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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  August 26, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco where you will see another protest at bart stations here in downtown, but police say the next one will look different. as many as 65 million people could now be hit by the effects of hurricane irene as she
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marches toward the eastern seaboard. >> i'll have the latest on irene and warming trend in the forecast. >> good morning. i'm sue hall. live picture of the macarthur maze, we have a couple weekend events. just about 6:01. i'm eric thomas. kristen is off today. >> we're following breaking news from nigeria. rescue official says seven people are dead after a car bomb attack after the united nations main office. there were reports of a higher number earlier. they say the suicide bomber slammed into two separate gates and drove up to the main reception area before detonating. this is a picture of blast site. 400 employees work in the building. it happens in the same neighborhood where other embassies are located. we'll bring you more information as we get it. federal government is coming
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to the rescue of the san jose fire department. a grant from fema is allowing the department to put the nearly half of the 49 firefighters laid off last year back on the job starting today. terry mcsweeney is live in san jose with more. how long will they be on the job? >> reporter: that is the question. the good news 22 firefighters coming back into the department and being welcomed back by mayor chuck reed. 29 more firefighters are going to be coming back into the department over the next few months and question as you mentioned is how long will it last? nice news, 22 firefighters getting their badges back at a ceremony last month. then they went through six weeks of training and today, it's official, they are back. 27 more firefighters coming back later this year, the money comes from fema, $15 million to fund the 49 firefighters, but the
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city of san jose is projecting an $80 million shortfall this year. so far firefighters have taken a pay cut to avoid more layoffs. police have taken a pay cut and had layoffs, 66 to be exact. the mayor is calling for drastic measures, the closing of all branch libraries and community centers and smaller pensions. he wants voters to decide on that and possibility of more cuts to the fire department will be coming over the next few months and next year and down the road. looks like years of deficits for the city of san jose. how they deal with it is still up in the air. 22 firefighters coming back into the department today. 29 to follow. san francisco police want you to be a new member of the thin blue line.
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they will take online applications to be an entry level police officer. the application period will close after the city receives 2500 applications. there is a link to the application at our website at san francisco police say they'll be doing less watching and more arresting at future bart protests in the city. next demonstration is scheduled for monday. amy hollyfield is live at civic center bart. amy, why the change in tactics? >> reporter: bart riders are frustrated and police say they have rights, too. these protests have been happening during the evening commute on mondays. it created a lot of problems for commuters who are just trying to get home. some of the stations have even had to close momentarily here in downtown san francisco. so the riders are fed up and police promise this monday they will be moving in quicker than they have until the past. it was about four hours in past
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monday to make some arrests. the news they will be acting a little more quickly is welcome news to some bart riders saying they are tired of being caught in the middle. >> i'm tired of the protestors to be honest with you. i'm usually for freedom of speech, but i'm tired of it. why don't they go directly to the bart officials? do something with them, not with us. we work for a living. >> here a word from the police chief. while the demonstrators have the right to protest we will continue to facilitate to an extent. group of anonymous released their own statement, we do not appreciate threats nor do we take well to them. the group is promising a protest again this monday.
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some in san jose are calling for a summer moot music park program. it has offered free concerts for decades but many say it's gotten too big and too violent. just this morning, new video was posted on youtube under the title last music in the park. it shows two women beating each other as a crowd cheers them on. the person that posted said the crowds had come from last night's music in the park concert. earlier this summer, five people were stab stabbed in a downtown mcdonald's parking lot. a spokesman for the downtown association tells san is that the concert is at a crossroads and may consider changes to the event. >> president obama is expected to give a statement this morning on hurricane irene. the storm's outer bands are bringing rain to north carolina. overnight it weakened slightly
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to a category 2 storm but experts expect it to gain strength before it hits the east coast. irene is expected to make landfall in north carolina tomorrow and churn right up the coastline all the way to new england. 6-9 foot waves have hit the outer banks earlier this morning and winds are expected to pick up later today. a hurricane warning area has been expanded to cover a large chunk of the east coast from north carolina to new jersey while a hurricane watch stretchers all the way up to massachusetts. >> i know it's really hard for folks who have small businesses to leave, but everybody should take this very seriously. we can always rebuild but we can't replace lost lives. >> at least six states have declared emergencies. it could be the most destructive hurricane to hit the east coast in half a century. it's weakened overnight. >> yes, thanks to a coast front
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but a little bit of wind shear to it. its fragile system when it comes to wind shear. they do not like it. you can definitely see an impressive radar return, 500 mile wide storm as it's churning off the coast. down to category 2 and 110 mile-an-hour winds, it's going slam into north carolina as a category 3 major hurricane early tomorrow morning and head up the peninsula tomorrow night and then shoot straight for new york and boston sometime sunday morning into the afternoon hours. it looks like flooding is going to be the biggest concern with this system, fresh water flooding. we could get up 9-15 inches. >> this is what brought us cooler weather, high pressure from the desert southwest moves in. warmer weather on the way today. again at some time, it holds on for sunday and slight lie into
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monday and much cooler as we head into next week. we've got a small problem heading into san francisco, northbound 101 at silver a stall blocking the lane. you can see a minor slowing past the scene. concert tonight, oakland arena, expect heavy traffic. concert starts around 8:00. you'll find surface streets around the coliseum busy. walnut creek, southbound 680 is bunching up a little around north main as you head southbound toward 24. it's looking good all the way to caldecott tunnel. salty, a big change coming for one of most popular foods because what 7 on your side discovered. >> and major fire in yosemite. what is being done from keeping
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good morning, 6:13 on the mornings news. live picture outside, you can see also this morning, mist and drizzle out there that mike has been following. he'll tell that when it will burn off. don't be surprised if it affect flight times later this morning. a bill that would have given voters a chance to repeal the
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death penalty in california has died in committee. bill by state senator of berkeley would have closed death row. a recent study found the state pays $184 million more each year to keep inmates on death row than it would to keep them in prison for life. hancock says there is not enough support for her bill in the legislature. this morning the company claiming it's amazing what soup can do has settled a lawsuit. personally misleading labels on cans of tomato soup. they claim it has 25% less sodium but regular tomato soup has the same amount of salt, 480 milligrams. district attorneys in alameda and san diego filed a civil lawsuit against campbell. yesterday they settled for $173,000 but denied any wrongdoing. the company also agreed to
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change it's labeling process. main road to yosemite park is closed as hundreds of firefighters battle a wildfire just outside the park. the blaze broke out in a motor home thursday afternoon and has burned about thousand acres. highway 140 is closed for 15 miles. some tourists have been told to evacuate nearby motels. >> the highway patrol said we have a short time to do it. >> we're only here for a couple of days. >> we may not make it in there after all. >> the fire is burning in very steep terrain. they have been using a dozen planes and helicopters to drop water on it. 300 firefighters or the ground there and more are on the way. we've been talking lately how we didn't have high fire danger
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here. >> you did that, didn't you. >> i think so. >> we have been talking about that. we haven't had the winds and that is going to hip them a lot. a circle around yosemite, smoke goes to something and then pushes up to the north. we'll see a little more of that on the visible satellite when it comes into play later on this morning and into the afternoon hours. >> let's move on and show you what is going on outside. it's a beautiful picture, also like a paint weigh with the clouds, the photography and mount daiblo, beautiful. outside with a nice shot this morning. thank you very much. take a look at temperatures, into the south bay, low 50s including antioch, oakland and san francisco, all the way into north bay, a lot of mid to upper 50s, clouds and drizzle around the mochbtd ray bay. unlike yesterday, we'll see sunshine about an hour or two faster today. that will lead to warmer
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afternoons not only today and tomorrow and into sunday. not as cloudy tonight. if any drizzle falls it's near the coast and not quite as warm. today compared to average, 5 degrees warmer in livermore. oakland, one degree cooler in san jose. 2 in napa. san francisco 4 degrees shy about average high temperatures this time of year. >> cloud cover is moving into the east bay valleys but notice by 9:00 it's already shrinking by about 10:00 or 11:00, it's out of the valleys by noon, it's out of bay. it's going to cling to the coast keeping you in the 60s, 70s and 80s dominate the rest of our neighborhoods away from the coast. south bay, low to mid 80s. mid to upper 70s on the peninsula. millbrae 72. as you head into the south bay, 81. over on the coast, half moon bay
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8464. >> sausalito, mid to upper 50s to upper 70s around san rafael and vallejo. 81 in napa and mid to upper upper 80s outside of those areas. low 70s around richmond to upper 70s union city and castro valley. 81 in fremont. dublin at 88. monterey bay, clouds and mid-50s monterey, pacific grove. 91 degrees in gilroy. astros are in town for four games, we lost the first one. 7:15, 61 dropping down to 58. accu-weather seven-day forecast, 4 degrees warmer tomorrow. shave a few degrees off sunday and monday's forecast with temperatures close to average. tuesday through thursday will be cooler than the first four days of your forecast. >> we've got a big problem developing in oakland. couple of issues, first we'll take you to northbound 880 right
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at the embarcadero exit, big rig involved, six cars, two left lanes are blocked and could result in major slowing. southbound 880, stall at 7th avenue blocking the right lane. the commute this morning, metering lights remain off. looks friday light and no issues on the upper deck heading into san francisco. is the website, check all the latest incidents as well as traffic drive times. coming up, many more friends for facebook, staggering new numbers that is giving the social network to brag. and feeling snakes, the brave and potentially dumb tactic one thief used to get his hands on a
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good friday morning to you. it appears apple stock is holding steady in the wake of steve jobs sudden resignation. it was down 2.5% before closing up in after hours trading. many analysts remain bullish on apple expecting iphones to triple to 15% of the market as
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it enters the china market. steve jobs is expected to remain a strong influence as chairman of the board. in fact, apple's new ceo tim cook issued a statement saying, quote, apple is not going to change. i'm looking forward to steve's ongoing guidance and inspiration. >> facebook has reason to brag, google had a trillion views in june and 870 million unique visitors. facebook reached 47% of all web surfers and those are just the people google can track. web experts say the real numbers are likely to be higher. >> police in arizona say a thief stole thousands of dollars worth of snakes by stuflg them down in his pants. they recorded the heist. >> he just opened a cage, dropped them and put them in his
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pants and hung around for a couple of minutes. walked out the door. >> it was long shorts. >> the snakes were rair ones worth about $800 each. he sold them for $175 each and. >> they used the video to arrest him. still ahead at 6:30. reach of hurricane irene, monster storm bearing down on the east coast could have big effects on the bay area. >> also as police arrest a third suspect in a deadly armored car robbery, one group says the armored car company is partially to blame what happened. >> and n.f.l. executive headed to san francisco to help ensure there is no repeat performance of last week's violence during the week's 49ers raiders games.
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>> delays begin on the east coast, washington and philly having flight delays, san francisco, 62 flight arrival delays. flight tracker at bottom of that page. >> big problem developing in oakland, northbound 880 with a big rig accident, at least six cars blocking the two right lanes. lanes. we'll be following this and have lanes. we'll be following this and have ♪ ♪ free access to chase atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees with over 16,000 nationwide. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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good friday morning. live look at wall street, waiting for the opening bell to mark the start of the trading day. how about right now. [ bell ringing ] the u.s. economy grew 1% last month. fears that the economy is at risk of another recession. they will be listening to what ben bernanke has to say in a major speech that is expected to begin in about 30 minutes. we'll go live to new york in 15 minutes to see how it's starting off. >> breaking traffic news that could cause problems on 880. major accident involving multiple cars. sue hall is in the traffic center. problem unfolding as we speak right now. big rig accident northbound 880
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at embarcadero off-ramp and as many as six or seven vehicles reportedly in this accident. two left lanes and there is significant slowing and coliseum we're getting reports. big rig, six or seven cars two left lanes, embarcadero fifth street off-ramp. two dozen laid off san jose firefighters will be back on the job today thanks to millions of dollars in grant money from the federal government. 'terry mcsweeney is live in san jose. a total of 49 firefighters were laid off. will they all be coming back? >> they'll all be coming back but this down economy is creating some confusing situations. 49 are going to be brought back over the next few months, 22 today but i might be standings next several months they have all been laid off again.
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a ceremony last month, 22 firefighters getting their badges back after being laid off. these are re-hires and it becomes official they are back. 27 more firefighters. the money coming from fema. $15 million to fund the 49 firefighters for two years. the city of san jose is in a mess. they are projecting deficits as far as the eye can see. 80 million short fall next year. will there be more layoffs? so far firefighters have taken a pay cut to avoid more than they they've had. they've had of you layoffs. the mayor is calling for drastic measures, closing libraries, closing community centers, smaller pensions. possibility of more cuts to the department. we don't know what is going to happen in the future except at 11:00 today when 22 firefighters are officially welcomed back into the department and 29 to
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follow in the next few months. after that, who knows. terry mcsweeney, "abc 7 news." just hours from now, two of the men convicted of murdering chauncey bailey are expected to be sentenced. a alameda judge is expected to sentence them to life in prison without the possibility of parole. bey the head of the your black muslim bakery, the gunman andre broussard has been sentenced to 25 years in prison after pleading guilty to voluntary manslaughter. that was part of a plea deal he made with prosecutors. in exchange for 25-year sentence he testified about bey on olgd the hit. they say he was targeted because of the finances of your black muslim bakery.
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>> they have released a new suspect sketch as they continue to look for suspects in three violent attacks during last weekend's 49ers-raiders game at candlestick park. police say this is the man they believe viciously beat another fan into a coma at candlestick bathroom. there were multiple fights in the stands and two people were shot in the stadium's parking lot. some fans complained police simply weren't around. police say there will be extra off-duty officers at the game. n.f.l. head of security is going to attend the niners game and raiders home game on sunday to get a firsthand look at the problem. he says the n.f.l. has previously complimented security at the oakland coliseum. >> he has given us a plus on how we run the football games and has suggested that san francisco
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take the model of oakland and address it along those lines. >> back at candlestick, 49ers will halt tailgating after the game begins and stop selling alcohol during the fourth quarter of the game. they will set up d.u.i. checkpoints near the stadium. >> oakland city council is expected to battle over implement gang injunction and youth curfew. hundred teens and adults attended the summit as part of national silence the violence day. community is on edge in the wake of a drive-by shooting that killed a 3-year-old carlos nava in east oakland nearly three weeks ago. now city councilmember and larry reid are pushing for a gang injunctions and curfew but the mayor opposes the idea. >> in certain zones, i'm willing
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to work with the council on that but it's only small part of a bigger problem. >> the majority of the people that are causing problems on the streets are under age. >> they will introduce the youth curfew plan when the city council reconvenes september 20th. >> on the east coast, millions of people are bracing for hurricane irene to make landfall tomorrow. huge storm is aiming for north carolina but it's expected to churn a path of destruction up to major population centers including new york and new england. >> reporter: is first irene battered the bahamas and now it is causing havoc. more than half a dozen states have declared states of emergency. it's growing in danger. it's expected to bring powerful winds, drenching rain and
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massive flooding. more than 65 million people are in irene's line of fire. >> i'm always word about storms, it's going through the most populated areas on the east coast. >> irene pounded the outer banks. >> i hope people heed the warnings. i know it's hard for folks that have small businesses to leave. >> in north carolina, residents boarded up their homes. >> winds i heard 130 miles an hour. >> businesses shut down. one stayed open last night. >> i was trying to get rid of as much food as i can. >> in atlantic beach is battening down the hatches. >> people don't realize the strength of hurricane winds. light objects become a missile. >> all along coast from small
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towns to big cities, the message is the same. >> there is no excitement that is worth dying. >> forecasters say the center of the storm could head straight through new york city. big apple has only seen five hurricanes since 1851. while the eastern seaboard is in irene's crosshairs the effects will stretch to the bay area. hundreds if not thousands of flights are expected to be cancelled or delayed from north carolina to maine. that could create a ripple effect that will create delays at bay area airports. if flights are cancelled out back east, can't get the planes out here. let's check in on irene. >> quick reminder flight tracker will have all of that for you 24/7 throughout the weekend. >> here is a look at irene, all 500 miles of her. she is about v big storm. it was downgraded a little bit.
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it encountered wind shear from cold front but it regained strength to a category 3 as it slams into morehead city and heads up the peninsula. by tomorrow evening and sunday morning into sunday evening it rolls through new york and boston and rain, fresh water rain will be a big problem with the storm. color coding in yellow, that is at least nine inches. we could get 14 inches. that is as much as san jose gets in a year to nine inches in new york. that is why flooding is going to be such a problem. pretty quiet. winds are lighter this morning. the sea breeze is a little bit weaker. marine slayer more compressed. we'll see sunshine about an hour to hour and a half faster than we did yesterday. warmer weather today and warming trend for saturday and sunday and cooling trend begins monday. temperatures 10 degrees cooler by wednesday of next week.
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we're following a major problem that is developing, continues to develop in oakland. it is northbound 880, sig alert has been issued. big rig, six to seven vehicles, two lanes blocking embarcadero and fifth avenue. traffic is jammed from davis street. alternate routes would be to use 580, don't use the 880 at all or take the san mateo bridge to get around. sig alert northbound 880 and ironically, north of that, southbound 8 another big rig, this one stalled blocking the seventh street on-ramp. couple problems adding up a big snarl commute in oakland area. >> bay bridge toll plaza, remains light getting into san francisco. metering lights are off at this hour. >> a secret obsession, still what was found in moammar
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khadafy's compound that had former u.s. secretary of state is calling crazy. we're tracking early trading on wall street. dow is currently off 86 points. >> also, stunning new numbers that could give the tea party reason to worry about the upcoming election is. getting rid of gaga, the country banning all songs from one of
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live doppler 7-hd. scattered storms off the southern california coast. long storm system there. l.a. 91. 79 in san diego and palm springs 113. upper 90s through the central valley, tahoe, temperatures in the low to mid-80s with mid to upper 90s around yosemite. storms will be around today and quieter around l.a. and san diego. >> this morning, libya's rebel government is moving into tripoli. another sign of the imminent collapse of moammar khadafy's regime as the search continues. they uncovered possibly escape route from the compound, a labyrinth of underground tunnels links go communication centers to the outside world. >> nobody can come in here but
6:46 am
now we are free. >> rebels also discovered something a little bit weird in khadafy's compound, photo album an apparent obsession with condoleezza rice. on a spokeswoman she is not surprised by the album but she called it deeply creepy. >> a new poll finds americans are overwhelmingly disapproving of the performance of congress. the associated press poll finds approval of congress dropped last week to 12%. that is the lowest level in the poll's history. it's down from 21% in june. democrats and republicans were statistically died by respondents when asked which party they trust towed handle the federal budget deficit. the popularity of the tea party
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seems to be fading. unfavorable opinions of the most. have increased by 10% since last november. >> investors keeping a close eye on hurricane irene and fed chief ben bernanke. now, the latest for us. good morning. good morning. damage es noorts hurricane irene are dropping. know are forecasting losses to total about $10 billion, still a lot but way less than $26 billion they had been saying earlier this week. all this as the storm moves up the atlantic coast in an eastern path and shows signs of weakening. and they are interested in what ben bernanke has to say. they are holding a meeting at jackson hole. investors are seeing if he comes up with more plans to stimulated the economy. we do a low start, dow is off
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more than a hundred points of a government data was released showing a weaker gdp. >> expect to pay more for your food. bread and cereal prices will rise, most since 2008. and they are projecting overall to rise as much as 3.5%. live at new york stock exchange, bloomberg news. this morning, china's ministry of culture is ordering music download sites to delete songs by lady gaga, katie perry and other pop stars or face punishment. they have posted a list of hundred songs that have to be purged from the chinese site because they have never been submitted to mandatory government screening. the ministry says the rule is to
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preserve china's national cultural security. china maintains strict control over the internet and of the arts. >> let's get back to breaking traffic news in the east bay. multiple vehicle accident on 880 in oakland. a place to avoid this morning. northbound 880 at embarcadero sixth street a big rig and six or seven vehicles involved blocking the two left lanes. alternate routes would be to use 580, or san mateo bridge to get around this. we've got slow traffic approaching the scene. to davis street the red sensors mean about five miles an hour but as you get up to the scene it's very slow. another incident just to the north of that, southbound 880 another big rig problem. it's stalled and blocking the on-ramp to seventh and west grand. that is at seventh street.
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we had a stall on the san mateo bridge that has been cleared. for all the traffic information including drive times, check out clicking on bay area traffic. a lot going on in the oakland area this morning. here is a look at the marine layers lair clouds. they about two the size they were yesterday. so we'll see more sunshine than yesterday. a lot of mid-50s in north bay valleys until antioch at 63. most of south bay in the low 60s. patchy drizzle and mid to upper 50s around the monterey bay and inland. good morning to you. not quite as cloudy tonight, drizzle will be confined to the coast and next week, we'll see the temperatures taper just a little bit compared to over the weekend. 24-hour temperature change, fremont the same as yesterday, concord, santa rosa about 2
6:51 am
degrees warmer. 3 degrees warmer in san jose. 13 hours and 13 minutes of sunshine before it sets at 7:48. >> east bay violence, low to mid 90s, can you be lynn a little breezy and 99 degrees. 81 in fremont. 78 in union city. castro valley, 77. those are the warmest and everywhere else on the bayshore, low 70s. 74 in oakland. low to mid-80s in the south bay with san jose and cupertino at 82 degrees. most of peninsula upper 70s. millbrae 72. as you head into the south bay, los altos 81. daly city to 61 in the sunset. mid to upper 50s in downtown san francisco along with sausalito, your beaches low to mid-50s also san rafael and vallejo near the bay with temperatures in the upper 70s as you head inland, much warmer with mid to upper 80s. clouds in monterey and carmel, mid-50s for you. 73 in watsonville and 91 as you
6:52 am
head inland to gilroy. astros in town, worst team in baseball, we lost to them last night. tonight, 61 degrees dropping to 58 at at&t park. >> you seek back in the 50s except for antioch and fairfield noticed any drizzle confined to the coast and most of the clouds hang out just in the bay. couple areas of low pressure, these brought us the strongest sea breeze the last few days and cool are weather. high pressure is going to shove them out of the way and means warmer weather over the weekend. brightest and warmest day at the coast and warmest day overall. it will be still be warmer than average for monday and by wednesday of next week, temperatures will be about ten degrees cooler than they were over the weekend. >> it's 6:52. more evidence that childhood vaccines don't trigger autism.
6:53 am
a panel of federal scientists there is no evidence showing a link between autism and the measles, mumps vaccine. they looked at eight vaccines that make up most of the claims for federal injury compensation program. the evidence supports this conclusion. panel did find there are risks from the chickenpox vaccine that can surface years after the vaccinations but the risks can lead to knew money extra, mentioning jeilts and hepatitis but not autism. recapping top stories, an early morning home invasion ends in gunfire in richmond. amy hollyfield is live at moran avenue with the latest. >> two people were shot inside their home, an elderly woman was killed and a man is in critical condition. the man woke up....
6:54 am
>> the elderly woman who heard the struggle then she walked into the room. she was also shot and she was killed. someone else inside the home was able to call 911. police say four or five people live inside the home including children, all immediate and extended family members. richmond police canvassed the neighborhood and not many people are out at the hour. they stopped a man they saw walking down the street. they took him in. he is at the police station being questioned. same thing in san pab legislator, a man was walking on the sidewalk and decided to question him, as well. they don't know if they were involved. police say they know how the killer or killers got inside the home but they don't want to say at this time how they got in.
6:55 am
they don't know whether the men got away with any of the family's belongs. an elderly woman was killed and man is in critical condition. other top story is being covered by terry mcsweeney. good morning. the news down here is 11:00 this morning there is going to be a ceremony welcoming 22 laid off firefighters back into the san jose fire department. question is how long are they going to last. take a look at pictures of the ceremony from last month when these firefighters received their badges back. then it was six weeks of training and today, it becomes official. they are back and 27 more firefighters are going to be joining them later this year, all because of $15 million from the federal emergency management agency funding the firefighters but how long can it last? san jose is looking at $80 million deficit for the next fiscal year. who knows if they are going to be able to keep the firefighters. the mayor is suggesting to close
6:56 am
branch libraries and talking about putting something on the ballot to reduce pensions to city employees. also the projected deficits continue down the road for years to come. today 22 firefighters who were laid off in the past year coming back. 29 to follow. maybe they can stay, maybe they can't. it depends on the economy. 6:56. checking other top stories, 65 million people on the east coast are bracing for hurricane irene. storm is expected to hit north carolina, then turn up the coast all the way up to massachusetts. it could be the most destructive east coast storm in half a century. let's check on weather and traffic. >> you saw the clouds behind eric there and flight arrival delays about 62 minutes into sfo. marine layer is not as stout and it means we will see more
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sunshine today, about an hour or two quicker in the east bay valleys about 10:00 or 11:00, and probably 1:00 around the bay but a lot of clouds, mid-50s, warmest weather low to mid 90s in the east bay valleys. >> a sig alert in effect, northbound 880 at embarcadero, fifth street, big rig and multiple vehicles still blocking the two left lanes, traffic is backed to 238 in san leandro. a place to avoid this morning, use 580 or the san mateo bridge to get around. >> sue, thank you very much. >> thank you very much for joining us for the abc morning news. we'll have a local update at 7:24.
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