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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 26, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. and it is here. massive waves from hurricane irene drenching florida. sweeping eight people right into the raging ocean. now, the huge storm menacing the entire east coast. 65 million people right in its path. >> we'll plunge inside the eye of the storm blowing right now at 110 miles per hour. a thousand miles across. see what a hurricane this powerful really feels like. >> like it's coming off my face.
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>> plus the latest on exactly where and when this historic storm may hit. sam is tracking all of it. and good morning, everyone. the united states beginning to feel the effects of hurricane irene. you saw the picture just a moment ago. south florida. coming out of nowhere, this huge wave knocked eight people into the ocean. some suffered some injuries. and now, the major flood spots are up and down the coast. >> that storm surge is only one of the dangers of this hurricane. you have high winds. you have inches and inches of rain across the coast. and those storm surges are so powerful these could cause billions of dollars of damage up and down the coast. we have other live shots on the
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coast now. there are the outer banks of north carolina. it's not supposed to hit there until tomorrow. but you already see the waves kicking up. and up on the jersey shore, way up there, state of emergency already. but surfers out there trying to take advantage of the churning ocean before it gets a little too rough. >> yeah, that will happen before you know it. but the entire east coast is really hunkering down. so, we have team coverage of hurricane irene. and of course we'll start with sam who has the latest for us. good morning, sam. >> hey, good morning. look at the health of this system overnight and the track, as well. overnight it looks like it tightened up and even weakened a little bit. it doesn't'tean it will stay weak. you can clearly see the feeder band, the moisture wrapping into the system. so, it's still healthy that way but on this edge drier air. so, it's weakened spending some time over the islands and getting some of the drier air. but the hurricane center believes there will be some moisture that still wraps around that thing and can strengthen a
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bit. here's what we're talking about in the strength of the storm and the path. as we believe it could continue to be a 2, 3 all the way up the coastline. saturday 2:00 p.m., cape hatteras, a real hit, could be a three-time hit for the storm over the eastern end of long island. and in connecticut. so, the track is still on path to go right through these major city, , neyork city and also around boston. we'll go into what it will mean for those cities and city environments in just a second. george? >> okay, sam. thank you. let's go to where it's going to hit first, to outer banks of north carolina. matt gutman is there in the water. matt. >> reporter: hey, george. good morning. we're already starting to feel the awesome power of hurricane irene. the waves have been coming in higher and faster all morning. you can feel the power of them sucking you back out to sea. now, by late tonight we could expect to see 20-foot to 30-foot waves. they could scratch over the top of the pier. you can only imagine how dangerous it's going to be for thrill seekers trying to catch just a glimpse of hurricane irene. >> oh, my god. >> somebody just fell off.
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>> reporter: irene is already bringing violent rip currents and monster waves. watch as this wave left eight people injured as it rolled to shore off a south florida pier thursday. meanwhile, in the carolinas, others had to be pulled out of the water by jet skis. despite warnings to stay out of the water, surfers catching huge waves. most here are heeding the warnings, clogging the roads out of these beach towns. >> we're out of here. >> reporter: there are now mandatory evacuation orders from ocean city, maryland, to norfolk, virginia, down to north carolina's outer banks, where everything is now a patchwork of plywood. folks papaing up. gas stations running out of unleaded. stores out of stock. and melissa cook out of a dream wedding. >> the tv showed the mandatory evacuation. and i just burst into tears. >> reporter: the dress had to be packed away. guests sent home. >> it was going to be so gorgeous. and for our grandkids to tell them the chaos that was the
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wedding. >> reporter: but another couple, john fleming and heather huber, fied the evacuation orders, tying the knot on a beach, which later today is forecast to be flooded. >> celebrate tonight. and hop in the car tomorrow and head for higher ground. >> reporter: and there are now dozens of beach towns all along the eastern seaboard that have been evacuated. they've become ghost towns. with this weather picking up, emergency officials say they will not be able to help people who stick around to try to see what happens here. but there are some people left. i don't know if you can see. die-hard surfers on this side. and some die-hard cameramen and photographers on the other side. george? >> i'll take it here, matt. you can see how the waves are kicking up. the governor of new york, andrew cuomo, has declared a state of emergency. and in new york city mayor bloomberg is already ordering evacuations of the senior citizens in low-lying areas.
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abc's dan harris is in lower battery park in manhattan. dan? >> reporter: hey, robin, good morning to you. this is one of the areas where the nursing homes are being evacuated as we speak. also this morning, the mayor is contemplating shutting down the entire new york city subway system. hanging over all of this is a big question. can this enormous city handle this enormous storm? as one observer has noted, we in new york city like to think that we're at the center of the universe. but when it comes to hurricanes we're really on the fringes, with only five of them since 1851. it's been a long time since we've witnessed scenes like this, which makes scenes like this, stores closed up on the boardwalk, people stocking up on supplies, very strange. >> coming out and making sure i'm ready. who knows what is coming? >> reporter: experts are confident our skyscrapers can weather it but it's the flood-prone area, all 17 of them that have people worried. how bad can it get?
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one of the areas as we mentioned is battery park city where in a worst case scenario they could see five feet of flooding throughout this whole area. they could also get five feeeeon coney island, home of nathan's famous hot dogs where they have now closed up shop at their boardwalk stand. another place that could get inundated, the subway system. on a normal day they have 280 pumping rooms going pushing out 13 million gallons of water. and now, for irene they are bringing in a whole lot of extra pumping power. >> we have an enormous emergency shelter system and a database of thousands of city employee. the police department is positioning 50 small boats at station houses in low-lying areas. >> reporter: so, the mayor has some big decisions hanging over him in the coming hours. he has to decide whether to shut down the entire new york city subway system. he says he'll do that by tomorrow morning. another decision, will he order a general evacuation of all those low-lying areas? that would be huge.
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250,000 new yorkers affected. and knowing what i do about this city, i think some of them would be a little annoyed. >> hard to move that many people. let's get back to sam at the smart screen. a lot more detail. >> the first big question is it after it makes connection with the land in north carolina, will it go to new york city and boston? the computer forecast models, all the spaghetti models, are dragging it up through here. the more reliable ones through the center of the region. there you can see them streaking through the region. and more reliable ones are right through here. zoom into lower manhattan and show you exactly what that means as far as a water impact. shaded in bright red, the first to get water, orange gets water, category 1 hurricane and yellow. but where is all of this? so, in lower manhattan right here, you can see that's where the world trade center site is. very famous location for folks who have visited this area. that's all lower manhattan. these are buildings right here. so, when you get that storm surge rolling in here and a lot of heavy rain, what actually happens? well, you've got water actually on the streets in lower manhattan.
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when you look at the rain falling and have the other component of the wind, say it's a 50-mile-per-hour wind at the base of the building. the higher you get the stronger the winds get. it's a 60-mile-per-hour wind by the time you get to the tenth floor. if you're up on the 20th floor, this is now about 112-mile-per-hour wind. now, buildings are engineered strongly in new york city. but there will be some damage. trees down. power lines down, windows out of buildings. if it follows this track it's something that the hurricane center has for it that is very serious for a city like new york and even a city like boston. robin? >> all right, sam. so, you're talking about the wind and what it's really like inside a hurricane, when the winds are 130 miles per hour or more. jim sciutto is at the glen l. martin wind tunnel, where he is going above and beyond his duty to demonstrate what it feels like. >> reporter: that's right. the things we do for television. they normally test cars and airplanes in here. now, they're going to test me
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and give me a sense of what it feels like, right in the middle of a hurricane. right now you're seeing it go from 0 to 115 miles an hour. that's a category 3 hurricane. we're in category 4 territory. about 74 miles an hour. it's hard to stand up. now a category 3. 103 miles per hour. really hard to s snd. that is a category 3 3urricane right now. 116 miles per hour. and at that point you almost feel like your skin will come right off. just slowing down now going down
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to 100, 90. i'll tell you, at that peak, when we were at category 3 speeds above 115 miles per hour, the only way i can describe it. it feels like you're standing on the wing of an airplane. and it's actually a b-29 propeller, 2,000 horsepower, that was powering all of that wind coming at me. i'm in a clean wind tunnel. nothing to fly around. i imagine those same speeds, you really get a sense of how dangerous, how deadly that can be, the force of nature, incredible. >> because debris s en it gets caught in that wind like that but your face, we saw -- what was the feeling like on your skin, jim? >> reporter: well, actually it's not painful. i thought it was going to be painful. it feels like it's separated from your body and you feel it up and down your body, the skin almost separating from your skeleton. i don't know if you can see. but i've got these two straps,
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mountain climbing straps to keep me in. and even with these i had to lean back almost with the full strength of my legs just to keep from going horizontal. it gets that strong particularly when they ramp it up that quickly. that's katrina force category 3, 115 miles an hour. >> 110, 115 is where the winds are right now. we also sent steve osunsami up with the hurricane hunters. their job iso measure the strength of the hurricanes. and they fly right into the you of the storm. >> reporter: it sounds crazy and it was a bumpy ride. but we traveled deep into the middle of this gigantic storm, flying inside at 10,000 feet. >> we're getting closer to the coast. >> reporter: our air force reserve pilots and scientists were on a dangerous mission to take the storm's temperature. and it wasn't good. >> where we're at, sometimes it's over 100-mile-an-hour winds. >> reporter: wow. >> so, it's starting to develop. >> reporter: they shot canisters filled with sensors into the
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ferocious storm clouds. and the sensors were sending back the bad news. irene's pressure is dropping, which means the storm is getting stronger. the ocean waters below, incredibly warm, at 85 degeges helping it grow. and on the northeast side of the storm where it's usually most dangerous. this one especially so with hurricane-force winds that stretch out 100 miles. >> it's s large hurricane. it's a very large strong circulation up to the north. so, this whole side is very, very s song. >> reporter: we zigzagged the storm several types. and when we crossed the eye on the fourth try. the eyewall, the storm's fury, had formed. and d discovered it was now miles thick. >> time is on its side. it's now moving away from the islands and land mass getting
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back over open water. so, we shall see what happens. >> reporter: scientists say they will keep this up providing realtime information around the clock as we wait for irene to strike. for "good morning america," steve osunsami, abc news in the eye of the storm. and for more on this now let's bring in bill read, the director of the national hurricane center. thanks for joining us again. your predecessor, max mayfield, called this his nightmare scenario. a hurricane swirling up the east coast. are we seeing that now? >> the magnitude of the potential impacts from this is sometimes hard to get your hands on. you've got the storm surge that will be affecting all your coastal communities as you go north. you have all the wet ground. you have the trees with lots of leaves in them. and then, the tropical storm-force, hurricane-force winds will break and bring down those trees into power lines. power outages. heavy rains lead to the flash flooding. so, you have almost all the aspects of a hurricane affecting a very large area with a lot more people than many of the other areas in our basin that we have an impact from. >> that's the issue. so many big cities in the path right now. atlantic city, new york city, boston. what can we expect for those big cities? >> at a minimum especially from
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i'd say the washington, d.c. area up through boston, when you're right on the coasasthere we have tidal issues. so, we'll have to worry about storm surge flooding in those places. that's where your local emergency manager will be evacuating people. i'd say at a minimum you'll get tropical storm force winds in every one of those cities. >> what's the chance w wll see some good news here? that we see the hurricane veer off and avoid the worst? >> if it goes a little further east than our forecast track, it might really lessen the impact, especially from storm surge in the bays and from new york city, that would be a good news story. i don't see it falling apart. there's nothing that we're looking in the atmosphere that would kill it altogether. a lot of moisture. large circulation. takes a while to bring it down. so, bottom line, how much damage should we be braced for? >> i would prepare for the worst and hope for the best. it's hard to estimate how much damage you're going to have in advance of a storm. >> okay. bill read, thanks very much.
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>> pleasure. all right, george. joining us now from washington is craig fugate. he is the director of the federal emergency management agency, fema. and, craig, we just heard from bill read. and he said prepare for the worst. what exactly does that mean to you? >> it means if you're still in denial it's too late. you need to get ready. this is really a storm that i don't think you'll see a bunch of structures that are totally destroyed except where we have storm surge. but i do expect a lot of trees down, a lot of power outages and a lot of flooding. and so, now is the time to get ready for those types of impacts. so, i'm really concerned that people again have kind of been hoping it's going to get better, not gotten ready. that window is closing. >> bill read also said that window has closed quickly. and it does not look like it's going to get any better and fall apart. so, we've been talking about how we have to get people ready. how is fema prepared and ready? >> what we've been doing is
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moving teams and supplies ahead the storm into states. starting in the southeast now all the way up to new england and maine. we get our folks in with the state teams so as they begin evacuations we're with them. and in boston, we've been moving the generators and supplies in ahead of the storm. and coordinating with the private sector on what their activities are and the big stores to get ready, as well. >> you spoke with pictures from a 1944 hurricane and seeing a lot of water right here in midtown in manhattan. are you concerned about seeing that again? >> history has shown us we can have serious storm surge flooding in lower manhattan, in those areas. with the subways, all your utilities under ground, it could be very, very expensive and very, very devastating, that kind of impact. >> well, time is of the essence. i know you ticked off a lot of things for people to do. if people have waited until the last minute, what is the priority? what should you do first? >> first thing is find out if f you're in one of those evacuation zones. and be prepared to move to safety if ordered to evacuate.
7:18 am
otherwise, you need to prepare for disruptions of infrastructure. your utilities will probably be impacted. maybe not have electricity for a while. you won't be able to get out and get shopping. figure out what you need if you stay in your apartment or home and may be there for a couple of days. what supplies you need to be comfortable and healthy until things improve? >> good advice as always. craig fugate with fema. thank you very much. we certainly do appreciate it. >> thank you. my family keeps saying this is a switch. usually i'm worried about them when a hurricane is going. so, , 's so unusual for us up here. sam, you have more details for us. >> now we've heard all the theories. and heard where it could go, how it could strengthen or not. let's put it in real numbers based on the track that we have right now from the hurricane center. who gets rain, would gets wind and how much. so, if this follows the track, remember, if it follows the track here's what happened. cape gets 8 to 13 inches all the way up the coastline.
7:19 am
jersey shore, even new york city getting that much rain through that area. so, 6 to 12 inches of rain is likely and even a foot of rain in some areas in the jersey shore. and inland in new jersey could be even worse than that. as far as the wind field with that track, we have a good solid wind where we've got 60, 70, 80-mile-per-hour winds coming right across the new york city area. and that's mostly hugging along the coast. that heavier rain inland, as well. 6 to 10 inches because this rain will spread. if you think being inland means you're not going to be affected by the storm that's not the case at all. there's a quick look at the win field there. here's a quick look at the big board. most of the nation is nice and quiet. it's one player on the board. and d 's shoved all the way east.
7:20 am
>> so, there's very little difference in the storm's strength as to what the impacts will be in new england. so, you really need to be getting serious right now about expecting a lot of rain and a lot of wind. robin? george? >> thanks, a lot more coming up from you. plus hours after steven
7:21 am
powell was on tv, the police are search the home he shares with his son. and a possible crack in the aruba case. a witness revealing what he saw just before robyn gardner went missing. summer concert series. stevie knicks lye in central park. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
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a crash on interstate 880 is complicating the friday morning commute. thuavl has been cleared to the shoulder. sig alert has been lifted, but unfortunately the slow traffic remains. it involved a big rig and several cars. there were reports of three separated accidents right at embarcadero. sig alert has been lifted but continues to be slow from san leandro. a new slow southbound 880 slowing your drive. >> in the news, richmond police are at the scene of a deadly home invasion robbery. it happened around 4:00 this morning on moran avenue. they found and elderly woman dead and man seriously wounded. couple apparently interrupted a robbery. investigators are talking to two persons they are calling persons of interest. when we3@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ú
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welcome back. low cloud deck causing flight arrival delays into sfo. flight tracker at bottom of the front page will help you navigate through that. >> temperatures that will be warmer and clouds will be quicker to return back to the coast. low to mid 90s in the east bay valves. low to mid-80s in the south bay and mid-80s valleys. a good night's sleep.
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woman: which means a little heat to keep us warm. and a good dose of support for my back. some over-the-top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built. you're feeling sleepy already? nighty-night. [giggling] live shot there from nags head, north carolina. surf is kicking up, hurricane expected to hit there sometime early tomorrow but you already see it is getting rougher there. now, let's move up the coast to new jersey. they're getting ready there in new jersey. surfers are getting ready. there they are. they are having some last fun before it gets too rough. and meanwhile, they're also plowing up and down the beach to
7:31 am
shore it up. but the surfers enjoying their last few minutes of freedom. >> getting the preparations. and sam will have the latest. and the latest details in two big cases. two details from the father-in-law of missing mom susan powell. why he says their relationship crossed the line. some more ononhat. and plus, in a "gma" exclusive, the new witness revealing he saw robyn gardner just before she went missing in aruba. >> brand-new witness thehe. > also elisabeth leamy will be back showing you the money. then, she went out into the studio to see what else she could find, whether she could find money for them, in the audience. and we'll have those results just ahead. >> she had very good results, especially for one person in particular in our audience. but we begin again with sam. the latest on hurricane irene. sam? >> hey, george, robin, i was just kind of going over the tides here. i was half-listening to what you guys were doing over there. this is one of the more important times in working this
7:32 am
thing up the coastline. when is most of the water on shore? and happens to be in a bad time for most communities like into virginia, the chesapeake bay, virginia beach, the high tide early in the morning saturday and on into sunday, as well. chesapeake bay from that morning into the evening hours. and the high tide once in the morning, once again in the evening. the same thing happens in new york harbor. and also on up into boston the same thing. so, it's an early morning and again in the evening those high tides just about the time when the storm is going to roll through. so, you've got extra water coming through. and it means you already have a high tide and waves on t t of all that. and that's why we're talking about so much water along the coasine. here's what steers irene and the reason the hurricane center believes it's still on its track after making its first landfall in the carolinas saturday. it's got to go around the area of high pressure. and the front isn't strong enough to kick it out of the way. quick look at the heat in the deep south. palm springs, 101. l.a. has a heat watch out today. that's the weather around the
7:33 am
nation. oh, by the way. we're going to george? no, okay. george? >> we'll come back to you. the latest on susan powell. police raided the home of her husband and faer-in-law and took out some boxes. after the disturbing allegations made yesterday during our interview with him yesterday. our "gma" legal analyst dan abrams standing by to analyze what it means for the investigation. here's more of abbie boudreau's interview of steve powell, who claims he a flirtatious sexual relationship with his son's wife. >> reporter: in their latest attempt to find out what happened to susan powell, late thursday, investigators searched the home her husband, josh powell, shares with his father, steven. even executing a search warrant for these old journals which belonged to susan. josh powell claims the journals provide insights into susan's instability and why she may have disappeared. even though much was written when she was a child. what do those journals tell you about susan's life growing up? >> susan was very emotionally
7:34 am
abused as a child. her mother has some very -- she has a very angry personality. her father is very manipulative. >> reporter: the search comes on the heels of shocking allegations susan's father-in-law, steven powell, made to "gma" yesterday, including he and susan shared an unconventional relationship. >> i had a relationship with her that was probably a little beyond the pale. father-in-law, daughter-in-law, flirting with each other. maybe some sexual touching or whatever. >> reporter: what kind of things are we talking about? >> when she was living at my house, she would regularly come into my office after taking a shower or things like that. and, you know, smell my hair, i just shampooed it, it smells nice. and she would bend over my lap to let me smell her hair. or come in and say, i just waxed my legs.
7:35 am
feel my thighs, how smooth they are. one day we were at an animal park with the boys. i was holding braden in my arms. susan came over to take him from me. and instead of just reaching out and grabbing him she pressed her breasts against my hands, tightly. susan interacted that way with me. and don't ask me why she started doing it. i mean, you know, i'm -- really i'm 30 years older than she is. and, in fact, when josh actually became aware of it, i said, well, josh, it really was susan who came on to me. as he really thought about it and, you knono especially over the next few months he sort of started watching susan a little more carefully. it became clear that that's kind of the way she interacts with the opposi sex. >> reporter: josh powell described his wife as flirtatious and sexual. your dad told us that he had some sexual encounters with susan and that she would
7:36 am
initiate that. and you knew about that. >> well, it was no -- there was nothing like that. she's a very flirtatious person. but that's just her personality, you know. it's part of her friendliness. >> reporter: steven powell's estranged daughter, jennifer graves, denies her father's allegations about susan. telling us in a statement, my dad is saying all kinds of things about susan that aren't true. susan wasn't like this. steven powell isis susan's father, chuck cox, also denies steven powell's allegations. saying it was steven who made the advances toward his daughter, which made her uncomfortable. he also denies she was unstable. do you think a part of you started falling in love with susan? >> yeah, i would say so. and there's no question in my mind that the feelings were mutual. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles.
7:37 am
>> let's b bng in dan abrams now for more on this. boy, this is such a head-scratcher. we're all sitting here watching in disbelief. what could he possibly get out of trashing susan powell? >> i don't know what he's talking about. i mean he's talking about the fact that maybe she wanted him, et cetera. what could that possibly have to do with someone running out on their two children? i mean, rememember. we're not talking about someone who may have theoretically, according to them, run off with another man. if any of that happened, it means she ran off with another man and abandoned her two children completely. >> that's the other thing. it doesn't matter what they say to us or in public. it's what they say to police and what police believe. >> josh powell has not been cooperative with the authorities. and i think that is significant. look, lawyers will tell you sometimes, well, look. he has a right not to incriminate himself, et cetera. but any time someone who is the
7:38 am
husband and father like in this kind of case, doesn't do everything that he or she can in the context of the investigation, it leads to more than just questions about why? why did he leave the state? why didn't he want to help in this investigation more? i mean, he's now saying he'll only talk to the fbi, for example, if they pay for his lawyer. >> that is why he is the only person of interest in this case more than almost two years out. >> yep. and, look. let's be clear what that means. that's a term of art these days. a person of interest means he is a suspect. it means the authorities don't want to use the term suspect because they've gotten in trouble. law enforcement officials have gotten trouble in the past for pointing things too quickly. so, use the term, person of interere. it means he is a suspect. >> you saw after the interviews yesterday the police went back in, spent several hours in their home, came away with a lot of computers. actually the third time they've gone into the home. >> but josh powell -- you heard josh powell there saying he doesn't actually believe some of the stuff his dad is saying. well, he ought to go up and say,
7:39 am
dad, you're not helping me. be quiet. don't go on television and talk about this stuff that makes you sound off. please. you're hurting me publicly. and i think that that would be importanan >> that would be. this is so -- so many months, years after the original disappearance, another search. what could they possibly be doing, the police now, and find that they haven't found before? >> that's a good question. they've got to believe that there's some reason to think that there could be computer evidence, other evidence that might suggest that he could know where she is, what happened, et cetera. but no question they've been focused on josh powell sinin the beginning. they continue to be focused on him. and this business with releasing the diaries that now that they're talking about the -- steven powell is talking about releasing her diaries. and josh is, too. again, teenage diaries showing that she was -- had emototnal problems as a teen is somehow
7:40 am
relevant to figuring out whether she would have left her children just seems to me, you know, beyond ridiculous. >> this is a strange one. okay, dan. thanks very much. let'go back to sam with more weather. >> this is a day that irene spends most of her time offshore. so, kind of the concern there might be hurricane fatigue here. you've not going to get the great new pictures of a lot of damage anywhere today. but you need to know it's still out there. and the hurricane center snows saturday 2:00 it makes its first punch on the carolina coastline. there you will have some good serious pictures of damage there. here, we're looking at what goes on in the southwest, l.a., a moment ago heat watches out at 93 degrees today. still that heat in dallas today at 104.
7:41 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by hanes. george? >> thank you, sam. and coming up, what really happened to robyn gardner in aruba? on today's show, keep your photos right at your fingertips. literally! ok. can you zoom in on this? ok. this is my boyfriend. this is my mom and dad. robin, you ok? whatcha doin'? oh, dealing with a slight underwear malfunction. oh, you need hanes panties. they don't ride up. yes please. hey, wardrobe? and now a word from hanes. hanes panties. so cute. and they don't ride up. your kids will each take care of our class hamsters, lewis & clark.
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7:45 am
until now no one but police e h known about. abc's ashleigh banfield has the story. >> reporter: ruben silva says he was there on the beach, the day that robyn gardner disappeared. he says he saw the maryland woman with g gy giordano in a rental car. they were leaving the beachside restaurant where gardner were last seen. and they were driving erratically. >> in the wrong direction. that caught my attention. >> reporter: the next time he saw that car gardner was nowhere to be found. and police tried to question giordano. something seemed odd about his condition to silva and to police. >> he was leaning like this. and looking at the water. and the cops were all over him trying to talk to him. and he would just mumble, you know. nobody could understand what he was saying. >> reporter: silva says police told him giordano was too drunk. until now, witnesses in the restauaunt had only described
7:46 am
gardner as drunk. but despite his condition he was apparently able to tell police that he and gardner went snorkeling in an area called nonke beach. rough waters even if you're sober. >> something can happen in these waters in a matter of minutes. you really must know the waters here. if you don't, you are in a lot of trouble. >> reporter: locals began to help with the search and rescue. >> we all start helping to look at the water see if we can see anything floating in the water. at certain point there were a few people just saw something like fins going up. >> reporter: but that search came up empty but not before giordano allegedly tried to cash in on an insurance policy on her life and leave the island. and while he hasn't been charged with anything, police can still hold him at least until the end of the month. so, pretty interesting development, robin, considering the fact that sergio silva was out on the beach that day. a number of other people were
7:47 am
out there, too. so, there are plenty of witnesses who saw this account. but police have only spoken to one other fisherman and gotten that account. they haven't spoken to him yet, sergio silva. hehe a little surprise that nobody has come calling. >> why don't they talk to him? >> he doesn't know why. he has his own reasons. he thinks that perhaps he mentntned lazyiess. and that's of course we don't know that they have a lot of experience with this after natalee holloway so he knows why. >> i know you'll keep on top of it for us. have a good weekend. thanks for coming in. >> okay, coming up, get ready for us to show you the money. elisabeth leamy found thousands for some of our "gma" viewers including one big windfall. wait till you see this. thank you! ♪
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stevie nicks in central park. to hear some of her classicing coming up in a moment.
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start off with a look at the weather forecast. >> start off with the clouds, talk about how they will be faster to erase from the sky. they will pull back to the coast probably around noon. low 80s in the south bay, low to
7:57 am
mid on 90s inland. warmer weather before the weekend. earlier issue in oakland is cleared up. big rig accident. multiple vehicles but it's cleared off the roadway but slow traffic remaining coming from the coliseum. dense fog advisory and very light at the toll plaza. >> thank you very much. news continues now with "good morning america." my wife the dentist allows only one mouthwash in our home. [ male announcer ] act for kids, with maximum fluoride for up to 40% fewer cavities act. stronger teeth and better checkups in every bottle.
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all eyes on hurricane irene right now. that is st. augustine -- actually that's nags head, north carolina. >> uh-huh. >> the surf is really kicking up right there. of course, it's going to hit there tomorrow. as irene works its way up the east coast, every major city on the east coast in its line of sight. that is st. augustine right there right now. and you can see it's rough there also. we're going to have sam here with the latest on where and when irene is hitting. >> people in connecticut and massachusetts and maine and new hampshire saying what about us? what about us?
8:01 am
you know, you've got to keep an eye on it because, as sam will tell us, it's heading all that way. we're also going to show you the money. we went fortune hunting for some of you and came up with more unclaimed cash. our elisabeth leamy finding thousands of dollars. she will tell you how we all can find lost money. and it's not that hard to do. and we're going to get out to the park really soon, lara spencer, and join you out there for stevie nicks. >> going crazy for the rock god and so excited. stevie nicks is here. first album out in ten years. ananwe're going to rock with her this morning. robin and george, get here soon. >> i think i heard lara. >> not quite sure. >> looks like a lot of fun. but let's get right to the latest on hurricane irene and sam. >> that was so soothing to hear a little fleetwood mac and stevie nicks for a little while. let's get right it. and show you those pictures out of jacksonville and talk about this time about what's going on and the pictures you see. you know this storm is well off
8:02 am
the coastline of st. augustine, florida. do we have that live shot up? you can see the waves, high waves. this is rough surf for this area. and the clouds and mist banging up against the pier in st. augustine. now, this storm is well offshore. this is what it's capable of ing when it's more than 100 0 miles away from a coastline because all it's doing is pounding and churning up the water. so, all along the coast here,e, there will be this coastal flooding. st. augustine and cape canaveral all the way up toward cape hatteras, cape may, new york, montauk and on into the coast of maine. the entire way that you're up there, you're going to see extra water along the coastline at high tide time. and then you've got a lot of rain coming from it. it doesn't matter if it's a tropical storm or hurricane as far as rain is concerned when it passes your way. 6 to 12 inches of rain through new york city. also in that coastal area of north carolina. and the wind is going to be tough and in that case it does matter what the storm strength is. but we're still talking about 50 to 70-mile-per-hour winds in the area shaded in red. and that is basically anywhe along the east coast. robin?
8:03 am
>> okay. and because of all that, sam, at least five states have all declared states of emergency including and leading the way really north carolina. ns of thousands of people there evacuating from the coast because that's where irene is expected to hifirst here in the u.s. and our matt gutman is back out there in the surf again. matt? >> reporter: hey, robin. well, the waves have gotten a lot stronger over the past 12 hours. we are starting to feel their power and hurricane irene sweeping through here. right now, you see it's totally flat. about 30 s sonds ago, i was waist-deep in water. that's how the fluctuations are. that's how strong the current is. today, tonight, we expect 20-foot to 30-foot waves to overtop this pier. now, earlier today in florida, earlier yesterday in florida, eight people swept out to sea by a monster wave that just came crashing right over. so, emergency officials are telling folks to stay off the piers when this hurricane hits. they are not going to be able to help them, especially with all these people evacuating these towns. there is not much that can be done to help them.
8:04 am
you can see that the water is absolutely treacherous, foaming up. and hurricane irene e coming for us and probably bringing 80-mile-per-hour winds here. george? >> okay, matt. thanks. it's not that rough up here in new york yet. but the mayor of new york city, mayor bloombmberhas ordered senior citizens to evacuate low-lying areas. dan harris is in lower manhattan right now. and, dan, more evacuations may be coming. >> reporter: that's right, george. good morning to you from lower manhattan. this is battery park city, 1 of the 17 areas where the mayor has ordered the nursing homes and senior centers to be evacuated. he has other big decisions on his plate. it's possible he will shut down the entire new york city subway systemem it's the largest on planet earth. he's also contemplating issuing a general evacuation order for all 17 low-lying areas. that would impact 250,000 new yorkers. now, there's some real questions about whether this city is fit to handle a storm of this magnitude. the general consensus is that the skyscrapers can withstand the high winds. but the real worry centers around the flooding.
8:05 am
check this out. in the 1800s there was a hurricane that hit manhattan that left the entire lower part of the island under 13 feet of water. and here's another historical tidbit. since 1851 there have only been five hurricanes that have hit new york. the last one, 26 years ago, which means, george, there are a lot of people in this city who have no idea what we may be in for. >> i am one of them. okay, dan. thanks very much. and all of you at home can get the latest on irene's path and tips on how to prepare for a hurricane at and if you do live in the path, please send us your photos and videos. >> but be safe when you do it. when you ask people -- >> important point. very important point. don't do anything crazy. but we'd love to see what you get. bianna, some other news this morning. >> good morning, george and robin and everyone at home. we are following breaking news overseas this morning. there's been a car bombing at the united nations headquarters in nigeria. the explosion leveled an entire wing of the building which is in the same neighborhood as the
8:06 am
u.s. embassy. at least 16 people have been killed. there's been no claim of responsibility. well, another major story we've been following overnight. a horrific massacre at a casino in northern mexico. gunmen with ties to drug gangs burst in, doused the casino with fuel and set it on fire, killing 52 people. most victims mistakenly fled farther into the building while trying to escape. there are new concerns about the economy. growth was slower than previously thought. chairman ben bernanke said the fed will not take any new steps to stimulate growth. he says congress may have to do more to get companies to start hiring again. and the slowing economy has more americans losing faith in their government. 12% approve of the job congress lawmakers are doing, a record low and 9% worse than in june. well, we're getting a closer look at how moammar gadhafi has been able to elude capture. despite a $2 million bounty on his head. abc's jeffrey kofman takes us
8:07 am
into the streets of tripoli with more. >> reporter: we are in the heart of the gadhafi compound. and we are told that somewhere around here is an entrance to that elaborate network of tunnels and bunkers. and there it is, a ladder down to the secret world of a dictator obsessed with security. well, this part isn't very far underground. gadhafi traveled these tunnels in a golf cart. there's a bedroom. and there's an underground office, dozens of phones and radios at the ready. an endless series of entrances and exits. a former libyan diplomat says gadhafi could travel 2.5 miles in these tunnels to green square in the center of the city and a staggering 16 miles underground all the way to the airport. we came across tunnel tourists, young libyans eager for a glimpse that was strictly off-limits until now. >> since i was very young, i still remember people saying
8:08 am
that gadhafi is preparing for his ending date. >> reporter: now we're coming up. and this is clearly one of gadhafi's houses. fancy place or it was. it was burned on monday when rebels took over the compound. now, it's being vandalized and looted. as rebels search the tunnels for gadhafi, it's going to be harder and harder for him to hide. jeffrey kofman, abc news, tripoli. >> and our thanks to jeffrey kofman for that. meantime, back in this country, an unusual scene in kansas city. a family was watching tv when this suv slammed into their roof. the driver had missed the turn and went airborne. now, no one inside was seriously injured. but the house may have to be condemned. and a spectacular, new record in major league baseball. the yankees hit three grand slams in one game. the first team ever to do that. now, when it was over, they had scored 22 runs, quite a shock to all the fans who went home early
8:09 am
in the rain when the yankees were trailing, 7-1. that just goes to show, you never leave the yankees hanging even if there is rain. now, let's head up to lara spencer in central park with this morning's "pop news heat index." good morning, lara. >> good morning, bianna. let's get right to "the pop news heat index." it is burning up here in central park. and we begin with the prince and princess. you know, their wedding, the royal wedding, of course, was one of the most fabulous and expensive in history. but that doesn't mean they can't take it down a notch. she doesn't need to be, you know, coddled to have a good date night. nope. the prince took her to a movie. they went in the back door to see the british film "the inbetweeners." he even sprung for a box of raisinets for his girl. the total cost for the royal date night was less than $16. and that's why we love them. and remember the adorable animated film "up"? well, apparently it made quite
8:10 am
an impact on one man in utah. such an impact, in fact, that he decided to build a house that was identical to that one in the movie, both inside and out. he says he did so by watching the film, quote, over and over again, on his laptop. yikes. well, now he's put the house up for sale. but it is perhaps not surprisingly not exactly flying off the shelves. i know. yeah, we always have to sneak one in there. and a diamond as big as a planet has been discovered. a notch on the finger of mariah carey. no this one was discovered by scientists. it's true. this was a planet that was apparently a massive star in the milky way s that has been transformed into a small planet made almost entirely of the precious rock. how does that poem go again? twinkle, twinkle little star, can i get a princess cut? thank you very much. you know what they sayay planets are a girl's best friend. and finally, where's the beef? mark wahlberg knows. and it has nothing to do with his old calvin klein ads.
8:11 am
he and his brothers, including paul, who is a chef, are opening a new restaurant called wahlburgers. the brothers also own an italian restaurant. but this one almost didn't happen. apparently who knew there's already a wahl burger out there trademarked in rochester. they were able to buy the rights to the name because their second choice, wahlwieners, just didn't work. that is your "pop news heat index." sam, i knew you'd like that one. >> lara, i just noticed the driving beat of "the pop news heat index" for the first time. it's very like club-like. >> oh, yeah. what you don't see when we go to tape is i'm like going -- >> i have never noticed it before. i guess i was always outside. or something. >> it's like a "saturday night live" sketch. let's get to the boards. we got one or two things going on this morning we need to talk about. as far as, well, we've been talking about the east coast problem that is irene. the country because there are f
8:12 am
many p pblems still out there, like the heat wave that continues and the drought that goes on in the middle of the country. and these warm numbers go on and on. houston, 101. an angelo at 100. 104 in dallas. phoenix, 111. vegas is at 107. even it's warm and comfortable all up the west coast, seattle, 79 degrees. san francisco is on the cooler side at about 65. but even l.a. is nice and comfortable today and that's the weather -- well, we might as well show irene is on the board so folks don't forget it
8:13 am
>> we'll have more weather in the next half hour from central park with stevie nicks. but right now lara spencer is out there now. lara? >> no music this time. sam, it's time for our "morning menu." and here's what's coming up. do you want some money? well then you need to check out elisabeth leamy. she found a fortune for one member of our audience. and we'll tell you how she did it. and the big question for this year's vmas. what will gaga wear? remember the meat dress? well, there has been a memorable award moment every year. and we look at fan favorites since the show's beginning. and get ready to rock. people here in central park, the gypsy queen, the rock legend, stevie nicks, is here with a big-time favorite and a brand-new single. and it's all coming up on "gma." been taking an antidepressant.
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back with our favorite new series "show me the money." yesterday we found nearly $44,000 in unclaimed money for our hard-working staff and just to move how easy it is, well, elisabeth leamy vowed to search for you. she went out in the streets and in 24 hours you found money for folks. >> there are $32 billion in unclaimed money in all 50 states waiting to be claimed. you called and e-mailed and tweeted for us to search for you and here's what happened when we
8:19 am
did. >> money station. ♪ >> reporter: i waded into the crowd outside our "good morning america" studios to offer my services. how are you doing? i'm elisabeth. not every search was a success. >> won't pay my rent this month. >> reporter: we found money for 64% of the people who asked us. >> maybe it was a deposit from a condo or something that i leased a while back. >> reporter: all right. what do you think? are you excited? >> i'm very excited. >> reporter: we didn't find it for them we found out for your family. cousin rich, will he be rich? $309.15. >> nice. >> i think i'll get a small percentage of that. >> reporter: back at our offices, "gma," viewers bombarded our phone lines with follow-up questions. no, no, no, it's dot
8:20 am
org not dotcom. when they got through it was worth it. over $500. wow! great. >> over a thousand? >> yeah, a little. >> oh, okay, we won't pry it out of you but congratulations. >> reporter: more than 9,000 people e-mailed us asking for help searching. we found $300 for mark of florida. he wrote "i have been unsuccessful in getting the money released to me until the "gma" staff got me in contact with the right person. thank you." jessica moves around a lot because tim is in the military. she wrote to us and said "my husband found money with his name on an old insurance policy from montana." then we hit it big on behalf of barbara and melvin farber of california. they had heard they had $10,000 in unclaimed money waiting but
8:21 am
for profit finders wanted a huge cut in order to tell them where it was. we walked them through the easy process of claiming their money for free. >> all: show me the money! >> reporter: so from the streets of new york to the coast of california, there's unclaimed money out there waiting for you. >> all right, not bad at all. ely, you'll show us how easy it is. >> the 9,000 people who e-mailed us for help could have done their own search in the time they took to text up. run by the national association of unclaimed property administrator, government people in every state and it is free and please, people, unclaim, not dotcom. never have to pay a fee for this. click on a state where you have lived. let's use new york where you
8:22 am
have lived. enten your name and veer fry by address. >> no social security and no money you have to pay out but you have another site for us too. >> i like this site. it's also free, the great thing about it, you can search multiple states at once, first you'll be prompted for your home state but here's the trick, after that, you can use a drop down menu and choose this option search all states and province, not all 50. don't all participant but you can search 39 states at once and you should check the list. if there are any that don't participant th participate in, you go back and drop down. 32 billion. >> have a great weekend. stay dry. go to our website to show you how you can cash in. >> mtv video music awards have
8:23 am
been going on for 27 years. there's an outrageous moment for every y e of those years. the show is happening again this sunday. r cameron mathison now has both a preview and a look back. ♪ feels so good inside ♪ i'm not that innocent >> oat you knock me off my feet ♪ >> reporter: whether it's the jaw-dropping performance, stunning costumes. >> i never thought i'd ask cher to hold my meat purse. >> reporter: even the controversy. >> i'm happy for you. i'll let you finish but beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. >> reporter: the mtv vma awards give you the unexpected. ♪ i'm going to start a fight >> reporter: what makes the vmas so different? >> it gives artists the liberty to just express themselves
8:24 am
without boundaries. with that said this is kind of like, you know, the show of shows for any audience. ♪ put a ring on it uh-oh >> reporter: to commemorate the awards's 28th year they gave us the results of a new poll which asked viewers to choose their all-time favorite vma moment. ♪ be loved >> reporter: the best vma pop performance. ♪ the way you make me feel >> reporter: in 1995 michael jackson performed this greatest hits medley. ♪ i've been good >> reporter: which also won him the most iconic vma performance title. ♪ flaunt that do that >> reporter: four years later eminem, drdrdre and snoop dogg rocked the house with this mehdi. ♪ did you really think if you had kids ♪ >> reporter: ensuring them the best vma hip-hop performance.
8:25 am
>> nobody thought this would last. >> reporter: it created plenty of controversrs remember this kiss between michael jackson and lisa marie. but the winner of most outrage moment is the kiss heard around the world. >> this is where you make your big moment. this is where you become an icon. you know, in the culture. >> reporter: lady gaga could have the category of wildest vma outfit ever alll to herself but instead the trophy goes to lil' kim for her purple pasties back in 1999. ♪ if you want to be my lover you have got to ♪ >> reporter: the new polol also measures the favorite music videos for each decade. what was the best video of the 1980s. there are just so many to choose from. ♪ make me yours ♪ girls just wanna have fun ♪ for a good time >> reporter: this was the winner
8:26 am
"i need you tonight." you don't have to go chasing waterfalls to figure out the best winner of the 1990s. ♪ don't go chasing waterfalls listen to the rhythm and the -- >> reporter: while panic tedisco scored the best video of the 2000s. ♪ let's go baby baby baby oh >> reporter: for the 2011 vmas it remains to be seen which rich people are heckling your dad? >> no, no, no. the other way around. i know i've told this story. he'll sit at starbucks and someone will drive up. >> hello to all of you. i'm depine sawyer at abc news headquarters in new york. we're interrupting your regular programming because president obama is about to speak about
8:27 am
hurricane irene. he is at martha's vineyard in his vacation home where there is no live picture capability. we have him live on audio. 65 million of us on the east coast are wondering about boarding up our windows and watching the sky. the first casualties have been hit. the eight people that were hurt when that rogue wave swept across a jetty in west palm beach, florida. the storm has caused devastation in the caribbean. this is the real deal. the bahamas were hit hard. you can see how c cse the line of the rain, the blue line of the rain and clouds are giving to the carolina shoreline. kill devil hills, north carolina, everything looks fine. you can see a ripple in the water and the gray skies. the radar shows the storms 30 minutes away from that area here
8:28 am
is the current track laid out the latest by the national hurricane center. category two hurricane a direct hit on the carolina shoreline by saturday afternoon and certainly still working its way through new york city to boston. >> we should point out martha's vineyard where the president is has s hurricane watch at this moment. we are awaiting him. we will hear what he has to say when he comes in. sam, the size of this is about the size of the state of arizona. where does that rank? >> it is a very large storm. a category two, 700, 800 miles of a cloud canopy. we have seen it weakening as dry air in the middle of the country is working its way into the system. >> here now the president. >> ongoing federal preparations for what is likely to be an extremely dangerous and costly storm. i just convened a conferce call with senior members of my
8:29 am
emergency response team to ensure we are bringing all federal resources to bear and to cope with the orm and its aftermath. i have spoken with governors and mayors of major metropolitan areas along the eastern seaboard to let t them know this administration is supporting their efforts and stands fully ready to support their response efforts. we will continue to say in close contact with them. i cannot stress this highly enough. if you are in the projected path of this hurricane, you have to take precautions now. don't wait. don't delay. we all hope for the best, but we have to be prepared for the worst. all of us have to take this storm seriously, you need to listen to your state and local officials and if you are given an evacuation order, please follow it. just to underscore this point, we ordered an aircraft carrier group out to sea to avoid this
8:30 am
storm yesterday. so if you are in the way of this hurricane you should be preparing now. if you aren't sure how to prepare your families or your home or your business for a hurricane or any other emergency you can visit ready. gov. that is ready. gov or listo. gov. now since last weekend fema has been employeing its incident management staging teams up and down the coast. fema has millions of leiters of water, millions of meals and tens and thousands of cots and blanketing and splies prepositioned along the eastern seaboard. the american red cross has begun preparing shelters in north carolina. these resources are coordinated with state and local partners and stand ready to be deployed
8:31 am
as necessary. again, if you are instructed to evacuate, please do so. it is going to take time for first responders to begin rescue operations and resources we prepositioned to people in need. the more you can do to be prepared now, making a plan, make a supply kit, know your evacuation route, follow the instructions of your local officials the quicker we can focus our resources after the storm on those who need help the most. to sum up, all indications point to this being a historic hurrrricane. we cannot predict with certainty the impact of irene, the federal government has spent the better part of the last week working with officials in communities that could be affected to see we are prepared. now is the time for residents of these communities, in the hours that remain, to do the same. director of fema, will be the
8:32 am
keeping people closely posted in the next 24, 48 hours. thank you very much. >> again, president obama on martha's vineyard, also under a hurricane watch right now. sam, he was pointing out the seriousness of 100-mile-an-hour winds. aircraft carriers have been moved away. >> it is a very large storm in an unusual track that will go through cities who haven't seen a storm like this in a life time. >> tonight on "world news" we will show everyone what it is like to have a sky scraper hit by a hurricane and houses, which ones survive and which ones don't.ain today. nice and hot inland on the west today. nice and hot inland on the west coast and cooler. >> it is stevie nicks friday,
8:33 am
ladies and gentlemen. oh, robin roberts. >> sam champion, you need to get over here and see ree drummond again. she's a city girl who fell in love with a cowboy and now she's a best-selling cookbook author. has a brand-new show that's coming up. "pioneer woman" because she loves to whip up something in the kitchen. you'll do that for us. we'll talk about your new show but vol nation is happy. for pat summitt people are being asked to wear orange to let pat know we have her back. she got that early diagnosis of early dementia. >> united. >> as always. this new show starts tomorrow. tell us about it. >> it's called "the pioneer woman." a slice of life cooking show shot on our cattle ranch in oklahoma where i'm headed before the hurricane comes. >> can you take us all with you? >> well -- i'll take stevie nicks with me
8:34 am
too. >> stevie with that music and good eating. we got peaches and a little bit of everything. >> i am in a stone fruit stage of my life. i thigh chicken thigh, they have a lot of flavor and have some grilling here and everything today has a little bit to do with peaches so we'll get this going. i think that's all the room we have for it. >> you prefer the thighs favorful. >> dark meat. i'm a dark meat girl. and i've got onions sauteing in a pot here and i'm going to start with the good stuff. with the -- >> we're definitely going home with her. whiskey? i'm going to make the most delicious sauce. let the whiskey boil and reduce. >> you can smell it. >> bottled barbecue sauce, real simple. this is a spicy one so it'll have a kick to it then i have peach preserves. >> ah.
8:35 am
>> and adds a nice sweetness. >> i like the flavors. >> worcestershire. garlic cloves and a whole bunch of peaches. >> those look nice and fresh. >> i'm a messy cook. >> that's okay. >> stir this up, let it boil. >> how long do you let it boil? >> just until it really gets hot and then you pull the chicken thighs off the grill. those are really going. >> wow, they are. >> somebody needs to turn on the ac. i'm sweating. so after this boils up -- - >> can you take that? >> george, want to call the fire department. >> fire extinguisher. >> put the chicken in the pot. you grill the chicken firs how are you doing, george. >> okay, be careful. woo! >> nice to have a guy around to take care of this. >> all of this goes in. >> i like to drip in all of the nice flavor. >> that's the good stuff. then it's kind of a combination
8:36 am
of grilling and then simmering so i'll simmer this in the oven and chicken thighs get really tender. fall off the bone. >> how long in the oven. >> about an hour and a half to two hours. >> nice and tender. >> main dish all set. >> main dish and then -- >> what are you going to do with grits? i love grits. >> i put this on my website last week and served it with a big mound of mashed potatoes. but today i decided to make grits. >> oh, good. >> these grits have the following in them. bacon, onion and heavy cream. >> oh, this is not light eating. >> but i would not he thought about grits to go with the barbecued chickening with the day. would you have thought of it. >> oh, certainly, ohoh, yeah. >> i'll have grits with anything. exactly. so after abou an a half the are ready. look at that.
8:37 am
tht. big portion. >> this spoon isn't big enough. this spoon is in my house. >> because you're a pioneer woman. cf1& xactly. cf1& >> mm-mm. >> you see the big chunks of peaches. tell us about the desert and salad. >> so i've got a marinaded tomato salad. my cooking show starts tomorrow. i just realized -- i just started shaking. >> but then i've got a peach and blackberry cobbler. i made the cobbler on the show but since it's peach day i thought i'd throw peaches this there. >> this is delicious. >> serve it with ice cream. >> did you want some cobbler, robin? keep talking while we -- >> that's great. >> well, i'll borrow your spoon. >> congratulations.
8:38 am
sure, pulling the mold, mildew, and grime from out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch.
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rock 'n' roll royalty here this morning, so glad to have stevie nicks here. on tour right now. she's got a brand-new album called "in your dreams" but right now a classic. fleetwood mac, 1975. "landslide." ♪ i took my love and i took it
8:41 am
down climbed a mountain then i turned around ♪ ♪ and i saw my reflection in the snow-covered hills till the landslide brought me down ♪ ♪ oh mirror in the sky what is love can the child within my heart rise above ♪ ♪ and can i sail through the changing ocean tides can i handle the seasons of my life ♪
8:42 am
♪ uh-ah i don't know ♪ oh well i don't know ♪ well, i've been afraid of changin' 'cause i built my life around you ♪ ♪ but time makes you bolder children get older and i'm getting older too ♪ ♪ so ♪ i've been afraid of changin' 'cause i built my life around you ♪
8:43 am
♪ oh but time makes you bolder children get older and i'm getting older too ♪ ♪ oh yes i'm getting older too ♪ so take this love and take it down, oh, if you climb a mountain and you turn around ♪ ♪ if you see my reflection in the snow-covered hills well the landslide will bring it down down ♪ ♪ and if you see my reflection
8:44 am
in the snow-covered hills ♪ ♪ well the landslide will bring it down ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you.
8:45 am
8:46 am
everybody, welcome back to "good morning america" and our summer concert series. i am with the one and only stevie nicks. stevie, tell me about your new
8:47 am
album and some of the amazing performers that you've collaborated with this on this. >> my new album is called "in your dreams." mike campbell wrote a song with me, he's right behind you for what it's worth. >> from tom petty and the heartbreakers. he's one of those heartbreakers. also lindsay buckle ham came and worked on that with me, dave storr produced it. >> just a little name dropping it. love it. >> three fantastically handsome and cool men. yourself. not so shabby ap reported there is some talk of fleetwood mac touring again and possibly doing another album. what are the chances? >> it's always in the wings. it's like we who are in those kind of bands, those bands are always there and youever break up your band. you never -- not a good idea so you always have your band so, you know, lindsay just released
8:48 am
a record. i've got a new record so when we follow that path to the end fleetwood mac is always there. >> ten years you waited to release this album. why the long wait? >> because ten years ago i was really told by the industry that because of internet piracy that it was really just kind of don't bother to do a rececd because -- >> thankfully you did not listen. >> well i did listen then but i stopped listening about a year and a half ago. >> and here it is. performing from your new album the single "for what it's worth." >> thank you. >> this is from mike campbelel ♪ ♪ i got to sing i got to dance
8:49 am
i got to be a part of a great romance ♪ ♪ still forbidden still outrageous only a few around us knew ♪ ♪ but no one said a word it was contagious ♪ ♪ looked out the window we watched the cars fly by ♪ ♪ i look at you and i start to cry what you did was you saved my life ♪ ♪ i won't forget it ♪ you said even if i left my girlfriend packed up my stuff loaded up my car ♪ ♪ drove down to your house with good intentions came through your door for what it's worth ♪
8:50 am
♪ well i got to love i rode the rails you came with me because you cared ♪ ♪ i was broke and i was scared you held my hand took away my fear ♪ ♪ we knew it couldn't last and that was hard ♪ ♪ oh you said even if i left my girlfriend packed up my loaded up my car ♪ ♪ drove down to your house with good intentions ♪ ♪ and came through your door oh you said even if i left my girlfriend packed up my stuff loaded up my car ♪ ♪ drove down to your house with good intentions and came through your door for what it's worth ♪
8:51 am
♪ for what it's worth ♪ for what it's worth [ cheers and applause ] h@ktzúzúe
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, stevie nicks. thanks all of you for coming up. special coverage of hurricane irene all weekend on abc news. our correspondents are up and down the coast and we'll have coverage all day long on >> right now we have stevie play us off with hiannon." ♪ rhiannon rings like a bell through the night and wouldn't you love to love her ♪ sheet she rules her life like a bird in flight and who will be her lover ♪ ♪ all your life you've never
8:55 am
seen a woman taken by wind ♪ ♪ wouldldou stay if she promised you heaven will you even try ♪ ♪ she is like a cat in the dark and then she is the darkness ♪ ♪ she rules her life like a fine skylark and when the sky is starless ♪ ♪ 'cause once in a million years a lady like her rises ♪ ♪ oh no rhiannon you cried but she's gone ♪ ♪ and your life knows no answer ♪ ♪ and your life knows no answer ♪ ♪ rhiannon
8:56 am
♪ rhiannon ♪ rhiannon ♪ rhiannon ♪ she rings like a bell through the night ♪ go
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don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at mike is here with a look at the bay area forecast. >> thank you very much. >> a lot of cloud cover but we should see the sunshine faster today. warming trend begins, low 80s as you head into the south bay, low 80s in the north bay and 80s in the east bay valleys. cooling trend begins next week. an earlier problem cleared out t


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