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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  August 21, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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description for the man they believe is responsible for that beating that took place inside the stadium. this youtube video shows raiders and niners fans going nate the stands as they pound and fling away, other fans cheer them on. finally someone breaks it up. and it didn't end there. in the bathroom during the fourth quarter, 26-year-old san rafael man was beaten and knocked unconscious. he was rushed to the hospital and is in serious condition. >> we did run into a guy later -- >> these two tourists caught a different third quart are brawl. they say with the rowdiness and drinking on both sides, the fights came as no surprise. >> as we were walking in, you could tell you're going to be rolling into a pretty good rumble because there were empty bottles all over the parking lot. >> definitely someone not feeling pain after that. probably three or four very
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large men waeling their fists as hard as the could for each other, so no doubt someone got hurt. >> while the 49ers are tight-lipped, the raiders issued a statement: >> as the fights continued to break out, one video shows a line of san francisco police running into the stands to try to break up the crowd. officers 0 who the two out-of-towners say took to along to respond. >> took a long time for the cops to get there. >> a day later the police were back out at candlestick, this time searching the parking lot for clues. it's the same location where, right after the game ended, a man was shot in the stomach. he is now in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. not long before that a second map was shot in a different location in the candlestick parking lot. police say his injuries were not life-threatening. san francisco police won't say how many officers were at the game, only they increased
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security for the notoriously ugly rivalry. >> we asked san francisco police to respond to that criticism, who said they were unprepared for this, and this is what the police spokesman told me: we have had a great working relationship with the 49ers and the nfl. there was plenty of planning going into the games. the mayors of oakland and san francisco released a joint statement saying that violence in either of their stadiums will not be tolerated. >> alan: b.a.r.t. is sending out a passenger alert today to let customers know about a possible rush-hour protest tomorrow. the hacker group "anonymous" is using social media to publicize the protest that is scheduled to begin at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow at the b.a.r.t. civic center station. the alert tells riders to be prepared and have an alternative way to get around.
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>> we're prepared for monday right now and we'll see what is in store. i don't think it's anything that we're anticipating out of the ordinary. we're expecting people to protest and hopefully they will do so peacefully and resuspectfully. >> alan: anyone mouse claimed responsibility for a roving protest last monday that shut down four b.a.r.t. stations. they did it in retaliation for b.a.r.t.'s decision to cut off cell phone service to thwart a planned protest against the b.a.r.t. police. >> libyan rebels raced into the center of the capitol city of tripoli today against minimal resistance from gadhafi's loyalists. >> out, out, gadhafi. >> alan: celebrations erupted this evening on the streets of tripoli. one rebel leader claims the military unit in charge of protecting gadhafi and tripoli had surrendered and joined the resole. gadhafi's whereabouts remain unknown but went on the radio
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saying, he will never surrender. >> back here in the u.s.a., state department spokeswoman says gadhafi's days are numbered. >> the two uc berkeley grads sentenced to eight years on spying charms in iran say -- spying charges in iran will appeal. the lawyer for josh and shane received that letter today. the two were arrested in july of 2009 along with sarah shourd, all three say they were hiking and inadvertently crossed into iran. the families released a statement that states, in part, quote, shane and josh are innocent and have never posed any threat. we appeal to the authorities in iran to show compassion and allow them to return home to their families without delay. >> a woman struck and killed bay muni bus in san francisco has
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been identified. the bus struck 23-year-old emily dunn of san francisco on friday, and today a memorial in her honor marks the site of the accident in the castro district. dunn was walking in the crosswalk and approaching the curb when the muni bus hit her. there were no passengers on the bus at the time. police have identified the victim in a fatal hit and run in santa rosa. four-year-old christopher rowe tied at the hospital on friday morning. he was hit in the intersection of west ninth street and rockwell place on thursday. the suspect, 22-year-old marcus georgia -- garcia, had been cited twice for driving without a license, and he was cryinged just days before the accident. >> in san francisco, police are searching for a driver in a hit-and-run that injured a five-year-old boy. the car is an 80s dark green
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hatchback with a missing side mirror. the boy is expected to be okay. and in san mateo county, police arrested 40 drivers for dui between friday morning and last night. it's part of an end of summer antidrunk driving crackdown. the numbers compared to 32 arrests during the same period last year. all 23 law enforcement agencies in san mateo county plan to emphasize stopping and arresting intoxicated drivers between now and the end of labor day weekend. the "avoid 23" cam pin urges anyone who spots a driver who appears to be drunk to call 9-1-1 immediately. >> the economy is hitting u.s. school districts hard. why some students could now have four-day day school weeks. >> will the wall street slide continue? we look at what's ahead this week. >> more jobs ahead. the white house plans to get more americans back on the job. >> hi there, i'm leigh glaser.
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high pressure starting to build in, brought us a little bit more sunshine today. warmed us slightly. a nice peek of sun over the bay. we're going to warm up considerably through the first part of the work week, we'll part of the work week, we'll look at the seven-d-d-d-d-d-d-dd
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: renewed concerns on wall street as it gets ready to
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open tomorrow after four straight weeks of losses. there are fears the blows to confidence could set off a spiral that could push stocks lower. another big plunge could push the u.s. closer to a recession. stocks have steadily dropped over the last four weeks. has on friday the dow was down to 10,187. >> right now officials say the obama administration is making progress on the jobs plan expected to roll out after labor day. but will the president and other political leaders see eye-to-eye on the job front? >> reporter: will politics get in the way of creating more jobs? president obama's jobs plan remains a work in progress, even during his summer vacation. >> a lot of folks are still looking for work. so we need folks in washington, the people whose job it is to deal with the country's problems, the people who you
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elected to serve -- we need them to put aside their differences to get things done. there are things we can do right now that will mean more customers for businesses and more jobs across the country. >> reporter: during last week's bus tour the president was criticized by some for not stopping in communities who need jobs the most. >> we want the president to go to iowa but we also want him to come to detroit, want him to come to los angeles, and we want him to stick with a jobs agenda. >> reporter: a jobs plan is expected to be introduced after labor day. lawmakers from both parties are saying the economy needs help. though their prescriptions are drift. >> -- different, a modern economy requires investment. >> the tea party wants the same thing middle class america want, less spend egg, a balanced budget and keep taxes where they are. >> reporter: some g.o.p. presidential candidates are making political capital out of jobs. >> not anybody necessary the rice, including the president,
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that created as many jobs as i have. >> reporter: president obama is expected to meet regularly we key economic advisors during his vacation. >> alan: the story of a modern-day nancy drew. how a 12-year-old girl took the law into her own hands. and are we in store for a heatup? the work, week forecast coming up. >> mike: speaking of heating up, the giants got their groove up. stanford tuning up for the season opener against san j j jj
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>> alan: a modern-day nancy drew is taking the law into her hand. jessica maple learned her great-grandmother's house had been robbed in atlanta. police couldn't solve the crime so jessica solved it herself. >> told them you're missing something and there are fingerprints by the little glass, the broken glass on the garage, and i could see the fingerprint well because it was a white garage. >> alan: nice job. she also found what the thieves stole at a nearby pawn shop. the workers pointed out the
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crooks who confessed to the 12-year-old girl. >> alan: the economy is having a negative effect on schools around the country. some are even cutting back on the school week. districts in new mexico, florida, and south dakota, are among the latest in a wave of schools going to four-day weeks to save money amid state budget cuts. schools claim there's no dropoff in educational achievement, but critics say it runs counter to the trend to lengthen the school year. >> a local rapper helps hundreds of kid get ready to head back to school. it was a backpack give away. each back cak was -- backpack was filled with school supplies. >> thousands turned out for the annual art and soul festival today in oakland.
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>> the 11th annual festival has shown huge growth since it first began. more than 6,000 attend last year. this year there were four stages, lots of live bands, including tower of power, and five for fighting. philosophy-goers creeked out row after row of items created by local artists. leigh glaser is here to talk about the warmup. >> leigh: it's warmup -- >> alan: how many degrees? >> leigh: you'll hear in a second. santa cruz has seen some sun. they have been socked in all day. 62 degrees right there. live at that shot. on the satellite picture, all of the fog and low cloudiness starting to burn back off the coast in the last few hours. it's highs today, 80, fair feevmentdn't county, 83. santa cruz, you can should where
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the low clouds have pushed back off the coast. san francisco today, 62. 71 was the high in santa rosa. check out ukiah today. 89 degrees. clear lake, 89. currently temperatures dropped off. 60 in san francisco. los gatos, 71, and 78 in antioch. low clouds and fog off the coast now. will move back inland overnight tonight. high pressure will build in tomorrow and that's going to help to shrink or come press -- come press the low clouds and fog, and get ready for some warmer temperatures, so the warming will be with us. check out the satellite. all in the fog this morning, and then just in the last few hours it pulls back and will move back inland is a just suggested, and you can see it on our fogcast overnight testimony you can see by -- starts to move back in towards the interior valley area and by tomorrow morning we're
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going to see widespread low cowdiness and fog, and also that mist and drizzle near the coast. lows in the 50, sr. tonight. uniform across most of the bay area. san francisco, 55. 57 san san jose. and fairfield, 55 degrees. upper level low will move southwest of the bay area. and this high is responsible for that incredible heat wave through texas and the midwest. we're not expecting temperatures in the 100-degree range, but as this high does migrate back towards the bay area, temperatures, especially inland, will warm up, back into the 90s as we head into tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, where you should be this time of year. highs for monday, a few more degrees warmer. less fog and low cloud through the day. los gatos, 83. 80 for san jose. 63, half moon bay.
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upper 70s for palo alto. the peninsula, 66 expected tomorrow for san francisco and the north bay. 82, santa rosa. sonoma, 80 degrees. east bay, 70s. 72 for oakland. 78 for fremont. east bay, in the 90s on tuesday. 88 brentwood. 84 for concord, and 72 degrees for santa cruz tomorrow afternoon. here a look at the seven-day forecast. the heat, rather warm. moves in tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, we're also going to bring in a few high and mid-level clouds on wednesday, remnantses of a dying tropical system. >> alan: the giants game was pretty exciting. >> mike: a good way to end. good news, bad news. bad news, brian wilson is on the 15-day dl, but they got their mojo back at the plate. the bell family watches young brandon get a start in left.
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brandon appreciating the support. unloads. a three-run bomb to the second deck. jibeds up 3-1. stan didn't make it out of the second. moto not much better. martinez, two-rung single. giants tie it up on a fontenot sac fly in the fourth. looked leak they had the game-winner but martinez guns down nate sheer -- sheer holesser at the plate. then panda steps up. with the diamondbacks loss they come home for their longest home stand of the year a game and a half houston in the national league west. >> a's hoping chewbacca will lead them to a win. perez was perfect through five, but weeks loaded the bases in the sixth. perez works out of it. coco crisp, hits into the 6-4-3 double play to end the inning. and on the other side, guillermo
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pitched eight terrific innings. bautista, his major-league leading 36 home runs. a's hit the road and face the yankees on tuesday. >> the stanford football team is looking forward to their season opener in two weeks as they host san jose state. the cardinal, who are ranked sixth and seventh in preseason polls are led by andrew luck. the quarterback was the runner up last year but all about the team and not individual awards. the cardinal have a new head coach in david shaw. replaces jim harbaugh. they felt good about the scrimmage. >> go out and play fast and get guys in situations that maybe haven't felt for ten months. >> it's good to be out there and seeing the ebb and flow of a gamelike atmosphere. >> play to and through the whistle. besides that, i think we played our style of football. >> mike: let's serve them up in the year of djokovic.
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57-1 this season. nine titles, including two majors, the australian and wimbledon. today in cincinnati, the joker met his match in andy murray. joke victim scrambling. murray takes the first set. novak clearly in pain. came out for the second set but not for long. a sore right shoulder. down 0-3. murray gets the win but novak says he should be ready for the u.s. open on august 29th. >> in golfed, the seniors player championship for the final major of the year, fred couples looking for his first major title on the champions tour. had a chance to win it on 18. this birdie put would not go down. we're going to a playoff. couples blew two more chances to win on the first two playoff holes. on the third hole, 17, look at this approach. i could probably make that putt. the tired time is a charm. the win of the first major on the champions tour.
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>> rainy day for the pga in north carolina. nothing rally native webb simpson couldn't handle. look at this read on 16. up by three strokes. seals the deal. the kid from carolina with a bogey-free 67. his win on the pga tour by three shots. >> nascar in michigan. points leader kyle busch pulled away from jimmie johnson after a restart with two laps to go to win the pure michigan 400. busch's first win at michigan. i can't wait for the college football season to begin september 3rd right here on abc-7 7. >> alan: coming up, a rare occurrence at the box office as a film moves up in
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>> thanks. you can write my obituary. a daughter, still single. >> alan: "the help" is cleaning up, taking over the number one spot with $20 million in ticket sales in its second weekend. the film is a drama based on the best-selling book. it debuted in second place last weekend. >> "rise of the planet of the
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apes "slipped to number two. and conan the barbarian debuted at four, and remake fright night rounds out the top films for the week. thanks for joining us, see you tonight at 11:00. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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