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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  August 13, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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just sent a message to barack obama. [cheering] >> words of victory the results came in just about an hour ago in the first test of support for republicans hoping to be the next president of the united states. good evening, nine candidates were on the ballot in today reside iowa straw poll and the winner is minnesota congresswoman michelle bachmann with 4,823 votes. texas representative ron paul comes in second, with former
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minnesota governor tim pawlenty in third place. >> reporter: more than 16,000 iowans voted. >> the winner of the 2011 white house straw -- iowa straw pole is congresswoman mush bachmann. >> hi there. >> the minnesota congresswoman got 28% of the vote. >> i get it. how to create jobs. we actually think it's a good idea to turn a profit. >> reporter: experts were right when they said don't count out ron paul, favorite in the publican conservative base. he was a close second, 152 votes behind bachmann, tim pawlenty didn't have the strong showing he wanted. the finished in third. >> this isn't about easy. this is about getting our country back on track. >> texas governor rick perry
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stole some thunder in south carolina, throwing his hat into the ring. >> with the support of my family and unwith a wavering belief in the goodness of america, i declare today as a candidate for president of the united states. >> perry could be a texas-size headache for mitt romney. peris the nation's longest serving governor and can boast a third of the u.s. jobs created since the recession are in texas. romney largely sat out the straw poll, which he won two years ago, but sarah palin ran to iowa just the same, the former alaska governor says she'll let us know if she is becoming a candidate for president by next month. meantime, voters have meant you to work -- plenty to work with. >> alan: back here in the bay area, homicide investigators in oakland are working on two cases tonight. at midnight, officers responded to a report of shots fired near
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98th avenue and maddux drive. the found a 28-year-old shot inside a vehicle. he died at the scene. an hour later a second deadly shooting occurred near harrington avenue and galindo street. a man had been not a head. a half a block away they found a third shooting victim and that person is in the hospital in stable condition. police aren't sure if the shootings are related. >> a hooj huge show of support for one of the youngest victims of the oakland violence. he was killed by a stray bull'll intended for a gang member. a suspect has been arrested for the shooting that has left a family devastated and a community in shock. we're live at the fundraiser to pay for the boy's funeral. sergio? >> it was very busy day in this oakland neighborhood. right over here is that memorial that has been set up for carlito
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nava. it's been growing substantially since the little boy was shot down here on monday. just a few yards down the sidewalk here where is that car wash is still going on at this hour, and if you take a lack over in the street, there is still a whole lot of volunteers who are still trying to russell up customers and donations. this is a community that is trying to rally around a family that has suffered a devastating loss. >> come out and support the baby, man. >> the car wash and barbecue in honor of car carlito nava blocked up traffic. the aim here to raise some cash to help the young boy's family through this tough time. and to send a message of unity in the face of this tragedy. jose nava is the young victim's cousin and an organizer of this event. >> just really sad. he was three years old. he didn't -- somebody took his life away from him.
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>> the young boy was murdered here monday. he and his mother were getting pizza when they were caught in a crossfire of bullets. the boy's father, car loss nava, arrived here to lite light a candle for his young son and pray for a few moments before moving on to the fundraiser itself. he did not want to speak on camera but told me he is grateful to everyone who turned out to spurt his family. the fact this is a three-year-old child cuts close to neighbors here. >> i just came by to -- just to show my love to the little boy. i didn't know him but i know how it must feel. >> as the snarl of cars and passers-by state constant through the day, it became clear this is not just a chance to donate a dollar to a family in need but also an opportunity to make a statement to the larger community about the ongoing violence here. >> in this street, you have kids here every day, so there
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shouldn't be another casualty of a young dmield the streets of oakland. >> the organizers tell me the exact same event is planned for tomorrow, and they tell me they're hoping to raise about $5,000 for the family of little carlitos nava, and they tell me they're way on the way towards hitting that goal. reporting live in oakland. abc-7 news. >> alan: thank you. there are other communities in oakland that came together today. hundreds of people organized for the first annual city-wide service day. volunteers took part in more than 25 service projects across oakland, including a cleanup along international boulevard. organizes say the service day is an opportunity for residents to take ownership of their neighborhoods and celebrate all that's positive about oakland. >> everybody can serve their community. take care of it, keep it clean for our children. do my part. >> you can see here we got
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nothing but love and energy here, coming out of our young people here in oakland. nothing but love out here in oakland today. >> alan: after all their hard work, the volunteers enjoyed a celebration of food and music at mosswood park. home invasion robbery and kidnapping triggered a manhunt in one san france -- san francisco neighborhood. five armed minute stormed a man and kidnapped a resident of the home. the search covered the surrounding area, including the sunnyvale public housing project near the cow palace. tonight the suspects are at large and police aren't releasing details about the kidnap victim. the fbi and police across california are still searching for a two-year-old sacramento girl apparently kidnapped by her father. today abc-7 news obtained pictures of the man with his daughter last saturday. the surveillance photos show the pair at a grocery store in the
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sacramento area. when he failed to return the girl home to her mother, an amber alert was issued. the fbi believes the two could be in the bay area. >> the toll readers are checked for tolls in the state of california, and the interpol notices stop people at the airport. >> alan: born in egypt. also speaks fluent spanish. this is samaan clean-shaven. authorities believe his daughter could be in dangers because the court just awarded the girl's mother sole custody when the father and daughter disappeared last sunday. he was last seen in sacramento driving a green toyota forerunner with california license plates 3xrm111. >> just ahead, why keeping tahoe blue is becoming a tougher job. also, how drug smugglers tried to hide a massive drug tunnel stretching from tijuana to
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california. >> leigh: hi there, i'm leigh glaser. a lot of heat towards the east bay right now. temperatures this hour in the mode to low 90s. those numbers in a bit. take a look ahead to the next seven days. the warmup that's going to be with us.
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>> alan: mexican soldiers discovered a so-called narcotunnel that stretches from tijuana to cast. it's thousand feet long, more than six feet wide and equipped with light and ventilation. ten people have been arrested in connection with that tunnel. president obama says he is pushing several initiatives to help improve the nation's
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economy. today in his weekly address he blamed partisanship for hip kerring economic growth. >> there is something wrong with our politics and that's what we've got to fix. we know there are things congress can do right now to get more money back in your pockets, get this economy growing faster and get our friends and neighbors back to work. >> alan: the president mentioned several initiatives that he wants congress to pass, including extending the payroll tax cut. he says he'll announce more job creation initiatives in the coming weeks. researchers say the clarity of lake tahoe is at its second lowest level in recorded history. the latest state of the lake report by scientists shows lake tahoe lost nearly four feet of clarity last year to an average depth of just more than 64 feet. the report suggests climate change may have created conditions that increase the growth of algae, which makes the water cloudy. scientists say while the level of decline is unusual, it's still within the range of normal
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fluctuations. coming up, thousands flock to san francisco's outside lands to enjoy rock and roll. but the music festival is causing a big headache for people trying to get around the city. we're in for a bit of a warmup, leigh glaser coming up.
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>> alan: thousands of music fans are in san francisco's golden gate park for the outside lands festival. ♪ >> huge turnout.
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today's headliners are muse, the black keys and girl talk. if you're driving near can go can go park or trying to get to the festival, reminder that a number of streets rounding the park are closed and there are detours. muni service is affected. riders should expect delays especially at night and all bus lines serve golden gate park. they're operating a shuttle from civic center to and from the concert but tickets to the shuttle are sold out. members of a church in fremont provided a variety of free services to their community today. the church of christ organized the event at knoll park and offers everything from clothing giveaways to medical screenings. >> part of our human duty to help our neighbors, and these are all our neighbors, and we want to know that we're here not just for the spiritual needs but also from time to time we're going to help them with their material needs. >> alan: more than 200 volunteers helped to make the
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neighborhood appreciation day a reality. it started in the philippines and is the only christian denomination to start in the third world and expand into developed countries. i'm always impressed by the generosity here in the bay area. >> leigh: absolutely. a great day to be out and about. temperatures inland still in the 90s, so a little warmer today. of course owrks high definition sutro cam looking towards the golden gate park, and the marin headlands. all of the fog is moving back inland. but we had some nice clearing coasts, half moon bay, up seven degrees from this time yesterday thanks to the clouds pushing out. we're going to do it again tomorrow. here's a look at current readings right now. 93 in antioch, 64 in san francisco. 82 in novato. 80 in fremont and san jose, sunshine, 77 degrees. here's a look at our weather
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highlights for at least the next several days. we'll continue with patchy coastal clouds and fog overnight. we'll keep it mainly clear inland. mostly sunny, a few high clouds off and on tomorrow. mild. and then we will really start to warm things up a bit inland as we head into the middle part of next week. here's the closeup satellite. i want to show you what happened. earlier in the day we had the low clouds and fog through the coast and bay. you can see what happens when he get a north to south wind component, and it just moves it on out of here. that's why even ocean beach, daly city, pacifica, you saw sunshine today. mainly clear inland. temperatures, 5789 for -- 59 for antioch. patchy fog, possibly towards the concord area, and fog near the coast, half moon bay, 53. 54 for san jose. higher pressure is actually starting to build from south to north, and as it does so at least for the next several days,
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each day will start to warm up a few more degrees. looks like tuesday and wednesday of next week may be our warmest days and temperatures in the mid-90s, and then cool off in the latter part of the work week. i want to point out these high clouds may venture in over the bay area tonight and tomorrow. we start off tomorrow morning with patchy fog near the coast, and then in the afternoon hours, going to see numerous 90s start to pop up. especially tuts -- towards the delta and east bay. here's a look at highs for tomorrow. 81 for san jose. cupper teen know, 79 degrees. we'll keep some patchy fog coast side for half manitoba -- half moon bay. san francisco, 66, afternoon sunshine. north bay, 93 for ukiah. 88 for santa rosa. 83 for napa. oakland tomorrow, warm 2074.
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-- warm to 7 4. interior east bay, warm, 92 for brentwood, and antioch, 90 for concord and 89 with plenty of sunshine for gilroy. he's the accuweather seven-day forecast. slightly warmer, just about each day. especially on tuesday and wednesday. inland temperatures mid-90s, mid-80s around the bay, and even to mid-60s wednesday, then after that, the high kind of moves to the south and more fog moves in and we cool down. >> alan: shu is back from his search for the meaning of life. welcome back. >> mike: a little bit of everything. football, babe, and of course the 93rd annual pga championship. brendan steele is trying to brendan steele is trying to steal his first major title on ♪ ♪
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>> mike: the beauty of tiger woods' dem moose on the golf course has been the rise of several young stars. several new faces atop the leaderboard for the 93rd pga championship. the atlanta athletic club has been one tough cookie to crack. great day for david toms. nothing about net. a 65 today 2-under. the young buckses making is no, including keegan bradley. a bogey on seven has him one back. brendan steele, a double-obogey on the par-3, the 28-year-old,
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4-under; in the hunt, 47-year-old scott verplank. never won a man. birdie on 17. are you kidding me? got it. two back with a 69. how about 34-year-old jason dufner. birdies 15 and then rolls in this on 16. out of auburn, alabama, files a 68. brendan steele is tied with dufner, who has never won a pga event. sunday should be a good one. >> a's hosting the rangers. and trevor cahill had it going today. loses the no-hitter in the sixth and loses the shutout. kinsler slams it, chavez scores. a's then get one back. down 2-1. that's as close as they get. elvis an drugs, into the corner, ain't jerries break -- rangers
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takes the signified second one from the a's. giants and marlins. top first, jeff keppinger, 21st straight solo home run. 1 or g-men. tim lincecum was dealing. struck out five of his first seven, and when he wasn't getting them out, the defense was. watch rowland. g-many -- g-men have the lead. >> 49 critics are out there, especially when it comes to smith. but when your offense gives you no time, not many quarterbacks are going to look pa, except maybe rookie cap kaepernick. the biggy can run. takes off for a 28-yard gain. he was 9-19, 170 yards passing, but he made rookie mistakes with two picks. 49er fans will be calling for
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the rookie to start. >> i feel comfortable with everything that's going on. it wasn't anything in the offense that confused me. it was more getting comfortable with where i want to go versus coverages. but overall i feel comfortable before the front man. >> mike: raider backup trent edwards had a good game. we'll hear from treatment at 6:00. >> alan: it may look like nothing but a big an coe but it's part of a sea history. the story of a catch that got
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>> alan: coming up at 6:00, thousands of deserving kids gear up for school. the program that is helping them start the year in style. and a group of assembly plant workers get a huge check just hours after get something real bad news. what brought on the big payday. join us at 6:00. finally, a big piece of high sea history is back in the ocean floor tonight. this anchor was accidently snared from monterey bay by a commercial fishing boat last month. the anchor weighs about 3500 powps and was used between 1850 and 1900 by large sailing ships. the anchor is protected in under the sanctuary act so it was dropped back into the sea after marine archaeologists said it would prevent it from t


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