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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 13, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, round one. it's the first big battle for the republican presidential candidates. and it could mean make or break for some, but two candidates not in today's straw poll are stealing the show. rick perry finally goes all in and what does sarah palin tell us she would do as president? without a trace, a 12-year-old boy scout goes missing on a hiking trip in the utah wilderness. search and rescue teams are setting out again this morning to look for the boy. we have his anxious mother's plea for help. closing in. the fbi searches the maryland home of the suspect being held in the disappearance of an amer with. and an abc news exclusive, why did two other women get restraining orders against him?
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♪ i wanna be rich and change of fortune. one morning they lose their jobs. the same night they win millions in the lottery. we'll hear about the wild ride for the assembly plant workers who hit the jackpot after getting hit with pink slips. ♪ full of love peace and happiness ♪ ♪ i wanna be rich ♪ oh oh that's a great story there. a pendulum swing of emotion that you can probably identify with, bianna, when you found out it would be me with you in this morning. your day can only be better. >> i had a sleepless night worried how this would be and whether i would live up to your expectations. >> this has been looming on the calendar for weeks now. >> for you at home josh elliott is in for dan harris who is on vacation this morning. and we're so excited to have you. >> and we're excited to be here and by we, i mean me. we have a question for you this morning. do you like to tan or are you like bianna? do you really, really like to
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tan? >> no. >> a new study says that you may actually be addicted to catching those rays. real science now exists that says your brain reacts to uv rays not unlike the way it reacts to drugs. we'll have much more on that coming right up. also, josh, why are these women posting photos online and telling the world their real weight and sizes? it's a fascinating new project to reset how we view our bodies. these encouraging women are going to be coming up later in the show and you don't want to miss what they have to say. >> that is terrific stuff. we'll begin with the biggest day yet in the 2012 presidential race. texas governor rick perry will formally announce his candndacy today in south carolina, and polls suggest he will instantly vault to the top of the gop pack.. and in iowa today, the first real test for the republican field, the ames straw poll. we have our political team out in full force on the morning. we're going to begininhough with abc senior white house correspondent jake tapper starting us off from ames, iowa. good morning to you, jake. >> reporter: good morning,
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and, you know, four years ago,14,000 voters turned out at the iowa straw poll. turnout is so important because the straw poll doesn't mention voter support for a candidate so much as it does voter intensity. in the last few hours before the iowa straw poll, the candidates with so much riding on a strong showing here today shook every last hand. it is presumed front-runner michele bachmann, the tea party favorite and hometown girl, the minnesota congresswoman is originally from iowa. >> hi, everyone. from one iowan to another, my name is michele bachmann. >> reporter: there's the underdog, former governor tim pawlenty, also from minnesota who many believe needs a strong showing here to stay in the race. this can be a make-or-break event for some candidates. >> yeah. my goal is to move from towards the back of the pack to towards the front of the pack. >> reporter: so just top three? >> we don't put a number on it but we want to show progress.
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>> reporter: the dark horse, congressman ron paul of texas. he has a big grassroots following and claims a strong organization here that could deliver a surprise showing. just ask sarah palin. >> ron paul still has a great chance of winning the straw poll. >> reporter: but looming large over the event is the no show, mitt romney, who's largely sitting this one out after the beating he took here in the iowa caucus in 2008, and, of course, sarah palin, something of a sideshow for now since she has not said she's running, but she popped up here in iowa anyway. what did you think of the debate last night? >> it was good. >> reporter: yeah. >> it was good. >> reporter: what would you do if you were president right now for the economy? what would you do o r the economy? >> i'd eliminate the uncertainty in the economy and let our job creators know that, number one, we will cut taxes, we'll cut corporate taxes, we'll cut every tax that cononess would allow, i as president would promote and then start incentivizing the businesses and industries to be here instead of we chasing them
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offshore and bring them back to america. >> jake, of course, all eyes on that person still undecided, sarah palin stealing attention, headlines, your attention there. and you've been there, jake. you're on the ground. you've been meeting a lot of voters this week. what do voters at this point want from sarah palin? >> reporter: well, the republican voters here in iowa with whom i've spoken as well as the republican officials here basically say the same thing, which is if you're going to get in the race, get in the race, otherwise, just go away because they are focused on the candidates who have declared who are out there shaking hands presenting their plans, and they don't have anything against sarah palin. a lot of them like her and would support her if she decided to run, but at this point they say make up your mind. >> quickly, jake, mitt romney not participating, a guy like tim pawlenty though hoping to vault into the top three presumably. how important is today? >> reporter: well, the straw poll by historical standards does not predict the republican nominee, nor does it often predict who is going to win the iowa caucus.
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what it does do is winnow the field. peopop who need to have a strong showing whose campaigns are not catching on tend to come here to have their campaigns die, so it winnows down the field. it definitely does not necessarily predict who the nominee will ultimately be. >> so this big day is under way. jake tapper on the ground in what is iowa for us. of course, jake will be hoping abc's "this week" from iowa tomorrow. his guests will be republican presidential hopefuls, former minnesota governor tim pawlenty and minnesota congresswoman bianna? bachmann. >> that will be a heated show to watch. all right, josh. well, now to another key early voting state, south carolina, where today texas governor rick perry will make it official. abc's david kerley joins us from charleston. and there was a lot of buildup to today, david. >> reporter: bianna, in just a couple of hours, rick perry will stand on this stage and say he wants to be the latest texan to occupy the oval house, and in doing so, he is turning the republican presidential race on its head. rick perry has been hinting for
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days that he will make it official, that he is a candidate for president. >> i'm very calm in my heart that this is what i'm supposed to be doing. >> reporter: perry chose charleston, south carolina, at nearly the exact time that iowa straw poll is under way to make his announcement, so a small conserertive meeting here is now the launch of a presidential campaign. >> i'm excited. i'm not sure the people in iowa are. they feel like they're trampled on a little bit, but i'm very excited. >> i think that the republican party is kind of itching for people that haven't been already predefined. >> reporter: so who is rick perry? >> simply put, our country is in trouble. >> reporter: he is texas' longest serving governor. he is a no tax, cut regulation, small government conservative who can boast about job growth. a third of the jobs created since the recession are in texas. abc political director amy walter at the iowa straw poll. >> what rick perry is able to do is he's able to marry the executive experience of being a governor with the tea party appeal of being an outsider.
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nobody else in the field can do that right now. >> reporter: perry gathered 30,000 to pray last weekend. >> father, our heart breaks for america. >> reporter: he is not bashful about his conservative christian views. >> amen. >> reporter: but gets plenty of criticism from democrats in his state. >> people would be praying for our country to survive, someone whose primary emphasis will be on right wing ideologil zealotry. >> reporter: in his speech here in charleston, perry will say the country cannot and must not endure another four years of barack obama. after he announces he heads off to new hampshire, and then he will be in iowa tomorrow. bianna? >> all right, david, thank you. and joining us now from ames, iowa, abc news political analyst matthew dowd, a top strategist for both democrats and republicans, most recently for president george w. bush. great to see you, matt. you know, we talk about rick perry. he's late to the game but quickly expected to rise to the top. you describe him as texas as
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texas can be, texas on steroids actually. you and i can both understand that since we're both from texas, but what is he expected to bring to the field? >> reporter: well, i think, bianna, the thing he brings to the field is assets that no one else has. he not only has the passion but he speaks both to the economic conservatives and to the social conservatives, and he has ten years as governor which gives him a tremendous amount of credibility. that combination of assets, right now there is no other candidate that has thatt in the field. he does have some liabilities but right now for the field that exists today, he brings more assets to the table than anybody else that exists in the race right now. >> a lot of excitement around him. i want to turn to the straw poll. who is the person to watch here, matt? >> i think the one to watch here tonight is how tim pawlenty does becaususif tim pawlenty doesn't have a good showing, if he has a weak second or even a third and finishes behind ron paul, i think it's the beginning of the end of his campaign. he has very limited resources,
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he has very limited dollars and if he doesn't get a jump out of this thing, he won't be able to a's the funds. he will be the one to watch because he could be the first one to drop if he doesn't do well. >> what about the sarah palin factor? is she considered more of a threat or distraction at this point? >> reporter: i think most people see her because she hasn't gotten in because she keeps showing leg and then not getting in, is they see h h more of a celebrity factor as opposed to a candidate effect. she still has an effect. people still respond to her but because michele bachmann and about to be rick perry have kind of jumped over her in the conservative passion, she really is more of a bit of a sideshow right now. >> and, of course, the one issue that all of these candidates embrace and talk about now is jobs and the jobs crisis in this country. the president had a meeting with ceos yesterday, but a lot of people on wall street i've been talking to say that was a day late, a dollar short especially after the wild ride on wall street during the week. how much of a vulnerability is the fact that the president doesn't have a concrete jobs plan as of now? >> well, it's a huge vulnerability. i think it's gone on, time has
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gone on and days have gone by and by, and as the economy hasn't recovered and he hasn't addressed it in a way the american public has wanted him to has created a big vulnerability. this is probably his worst month of his presidency. he's at his lowest numbers on his job approval rating. he's got to turn that around soon and give some confidence to the american public, otherwise, he's going to begin to be seen really weak going into an election year. >> all right, matt, we'll have to leave it there. busy day for you. thank you. we appreciate you joining us this morning. thank you. now for a check of the morning's other top stories. usually you do this during the week. we'll hand it over to ron. >> good to see you. >> nice to see you. good morning, bianna. good morning, josh. good to have you here. good morning, everyone. we begin with a brazen kidnapping of an american man in pakistan. police there say as many as ten people stormed into the man's home in the city of lahore snatching the development contractor and taking him away. the man has worked in the country for seven years. kidnappings are common in pakistan, but most victims are pakistani. and president obama's health care lawawas been dealt a major blow. a federal appeals court has
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ruled that the centerpiece of the law requiring americans to buy health insurance if they don't have it is unconstitutional. this is the first time, the first appeals court to rule against the so-called individual mandate. another appeals court has upheld it. the u.s. supreme court is ultimately expected to decide the law's fate. and in utah the search for a missing boy scout is expected to resume this morning. at least 20 people were combing ashley national forest looking for the 12-year-old who disappeared on friday from the scout troop he was with. late into the night searchers scoured this rugged terrain for any sign of jared ropelato. the 12-year-old boy scout hasn't been seen since noon on friday after he was separated from his troop on a camping trip. >> our friend jared ropelato was lost. it's pretty sketchy. there is a lot of -- if you get off the trail it's hard to get back. >> reporter: as afternoon turned into night, jared's anxious parents worried that he is not prepared for a night in the woods. no backpack, no warm clothing, only his scout training. >> we don't go very much with
7:13 am
him to the outdoors and that so he's not real familiar. >> i know he knows all the scout laws and all that kind of thing so i hope that as he realized he was lost, that he was smart enough to stop and think about the things that he's been taught. >> reporter: jared is the youngest of five brothers, all dedicated to scouting. the four oldest are eagle scouts. their mother, like the rest of the family, has faith that jared will be found and continue his family's scouting tradition. >> i do have faith that t 'll be able t t put these on again and do his thing and earn that eagle. i'm sure he's learned something from this. >> reporter: and because of the rough terrain search and rescue teams are limited to foot and horseback. and casey anthony has not been seen in public since she was released from jail last month, but we know that she will soon be in orlando. a judge has ruled that anthony must return within two weeks to serve a year's probation for check fraud. anthony's parents say y e will not be living at their home.
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and finally, a new low for tiger woods since his sex scandal broke. in late 2009. he missed the cut friday meaning he failed to advance at the pga championship in atlanta. it's only the third time in his career, professional career, that that's happened where he missed a cut in one of the majors. he isn't expected to play again until probably november. rough time, two years, no wins, now cut from one of the majors. >> it's interesting to see a player like that look like players like you and i. >> really. >> if only for a couple of days. >> a couple of double bogeys on two consecutive holes. i do that often. >> apparently did it all week in ireland. >> more on that later. wonders never cease.the weather. rain in dallas. scott padgett is here to tell us about it from our miami affiliate wplj local 10. scott? >> we are taking a look at the cold front but severe weather om michigan stretching down through indiana and down to near st. louis and memphis, so there's po evacuate potential of heavy rain and possibly winds gusting to 70. to the front picks, tropical
7:15 am
storm franklin developing over the open water. no worry there but three more systems are trying to get going. right now nice and mild in the pacific northwest. beautiful near san fran and in the northeast, nice and fair, mayb rainfall. up more on texas bianna? >> all right, scott, thank you. well, we all know getting too much sun can be a dangerous health risk, so why do so many people keep tanning even though
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they know it's bad for them? well, scientists think they have the answer, they're addicted. t.j. winick is here with that story. quite surprising, t.j. >> certainly is. tanning addiction. sounds like a bad joke but it is not. ultraviolet light has long been used to treat depression, so we know uv light can change behavior. well, according to the medical journal "addiction biology" brain activivi in those who tan three times a week or more actually mimics the patterns of drug addiction. what do the actor george hamilton, house speaker john boehner and snooki all have in common? it's written all over their face, and it turns out the desire for that deep, dark tan may be more than just skin deep. >> what is the first thing you guys are going to do when you get home? >> tanning. >> tanning. >> tanning. >> reporter: accororng to a new scientific study, the cast of "jersey shore" aren't just bronzed and buffed, they might be addicts. >> certain regions of the brain that we know are responsible or partially responsible for drug and alcohol addiction seem to
7:17 am
have increased blood flow when you put uv light in front of these individuals who are known as frequent tanners. >> reporter: the findings suggest frequent inside tanning meets the medical definition of an addiction. 19-year-old katie donner began tanning when she was in the sixth grade. >> i continued tanning throughout high school and about three times a week. >> reporter: she only stopped when she was diagnosed with melanoma. during the most recent study a group of frequent tanners agreed to be injected with a radioisotope. it turns out the brain responded in areas associated with reward. the aim areas activated when someone is administered a drug or a food like sugar and could explain why some continue to obsessively tan despite awareness about skin cancer, premature aging and wrinkles. nearly 30 million americans tan indoors every year, and more than a mililon visit tanning salons every day. >> we call it tanorexia because what happens is that they're never satisfied with the amount of tan that they have.
7:18 am
>> reporter: renowned dermatologist dr. doris day believes tanning could very well be an addiction and says the stakes couldn't be higher. >> the most deadly type of skin cancer, melanoma is more common in women and kills women predominantly in their 20s. so this is a life-and-death issue for these women. >> reporter: doctors say if you tan because you want to get more vitamin d, take a supplement. do not go tanning, and, josh, i'm talking to you. no more fake and bake. >> this is an intervention. is that right? >> look, the claustrophobia alone would keep me out of those tanning booths unlike somebody else i happen to know. >> i'm as pale as can be. so i am not a product of -- >> so no tanning for you. >> no. it's called bronzer and maybe some spray tan once in a while. >> agaiai not touching it, not with a ten-foot pole. >> i like the beach too much to go to a tannininbooth. >> thanks. >> imagine one of the worst days of your life, bianna, turn into one of your best. that pendulum swing is exactly what happened for a group of assembly plant jobs who lost
7:19 am
their jobs before lunch and then got the news we all dream of of getting. abc's dan kloeffler has this surprising story. >> reporter: the chances of smiling on the same day you lose your job are probably about the same as, well, winning the lottery. but for this group of 18 assembly men, the odds were in their favor. >> i was in disbelief for about 20 minutes. >> i'm still shaking. >> reporter: for five years these workers pooled their cash for a weekly lottery ticket hoping to strike it rich. but on wednesday, the day of the drawing, a bombshell from their employer, the plant was shutting down, and they'd be without a job within weeks. but just as reality was hitting them, a stroke of luck. their weekly quick pick ticket matched every number for that day's drawing. a $7 million payout trumped the news they were all getting pink slips. each man losing their job but walking away with nearly $400,000 each. not a bad severance package. >> being told to go home, it
7:20 am
doesn't make it good, but since what's happened, the last two days i'm nothing but smiles as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: the obvious paying off bills and booking vacations are in their futures, but after losing their livelihoods, these men are finding a fresh start in their winnings. >> i want to take this opportunity and actually better myself and then move forward into something i would like to do. >> 24 hours ago would have been an extravagant 18-year-old scotch, which now for the rest of my life will probably be something that will be something i'll never touch again because it's not good enough. >> reporter: for "good morning america," dan kloeffler, abc news, new york. >> what a great story. $400,000 in their pockets now while they go search for a new job. >> so great and don't have to go in and quit the jobs they no longer have. let's pass the hat. coming up on "gma," the fbi searches the man's home after the woman he was traveling with disappears. so what are they looking for? plus, real curves.
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why are these women posting images of their bodies online? it's a new project that just may change the way you look at yourself. >> it's a very special "your three words" featuring '80s teen queen and josh's favorite '78s singer debbie gibson. >> and the dancers. >> and the dancers. ♪ [ country ] [ man ] ♪ gone, like my last paycheck ♪ gone, gone away ♪ gone, like my landlord's smile ♪ ♪ gone, gone away ♪ my baby's gone away with dedicated claims specialists... and around-the-clock service, travelers can help make things better quicker. will your auto and home insurer... be there when you need them most? for an agent or quote, call 800-my-coverage... or visit
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♪ when i see your face ♪ when i see your face e true a women, women of courage that have put together a website showing what real women look like in america. curves and all, no holds barred. they're posting their weight size, and they're doing this to put together a sort of collection, a website for women across america to sort of get a sense of reality. it's not all about the skinny models that you see in magazine ads. and i say kudos to those women. >> as the father of a young girl, she's going to be 3 in a week, to see women taking it back, you know, being strong for themselves, it's terrific and helping me do my job. >> we're happy about that.
7:31 am
i'm bianna golodryga along with josh elliott who is learning how to be a dad more and more so every day here on "gma." >> yes, very true while dan harris is off today. it is saturday, august 13th. ahead, a special edition of one of my favorite times of the week. "your three words." debbie gibson and the boys and girls career of harlem alumni performing in the park. it is going to be the soundtrack for a can't miss edition, but we are going to begin now with the very latest from the case of that missing american woman in aruba. robyn gardner disappeared august 2nd on the island and last night the fbi searched the maryland home of the man with whom she was traveling. ron claiborne is back with us with the very latest on this case. ron? >> josh, law enforcement officials in aruba are talking to witnesses and reviewing surveillance tapes hunting for clues as to what happened to robyn gardner. now, the investigation into her traveling companion gary giordano has expanded to the u.s. fbi agents are seen here searching gary giordano's maryland home overnight. >> we're here this evening to execute a federal search warrant. >> reporter: at least 15 cars arrived at his residence to o execute the warrant. authorities can be seen carrying out boxes. giordano remains in police
7:32 am
custody back in aruba. it has now been ten days since giordano's traveling companion, robyn gardner, was last seen on this idyllic beach in aruba. police, firemen and search and rescue crews are seen here working into the night combing a desert area filled with thick brush and deep caves. friends say thatatardner and giordano have had an on and off relationship for over a year and that his behavior has become increaeangly unstable. >> it's been a real roller coaster friendship. it's pretty hot and cold. one day, nice and the next day not so nice. >> reporter: abc news has learned that giordano has a long history of strange behavior. two women have been granted restraining orders against him. in documents obtained exclusively by "good morning america," one ex-girlfriend describes a violent assault. "we argued about his past sexual lifestyle as a swinger. he started to choke me with both hands. he then shoved his fingers down i was struggling and gagging." a restraining order obtained by
7:33 am
another ex-girlfriend states "he posted letters and pictures of me on all neighbors' mailboxes, called and threatened me. called and told me the world would be better off without me and he could help." abc affiliate wjla is also reporting this morning that officials are trying to determine if giordano may have taken out a life insurance policy on gardner. an ex-girlfriend told authorities he made her sign a policy naming him as beneficiary. giordano has told aruban police that he was snorkeling with gardner when she became separated from him. now, eight days of searching has produced no evidence of foul play and no evidence of gardner, but her friends and family try to remain positive. >> we just can't lose hope, right? we have to somehow keep this going. >> reporter: and giordano has not been charged with any crime. his lawyer said he, quote, emphatically denies being involved in any malicious acts, josh. >> all right, ron, joining me now to discuss this from washington, d.c., former fbi special agent and abc news consultant, brad garrett and,
7:34 am
brad, first this news now, the fbi searching his home there in maryland. what are they looking for? >> they're looking for links between mr. gardner or ms. gardner and mr. giordano. here's the key. there should be, based on the profofe of him, there should b b perhaps information on his computer. there may be videotapes if he secretly recorded her, he perhaps maybe stalked her. there may be those videotapes. they're looking for communication between the two of them because they're trying to determine how abnormal his relationship was with her and is there information they could actually use to further potentially charging him in aruba. >> now, brad, in ron's piece, we heard that this man has a history with women before, restraining orders have been taken out against him. one woman describing a violent assault at his hands. does he fit the profile of someone who might have done harm here? >> the answer is, yes. the problem with obsessional
7:35 am
stalkers is that their self-esteem is really tied up in controlling whoever is in their life, and what happens is obviously they push these people so far, they pull back. when they pull back, he becomes more obsessed. he becomes violent. and they also like to capture that behavior, so as i mentioned earlier, i would not be surprised if they don't find information in his house that's going to further link him to miss gardner. >> brad, that is what the fbi is doing domestically. aruban officials, meanwhile, want to hold giordano. ere's a hearing approving on monday where authorities ask that giordano be held with eight more day, but without conclusive evidence of a crime, yet alone a murder, what are they doing to build their case to keep him there? >> the key is to look at mr. giordano's statament and see if you can actually follow what hehe is stating. if he claims that they were at a particular location, were they really at that location? check cell sites to see if he actually was at a particular -- at another place on the island
7:36 am
or check his computer because you could pull up maybe an ip address. if he stated they were at, let's say, a place that you can rent snorkeling, was he really at another location at that point because i'm going to guess that just because he's led the police to the water doesn't necessarily mean that she's in the water or she's in that particular location in the water. >> all right. brad garrett, abc news consultant, former fbi special agent joining us from washington, d.c. this morning. we appreciate your time. >> you're welcome. >> it's not very encouraging to hear those complaints from the former girlfriends either in this case. >> no, no, not at all and as they build a case to try to keep him there perhaps to see j jtice donene >> we shall see. meantime, let's turn over to ron claiborne with the other headlines this morning. >> hi, bianna. >> hi, ron. how are you? >> good. josh. good morning, everyone. in the news, republican presidential hopefuls face their first test at today's iowa straw poll. the first time voters get to weigh in on the wide-open gop field. a strong performance can boost their profile and fund-raising.
7:37 am
and the former top cop in boston and los angeles william bratton will now help the british government in the wake of this week's riots. he will advise scotland yard on dealing with gangs. more than 1,700 people arrested in england this week. and the u.s. ski team member who urinated on a 12-year-old girl on a cross country flight has been kicked off of the team. 18-year-old sandy vietze had at least eight alcoholic beverages before boarding that flight. and finally, it was an emotional and colorful night at the basketball hall of fame. there you see him, the flamboyant, always flamboyant dennis rodman, the worm, headlined the class of 2011, 2011 and two-time olympic gold medalist chris mullin formerly of st. john's university here in new york city also was enshrined and also played for the golden state warriors and eight others. it is time for the weather a scott padgett from our miami affiliate wplg local 10. scott? >> ron, this morning dallas is seeing more rain than they've seen in two months. it's finally raining in dallas and also north central texas. it's going to keep the temperatures down a bit, 99 in dallas, also in wichita falls. down near midland, about 92
7:38 am
degrees. austin, no help there. if you want the cool air, go up to minneapolis, 77 degrees. 81 in omaha. in the northeast, nice in boston, 84 degrees. seattle, nice and comfortable at 70. still pretty warm down near phoenix at 104 degrees. >> this weather report has been brough >> this weather report has been brought to you by united health care. josh, bianna? >> all right, scott, thank you. well, coming up on "good morning america," no photo-shopping here, no retouching. just real photos of real women. why are these women putting it all out there? >> because they can. plus, "your week in three words" with music provided by debbie gibson. >> always doing those teases. i love that my daughter's part fish. but when she got asthma, all i could do was worry !
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7:42 am
girls struggle with. abc's meg oliver is here with their story. good morning, meg. >> good morning, bianna. this website is definitely making an impact. has exploded in popularity. in just the past week, more than 3 million people have viewed it. these are the images of women we are bombarded by every day. impossibly slim, impeccably toned. but these, these are the images of real women, real women with real bodies. size 6, size 10, size 12. >> it's good. it's a step in the right direction, and it's showing people what an average woman would look like, what real bodies are like, and they can still be beautiful. >> these are probably more realistic average women that one sees on the streets that maybe just don't have that super skinny aspect that certainly runway models have. >> reporter: these real women are posting images of themselves on a new website, the goal, to provide a database of what real bodies look like. >> the thing that's great about
7:43 am
this website is that they can get an accurate picture of what have they look like and most girls who try it's out are wrong, by the way. they think they're fatter than they are. >> reporter: women, we all know, may lie about their sizes, both those we know because they're famous and those we know in real life. experts say this has skewed our perception of what a normal body looks like. >> we're completely confused about what's normal looking. i think there are a range of body types out there. but there's a very narrow definition of beauty in our media. >> reporter: the website provides anonymity in order to ensure honesty and lets you search by size, weight or height to see what a woman your size really looks like. and women often leave comments about their issues, as well. one writes, "i'm almost 60 years old and have spent a lifetime not being happy with the way i look." turbulent relationship with my body." >> this is a pretty good website especially if it's to help girls out there just to see what kind of body types are out there.
7:44 am
i wouldn't mind posting a picture of myself if it contributes to that. >> odessa cozzolino is the mastermind behind the site. she's a wife, mother and photographer. she told me after taking pictures of so many women uncomfortable with their appearance, she wanted to help. as a mom of a 4-year-old girl, bianna, this really struck me because you stress over raising a young woman to be realistic and to have a positive body image. >> there's so much pressure. we even heard josh saying with his daughter he's already taking notes and worried about that. but we're seeing more and more of this. we saw that those ads in the uk were banned over too much air brushing so we see that society at least is grasping the reality of over what we see in pictures. >> absolutely. >> all right, meg, thank you so much. and coming up on "good morning america," your videos and debbie gibson, the very special "your three words." what are you doing? what is that? what is this? it's a special paste i invented to replace socks. we're dipping our feet in it. why? because we can't find socks that shape to our feet.
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♪ you can't see the night arising ♪ ♪ gonna rise above rise above to the edge of tomorrow to the end of our sorrow ♪ ♪ rise rise rise ♪ open up your eyes and rise up like the sun ♪ ♪ yeah we're gonna rise rise open up your eyes and rise up like the sun ♪ ♪ ooh ♪ ♪ it's a new day it's a new day ♪ ♪ if you dare let us rise up we're going to rise above ♪ ♪ let us rise we're gonna rise above ♪
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♪ let us rise we're gonna to rise above ♪ ♪ let us rise we're gonna r re above ♪ ♪ let us rise we're gonna rise above ♪ ♪ let us rise we're gonna rise above ♪ ♪ let us rice we're gonna rice above ♪ ♪ rise rise >> thanks to debbie gibson and the choir. if you'd like a chance to see your video in your three words go to and upload it there. >> we'll be right back. ♪ rise open up your eyes [ femalal announcer ] for frequent heartburn sufferers, summertime is now a happy time. when we can eat what we want and sleep soundly through the night. prevacid®24hr prevents the acid that causes frequent heartburn, all day, all night. prevacid®24hr prevents the acid that causes frequent heartburn, smoky eyes look amazing. but creating them? that's a whole different story. almay intense i-color smoky-i kit. first, sweep the smoky-i color across your lid.
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what do you think, have her go what do you think, josh? are you going to have another go with us tomorrow? >> 50/50 at best.
7:56 am
>> scott, better odds with you? >> i'll be here. >> ron and i will l finitely be here. we hope you'll join us tomorrow morning. thanks for staying tuned to abc news. we're always online at don't forget to watch "world news with david muir" later this evening. we'll be back. >> i will. i'll be back. we did just see america's most beautiful place. i can tell you, we have a winner and it's going to surprise you. >> can't wait to see that. >> it will be a surprise. >> there's a tease. >> in ten. hey, america. heard any good jokes? >> a guy walks into a bar. let's start off with a check of the forecast. >> marine layer has shrunk and take a look at san jose. looking at a beautiful start to your saturday. this is sutro looking towards mount tamalpais where the depth has shrunk to 1200 feet deep.
7:57 am
that is going to play a role today. sunshine sooner and warmer and sunday looks cooler. 48 in santa rosa. we got a breeze up towards the delta but elsewhere the warmer temperatures are in the south bay and with our sunshine today we'll see less in the way of high clouds as we saw yesterday. tomorrow another trough comes into play. as for today we're talking about an earlier burnoff. maybe 9:00 and 10:00 in parts of the central bay and working westward towards the coast. cool afternoon downtown but we'll see bright and sunny conditions. temperatures in san francisco later on this afternoon, 64 degrees, 68 in oakland. we'll see mid-80s over the hills. 84 in livermore. mid-70s down through san jose. peninsula will be brightening up. 81 in santa rosa.
7:58 am
here is the look ahead. notice the temperatures don't change very much but the low clouds and sea breeze enhancing the weekend. then until early next week we'll see a big warmup inland. coming up next at 8:00, rocking out in golden gate park, outside lands music festival and city car towing. pulling the plug, officials explain why they deliberately knocked out cell service to knocked out cell service to passeng[ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®. [ birds chirping ] ♪
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