicles on fire, looted store and pelted police with bottles and fireworks in london. today, riots spread to birmingham, bristol and liverpool. it started over protesting a police shooting but now they say the violence has no connection to the protest. living social says americans are burrito-seating, golf-playing, massage-loving bunch. >> everyone is waiting to see what fed chairman ben bernanke will say about the fed's plan to help the market. bloomberg's jane king is
6:45 am
live at the stock exchange. we're seeing a rebound. >> well, it is fading quickly. of course, we just closed the books on the worst day for stocks since december 2008. as you mentioned, this fed meeting, they are crucial but it will be more so today. one of the most important ones i remember in recent memory. will fed chairman bernanke mention another round of stimulus, known as qe-3 to give a jolt to the economy? we'll see. we will get the statement, 2:15 eastern time. so ahead of that, the markets started off positive, but we have lost the gains. pretty quickly here. the dow is up by 25 points. a few seconds ago, we were unchanged. but there is where we sit now. the s&p and nasdaq higher by single digits. we lost 18% in the last 11 trading sessions. i think wall street would like to see a better trade than right now. a lot depends on what the fed says. the silicon valley index is trading up as well, quarter of a percept.
6:46 am
at the lowest price in ten months. crude oil here this morning. an hour ago, opec slashed prices. the oil is lower this morning. trading up $80 a barrel. honda saying it may revise the full year profit forecast when it revises the earnings in october. they say it depends how long the current market turmoil lasts. living social members in california are founding the daily site. they study trends from vouchers in the second quarter and say from april to june, the members scooped up massages, also mexican restaurants were numero uno, overshadowing sushi and cupcakes. golf excursion beat out wine tasting. i'm jane king. >> that's all before the market started tanking
6:47 am
again. we thank you so much. appreciate it. 6:46 now. kite surfer is safely back on dry land thanks to alameda firefighters. the man was tangled in the line of his kite in the bay offshoreline drive. fire department rescue boat and rescue swimmers raced out to where the man was sitting on the surfboard trying to get untangled. >> he was becoming tired and we offered assistance. he was refusing our help at first but we convinced him it would be in the best interest to allow him to tow him to shore, which we did. >> alameda firefighters relaunched the water rescue program. the department faced tremendous criticism after firefighters remain on shore. while a man drowned on memorial day. at that time, none of the firefighters were certified in the water rescue. 6:47. hard to believe looking at this picture, but not everyone is starting out the morning cloudy. >> right.
6:48 am
the east bay valleys were clear. san jose, partly cloudy. hay, take a look at this. isn't this a beautiful shot from volmer peak. we are looking at the clouds below. you know, the fog will be bursting quicker today. so, we are looking at calm winds. and temperatures are cool, to the north of the golden gate. we are talk 48 in novato. 51 in santa rosa. 53, cloudy skies in oakland. but the fog is not making its way across or south right now. although, we have dense fog around watsonville. central coast. looking at a gray start. areas of fog, mild to warm today. warming up by the end of the week. in fact, a couple of degrees of warming today. it will take a slight dip on thursday. but overall, the temperatures and the fluctuation of the temperatures due to the death of the marine layer, the onshore flow and today, the afternoon, you notice the deck of low clouds shallower. we're still looking at the high pressure in the eastern pacific. low pressure to the north of
6:49 am
us. this set-up is the case. you know all summer long, even in the late spring. that allowed for a slightly cooler than average week. the pattern remains quiet. we are looking at full sunshine from north to south. a very pleasant day once that sun comes out. in fact, we will see the numbers in the upper 70s today in campbell. 81 in los gatos. 75 in sunnyvale. on the peninsula, low clouds and fog will sit here, along the san mateo coast. half moon bay, 60 today. with the sea breeze. 73 in redwood city. san francisco, the afternoon sun. 62. running a little cool. and daly city, 58 today. north bay, a little warmer with the 82 in santa rosa. 75, vallejo. 76 in napa. nearing -- got 60s for rich monday and berkeley today. oakland at 68. average high should be 62. we see it in newark today. union city, a nice day in fremont and out over the hills. mid-80s to return to pittsburg.
6:50 am
walnut creek, 85 today. the fog clearing the coast today. in the afternoon, santa cruz. 70. a look ahead then. you will notice 60s, 70s, 80s today. the same tomorrow and thursday, slight dip. the warming continues. coast, mid-to-upper 60s by the weekend. in and around 80. the bay, and low 90s inland. good morning, sue. >> good morning, lisa. good morning, everyone. issues in san francisco. if you commute downtown. we have a stall. southbound 101 right before paul. lane number three. and southbound van ness past fell. we have a stall there. lane number two. be forewarned. bunching at the main thoroughfare. walnut creek, southbound 680 is slowing a little bit heading to the 24 junction out of concord through walnut creek. no stalls or accidents. 24 westbound through the caldecott tunnel once you get to the maze looking
6:51 am
good, too. 280 in san jose, light. this is the northbound direction. as you are headed out of san jose to cupertino. no problems reported there. the metering lights are on at the bay bridge. you will find the traffic bunching up in the maze at this hour. is the website. click on the bay area traffic for up to the minute bay area traffic issues. kristen, eric? >> all right. thank you, sue. so, what will the bart train of the future look like? the public is getting a chance to figure that out. the transit agency has unveiled the three final concepts for the interior design of the next generation bart train. riders are being asked if they want more space for bikes, more standing room or more face-to-face seating. >> this is community spacing. basically, people can face each other or sit at angles from each other instead of sitting forward. it gives people an opportunity to talk. >> the new trains will also have an electronic screen on the exterior that will change color depending on the destination. there is also two key things all three designs share.
6:52 am
easi easier to clean wipable seats. if you want to see the three options, and tell bart what you think, go to the see it on tv section of a homeland security grant is giving san francisco $6 million to upgrade security cameras on board muni buses but critics say it will come with a bigger cost, you privacy. muni existing video camera capture all kind of problems that happen, as you can see there. but the system is ten years old. that makes at it dinosaur in terms of the video technology. the new digital cameras will send live pictures to police and muni monitoring station where footage can be downloaded to the computer drives. allowing the government monitor to monitor and record everything that happens is raising major concerns. >> the government does not have a right to stock pile personal information about us. >> using the wireless technology, we'll get information that much faster and be able to respond to
6:53 am
the incidents more efficiently. >> the aclu worries that hackers could gain access to the wi-fi signal and use the system for their devious purposes. "good morning america" is looking for most beautiful places in america. and that brings them, of course, to the bay area. this morning, josh elliott takes a tour of point reyes, and shows off the serenity and the spectacular unspoiled beauty. i tweeted him and asked him to rate it on scale of 1 to 10 and sweeted back he gives it 287. find out why, what he loves most about point reyes on "good morning america" coming up after our newscast. for a complete look at why the north bay treasure made that list. >> a warning for you, josh, people come to point reyes and never want to leave. 6:53 now. this morning, oakland police were on tactical alert and asking for help from nearby agencies and from the federal government as they search for someone who shot and killed a 3-year-old
6:54 am
child in broad daylight. >> nick smith is live on 64 and international where the shooting happened yesterday. >> eric, kristen, good morning. residents say enough is enough. veteran law enforcement officials are saying this is completely unacceptable that a 3-year-old would lose his life to gunfire. carlos, carlito, to his family shot and killed in a stray bullet in drive-by shooting at 64 and international. the crime was seen as brazen because of the locations in a busy shopping complex and that it happened in broad daylight. the witnesses say they heard ten shots and saw people dyeing for cover. little carlito was hit by a stray bullet sitting in his stroller. today, a citywide tactical alert in place, calling on other agencies for help, housing authority, sheriff department and even a federal task force. this evening, mayor jean quan and city officials will gather at 7:00 p.m. to ask the community to come together. and grieve for carlos. we are live in oakland. we will go now to tomas roman with the other top
6:55 am
story. >> all right. nick, thank you. the apologies. tomas roman is having technical problems right now so we won't hear from him now but we'll hear about the story all morning. >> yeah, he is covering the dow. we'll continue to follow that story and follow the dow's progress on the midday show at 11:00 as well. 6:55. a final check of weather and traffic. >> let's. >> the fog behind you two. the bay bridge, golden gate bridge. in place, looking via hayward and fremont. but it's clear inland. 56 in san jose. look at the cool numbers north. we've got dense fog in santa rosa. watsonville as well. it's with us for the morning commute. it begins to burn back, not making the way to livermore. by 9:00, 10:00, it's out of here. but it is staying along the san mateo coast. cool afternoon highs in the 60s today in the city. 68 in oakland. 71 in san mateo. 74 in palo alto. a little warmer, yeah, it's
6:56 am
with us. especially through the weekend when we warm up to near 90 inland. good morning, sue. >> good morning. i want to remind travelers we have a sig-alert in effect until further notice. eastbound 80 toward auburn, past the penren exit. emergency crews on the scene and emergency repairs due to accident that is still blocking that center lane. once again, the eastbound 80 headed toward auburn. take a look closer to home. bay bridge backup now. the meet are on. you will find the traffic bunched to the 880 west grand overcrossing coming to san francisco. no stalls or accidents reported on the upper deck. everything is cleared. smooth sailing. people are enjoying the summer vacation. >> sue, thank you very much. >> people not enjoying what is happening on the market. take one more check. the big board, the dow right now rallying. rebounding. after yesterday's massive drop. up 129 points. day after the sixth biggest drop in market history. that drop was over 600
6:57 am
points. right now, you can see it's still below the 11,000 mark. although it's up, the federal reserve meeting today were significant to mention. traders are speculating that it may announce more help for the economy. which has really been settling this year. the fed meeting and we'll follow it on midday at 11:00. >> don't get used to the numbers. it's ban yo-yo effect all morning long. up and down. we have the latest for you on the midday news. have a great day. see you later. údúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúd
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