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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  August 22, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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this station is closed. leave the station immediately or you are subject to arrest. >> they are back. tonight bart protesters try to wreck the evening commute once again. good evening. i'm dan ashley. carolyn johnson has the night off. demonstrators managed to disrupt bart service for several hours. roving protesters forced them to close the civic center and powell street station several
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times. four times at powell and three times at the civic center. each time they are ma ofed, bart would close the stations. lilian kim was in the thick of it all night, and she is live with the story. lilian? >> dan, this protest began the same way it did last week, same time, same place. but it ended with a lot more people being arrested. commuters rushed to bart stations to get out of san francisco before the planned 5:00 p.m. protest. >> there was word it happened at 5:00. i have a job where i can leave early, so that's what everybody did. >> as promised protesters began their demonstration at 5:00 on the plat rm to. they are mad at bart for cutting off the under ground service to prevent an anti-police demonstration from happening. this time bart took a more aggressive stance. officers warned and arrested anyone who was displaying signs and chanting. bart repeatedly said it is
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fine, but not beyond the fare gates. protesters were upset. >> i bought my bart ticket, as you can see. and i do intend on taking the bart home which means i have the right to assemble here. >> by 5:thrt, officers ordered everyone to leave the station. protesters continued with their demonstration outside on market street. they marched back and forth several times forcing bart to close the civic center and powell street locations. commuters not lucky enough to get out early were frustrated. >> i a you appreciate. it but it doesn't help me get home. >> the demonstration ended near the library. officers had them cornered, and one by one they made an arrest. the people who took part remain defiant.
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>> in all there were 45 arrests tonight. bart police arrested five people. sfpd arrested 40. a big change from last week when police made no arrests. live in san francisco, lilian kim, abc news. >> lilian, thank you. the 49ers are promising strict changes after an outbreak of violence at the niners-raiders pre-season game. a lot of fist fights and worse. two people shot and another batly beaten. two are improving and all 3 are in fair condition. alan wang is in the newsroom with what happened on saturday. and what is changing as a result? >> dan, the new changes are geared toward controlling alcohol consumption. san francisco police are asking witnesses to help them find more suspects. today we spoke with the father of one of the victims. >> you can't eat and can't drink so he is chewing on ice. >> jack who would only give his first name said his son was shot in the stomach during a scuffle at the
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niners-raiders football game. it was an evening of mayhem inskied -- inside and outside candlestick park. he managed to drive his truck to a parking lot gate. >> he opened his truck and the guy looked at him and looked at the man and said help me. i'm dying. that guy who ever you are, i owe you. we owe you. thank you. >> today san francisco mayor ed leigh and the -- ed lee and the 49ers promised more security. >> any season ticket holders that were caught, witnessed, viewed whatever acting the way they behaved on saturday night, your tickets will be revoked, period. >> 49ers' owner jed york banned tailgating after the games began. alcohol will no longer beheld after the fourth quarter and dui checkpoint will be held after every home game. >> a lot depends on the team and the team's identity and what they encourage the fan
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base to do. >> he is the u.s. department of justice policing director. in 2008 the nfl warned its teams that the fan base was starting to change in some of the stadiums. that 21 to 35-year-olds were coming to do nothing but just binge drink. according to a uc berkeley expert on human aggression, the alcohol and heightened rivalry can trigger primal urges. >> men, particularly 15 to 30, when testosterone levels are high are predisposed by evolution to gather up in teams, what we call team aggression. >> the professor says reducing the alcohol would help scprkts team should emphasize the ritual's fun surrounding the rivalry. but one owner is not taking chances. he is can selling the pre-season game between the 49ers and the raiders. alan wang, back to you. >> thanks. fans at the game complain it took too long for police to respond to the outbreak of fights in the stadium. today san francisco police
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chief said he had 40% more officers at the game than you are a. >> on a typical game we make one to two criminal arrests. 12 have been made, 12 bookings. i issue no citations. eight were issued. the san francisco police department documented 70 ejections. >> one officer said he never had to deal with as many calls for service and as many fights in 19 years on-the-job. >> oakland police are sorting through details after the shooting of a child. it is the second time in two weeks a boy was shot in oakland. his mother says he was grazed by a bullet on saturday. it is unclear where the shooting happened. it was initially reported near international boulevard and seminary. and then police were told of a different location near mcarthur and seminary. some oakland residents say street violence is too common and a sad reality.
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>> have you that right to be able to walk down the street as you please. to walk in fear is scary. >> two weeks ago carlos nava was the unintended victim of a drive by shooting at 64th avenue. two men are in custody for his murder. wildfires are burning in southern california. a 350 acre blaze destroyed a home and three small buildings on a ranch in the san bernadino national forest. it forced authorities to close several lanes of interstate 15 near the cajon pass. that fire is 40% contained. and a 125-acre fire in riverside county is about 60% contained right now allowing authorities to cancel orders to evacuate 50 homes nearby. there is no word on what started these fires, but at this point no injuries are reported. the former head of a contra costa county task force entered not guilty pleas to
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federal, drug and corruption charges. he is accused of reselling drugs stolen from the police evidence lockers. operating 5* brothel and conducting phony sting operations on prostitutes robbed of cash and other items. he agreed to be evaluated for suicide risk to get released on $100,000 bail. private investigator butler said he too entered not guilty pleas. the odds are against san jose meeting its pension obligations. that's according to a new search. they were among those to discuss the state of the two pension plans. a donation of stanford university says there is an 87% probability of a pension short fall over the next 15 to 20 years. every household would have to pay $12,500 to fully pay these pensions. >> even though we think, we
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are -- we think wree not under funding and we are. that is frightening. >> the stanford research found the state's largest pension, cal percent, is under -- cal pers is under funded and they spent $3.5 billion more than it projected. the state game wardens are searching for as many as a thousand stolen trophy trout. workers at the san juaquin state fishery reported them missing. the trout with three years old and weighed three pounds each. they sell for up to $7 a pound. they were part of a program paid for by fishing license fees to keep the lakes stocked. the thieves face grand theft charges when caught. president obama says libya is nearly free of the long-time dictator. so far though no sign of muammar qaddafi. but this man caused a stir when he showed up. and the president of the company that down graded u.s. credit has resigned.
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and one half of the legendary group has passed away. all of that is coming up on "nightline." >> dan, coming up next on "nightline" an army of rebels is first for victory in libya. it is a spectacular fall of muammar qaddafi. and outrage over a new wave of photos of female models in
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to after nearly a half a century in power, muammar qaddafi's ruthless rule over the libyan people is almost finished. but the son of the libyan leader remains defiant. he appeared in tripolli saw peering to be surrounded by supporters. despite the bizarre and unexplained and unexpected appearance president obama said qaddafi's rule is all but over. >> the situation is still very fluid. there remains a degree of uncertainty, and there is still regime elements who pose a threat. but this much is clear. the qaddafi regime is coming
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to an end. >> the streets remain peril less as bbc reported. they were driving into the capital with rebel when's they were fired on. state television has gone dark. muammar qaddafi is missing. >> what is clear is the rebels are winning. the pentagon officials say they believe caw doff -- >> the pentagon officials say where qaddafi is is anybody's guess. they gained the upper hand and moved in on trippoli and qaddafi forces were on the run. the army has been decimated. many of the soldiers have fled, though a flew are still hanging on. the president seemed to give qaddafi one last chance to relinquish power peacefully. >> although it is clear that qaddafi's rule is over, he still has the opportunity to reduce further bloodshed by relinquishing power to the people of libya. >> a senior obama administration official says
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qaddafi is ahead of state -- a head of state in charge of nothing. pro qaddafi units are finding the space in which they are able to operate is shrinking dramatically. the cost to u.s. taxpayers is estimated to be $896 million at this point. the president of standard and poors and resigning just weeks after the ratings official issued a controversial down grade of the u.s. government's debt. the financial times says the departure of devon sharma has been in the works for some time. he will be replaced by a top executive at citigroup. a cash crunch forced a family-owned supermarket chain in the bay area to file for bankruptcy. the owners blamed their money problems on aggressive expansion efforts and the slow comple. the san francisco -- slow economy. they are hoping to sell their stores to a private investment group. there are no immediate plans apparently that close stores or layoff any employees. the family has been running the markets for three
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generations since the first store opened in berkeley. that was in 1929. news from entertainment, nick ash ford from ash ford and simpson has died. ash ford and his wife, valerie simpson, put many of his hits, including "ain't no mountain high enough" and they wrote songs for ray charles and many others. the duo were singers in their own right releasing 15 albums. ash ford died in a new york city hospital of throat cancer. he was 70. ash ford is survived by his wife and two daughters. >> ♪ you ain't nothing but a hownt dog ♪ hound dog ♪ >> and another death in the music world, jerry lieber who wrote "hound dog" who elvis turned into a hit and yakityy,
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yak. >> they worked together since they were 17. they also wrote stand by me and "love potion number 9". he died of heart failure at the age of 78. >> tonight hurricane irene is gaining strength and heading to the united states. nasa captured images of irene as it made landfall over puerto rico. they flooded streets and knocked out power to a million people. irene is now a category two hurricane with 100 mile per hour winds. they say it could increase as it passes over the bahamas and slams into the united states. and of course meteorologist sandhya patel is tracking irene very closely for us. she is here with that in the forecast. it is headed to the southeastern united states. >> that's right, dan. and it is going to become a
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major category 3 hurricane as it continues along that path. let me start you off with the current situation. it is passing the northeastern dominican republic. it is a category 2. th is the first hurricane of the atlantic hurricane season. the winds are sustained at 100 miles an hour. it is moving to the west northwest at 100 miles an hour. as we look at our computer animation, you will see what will happen. this category 2 hurricane is expected to become a category 3 and move across the bahamas and eventually intensifying into a category 4 hurricane by thursday evening. and then it is expected to skirt the southeastern united states, expected to make landfall somewhere around south carolina by saturday evening. could possibly be eyeing myrtle beach. of course as you know hurricanes can change paths quickly so, we will be keeping a close eye on irene. and a look at the local forecast, look at the level of the tower.
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watch the marine layer going from 2,000 feet deep to just about a thousand foot. we are talking about a compression for the marine layer. as it is compressing it is becoming dense right down on the deck and the fog is reducing visibility to a quarter mile. we are also seeing a northerly dry wind flow clearing out the fog so along the coastline the fog is clear. and now it is situated from san francisco southward. it is very limited in coverage. temperatures in the 50s to the low 70s. as you look at the highlights, our coastal fog is dense in spots for the morning commute and warmer in all areas tomorrow. you are looking at mild conditions at the coast and hot as we head inland tomorrow. it is not expecting a whole lot in the way of fog. and tomorrow you are going to
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feel the heat. it is an area of high pressure that will bring us warmer weather tomorrow and get nooght mid-nineties inland. occasional high clouds coming in from the south. highs for your tuesday, and low 90s for saratoga and los gatos. 87 in san jose and cupertino. a warmer day with mid80s for paloal toa. along the coastline you will see temperatures coming up. half moon bay 66 degrees. downtown san francisco 70. and you will see the hot weather up around cloverdale and ukiah and midlake. mid to upper 90s. 87 in santa rosa and napa. 78 in oakland and 85 for fremont. head inland and it is the summertime heat we have been missing. 69 in monterey. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast. hot inland and mild at the coast of the a little drop off in temperatures on wednesday but still see 90s across the board. warming to the mid-nineties
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inland and mid60s at the coastline. >> sandhya, i know you are watching irene and that will be a bad storm. >> it looks like it right now. >> thanks. as we continue tonight, facebook was just moving into the new 40e78 -- the new home when beth!
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can't grow fast enough. employees are settling into the menlo park campus it acquired from microsystems and expansion plans are already being made. our media partner, the san jose mercury news says facebook is planning to build a second campus right across the street. it told city official itself wants approval to house 9400 employees at those two complexes. well, there will be no olympic games played on u.s. soil until at least 2022. that's after the u.s. olympic committee said they would not submit a bid for the games. they said any bid was contingent on working out a deal with the international olympic committee which is looking for a bigger share of the broadcast and shonser ship revenue -- and sponsorship revenue.
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>> especially in this economy. >> larry beil is here with sports. interesting day for the raiders. >> very interesting. say this about al davis, he is not afraid of risk. he gambled today. did the raiders grab their star quarterback of the future? m
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if al davis is right the raiders selecteded their quarterback of the future. they took pryor in the supplemental draft. he is an impressive physical specimen, 6 foot 5 and ran in a 4:36. he is an accurate enough passer to become a real good nfl quarterback. the suspension the nfl imposed is not even going to be able to practice are to the first five weeks of the season. but a bold move nonetheless. one man's treasure is another man's trash. and mike singletary saw a big
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hitting safety. the 9ers have traded the former second round pick from usc. mays goes to the bengals. david carr back with the giants and a tremendous night. two touchdown passes and where was this last year? the giants steam roll chicago 41-13. now, the baseball giants had the night off. they will open a home stand against the padres. caught a break tonight. a little help from the nationals. arizona came in with a one and a half game lead on the giants. that was trimed to one slim down thanks to jayson werth. a three-run homer and that was the difference in this contest. they win it 4-1. the a's begin a 10-game roadie. it is to face the yankees. they are neck and neck in the standings. the a's could have an impact. they open with three in new york and three in boston. quite a road test. >> that's a tough one.
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it is the big leagues. every hitter you face will be tough. >> is this the catch of the year? the twins and the orioles and guererro deep to center. have no fear and he is leaping at the wall. bracing with his left foot as the ball finds his glove. he crashes in and baltimore won the game. he has one of the best catches of the year. speaking of which talk about the degree of difficulty. it started a triple play and nashville went on to win this game a score of 4-1. let's look one more time. unbelievable.
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>> "nightline is coming um next. i'm dan ashley. thank you for watching. we appreciate your time. stay connected at if you will, we will see you here tomorrow. good night.
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