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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  August 10, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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is throw a gun. >> markets seem to be focused on the spray slower than expected is how it described economic recovery. >> there is so much uncertainty that this becomes almost self fulfilling. >> in france, president sarkozy held an emergency meeting with his advisors after rumors of a ratings down grade there. add to that the crisis in other parts of europe. >> they're now worried about france and european banks. >> money manager louis navaler's advice? hold on. >> we had a big earthquake, we're going to have after shocks and going to go sideways and this might last week autos there is gloominess about the slumping market. slacking job market and american economic growth predicted to continue. >> consumers compromising 70% of the economy are scared and
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losing their jobs and wages are going down. under the circumstances they're not going to buy. >> this political economist and former labor secretary says what is needed is not appear possible. >> vicious cycles like this can only be reversed by one thing. government being the purchaser of last resort. big jobs package, a stimulus, and economic boost. problem is that today that is almost impokt today. >> this is the third day in a row the dow jones industrials swung more than 400 points. and one other thing never happening before, apple closed as the richest company in the country, that had been exxon. for years. and today, the market closed with apple's market capitol saigs at $227 billion. >> unusual times. mark. the president talking about
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extending payroll tax and setting up a bank to fund constructions jobs. >> he says all of those things are good, and are miniscule compared to the problem out there, consumer confidence leading into fear of buying n if that happens you can see companies losing money, down grading. this is a vicious cycle. he said the stimulus has got to be much larger. >> we know the president's $800 billion stimulus supposed to stop the slide. he mentioned it's politically impossible now. is there a way to do that again? >> and there are a lot of people saying we threw $800 billion and that didn't work. why do we want to know another $800 billion on it. he said the problem is that we didn't understand how big a problem we had.
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we thought $800 billion? no. a bigger recession than we anticipated and threw a lot of money at it i was a bigger problem and this needed to be bigger, if you get that passed sh you're a better man than i. >> and mark matthews reporting oo. and sign of the times, the market is having a big impact on a job fair today. two companies pulled out of the fair at the double tree hotel over concerns about the market conditions, several other companies were there, and hundreds of job seekers showed up. and it's probably no surprise that they say it's the toughest job market they've seen. >> it's very depressing with ups and downs within the last few days. and this is like it's up in
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the morning, down into the afternoon. and four years, they're seeing maybe we'll hire, maybe we don't hire. >> and this event co-sponsored by abc 7 and job journal. there is another fair scheduled for next month on south airport boulevard from noon to 4:00. we have details at abc 7 >> and police say they're certain gang violence led to the death of a 3-year-old boy shot on an oakland street. the little boy killed on monday shopping with his mother. a stray bullet struck him in the neck. and we're live with the latest on this investigation. >> we just got an update from the chief and just spoke with him here. investigators continue, he says to hunt for the killers of little carlos in spite of
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yesterday's arrest. and police took two suspects into custody and were believed to be and today police issued a carefully worded statement saying one suspect is not believed to be linked to carlos's shooting at this time. and police are hoping to find out more about the shooting investigators say is the result of ongoing gang war far. the chief says the investigation has taken officers to a number of different cities and yesterday, the chief said he believes all suspects would be in custody by today or tomorrow, now, he's not making those same predux diction autos we'll not put out information until we have everyone that may be in a participant in custody. >> and i'm confident there are good leads. and if we don't do it in a short amount of time
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doesn't mean we're going to give up, or stop. >> and that memorial at the spot continues to grow. hundreds gathered for a vigil, and they also called for an end to all of the violence that seems to be going on in oakland now. they're also has been a fund established to help carlos's family. we'll have that information on how to donate at our web site. abc 7 and coming up at 5:00, i will have more on this call for justice, this continuing call for justice on the streets of east oak lbld. -- oakland. >> and today in los angeles there is a court appearance by men accuse fd beating san francisco giants fan brian sto. prosecutors said both men made admissions in this case. and reporter robert olguin joins us live from l.a.. robert? >> that is right.
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cameras not allowed in the courtroom today. and we do have a better understanding of the case that prosecutors are building. they say they're not focusing on eyewitness that's were out here the night brian stow was tacked but focusing on statements made by the suspect themselves. dressed in blue, the two men accused of a brutal attack stood before a judge and entered pleas of not guilty. a 30-year-old marvin norwood and 29-year-old louie sanchez being held on a bond of $500,000. their defense attorneys today abandoned efforts to lower bail amount autos there comes a time when my client has a better chance of the bail reductions, then that would be a time to present it two rialto men are seen at the stadium on opening day, in these photos. they're both charged with beating san francisco giants fan brian stow in the parking
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lot 6 -- of the stadium on opening day. the paramedic remains hospitalized and today, prosecutors revealed only one of 20 eye witnesses was able to identify sanchez in a live police line up. none of the witnesses were able to identify norwood. >> that is a good piece of information to have. >> and and at this point, like i said, awaiting further discovery, and i'll find that out as the case develop autos in court today, deputy district attorney frank santoro said the case is based on incriminating statements they both made in lock up and in police interviews. also today, prosecutors revealed that sanchez's sister, doreen sanchez testified before a grand jury, but the indictment remains sealed so it's not clear if her
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testimony incrime naits her brother. >> for all i know, you know, she said her brother is in tahiti. i don't know. >> now, doreen sanchez arrested with her brother and norwood but just about 0 minutes ago, we learned the d.a.women not be charging doreen sanchez as an accessory. no word on whether she's expected to testify in the trial. louie sanchez and norwood due back in court september 30th ooj and i'm robert olguin. >> and a bit of comic relief for brian stow. friends and family attended a benefit including some of his favorite comedians and lots of memorabilia. those funds helping pay for stow's medical wills. >> this helps out. it's been huge. >> brian stow is still in san francisco general hospital. his family says he's showing signs of improvement and lifting limbs when asked and
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we're told he puckers lips when his sister asks him for a kiss. >> the bay area based technology site posting video of an iphone 4 prototype will not face charges. gizmoto says it purchased knit march of last year from two men who claimed to have found knit a redwood city bar. and prosecutors declined to file charges. >> our belief is that no one was trying to benefit from the taking of the phone and the second over arching issue is the conflict phone shallly between california penal code and first amendment. because it's gizmoto employees claiming this was a journalistic investigation and was not a crime. >> two suspects, a 22-year-old brian hogan and 28-year-old sage will be in courtkoe1 this month. they each face a year in jail if convicted. >> and overseas now tozvçó'c
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afghanistan. the top american commander there says the taliban insurgents who shot down a u.s. military helicopter saturday has been killed. the marine core general says u.s. forces tracked a group of 10 insurgents and killed them monday morning saying the top taliban leader was targeted. >> in the aftermath that have we have achieved certainty they, in fact were killed in that strike. >> three navy seals from northern california were among the 30 americans and seven afghan forces killed when that helicopter was hit by a rocket propelled grenade. >> time for a check on the weather. >> yes. spence jer here with a cooling forecast. >> it's true. warm weather continues today. for 24 hours we'll take a look at a cool down, maybe just one day, but a cool down nonetheless. this evening, we can expect partly cloudy skies. there is a deepening marine layer now. some clouds will be pushing locally inland. temperatures between 54-64
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during evening hours. tomorrow morning, gradual clearing, lingering clouds and breaks of sun peeking through, temperatures about 52-62 z tomorrow afternoon, mainly sunny skies inland z around the bay z clouds lingering at the coast. there is a cooler day in most locations, especially around the bay and inland. highs ranging from 60s to 84 in warmest inland locations. so what is next, do we get a warm up? we'll take a look at the accu-weather forecast late yir. >> thank you and next for the food that makes your chance of developing diabetes just skyrocket. >> and how does mayor baldwin sound? a pretty face of "thirty rock" said to be testing political water autos and michael finney is checking facebook and twitter to see what you want to know and answer questions later this hour, there are links at the top of the home page. [ female announcer ] at jcpenney, all your back to school favorites are on sale
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right now a couple breast cancer drugs may increase the risk of heart problems, researchers say kit increase heart problems in elderly patients. and according to the new study, 12% of the women ages 70-92 taking herceptin developed heart problems. and 6% for diabetes free women. when they stopped taking the medicine, all but one fully recovered. and there is a new study finds eating meat can increase a risk of eating type two diabetes. and eating unprocessed meet
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maet as steak and lamb can increase the risk by 20%. the study looked at almost half a million people whose diets were tracked for 15 years and found substituting nuts, low fat dairy or whole grains cut the risk by up to 35%. >> and there are new concerns about the safety of herbal supplements, finding labels do not have enough safety information. researchers found remedies such as st. john's wort and ginko are typically safe but can cause problems in people who take certain medications and found 93% of the tested products did not meet standard labeling requirements. experts say it's important to familiarize yourself with the supplements you're taking. >> police are look for suspects a crime caught on
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surveillance video showing a suspect ramming their blue truck through the front door, slamming against the atm machine until it comes loose. and they can drive it away. the robbers took $6,000 in cash and caused thousands more in damage. the money was going to be raised to be used to fund a youth music plam. -- program. >> the kids are competing in indiana for the world championship. and you know we'll run bingo tonight at 5:00 we'll be selling bingo tickets. >> the show must go on. the hall estimates it's out about $30,000. police found the pick up and atm but not the money. >> and there is an oakland organization had a reason to celebrate. wells fargo present aid $15,000 check to the training center, giving students financial advice. the 4-month program takes
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people with hardship and trains them for union construction job autos students are working on the bay bridge project so all major projects we're placing students on. and we'll now place students on program autos the training center will offer orientation for next class from 8:30 to 11 a.m. >> there is another lovely day out there. and this is still warm inland. many locations cooled down quite a bit today. there is a nice onshore flow, a cooling sea breeze. there is a live view now looking at that marine layer. and we'll feel a cool down across the bay area tomorrow.
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and there is along the coastline will be pushing across the bay. and this afternoon, sunny skies inland. and warm inland still, 85 degrees now. into the north bay, only 76 in santa rosa. and 74 in napa. 81 in novato. and there is highlights, cooler tomorrow. and again, especially around the bay and inland. and minor changes throughout the weekend. and overnight tonight, lows will be into mid-50s and that much change there. and satellite image shows a continuing sea breeze, that continues persistent and dwoitsing to drop inland temperatures and highs 105 in
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phoenix. 103 in dallas. and that is 95 in new orleans now. 94 in atlanta. highs so far, but it's getting cooler across northern tier states. and there is animation we'll see fog pulling back to the coastline again. and will be cooler inland with highs into warmest locations only into low 80s tomorrow. there are 6 ows around the bay. and there is south bay, mid to upper 70s, 72347 san jose. low to mid-70s and upper 50s to around 60 on the coast. there is north bay highs from mid 70s to low 80s. and there is inland east bay, highs into low 80s.
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and antioch, mid-80s. there is is the accu-weather forecast. temperatures rebounding friday and saturday. and starts to cool down monday and tuesday. so there is no rain in site. we'll have temperatures below average at this time of the year. >> and we're so lucky. >> this is sunny out there. >> yes. >> and that is true. >> and alec baldwin said to be considering a major career change. >> there is today's top story is in arizona. a twilight star is released from jail. police tell otrc he was arrested on two outstanding warrants.
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and alec baldwin should pick up politics. the 53-year-old says he's thinking about running for new york mayor after the 2013 race. and beverly hills transformed into 1960s last night for the world premier of "the help". actress emma stone led the pack, they're buzzing about the social rel convenience. >> absolutely. so much from the story and from being a part in this. and this is an incredible experience. >> for more red carpet photos go to >> and up next how a weird traffic accident happened. >> and an impressive honor, the story is just ahead. >> and at 5:00 summer lunch
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program feeding hungry stomaches. >> and it's very heavy in both directions now. stay with us. the news at 4:00 continues right after this.
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earlier work was angry and energetic. and describes his later poems as more ironic. he begins his term in the fall. >> and take a look at this video of a bizarre truck accident in texas. apparently the truck's hydraulic lift began raising the trailer. and as you can see it wound up getting stuck on an overhead sign there. the driver is fashion at least one citation. replacing that will cost about $100,000. >> and that is bizarre. >> yes. >> this is bizarre a rena football, jacksonville and georgia. cj johnson back. can't run because a fan is restraining him. mugging him, actually. rejax from players. were they outraged? no. they were high fiving the fan saying you're the man. if you're wondering the guy did get kicked out of the game. so you can see the ref
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pointing and saying "you're out". >> coming up head in 4:30 half hour, call for an end to summer vacation in washington. >> university of california says demonstrations are free speech but some students who view one annual protest as hate are suing. >> and i'm vic lee. the man accused of killing a 14-year-old girl almost three decades ago appears in court. the story is coming up. >> and from our east bay hills camera, sunny skies, mild conditions. and any change coming our way? i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. [ female announcer ] every box of general mills big g cereals
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the man just arrested for the murder of a pleasanton teenager 7 years ago made a kurt appearance today. >> she was stabbed as she walked home from foot hill high school in 1984. now, steve carlson is facing murder charges. the two were classmates. vic lee is live with reaction from those who remember carlson from school. >> steve carlson appeared in juvenile court here for a detention hearing. that is synonymous with an arraignment in adult supreme court. it's rather strange for a 43-year-old man to appear in juvenile court but remember, the crime, the murder
4:31 pm
committed when he was only 17. now, seems like a lot of former foot hill high school students remember this case and remember him. some of them came here to court to see what's happening and they all told us they had strong suspicions about him. >> it was something about him from elementary school to junior high to high school. he was mean. he was a bully. he has this odd way about him z just... people feared him. >> i do hope that it's very short. and that they have found perpetrator and we can actually put some closure to this. >> 43-year-old steve carlson charged with murdering tina fails april 15th, 1984. the 14-year-old killed while walking home from foothill high school, stabbed numerous times and left to die in a drainage culvert. carlson, then 17 was a person
4:32 pm
of interest but police could never implicate him until dna technology improved decades later. the break came in 2007. fbi crime lab matched dna evidence to carlson, now a registered sex offender with a long rap sheet, sunday, police took him into custody from santa cruz county jail. he had been held on drug charges. now, tina's family members did appear here in court today but declined to talk to reporters, carlson being held without bail, which is standard in juvenile case buzz since he's an adult he won't be incarcerated here in juvenile jail but will instead be transported to adult facilities at santa rita. >> and vick, you said there is a long rap sheet. do you know any particulars? >> well, the records show he's been in and out of jail since late 80s.
4:33 pm
and in 1989, the records show he was convicted of committing a lewd act on a child who was under 14. and that is when he became a registered sex offender. >> vick, thank you very much. >> and the university of california is taking some heat for allowing pro-palestinian protests on campuses. two jewish students are suing for what they're calling violent and hostile antisemiticñi campaigns. at issue is antiapartheid week in several uc campuses. the plaintiffs say they've been spat upon and attacked. the demonstrations organized by two students groups fund bid an activities fee. a uc berkeley spokesperson added the university is quote, obligated by law and the constitution to consider and respect every individual rights to free expression,
4:34 pm
even when it causes discomfort for other autos senator boxer is calling for a long-term solution to the faa crisis. the partial shut down of the faa stalled more than $130 million in california airport construction projects and put thousands of people out of work. last week's temporary faa reauj saigs lasts only until september. boxer says it's time both houses work together to put an end to the short term fixes. >> the faa bill passed house and senate into a conference committee, where the house and senate differences can be negotiated out. >> one prob project delayed was a tower at oakland international airport. half workers are now back on the job. official says itok could takeç weeks to get back on track. >> some members of congress want to get back to work saying the country is in a fiscal crisis and now is no time for a vacation.
4:35 pm
there is a month-long recess. president obama says he plans to head to martha's vineyard for his planned vacation. the white house saying the president is traveling. today, the president thanked volunteers working on his reelection campaign. a new use for thousands of government-owned for closures, obama administration wants to turn empty houses into rental properties, seeking ideas from investors how to rent 300,000 homes own bid fannie mae, freddie mac and fha. goal is to shrink the pool and help boost home prices. fannie mae and freddie mac own or guarantee half of the nation horts -- mortgage autos there is a three alarm fire that began just after 1:00 at river city waste recyclers. officials say it looks like it spread to construction waste materials. crews expected to be on the scene several more hours. >> and the so called doherty
4:36 pm
gang has been broken up. police found two brothers and a sister who had been on a cross-country crime spree. >> and video thatzv is igniting outrage in the united kingdom. days of violent demonstrations subside. >> and taking a look now at the golden gate bridge, traffic flowing nicely in both directions and just a little bit of clouds there. let's check in with spencer now. >> and traffic is flowing nicely in the air across the country. no reports of delays in major airports with two exceptions, newark airport is experiencing about 40 minute delays because of high winds and some disturbed weather there. boston reporting delays of 15-30 minutes because of what is being called traffic management initiatives. we'll return i'll engage in a initiative for next 24 hours as abc 7 news at 4:00 continues.
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twomy fugitive brothers anc sister awaiting arraignment in colorado now after firing at police during a high-speed chase. they are wanted for firing in an officer last week during a trafrk stop in florida police say they robbed this georgia bank with ak 47s. a search ended early this morning after a chase reaching 100 miles per hour. one suspect was injured. police believe the trio had a
4:40 pm
death wish. >> the streets of london calm at this hour. british government is playing hard ball, promising to fight back against rioters. the hard line stance comes against a back drop of this video from monday. and there is rioters pretending to help a student who is mugged and instead, steal from him. >> pockets of society are broken and sick. we see children 12 and 13 looting and laughing and disgusting silgt of an injured young man, people pretending to help him while robbing him, it's clear there are thing that's are badly wrong in our society. >> this student is in surgery for a broken you jaw. the police force has been tripled in strength. violence broke out after a shooting by police. it turned into random looting spreading to two other cities. in syria, the president there continues to escalate his
4:41 pm
crack down on dissidents. this is amateur video of artillery zeroing in on a mosque. and backed by troops have been assaulting the city. troops continued their assault on the town of hama. president obama reportedly calling for him to step down. >> there is this. the white house says egypt is becoming increasingly anti-american, citing the u.s. aid as foreign enter fear yens as an example. state department call that's unfair and calls personal attacks on new u.s. ambassador to egypt ann patterson unacceptable. a government run newspaper called her antiislamic and said her mission in egypt is to spread chaos. >> and still head, corporate america's reaction to volume tilt on wall street. >> and michael finney is taking your consumer questions
4:42 pm
and we have links on the top of our home page. >> this is not happening. dear, lord. i made a horrible mistake. >> and comic relief. wall street stumbles through another week.
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a live look from east bay camera taking a look at the bay bridge. kind of a hazy afternoon.
4:45 pm
spencer will have the forecast in just a few minute autos some of the country's biggest companies preparing for the worst. wall street becomes bumpier. the frornz the selloff in our after the bell report. >> yikes. another rollercoaster ride on wall street. markets in a free fall and the dow down almost 520 points, closing at the lowest level since september, 010. nasdaq and s and p posting hoses of their own. why all of this selling? traders tell me there is a recession staring the economy in the face tlchl is a weakening economy what. one trader calls a train wreck in europe. traders worried leaders won't able to solve the crisis. there is this market uncertainty, major companies are reporting weak consumer demand. and there is companies bracing for a drop off as more
4:46 pm
consumers continue to lose confidence. disney's ceo saying yesterday they won't be offering discounts to theme parks and honda seeing a drop in car purchases and customers dropping their cable subscriptions. >> and as you know, disney's parent company of abc owns abc 7. >> watching the market on days like this can make you want to cry if you're the e trade baby. >> wait. why is mine going down? oh, god. it's dropped 100 points this, isn't happening. dear lord i made a horrible mistake. sell, sell, sell! too late, it's all gone. i just lost my entire life saving autos this is a spoof produced by the web site college humor first posted back in april. we went through another rough period. still relevant and getting more and more hits with half a million views so far. >> and this is not the time
4:47 pm
people want to pay more without getting more. >> coming up next, the state plans to give some californians a bigger bill for fire protection. >> and one viewer wants to know why tv commercials are so loud! i'll answer the question. >> i thought that was just sportscaster autos later at 5:00 miracle survivor. a boy swept away in a ride tide for 20 minutes.
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michael finney is here to answer questions you've been posting to his facebook page. >> one viewer asking about a new b of a debit card in lieu of an unemployment check. >> we've been getting a ton of questions. the question is from patricia w. she asked how did b of a win ability to disperse unemployment insurance
4:51 pm
payments for california? will those cards be subjected to transaction fees and such making it a wind fall for the bank? okay. here is the deal. state of california cut a deal with bank of america to issue cards rather than checks. the money will electrically go into people's cards. now, the state loves this. they don't have to print checks and are going to save millions each year. b of a is going to get money from merchants that accept the cards. they're going to get the transaction fees. those receiving the cards will pay nothing for this. it's easier than a check because with a check have you to have an account or go to a checking place. you don't have to do that anymore. will b of a make a ton of money? yet to be seen. what we're seeing, especially with unemployment checks is most people are taking the money and putting night their checking accounts, meaning b of a making nothing off that transaction. and okay. question number two. this comes from darrell.
4:52 pm
i thought there was a law passed to turn the volume down during kmishls. and you're just asking me to yell. there is. called calm act. it's for commercial loudness mitigation act, sponsored by representative anna eschew. it says commercial sounds can't spike. the guys making commercials figured out how to gain the system. the kmeshlz are very loud. tv stations have to figure out how to deal with that. before we canzvu! deal witness, fcc has to come up with rules and have until the end of the year.s and we have until next year to make sure that that doesn't happen. under the deal of the day, i've got great information i need you to know about. comcast just come up with an mazing deal to help struggling families get online.
4:53 pm
low-cost internet deal costing $9.95 per mochl the cable giant giving vouchers for a low-cost computer for 149.99s skpdz you're eligible simply if you're eligible for the free school lunch program. and we have additional information listed on our abc 7 web site. >> that is great. >> it is. >> we hear about the divides and they're doing something about it and time for one last check of the weather. >> and there are things cooling down a bit. notice that rather impressive marine layer. and there is warm weather inland and getting deeper now. there is a stronger marine influence, tomorrow's temperatures coming down a built. and there will be not a lot of change tomorrow.
4:54 pm
and temperatures moderating across the northern half of the country and there will be a high of 102 in phoenix and 103 in dallas. and there is 95 in new orleans, 94 atlanta. lots of humidity z notice temperatures are increasing just a degree or two. so there is a heat wave in retreat but there is no relief yet. there is warm weather into central and interior portions of california. there is 92 in yosemite. 72 in big sur. 77 in los angeles. in the bay area, things going to be pleasant. temperatures inland east bay tomorrow reaching only into low 80s for the most part.
4:55 pm
and there is a cooling down in some spots as well. far northern locations will still be toasty. highs around 92 degrees. and there is highs in the 60s and farther south, 74 palo alto. 77 san jose. there is highs into the 6 ows, and inland locations, morgan hill, highs only into 70s. pleasant day ahead tomorrow. >> and thank you. >> it's looking like some californians will be getting a bigger bill for fire service autos talking about an extra $150 a year after for some that is going to be a hardship. law is the law. so those invoices could be
4:56 pm
coming sooner than you think. despite questions over its legality ti, the california board of forestry has fire protection move haegd to right regulations surrounding the state's new controversial fire fee. the fee fee would be $150 a year and that is where residents are covered for fire protection, meaning $50 million for the state budget in the first year, $200 million thereafter. >> when you come up with, must be defensible in terms of the services rendered. >> and the law went into affect june 30th. state budget was signed and has until september 1 to get regulations ready. some sue this has a money grab.
4:57 pm
their retirement funds? >> as soon as i -- the factors in a fee that, kind of got me upset. >> and leaders think the fee might undermine effort for things they won't pay for. >> state senator ted gains in the process of collecting signatures for a referendum. and plus process to slow down. >> this is an illegal tax. i think there is going to be litigation. and this i can't understand why they'd be moving rapidly to implement regulation for the tax. >> regulations are expected to be released next week. spelling out which areas have to pay, and dollar amounts. the board has been warned
4:58 pm
thousands of residents will appeal. >> and noins thanks for joining us for the news at 4:00. >> and the news at 5:00 continue nouz with dan and cheryl. >> and talk about sign of the times. two companies pull out of a local jobs fair over all of this economic uncertainty. >> mothers know the pain of losing a child to crime call for an end to violence in oakland. >> a summer lunch program nourishing both bodies and minds of children. >> and bottom line is markets don't think, just react. we've reacted. >> and the reaction has been strong and negative. good evening, i'm cheryl jennings. >> stocks continue a slide today. and investors worry about the future of the economy. the dow plunged 500 points,
4:59 pm
the ninth biggest point drop, the third time in the last five days it's dropped more than 500 points. >> this interpret that had as no economic growth. >> there is a look at final numbers. dow jones closed at 10720, almost a 5% drop. and s and p 500 finished down 51 points. and investors and consumers are worried. >> there is a huge debt burden, if they don't buy, we get into what we're in now, which is a vicious psych yim. >> and economic analyst expects markets to recover in the fall. he said the next iphone can drive a buy


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