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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  August 26, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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afternoon, she'd just moved from fiji a month ago. >> this is like a big kick in the pants. you know? if i was in their shoes i'd feel like running back to fiji. >> the son is expected to survive. the son's wife, and their children were in the house at that time. they were sleeping. >> i don't know why this thing happened to them. you know? we never believe this is going to happen to these families you know? but they're religious. >> neighbors say this is the second time the children's grandmother and mother have been robbed. >> this is sad. because... mother and the grandma were robbed around the corner last week. >> and that makes neighbors wonder if they were targeted by the same people. >> there is nothing indicating waits a specific targeted residence. >> and police also say the person they're talking to is not a suspect at the moment. he is only a person of
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interest. the family has been living in the house about a year moving here to california from fiji about seven years ago. a neighbor told me they planned a vigil tonight at 8:00. >> thank you very much. and two men convicted in the murder of oakland journalist chauncey bailey have been sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole. yusef bey the 4th and antown macky were sentenced. the oakland post ed yoitor has been working on a story about the financial troubles. bey's attorney read a statement. >> i know i'm innocent of the crimes in which i've been convicted i do apologize to my family and families of the victims for not making wiser decisions and allowing this to have occurred on my watch. >> there is no satisfaction. how can you have satisfaction?
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it's like a coffee cup being only half full. you still have an empty void spot there. still oo. and both defendants plan to appeal. >> pg&e proposed a multi year modernization plan. the utility claims will make a natural pipeline system one of the safest in the country. this plan outlines steps to verify and upgrade the integrity of the nearly 6,000 miles of gas transmission pipelines to meet new standards. and california public utilities commission is now in the process of setting more strengthent requirements for natural gas utilities in the wake of the tragic san bruno accident one year ago. >> more than 100 customers are still without electricity tonight around east palo alto of a devastating power surge last night that happened after a branch snapped on this tree next to highway 101 in palo alto. the branch clipped three wires at the same time z that set
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4,000 volts to 232 homes and businesses. potentially frying tvs and other electronics. this man lost hundreds of dollars in food. >> some food went bad. but there was pizza dough already out z now, the cheese and everything melted in the cooler. so... mostly what i'm worried about. >> pg&e replaced dozens of meters damaged bit surge. typically anything damaged inside of a house is the responsibility of the customer. pg&e says it may make an exception this time. >> on the east coast, unprecedented steps being taken to minimize as much as possible, impact of hurricane irene. one of the first to be hit will be the outer banks where irene will make a first coastal assault in the morning. it's expected before then, heading up the coastline. and low-lying neighborhoods in new york city have been ordered evacuated.
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mass transit shuts down at noon tomorrow. and that is president ob yaum had this to say. >> i cannot stress this highly enough. if you are in the projected path of the hurricane. have you to take precautions now. don't wait. don't delay. >> hurricane irene threatens an extraordinary 65 million americans from north carolina up to new england. orders covering 2.3 million american autos sandhya patel is tracking strength and path. sandhya? >> latest from the national hurricane center is that it's now jogging a little bit more to the east. so it's north-northeast now. here is a look at hurricane irene. and maximum winds 100 miles per hour. there, you can see north jog about 14 miles per hour. notice eye on the hurricane is
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disappearing. drier air is filtering in that. is weakening the storm a little bit now. i want to show you live doppler 7. you'll see heavy rain bands have begun to move in along the coastline here. they're getting gusty winds and heavy rain. once again this, hurricane is starting to shift more to the east and here is what is expected. expected to make land fall saturday morning as a category one. weakening to a tropical storm as it moves in towards new york area sunday morning, then continuing as a tropical storm moving in up across the new england area. hurricane warnings up, up and down the coastline there. watches are up. here is what the concern s it's going to be wide spread power outages, storm surge will raise the water level six to 11 feet above the ground causing flooding across this area with some heavy rain, we talking from six to 10 inches.
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over a foot. so this will no doubt have wide spread impacts but it's a very large hurricane z latest from national hurricane center. it's shifting east and expected to make land fall as a weaker storm than anticipated 24 hours ago. i'll be back with a full look at the local forecast in just a moment. >> it's wildfire that is causing concern here in california. the main highway into yosemite national park is still closed. and there are firefighters battling a huge blaze outside of the park. 3,000 acres burned so far. forcing officials to close highway 140. reporter have the latest on the story. >> there is gusty winds and a thousand firefighters worked to contain the fire. both sides of the merced river are burning. the biggest challenge is the rough landscape. >> this terrain is a concern.
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we're in the merced river canyon. there is rocky, grassy terrain. that is playing a part. >> and expert crews brought in to help worked front lines friday, armed with hand tools to halt fast-moving flames but main attack came from above. in just five minutes three helicopters dipped into the river to collect water to put out the expanding flames. >> they're gathering water and dropping it on ridges trying to halt the fire. >> the lodge remains evacuated. it's become a base camp for firefighters. many tourists stay hearing have since moved to the nearby view lodge. some had to leave without their luggage. >> do we smell?
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>> the entrance on highway 140 remains in excess -- inaccessible. park rangers are diverting visitor as way from the fire, near yosemite, abc 7 news. >> and federal reserve chairman says congress must do more to promote hiring and growth or risk delaying the economy's return to full health. did he not announce new measures during his economic conference today but left open a possibility of future actions. if a double dip recession hits. he says record low interest rates will promote growth over time, but says the weak economy requires more help right now. the fed will hold a meeting in september to talk about possible future actions. >> and his speech managed to send stocks higher marking the first winning week in a month. the dow climbed 134 points and nasdaq climbed 60 points and s and p rose 17 points.
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>> two suspected burglaries are under arrest after crashing a get away car this morning. police say a woman came home to find two men burglarizing her home. that was about 10:00 in the morning. she attempted to call police, the men tackled her and took off in a dark purple dodge charger. police pursued the car before the car struck four or five other vehicles, then crashed near second and g streets in san rafael. despite this mayhem no one was seriously injuredded. >> redwood city police are looking for two separate hit and run driver who's struck and kill aid suicidal man on el camino. police say the man told a bystander he was going to kill himself. redwood city police are looking for both driver who's hit him and left without stopping. and seven people were taken to the hospital after amtrak's california zephyr train plow tlud some farm equipment on
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the tracks in southwest nebraska. the train departed on wednesday headed to chicago, and carrying more than 175 passengers. two of the locomotives were knocked off tracks and tipped over. three of the 10 passenger cars were also derailed. all injuries said to be nonlife threatening. >> and there is a lot more to bring you here today at 5:00. you know the saying keep your friends close and enemies closer? is that what apple is up to? >> music in the parks concert series could be silenced after another night of post-show violence. >> numi workers retool schools into medical careers. the news continues in oneeeeeeee
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a wounded sea lion had to be euthanized. it was being cared for at the
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marine mammal center. it's said an infection from a gunshot wound spread to his chest causing pneumonia. and the young adult male had been shot by a large caliber weapon. >> future remains uncertain for music in the park summer series. this is following incidents like this fight after last night's final concert of the year. it broke out on a vta light train. and the concert series began in 1988 as a lunch event then turned into evening the following year, some are complaining it is aing people who are not music fans. >> if members tell us they want to go for a different demographic, a different kind of niche, we're going to be all ears. >> the downtown association
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says fights like that in june are not connected to the concert series. >> and staying in that part of the bay, u.s. justice department said san jose is a national model for combatting gang violence thchl after a two-day conference with mayor chuck reed and members of the federal task force on youth violence prevention. the justice department awarded santa clara county a $50,000 grant. >> it's not a large amount of money, it does put us in line for further imple implex -- implementation grants. it's those coming back to the community to keep them from reoffending. >> wednesday, san jose ended a controversial deployment of homeland security officers to help battle a spike in gang violence. 14 people had been killed in the first six months of the year. police say the effort works and san jose not had a gang related homicide since june
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14th. >> the doors at numi closed 16 months ago and today marks a new start for many of them. their future in the medical field. >> i'm ready to work. i'm ready to go. >> that is a change from uncertainty 5,000 workers faced when the factory shut down. now, many of them are ready to go back to work after retraining for jobs in the medical field. kaiser permanente had a job fair just for them. julie is seeking a job as a sterile process technician. >> when you put them in a line, they're one of thousands. this is kaiser coming here, hopefully, i can get in to find something to get my sole in the door. >> 600 numi workers elected to take medical job training. that career choice turned out to be a good one because kaiser permanente has 2,000
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openings, here is 94 pages of jobs. recruiters are impressed by the former numi worker autos they have a great attitude, asking right questions and they have some great experience, they've had retraining. i think they have a very good chance. >> higher-skilled technician jobs pay from 21ses today $33 per hour. >> when you take a look at what they do, attention to details, teamwork, being able to focus on process, and dealing with customers. those are transferable skills. >> kaiser permanente is coaching workers how to fill out an application there. is no guarantee of a job for all, applicants say they see their lives back on track. >> lives change, and i accepted it and like i said, i'm excited about the change. i can see a good future ahead. >> some job candidates might
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hear back as fast as tomorrow. and if they pass a background check and drug screen, they might be working within five or six weeks. in fremont abc 7 news. >> and in our continuing effort to help people find work abc 7 and job journal are co-sponsoring another job fair next month. it's september 20th at the south san francisco conference center. we have all of the details for you at abc 7 and there is talking about reversal of fortune. a 19-year-old hacker claims is he now going to be working for apple. he made at announcement on twitter saying he'll be starting an internship in two weeks. he's one of the visible members of the so called jail breaking community, finding apple software problems that make it possible to hack iphones and ipads. apple declined to comment on
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this news. >> and sandhya patel with tonight's accu-weather forecast. >> there is a weekend that has arrived. >> it's time to hit the pool. or head to the beach. it's going to be warmer into the weekend. yeah. going to get hot heading through inland communities over the weekend. and just hot, hot. and there is a live picture now from our east bay hills camera. you can see sut sutl -- sutro tower there. it's 1400 feet deep, just hovering over coastal areas, moving back in over usual spots overnight tonight. another live picture now from our emeryville camera. looking towards oakland. there is some sun out there. not much of a wind there. starting to see haze down into the lower levels. it's gusting at sfo right now to 29 miles per hour. and this afternoon, you probably noticed there is a little circulation here on the
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satellite picture. this circulation pulled a causeway just enough in places to where they saw a little bit of sun there. most of the coastline has been socked in, temperatures along the coast have been running into 50s and 60s, other areas three to six degrees warmer than yesterday. there is plenty of sunshine. we had expected slightly warmer conditions today. and low 90s inland now. antioch, concord, fairfield. livermore at 89 degrees, 82 in novato. san francisco, oakland into 60s, you can see plenty of 70s around mountain view and san jose. half moon bay is 59 degrees, fog, coast and bay. hot days are expected inland throughout the weekend. and then, we're looking at a cooler pattern and so take advantage of the heat. down to our south, looking at satellite and radar, showers moving in. and they're moving in and around los angeles area, there
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have been lightning strikes further north. this will continue to be a possibility as we head into overnight, there is moisture starting to move in around san luis obispo saturday morning and here in the bay area, we're just anticipating higher clouds moving in. so this is not going to be an impact here, there could be more showers and thunderstorms for saturday, so just keep this in mind. here in the bay area, temperatures into 50s, and antioch, 60 degrees, you can see high clouds moving in in our southern and eastern parts of the viewing area. fog in and along the coast and around the bay like this morning. may see a little bit of drizzle in the overnight hours. there is 90 degrees in los gatos, 8 in santa clara. and you're looking at sunshine after morning gray. 72 in mill gray a long the
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coastline, fog is lingering into afternoon. low to mid 6 ows, downtown san francisco, 67 degrees, 63 into sunset district. north bay, you'll see temperatures into mid-80s range and san rafael, 80 degrees, east bay, 74 in oakland. 80 degrees in union city. inland areas going to be warm. the warmest locations. 92 concord. and around the monlt ray bay, 77 in santa cruz. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is 96 sunday, mid-60s at the coast. if you don't like heat therk start to slip away, temperatures falling every day next week. and bottoming out around mid week. >> and there is relief coming. >> yes. >> and go on twitter. we haven't used them. >> air conditioning and sun screen. >> yes.
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>> and still ahead, here is your chance to play tourist in san francisco. courtesy of... finney's friday free stuf then, passion is amazing. we salute a bay area teenager whose tireless efforts helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for victims of genocide around the world. that is tonight on the 6:00 broadcast.
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you're feeling sleepy already? nighty-night. [giggling] weekend is here. and there is michael here as always. >> sandhya said weather is going to be nice. so it seems like right time to be grilling. >> of course. >> do you not agree? >> at your house. >> yes. >> and this is what we're going to be having. there is is a fire wire kit.
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a blend of herbs and i like to call them herbs and spices. it's good for two pounds of meat. taking 20 minutes to marinate it. and as long as you're at my house, take a tour of san francisco. two tickets for you on that. check this out. have you seen open tops? yes. >> and this is cool and they're set up for the bay area and touring, look at that right there. we're going to give twou tickets, two free adult tickets. it's a $70 value. good for 24 hours. and you hop on, hop off. >> there is a sound system. >> yes. they have them in many languages, too. so if you have someone out of the country, there you have it. >> and this is a fun way to go
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see it. >> what a great question. there is at any time you can go to abc 7 >> nice work. >> we'll see you at the barbecue. >> coming up next, san francisco's students unveil a special mural. >> yes. depicting hopes and dreams forwx @
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coming up, disorder in court. tonight san francisco's presiding judge tells us why she's rejected an offer. >> and security fans can expect at the niners game tomorrow and warnings going out to season ticket holder autos and finally, san francisco is famous for mural autos and a new one sk unveiled this evening and hits on a hot political issue. >> yes this, mural covering the side of a building on 9th street shows the plight of immigrants. >> teenagers


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