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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  August 28, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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filling streets in vermont, pennsylvania, and new jersey. this afternoon, president barack obama addressed the nation and warned the danger isn't over yet. >> this is a storm that has claimed lives. our thoughts and prayers are with those who lost loved ones and those whose lives have been affect bid the storm. you need to know that america will be with you in your hour of need. >> dan: at least 21 deaths in eight states are blamed on the storm. 4.5 million customers lost power. damage from irene is expected to rain between two and three billion dollars. public transportation is still limited in much of the northeast, and12,000 flights have been cancelled cross the country. we're live in newport, rhode island, with a look at the aftermath of the storm. >> reporter: the threat of irene has come and gone but the def
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station she -- devastation will take weeks if not longer to clean up. tropical storm irene raced through new jersey, new york, and new england sunday. no longer packing hurricane force winds, but irene is creating flooding. while communities are waiting to see how much the water will rise, some were spared. >> all in all we're pretty good shape because of the steps we took to prepare for whatever came our way. >> reporter: coastal areas of new jersey took a brutal beating from winds and waves and there was flooding inland. the for says residents should stay off the roads. >> i cannot urge people strongly enough -- maybe i can -- stay inside. please stay inside. >> reporter: from the nation's capital, 200 trees were brought down, including these at the
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national cathedral. along the chesapeake bay, that's residents were dealing with damage. >> thank god everybody is okay. >> the president is warning the public. >> the impact of the storm will be felt for some time and recovery effort will last for weeks or longer. >> reporter: the storm left millions without power up and down the east coast, and it could be days before the lights are back on. and here in new port, rhode island, we're feeling the effects right now of a west wind, we're basically on an island and the winds are coming in from oocean. we're getting up to 70-miles-an-hour gusts and we talked to the harbor master, and they say their concern is sailboats may break free and head out to shore. also, 250,000 people in rhode island are without power, could be up to three days before they
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get power back, and officials are also warning of flooding in low-lying areas so telling folks to be very careful. back to you. >> dan: still risk in the days ahead. crews from the bay area are in the northeast tonight to help with the aftermath of irene. nick smith is here with a look at what's being done to help. >> as soon as it was learned that irene had the mid-atlantic coast in its sights an emergency plan was put in place to deploy workers from the bay area to assist with whatever is needed. irene was was forceful than feared but still packed a punch in new york, rescue workers use the a raft to save this person from flashflooding that overtook their neighborhood. 34 members of these bay management team were mobilized to new york in preparation of hurricane irene making landfall. they're part of the california fire and rescue mutual aid system, designed to respond to communities in need. i spoke with the chief by phone.
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>> we were asked to come in to provide planning and logistical support. >> reporter: the entire new york city transit system was shut down as a precaution against the storm's wrath, and residents who did not evacuate were asked to shelter in place. >> today we have been working on creating a re-entry, repopulation plan-for the convalescent hospitals in the affected areas. getting people that were displaced from those places, back in safely. >> reporter: that's where anne harris and other members of the red cross step in. >> never gets routine. everything is always different, and it's always interesting and we always meet really great people. >> this south bay volunteer put her life on hold for the next few weeks to help with relief efforts. >> it's especially serious if it happened to you. >> it's always serious. we always know that these people are going through a very tough time. >> she will leave her guarden
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and family behind, and is scheduled to fly east tomorrow and because irene forced the closure of new york's airports she'll figure out the last leg of her trip as she goes, being certain to pack everything she'll need to be completely self-reliant. the slow-moving storm broke flood records only the east coast, and the new york mayor thanked residents for heir -- their contribution. >> dan: irene forced the closure of airports in in the northeast, prompting cancellation of thousands of flights across the u.s., and lillian kim is live at san francisco international airport where passengers are still feeling the impact. >> reporter: sfo says 46 departure flights have been cancelled as a result of hurricane irene. most of those flights were heading to the new york area. so many people trying to get to jfk, newark, and philadelphia were out of luck, and in all
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12,000 flights were cancelled nationwide. we talked to several travelers whose flights were cancelled, and the earliest flight they could get out of sfo to the new york area was for friday or saturday. the airlines say because olabbor day weekend is coming up, a lot of flights are already full which is why they couldn't accommodate travelers. >> the first flight free is on saturday, on the 3rd of september so it's impossible for us to stay here for another week because in italy we have to work. >> probably going to have to get another hotel and just stay there and come back here and try to see if we can get a flight out. they say just come and check. >> a forced vacation. >> a forced vacation. it really is, in the airport. >> reporter: so, a lot of frustration here at the airport. as for tomorrow, sfo expects
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only a small number of cancellations. airports in the new york area and boston plan to resume flights. that's the latest from sfo. abc-7 news. >> dan: a small plane landed on highway 29 in napa this afternoon. both of the people onboard the beechcraft escaped but the aircraft clipped the back of an infinity. the car's driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. it remains unclear why the planeland on the roadway but highway 29 sits near the napa county airport. >> oakland police need your help to capture the robber who shot a man to death while the victim was shopping with his six-year-old son. it happened at 1:00 this afternoon. the victim's family tells abc-7 the man had just left a grocery store with his son when the robber shot him. >> really traumatizing. seen his father get shot twice,
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and repeating exactly what happened, and he's crying and everything. >> the victim died after being rushed to the hospital. his family adds the victim's wife was shopping at another store in the area when her husband was shot. detectives haven't identified any suspects. >> a manhunt is on for a gunman who killed the former mayor of st. bragg after he stumpled upon a marijuana farm in mendocino county. jerry mellow was checking on rugged timerland he manages when a gunman shot him. his friend escaped the shooting and stopped the driver of a skunk train for help. they're looking for this man. they believe bachelor was guarding a pot farm when he shot mellow. passengers were held until they could be bussed out of the area. >> protesters get ready to take on b.a.r.t. once more. hough it could affect your
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afternoon commute again tomorrow. and, dozens evacuated as a wildfire closed in on yosemite national park. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. boy, it's been a nice day today. temperatures still in the 80s and 90s inland. low cloud, fog, move back inland tonight, and get ready for some cooler changes for us as we head into the next seven days. we'll take a look at the seveveveveveveveveveveveveveveve
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to dan tan the nfl's chief of security praised the oakland raiders for the effort they have taken to improve fan safety. jeff miller visited the bay area in the wake of last weekend's
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violence in candlestick park. the raiders brought in more oakland police officers and alameda county sheriff's deputies to monitor fan behavior. >> there won't be any changes here necessarily. they're just going to continue to execute the plan in the way we have done it, and they do a great job for us. it's like the commissioner said, taking it from an r-rating to pg-13. that's what we're trying to accomplish. >> dan: miller credited san francisco police for bringing in extra officers for the exhibition game against houston. the 49ers and sfpd will keep examining ways to improve security. >> firefighters are battling a grass fire in fairfield. 750 acres have burned sense the fire started yesterday above interstate 80. at one point the flames threatened oh 40 homes but the fire is now 60% contained with full containment expected for later today.
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about 100 people have been ordered to leave their homes as a wildfire burns along highway 140 just outside yosemite national park. the fire is burning in steep and rugged area, has forced the closure of highway 140. which is one of the main entrances to yosemite. the fire is 35% contained but fire officials don't expect full containment for another week. >> get ready for what could be another rough commute tomorrow as protesters head back to downtown san francisco b.a.r.t. station. plus, a beautiful day today. but do we have more nice weather ahead? leigh has our forecast coming up. >> mike: the giants with yet another extra-inning affair, mark derosa tied the game but tried to stretch it out to a double you make the call. we'll have your answer coming ur
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>> dan: b.a.r.t. is advising riders to be present for possible protests during tomorrow's evening commute. demonstrators have hit downtown b.a.r.t. stations during the evening commute. a protest was stopped.
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san francisco police say if there is a rally tomorrow they will move in sooner so make arrests to minimize the impact on commuters. >> the new eastern span of the bay bridge is on track to be finished ahead of schedule just in time for san francisco's hosting of america's cup. the steel is due to arrive from champion tomorrow. -- china tomorrow. the work is not being sped up for the america's cup race in september of 2013. caltrans says the work is being done ahead of schedule out of concern for seismic safety. >> we left our facebook and twitter. social network continues to grow. half of all americans are now on social networks like facebook and use among baby-boomers is growing. the report by the pew internet and american life project finds that nearly two-thirds of adults use facebook or twitter, and among baby-boomers ages 60-54, 32% say they use social networking every day.
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up 20% from a year ago. the so-called power users are women aged 18-29, and 89% go online every day. what did we do before? we had a lot more time on our hands. we talked to people. >> leigh: a nice day today. warmed up a few degrees. 80s and 90s still in east bay locations. we'll look at the numbers in a moment. a live picture looking east towards the bay bridge and oakland. clear sky, and low clouds and fog near the coast. here's highs in your neighborhood today. antioch, 92. 90 in con cover. livermore, 94. fairfield, 91. look at clear lake, 97 degrees there today. ukiah hit 99. 86 in novato. 64 in san francisco and everybody coming down right now. 59, san francisco.
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91 for antioch, and 87 in concord. our weather highlights, low clouds and fog will move inland tonight, mississippi and -- mississippi and drizzle. and then we start to cool things down a little bit. we started off with the low clouds and fog nose as -- not as widespread into the valleys so that's why we had temperatures warm up a few more degrees, but just banking near the coast, and a nice westerly wind come pope -- component will publish -- push that back inland tonight. around the rest of the bay area we look for overnight temperatures in the mid-50s or so, and the fog, mist and drizzle near the coast. this weekend, high pressure brought us a bubble of warm air towards the bay area. as we head into monday and
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tuesday, this high is going to retreat back towards the east, and that will allow a trough of lower pressure, a cooler air mass, to sink in here so we look for slight cooling throughout the week. mid-week will be the coolest days with midland temperatures in the 80s. tomorrow's temperatures much like today, maybe a degree or two cooler but still very comfortable. 88 for los gatos. san jose, 84. low clouds and fog, half moon bay, 64. the peninsula, upper 70s to low 80s. palo alto, 81. san francisco will warm to 68 degrees. daly city, 63. north bay, petaluma, 82. napa, 82. east bay locations opposite the low clouds burn off. oakland, sunshine, 74. 75 for san leandro. interior east bay, upper 80s to 90. 90 for concord and danville, and
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44 for watsonville. the cooling trend will be with us tuesday, wednesday, thursday. gone will be the 90s, replaced by 80s, and low 60s at the beaches and then warming up a little bit for friday and saturday. >> dan: shu is here now with sports. >> mike: giants taking their torture to a new level. good news-bad news. jonathan sanchez might be done for the season with a left ankle sprain that is not improving but torres game -- came off dl. dog days of august at at&t. the kid from cal poly had a one-hitter through six. but huff coming through in the clutch. ties it at 1. giants take the lead on a cabrera sac fly but that wasn't
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enough. extra innings. astros score in the eighth and tenth. derosa, a big hit. scores torres. now derosa tried to stretch a hit to a double. called out at second. went past the bag. coming back. underneath the tag. he was safe. bruce bochy, unhappy with the call, and he gets tossed. go to the 11th. matt downs comes through with the rbi single off ramirez, giants go down 4-3. with arizona's win, giants are four back in the national league west. little league world see, japan facing huntington beach, california. both teams playing a little tug of war before handle california down 1-0 in the third. not anymore. danner, fine piece of hitting. that ties things up. stay that way until the sixth. nick pratto, the based loaded. the his of his life. a walkoff two-out single and california wins the little
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league world series. what a thrill. 2-1 that final. >> the 49ers got a tongue-lashing from coach harbaugh after watching the tape of yesterday's game against the texans. biggest problem seemed to be the offensive line. given up 11 sacks this season. allows five tackles for loss and aced a only 55 yards rushing and 50 passing. if you don't protect the quarterback, results in interseptionz, and granted, coach harbaugh is mixing and matching lineups, resulting in communication problems. >> really was a -- not real complicated that it were doing up front. but they were getting us. they were boating us. >> nothing something i'm worried about. to be quite honest. we got a great group up front. we're talented. >> mike: they got one game to straighten it out.
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the indy grand prix at sonoma at infineon, and if you're on this track and have the pole position you have a good chance of winning. it's a tough play to find place to pass. beautiful day. not a great day for danicka patrick. j.r. hill debrand was 23rd. really not a lot of wiggle room on this track. paul winter, will power, led 71 of the 75 laps. takes the checkered flag. beats castroneves. powers' fifth win of the year, now 47 points behind dario franchitti. lpga's canadian open. brittany lincicome's par putt on 15. and michelle has to make this birdie chip on 18 to force a playoff. not even close. ties for second. brittany lincicome, your canadian open champion and knows how to celebrate with the canadian flag. >> world championships in track and field as we look forward the
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2012 olympics in london. a preview for the tworld's fastest men in south korea, bolt all punched up, maybe a little too much. bolt false starts. that's an automatic disqualification. that's a new rule they just put in last year. with bolt out. 21-year-old blake steels the spotlight, winning in a time of 9.92 second. blake, not bolt, gets to wrap himself in the jamaican flag. raiders blacked out. got change that rule. >> on bolt, a false start, they also take your jersey. >> mike: rip it off. >> dan: shu, thanks. hollywood takes a big hit from hurricane eye reerng but despite the low turnout, was the help able to clean up for one more weekend? we got the box office winners
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>> dan: the help remained hollywood's top draw with 14 million cozy -- $14 million in ticket sales. it was rough movie -- rough move weekend for movies. hurricane irene affected movie-goers. don't be afraid of the dark debuted in third, rise of the planet of the apes topped -- dropped to number four, and the comedy, my idiot brother, premiered at number five. >> mike: we all have one. i happen to be it. >> dan: that's it for now. see you again at 11:00.
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