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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  August 19, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> this is abc7 news at 11:00. >> this was the scene over the castro late today in san francisco, where a muni bus struck a young woman crossing the street. good evening. the young woman is the nineth pedestrian fatality in san francisco in what has become a deadly year. it happened at 18th and hartford streets. we go to the scene for more on what happened. >> we are here on 18th street. people have been stopping by and lighting candles and saying short prayers for the victim of
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this accident, who is yet to be identified. this is the nineth pedestrian fatality in san francisco so far this year. the real tragedy that she made it almost across the street in the crosswalk before she was hit by the bus. >> the bus was traveling at a slow speed as it took a left turn from 18th onto hartford, according to police. the woman was crossing hartford at the same time. >> she was in the crosswalk. at this point, we believe she was approximately 95% of the way across the street when the bus -- left side of the bus contacted her. >> ryan brodie was across the street when the accident occurred. >> we saw a victim being pulled out of the bus and then they were wrapping her. obviously, it seemed like she had passed away. the p.m., buildinged to be in her late 20s or 30s died at the scene. police and muni investigators sorted through the scene for hours. the muni driver was visibly shaken. police placed him in a trowel
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patrol car. >> the driver remained on the scene. he is cooperating. as far as policy, he will be tested for any signs of impairment. >> police say he didn't exhibit any signs that he was impaired. this is the nineth pedestrian fatality in san francisco so far this year. elizabeth stamp of san francisco says, that's nine too many. >> every year, over 800 people are hit by cars in san francisco. we really need to have safer streets when this many people get hit by cars, that's just not okay. >> ironically, police say the bus would have not normally been taking this turn on hartford. >> it was taken out of service to supplement the "f" line trolleys. there was a higher than usual passenger riding so they took the bus out of service to supplement the lines. and the driver was on his way to the bus stop at 17th and castro to begin that route. >> edward reskin, the representative put out a statement this evening. i express my deepest sympathy to the family and friends of the
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pedestrian killed in the tragic accident this afternoon, involving a muni bus. now, so far this year, there have been nine pedestrian fatalities. by october of last year, there were only six. according to transportation for america, president advocacy group, they say that san francisco ranks first in california for pedestrian fatalities. this accident will be investigated by san francisco police departments hit-and-run detail. the results of that investigation won't be available, they say, for sometime. live in san francisco. abc7 news. >> thanks very much. well, the suspect in a fatal hit-and-run crash that killed a four-year-old santa rosa boy was cited twice for driving without a license, most recently days before the accident, according to the santa rosa press democrat. marcos garcia had a conditional license that expired july 27. the boy was in the crosswalk at west ninth and rockwell place when a car hit him at 6:00 last
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night. the boy died at the hospital. his name has not been released. a person spotted the car not far from the incident. the witness said he also saw the suspect peeling a decal off the car's rear window. garcia is scheduled to appear in court on monday. >> a student who disappeared in malaysia after going on tour with the chamber of corral. he went to japan in june with the group. everyone returned home and he went touring across asia. he taught english in thailand before traveling to malaysia. he contacted his family daily until several days ago. his parents last heard from him on sunday. his corral professor said that he and jacab had been exchanging emails and he hasn't heard from him in more than a week. >> for a guy who is very good at returning email and communicating in general, electronically while he is traveling, it is a concern that we haven't heard from him for this long. >> he didn't have a specific
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itinerary but had been updating a google map. he holds dual citizenship and was travelogue u.s. and german passports. technology is making our lives easiener many ways. but it comes with a dark side. tonight, a bay area congresswoman is calling for tougher standards after the discovery that medical devices could be hacked and that's not all that could be vulnerable. we have more from the newsroom. john? >> congresswoman of the south bay called on the fcc to review security standards for medical devices that rely on wireless communications, things like implants and insulin pumps that could be at risk of being hacked, which could endanger lives. the concern over insulin pumps comes from a security expert who is a diabetic. as a security conference, he showed how he could remotely reprogram his insulin pump. hacking has occurred against pace makers and defibrillators
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which use wireless communications like so many other facets of our lives. san francisco's security consultant don baillie and matt solving don't deal with medical devices, but they are working to stay one step ahead of hackers. >> a lot of things that are improving and making our lives easier, but at the same time, they -- with these devices, they are -- they become, you know, the issues of what they have control over. >> one device they investigated is the car security system. they have demonstrated how they could bypass a car alarm with a few key strokes on a laptop. they were able to open the locked door and start the engine. anti-theft systems rely on cellular telephone networks, which allow one machine to talk to another, often through a text message. >> so anything that use this is system is going to be vulnerable to a range of potential attacks. and you will see that in almost
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every industry today, worldwide. >> wireless signals are behind home security systems, atms, power grids and pipelines. the security consultants say that unnamed car alarm company they were able to breach quickly fixed the problem. should consumers ask questions. >> a tell-tale sign is a manufacturer publicly stating, we have had our security reviewed by a third party. >> everything's connected, you know, with... internet, wifi, whatever it may be, all of these systems, they are supposed to be secure, but they are really not. >> with regard to medical devices, industry officials are downplaying the threat saying the average person wouldn't be able to figure out how to hack an insulin pump or a pacemaker. but the fcc is being asked to look into the issue. >> john, thanks very much. >> the sister of one of the men accused of putting a man in a coma made a court appearance today that may influence how
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prossecurities -- prosecutors proceed. police say she drove a suspect and another suspect, her boyfriend, the night of the stow beating. but a judge ruled no charges will be filed against her. >> she was not involved at all. she was not. and so this is -- one thing she can put behind her. >> it's a huge relief. yes. >> brian remains at san francisco general hospital where he is conscious and breathing on his own. new unemployment numbers are not good news for california's short-term future. california added 500 jobs in july, but the unemployment rate rose to 12%, up from 11.8% in june. marin, san francisco and san mateo have the lowest rates in the state with the rest of the bay area hovering at 11 to 12%, including contra costa county, where east bay workers offices are packed with job hunters,
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including professionals and mid-level managers, east bay works provides job counseling and workshopes. >> i haven't been unemployed since i was 16. so yeah, it's very difficult being unemployed. not bringing in income. >> jobs and retail sales showed a growth spurt over a couple of months, but it could be seasonal and it could shrink with the summer ending. the stock market finished down, the dow is off 173 points today. august has been a particularly brutal month for all the major indexes. the dow is down 11% since august 1. nasdaq is off 15%. s&p 500 has lost 13%. if you are thinking of taking your money out of the market, you may want to consider this, fidelity investments found that those who cashed out during the 2008/2009 crash and stayed out until june of this year would be up 2%.
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investor who is got back in just after the crash saw their balances increase by 25%. but those who left their money in the market through all of the ups and downs are up 50%. still ahead, the new kind of violence spreading across the country. why social media may be getting a bag rap for triggering flash mob attacks. also, a sea lion is getting medical attention, as investigators look for a gunman. and a woman who lost her home in the san bruno explosion gets a promise of a big payoff after help from abc7. then on nightline >> up next on nightline, after johnny depp and other stars called for their freedom, three men convicted of killing three boys in a satanic ritual are released. we will go inside the decision. how one man built an empire out of other people's's's's's's's'ss
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with no slips or envelopes. take a step forward and chase what matters. >> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> libya is denying report muammar al-qaddafi and his family are trying to arrange asylum abroad. they say they have all but cleared the last troops.
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there are reports of intense fighting around tripply a international airport. a rebel spokesman says one town is completely under rebel control, where the main oil refineries are located. the one-year anniversary of the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion and fire is just three weeks away. one fire victim waited all this time to hear from pg&e about the money it owed her for the damage to her home. the payment promise happened only after abc7 contacted the company today. >> this rental property in redwood city is a house, but not a home. when every day she lives in it, guilda becomes more and more anxious. >> my blood pressure's up. i'm on meds, i go to counseling twice a week. i don't sleep. >> such is the stress of dealing with pg&e after surviving the san bruno explosion. >> i am lucky to be alive. but once you get over that and
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you thank god, you know that your life is not what it should be. especially at my age. >> this is what remains of the house she used to live in on claremont drive. she and her boyfriend have no desire to rebuild or return, but they have not been able to buy a new home in the area because, well, insurance covered $700,000, pg&e has paid nothing, including money that should have gone to the cost of the lot in san bruno, plus more for the home's destroyed contents itch it's like trying to deal with david and goliath. >> they owe me over $400,000 that they have committed to in their purchase program. >> they do not want to talk to our lawyers. they want to delay things. they don't want to pay monies that -- more or less we had signed up for. >> the level of frusteration by some san bruno residents is so high, 50 have filed a
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class-action suit. neither pg&e nor their lawyers would comment on the status of the case of but when abc7 called the utility and asked about guilda specifically, pg&e reacted quickly and surprisingly, by mid-afternoon. >> she shouldn't had had to go to you. but what's important here is we -- we have committed, we are going to work with her attorneys and we will be -- paying her what she is asking for to close the sale of her home. >> as to how soon exactly pg&e would not say, norring would they talk about paying for the contents of the house. but for one family, progress tonight. >> you have heard of this flash mob violence linked to social media? it might not be quite as it seems. this one at a 7-eleven in maryland have been blamed on social media.
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but they are now discovering there is little evidence to link the crimes to facebook or twitter. the maryland crime was hatched by teenagers on the same bus. others say violence is occurring when large crowds gather for festivals, but not via facebook. >> a sea lion was shot at the santa cruz wharf. king neptune was hot in the back with a large-caliber weapon. he was found wednesday. this is the secondle sea lion the marine mammal center have treated from the area. time for a look at the weather. the weekend is here. >> that's right. i hope you are ready for some cooler than normal conditions as we head into the weekend. it is not going to be beach or pool weather, but pleasant. let me show you the highs today. 10 degrees coolener livermore. 78 in concord. san jose was down 2, coming in at 77. you will notice, novato was down 8 at 73 today, unusually cool.
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san francisco, down 5 degrees. 60 the high today. so cooler than normal for this time of year. you can blame the marine layer from our high-definition east bay hills camera, as we were looking south, you can see much of the terrain was obscured by that deepening marine layer. tonight, it stands at 2200 feet and it has already made its way into santa rosa, napa, already into san jose, oakland, hayward and it will continue to push inland by morning. numbers right now in the 50s to low 60s. highlights widespread low cloud and a cool pattern for saturday, warmer weather is coming next week. we will have to wait a few more days. let me show you the overnight readings. cloverdale is 49. you will see the widespread overcast. spotty drizzle overnight. you may need windshield wipers in the morning. here's what's producing cooler than normal conditions. it is this trough.
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it will be cut off from the main flow that moves things along. as it sits here and spins for a couple of days, temperatures will be below normal for the coming weekend by 10 to 15 degrees in some instances. highs for saturday in the south bay, 73 in san jose, getting up to 76 in los gatos, 68 in sunny vail. on the peninsula, you are starting out with gray skies, much like today and temperatures will come up into the low 70s. for redwood city and palo altie, near the coast, sweater weather. 56 pacificca, cloudy and cool all day along. downtown, 60. 56 in daly city and clouds hanging tough there, north bay, mid-70s for sonome asanta rose a. east bay, look for a nice day, 64 in oakland. 70 in castro valley, fremont. inland, not the 90s and 100s we expect in august. but upper 70s in livermore, concord. 75 in dublin. 64 in santa cruz.
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76 in morgan hill. it's a big game on saturday. 49ers take on the raiders at 5:00 in the evening as the wind comes in through san bruno, cloudy, pool and breezy. low 60s to mid50s. grab a light jacket for the game. over the weekend, low 80s inland and warming begins. by mid-week, low 90s inland and seasonal mid-60s at the coast. >> if you are waiting for swimming? >> wait a couple more days itch just ahead, the web was buzz over a rumor we have been hearing for months. the latest on apple's's's's's'su
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>> hey, when the second harvest food bank does a fund-raiser, they do it right. this is the scene this evening at the evergreen village screen. second harvest feeds 250,000 people a month. and nearly half the food it provides is fresh, nutritious produce.
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it needs contributions all year round, not just during the holiday season. you can help. go to our web site and click on see it on tv. the launch of the ipad 3 -- could be months away. apple fans had hoped it would be released this year. but according to the wall street journal, the new ipad 3 hasn't hit the trial production phase. tell include retina display to increase the resolution. it's also expected to be thinner and lighter. in addition, at&t executive said a possible iphone 5 would be released in october. we are all excited. >> i thought that was in september. i have had 3. they are going to make one that can fly. >> nothing else they can do with it. >> in sports, no runs and three more guys hurt. those are the sad numbers for the giants. they face the worst team in baseball -- and still! cannot score.
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>> good evening. giants are officially running on fumes. wobble more injuries. pablo sandival with a shoulder strain, eli whiteside goes on the d.l. with concussion-likicismoms. so zero offense. we are in deep mustache envy. astros are going nowhere other but it doesn't matter if you can't score, you can't win base hit. out at the dish. giving up two earned runs, three unearned. bottom 3. j.b. shuck shucks it down the line and the astros jump on top -- i don't know what that means. giants made two errors in the sixth, making the door for the pimper to cash in with the two-run single. the magic wannedi tossed out shutout innings. giants blanked. they stay 2 1/2 back of arizona
11:30 pm
because the d-backs lost. as and jays in oakland. willinghams hungry for runs. josh willingham hit its near the willinghams. number 21 on the year. as on top. rich hardin in canada, you know? no hitter through the fourth. trouble here with a runner on second. oh, canada! fans call. as win 2-0. nobody really cares about the pre-season results, but there is near energy and passion when the 49ers and raiders meet. always fun to see red and gold meet silver and black. raiders watching last week's 9er game. raiders might bring the house. they couldn't blitz from the parking lot. >> they are probably licking their chops, just like we are at them. but we have to win the football
11:31 pm
game. regardless of how they played last week, they could come out this week and score 50 points and have 10 sacks on our offense -- which i don't think will happen. but in the nfl, every week is different. >> we are going to be ready. we have built on what we had going this week, just continue, continue the process. and we are confident we will have a game we can be proud of on sunday -- saturday. >> especially in these times, there is a lot to be said for job security. the st. mary's basketball coach has a decade of it. the school has given their beloved coach a 10-year contract extension. it keeps the leader of the gails in morag on through 2021. bennett has built one of the best programs in the west coast, always in contention. in 10 years, he has posted a school record of 208 victories. you are my hero -- you have completed five newscast this is evening. a new abc7 record.
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she has been tweeting the whole time. [laughter] >> we would like all of our heroes to join us. >> that's it for us. we are so done! [laughter] >> have a good weekend.
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