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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  August 25, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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in california. they increase the taxes they pay. and that's why it is perverse and outrageous and needs to be eliminated. >> they built the plant in oregon because it would have cost more to expand in california. >> reforming it. when we are building in california we are not penalize incentized out of the state. republicans are already giving his jobs proposal a thumbs down. >> it is an agreement we made with businesses and now they want to break that with the guise of it is good for jobbs. >> i pressed the governor on how many jobs his plan would make. he couldn't say. >> these are incentatives . removing disincentatives. the exact number we call it the fallacy of misplaced
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concreteness. >> that is jerry speech. and the governor wants to renew a surcharge that you pay on your electricity bill even though 10 percent of that money was spent on questionable research. >> nannette, thank you very much. weekly unemployment claims rose last week. 5,000 more americans joined the ranks and bringing it to 417,000. california saw improvement in august when unemployment claims dropped by more than 10,000. >> there are more veterans in a tough job market. they will receive help in the south bay in a job fair specifically for them. government agencies including the f.b.i. and i.r.s. and crs. and we got a college degree
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and i drove three hours from central california. and we like putting the exmilitary personnel back to work. they have done a lot for us. >> there is 61 more events in 34 cities with a similar schedule set for next we're. abc 7 and the job journal are cosponse aring a another jobs hire next month. it is on south airport boulevard. we have all of the details for you in abc 7 and in san francisco, a federal judge is trying to decide whether to toss out barry bond's conviction for obstruction of justice. bonds was back in court hoping for that decision. they are outside of federal court with what happened there today. heather? >> it lasted a half an hour and the judge saying they will
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think about it and issue a written decision. bond's attorney told the judge that they believe his obstruction of justice connection conviction should be thrown out because he did eventually answer the question. and it is not a federal crime. they argue that any evasist answer is a crime even if you answer the question multiple times. the prosecutor investigating the lab for steroid and asked bonds if the trainer gave him a substance for self injection. [inaudible] attorneys are not predicting how the judge might rule. >> going back all of those many years ago in the ice age or whatever age it was when we first gathered. >> it is a close call and it really comes down to how you
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interpert obstruction of justice. that is purposefully very broad. if you say anything that could be relied upon by a investigator or prosecutor and you impede in any way the process of justice you are guilty of a crime. bonds' attorney asked for the acquittal or new trial. they will not say if they will seek a new this is heather ishimaru, abc 7 news. >> we apologize for the audio problems in that report. tonight san francisco police are invited to look across the bay for solutions for stadium security problems. the investigation at the 49ers-raiders game continues. they're looking for this man believed to have beaten a man in a coma in the bathroom.
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it got uglyier when two men were shot. san francisco police department received plentty of criticism. oakland officers have received nothing but praise from the nfl head of security. according to the chief. he has begin us applause of how we run ourselves and how they run the football games and suggested that san francisco take the model of oakland and address it along those lines . >> the 49ers restricted alcohol sales and promised more officers in the home games in the wake of that violence. that will be put to test in the saturday's home game against houston on saturday. >> the suspect in the car heist is under arrest. william fuller was the get away driver and arrested last night. two men suspected of pulling off the heist is brothers. 25 year old pier daniel shot and killed by the police. 24 year old freddie daniel was
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wounded and in the hospital. the police officer brian tacket received a soldier wound that he received by the daniel brothers and in the hospital. the guard is in hospital in serious but stable condition. >> fran frann police chief is fed up with the weekly protest in the downtown bart station. the police will respond quickly to the future protest that disrupt the evening commute. they published the names and charges of the people arrested last monday. it is organized by a group called anonymous. they say they don't belong to anonymous. but compeeled against the use of force by the bart police against a homeless man. >> i am expressing my freedom of speech and exercising my right to associate make bart police and i was arrested.
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>> they called for another protest tomorrow. >> we want to pass along childhood vaccines are clearred once again of a linkk to autism. another panel of federal scientist found that the vaccine doesn't cause autism. the evidence overwhelmingly supported this finding. they looked at eight vaccine that make up the majority of claims. the panel found risks from the chicken pox vaccine that can surface years after vaccination. but that lead toz menigitus and hepatitus perhaps. and the governor's facebook and twitter pages bombarded by californians that want him to ban a pesticide that is dangerous to our health. >> summer heat heading back to the bay area. we'll let you know how the temperatures will rise in the weekend. >> and the local county that
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a propane tank caught fire. and fire crews were going to perform the risky maneuver. they found lot less propane than first thought. they were ready to douce it with water. crews were concerned that the tanker fire could spread to other propane tanks storing 500,000 gallons of propane. >> keep boiling water that is the message residents heard tonight.
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100 customers lost water when a coastal town's pump broke. the state department of health has not lifted a boil notice. they are working with state health officials to disinfect and test water. it could be a day or so for it to be safe to drink. >> 7 on your side investigation and legal action against a soup company. >> how campbell soup labels were misleading. >> district attorneys in two counties saw my reports and filed a similar lawsuit against campbell soup company. they settled the suit for 173,000. and this started when labells with less when in fact, they did not. last we saw owens, she was showing us a can of tomato soup she wanted to buy it
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because the green label said less sodium. >> heart healthy and of course it catches your eye. >> she compared the less sodium soup with the regular campbell tomato soup and what she found was astonishing. >> they were 100 percent identical. here is the regular soup 480 milligrams of sodium and yet the soup with less sodium has 480 milligrams, too. the only difference was the price. the soup labeled 25 percent less sodium cost 50 cents more. >> i think this would have less sodium. >> we asked the shopper to compare. snorks -- they are the same. i oner why they are doing that? >> that is exactly the same. >> the district attorney in alameda and san diego counties were surprised, too.
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and filed a lawsuit claiming that the were misleading. less sodium soup had less sodium but recipes were changed in 2009 giving both types of soup the same amount of sodium. a representative told us that campbell denied allegations in the case and asserted that the labels were accurate. we settled the case to avoid inconvenience associated with litigation. campbell agreed to a new process of advertising in california to avoid inconsistent comparison between the two varieties of soup. >> funds will go to the consumer protection division. that will cover legal cost and pursue other cases. >> good work. >> social networking works the way it is supposed to, governor brown is getting messages from
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environmentalist. they are bombarding his facebook and twitter accounts. it is used in strawberry fields. it was approved 7 months ago by state officials who say it meets the state guidelines. there was a mock fulmigation in the state capitol. >> there is an impressive outdoor classroom. students have a safe place to learn environmental lessons. amy hollyfield reports. >>reporter: when you have a view like it is tough to focus on much else. and last year the kids were trying to do the clean up duties and were distracted by the performers on this ground stage. >> we saw the wheels and all call and classrooms came out and we watched the whales breeched. they would go ooh and ah. >>reporter: they didn't have a
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place to sit and appreciate it all. >> we used to sit on the fence and wait. now we can sit on it. >> and now the idea of a whale watching deck was born. the parent put the word out to the pta and kids that they would need a lot of help. >> eddy's bakery sent us goodies and starbucks cough i and costco, the grocery store and people from the neighborhood coming by. >> the principal decided to reach out to home depo. the company responded with a $9000 donation and sent work crews over to help. >> and couldn't stop smiling. >> the deck was finished this week just in time for the first week of school and the kids have a place to watch for the beautiful whale and dolphins that play in their back yard. >> i like them, they are real cool. and beautiful.
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and i like fishes. and whales. i like how it turned out. i didn't think it would turn out that nice. >> it is shaped like a whale tail. the material is tough to bend and shape. and they learned a lot in the process. they didn't use taxpayer money to pay for this. and did it entirely with donations. >> hurricane irene is causing, had avoc. eight pem in west palm beach, florida were hurt by heavy surf and the dedication of the martin luther king jr. monument was postponed because of the approaching storm. evacuation orders are going out to 200,000 people in north carolina. but it is the projected path that is causing worry. it is expected to hit the i-95 corridor and battering
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washington and new york and boston with heavy rain and strong wines. the government is calling it a nightmare and estimates damages in the billions. >> we are putting plywood up around the windows so it will not bloww the windows out. >> irene is about the same size as hurricane katrina. oakland as are playing in boston. >> this is a nasty storm and taking direct aim at southeastern united states. we are following it closely here. >> sandy is here. >> and we want to show you hurricane irene it is a large storm. category 3 and going up to category 5 as the strongest. it is an intense storm and packing sustained wins of 160 miles per hour and moving out of the bahamases at 14 miles per hour. outer bands are impacting just off of the coast of florida.
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they are getting surf and wind in that area and seeing the storm par-- paralleling the coastline. it comes in and closes in on cape patteras. and we are looking at a category two hurricane and 11:00 sunday impacting long island, new york. big concern is the storm surge. we are talking about storm surge and raising water levels 5-10 feet above the ground. that will be a major problem in the area. and not only that. rainfall totals in the area expected to be 6-10 inches of rain and a powerful winds. some flights may be delayied or cancelled because of the major hurricane. if you have travel plans to head there keep this in mind. temperatures in the bay area are on the pleasant side.
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and cooler and 90 in antioch and low 60s near the coast and plenty of sevenths - 70s and 80s. temperatures rise tomorrow. we are looking at a warmer pattern in the weekend. here's a look at water vapor imagery. we'll see the temperatures fall as two areas was low pressure keep us in a cooler pattern. the lows will move on out of here and once they do, tomorrow higher pressure starts to nudge west ward as it continues over the weekend. we'll see warmer conditions this weekend. circulation around the high clock wise, that will draw up high ouds and you will see in the east bay and south bay high clouds move nothing and filtering the sun at times over the weekend beginning tomorrow night and weekend, overnight lookk for temperatures in the 50s and antioch 60 degrees . we'll see fog in the coast and
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bay. marine layier is over 1200 feet deep. it is far inland and not that deep. inhand like antioch and livermore and fairfield and concord up to 90 degrees and 93 in clear lake and clover dale. and the rest of the bay area 84 in santa rosa and san francisco at 65 degrees. not much change in half moon bay. 73 in oakland and 79 in fremont. around the monterey bay. mid-60s to low 70s around the bay to upper 80s in places like morgan hill. we are looking at slightly warmer conditions tomorrow. mid-60s to low 90s. you will see the high clouds coming in late tomorrow and continuing on saturday. warm to hot conditions inland. and mid-90s you will notice
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there. and saturday and sunday. mid-to upper 60s. and cooling off period on monday and continue on tuesday. just wanted go back to irene here. the last time hurricane hit long longg was a category two, 1985 and it was hurricane gloria, this is unusual to get a hurricane in the long island area. if it holds together, it could be a story here. 3 now and could be a 4. >> it will make a landfall at 2 and weakening to a one in longg -- long island. this could keep the hurricane going and fuel the hurricane if you will. >> those was us with family members out there, they should take those warnings seriously. >> thank you, very much. >> and still ahead. out of this world pictures
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captured on the international space station. >> new at 6:00, how apple prepares for life without steve jobs. and concern that best
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the test vehicle crashed in pacific three minutes in the mission. the pentagon said it ended up collecting valuable data. this is the falcon being launched from the air force base. it was traveling at remarkable 3 -- 13,000 miles per hour when it crashed. it is to fly from the base to any city in the world within
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minutes. >> crew part of the six month space flight. they posted photos from orbit. they snapped this image at night. illuminated by tar lightt and moon light. the hd3 d camera is a education tool. >> we can use this to help with robotics and fine work we have to do outside. if we have a 3 d view it will help immensely. they are watching hurricane irene. this is the view from space. the hurricane irene looks leak a big dome of solid cloud, just terrifying from above. >> coming up next, the race to read. >> inny car driver come to town to get kids to take a lap in a good book.
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>> coming up, the bank hit 25,000 that belonged to her and wouldn't hand it over. the run around she received and the effort she made to get the money she was owed. >> and nation labor federation appears to be cutting ties in the democrat party. >> and paul is the new at 6:30. find out if you should spend the evening with him. those and more coming up at 6:00. >> and children to find their own success in school through reading. >> scott dixon was in caesar chavez elementary and reading about a book on nascar racing. >> dixon is in town for the indy grand


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