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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  August 21, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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growing violence at sporting events in and out of the stadium. tonight, why there is more tension than ever between fans. good evening. i'm alan wang. san francisco police are looking for suspects tonight after last night's violent niners-raiders game. two people were shot, and one man was badly beaten. abc7's lilian kim is live at san francisco general hospital with the latest. lilian? >> alan, one of the three men is said to be recovering from nonlife-threatening injuries, but the two other men attacked last night remain in serious condition. investigators went back to
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candlestick park to look for more evidence 24 hours after violent day at the stayed um why. -- at the stadium. this fight involved a group of men in the stands while another involved a group of women in the parking lot. the violence only got worse as the night went on. one man was beaten unconscious in a bathroom while two men were shot at different sections in the parking lot. all three were taken to san francisco general. >> you can hear constant yelling from the stands. niners. raiders. >> andrew crowell and john mckenzie attended the pre-season game between the 49ers and the raiders. he said the tension between the fans was palpable that they believe was exsaiser bated by 7 drinking going on -- by 7 drinking going on. >> i felt tense. you felt there would be no doubt there would be a fight or two before the day ended. >> so far police have made no arrests. but they say the incidents
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will be pros ut coulded to the fullest extent of the law. in a joint statement the mayors say fans come to enjoy an afternoon of football and not to be subjected to intimidation and violence. these are family events and this type of violence has no place in our arena. as for the fans, many are surprised by last night's violence. >> it upset me. i want to go to a game, and i don't want to have any fears to go to a 49er game. >> we should be able to go to the game and watch the game and argue with each other, harass each other, but never put your hands on anybody. >> as upsetting as last night's incident may be, many 9er fans are hopeful the rest of the season will be trouble free. >> the combination of 49er and raider fans is something that is a little more combustible than say 49ers and san diego fans. >> and they say the department believes there was sufficient staffing at last night's game.
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a sergeant there said "we work closely with the 49ers and the nfl. we had a great working relationship with them for decades. there is plenty of planing that goes into these games. but as to how many officers were working last night, the department isn't saying. only that security was increased for the rivalry game. lilian kim,abc7 news. >> thank you, lilian. bart is warning passengers to have an alternative mode of transportation just in case things get out of hand again at tomorrow's demonstration. what started out as a protest against bart police for killing a man has snowballed into accusations of free speech violations, hacking attacks and sec investigations and more protests with bart on the defensive. bart officials are trying to avoid another rush hour protest like this one last week that delayed the train service for hours. now the countdown to the next protest has begun. >> i think we are prepared for monday, and we will see what
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is in store. >> bob franklin says their priority has always been the safety of its passengers of t when bart shut down cell phone service at several san francisco stations to thwart a process next week it opened up a can of worms. >> it is wrong. >> franklin heard about it during this interview. >> do what you are doing. it shows that the rest of the world what democracy isn't. >> thank you for expressing yourself. >> in retaliation, the international hacking group, anonymous, defaced bart's website and planned more protests including one tomorrow. >> when bart cutoff the wireless communication at those three stations, that was a dumb move. it just adds fuel to the fire. >> peter seally says the police chief should have been conducting damage control early on. >> the senior person of the company has to take responsibility. bart hasn't done that. >> bart says pulling the plug
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prevented protestors from communicating and kept the train service running. but monday's protest is expected to be stationary. no roving demonstrators. >> there is no reason to shut down the service. unless something develops that bart police feel the need to do that. >> bart officials are expecting the protests to start tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. you can get the update at police identified the victim of a fatal hit-and-run 234* santa rosa. four-year-old christopher rode died at the hospital on friday morning. he was struck in the intersection of west 9th street and rockwell place on thursday. the suspect, 22-year-old marcus garcia had been cited twice for driving without a license. in fact, he was cited days before the accident. garcia is scheduled to uh pooher in court tomorrow. and police are searching for the driver in another
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hit-and-run that injure etd -- injured a five-year-old boy in san francisco. the car is described as an 80s model dark green hatch back with a missing passenger side mirror. the driver struck a child yesterday in the crosswalk at silver avenue near almira street. the boy is expected to be okay. the two uc berkeley graduatesy sentenced in iran will appeal. the lawyer for shane bower and josh vital said they received the sentence today. an iranian court sentenced them on charges of spying and illegally entering the country. the two were arrested in july of 2009 near the iraq-iran border along with sara shourd. she was released on bail for health reasons. the family released a statement today. it states in part, quote, shane and josh are innocent and have never posed any threat. we appeal to the authorities in iran to show come --
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compass and allow them to return home to their families without delay. president barack obama says libya is slipping from the grasp of the tyrant between rebels and muammar qaddafi is at a tiping point. the libyan dictator is under siege in the capital stiff tripolli. in a statement from martha's vineyard, the president said the best way for the bloodshed to end is for qaddafi to relink relinquish power. >> this is the moment so many libyans have been waiting so long to to see. the revolution has taken six months, but it is a matter of waiting 41 years of the qaddafi regime, and it is over, crumbling as we speak. the rebel forces and their supporters are now running freely in the heart of tripolli. among the dramatic moments that lead up to this, the most powerful son of qaddafi was arrested late sunday night.
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the one question that is not clear, where is qaddafi himself, and what will happen to him. but for many, that is academic because he clearly no longer controls this country. people from homes like this are h hoping in their cars and heading to trippolli. something that a week ago had seen them shot. the first step is in place as libya inches toward freedom. abc news, libya. meanwhile, oil prices around the world should start falling if rebels succeed in toppling the regime. although the full affect won't be felt more -- felt for months. they will respond by sending prices low neither a sign of relief. but there are still concerns as he gets ready to open tomorrow after four straight weeks of losses. a senior economist of standard and poors says another big plunge in stocks could push
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the u.s. closer to a new recession. stocks have steady dropped over the last four weeks. less than a month ago the dow was over 12,000. on friday, the dow was down 20* 10,187. recession is hitting people hard, but a new report shows that life is getting harder for america's children. one foundation finds the poverty rate for children has increased to 20% during the past decade. that increase wiped out all of the gains made in reducing child poverty in the 1990s. and a local rapper helped hundreds of kids get ready for back to school. mr. fabs sponsored a backpack give away across the street from where he grew up in north oakland. each backpack came filled with school supplies. a new way to get your lab results in a hurry. how they are turning what used to take days into minutes.
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and break august way from your smartphone addiction. the one simple trick that can make it so easy. >> and i'm leigh glaser. at this hour the low clouds and fog are moving across san francisco bay. it looks like we will warm up with 90s returning to the east bay. my
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to a federal court approved the city of vallejo's plan to emerge from bankruptcy. the $50 million plan includes low interest payments to creditors, leaner employ econ tracts and reduced benefits to retirees. vallejo filed for chapter 9
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bankruptcy protection in 2008 in order to deal with tens of millions of dollars in debt. charges against the former international monetary fund chief may soon be dropped. that's according to the attorneys for the hotel housekeeper who accused dom niece strauss-kahn -- dominique strauss-kahn in may. she will meet with prosecutors on monday for an update on the case. a status hearing is set for tuesday. tropical storm irene is roaming toward puerto rico, but its path is somewhat unpredictable. it could become a hurricane later in the week. it could be the first hurricane of the season to hit the state. and lightning is striking the george washington bridge in new york. severe weather in the northeast is causing problems for travelers and delays at youportson the east coast. it is a common problem in police work and the doctor's office, waiting for the test results to get back from the
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lab. now a breakthrough has dramatically cut the time to identify dangerous diseases and suspects using dna. richard hart reports on the drive to discover the fastest way to test dna. >> soon this little black box could save uh trip to the doctor for lab results. it is the fastest dna copy machine yet. >> i was in the waiting room with my child and i thought, what if we can do this a lot faster? >> when we find your dna -- >> dna is used to identify criminals, yes, but more often path owe generals like tuberculosis and sars. that's how the health department lab use itself every day. dna tests take too long. >> typically speeds are on the order of hours. >> a big battle neck is the amplifications of small samples. you need to make copies first. the cape machine is called a pcr. pcr heats the dna to break it up and cools it and heats it
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and cools it again and again. the fastest device you can buy takes a half minute each time. this new black box cuts it to less than a second. that's huge. the secret is a new porous material that could heat a larger sample and cool it at insane speeds. it can be powered by batteries and made small. >> the thought is labs could be used to identify hundreds of path owe generals in a few minutes with a device the size of a shoe box. >> when somebody goes into their doctor's office, if they have something that is threatening, they can be tested for it right away. >> the next step is to turn development over to a commercial partner to make the new device. with the next step in dna, richard hart, abc news. americans love their mobile phones so much they can't seem to put them down. a new survey finds that less than one-third of mobile phone users take a break and turn them off.
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experts say multitasking with technology is more stressful than many of us think. they suggest unplugging for one hour a week can make a big difference. >> whether it is make the dinner table or a technology free zone. whether it is walk in the door and you will set your blackberry on the nightstand the next two hours and not touch it while you spend time with your family. >> one sign of digital addiction shows up at the dinner table where people keep their eyes on their smart phones instead of their fellow diners. >> it happens every night. >> really? >> no, not really. >> that's rude. >> everyone does one of these. mother nature has been rude with the cool air mass. we are expecting to warm things up as we head into tuesday, wednesday and thursday, back in the 90s for us, at least for the inland locations. a nice shot looking at the embarcadero in san francisco. the fog has started to move in
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toward the bay. temperature wise antioch 51 and 56 in napa and 58 in san francisco right now. half moon bay is starting to see the fog build and san jose right now 62 degrees. here is a look at our weather highlights to get you started for your workweek. coastal drizzle overnight. a warmer day tomorrow. we will keep a little patchy clouds right near the coast, and then 90s to return across the bay area. east bay locations as we head into tuesday, wednesday and thursday. as we continue through the evening hours through theover night and in through early tomorrow morning, the bank of fog sitting just off the coast with the west winds will continue to funnel itself right on inland. 10 if you have commute it takes you to tomorrow morning around fair field. and you will experience some pockets of dense fog there as well as up toward santa rosa, san francisco, half moon bay, and even some pockets of dense fog expected near san jose tomorrow morning. keep that in mind. we'll do vtle extra travel
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time. lows are generally in the 50s. 55 for san francisco. napa 53 and san jose will drop down to 57 degrees. a couple things to watch out for this workweek. lower pressure. this one right here is bringing us the cooler air mass. it will slide to the south and west of us. high pressure to the east will build back to the west. and this is actually going to warm us up. in between these two systems we have all of this. high cloudiness and tropical moisture funneling from south to north. this is remanence of what was tropical storm greg. these will move in on tuesday and wednesday. right now we are not going to put in any isolate etd -- isolated thunderstorms. but we will be watching it as it moves over the bay area. the high pressure continues to move back toward the west. it will definitely bring us warmer temperatures as we head to midweek. 80 for san jose. 77 for sunnyvale and 63 for
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half moon bay tomorrow. 78 for palo alto. san francisco you will warm up to 66 degrees as the high builds in. it will compress the low clouds and fog. so it will start to thin out each day. 77 petaluma tomorrow, 80 for sonoma and newark, you are going to 77 degrees and interior east bay, mid to upper 80s. 88 for brentwood and 84 for concord, and we will look for 85 for gilroy. the accu-weather seven-day forecast will bring us the high clouds in as we head into tuesday and wednesday. that will warm things up. 90s return inland those days. 80s around the bay and even mid to upper 60s at the coast. >> can't wait. thank you, leigh. shu is here and he thinks the giants will pull out of it. >> good way to leave houston. they are coming home for 12 games and they can't wait to get home. it ended with a bang as panda sends this two-run bomb. it is their only win over houston.
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the giants are ready for some home cooking after losing six of the last 10 all on the road. they put closer brian wilson
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on the 15-day dl today, but they got their mojo back against houston. the bell family watching young brandon get the start, and he didn't let them down. unloads in the second. three-run bomb to the upper deck. fell from four for five and three r.b.i and giants up 3-0. he got the start and didn't make it out of the second. jd martinez a two-run single and astros up 4-3. a sac fly ties it up. but jd martinez got down. we go extra innings. the panda steps up and crushes a two-run shot. with the d-backs loss they come home a game and a halfback in the national league west. chew baca hoping the force is with the a's. first career stop. weeks breaks up the no hitter with the a's only hit and it
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loaded the bases in the 6th. but perez works out of it. cocoa crisp hits into the 6-4-3 double play to end the inning. there was eight perfect innings and only one mistake. his major league 4r50eding homerun -- league leading homerun. a's hit the road for 10 games facing the yankees on tuesday. the heisman watch is starting up and he was tuning it up in a scrimmage on the farm. we will hear from perhaps the best abababababababababababababab
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the stanford team is look forward to their season opener in two weeks as they host san jose state. the cardinals are ranked 6th and 7th and lead by the heisman trophy candidate. the quarterback was the runner up last year, but he is all about the team and not individual awards. cardinals have a new head coach in david shaw who replaced jim harbaugh. >> i like to go out and play fast and get them in different situations where they haven't felt it.
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>> it is good to be out there. it is the eastbound and flow. >> besides that, i think it was good to see. >> sunday night football in the nfl and burris is back on the field for the first time in three years. 26 catches for 66 yards in his return as the jets win it 27-7. it is the year of the joker. joe caw very much with nine titles including two majors. today in cinncinati the joker met his match in andy murray. he was on the defensive early. murray takes the first set 6-4 and he is clearly in pain. he had come out to the second set, but not for long. he retires with a sore right shoulder and murray gets the win. know vac said he should be okay for the u.s. open that
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begins on august 29th. in golf it is the final major of the year and fred couples is looking for his first title and he had a chance to win it on 18. we have a playoff with john cook for the title. he blew two more chances to win it on the playoff holes. third time is the charm. his first major on the champion's tour. a rainy day for the pga in north carolina. it was a birdie on 15 and a great read on this putt. for 16, a birdie puts him up by three. the kid from carolina via wake forest with a bogey free 67. and the points leader edges jimmie johnson to win the pure michigan 400. bush's fourth win of the season, but his first ever,
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and i can't wait for the college football season to begin and maybe watch him win the heisman. >> that's it for abc7 news. i'm alan wang with shu and leigh. thank you for joining us. good night, everyone. [ female announcer ] make after school even more fun
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