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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  August 28, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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good evening. i'm dan noyes in for. >> alan: acknowledge. aryan is now a tropical storm and is heading north towards canada and while new york city escaped, irene's impact will be felt for some time. irene caused flooding from north carolina to delware. take a look at these massive waves the storm stir upped on martha's vein area. -- vineyard.
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more than a million homes and businesses lost power. irene dumped up to 14 inches of rain. some areas are still unreachable. the extent of damage is becoming clearer. the first estimates of damage from the wind, rain and flooding are expected to be $7 billion. here's the latest from new new york city's times square. >> tourist are returning to times square and hundreds of thousands of new yorkers are returning to their homes tonight. the heart of the city largely was spared, but all around this area irene left her mark. >> irene was angry but not enraged when she visited new york. reduced to a tropical storm, she still had the strength to knock down trees, flood parts of the city and swamp suburbs. thrill seekers found themselves stranded. more than 2 million people lost power in dismurk the surrounding
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areas -- in new york and the surrounding areas about the city escaped the urban apocalypse. >> the mayor lifted the city's first ever mandatory evacuation, saying it's now okay for nearly 400,000 new yorkers in low-lying areas to go back home but getting back to work won't be easy. officials wouldn't say when subways and trains on the nation's largest mass transit system will start rolling again. >> the actions we took yesterday were right. the yards where we relocated trains out of are yards that are underwater right now. >> reporter: perhaps the worst hit city is philadelphia, where water rose 15 feet above normal in some areas and kept rising sunday inch new jersey, the governor predicted storm damage could cost tens of billions of doorlz. that more of a jab from irene, not a knockout punch.
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>> successful in evacuating over a million people, was preemptive measure i am confident saved lives. >> now new york city will try to get back to its normal rhythm. businesses will renope the morning, including the stock exchange and thes that dark but getting around without buss and -- subways and trains, in the mayor's words, it's going to be tough. now back to you. >> leigh glaser joins us now with here on irene's path. the threat is over. >> leigh: you can see on live doppler 7hd what the left of what was hurricane irene. it has since been downgraded to a tropical storm. winds at 50 miles-per-hour and it's heading to the u.s.-canadian border. the concern is major river flooding in this area, and in the evening hours, this is racing up to the northeast at 26 miles-per-hour, so it should be out of the mainland nuss the
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next few hours. overnight last night we had another tropical storm form, tropical storm jose, winds 45-miles-an-hour, 100-miles to the northwest of bermuda, moving away from the main lean u.s. and we will not have to worry about tropical storm jose, which is good news. we'll take a look at the accuweather seven day forecast up next. >> president obama said that although the storm passed, the nation is not in the clear just yet. >> many americans are still at serious risk of power outamsages and flooding. so i want people to understand that this is not over. >> president obama also offer condolences to families impacted by irene and said the recovery effort will last for weeks or longer. >> as they so often do on most any emergency, crews from the bay area are helping out in the aftermath of hurricane irene. nick smith joins us with that
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part of the story. >> reporter: emergency workers, supplies, and volunteers from the bay area made their way east as soon as possible it was confirmed that irene had the mid-atlantic coast in itssites. irene was less forceful but still packed a punch. in new york, these people were rescued. 34 members of the east bay management team were deployed to new york. they're part of the california fire and rescue mutual aid system. designed to respond communities in need. i spoke with the chief by phone. >> asked to come in to provide planning and low cities -- logistical support. >> the entire new jersey city transit system was shut down, and residents who did not evacuate were asked to sheller in place. >> today we have been working on creating a re-entry, repopulation plan for the con
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very less sent -- convalescent hospitals, getting people back in safely. >> reporter: that's where ann harris steps in. >> we prepare for disaster and respond to disaster. >> reporter: this south bay volunteer put her life on hold for the next few weeks to help with relief efforts. >> i hope when something happens to me and my family, that people will come here and help us out. and that's one of the reasons i do it. >> reporter: she will here her gadden and family behind. she is scheduled to fly east tomorrow and because irene forced the closures of new york's airports she will figure out the last leg of her trip as she goes, being certain to pack everything she willed in to be completely self-reliant. >> never gets rue routine. everything is different and interesting and we always meat great people. >> the slow-moving storm broke
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flood records records and new ys mayor thanked residents for his cooperation, and expressed gratitude to emergency response teams from across the country. >> irene proavmentd officials to - -- prompted many officials to close airports. a total of 41 flights from san francisco to the east coast were cancelled due to irene. on top of 40 flying cancellations yesterday. airport officials tell us no flights are leaving in the northeast region today, except for some from dulles near washington, dc. officials say the three major new york airports will re-open for most flights tomorrow morning but may take up to four days for the airlines to get all their flights operating again. >> we strongly suggest to passengers to check with their airlines, either via the web site or reservation offices, to check the status of their
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flights tomorrow. >> irene's impact of flights out of san jose and homecomingland -- oakland is minimal. >> you can check on the status of your flight and pack irene's path on our web site, >> on to our top local story. in oakland, father was killed this afternoon during a robbery while shopping with his child. it happened just after 1:00 at 103rd avenue and international boulevard. a relative tellses the man was shot while leaving a grocery store with his six-year-old. so oakland police haven't made any arrests and haven't identified any suspects. we'll have more on this sad, sad story on abc-7 news at 6:00. >> a crash involving a san francisco fire department rescue vehicle and a pickup injured two people, including a firefighter. it happened this morning at the eighth street offramp of highway 101 at bryant street. the crash closed the offramp for
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over an hour. the impact forced the emergency vehicle to roll over. there's no word on how badly those involved in the accident were injured. an investigation into the cause of the crash continues this evening. ahead on abc-7 news at 5:00, the search for the man who killed the former mayor of ft. brag, and the motive hip the -- behind the killing. also -- raiders fans gather for some preseason action today in oakland, but they're not alone. how police are getting in on the game.
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>> dan: a manhunt is on for a gunman who killed the former mayor of ft.bag after he stumbled upon a marijuana farm.
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it happened from far from the skunk railroad line. he was checking on timberland he manages when a gunman shot him. his friend escaped the shooting and flagged down a train for help. s.w.a.t. members searched the area for this man, aaron bachelor, transient from ft.bag. investigators believe bachelor was guarding a pot farm. the nfl head of security attended the raiders' preseason game to see what is being done to keep fans safe. the raiders and the coliseum adopted the nfl's fan code of conduct in 2008. that policy spells out what behavior is acceptable during games and in the parking lot. oak lanes police officers and sheriffs deputies interact with fans from the time the parking lot opens until after the game ends. >> we've shown in the last few years they made great strides
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here in oakland and it has created a safer, more congenial environment for fans to enjoy our product. >> the nfl's jeff miller credited the police for assigning more officer0s to san francisco's last night's game against houston and being more visibility in parking lots before the game. >> a fire in you yosemite a bigger threat, and how officials will react if there's a protest at b.a.r.t. tomorrow. at b.a.r.t. tomorrow. leigh glaser has the fofofofofoo
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>> dan: b.a.r.t. is advising riders to be prepared for possible protests during tomorrow's evening commute. demonstrators recently stormed downtown san francisco b.a.r.t. stations during the evening rush hours. they're upset that b.a.r.t. cut off cell phone service to avoid a protest. san francisco police say if there is a rally tomorrow they will move in sooner and make arrests to minimize the impact on commuters. >> firefighters are still battling a grass fire in fairfield. 750 acres have burped since the fire started yesterday above highway 80. at one point the flames threatened 40 homes. crews say significant progress was made overnight. the fire is 60% contained with full containment expected later today. >> a wildfire just out of yosemite park has forced evacuation of 100 residents of a small town. the fire, which began on
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thursday, has burned 3600 acres and it's closed highway 140, the main road to yosemite. it's burning in steep terrain, and tonight the fire is 35% contained. leigh is here now. >> leigh: just to add a little bit to the story, the next couple days temperatures in the yosemite valley are in the upper 90s so it's going to be difficult. we had a little bit of help today in terms of cooling at the coast. this is sutro tower -- the high definition tam cam looks over the golden gate bridge, looking wide at sutro tower, and clearly the low cloud's fog starting to move back in. we managed lots of sunshine today, all burned back to the coast sooner, and even a little heat inland. 92 in antioch right now. 91 in livermore.
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oakland, 68. 82 in napa. 81, clear skies in san jose. here's a look at the weather highlights. areas of dense fog and drizzle will reform and move inland overnight. mild 'owarm conditions monday afternoon, and then after that get ready for cooling to tapes thursday, wednesday, thursday. we started off with dense overcast, and starting to push a little to the south. a little clearing near point reyes this morning, and all of this will push back in with the westerly winds. sfo reporting gusts up to 25 miles-per-hour so all of this sitting off the coast will race inland, although maybe not as widespread as last night, which means we may see the sunshine a little sooner tomorrow morning. temperature-wise, upper 50s to low 60s in the east bay. mid-to-low 5 sows -- 50s
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around san francisco. this weekend, high pressure built in, brought us warmer temperatures in the 90s inland. tomorrow it will retreat back towards the east and the trough of low pressure will slide south and bring us cooler air, more low clouds and fog so get ready for a slight cooling trend tuesday, wednesday, thursday. tomorrow's numbers much like today. 84 for san jose, campbell, 86. beaches, 64 for half moon bay, 81, palo alto, san francisco, 68 degrees. partial afternoon clearing. 58 for santa rosa. east bay, 74 for oakland. 80, castro valley. interior east bay, 90 for concord and danville. 893 for brentwood, and 92 tomorrow for gill arrival here's the next seven days ahead. you can see for yourself that cooling weather -- or the cooling mechanism will move in
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tuesday, wednesday, thursday, return to 80s inland, 70s around the bay. low 60s at the coast. minor fluctuation in temperatures all week long. >> dan: shu is here now with a preview of sports. >> mike: i thought you were going to say, speaking of looking good. slow day with all the hurricane events cancelled back east. another extra inning affair for the dog days of august. could they pullçkçkçkçkçkçk clcll
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>> mike: giants left-hander jonathan sanchez might be done with a left ankle sprain that isn't improving. torres and romo came off the dl. giants celebrating the dog days of summer at at&t park. and your best of show. he looks happy. bud norris, 96 on the gun. ten strikeouts, the kid had a one-hitter through six. but in the seven, trouble. aubrey huff coming through. ties it at 1. johnson cakes a here on a sac fly, but mark derosa, the big hit. scores torres, derosa comes into second, slide past the bag, called out. on the replay he was safe. bruce bochy, unhappy with the call, gets tossed.
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giant goes down 4-3, with arizona's win, they're now four games back in the national league west. >> little league world series final. defending champion japan facing huntington beach, california. both teams playing a little tug of war before hand. california down 1-0. not anymore. danner, fine piece of hitting. opposite field solo homer. ties up. until the sixth. prado, paces loaded. the hit of his young life. a walkoff two-out single, and california out of huntington beach with the little league world series. what a thrill for these young kids. 2-1 that final. >> i'm sure the 49ers got a tongue lashing from coach harbaugh today after watching the tape of yesterday's game against the texans. biggest problem was the offensive line, giving up three sacks. the o-line allowed 11 sacks this
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season and had only 55 yards rushing and 50 yards passing. if you can't protect your quarterback it's going to end in interceptions. granted, harbaugh was mixing and matching the lineup, creating communication problems. >> not a real complicated what they were doing up front. but they were getting us. they were beating us. >> not something i'm worried about. we got a good group up front. >> mike: actually i'm kind of worried about it but we got one more game. the indy grand prix at infineon. on this track of you have pole you have a good chance of winning as it's a tough place to fine a way to pass. beautiful day in sonoma. not a great one for danicka patrick. finishes 21 new mexico. hildebrand was 23rd. not a lot of wiggle room on this
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track. paul winter, will power, led 71 of the 75 laps and will take the checkered flag. beating castroneves. powers' fifth win of the year. let's tee it up. lpga californian open, michelle wie the defending champion. forced a playoff. she'll miss and ties for second. lincicome, your canadian open champion, and her caddie knows how to celebrate. raiders hosting new orleans but the game is blacked out. we got to change that rule. a preseason blackout. tune at 11:00 for highlights. >> dan: check this out. irene created a unique opportunity for one group of friends in maryland. we have the
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>> dan: coming up at 6:00 # 6:00. hurricane irene having an impact right here in the bay area. we'll have a live report on what could happen if you're flying out of town tomorrow. plus, bay bridge construction ahead of schedule. what's next tonight at 6:00. after irene blew through maryland some people made the most of the storm's aftermath. look at this, one group took up street surfing. maybe not a great idea. this cnn report seize group of friends. th


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