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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  August 17, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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an armed man remains barricaded in a hotel tonight. >> one man ruining the day for
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thousands of people stuck in traffic because of the standoff. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. it has been going on all day long. >> and now well into the night. the standoff brought traffic on the richmond san rafael bridge to a stand still. drivers are still being forced to detour around a one-mile section of 580 that is still closed in san rafael. we start our coverage with abc7's alan wang who is live at the hotel tonight. alan, what an inconvenience to so many people. >> reporter: dan and carolyn, we are in the 14th hour of this standoff here at the extended stay deluxe hotel in san rafael. witnesses tell us that the man is heavily armed, and some of them were still very frazzeled when we spoke with them this evening. >> i was freaked out. i thought, please get me out of here, god. i was praying to get me out. >> she was just two doors down from the suspect's room when she heard the gunshots. then a swarm of heavily-armed s.w.a.t members swarmed the
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extended stay hotel around 8:30 this morning. >> there was gunshot, and then there was a long period of time, like 40 minutes where there was nothing. and then two shots. >> police say the man barricaded in his room fired shots across interstate 580, so they immediately shut down the highway. one guest tells us the suspect called down to the lobby. >> he said, you better tell those cops i will kill this woman right now if you don't get me out of here, and i want a pack of cigarette. >> he said his girlfriend was in the room, and we are operating under that assumption. >> hostage negotiators are speaking with him. they had voice contact with him from the beginning of the incident. >> some of the 46 evacuated guests ended up at a red cross shelter two blocks away. some guests recall seeing the suspect a few days ago. >> we were in the laundry room with him. it was with the hat and the hoodie all the time. >> he southbounded to be this
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man caught on surveillance at the united market in san rafael where he was caught shoplifting and then stabbed a clerk on sunday afternoon. police tracked him down in his hotel room, and they believe this is the car he has been driving. so they placed spikes under the tires and a patrol car up against the back of it. we traced the license plates back to a man from sal you sawly toe. we spoke to him on the phone and he said his plates on his black on you de were stolen. incidentally store clerks took the numbers down and traced them back the day of the stabbing. and he said police swarmed his house in sausalito. alan wang live in san rafael. back tow. >> thank you. the standoff caused countless traffic headaches in the north bay and beyond. cars have been inching along for hours ever since the chp closed more than a mile of interstate 580 and began diverting westbound traffic off the bridge at sir francis drake boulevard.
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lessee brinkly checked in with some of those frustrated drivers, and she is now live in albany with that part of the story. >> i can tell you east bay, north bay, the best advice of the night is to stay away from the richmond san rafael bridge. westbound traffic is still at this hour at a stand still. a virtual parking lot, chp reports motorists are running out of gas on the span. they worked one road rage incident. this is a view of sky 7 before the fog moved in. even motorists who dodged the bridge found that alternate routes were subject to pretty severe back ups. >> they were trying to get to the class in san rafael. and because they had only gone one mile in an hour, and so we forgot class. getting home took me two hours. >> i just spent the last hour and 10 minutes trying to get on the richmond bridge. the radio said one thing. the police lines have the
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places closed and the on-ramps closed said another, and i am still sitting here. >> i understand the situation, but it shouldn't take this long. >> the alternate route for you to take include highway 37 and the golden disbait bridge. sometimes -- golden gate bridge. sometimes they are not better as you just heard. the section between sir francis drake and highway 101 remains closed tonight. the official word from chp is they have no idea when it is going to reopen. reporting live in the east bay, leslie brinkly, abc7 news. >> thank you, leslie. we will continue monitoring the situation throughout the night and bring you the latest on abc7 morning news beginning at 4:30 a.m. or anytime at a san francisco lawyer appeared in court today to face charges he sexually assaulted three women that he met on craigslist. the attorney is being held on $3 million bail, but abc7's vic lee spoke with that man's lawyer who claims this is not a typical sex assault case. >> reporter: michael huffman
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lives here in this highrise near aquatic park. authorities say all of the sexual attacks took place in his apartment. >> we are alleging he committed these acts against three different female victims, individuals whom he met as a result of contact that was initially made through craigslist. >> reporter: prosecutors say a 36-year-old woman was attacked here in march, a 19-year-old in june. earlier this month a 25-year-old. huffman is an employment attorney who specializes in cases where workers may have been wrongfully terminated and soakzly harassed. he has an office in this financial district building. prosecutors say the 50-year-old lawyer advertised in the men seeking women section of craigslist, and that his victims answered his ads believing what followed would be normal dates. huffman's attorney said otherwise. >> there was an ad in
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craigslist looking for people to, "i want to beat you." , "i want to pull your hair." , "i want you to whim per." >> by night his client lived in a different world. >> it was a world of domination and s and m. >> the three women answered the mass kiss stick adzes so they must have known what he wanted when they went to the apartment. >> it is a rape fantasy and women who want to get humiliated and dominated and beaten. >> police say just the opposite. that hoffman prevent smefd his victims from leaving and forced them into sex acts. prosecutors and police won't talk about the details of the case because the investigation is continuing. but i did speak with one of the three women. she did not want to go on camera, but she told me that huffman did not write anything about s and m in his ad on craigslist. she thought she was going on a normal date the night she says she was attacked at his home. vic lee, abc7 news.
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>> the battle continues between bart and the group, anonymous. and the attacks are getting personal. a morning tweet included a link revealing the names, home dresses, e-mail addresses and passwords of 102 officers. anonymous took responsibility for hacking into the bart police officers' website and posting the information. the incident is raising concerns for the safety of bart officers. >> angry, very upset. can't believe this type of criminal act happened. >> and it is not going to change in any manner how we respond. >> the fbi is investigating this latest incident. on sunday, they hacked into the customer service website and posted the personal information of about 2500 bart customers. it was all in retaliation for bart's decision last week to cutoff cell service during a planned protest against bart police at the civic center station. family and friends of injured giants player bryan
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stow held an all day fundraiser. the proceed from henry's famous high life will go to the support for bryan stow fund. tonight brian's sister, bonnie, says he continues to make progress. >> and we had a really good week and a half with brian. he improved a little bit. but a little is a lot for us and for him, so we had a really good week and a half with him. >> remember stowe suffered severe brain injuries after he was attacked in the dodger's home opener in l.a. two men have been arrested in the case. doctors say brian has been able to follow some commands and interact with loved ones. he is still in serious condition. tonight an autopsy shows the man who kidnapped his two-year-old daughter in a custody dispute shot himself to death. the sacramento bee is reporting the 49-year-old died after a self-inflicted gunshot wound. his daughter, madeline suffered two gunshot wounds, but the cause of her death is pending a toxicology report.
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both bodies were found on saturday in an suv parked on a property co owned by seman. seman kidnapped his daughter after receiving word a sacramento county judge awarded full custody to the girls' mother ending their joint custody agreement. tonight the san francisco police department can point to just released crime statistics as prove that officers are doing their job. from january to june this year violent crime in san francisco dropped 6% over last year with property crimes diving 8% from 2008. the city's murder race is now the lowest since the 60s. san francisco mayor ed leigh credits the police chief forgetting more officers out on nights and weekends despite budget cuts. >> and to be able to get a response that he has done already, where you do get, quote, volunteers to say, look, i'm up for this. >> leigh -- le believes it is a major factor in the declining crime rate.
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a close call in florida. >> we will probably be able to thwart a potentially catastrophic event. >> what officials say this 17-year-old student was preparing to do on the first day of class next week. >> and the skin cancer breakthrough developed here in the bay area. >> plus the government's investigation into the company that just down graded u.s. credit. and then on "nightline." >> i'm jew jew >> i'm juju chang. it is a black market for babies. how a new york socialite helped the fbi make the sting. and it doesn't get any cuter. our cameras crossed the tundra for a rare glimpse of polar ;ppbpbpbpbpbpbpbqç$ç$ç$ç$ç$ç$ç$$
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to a very close call for a school in florida after a columbine-style threat is averted. police say a 17-year-old threatened to plant a bomb at his former school and detonate it on the first day of classes next week. he was expelled last year. the teenager detailed his murderous plot down to the minute in the man fess stow --
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manifesto describing where he would plant a series of bombs. >> we were able to thwart a potentially catastrophic event , the likes of which the city of tampa has not seen, and hopefully never will. >> police say someone alerted them to the plot when they searched his home they found the elements to make pipe bombs. shaw rap national, plastic tubing and ago sell rents and timers were also found. and he is now facing charges. president obama is promising a major address after labor day. he says he will layout plans to the boost the economy and reduce debt. part of the plan includes raising taxes on the wealthy. senator barbara boxer said a tax increase probably will not get through congress. >> if it is a -- if it is called a tax increase that will not be good. hopefully we can do that. >> the president boarded them
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at the end of the three-day bus tour. republican hopefuls criticized the president for taking a vacation. he has taken 61 vacation days so far during his term. they say during the same time fray, george w. bush spent 180 days at his ranch and ronald reagan had taken 112 vacation days in santa barbara. two weeks after the united states credit rating was down graded, standard and poors, the outfit responsible for that, is under investigation. the justice department is investigating whether the credit rating agency improperly rated dozen easy of mortgage securities in the years leading up to the financial crisis. the investigation began before standard and poors cut the united states' triple-a credit rating earlier this month. a new breakthrough drug developed in the bay area to treat skin cancer just received fda approval. the drug targets treat melanoma by treating a genetic mutation found in half of the patients. the pill is the first
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treatment that targets a specific gene. doctors say it slows and even reverses tumor growth. >> it does not really kill your normal cells. this kills only cells who are dependent on this mutation. this is the first pill you can take that will shrink your melanoma, and we know it will lead to you living longer than you would have. >> it was co developed by genentec. the drug should be available in two weeks. a six-month course will cost about $56,000. >> expensive, but apparently effective. let's turn to the weather forecast. it is a little closer to the weekend. >> a cooling trend on the way. let's check in with sandhya patel. >> the cooling trend will start on friday and take you into the weekend. for the time being, look at these high temperatures. take a good look. this is what tomorrow is going to look like. it is almost an identical pattern to tomorrow. 92 in antioch. it is up to 90 in morgan hill.
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hot in ukiah. clear lake mid-nineties. we saw 50s and 60s along the coast and around the bayside community. so tomorrow is going to be very similar. today as you look from the high definition east bay hills camera, it was just a lovely view. the sunset at 8:00, and we have the fog down below. we have the higher clouds coming in up above, and yesterday we promised you we will see a spectacular sunset. look at that. who needs to get away to enjoy a sunset like that? the temperatures right now, we have 50s, 60s, antioch is pretty warm at 79°. and the fog has already started to make its way into santa rosa, oakland. so do look for the low clouds and fog. it is a mild to warm day tomorrow, and cooler days are coming. as you look at our overnight computer animation, the high clouds with us tonight are moving out overnight. fog is pushing on in. you will encounter poor visibility during the morning commute. especially if you are driving across 101 into it is santa
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rosa area. santa rosa visibility is down to five miles. half moon bay is down to two and a half miles due to fog. so these areas are going to be obviously changing situation. give yourself a little extra time during the commute. the temperatures will bottom out in the low to upper 50s. that's first thing in the morning. and then we look at the bigger picture here. you notice the high clouds that were coming in today. we are on the periphery of this warm air mass here. there is a cooler air mass off the coastline. tomorrow we will provide you with one more warm day, 90s inland. the warmest locations. 60s at the coastline. but by friday, this cool pool of air will start to move toward us. and when it does, the temperatures will begin to drop on friday and over the weekend as well. highs for your thursday, much like today. 80 in san jose and 84 in los gatos. 79 in santa clara. on the peninsula you are looking at blue skies, 76 in redwood city and 78 for
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mountain view. a cool day in pacifica. 58 degrees and the fog will linger well into the afternoon. downtown san francisco, 64 degrees. 66 in the sunset district. get up into the north bay, and you will see the microclimates, midup toer 50s at the beaches where the fog sits all day long. you will need a sweater or jacket. low 80sin the afternoon for santa rosa, sonoma. 70 in oakland and 76 for castro valley. hayward up to 74 degrees. inland areas are on the warm side. 89 livermore and 90 in antioch and around the monterey bay, 65 degrees in monterey. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast, wide range of lows high 60s to low 90s. cooler days on friday and saturday. mid80sin the warmest locations. that's below average. upper 50s to low 60s at the coast. and then sunday through wednesday we will bump it up a few degrees each and every day, back up to seasonal tuesday and wednesday. >> thank you, sandhya. coming up next, got a boss who doesn't like you checking
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your facebook page at work? >> up next, the study you will want to show her. want to show her. stay with us....................
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oakland's paramount theater enjoyed an:00 pell law of "the star-spangled banner" and then got down to business. they all raised their right hand and became new citizens of the united states. the ceremony included people from 109 countries. >> an exciting day. congratulations. it turns out updating your facebook page or browsing the internet at work could be a good thing. researchers at the national university of singapore say it can increase productivity. cyber loafing, love that term, perks up people after long periods of work, and they say smart boss s who stop snooping around. excessive internet monitoring and surveillance only makes employees do it more. larry beil is here now. >> looking nervous. it is called research.
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serious journalists. the pain continues for the giants in every way possible. there is brian wilson's elbow and eli white side's face. this is the wrong kind of facial. sports next.
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good evening. the injuries have been mounting and the giants were worried about a possible crushing blow. brian wilson, the ace closer, has a sore elbow. he went to see noted surgeon james andrews to be checked out. not believed to be serious. without wilson a little tense in atlanta. every giant is probably wondering, am i next? eli white side gets a face full of dirt trying to steel second and really cut up his face. the giants get on the board in the first. sandoval drive past prado. it is 1-0 san francisco. no problems with the offense tonight. in the fourth, cabrera line drive to right field and scores aubrey huff, two on. a single and nate shierholz
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comes home. matt cain was brilliant this evening. it was a nasty slider. the last of his nine strikeouts. he had to try to nail him down in the 9th. it went over the head of cody ross. two runs score. a little tense for giant fans. tieing run at the plate. 7-5 the final and they move to two and a half back. the a's and o's and maui boy, kurt susie key downtown in the second. suzuki and just getting started. the a's have been searching for a first base man for years. this is a triple and then an error by jones. it turns into your classic little league homer as he circles the bases. here it comes and aloha again for suzuki.
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his 11th and 12th of the year. 6-3 athletics. drama in the 9th. a single to 9th and it was booted. one run scores. davis trying to score from first. play at the plate and suzuki with the one hopper and tag and he is -- out. had to make sure he had the ball. game over 6-5a's. the 49ers signed a back up quarterback and it is not dante culpepper. it is the guy that used to back up dante. he was in the ufl last year. the 49ers host the raiders at candlestick. and they were terrible in their pre-season game against new orleans. alex smith was buried back there. adam snyder knows the o line is under scrutiny. >> two weeks into a new offense and trying to get everything figured sot has been tough. -- figured out has been tough. that's just part of the job. us getting more reps together
11:31 pm
as a unit will help. >> we will see. they have to protect alex smith to get any chance. >> not his fault entirely. >> no, he was shaky in his own right, but after you add a 300-pound guy. it is hard to be poised. >> well, "nightline" is next. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. for larry beil and sandhya patel, thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time as always. see you tomorrow. have a good night. [ female announcer ] make after school even more fun
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tonight on "nightline," babies for sale. a shocking expose of a black market baby ring, targeting desperate parents with hundreds of thousands to spend.


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