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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  August 28, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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you are looking at long beach, long island. watch this, eye lifeguard tower comes unhinged. gets hit right there. come office its mooring and crashes right into the boardwalk. that's long beach, long island. go down to point pleasant, new jersey. the suffer is kicking up. we heard from governor chris christie, everyone is told to
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stay inside and hurricane irene heading right now for america's biggest city. breaking right now, the monster storm. wow! crushing its way up the east coast overnight. hurricane irene, howling wind, ferocious waves. several of america's bigigge cities hunkered down to face the furry. now the rapidly rising sea water with swamp the streets and subways. >> its path of destructionon fr north carolina to delaware. we have the dramatic rescue, terrifying tornado now will irene's epic rainfall rewrite the record books this morning? sam and our entire abc news team is in the eye of the storm. ourontinuing life coverage of hurricane irene, you see
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montauk irene. look how huge the waves are. we have john berman out there. thankfully he come up a bit. he started on what was the beach. but it's no longer there. >> it should hit land in long island the next couple of hour, already hit land in new jersey about 5:30. here's what we know about the effects of hurricane irene. power has been knocked out to more than 3 million homes and businesses on the east coast. at least nine deaths being blamed on the storm, including three people killed the falling trees. as we said, the center of the storm is over new jersey, headee for new york city and it will hit land again in long island. >> we have the entire abc news team out covering the storm zone and let's begin now with sam champion who is in lower manhattan. and you have the latest tract right now, sam? >> i definitely do. but we also, the end of this
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street, canyon of hero, by the way, the reason we selected this zone, there will be problems, flooding right there, because that's new york harbor, and the possibility of breaking glass falling from the buildings in new york with the tropical force winds. we just shot pictures of the water down at the end of the street. basically we are seeing high tide time, which is right now. water beginning to come over the edge of the battery. there's a wall that runsll along batttty park and we're getting water that's lapping over the edge there. the fefe has been there might be several feet of water. right now that hasn't happened but we'll watch the high side of this tide cycle and see if in fact we do. the lower east side, we're already beginning to see water lap over the sea wall there. just barely touched the sea wall and come over the end. we also have a awful lot of street flooding that's due to the ponding water and rain that's been going on here. let's take you with our radar and show what is going on with
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this storm. by the way, this storm is 40 miles away, the center of this storm is 40 mile as way from new york city, right on the jersey shore. and one of t most important things about this radar, if we can zoom in are areas in yellow and where that hea rain is falling. from northern new jersey, pennsylvania and new york state. look into connecticut as well. these are some of the areas that will see the heaviest rain this, is saturated ground. you see a lot of pictures when people are covering the hurricane about the coastal area, and the waves impressive. now the storm changed what is important about it to what go on inland as it begins to track and make more rainfalls, it's much more. the rivers will be coming up over the next two, three day, you will see them reach peak and flooding levels by the time we get to monday and tuesday of next week. here's a quick look at the profiles. what kind of damage can be along
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with it. 50 to 70-mile-an-hour winds. purple zone forces that wind inland. the wind will be less inland, and worse along the coast. the rain from this system will be much worse inland. these are additional rainfall totals. additional to the heavy rain going on in your area right now. you see another 3 to 6 inches of rain. we have so much going on with this storm. yes, george and robin, it is spreading apart a little bit and weakening, but all of the effects will be impactful. >> it's interesting, the days leading up to the wind, we're talking more about the rain. it still makes a difference if you're on the east and west side of the eye. >> absolutely. right now what it's doing, it's running along the shore lines so long it doesn't have the complete circulation. what you see, it will throw all of its moisture and squeeze it all out on the west side. but the winds are still left running the coastal area. matter
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of fact, southern areas, if you look down into washington, d.c. and on into virginia. you see the rain bands tapering off. that light blue there. there's not as much rain, there's very little rain coming from the center of the storm. look at new jersey, the dry patch going on. we're beginning to see the storm come and open up a little bit. come undone and throw the heaviest rain into the north of it. it will rotate around and geez out the heavierer moisture. that rain will cause flooding in the inland areas and we'll continue to see that wind tear up the coastline as this storm moves north. >> what we heard from bill read at the national hurricane center, from governor chris christ christie. flooding. the big danger right now. ron claiborne is in new jersey on point pleasant beach. the hurricane still hitting there. hey, ron. >> the new jersey shore, good morning to you, has really been raked by this powerful hurricane. look at the social behind me.
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it is just royaling, last night, about 100 miles behind me. spilling over into the streets. the hurricane came ashore south of here about an hour ago, with high wind, driving rain, drenching this ate. i'm in a mandatory evacuation area, about a million people did leave this area over a period of 24 hour, although some stragglers have remained. about 400,000 people in new jersey without power. officials say that number is expected to go up. but the storm now is passing over this area. heading north toward you guys. we will be seeing the worst testify in the next hour or two. it is coming your way, robin and george. >> all right, ron, thank you very much. the sea, you know, it's a slow moving system, but once it gets past, you see the big difference with ron now as opposed to earlier this morning. let's go back out to montauk with our john berman, he's
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moving up even more so now. >> good morning. the rain is uncomfortable, but the wind is bad. the seas unbelievable. the ocean of boiling watter with the waves kick up right now. this is the last bit of high ground i can stand in for the time being but this fence washed by me. look at this seafoam right here that's everywhere. yesterday about high tide i was standing by there. i think we have a picture,ky stand on the beach right there. now we're close. look at this. a big wave watching up over my feet right now and this is it for me, robin. i'm going to move out of this location. the water is rising too high. we're about an hour from high tide. storm surge, the real fear could be up to 6 feet beyond whwh the normal high tide is. the big 1938 that everyone talks about, it cut off the tip of long island, creating a new island. that's the concern here because
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so much of the area is at sea level. may not be as bad as 1938 but sex feet above sea level. this time i amam headed inside. and closer to land. >> hurricane about 40 miles outside of new york city. i want to go to dan harris -- i'm sorry, we have ashleigh banfield now in stanford, connecticut, which will get it in been b an hour or two. >> stan for, connecticut known for beautiful boats. these are boats that didn't get away from their dock, many have them have gone out further into the sound to try to moore. we've seen those pictures post hurrican hurricanes where they end on the shore line. already 2,000 people without power. mandatory evacuation as long here, in fact. the governor's own brother evacuated and sought refuge in the hotehotel. 6:00 curfew. i'm standing in the spot where
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we expect the eye of the hurricane to pass. eight foot storm surge. the worst of the worst scenario for this state, george. >> let's go to chris cuomo on the east side of manhattan. you showed, chris, the east river wallen now breaching the seawall. the water is coming up. >> that's the concern, people were worried about the hudson river on the west side but itt s the east river on the lower south side of manhattan that already breached the wall. high tide, we keep hearing about that. montauk will see this later. high tide will last for hours. the water will be high for hours. the wind isn't even here yesterday. the wall is already breached. con ed, what we spoke to, this part of manhattan worked as a fun. the if the water came over the wall which is has, it can flood the power box force the entire financial district. >> all right.
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chris, thanks, we want do-to-go to times square, dan are harris is there. >> hey, george, good morning to you, we use the word surreal a lot. but the scene this morning fits the bill. here we are in the crossroads of the world. the place we broadcast "good morning america" and people come to celebrate new year's eve. it is almost a gloeft town. the popular retail shores sandbagged. the 24-hour mcdonald's not serving any burger, i say almost a guest town, because while it was completely empty when we showed up. we're starting to see a trickle of tourists and people out taking picture, curiosity-seeker, i'm not sure police are happy about that, given the strength of the storm has not yet reached its peak. at this point it feels like a rain event as opposed to a powerful wind hurricane. however, experts saying all along the risk here, the threat of the city is less from the
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wind and more from the water. it's not only the storm surge which chris cuomo is talking about. transformers downtown.ectrical it is also the fresh water. rain which is coming down as i speak. this is i concrete city full of concrete canyon, there's very will place for all of the water to go. a lot of concerns about flash flooding throughout the city. keep on eye on that. back you to. >> it looks like a rain event. thank you very much. there is still concern about the wind. i know they've been talking about it as much. but because there are nearly 6,000 skyscrapers here in new york city, and jim avila. back on the roof on abc and has the latest on that part of the story. jim. good morning. >> good morning, robin and george. the wind picked up up here. it is blowing pretty strongly out of the seth at this point. as you can see behind me the rain is blowing sideways. i have this wind meter.
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it's got up up to 20 to 25 so far. another gust coming on and blowing the old hat off. you can see it's beginning to get windy up here. they expect the highest winds to be on the back end of the storm. that could be up to 70-mile-an-hour later around noon. we'll watch for that. people in these high rise buildings have to watch out. the may or told them if you live above the tenth story, you should actually try to move away from the wind -- move away from the windows because it could be dangerous. people are looking out for that. the winds picking up. we're trying to be very careful right now. robin and george. >> you should be. it's not just the wind. it's also going in between the buildings what we call the concrete canyons. that can whip inge things around and you get a piece of debris and you don't know what happen, right, jim? >> that's right. they worked out the formulas, if you're up above 30 stories which
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a lot of people are in manhattan, the wind increases about 20%. if you're above 80 story, people live about that high in the city of new york. in fact it goes up 30%. the higher you are, the more dangerous it is. stay away from the window. >> that's always good advice. thank you very much. >> we have an hour or two of danger in new york city. irene left a big trail of devastation. we'll go to matt gutman with the latest on the cleanup down there. >> hey, george, there's a lot of work to do. this was a driveway filled with a foot of muck and rain. this is cautioned by the devastating storm surge everybody is so afraid of, and rightly so. there's 5 to 7 foot storm surge that brought this field of muck and debris almost to the highway. these wave runners were 100 miles that way. a football field away as well as the hobycat.
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>> hurricane irene trumped up the east coast. the wind and gushing waters unleashed a series of tornados that tore dozens of homes like this one in delaware to pieces. irene already claimed multiple lives including an 11-year-old boy in virginia, killed after a tree fell on his home. a philadelphia man was killed after live electrical wires crushed his car. it crashed into his apartment in new port news, virginia. hurricane irene is still a officials warned the power might be out for two weeks. flooding is so bad, the national guard may be called in to assist in rescues. they'll be picking up the piece here's for months. >> the gas station here lost its canopy. >> reporter: the storm made for
5:16 am
dramatic rescues like this one of of a man and woman who tried to escape this storm by boat and abc news got a exclusive look of a 500-mile-an-hour beast from the insidedewith storm chaser reed timmer. >> the eye wall is right there. >> we're going to turn around and go back north to try to get inside the eye. we raced towards it in the tank called the dominator running toward the heart of irene. >> it's incomprehensible to demonsnsate the force. the rain is intensifying as the eye walk approaches us. >> reporter: a storm so strong, it was enough to shock even these storm chasers. now, george and robin, just a note of caution, these guys professionals, they do this for a long time. they have satellite phone, chain saws, to get out of trouble. nobody should do that unless they have the proper equipment. here in nags head, things settles down. rescue crews trying to pluck
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people out of flooded homes and rescue teams trying to figure out how much damage there is here. robin and george. >> do you have a sense walking around the scale of destruction you're seeing right around you? >> well, this stretches up and down this highway. but the major flood zone has been inland. that's what sam was talking about earlier. the coastal area saw a lot less of that storm surge, probably more five to seven feet rather than the 15 feet they've been seeing inland. that's where the serious damage and serious destruction is going to be, george. >> okay, matt, thanks very much. >> it's so odd to see the sun out where he is knowing what happened yesterday. let's go back to sam in lower manhattan. saying the sun could come out later today in manhattan as well, sam. >> we might actually get a little sunshine before the day is over, robin and george. let show you where the heaviest rain is, as we talk about the flooding that's about to happen over the next couple of dace. we know 37 river gauges in the
5:18 am
northeast are expected to go to major flood stage by the time we get into just the next 48 hours or so. we're looking by tuesday to see all of this heavy rain collecting in the rivers and streams and really bringing those river levels up. that's northern new jersey on into pennsylvania. kind of that northern corner of pennsylvania. western new york state, central new york state and take a look at the dry edge that's coming in up underneath this storm. look how dry it is in southern new jersey right now, even though some of those rain bands. that's the story for the southeast today. from wilmington, beautiful weather all of the way up into new jersey. as we look at the big board we'll show you the west coast we're dealing with the heat from the southwest into the state of texas and we have comfortable temperatures going on in
5:19 am
who said you can't get a cab in new york? right in the middle of a tropical situation, i had a free one go right by. robin and george. >> i knew you were going to mention that, sam. >> i thought he was going to jump in. >> mass transit has been shut down since noon yesterday, but the cabbies still out there. >> letet turn to our weekend anchor, bianna golodryga. you have a time lapse. >> we have a time lapse from the empire state building. we heard jim avila talk about the concerns of the high rises, and the wind impact there.
5:20 am
you see overnight it's continuing to be a rain storm right now. but the clouds coming over. it's becoming harder and harder to see and more and more concerned about whether or not these buildings can sustain impact from heavy winds. there's the concern about that and also elevators as well. if power goes out, you're on the 70th floor, you have to take the stairs. there's a lot of precaution out there. >> also in my building they posted signs that they stoped elevator not because of electricity but the winds. >> they are warning people not to use them within certain hours and certain parents of the city. you have a one-two punch. concerns of flooding in lower manhattan and concerns of wind gust and electricity for people in high rises. >> that's the other big hit, power, up to 3 million people up and down the east coast and we'll have more concerns as the flooding hits the generators. >> key saying "could." a lot of buildings should with
5:21 am
stand high impact and high winds, but this is the first of this kind in this city. but also stay away from windows and doors and do not use elevators in high rise buildings. >> the subways completely down. all new york airport, all five in this region. >> they are closed now. people are looking to make a buck. there are a lot of private limos out there as well. i asked if i need a ride. i charge 50 buck, i said no thank you. stay with us, for more coverage of hurricane irene. hi! i brought champagne.
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and when they do, they're ready for goodnites. the nightime underwear specially designed for kids 4 and up. sfx: bed crashes to floor kids seem to get bigger overnight. good morning... whoa! whoa! and when they do, they're ready for goodnites. the nightime underwear specially designed for kids 4 and up. live coverage of hurricane irene. we'll show you live picture, lashing on the east coast. the storm is closing in on new york city, 20 miles south of new york city. winds beginning to get stronger. >> that's right. 30 to 50 miles an hour right now. hurricane strength, about 07 miles an hour. this is hurricane irene. it will hit new york in about 30
5:31 am
minutes. we've seen storm surges in new york. down in southern new york, the east side of new york down by wall street. chris cuomo tweeted a while ago, showing water breeer breaching wall into manhattan. raining hard in new york city. hurricane irene hit land yesterday. 3 million people on the east coast without power. at least nine deaths blamed on the storm. it's speeding up, going about 25-mile-an-hour right now. that's as fast as it's gone. still hurricane strength. as we said, the center of the storm about to hit new york city. it will hit land actually in long island and our entire abc news team is all over the storm zone right now. >> long island is getting slammed by the storm right now. it's headed our way and is there in long island. we see going back to john bermen in montauk right now.
5:32 am
john. >> the freak of nature is right now it's not raining at all. bone dry in the sky but the wind is gusting quite hard. the seas we've been talking about, boiling, rumbling, they've been going right past u-standing up on a wall of food. i think this is a safe place. high tide is coming in a little less than an hour right now. these seas expected to rise another 4 feet. they could come up here to the stairs here. the storm surge is what people are concerned d out on this part of long island. there are areas at sea level. there's concern the sea could come up and cut them off from the rest of the land. most everyone here lost power. 85,000 people without power on this part of long island this morning. that was hours ago. that's before we lost our power. inconveniences like that are everywhere. even in the lull right now you see how dangerous it is with the seas bubbling up. fences pouring over the edge of the seawall.
5:33 am
that's what we're watching all morning, guys. >> thanks very much, new jersey hit hard earlier. hurricane hit land around 5:35. abc's ron claiborne in point pleasant beach where the rain seems to have stopped, hey, ron. >> good morning you to, the storm came ashore like you said about three hours ago, about 40 miles south of here. we got the worst of it at that time. it was high tide maybe 45 minutes ago. we are still seeing very high waves. roiled ocean over here. but right now, seemed to be the aftermath. the point now will be damage assessment to see how bad things were. there was quite a bit of inland flooding. we got anywhere from 6 to 15 inches of rara. i want you to look at this hurricane flag, this flag at 245 degree angle. was absolutely upright. an indication how powerful the winds. 400,000 people in new jersey without power and the government
5:34 am
indicated there's a group of senior citizen, 600 them in high ryes in atlantic city he was urging to leave the high rise departments to go to safety. they said they would not leave. they defied him. we'll have to look how they fared. but the worst of it is aft this area and heading your way. >> the big concern is new jersey flooding. >> and stay inside right now. let's head to another part of the jersey shore. darla miles is on the scene. how is it going? >> we've seen 20 to 30 feet waves as hurricane irene pounded the jersey shore. we're at the tail end of high tide right now. but at one point in morning, robin, the entire beach was under water. i will show you where the water came underneath the boardwalk, crashed into the sea wall and then seafoam was projected into the street like little small
5:35 am
hand gre anyways. you can see the mess out there from where the seafoam was spewed all over the streets. i want to show you how the houses fared well on ocean parkway. they are boarded up, and not sustaining any damage really from the high winds and from the rain. but the worst of the storm is not over. we're hearing just over here, i'm going to swing around and show you, right to my left, this was a mandatory evacuation zone. that is belmar new jersey, there's an inland over there. we're getting a report of flooding cars. right now you see a lot of people on the boardwalk, they think the worst of the storm is over. right now we see police come out here and try to clear the boardwalk. the reason why it's calm right now, the eye is passing over us. and as sam has been explaining, the winds will reverse and kick up all over again. they're trying to clear out of
5:36 am
here. we're seeing impressive waves and a lot of seafoam and spectators, robin. >> i was watching you locally all night long. there were people really listening to what the governor was saying. they got out of there. they are evacuating. that is right, robin. in fact so many people got out. it crowded evacuation shelter, there was a shelter in new jersey that reached capacity before noon. there were 800 people there. they had to turn them around. there were 16 cities in new jersey. and people board under and got out early. we did not see long line, people waiting to get out of town like you've seen with other hurricanes. people board up. trying to get out early, trying to protect businesses and their lives. >> the governor doesn't want anybody to come back yet. important to stay inside. thanks very much. a short while ago, i did speak with the governor and again i asked him what the conditions right now. >> george, we have a serious
5:37 am
situation here in new jersey. we have now 15,000 people with more than 45 shelters. that number is going to climb more than 400,000 people are without power. more than 200 roads have already been closed because of flooding and downed trees. and we're not through it yet, george. we have a lot of problems, inland flooding is going to become one of our biggest problems. >> that's what bill read saiai flooding such a huge concern. we have pictures from long branch, new jersey, where roofs came off. small apartment building, are you confident everyone got out of those areas that were hit the hardest? >> we're confident that everybody who wanted to leave has left. but there are some people along the jersey shore. despite the fact we've already evacuated in 24 hour, over a million people from the jersey shore. there are some, who, despite our warnings and pretty explicit one, decided to stay. we are not able to make an
5:38 am
assessment how those people are doing. but we wish everybody would have gone but can't be sure everybody did. in fact we know everybody did not. >> we have 1500 national guard personnel fanning out throughout the state at this point. what are they focusing on right now? >ell, we now have over 2,000 national guard soldiers and airman thar deployed and ready to do rescue missions once wee get through the storm. so, folks are deployed at 12 thif armories, some of are already working securities at shelters and most are waiting for rescue missions that we have to perform with high-water vehicle, and perhaps helicopters as well. >> the big concern, have you gotten all of the help you needed from the federal government? >> listen. so far, our communication with the federal government has been good. we'll be reaching out again this morning to secretary napolitano and to the fema director to try to make sure that assets are
5:39 am
being brought here to new jersey. this is escalating a a big pace. the message for new jersey. it's important to get through. george, stay in your homes. do not leave out of your homes. we have one report of a woman missing who left her home, got in the car and has been taken away by water. you cannot deal with this storm outside. please stay inside. if you do, we'll be okay. but we need to get you through the rest of this storm until mid afternoon this afternoon when it clears new jersey. >> you expect it to clear new jersey by mid afternoon. you shut down the mass transit in philadelphia and new york. when do you expect you might be able to get subways and buses running again? >> the issue, george, we don't know. we don't know how much damage is done. how many trees are done on tracts throughout the injure new jersey. we have 200 closed roadways. it's difficult to estimate when we get the new jersey transit up and running. we don't know what the extent of
5:40 am
damage has been to the infrastructure and tree blockage to the roads. we have to make an assessment which we won't be able to do until the storm clears. it's too dangeroususor anybody to be out there right now. >> same go force gambling in atlantic city? >> folks in atlantic city, we cleared out almost all of them. senior citizens, in atlantic city, some who stayed. we took out about 100 yesterday, in a last-ditch effort. we hope to get to those folks quickly to make sure they are okay. >> you are doing damage assessments right now and hope to be back to normal say by the end of the week? >> george, the answer is i don't know. i'm optimistic about the fact that new j jrians are tough, gritty people. once we assess the damage, everyone will work t tether to restore life to normalcy here. i can't make a prediction how
5:41 am
many days that will take. as you said, there is the first time a storm game on shore in over 100 years. we're facing monday, tuesday and wednesday, the cresting of our rivers inland which can lead to reported flooding. we have to deal with that next. not just coastal damage but record inland flooding. it's tough to make an assessment, george but we'll have significant problems to deal w wh in new jersey. but we'll be working with the folks to make sure we get through just fine. >> number one message right now, stay inside, the danger has not passed?? >> stay inside. the danger has not passed. do not leave your homes. if you're fortunate enough to be in your home, stay there. if you do, we'll be able to keep you safe and take care of you once the storm passes. >> thanks to governor chris christie, they have a big cleanup ahead of there. >> they do. that's the situation in new jersey. across the river, the east river is beginning to overflow right now. abc's chris cuomo has been reporting this. you can see yourself leading to
5:42 am
a foot of water in battery park. not far from there is sam champion in lowermanhattan. we are beginning to see the water rise there, sam. >> it would be the exact right time. here we are with battery park behind us. that is the tip of manhattan. we are in a high tide cycle right now. this is when we expected to see water breech that area and m me that move up against, not only that sea wall there, but alson the road surfaces on the lower east side and the real concern was, once we saw that happen, how much water would get there. how much sea water would get into this area. d could create problem was power and some other big problems in this area if we get much more. we'll continue to watch that. let's show you the radar though, this is where the heaviest lane is. this rain is opening up as this hurricane opens up. this storm you can really see it on the radar, it's the best way to look at the storm right now. you can see how the heavy rain is thrown into northern pennsylvania, central new york
5:43 am
state. connecticut and on up into vermont and new hampshire. on the southern end is much, much dryer air. we'll see rain ending all of the way through southern new jersey, very, very quickly as this storm, really and truly, if i can just tell you it's unwrapped, that's exactly what is happening right now. look at all of the dry air off the end of new jersey as well. with the winds and rain, here's what you expect. up goes that tract into the northern coast of maine by the and we're here in lower manhattan, watching a number of emergency vehicle, kind of move around this area. dealing with
5:44 am
this. we've said, this high tide cycle and that water beginning to move on the end of low are manhattan. robin, george. >> all this rain already falling on already saturated ground. we're going to philadelphia, we'll come back with a report from there. you already see flooding water, water is starting to rise and taking some car as way. ♪ me
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continuing live coverage of hurricane irene. let's quickly go up to abc's jim avila who is here on the roof. and the wind is of major concern. what what's it doing right now, jim? >> we're up on the 15th story. the wind has picked up. blowing pretty well sideways. along with the rain. it's pretty miserable up here. ititoes in bands, the storm appears to be breaking up as sam has been telling us. it's very windy for a little bit and will calm down a little. if you're living in a high wise, you want to be careful. stay away from the window, the wind increases the higher up you go. >> higher at the airports. laguardia and kennedy.y. we'll be right back.
5:48 am
sam is tracking this from lower manhattan. we'll get a report from philadelphia on the flflflflflfd
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5:52 am
you can see a tree down, you can barely walk up. a sea of water flooding the area as well. a massive tree down on a major city street there. >> and some children in their apartment lobby building right now. they are under 5 inches of water right now. you can see it starting to climb, affecting buildings there. finally, here's the picture we love this morning. this is a resilient baby. brady colin donnelly was born in the east coast earthquake, brought home when irene struck. this baby's motto will be "don't sweat the small stuff." >> i survived it all. >> we've got another report. the turn sl closed because of -dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope.
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