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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  August 28, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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heavy rain, strong winds and flooding are the result of irene this morning, once a now a tropical storm. john hendron joins us live. >> reporter: good afternoon. the worst appears to be over from irene here in new york city. new yorkers are back out on the streets. this very serious storm, it killed nearly a dozen people. knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of people including 750,000 in new york. >> irene has shut down the city that never sleeps. after chewing up north carolina, and maryland, it descended on
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big apple where the mayor asked hundreds of thousands to evacuee. >> time for evacuation is over. everyone should go inside and be prepared to stay inside until weather conditions improve which won't likely be until sunday afternoon. we will get to this next 24 hours. >> broadway shows have gone dark. shops and restaurants are closed. the nation's largest subway system has stopped for the first time ever. the cleanup has begun. >> state police have responded to 152 traffic crashes, 83 disabled. >> please stay inside. please stay inside. >> this is a good night to stay home. >> some events can't be postponed. >> this couple voluntarily evacuated their apartment.
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>> today is the due date and it's good to be close to a hospital. >> irene nay no longer to be a hurricane but she is still powerful. 11-year-old boy killed in virginia. she has caused looking into is a building collapse in philadelphia and powerful winds smashed this lifeguard tower into a boardwalk. >> things are getting back to informed in times square. sun has peeked out and so are the cars, after a brief respite on broadway shows, the show will go on. as we mentioned irene has been downgraded to a tropical storm. it's still dangerous. lisa argen is tracking the storm. good morning. >> good morning. let me show you early visible picture what is hurricane irene. look at expanse of this thing,
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it's huge. and eighth beautiful structure of that is now it's continued to slide up to the north and east and downgrade today a tropical storm, moving quickly to the northeast at 26 but a prolific rain and wind maker. we're still looking at roads washed out in massachusetts, also some flooding rain eastern new york. this has moved inland. the contest the is clear for new york. you saw that pretty soon for boston but much of new england will be looking at very heavy rain. the tlouf of the system continues to take it up through canadian and by 4:00 tomorrow, well of the picture. back home, a little warmup to talk about a little bit later. thousands of flights are affected all over the country because of irene. that is creating a domino effect all the way here to the bay area. 41 flights at san francisco international airport have been cancelled today and that is on top of the 40 cancelled
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yesterday. flights to new york, philadelphia, boston and chicago are affected. it's causing a huge backlog during one of busiest travel weeks in the summer. bay area is doing its parted to help victims of the storm. at this hour members of the california national guard are scheduled to take off from moffett field. the guard is going to mobilize swift water rescue personnel from the 129th rescue wing along with supply helicopters. >> we anticipate depending on the flooding, we'll be doing a lot of hoists. we use our basket what we call a drop which is strap that personnel can use to get themselves attached to the hoist. the 129th rescue wing has saved more than 900 people since its inception in 1975. more news this morning, san
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francisco firefighters are investigating the cause of an early morning fire that has damaged a building on the mission high school campus. the fire was reported just before 1:00 this morning. crews found a fire on the second floor on a four story building on the church street campus. it damaged office equipment before crews got the fire knocked down. 15 minutes later the facilities used by the children's council of san francisco. >> a security crackdown at the 49ers game worked last night. tailgaters had to cut their parties short as part of new measures put in place after fan violence marred last weekend's game against the raiders. >> children played in candlestick parking lot as they tailgated. this was normal. >> they have a lot of security. it's different. >> the police chief did beef up
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security. he says there are as many officers on hand now as responded to last week's shooting and fan violence. >> we started with 40% more officers. then the 49ers added additional security, as well. >> other changes are tailgaters only be allowed in the parking lots four hours before the game. they have to stop drinking in the parking lot when the game starts. no one is allowed in the lot during the game unless they are arriving or leaving. robert cummings says faithful fans shouldn't be punished for what bad fans do. >> you crackdown on on them, us being cool and watching our p's and q's we should leave everybody else alone. >> the security opened the parking lot gates three hours later helps reduce time to drink. they think he its conspiracy. >> i think it's that and us to go in and spend our money. >> jeffrey miller went to
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candlestick to check out the measures and show fans who might think about twice coming to an n.f.l. game. what happened last week won't be permitted to happen again. >> fans will see that hopefully that was an aberration. >> as to whether the raiders will play the niners again in a pre-season game. >> it's not a decision that needs to be made at the moment. >> one change, san francisco police will be checking d.u.i. checkpoints like what is going on behind me on every game in the future. san francisco police are preparing for another bart protest tomorrow. demonstrators angry over a fatal shooting by bart police have recently stormed downtown san francisco bart stations during the evening rush hour. demonstrators are also upset that bart tried to stop one protest by cutting off cellphone
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service. police will move in sooner and make arrests to minimize the impact on commuters. >> san francisco fighters are investigating the cause of an early morning fire that damaged a building on the mission high school campus. fire was reported just before 1:00 this morning. crews arrived to find a fire on the second floor of a four story building on the church street campus. the flames damaged computers and office equipment before crews got the fire knocked down about 15 minutes later. that facility is used by the is council of san francisco. this afternoon a memorial service will be held for the four-year-old boy killed by a hit-and-run driver in santa rosa. christopher row died on august 18. the service will be held at 3:00 at st. eugene's catholic church in santa rosa. the driver of the car marcos garcia has been arrested and he scheduled to enter a plea in court on tuesday.
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>> the latest on a sick sea lion found in a creek bed in east palo alto. >> a grass fire near interstate 80 in fairfield continues to burn. find out when firefighters hope
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at marine mammal center, they say a sea lion rescued
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thursday night is in critical but stable condition in getting treatment for possible bacteria infection. it's nicknamed herbena where she was found in a muddy creek bed. she was underweight which is typical under an infection. it can cause dehydration leading to kidney failure and death. care take es are working to save her. >> this morning firefighters are still battling a grass fire in fairfield. about 750 acres have burned since it started yesterday above highway 80. 40 homes were threatened. officials say significant progress was made overnight. 60% is contained. >> a wildfire just outside of yosemite has the small community evacuated. about 100 residents were taken to a center in mariposa
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yesterday. the fire has burned 3600 acres and caused the closure of highway 140. it is burning in steep terrain making access for the firefighters. it's about 15% contained. so far the fire is not in the park. it's burning along the merced river. >> here in the bay area, really thick, dense fog. >> that's right. that is because high pressure is sitting right on top of us. golden gate bridge, very foggy, mist and drizzle and the last weekend of august, a little warmup to talk about. also next on tim lincecum's bobblehead night. they turn to another pitcher for a much needed win over the astros. mikekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. along the eastern seaboard, irene is doing a number here. here, just a log of fog. >> clear inland and so that is indicating a change out there, waking up to sunshine, concord and livermore but elsewhere, it's a gray start. that is because of the marine layer. view from mount tam, sutro tower about 1100 feet deep and we have lots of an onshore push. san jose you are enjoying
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sunshine this morning. back home, we're talking about 60s and mid-60s where the sun has been shining. 66 in antioch. 62 in livermore. we still have the clouds here. good morning, oakland, 56. 57 inwood red city. with the clouds we have poor visibility. half a mile up in santa rosa and napa. all the way up to half moon bay you can see sfo and parts of hay we're beginning to see a little bit of improvement. we do have the dense fog the next hour or two around the bay. warmer weather wants to nudge inland to bring us 90s that should last through tomorrow and it will stay mild around our bayside communities. coast very little change and cooler weather pattern gets set up for wednesday and thursday. here is a look at the fog. you can see right across the bay hayward, castro valley and
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begins to pull back 10:00, 11:00 but it will be sitting at the coast. that is where we'll see the numbers in the low to mid-60s. 70s elsewhere. notice the 80s reaching into parts of the peninsula, south bay and some of those 90s over in our inland east bay. a little bit of summertime for you. it's all due to the strong ridge of high pressure. earlier in the weekend it brought the subtropical moisture and now it's bringing on the heat. in southern california, heat indices are 106 in the higher elevations. in los angeles we're talking mid 90s. palm springs, 115. it's dry with 85 and it hasn't been a hot summer in the bay area, still very dry conditions the higher up you get. be careful enjoying mid to upper 80s for campbell. 88 here.
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90 in los gatos and peninsula, low 60s in pacifica holding on to the clouds to low 80s for redwood city, palo alto and mountain view. right where we should be for this time of the year. san francisco about the same with 68. 72 in south city with 86 in sonoma. 90s up in cloverdale by later on this afternoon. 77 in oakland, 83 in union city. here is where we're bringing up the numbers about 5 degrees. dublin coming in another at 90s. livermore was 91 at the airport. today look for 93 in concord and when see once again mid 90s for gilroy and morgan hill with 90 in hollister. seven-day forecast, looking at some mid 90s today. 80s around the ayou can at the coast, not a lot of change right through the workweek. you'll notice the numbers coming down tuesday and wednesday. thursday, first day of september and holiday weekend after that. >> i was going to ask you about
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that. you say too far away. >> it's a hint of a warmup but it's been like two or four degrees. >> let's check out sports this afternoon. giants and matt cain to the mound looking for a third in the row over astros. jeff keppinger was the hero of the game. >> and you are tearing it up in double a and bring you up to a pitch in the middle of a pennant race. i think eric is. on tim lincecum bobblehead night can we put any more pressure on i am? he allowed six hits in six innings of work. martinez robbed by a leaping catch. astros score to tie it at 1. bottom of the tenth, keppinger.
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he gets one out to right field. play at the plate. giants win a big one, 2-1. d'backs also win so g-men remain three games back. >> amy campbell, prize is world series ring. over $770,000 was raised important the raffle which will help underserved youth and families in northern california. wow! >> a's trying to beat hurricane irene in a double hitter in boston. rookie going on the other way. tenth home run on the road trip. a solo shot ties it at one in the second. two in the bottom half and hudson tries to help the a's. it's only strike two and they could have used that. next pitch, he bangs one off the monster for an r.b.i. double and red sox will take game one 9-3.
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>> all that rain, delayed it several hours. david or tidz, two-run jack and 2-0 sox in the second. brandon continues to impress, getting him at first but that is good as it gets for the a's. they drop game two, 4-0. >> they rapped wrapped up an addition for barkley. nothing but net. he shoots a 65 for a two stroke victory. fifth career win on the pga tour. >> 49ers are hoping to get their offense unleashed gentsz the texans but houston gave them a problem. harbaugh was looking for big strides. you have to like this one. he takes onsome, matt schaub.
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just like that 7-0 niners and he got his welcome to the n.f.l. looking at the receiver the whole way, throws the pitch to troy nolan and that is coming all the way back for a 73-yard touchdown. 24-7 houston. it's ugly. starting quarterback alex smith, another interception by troy nolan. smith was two for six and a pick. that equals 30-7 loss. >> its bitter pill to swallow when you are beaten that thoroughly pretty much in all phases. >> it's a rough one for all of us. as you much you hate to have them, sometimes you learn more from losses than wins. >> indy grand prix is set for
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infineon. but sausalito native, j.r. hildebrand. final turn, he had the race won but slammed into the wall and coasted in for a second place finish and the rookie loves coming home for this race. >> it's a track i have been to. i've raced here in indy car last year. it's one of two tracks i have some experience in. so that is great. it's awesome just to come home. i get to sleep in my own bed. >> and. that is the way the ball bounces, i'm mike shumann. i'll see you tonight at 5:00. >> up next, hurricane irene is a tropical storm but the northeast is still seeing flooding and major damages. also, less time for learning. a proposal to cut the school
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year in one of the largest east bay school districts.
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welcome back. heavy rain, strong winds and flooding are hitting the east coast this morning. irene has been downgraded to a tropical storm. it's now moving into new england blasting the coast of martha's vineyard with powerful surf. there have been 11 deaths so far from the storm. the overall damage along the eastern seaboard. >> hurricane irene hit the coast. with deafening winds and gushing water and series of tornadoes that tore dozens of homes like this one in delaware to pieces. they have claimed multiple lives
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including a you is-year-old boy in virginia killed of a tree hit his home. a philadelphia man was killed after live electrical lives hit his car. million people are still without power. in north carolina, nine out of ten homes in one city are without electricity. the power may still be out for two weeks. flooding is so bad, reports the national guard is to assist in rescue. curfews were enforced last night. they will be picking up the pieces for most. the storm is a dramatic rescues like this one of a man and woman who tried to escape the storm by boat. abc news got an exclusive look at the 500 mile wide storm where w a storm chase scler the eyewall is right there. >> we're going north.
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>> it's almost impossible to comprehend the force of irene. >> a storm so strong... was enough to shock even these storm chasers. >> that was matt getting blown around there. irene is a tropical storm. meteorologist lisa argen is in tracking the progress. >> you talk about the expanse of the storm. 500 miles. take a look. this is early morning visible picture, you can see how huge this thing is. covering much of the northeast and continues to lash new england. it's moving to the north and east quickly at 26 miles an hour out of new york. we are looking at flooding problems through eastern new york and vermont and new
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hampshire. right here is highway 90. look at very heavy rain all the way up to through maine, it will be through the day, they see the rain in boston and really has spared the coast. cape cod it continues to push up through nova scotia. they winds will continue and back home, very quiet weather to talk about. after last weekend in august, that is coming up a little later. that powerful storm has affected thousands of flights all over the country. that is creating a domino effect all the way to the bay area. 41 flights at san francisco international have been cancelled today so far. that so top of the 40 cancelled yesterday. flights to new york, philly, boston and chicago are affected. john alston reports. >> this is what crushed dreams look like.
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she and her family came are poland to visit the u.s. and see the sights of new york. >> empire state building. rockefeller center all the famous places. >> now the family is looking at plan "b", visiting relatives in chicago. >> it's not fair because i wanted to see new york. >> already the three major airports around new york city are closed. washington, philadelphia and boston are handling some flights but airports there are expecting to see cancellations there during the brunt of the storm. people stood in long lines to rebook flights. this couple had to be in barcelona on monday so back to work on tuesday. >> we came to the airlift to change our flight, flying through barcelona.
9:33 am
>> she and her daughters were going to spend days in new york after their european vacation but they got a standby seat in the nick of time. >> it's almost like winning the lottery, we're almost in tears. >> grounded jets are parked around sfo. it will be at least another day until they are airborne. >> i would venture to say we will see some departures. in the east bay, students in the mount diablo unified school district could lose an entire week of school this year. board members need the teachers to approve the plan. >> reporter: as students prepare to go back to school, the mount diablo unified school district is prepared to cut seven days out of the calendar to help balance a $9 million deficit.
9:34 am
five of the furlough days would be school days. >> i think we could cut other things. i think school is far more important. >> we have cut in every place. we have the lower number of administrators per employee in the county. we just don't anywhere else to. >> thank you they are so cash strapped, they are one of the few in the state that are funded privately. some of the students on the football team can barely afford it. >> if you would have saw them with no helmets. >> the proposed seven furlough days would save the district about $6 million. mostly in teacher salaries but the teachers union whether 7 furlough days are actually needed. >> the state is allowing districts to cut a number of school days without losing state attendance funds. >> seven furlough days is the maximum they are ask for. i think it's the maximum not necessarily because it's required to keep the district functioning.
9:35 am
the teachers association president michael langley says the furlough days without pay would amount to a 3% pay cut. >> you take away 3%, some of them have said it makes the difference between making a mortgage payment. >> negotiations could begin in two weeks and both sides agree the biggest losers in the building will be the students. we have some developing news. traffic on highway 101 in san francisco is slow right now due to a crash involving a san francisco fire truck and a pickup truck. it's at eighth street on-ramp. the drivers of injured. we don't know the extent of their injuries yet. traffic controls are in effect on highway 101 while the crash is investigated. you can certainly expect delays in that area. >> lisa argen is back to talk
9:36 am
about the accu-weather forecast. >> we definitely have the cool weather around the bay, but inland we're talking a warmup. here is a look outside, low clouds and fog hanging around until mid-morning. then we'll talk about the rest of august, how about september? >> also ahead a teenager who tireless backpack crusade has put him on the fast track to be a world class activist.
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how do i get my kids to fight cavities? i make it delicious and fun. [ male announcer ] act for kids with maximum fluoride for up to 40% fewer cavities. act. stronger teeth and fewer cavities in every bottle. an entire community is helping a pacific elementary school build an impressive outdoor classroom. they have a safe place to learn environmental lessons. amy hollyfield reports.
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>> when you have a view like this, it's tough to focus on much else. last year the kids of sunset elementary were trying to do their cleanup duties but were distracted by the perform others this grand stage. >> as we were out here we saw the whales. a lot of classrooms came out. we watched the whales breached and the kids were clapping and things like that. >> they didn't have a place to appreciate it all. >> now you have something to sit on. >> so the idea of a whale watching deck was born. john edwards got the word out to the pta and kids they would need a lot of help. the response overwhelmed them. >> the bakery got goodies in the morning, starbucks got the coffee. costco and people from the neighborhood coming by. >> the principal for the day, he decided to reach out to home depot. he couldn't believe it when the
9:40 am
company responded with a $9,000 donation and even sent work crews over to help. >> the deck was finished this week just in time for the first week of school. kids now have a place to watch for the beautiful whales and dolphins that play right in their backyard. >> i like them because they are real cool and beautiful. >> i like how it turned out. >> the deck is safe. they found out the material is shape into a tail and they learned a lot through the process. they didn't use any taxpayer money to pay for this. they paid it entirely with donations. >> it is good for them. >> once again, this morning a lot of fog, especially pacifica,
9:41 am
san francisco, parts of marin and down south, santa cruz. deck of clouds, we'll be looking at sunshine later today. beach day in the 70s there. elsewhere around the bay, this is vollmer peak, you can see the clouds out in the distance looking south. they are about 1200 feet deep. finally roof camera begins to brighten up a little bit there. bay bridge and we're looking at sunshine well beyond east bay valleys. also vacaville, sunny there. 56 in oakland. with the low 50s to the north and deck of clouds we do have fog, visibility is still a problem. it's dense and compressed and its long the coast up through novato and napa and santa rosa. but we are beginning to see things, ceilings lift a little bit from hayward and san jose. areas of dense fog, not lasting another hour or so. then we'll see sunny conditions
9:42 am
but the fog burns back to the coast. warmer temperatures today a few more 90s. we saw low 90s in morgan hill and concord yesterday. today you can see once again the fog is really stacked up along the coast. it really spaetd dissipates southward in southern california. heat wave, of two to four degrees, it evaporates the fog we'll see the 90s but else where more 70s. a few 80s into san jose but the 60s, they are going stay put from half moon bay, san francisco, south city and golden gate park. with this high pressure, it's a strong one. we're seeing a lot of heat in parts of the southern half of the state. warmer weather is working its way in through the deserts and los angeles where they have heat advisories where the heat indices well over hundred degrees. 95 in s your temperature for
9:43 am
later on today. 97 in yosemite and we are looking at upper 90s in sacramento. a warm one here. certainly not as warm as it could be. back home, temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. a little warmer than yesterday. 88 in campbell and sunny non-i vale. 83 in palo alto and the fog will be at half moon bay, 64, a little bit of an onshore push, onshore push a little less than yesterday. we will look for sunshine in san francisco. 68 and with a little more of a northerly push. here is where the numbers in the north bay respond and warm up to the mid and upper 80s. sonoma, 94 in cloverdale. highs mid-70s for this time of the year in oakland. 79 in san leandro and out over the hills, low 90s. more widespread today with 93 in concord. 92 in danville. livermore coming in at 94. later on this afternoon, we'll look for highs in the 70s in watsonville and 90 in hollister.
9:44 am
the sun is setting tonight at 7:45. days will get shorter, holding to the warmth and cooling begins the middle of the week. it looks pretty good for september which starts on thursday. then we got the holiday next weekend where we could be once again 60s at the coast to low 90s inland. >> so we're still behind normal? >> it's been a cool summer but average highs are right where they should be. >> all right. thank you, lisa. >> for the past three years a local teenager has been committed to help the people of africa. at age 16 she is on path -- he is the subject of this morning's salute. >> was through pictures the world found out about the genocide of darfur. dave surik was learning about it through the fifth grade teacher.
9:45 am
>> what i heard about what was happening in darfur i read about it on the internet, i was disgusted. >> he approached his rabbi how to help. he he learned about jewish world watch and backpack project. they donated backpacks for kids at a refugee camp. he quickly raised $16,000 enough to buy 450 backpacks. inside were shoes and sandals and things kids need for school. >> paper and notebooks, pencils and pens. >> that project led him to pursue other fund-raising events. he mobilized classmates and family members and his community in santa rosa. they raised money by walking for
9:46 am
three miles to help genocide. >> after the holocaust ended, it should never happen again and it's happening in multiple places right now. that is not -- but it needs to stop. >> the magnitude and intensity, he has raise a $100,000 for causes of the darfur. >> his efforts won him the 2011 helen diller award recognizing the efforts of young people who tackle global issues. he will receive $36,000. some of the money will go to continue funding his different world causes. gabe was on his way to rwanda when he heard he has won. he spent the next 12 days with a school project, helping bringing supplies and teaching lessons in school. >> in ra wanl did a, its road to
9:47 am
atrocity having a million people murdered. this is the world you live in and these people are real people just like us. >> gabe hopes to inspire other young people involved in a cause. >> if there is a kid out there, he wants to help but he doesn't know if he should. make sure you follow what is right. >> so this morning, we salute gabe for all his hard work helping victims of genocide all over the world. >> using credit card reward points used to be free but often you have to pay to cash them in. i'm michael
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it's been a popular way to get a cheap flight is frequent flyer miles. in fact redeeming them may cost you money. michael finney explains why. >> reporter: they had long planned a dream vacation to europe. >> we're going to take a two week news. >> they planned to up grade the coach seats to first class using points they on the other hand a mile plus credit card. >> i do not fit very well in coach. this was a way to do that
9:51 am
without having to buy it. >> the couple said they used their united reward points to upgrade the last ten years but not in this time. they were shocked to find out using the miles didn't fly anymore. >> united airlines was going to charge us $1600 to use our miles. >> it turns out united charges a co-pay along with miles for most economy seats. unbeknownst to them they started charging the fees last year and they would have to fork over a co-payment right at the gate. >> they were charging me for rewards i earned over the years. >> co-pay didn't show up on their itinerary. they list the fare at $1700 a piece in business class with no mention of the extra charge. >> we have done this in the past several times. we never paid a cent. >> it was the travel agent who
9:52 am
warned the airline would charge the fee at the gate. $425 per passenger each way. >> a travel attorney says there are other new airline fees for services like checked bags, meals even pillows. >> the consumer doesn't know it. they work getting the mileage and then the new thing is co-pay. >> united isn't the only airline charging extra fees. continental and american charge them and so does u.s. airways to upgrade seats. >> i watched "7 on your side". i thought maybe we'll talk to "7 on your side." >> they did. we contacted united and the airline said with co-payment more passengers now have access to premium seats. that is because more low fare seats qualify for upgrades. it also takes fewer miles to
9:53 am
upgrade though there is that co-pay. however, because the fee came as surprise to the eat ons, united did give them a break. it waved half their co-payment saving them $850 in all. >> we know that united airlines would not have done anything without "7 on your side." >> united says passengers shouldn't be surprised when the airline demands co-pay at the gate. customers are told about it when they book directly with united. it's not collected until depart you are in case they switch flights.
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find out what an experienced re/max agent can do for you. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. in theaters this weekend, the comedy are idiot brothers starring paul red that causes big changes in his family's life. don sanchez checks it out on the
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aisle. >> you wouldn't happen to know where.... >> even if i did, i wouldn't tell. >> you laid-back. he is doing it to everyone but often it back fires like selling grass to a cop. but he gets off for good behavior. where does he go. he moves in with three sisters, one at a time and disrupts their lives and helps them reevaluate their priorities. the writer bent on getting success at any price, married sister who has given in to a meaningless life. >> what is going on here. all he wants to do is get his dog back. there is a gentleness to this.
9:57 am
it's a late summer backyard treat. >> this is a sweet film. you know, he a simple guy who speaks before he thinks and ramifications that can have. first, the sisters are angry but it does change their lives so there is a ring of truth to this. they use a word that a lot of people find offensive. last time there was a lot of protests. this isn't going to shake up the world and i'll give our idiot brother a half a bucket. i'm don sanchez and we'll see you on the aisle. >> number five at the box office this weekend. lisa is number one. >> we are going to see a little bit of warmth with 90s returning to parts of east bay. 93 in concord. already sunny and fog pulling away from our east bay as we speak. we'll see 70s in oakland,
9:58 am
holding on to more warmth tomorrow and cooling through the middle part of the week. >> should be a nice day. >> that is going to do it for us. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. next news coldest starts at 5:00 tonight. have a great sunday everyone.
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