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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 24, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. and this morning, the big shake. one of the strongest quakes ever in the east, sends thousands into the streets. bricks crashing into cars. buildings swaying. even cracking the washington monument. we'll hear from one e mily caught at the top when it hit. into the monster's eye. hurricane hunters hover over irene, now bashing the bahamas and setting its sights for the east coast. get ready for what may be the most powerful hurricane to hit the east coast in a decade. battle for libya.
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we go inside gadhafi's infamous compound to see fighters crushing symbols of his power. the dictator escapes for now. but this man wears his hat and necklace. our reporter live in tripoli. and the jury rules in the trial l the mom who punished her son with hot sauce. >> what happens when you lie to me? >> i get hot sauce. >> you get hot sauce. >> why her mommy confession on air may now be sending her to jail. good morning, everyone. the big question for allllf us in the east yesterday afternoon, did you feel it? >> uh-huh. i was in yoga class and didn't feel a thing. that's the place you want to be. >> you were very zen. >> no, i dididt feel it. but you did, right? >> i did. i was up in the office. and i heard our senior producer, eric, saying, there's an earthquake in d.c. and started running.
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i thought it was him running on the floor. up and down the east coast people really did feel it. the epicenter in mineral, virginia. we'll take a look at that right now. a store in mineral, virginia. we have a camera trained at the white house. look at that. you really see the shaking there. and on capitol hill as one, of course, as many of us in new york -- look at that. the press conference by u.s. district attorney cyrus vance about the dominique strauss-kahn case. everybody -- >> they got out of there right away. >> my favorite, robin, this is an account from "the washington post." the animals in the national zoo felt it first. listen to this, the lemurs felt it a full 15 minutes before. >> 15 minutes? >> 15 minutes. the orangutan, about 15 seconds before everyone else felt it. started to roar and howl. and the flamingos all huddled together in the water. >> in the water like that. i wonder if animals can sense a hurricane because it seems like it's coming this way, too.
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we're going to get the latest on irene. sam is tracking ththmassive storm as that hurricane intensifies. so, we'll have more on that. and i think you remember this dad and his son reeling in a seven-foot shark. now, the whole family is here and we'll find out how mom really feels about that. >> the real story this morning. >> uh-huh. but let's get right to the quake. the epicenter of the big shake-up there in virginia. seconds of terror felt a whole lot longer for those caught in it. our team is on the ground in the d.c. region. let's start with abc's david muir in washington. and, david, you were just pulling into d.c. on the train when the quake hit. >> reporter: yeah. this was really something, robin. we had just arrived on the amtrak train when suddenly the station began to rumble, like we hadn't felt or seen before. millions of americans feeling and fearing the same thing at that moment. obviously with the tenth anniversary of 9/11 approaching. and this morning here, we're getting a clearer picture of the damage, that crack at the top of the washington monument. the estimated 5.8 quake drove thousands from office buildings
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and train stations, even damaged national treasures creating that crack in the washington monument's cap stone. near the epicenter in mineral, virginia, supermarket surveillance video captured the moment, the white house shook. and at the national cathedral damage to three of the four pinnacles on top of the tower. and the quake interrupted this commercial being taped in virginia. >> we want to take this opportunity to show you our new customer waiting room. do you feel that? >> reporter: and in new york as the d.a. was holding a press conference, you could see it in his face. >> okay. okay. i've been through earthquakes in seattle. >> reporter: his colleagues racing to leave the platform. 911 operators were overwhelmed by frightened callers. >> i need you to calm down for me. okay. just take a deep breath. it's going to be okay. it's going to be okay. >> reporter: we were onboard an amtrak train to d.c., when suddenly union station, the train station, started shaking violently. officers yelling to us and to passengers to get out. so many from washington to new york had that same feeling in
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their gut, just weeks now before this country marks ten years since 9/11. >> ground started shaking. people started screaming and running around. >> it's scary when you're all the way up there on the 14th floor. it's not easy. >> reporter: the most powerful east quake earthquake in nearly seven decades left its mark. back at the damaged washington monument, the cross family was at the top. they say they felt the monument sway nearly a foot. >> there's a lot of chaos, a lot of people yelling, some screaming. >> reporter: they said they felt pieces of the monument falling on them. and most interesting, the lemurs at the national zoo began alarm calling a full 15 minutes before the quake hit. sounding the alarm, in fact. here in washington this morning, some of the public schools are closed and some of the national monument, as well, for inspection. so, if you're here traveling with your family, do call ahead. robin, i got to tell you deep in that union station down below when that started to rumble, people were yelling, terror, bomb and screaming. a real sense of just how frightening this was for so many
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americans for a time. and i've got to tell you, how many people came up to me and said they were relieved this was just an earthquake. when have you heard that before? >> rarely do you hear that. a lot of rattled nerves. okay, david. thank you. and not far from you is abc's jim sciutto in culpeper, virginia, right near the epicenter of the quake. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, robin. today was supposed to be the first day of school here in culpeper. but it's still a state of emergency here. schools closed, businesses closed. they've even closed the streets here because they're worriried just the vibration from passing cars could bring these damaged buildings down. last night we reported from a nuclear power plant very close to the epicenter that lost power during the quake and was shut down. even lost its backup power. it has power again this morning, we're told. but the plant still hasn't been brought back online. they're still doing safety checks here. and now, the concern of many officials is the approach of building hurricane irene. buildings like this that just
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managed to survive the earthquake would not survive a hurricane. robin and george? and that is what we're going to get to right now. irene has s ined strength this morning. now,w, category 3 and getting more porful, as itt tears through the caribbean and on its way up the east coast. sam is track the path. let's start with abc's linsey davis in the bahamas where they've seen what punch irene is packing. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, george. we were in the same location yesterday. and let me tell you what a difference a day makes. the wind has picked up drastically. the waves have started moving several feet closer to the shore. and many of the homes behind me now boarded up. all in preparation for the potentially devastating effects of hurricane irene, which is expected to arrive in this area this afternoon. packing 100-mile-an-hour winds, hurricane irene is plowing through the caribbean. the latest victim, turks and caicos. the sheer force of these winds nearly ripping street signs out of the ground.
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in the dominican republic, buildings are destroyed. trees knocked down. the national hurricane center's hurricane hunters flew directly into irene, shooting these incredible images. you can actually see the eyewall of the storm. but irene's just getting started and is expected to grow and strengthen in the caribbean. north carolina residents are already prepping for the worst. here in the bahamas, businesses are boarding up. and many t trists are lining up to get out of harm's way. honeymooners, jennifer and todd, spent the day at the airport trying to book flights and searching for hotels on their laptop. >> our hotel, they made the emergency announcement or whatever. and our hotel said they're going to kick us out. >> reporter: shannon drury was informed the entire island of eleuthera would be forced to evacuate. what did they say about the damage expected on the island? >> they said catastrophic.
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>> reporter: the newmans plan to ride it out on paradise island. >> the hotel has already told us the plans that they have for us should this be a major storm. and i'm comfortable with the plans that they have for our safety. >> reporter: one problem is the bahamas are relatively flat. so, it's not able to provide enough of a disruption to really break down the storm at all. so, irene is only expected to intensify as it leaves here and heads on to the united states. george? >> and you can see the wind kicking up there. okay, linsey. thanks very much. let's get to sam at ththe weather board with the track of the storm. y, sam. >> our fear for that is what linsey said. it's the fact the islands are so low, the storm will continue to get stronger as it goes over them. the storm surge will be 7 to 11 feet. that means the water is 7 to 11 feet higher than it normally is in those regions. and that's not a good thing for islands like that. here's what we look at with the 3d view. you can see the eye formation with that storm. the canopy of clouds 700 miles across still.
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and put that path in action. and a lot of folks are watching the northeast. they're not sure how close the storm will pass to major cities, like washington, d.c., new york city, boston. right now the current path would take it just offshore, basically tipping long island and also the cape by the time we get into sunday and monday. and overnight, as a hurricane breezes by the northeast and makes landfall in some cases. now, we'll watchchhis storm path because it's been trending a little bit east as we've gone each labeling here. so, we'll see exactly what goes on throughout the day today. we'll have a little better handle on it, robin. >> looks like the carolinas may be spared? >> tipping the carolinas probably. and then on to cape hatteras and passing by new england. >> thanks, sam, very much. the government warning people who may be in the path of the storm not to wait, and start making safety preparations now. joining us now is the administrator of fema, craig fugate. we know it's a busy time for you, craig. so, we thank you for spending a bit of time with us right now. we just heard from sam.
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he's saying we're not sure point northeast and major cities like here in new york and boston. how worried are you about that? >> well, i think people need to pay attention and go ahead and make sure they're ready, from the mid-atlantic all the way through the northeast and new england states. as the hurricane center says, there's always some uncertainty in these tracks. it's going to be close. and whether we get a brush or whether we have a landfall, it's too early to say. so, we're recommending to folks in the mid-atlantic alalthe way up through the new england states. but particularly now it looks like with the outer banks and carolinas would be the first to see impact. go ahead and make sure you're ready. and if evacuation ordersre required, heed those evacuation orders. the hurricane center saying this storm is going to grow and strengthen possibly becoming a category 3 hurricane. and it's something people need to be prepared now for so they can be ready if they have to act. >> absolutely. and people down south know a little bit better how to prepare for something like this. but here in the northeast, not so much. so, how does that add to the
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concern that peoeoe just don't -- are not as familiar with hurricanes up here? >> well, let's go back to yesterday and talk about the earthquake. >> okay. >> we don't have a lot of those. and we saw what happened. so, again, a reminder that we don't always get to pick the next disaster. we can get a forecast for a hurricane. and if you don't have a disaster kit and supplies, go to and start that today. we know it's coming our way. we don't know where it's going to hit or how bad. go to or many a mobile site about how to get information about hazards and how to prepare now before the storm strikes. >> good information there. since you brought up the earthquake, is that kind of a wake-up call for folks up here? hurricanes this time of year. but we forget, "a," earthquakes don't have a season. and, "b," they are not just a western hazard. and it reminds people we don't have a lot of earthquakes on the east coast but do have that risk so, be prepared. >> i know fema is, too.
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craig fugate, thank you very much. >> to libya where the rebels have taken control of gadhafi's compound. the dictator's family were not there. and early this morning gadhafi emerged on libyan tv witita promise to fight until victory or death as the battles do continue in tripoli. abc's jeffrey kofman is there with the latest. good morning, jeffrey. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. i'm reporting from a very noisy square in the heart of tripoli. yoyomay know this place as green square. but gadhafi renamed it martyr's square. now that he's gone they brought back the old name. and what was -- you can hear the noise in the background. that is not a gunfight. that is a celebration. what a 24 hours in this city, in this country. another huge triumph for those rebels so determined to oust moammar gadhafi. after a bloody street battle,
7:14 am
they broke into the dictator's private compmpnd, a two-square-mile forbidden city that was his home and his military headquarters. but in an audio message broadcast on a local tv station, he said he was discreetly out on gadhafi pledged martyrdom and victory. we're now approaching bab al aziziya. and i've been through these gates just a couple of weeks ago with gadhafi's government minders taking us through. what a different place it is now. everyone wanted to see what was behind the fortified walls. some looked. some looted. some burned. they all celebrated. >> i plan to get rid of this man, moammar gadhafi. today we are free, free, free. >> reporter: this is the heart of the gadhafi compound. look over here. this building was bombed 25 years ago on orders of president reagan a aer gadhafi tried to kill a number of american troops. that fist squeezing an american
7:15 am
warplane was built by gadhafi. but it's'sis people he really squeezed. and they sure aren't sad to see him go. and remember that hat gadhafi used to wear? it has a new owner. this man found it in his bedroom. >> i found this. i was like, oh, my goodness. >> reporter: as dusk fell, the fun turned to fear. there are still pockets under control of those loyal to gadhafi, including the rixos hotel, where journalists and diplomats are not allowed to leave. >> the situation deteriorated massively when it became clear that we were unable to leave the hotel of our own free will. they were roaming around the corridors, effectively, our movements were curtailed. the itn cameraman just had an ak-47 pulled on him. >> reporter: the question now, where is moammar gadhafi?
7:16 am
some confirm this city is laced with tunnels and bunkers. and he gave himself many escape routes. so, it may take a long time to find the former dictator. george? >> some speculation he may be in a tunnel underneath that rixos hotel. jeffrey, thanks very much. bianna golodryga, in for josh elliott, with the rest of the headlines. >> hey, good morning, george and robin. good morning, everyone, at home. we begin with a developing story in northern california. fire crews are scrambling to prevent a burning railcar from blowing up and leveling thousands of homes and businesses. the tanker loaded with thousands of gallons of propane has been spewing flames for almost an entire day. nearly 5,000 families have been forced out of their homes and remain under a mandatory evacuation order. and a scare for nancy reagan. the former first lady fell while hosting an event at the reagan presidential library. she tripped on a metal post as she was being escorted to her seat by florida senator marco rubio. luckily the senator caught her before she hit the ground. and mrs. reagan was not hurt. and a devastating diagnosis
7:17 am
for a basketball legend. hall of fame coach pat summitt has revealed that she is facing her toughest opponent yet, early onset dementia, a shocking diagnosis for someone only 59 years old. here's abc's john berman. >> reporter: pat summitt has won more basketball games than any college coach ever. she has a ferocious drive. but it was with her perfect poise that she revealed her latest challenge. >> the doctors at the mayo clinic diagnosed me with an early onset dementia, alzheimer's type, at the age of 59. >> reporter: summitt says she started feeling strange last season, behaving erratically. and later, second-guessing on-court decisions. >> often it's short-term memory that's a problem. but there could be judgment that's affected. there can be mood symptoms that develop. >> reporter: just 5% of dementia patients s sfer these symptoms younger than 60. summitt is taking medication and
7:18 am
working on puzzles to stay sharp and will stay on the job, with help from her assistants. >> i plan to continue to be your coach. reporter: it's the kind of work ethic summitt learned growing up. so, she told her friend, "gma's" own robin roberts. >> when you grow up on a dairy farm, cows don't take a day off. so, you work every day. >> reporter: doctors say they aren't sure how long she will be able to coach the lady vols. but summitt says, as long as the good lord is willing. so, other teams, watch out.. for "good morning america," john berman, abc news. >> what a legend she is. i know she is a close friend of yours. >> dear friend. and she said no pity party. she says, you don't stop living. and it's helpful to know the opponent. it was not knowing. and she's got a game plan. and she's going -- >> boy, she's a fighter. i love the details when the doctors at the mayo clinic first told her, she threw a punch.
7:19 am
>> she said you don't know what you're doing h he. but we're thinking of her and her family this morning. time for the weather. over to sam. >> good morning, again, everybody. as the east coast prepares for a hurricane off the shore, the west coast is talking about heat because that hurricane squeezes the heat on to the west shores. vegas, 106, 105. phoenix, 111. oklahoma city, still stays hot. but along the coastline, the temperatures stay cool. inland numbers, fresno, sacramento, into the 90s. a look at the big board if you're traveling today. and severe thunderstorms in the middle of the country, from ohio into kentucky. and the big heat, in the deep south, in places like dallas, and houston, continues.
7:20 am
smiling in the northwest. 80s in portland. near 80 in seattle. robin and george? >> all right, sam. thank you. coming up, what really happened to the american woman that vanished in aruba? brand-new details about the final hours before she disappeared. it's a "gma" exclusive.
7:21 am
and mom in the hot seat. a jury verdict handed down in the trial of the parent using spicy sauce as punishment. do you think she should go to prison? plus, the other side of that wild shark tale. dad and son reeled that in in that itty-bitty kayak. they're all here. and mom tells her side of the story, live. food, food, food, food, food, food, food, food, augh. when are we going to eat? ♪
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directors will discuss the decision to cut off cellphone service inside stations to stop a protest from becoming more organized. this protest like this one on monday that resulted in stations being closed. protestors vow they will do it again unless their demands are met including firing bart's police chief and apologizing for shutting off cellphone service. >> no bart delays right now for anybody. that is good news. let's go to highway 37, westbound, car makes go up with a big rig past mare island. sunol grade, before highway 82, two lanes are blocked.d.d.d.d.d.
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>> check out a puif picture from vollmer peak looking west. layer of fog that will be arriving around noon. temperatures in the 50s but the sea breeze is bringing those clouds in will drop our temperatures 6-10 degrees. still warm in the east bay valleys. south bay and north bay in the 80s and 70s around the bay and 60s for san francisco. seven-day forecast, slightly cooler the next couple of days. warmer this weekend. >> thanks for joining us. news continues now with "good morning america."
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that is the video that launched a big controversy and landed a mother in court. she's hot-saucing her 7-year-old and then forcing him to take a cold shower. now she may be facing prison time. we have the latest on the case. >> it all started because she wanted to get on dr. phil. wanted help with his behavioral problems but now may be going to jail. >> she'll be sentenced monday. the father and son who reeled in a seven-foot shark then told mom about it. had the video to prove it so what did she really say when they got home about this
7:31 am
adventure? the whole family is here live this morning with the wild tail. >> yeah, mom is here. a new twist inin thele stor of the missing woman in aruba. we have a detailed hour-by-hour account of what the suspect says really happened to robyn gardner on the day she vanished. matt gutman is in aruba with another "gma" exclusive. >> reporter: this morning abc news has exclusive new details on what gary giordano claims really happened that fateful day. an abc news source tells us that after a day of eating and a lot of directing, the two went into the water twice. on their second swim robyn never came out. the two started the afternoon at this beachside restaurant much the source claims robyn had been taking pills that day. in these exclusive abc news photos we see robyn and giordano leaving after lunch, the last known photos of robyn and the only published pictures of the two of them together.
7:32 am
abc news has also learned giordano claims after the lovers paid the bill they headed towards the water. the first time in robyn cut her toe and left the water because she was bleeding. investigators later found a spot of blood near where the couple'' rental car had been parked. they say they're still working on the forensics. according to thihi news source robyn went back into the water a second time with giordano. it was then that giordano believes she was pulled under by treacherous currents and drowned. plus, the source also says helicopters flying over the coast that day spotted two sharks and a giant sea turtle in the same area where giordano and robyn went into the water. robyn's live-in boyfriend told us he received a message from robyn shortly before she nished. >> the last contact i had with her was almost 3:00 that afternoon saying, i love you, i care about you, we'll talk and sort this out when i get back. >> reporter: the abc news source says robyn did send that message
7:33 am
but claims it was with the intention of ending the relationship when she returned home. and what about that $1.5 million ininrance policy that is being investigated by authorities? >> we knew from mr. giordano himself that travel insurance was taken out. that's what we're investigating. >> reporter: the abc news source also tells us that a witness was present when robyn gardner named gary giordano the beneficiary on that policy and that she was coherent when she signed it. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> lots of new details there. a response from robyn gardner's maryland boyfriend, richard forester and our legal analyst dan abrams. richard, let me begin with you. there's a lot of detail hear and corroborates what we heard from several other witnesses that robyn had been drinking that day and according to our source robyn was also taking pills that day. does that sound believable to you? >> no, it doesn't. i've never known robyn to take
7:34 am
any sleeping pills in the middle of the day, nor do i know why anybody would take sleeping pills during the middle of the day. but, you know, let's go with his word for just a second here. so you say she was taking sleeping pills and then you give her vodka and then you take her snorkeling. really? why would anybody do anything like that? you know, obviously i don't believe what he's saying nor do i think anybody in the world believes it so the important thing right now is to find robyn, find the truth and get justice. you know, let me just say, you know, i loved robyn with every fiber of my being. i miss her more than words can express. you knkn, she's -- my heart's counterpoint, okay. am i angry that she was there with him? of course. do i ask myself why and what she was thinking? ofofourse. but i can't let that consume me
7:35 am
right now. what does consume me is what can we do to find her? what can aruba do that they're not already doing to find her? and what i'd like to see as soon as possible is a search with canines. >> search with canines so you want the search to be stepped up. your passion is so clear, rich, but according to the source, he has an explanation for that facebook message saying robyn was intending to come home and break it off with you. >> sure, sure, and, you know, what i can say to that is that is -- part of that message was prior was a message saying to me, this sucks, you know, so i hihily doubt that's what it was. not to mention the fact that our plan for the weekend when she came home from the trip was to find an apartment together and, you know, spend that time. we often talked about thth futue and living together was right in our immediate plan. >> okay, let me bring in dan abrams now.
7:36 am
you've seen these new details, the drinking, the allegation of taking pills. if this account holds up, what difference does it make? >> i don't think much. you know, we're still not dealing with what i view is probably the two most incriminating points and that is the insurance policy, you heard matt gutman reporting that the source is saying that she signed this and wasn't -- and was coherent at the time. so what? so he still -- you have to think about what's happening here so if the report something accurate, within 12 hours of the time that she goes missing, rather than saying, my goodness, what the heck happened, he'e' thinking, well, you know what, there's that insurance policy that i signed. i might as well check it out. i mean, that's incredibly troubling i think and, number two, the fact that he's lying to the ticket agent about where his companion is where when he's leaving the country. you can't take each of the points in isolation but bring
7:37 am
them together with the rest of the puzzle here and say, does this make sense? >> so he tries to tie up certain loose ends about why there might be blood. why the body hasn't been found but there's still some big, big, big questions >> that's right, yes, it's possible that the account we're hearing is accurate, but i think that there are real questions about the idea, again, as you're hearing that she's drinking, she's taking pills and then she's going snorkeling. i mean, it all doesn't make sense and then you put on top of that what happens afterwards and it's really trtrblesome. you know, now we're more than three weeks out. does it get harder for the authorities to make this case over time. >> absolutely. absolutely. this is a race right now for the authorities. they have got to find as much evidence as they can. they certainly have to try to find the body if she has died because with every day, witnesses' memories fade. witnesses disappear. people who had been on the island are no longer around and to be quite graphic, typically
7:38 am
in cases if she has died, bodies decompose. >> to richard for one final question. you say you want canines brought in. are you satisfied with the overall course of the investigation. >> you know, as far as i can tell they're doing everything that they can, but i think a key -- a key element and, you know, it's something that i'm adamant about is having canines come in. they can come up with clues, you know. they can find her and i don't see that being used as a resource and i think it's crucial. >> okay, richard forester, dan abrams, thanks very much. time for the weather and sam champion. hey, sam. >> good morning, george, robin. watching irene and now through the turks and caicos later through the bahamas, we're about a day, two days away from having a major hurricane along the eastern seaboard so time to narrow it down as to who has to get prepared for it. not the entire east coast though everybody has to watch it. here is the area of high pressure and jet stream and cold front so this has to find a path
7:39 am
somewhere in between the two and right now this is the path the hurricane center has lined out for it. it will take it right on the coast of the carolinas, the outer banks, by the time you get into saturday around midnight, sunday morning at 2:00 a.m. then it'll breeze right by still as a category 1 hurricane by major new york, by boston, even c., by clipping the cape a little bit so we'll watch that by the time we get into sunday and monday that happens. watch that very carefullyly for you but that is the latest on the path of that hurricane. quick look at the rest of the weather. gorgeous into the northwest today. seattle at about 78, portland at about 80, nice and warm in >> and all of that weather was brought to you by the united states post aal service.
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7:43 am
now to the hot sauce mom. a verdict just handed down in a controversial case and she may be facing jail time. her punishment for her son was all captured on camera as part of a segment for "the dr. phil show." landed on tv and in a whole lot of trouble.
7:44 am
andrea can something back with more. >> good morning. what this is doing is sending a big message about what she did after the episode featuring jessica beagley aired dr. phil viewers flooded the anchorage police department with calls for action. authorities got involved and now nearly a year later a jury of three men and three women have found beagley guilty. her attorney says she never would have been charged with child abuse if she hadn't reached out to dr. phil for help. >> what happens when you lie to me? >> i get hot sauce. >> you get hot sauce. >> reporter: it's the controversial video that earned jessica beagley a spot on an episode of "the dr. phil show" called mommy confessions. >> close your mouth. did you swallow it? >> reporter: but pouring burning hot sauce on her 7-year-old's tongue also landed her in front of a jury who convicted beagley of child abuse tuesday. >> it's been a long. ordeal and i'm sure it's quite
7:45 am
upsetting. >> reporter: her defense attorney told the jury she turned to dr. phil out of pure frustration desperate to help her out-of-control adopted son. >> she is a loving, caring mother and she had a child who had some behavioral problems she was doing her best to deal with. >> reporter: but prosecutors say beagley abused the boy just to get on the show. >> i do not think this punishment would have occurred had the dr. phil show not called and said please tell us how angry of a mom you are and not only tell us but show us. >> reporter: the punishment for the boy who came to alaska from russia included a freezing cold shower. >> you are to do what you are told. >> reporter: all for throwing pencils at school and lying about it. beagley also admitted she would make the boy do jumping jacks to the point of exhaustion. >> we tried a lot of different things to punish the kids. >> she is going to regular counseling with her boys to try and be a better mom and to try and help them with their issues. >> reporter: jessica beagley who
7:46 am
has six children will be sentenced on monday. she faces up to a year in prison and a $10,000 fine. she will keep custody of the child in question because child protective services came to the home and found no reason to remove that child. >> that's right but there are some people that feel hot saucing is a form of punishment, not necessarily child abuse but the jury didn't agree. >> thank goodness she's getting counseling and trying to fix the problem. that's the important part. >> thank you. coming up, all shook up why animals really may be smarter than us sensing earthquakes before they even happen. ♪ so, i'm interviewing lots of candidates for this position. why should i choose you? oh, um... well, i'm your wife, and your car's in the shop, and you need a ride to chili's. hey, you're good. who will you take to chili's $2$2dinner for two? there are 16 entrees to choose from, like our new chicken club quesadillas,
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7:50 am
quake is coming before we do? we heard that story from "the washington post" yesterday saying the orangutans, the lemurs all knew it was coming. check k t these videos. some evidence that the dogs pay know. first one from northern california.
7:51 am
a little before the earthquake. there he goes. >> he bolted. >> then the earthquake comes. there it comes. >> interesting. >> that's not bad. okay, yesterday richmond, virginia. where is the dog? here we go. barking like crazy. i'm waiting for the shake.e. >> there it is, right? >> there it is. you can see a little bit of a shake and third from indonesia. a third video from indonesia, right? an earthquake is coming. an earthquake is coming. oh, my goodness and, of course, we all know what happened next after that happened so some are skeptical but seeing is believi believing. >> sleep right through it.
7:52 am
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8:00 am
[ playing theme from "jaws" ] [ cheers and applause ] what's that? shark attack. >> really? >> father and son, kevin and hunter stevens, reeled in a seven-foot black-tipped shark from a kayak. >> oh, my gosh. >> they are here live with us this morning in the studio. mom is here.
8:01 am
>> the whole family. >> hannah is here, the sister. and we'll talk to them all coming up. >> how about that inspired stage direction downwnairs? i like that. also, we're going to go to the front lines in the bedtime battle. a big question for a lot of parents of young kids, should you let your kids sleep in your bed? anani have confefeed to this before. >> i know. >> i have confessed to this before. we're working on it. >> look at that. >> still? aren't they in college yet? >> take a little edge off that "still." we're going to get a lot of experts, parents, kids, weighing in on this controversy. they're not going to be as judgmental as robin. >> no. and, george, i understand just so you understand. i got you. we have a sneak peek at kim kardashian's wedding album. "people" magazine is revealing the official photo plus lots of juicy details you haven't heard about the celebrity y dding that we can't stop talking about. >> we'll get to that, lara.
8:02 am
but let's get the news headlines. bianna? >> good morning, everyone. evacuations have started off north carolina has hurricane irene strengthens in the caribbean. it is now a powerful category 3 storm. people as far north as maine are bracing for flooding. and sam has the storm's track in just a moment. the strongest t rthquake to hit the east coast since world war ii has left cracks at the top of the washington monument. it's one of several federal buildings closed for inspection today. the 5.8 magnitude quake caused an estimated $100 million in damage. but luckily no serious injuries. well, a defiant moammar gadhafi has resurfaced this morning, releasing an audio message on a libyan news station. in his message, gadhafi urges loyalists to take up arms against the rebels he calls devils and t titors. he's also vowing to fight on to victory or martyrdom. rebels have the upper hand through most of tripoli. meantime, we've just learned dozens of journalists and
8:03 am
foreign nationalists trapped in a tripoli hotel have been freed and are safe. well, ten years after the 9/11 attack, the medical examiner's offffe here in new york has just identified the remains of another person killed in the world trade center. 40-year-old ernest james worked in the north tower. he was the 1,629th victim to be identified. we now turn to new trouble for casey anthony. it looks like she's lost her legal battle and will have to surrender to florida's department of corrections friday. abc's ashleigh banfield explains why. >> reporter: not exactly a hometown welcome. but this is the kind of reaction that casey anthony could encounter now that she's lost an appeal to avoid a year's probation back at home. voted as america's most hated woman, she's back in florida but still in hiding. >> as far as where she's at, we're very concerned about her safety. we have her in a location that's very safe. and she has people who care about her around her. >> reporter: casey's attorney admitted to fox news that her
8:04 am
only friends are her attorneys and their associates. >> the thing that did surprise me about her case is that she had very few friends, in fact, none. >> reporter: by friday, casey must report to a probation officer. the appellate judges, blasting hehelawyers for treating the process like a game. casey argues she's already served probation while sitting in jail. but the judges said that was nothing more than an administrative error that her attorneys were well aware of. the florida bar is now investigating her lead attorney, jose baez. and as far as contact with casey's family -- >> she's had limited contact with her parents, yes. >> but has she spoken to her brother, lee? >> no, she has not, unfortunately. >> reporter: and it remains to be seen if while serving probation she'll have a place to stay with them. for "good morning america," ashleigh banfield, abc news. finally, i had to catch my breath all morning because i knew this story was coming up. a california shoplifter pushed her luck a little too far. she was caught on surveillance tape ripping off a garden supply
8:05 am
store. now, she would have gotten away with hundreds of dollars in stolen goods. but then, she decided to enter a store raffle, leaving her name, her address and her phone number leading police right to her front door. you can understand how brilliant of a woman this was. in fact, the store owner said, yeah, a little on the not so bright side. >> a wee bit. >> either that or her subconscious in overdrive saying, yes, i do want to get caught. i do want to get caught. >> find me, please. >> she gave them the info. a little sizzle we hear from you lara spencer? >> really?y? you're feeling it? let's get to it. that story is great, bianna. "pop news heat index" is burning up. you guys, marc jacobs is on fire. it looks like the american designer is on the way to taking over the most storied fashion house in paris, christian dior. jacobs is in talks to become the creative director for dior,
8:06 am
replacing john galliano, who was ousted earlier after a drunken outburst. and according to "women's wear daily," the talks are, quote, getting serious. and also burning up the heat index, our little felt friends, the muppets music video for, okay, on the muppets theme song was released. and it's hysterical. okay. okay go is one of several grouou collaborating on the green album and around november as the new muppet movie it will be released and make sure if you go online check out the video and that you wait till the end for a really good laugh. it's adorable. also hot today, studies show that powerful people tend to gravitate towards other powerful people. and nowhere is that more true than in hollywood. according to "forbes'" new list of the highest paid celebrity couples, the top spot goes to supermodel giselle bundchen and new england patriot tom brady, with combined earnings of $76 million.
8:07 am
>> in one year? >> in one year. beyonce and jay-z, number two, with $72 million, thanks to music and endorsements. followed by angie and brad and david and victoria beckham. in this group one plus one equals millions. finally -- yes, thank you very much. finally, an innovative way to be a bridesmaid without having to shell out for a dress you know you're never going to wear again. renee armstrong couldn't make her friend's wedding. but she didn't want to let her bride down. so, she allowed herself to be carried down the aisle by her groomsmen ipad style. the plan was virtually there when someone dropped the bridesmaid at the e hearsal dinner smashing the frame. thankfully the ipad was replaced in time. however, renee did not have as much success on figuring out how to catch the bouquet. it's hard to do in that little -- anyway, that is -- >> wow. now, is anybody going to pick up on that? >> i love that idea. i've got a closet full of those dresses. that's good.
8:08 am
>> quite creative. lara, thanks. let's get some weather. sam champion. >> well, irene certainly did -- good morning, everybody. hurricane irene certainly did exactly as expected. category 3 storm, churning through the bahamas at this point. let's show you exactly what's going to happen with this storm. and it's time to get really serious about its impacts on the eastern seaboard. as we watch the storm breeze by, florida seems to be in good shape. but then you get to the carolina coastline. now, remembering that the right side of the storm, looking at the screen, the right side of the storm gets the worst effects of the hurricane. so as it kisses the outer banks there, you're looking at some wind and rain for north carolina, virginia. looks like we go through new jersey. also parts of pennsylvania. new york city, new york state will get some effects from this thing, as well as a good part of massachusetts and rhode island. so, we'll watch this carefully over the next few days. remember, the trend has been to move that storm a bit more east and move it out a little bit toward the atlantic. but now we're getting down to the real cut time of what's going to happen. and we need folks to get ready on the coastlines of the carolinas.
8:09 am
and also even new jersey and long island and the cape for a storm like this to pass the coastline. heat is big heat. in phoenix today, look at those numbers. 111 straight across the board. vegas 106 to 105. dallas at 106, which is a thank you, guys, for making the times this morning. we appreciate it. we're live in times square. oh, lara? >> thank you, sam.
8:10 am
here's a look at what's coming up ononhe "gma morning menu." mommy blogs are likely going to be burning up after our report on co-sleeping, letting kids sleep in bed with you. cameron mathison talks to the experts, parents themselves. and waterskiing shark style. we'll meet the father and son taken on an hour-long wild ride by a seven-foot shark. and a mom waiting on the shore for them to get home safely. and we'll reveal kim kardashian's official wedding photo for the first time. and get some inside scoop from one of the guests coming up on "good morning america." [ male announcer ] the network -- a living, breathing intelligence that's helping people rethink how they live. ♪ in here, video games are not confined to screens.
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8:15 am
ensure! nutrition in charge! there he is. >> oh, yeah. that remarkable story we brought you on tuesday, kevin and hunter stevens almost reeled in the big one while fishing off the coast of texas. well, they always planned to give it back. now they're here to tell us live what it's like battling an almost seven-foot shark over an hour from a small kayak no less and, yeah, we'll find out what momma had to say when she heard about the tale when they got home. let's first look at what happened in that kayak. >> oh, yeah, daddy. >> oh, there's a shark. >> that's a big boy. >> 9-year-old hunter stevens and his dad kevin were about to call it a day when they snagged this nearly seven-foot black-tipped shark. >> beauty, huh? >> all right. >> reporter: far from shore in the hot and humid gulf of mexico. kevin struggled with the shark
8:16 am
for an hoho. >> he's pulling us about a mile, half a mile from where we started. >> what? that's a long -- >> reporter: this pair no strangers to the sea. they've caught all kinds of fish but nothing like this. >> okay, let's back up again. >> reporter: kevin brings the shark up for one last look. >> there he is. >> reporter: before setting it free. >> bye-bye. >> so joining us live are kevin and christina stevens, their son hunter and cute little daughter hannah over there. so it's great to have you all here with us. all right, daddy, let me start with you first. now, you've been a longtime fisherman and brought people out on a guide and caught sharks, hundreds of sharks in your lifetime but have you ever experienced something quite like this. >> not on the kayak. we go shark fishing quite often but this was the largest shark i've caught on kayak so far, so when we first got it up, it was a little bit intimidating, but we've done it before, so we were
8:17 am
fairly safe. >> and you always intended to catch and release. >> we don't keep them. just catch and release. >> why do you go fishing for sharks? >> for the fun -- >> how fun is it for them. >> they might not like it but i let them go. they get to live another day. the fun is when they start pulling us around, though. it's a little bit of an adrenaline rush. >> what is that call. >> texas sleigh ride. >> hunter, were you scared at all? >> not that scared. >> huh? >> not that scared. >> not that scared. you were taking the video and everything and we heard your voice. what did you think when you saw the shark so close? >> when it was close to us, i was like -- thought it was going to bite us or tip us or something was going to go wrong with that that. >> thankfully nothing like that happened and you had your dad here and it is a black tip and they're in the species of sharks -- >> in the bottom of the danger
8:18 am
chain. >> we'll take your word for it. all right. so when they came home, christina, and showed you the video, what is the first thing you said. >> well, i mean dave does this all the time every weekend so when my husband called me saying he was suffering from heat exhaustion. i said he could take himself to the store because i was busy and he showed me the video. okay, this is a little bit different ball game. it was really comical. however, even though they may be a little more docile shark, i don't like sharks. >> no. >> this is about as far into the water as i go so, you know, i just thought it was a really neat thing because first of all, it's quite interesting he did it on the kayak and, second, my son wants to be a marine biologist, so i mean it was amazing to know that he finally got to get a bigger shark and this was larger
8:19 am
than average from what i know so i mean it was really great to know that he got to see part of his dream. last year his project was on jacques cousteau actually. he really loves the ocean >> that's great and you support him especially being a marine biologist and what better than your dad and mom b b some people are saying, maybe a bigger boat. maybe a boat not a kayak. >> we've had boat. >> we've done it many times on boats but it's more fun on a kayak. >> hannah, you don't want any part of this, do you? steering clear but you made sure that hunter was a good swimmer and things before you brought him out. >> he's a strong swimmer. we practice turning the kayak over getting back in. we do these drills all the time. we wear life jackets. we carry knives and shears on the side of us so we can cut the line if something bad happens,
8:20 am
so, yeah, we take a lot of safety precautions. >> you want to go back out there again, hunter? >> yes. >> and when did you want to become a marine biologist? before this or just because you're around water all the time living in texas. >> because i'm around animals. >> his first was sh, not mom or dad, his first love. >> and my family is from norway and his family has always had him active in fishing since 2 so i don't know if it's the blood line or something going on here but he doesn't say mommy first. he said fish. >> look at those eyes. glad everything worked out well. it was interesting to see especially from a kayak like that and like you said, you've been doing this for a long time and it's good to know you let the shark live another day. >> and we'll be back next saturday doing it again. >> are you really? >> yes, they're exhausting. >> that look in your eyes and can tell what you're really
8:21 am
thinking. >> it's hot out there. in texas, it's ridiculous. so i cannot be the cheerleader from the sidelines every weekend. >> you've got bigger issues than that shark, my friend. >> yes, i know. >> christina, thank you. everyone, hunter, hannah, perfect. you were perfect this morning. thanks so much. we appreciate it. >> thank you, robin. we appreciate you letting us come on. >> you got it. george? >> robin, i'm with hannah and christina. time for co-sleeping confessions. some may remember that we struggled with getting our girls out of our bed and, yes, it is getting better. but whether that is bad parenting, so many families make it a guilty secret. cameron mathison, until now, you have fessed up. >> yes, george, i admit it i'm one of those parents that find bedtime a little bit tricky but i found out that we like you are definitely not alone. ah, the joys of new parenting. play time with the blankie and
8:22 am
soccer ball, check. dining on peas and watermelon cube, check. putting the bed to bed in his own crib? even though this family knows bedtime should look like this, their secret was that it actually looks like this. >> he sleeps well. we sleep well. when we're co-sleeping. >> reporter: that's right, co-sleeping instead of counting sheep in his crib 11-month-old beckett bunks with his parents. >> he would fall asleep in our arms then we'd put him down and he'd wake up immediately. >> reporter: the new parents decided to try a different method, co-sleeping and it worked like a charm. >> we slept for three hour, both of us and it was the longest stretch that we had gotten since he had been born when we weren't holding him. >> reporter: they weren't always so open about allowing him to sleep with them and called themselves closet co-sleepers. >> we would leave out the fact that he was sleepingngith us in
8:23 am
our bed. >> some people don't approve. so, yeah, and i mean you never know who it is, so i just kind of avoid the topic. >> reporter: finally they decided enough is enough. >> i think i really got confidence about our decision and i decided that we should, you u ow, just come out of the co-sleeping closet. >> reporter: and they did just that, sara even wrote a blog outing their decision. we co-sleep, there, now it's out in the open. think what you will. >> i justtelt like, you know, this is right for us. this is right for our family and it works and as long as it's working, we're going to keep doing it. >> reporter: and they're not alone. studies show the number of co-sleepers are actually off because so many people keep it a secret. but some experts say bed sharing can have a negative impact on a child's growth. >> any doctor that is opposed to it and says this is bad for our child, haveeim come and sleep a cot next to our bed and see
8:24 am
how happy beckett is when he wakes up in the morning. >> reporter: some experts say co-sleep something perfectly normal. but how long is too long? >> we're planning on letting him sleep with us until -- >> reporter: until, oh, that powerful five-letter word that i know all too well. i'm still sharing my bed with my kids and i too was keeping it quiet until now. last year i learned all the tips for stopping the slumber shuffle. have a goldfish or small p p in the room to keep them company so they don't feel alone. have a mommy or daddy teddy bear to snuggle with. give them some special gifts from the sleep fairy like the tooth fairy if they sleep in their own bed they get a morning present. why did you get a prize? >> because i slept in my own bed all ninit. >> reporter: now a year later. update from the matheson house. you remember when we thought we
8:25 am
finally got our kids to sleep in their own beds. well, like many successes in order to take two steps forward, you need to take one step back. laelly starts her night in her big brother's room. many you got your mom mo monkey, daddy bear now, leila, tonight you're going to sleep in your own bed. later i asked where she would wake up. >> in mommy and daddy's room. >> reporter: why? >> because it's cozy. >> reporter: it's the next morning and i woke up with one extra pillow in the bed except this pillow was moving. it's a process. okay. so you k kw how the kids feel about it. but i truthfully have mixed
8:26 am
feelings because it's true you definitely don't get uninterrupted sleep when your child is in bed with you tossing and turning especially going from bedroom to bedroom involved in it but at the same time you get that snuggle me. leila is a. i don't know how much longer it's going to last so it's tricky. >> she's only 5. you've got years left, cameron. years. but i know exactly where you're coming from. as much as you want to lay down the law and be disciplined about it there's some nights it just feels right. >> you know, it does and i was even hesitant to tell you guys -- >> i heard. >> that laelly is still coming to bed. yes, i did because i was on national television sayingg we had so much success but it's coming along and i definitely want to say that it's our responsibility as parents to figure this out and not leila so we're working on it. >> cam, thanks very much. time for you to weigh in. thumbs up or thumbs down on co-sleeping. is it bad for kids' development.
8:27 am
vote on our website. coming up inside the celebrity wedding of the year. ♪ good morning, san francisco mayor ed lee plans to meet with police brass to reduce violence at 49ers games. they are going to ask for a larger police presence and cracking down on tailgating including banning it off of kickoff. they are reiterating that season ticket holders could lose their ticket seats if they are involved in a fight. >> good morning. tough grind out central valley,
8:28 am
580 a couple of earlier accidents and stall at grant line is very slow toward the altamont pass up into livermore. bay bridge a stall has been cleared but very slow traffic on the incline and slow behind the tolls. thank you, sue. mike will have the f f f f f f i
8:29 am
welcome back. sunshine, already working its magic temperatures in the 50s and 60s. '70 in antioch but temperatures
8:30 am
will be cooler yesterday. east bay valleys, low 90s and mid to upper 80s into south bay. low 80s in the north bay. 50s around san francisco, 74 in oakland. slightly cooler tomorrow before a warming trend this weekend. news continues now with "good morning america." ♪ i'm so in love with you >> always in love with our audience outside. little baby here in times square. >> tiny. >> tiny one, yes. and so many people can't get enough of kim kardashian's awesome wedding. they heard that at the wedding. serenaded by robin thicke. e bride walking down the aisle on the arm of her dad, bruce jenner, exchanging vows with her new husband kriri humphries. just ahead, the exclusive
8:31 am
pictures and details frorom "people" magazine. you weren't the only one invited, lara. "people" magazine was there too. >> it really was a gorgeous day. as big an event it was, they kept it intimate. the family really loves each other and it was a real party. that al green song, that was our wedding song too. good choice, kim. >> you and david? >> yes, so i'll fill you in. >> all the details coming up. inside a family with 18 kids. >> say that again. >> 18 kids. there they are right now. they are friends of the "19 and counting" duggars. everyone still lives at home, 20 people under 1 roof, and now the older kids are getting ready to date. it's created all kinds of complications. a little hard to get privacy in that family but juju chang was able to go inside and find out how they make it work. >> somehow i knew denise would play "we are family." that was a given. when we report on hunger, we
8:32 am
often think the problem is far away. new numbers out today reveal hunger could be right next door. 25% of all american children live with what they call food insecurity. that means there's not always enough to eat. today on all of our programming, abc news is reporting on hunger at home. taking a close look at the struggles so many americans have to put food on the table. abc's dr. richard besser is here with one neighborhood story. rich? >> thanks, robin. you know, in this economy that daily struggle is very real for so many americans. sometimes buyiyi food has to come second to paying the rent and buying nutritious food, for some that's almost impossible. i went out to get an understanding of the problem, and i found an incredible woman who helped me understand the problem and the solution. at city harvest mobile market in the south bronx, it's free vegetables that draw the crowds. onions, carrots, corn. this mother has three children who can now look forward to dinner. why do you come here to the food pantry? >> to get food for my kids. >> reporter: normally what kind of food are you able to afford?
8:33 am
>> rice. >> reporter: rice. does this help your family? >> yes, it helps me a lot. >> reporter: in 2009 nearly one in five children lived in households that relied on emergency food assistance through food pantries, shelters, kitchens. here you go. and markets like this one which rescues surplus food from nearby restaurants and farms. >> how are you? >> reporter: very well. >> welcome to the market. >> reporter: master chef frank falcinetti donates food from his restaurants to help families out during tough times like this. >> corn, carrots and tomato salad. >> reporter: today, a bonus. a cooking lesson too. everyone would be hoping the economy would be kicking in right now. >> it's kicking in. it's kicking everybody in the butt. the first thing that gets cut is food, you know, instead of three meals, you cut it down to two meals. instead of two meals, you cut it down to one meal. >> reporter: tonight these kids will feast. >> it's definitely making a huge difference. >> reporter: nice to meet you and your name? >> cynthia.
8:34 am
>> reporter: mother of five, cynthia caldwell has a job at a nursing home. >> i can't qualify for food assistance, so this goes a long way to help me feed my children. >> reporter: why don't you qualify? >> $38 over. i make too much. >> reporter: are there a lot working that are in your shoes? >> oh, yeah, i tell everyone this is a blessing. i have corn. i have onions, and i have carrots. >> reporter: there was something about cynthia's spirit, heher smile. i wanted to see just how she's making it all work for her family. hello. how are you? even though she had just come off a grueling shift at work. you went straight from a 16-hour shift to a food pantry? >> yes. >> reporter: why was that? because i needed the stuff. >> reporter: she works weekends. her husband works during the week. that way one of them is always there to watch the children. >> i feel overwhelmed sometimes that if you're not very thrifty, you mightn't be able to survive this economy.. my husband and i we do want to
8:35 am
work two, three jobs if we could do that, but what quality of life would the children have? we want them to have a good family life at home with mom and dad. >> reporter: sounds like you have it figured out. >> we try. >> reporter: the fruits of her labor? sprouting in her own backyard. wow. you've got a large garden out here. cabbage, parsley, spinach, tomatoes, a weapon against hunger on the vine. now, these are some late ones, though, right? >> yes, we started late this year. >> reporter: and more in her refrigerator. carrots, corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, this food would have been thrown away by somebody. >> yes. >> reporter: but instead. >> i find a use for it. >> reporter: all this from the food pantry. >> spinach, i use that and make a spinach omelet. the carrots, i make carrot juice with the carrots. >> reporter: i thought i ate a healthy diet. i think you get far more vegetables than i get. a determined mother pulling together whatever she can to put
8:36 am
wherever she can real food in her children's bellies and smiles on their faces. cynthia refuses to let any of the healthy foods she gets from the pantry or her garden go to waste. she packs a bag for her neighbor, a hard-working woman like herself who can't make ends meet. >> has four kids at home. one already in college. she -- the family does not qualify for food stamps. we heard that. any other programs that they do qualify for? >> yeah, i mean the children have been getting free breakfast and lunch at school, but the thing is like so many children, that only is there during the school year. only 11% of children who get free school lunch get it during the summer. >> you know, there are a lot of people that think, wait a minute, we talk about the obesity problem in the u.s. and now we're talking about people not getting enough to eat. they think there's a disconnect. but there really isn't. >> at first you think it can't go hand in hand, but poverty, food insecurity and obesity go hand and hand. the reason is, nutritious food tends to cost more. so if you don't have a lot of
8:37 am
dollars, you're going to be spending it on high-calorie, low-nutrition food. so children who are often overweight who are food insecure. let me show you a map of the u.s. that lays it out. this first map here, this is a map of the areas with the highest rates of food insecurity. a lot in the southeast. this next map is a map of those parts of the country with the highest rates of adult obesity and as you see, there's a major overlap there. those areas where there's a lot of poverty, a lot of food insecurity, they're also areas with major obesity problems. >> let's go back to cynthia and her family for a moment. we saw the piano. tell us how they -- >> she was able to buy that piano for $200. it's never been tuned, and the children have all had piano lessons. they all played music for us, and she's been able to create just a wonderful family setting, a wonderful place to bring up these children, and she's pulling it all together. >> she's determined. >> unbelievable. very inspiring. >> ah, thanks for bringing that to us, rich. if you'd like to learn more
8:38 am
about how to hip, you can go to our website, or you can contribute $10 by texting feed, f-e-e-d, to 50555 and the conversation, the all-important conversation continues right now with "world news" weekend anchor david muir on twitter with #hungerathome. and on all type of programming on abc, you will see this type of programming. back outside to sam. >> hey, bin, good morning. folks on vacation still are sending us their pictures on on twitter and also on facebook. if you look at the pictures we put up this morning, you'll see one of them from the turks and caicos. in that area, folks say that the storm kind of came through, a little bit of wind damage but things look better than expected through areas like that. might not be the same way for the bahamas. let's show you why, the rest of the bahamas because as the storm is now a category 3 and rolls through that area, it's going to get a little tough. then the next time it gets really close to land, it'll be
8:39 am
as close as it gets to cape hatteras and the outer banks there, and that's probably by about saturday night at midnight toward about 2:00 a.m. sunday and then we're still from there on it's watching along that shoreline for what will still be a category 1 hurricane breezing by and could get very close to long island and also very close to the massachusetts coastline >> we're live in times square, and all that weather was brought to you by ensure. robin. >> that was a mighty crowd out there behind you, sam. can't wait to get out there and join you. but coming up, thehe excluse pictures from the star-studded wedding of the year. inside kim kardashian's big day. lara will bring that to you next.
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8:42 am
inside kim kardashian's wedding. we are bringing you the first wedding photos, jen garcia is an assistant editor of "people" magazine and wrote the big cover story about kim's big day. it hits newsstands friday but she's joining us right knew from l.a. with a sneak peek. all the details you haven't heard yet. hello, jen. >> hey there, how are you? >> good. have you recovered? >> slightly. there's been some long nights
8:43 am
and sol early mornings but i'm almost there. >> it was a big day. i want to get right to the exclusive photos. let's start with the picture, so romantic of kim and kris kissing. what can you tell us about this photo? >> i mean it was such a sweet first kiss. the entire ceremony was just lovely and it's funny, kris is so tall, so kim had to kind of reach up and he had to get down there and get ahold of his bride, but it was sweet and everyone just erupted in applause. >> let's talk about the dress or should i say dresses? why have one when you can have three vera wangs? >> exactly. i mean there were three stunning gowns and kim actually told me the second that she wore it for the first dance ended up being her favorite. it was a little more her, i'd say a little sex kwer but the three were just stunning and they were all couture gowns becerra. >> the first one was really that princess feeling which is what she's dreamed of having since she was a little girl. she's been so candid about her
8:44 am
dream day and her dream man and it certainly looks like she got it. i want to show another one of the exclusive photos. kim's sister khloe, her nephew mason and one of the guest, demi lovato. tell us about this picture. >> you know what, i have to say mason was the scene stealer of the entire wedding. >> he was. >> he was adorable. he was running down the aisles and later he hit the dance floor. khloe was great. she stuck with the other bridesmaids the entire night and demi lovato had a wonderful time. >> who had the best moves on the dancncfloor. >> a lot of folks did. people spent a lot of time dancing. it was between robin thicke or earth, wind and fire and d.j. cassidy. i will tell you bruce jenner definitely has some good moves. ryan seacrest was out there. lindsay lohan but my ultimate was serena williams who just took over that dance floor. >> well, i witnessed it. that girl has moves. i saw that firsthand.
8:45 am
>> she does. >> i also loved the emotion of the day. this was, you know, a big televised event that everybody will see in october on e! but it was also very emotional. what did you witness? >> i agree. i mean, you know, of course, there were the cameras but it felt intimate and you really could see the emotion there. kris was nervous. he admitted that to me. i talked to him yesterday. he said when he saw everyone staring at him he just kind of -- he froze up for a little bit but kim was really cool as a cucumber. i will say that bruce was the one who kept her cool. you know, she told him to just talk about anything, the weather, whatever, just to get her down that aisle but it was great. >> well, we can't wait to see the issue of the we thank you so much. and kim's wedding is the cover of "people's" upcoming issue that hits stands friday and coming up next here on "gma," is privacy possible when you're 1 of 18 kids? we'll find out. a good night's sleep.
8:46 am
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take it from me, two or even lee kids can seem overwhelming but what about 18? we are about to meet one tennessee family. they have 18 kids, all living at home under one roof. abc's juju chang spent a lot of time with them and they're trying to deal now with a word i love. a very old-fashioned word courtship. >> courting. it's hard to find privacy when you're sharing a room with four or five of your brothers and we think of it so radical, 18 kids but they they're just a throwback to a bygone era when everybody raised their families like this, no television, no internet, just good old-fashioned values. kelly bates has given birth 18
8:49 am
times, 18 pregnancy, 18 labor and deliveries. not one c-section and most were born at home. and how often did you have an epidural or anesthesia in any way? >> midwives don't usually administer that so for the 14 at home i did not have any of that -- >> reporter: not so much as an aspirin? >> no. >> reporter: it's easy to confuse them with their good friend, the duggers, the most famous megafamily in america thanks to their show "19 and counting." the bates are frequent guest stars. >> oh, glad to have gill and kelly. >> reporter: the two families who have 37 kids between them have been close for years. >> hey, guy, we have some fun planned. >> reporter: they meet up every year at a home schooling conference in texas. but while the bates drove up in a truck and van, the duggers arrive in a slightly more luxurious set of wheels. >> this is like a rock star's --
8:50 am
>> reporter: bus, except with sleeping toddlers. >> we let her sleep. >> reporter: that is not one of her many daughters. it's her first granddaughter. son josh started courting his wife anna after they met here at this conference a few years ago. >> he waited to actually ask my dad. >> reporter: when a relationship blossoms it's called courting. >> there's many different definitions of courtship but for us, it meant really choosing purity, choosing to wait for a lot of things that people would take for granted so our first kiss was on our wedding day. >> wow. >> thank you. >> reporter: their romance was chronicled on the duggers' reality show where the bates were guests at the wedding. ♪ it's all how you make it >> it's for us exciting. the idea of seeing your children grow up and put into practice what you've been trying to teach them an prepare them for their whole lives and thehe the thougt of grandbabies and then their future and their happiness, i mean it's just -- it's an
8:51 am
excitement. >> reporter: all of the bates kids live at home including the four in college. but it may not be long before one leaves the nest. >> i mean, so much alike. just so neat how they had so many common interests. >> reporter: after being smitten by a friendly friend of the dugger, that's her playing the banjo, a nerve souse zach is about to ask a 22-year-old uegrass musician to court. >> ready? >> i'm about as ready as i'll ever be. >> zach is our oldest, 22. just got elected this year as county commissioner. the youngest in tennessee. >> -- in tennessee. >> reporter: his courtship is a family affair. >> she's scared to death. >> don't be nervous now. >> thank you.
8:52 am
>> he may be mumbling but what he's saying is my heart is drawn to yours. [ applause ] >> reporter: mind you, when they're courting there is no hand holding, no touching and definitely no kissing. >> pretty. >> matthew -- >> doesn't she look pretty? >> reporter: for the other bates kids they're in no hurry to leave home so other than laundry i i e you with aabyy on your hip all the time. what explains that? >> i just -- i love kids. they're my favorite thing. >> reporter: though she takes college classes and volunteers at the paramedics she won't be married off until a siewerter comes calling so at 21 she's content to wait. at what point do you move out, get your own family? >> i don't know. i mean i guess i could now if i wanted. i just -- i love being here so much.
8:53 am
>> reporter: the bates are raising their family in an old-fashioned way but as you can see the gender roles are a little old-fashioned too. kelly and the girls take care of the home schooling and homemaking and gill and the b bs go off and do a tree cutting business and that's how they earn a living but when is first went down there i was thinking what are they thinking? 18 kids and over getting to know them months and months i thought, wow, i think we can all learn a little something about them. they're happy, well adjusted. accomplished, beautiful kids. >> you said you spent months with them before -- >> months and months and found the same things, you know, jaded new yorkers would go down and come back, wow, blown away. >> well, and it's good. results we'll be seeing on prime time "nightline" at 10:00, 9:00 centrararararararararararararar@
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co-sleeping, bad idea? it's not bad. 61% said it is a bad idea but 39% felt fine what you do. >> we are trying. we're doing our best. >> not as bad as i thought it would be. >> that's good. see you tomorrow. @b at progressive, you can bundle
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good morning, a three week old has been chosen as the world championship baby. she was born the closest the exact time the giants won the world series. >> a lot of sunshine away from the coast. not quite as hot as yesterday. 57 in san francisco. 74 in oakland to mid 80 sneith bay. low 80s up in the north bay valleys and low to mid 90s in the east bayll


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