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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 29, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good mornini, america. breaking news. raging waters. catastrophic floods threaten towns all over new york and vermont. main streets under water and cut off. historic bridges swept away. as crews fight the rapids to rescue those still trapped. hurricane irene's high winds and big waves leave a trail of destruction. major roads in the south swept out to sea. and millions still stranded in the dark. we have complete team coverage from all over the storm zone. and an abc news exclusive.
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new clues about the last hours before robyn gardner disappeared in aruba. inside the room she shared with the prime suspect. and what he reportedly told police as they started their search. baby on board. beyonce reveals that she's pregnant. how she stole the show on one of music's biggest nights. and good morning, everyone. want to get right to some live pictures from our abc station here in new york. our wabc chopper up over pompton lakes, new jersey, entire neighbors are under water. this house is on fire. they're having great difficulty because it's surrounded by flood waters to get to it.
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massive flooding is such a huge concern all over to northeast. and so many towns, these flash floods have raged after the storm. >> you see it right there. the winds weren't as bad as people feared. this was such a big storm and it dumped so much water on places that have already been saturated by water this summer. almost 5 million people lost power. it could take into the weekend to restore it in many places. there are at least 22 deaths being blamed on the storm. up to $7 billion in damage. this is the tenth weather disaster this year that has topped more than $1 billion in damage. a difficult rush hour in the northeast, especially in new york and philadelphia. but the subways and the buses are starting to run now. we hope to be back to normal pretty soon. >> also, perhaps getting back to normal a bit of good news for people trying to get home. airports all over to northeast are opening up today, as well. we have our entire team back out there covering the still developing story and jim avila is in upstate new york, whwhe those flash floods caught is
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many by surprise. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, robin. i'm standing over the catskill creek. you can see what authorities and rescuers were dealing with. it was a creek. now it's a raging river. this is one of the many bridges that has closed here in upstate new york and in vermont. you can see here the water was rushing over top of the bridge. it caught a lot of this debris here. and that's why authorities closed this bridge down. they were worried about it would collapse. like many across upstate new york and vermont. the famous covered bridges of vermont, like this 141-year-old span. disappearing into the raging watersrs or like this one. just hanging on for dear life. irene continued her fury overnight. plowing through vermont and upstate new york. >> make sure nobody's in the water.
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>> reporter: small towns here in the catskills, under water. suffering catastrophic floods. forcing rescue teams into powerful waters. >> people are displaced. everybody is staying at friends' houses. we have people staying with us because their house is gone. >> reporter: search teams in new york pushed this woman's car to safety. firefighters extending a ladded across the water in an effort to save residents. school buses shuttled trapped residents from one side of the creek to the other. look at these dramatic images out of margaretville, new york. 16 feet water almost submerged the town. >> oh, my god, this is the road into prattville. >> reporter: fast-rising storm waters surrounding a motel in prattsville, where at least 21 were rescued and are now safe. country officials there are urgigi residents to move to
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higher ground, a warning that just came after the creek crested at 15 feet. >> we're worry about the integrity of the giboa dam. there's a lot of water going over. >> reporter: just 15 miles away, if the giboa dam bretches, that water will come rushing north creating devastating floods. in windham, new york, this house swept into the overflow and the buses sank. as police stared in disbelief. in vermont, a situation equally grim. hundreds evacuate after raging waters flooded homes. submerging cars and stopping just about everything. >> the water came over the edge. took out this whole street. >> reporter: just look at what kind of stress these bridges are under. pieces of log jammed inside and in fact, this bridge itself was covered during the night. robin?
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>> jim, where you are, the flood water is receding. how fast is it going down? >> reporter: it's actually going down pretty quickly. as you can see, it's about feet feet below this bridge now. duriri the night, about 3:00 in the morning, the water was on the bridge itself. so, it's going down quickly. >> good for them. jim, thank you so much. unfortunately that's not the case everywhere. >> no, the delaware river is rising. in the philadelphia area, flood water reached levels not seen in 140 years. dan harris is in new hope, pennsylvania. rescue efforts there got pretty harrowing, dan? >> reporter: what we're watching right now is the delaware river. it is moving fast and it is rising fast. we have been watching it advance steadily where we're standing here over the last couple of hours. it's threatening a residential neighborhood on the other side of the camera. the police are telling me, do not go past the pilings.
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it's a very steep drop-off. they'll be picking me up ten feet downstream. on the other side of the river. there's a hotel over there. it is already started to flood. irene doing more damage here atop of the chaos that she's already created. five teenagers held on for their lives while waiting for crews to mount a daring and ultimately successful rescue. >> we didn't realize that the current was as strong as it was. basically, as we were coming up, we were like, wow. it's getting really strong. >> reporter: mission to rescue these teenagers. on the business end of a front-end loader was also a success. however, a water rescue in princeton, new jersey, went badly wrong when a volunteer first-responder was seriously injured. the governor falsely reported that she was dead. >> firefighter succumb to his injuries from an attempted swift water rescue. >> reporter: in fact he was in critical condition. the storm also did massive property damage in these parts. undermining this road, saturating this home.
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soaking these transit trains. and submerging parts of this trendy neighborhood in philly, forcing many people from their homes. when he was told to evacuate his home, he followed orders. being a computer engineer, he set up a web cam. >> we see it go higher and higher. >> reporter: which unfortunately allowed him to watch live what happened to his townhouse. so, as you start watching the water creep in, did your heart sink? >> yeah. >> reporter: i have to say, you seem reasonably chipper. >> i have had my moments. it's stuff. it can be replaced. >> reporter: sometimes stuff came in handy during irene, from jet skis to slightly slower way of beating the floodwaters. horse and buggy might not do much good around here in a few hours. look at the water rising compared to that bridge over there.
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the bad news is, it's not going to crest for another 24 hours. we're in for an anxious day here, george. part of the problem is the contribution from up north. all of the rain water from where jim avila is up north, it flows in this direction, making the situation here much more dire. george, back to you. >> very rough. okay, dan. thanks very much. sam's over at the smart screen, keeping an eye on all of these floodwaters. good morning, sam. >> good morning, george. >> inland flooding would be huge from this storm. communities like this will never see rainfall like this unless they get a hurricane. that's high they're just not prepared for it. where is irene? this is what's left of that storor shooting to the eastern side of canada, in the next 24 hours. now, below all of that mess are the rivers, lakes and streams that are in flood. red and purple, major flooding to record flooding. and the idea here is, the center of irene made its
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move in from coney island, then through central park and then went up. so, all of this zone, the purple and the red zone, the southern rivers, will crest later than the northern rivers. this is flash flooding. so, the northern rivers will go a little later today. tomorrow, for these other areas, they'll be slower to crest in new jersey because they're just so windy. and it's going take some time to get that water out. pictures out of new jersey, where you have waters up to cars. and in vermont. have you seen a picture like this? unbelievable. the mad river completely out of control in that area. again, the crest in southern areas will take longer than the crest in northern areas. hundreds of thousands of people up and down the east coast are still without power right now.
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abc's ron claiborne headed out to see how stranded families are getting by. good morning, ron. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. take a look at over here at these toppled trees and ripped down power lines. this is the scene in countless cities and towns. from the outer banks, north carolina, for 900 miles to the canadian border. and many of those who lost power aren't going to get it back for many days. we met eileen and her son, anthony, as they roamed main street searching for an open store to buy water and something to read. >> i didn't think it was going to be this bad. >> reporter: like almost everyone else here, they are without power in their home. here in new jersey, population of 13,000, nearly 100% of the homes without power in the aftermath of hurricane irene. they're being told by their local utility they may not get power restored from two to seven days. at nightfall, it was plunged into darkness.
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and we went to her brother's home, where they went to spend the night. are you stressed? >> stressed? horribly stressed. horribly stressed. >> reporter: one of million of families that spent last night in darkness. as it churned from north carolina, all the way to new england, irene left close to 5 million homes without power. 1 million in new jersey. 900,000 in new york state. another 900,000 in virginia. 700,000 this in connecticut. and 650,000 in maryland. >> the power outage in your area. your power will be restored by sunday, september 4th, 8:00 p.m. thank you for calling. >> reporter: all across the region, power lines brought down by trees or taken out of commission by flooding. we found kevin and his family in their car parked in front of their home. >> we're just out here listening to the radio. i don't have a battery-powered radio. just a flashlight. >> reporter: for t ts family, they passed the night around the dinner table.
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just like families did a century ago, talking by candlelight. a major utility said that gas service can be affected by the flooding. that means, george, those lucky enough to have electric power could lose the ability to cook food at home. george? >> okay, ron. thanks very much. the winds of irene hit harder in north carolina. when it landed there saturday with deadly fury. six people died in north carolina. abc's matt gutman is in the outer banks this morning with more on the recovery. and the winds sure whipped through there, matt. >> reporter: it sure did, george. we're getting a better sense of the damage here, $400 million. check out this boat. also, this is a channel marker. right now it looks more like a street sign. it's the road to nowhere. irene tore apart what was once highway 12, in hatteras island.
7:14 am
breaching it in five places. even carving out this canal. only way in by now is by boat. these scenes were made famous by the movie "nights in rodanthe." just a few streets away, a million-dodoar home reduced to cinder. baseball fields are now ponds. >> people have built their lifetime drain used it. good news is, they're alive and they'll be able to regroup and go forward. >> reporter: the storm ripped through raleigh. >> i was hoping it would be like some of the others where it was a lot of bark and no bite. but this one had a lot of bite. >> reporter: this morning, more than 100,000 remain many shelters. nearly 400,000 without power. irene is being blamed for six deaths in north carolina. five killed by falling trees or branches. >> the wind just seemed like it was never going to stopped. >> reporter: but irene also
7:15 am
spawned some incredible stories of survival. like this man, when his 85-year-old mom escaped a tree. >> it will be a major problem with water throughout the duration of this thing. >> reporter: it's not just the debris that washed up, george. we saw a huge snapping turtle to get back to the sound. police came over told us to get out of here because there are venomous water moccasins here. that's what we intend to do. >> get out of there, man. thanks very much. >> going now, kwae. millions are trying to get home after irene. more than 9,000 flights were canceled because of the storm. millions more are trying to head into work this morning. buses and trains just starting to run again. abc's david muir is here in times square, where the nation's largest subway system is inching back into service. isn't that right? good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. i can see you up there in the studio. there was so much concern this morning about whether or not the
7:16 am
subways would be up and running for the workweek. of course the airports, as well. 12,000 people were canceled -- had flights canceled. as you can see there, back up and running at 6:00 a.m. you can hear them rumbling below us. jfk and newark, starting at 6:00 this morning. over at laguardia, the airport arriving and departing right now as we speak. coming back online. amtrak trickier this morning. between philadelphia and boston, service canceled and the express train of acela is not going anywhere. from boston all the way to washington. if you're on amtrak, check on that. after irene, atlantic, 11 casinos are up and running. >> something told me they would be up and running real soon. david, thank you. thank you very much. the other stories developing right now. bianna golodryga is in for josh elliot, because he's one of those stranded on vacation. >> you're not sick of me yet? >> no, no. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with the war of words
7:17 am
that's broken out between colin powell and dick cheney. colin powell is accusing dick cheney of taking, quote, cheap shots at him. cheney saying that powell was pushed out of the white house. but powell insists he planned his own exit. in other news, the man convicted of bombing pan am 103 in scotland, is reportedly near death this morning. he would be the last man alive who knows who authorized the bombing, that killed 70 people in 1988. meanwhwhe with moammar gadhafi still on the run in libya, people in the capital haven't had running water in nearly a week. and electricity is spotty at best. turning to medical news, a new and potentiaiay more effective way to detect breast cancer. scientists have deveveped a scanner could be more accurate than a traditional mammogram. it uses infrared beams. now, it can be used without direct contact with the breast. however the research is only preliminary. more trials are scheduled in
7:18 am
europe next year. finally, a dramatic ending at the little league world series. usa versus japan. it was the final inning with two outs, bases loaded. and nick pratto from huntington beach, california, smacks the drive into center field, scoring the winning run. usa 2, japan 1. the pile-on that ensued on the field would make any major league team proud. nick's dad, by the way, is the usa's team coach. >> it was delayed because of irene. >> every little kid's dream. two outs, bottom of the ninth, bases loaded. >> driving in the winning run like that. >> they are some happy boys. >> we needed that. thank you so much. back over to sam now. sam? >> good to see some good news. a little bit of good news, if you're dealing with flooding and cleanup, skies aren't going to rain over for the next four, five days. this is what usually ends up in
7:19 am
the weather pattern. when this storm pulls away what's left of irene, what you're going to get is a shot of fresh, clean, cool air that drops through the region. new york will stay near the 80-degree mark for the next five, six, seven days. 78 in philly today. buffalo, 75. here's where the heat keeps going. we're talking about dallas. and by the way, dallas is just maybe six days away from breaking their all-time record of their number of 100-degree days in one yeah. if you want to impress your friends or win a bet today, that's 69 days. then, phoenix, vegas, also into palm strings today, excessive heat warnings go on. quick look at the big board right there. that's the weather around the nation.
7:20 am
>> more weather in the next half-hour. the first time in about eight days that we haven't had a tropical system on our map. so, that's a good thing. >> thets a god thing. keep it that way. thanks, sam. coming up on gma -- first
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look inside the hotel room of the american woman who vanished in aruba. what the prime suspect reportedly told the police during the search for robyn gardner. it's a "gma" exclusive. happy feet is heading home. we love that penguin. now, he's going back to the south pole. and we got big baby news from beyonce. that's right. and lady gaga was at it again. all of the highlights from the vmas. they're going to do it with sweat on their brow and achievement in their hearts. sosothis is what they're gonna need: running shoes, t-shirts, tube socks, fruit cups, cheese sticks, energy bars, rope climbing gloves, rope burn ointment, and a jump drive. not sure what that is, but they're gonna be jumpin'. school takes a lot. target has it all. ♪
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welcome back. financial district. notice the clouds and flight arrival delays are running about 55 minutes. flight tracker at top of the page. this morning, temperatures running about 60 in antioch and rest of us in the 50s. 51 in santa rosa. visibility quarter of a mile or less in your neighborhoods. by the afternoon hours, seasonal temperatures mid to upper 50s along the coast. most of us in the 80s until the east bay valleys in the low to mid 90s. coolinininininininininininininin
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♪ a huge announcement. talking about a show-stopping performance. beyonce revealing the news. that there is a baby bump, my friend. and there's proud papa, jay-z. could not be happier. i'm so happy for them. >> usually jay-z is quiet about his private life. good morning, america on this monday morning.
7:31 am
they did it again. >> they always do. lady gaga's performance was something as well. also, happy feet is heading home. happy feet, going back to the south pole. >> also, george the quest for perfect skin, how far would you go? you would not believe what people are willing to put on their faces to get that glow. her exclusive details foror the search for robyn gardner down in aruba. new information on what gary giordano told police. ashleigh banfield is here with us. >> reporter: intrigue of this case is remarkable. the comings and goings of gary
7:32 am
giordano and his travel companion robyn gardner before and after she disappeared. abc news has seen receipts and witness statements outlining comments he made to police and to robyn gardner's mother in the hours after the maryland woman disappeared. >> thehe receipts function as a time line which is very important to the investigators. >> reporter: most notable even before the couple arrived in aruba, receipts from the orlando airport, the couple ordered four bloody marys in the morning. afafr checking in, another receipt shows they brought one liter of ciroc vodka. they were seen holding cups of vodka. a local fisherman told abc news,
7:33 am
later that evening after robyn gardner went missing, gary giordano seemed drunk. >> he was so drunk. >> reporter: at one point in the searchch responding officer took note of giordano's behavior, reporting back to investigators. what i noticed that gary stared at his wristwatch and said in a calm voice, she might be dead now. >> that's not information that you voluntary tell someone. >> reporter: when police spoke to robyn's mother, she told police that she called he called her three days later. in a statement, robyn's mother said she thought it was a strange thing to say. he claims that they were both snorkeling when he lost sight of her in the water. >> all of those things become
7:34 am
extremely important. doesn't make him guilty, it tells you that he's removed himsmsf from this. >> it's just know over a month since the couple arrived in aruba for that vacation. the current order can only keep them there until tomorrow. a judge can order him to stay for another two months. but they have to have a hearing. >> okay, ashleigh, thanks very much. now to the show-stopping night for music. the video music awards. were full of exciting performance. but one star stole the show before she sang a song. >> reporter: she returned to the vmas m my big way with very big
7:35 am
news for beyonce. the night's biggest moment was beyonce's pregnancy revelation. first, with some of the press outside of the theater beforee the show. >> i want you to feel the love that's growing inside of me. >> reporter: then as she sang her song, listen to the words, folks. ♪ everybody ask me who's calling ♪ >> reporter: beyonce unsnapped her vest, a pregnancy announcement like no other. it was electric. and on twitter, word instantly spread around the world. the show opened with another stunner, none other than lady gaga once again pushing that envelope this time with a gender-bending costume and persona. a middle-aged man in a suit,
7:36 am
drinking and smoking. even hanging out with tony bennett. >> one of my biggest inspirations was britney spears. but when she presented britney with a special video vanguard award, mr. gaga didn't go any further. no britney kiss this year. mtv's royal family the cast of "jersey shore" was there. you're like perfectly tanned, how do you do it? >> gym, tan and laundry. >> reporter: the winner of best fema female video was lady gaga. >> if i knew she was here
7:37 am
tonight, she would like me to thank her little monsters. >> reporter: the video of the year went to a grateful katy perry. in, well, out of the box outfit. >> to all of my fans. >> reporter: a night of moments. viewers got to see one of amy winehouse's last recording session. a jazz duet with tony bennett. ♪ >> reporter: it certainly was night full of moments from remembering amy winehouse to beyonce's big news and everything in between. coming up, i'll be back with a full style report. the most unforgotable and outrageous outfits of the night. >> cameron, i went to bed early last night. we were all exhausted from our
7:38 am
storm coverage. you made it feel like we were there. lady gaga stayed in character all night. beyonce, she's normally private. >> thank you, cam. >over to s s now. did you chchk it out last night? >> i was glued to this watching the vmas. but we missed it last night. let's see what's going on this morning, as we watch those clouds depart this area, there are 25 river gauges that are at major flood. we have 7 that are at record flood. this can only happen when you get a tropical system move through that area.. even though the water in norm northern areas will come down today.
7:39 am
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[ female announcer ] new quaker chewy smashbar. kid-loved ingredients, smashed together. with 33% less sugar than the leading sweet snacks. ♪ that little penguin got lost and washed up on a beach in new zealand is now heading home. happy feet had a special -- i'm sorry josh isn't here for the farewell.
7:44 am
the guy is being sent on his way with a gps. and david wright has more on his remarkable recovery. >> reporter: onboard this n n zealand research vessel, the penguin bid good-bye to his new friends. >> we have a bittersweet moment for the zoo, i think, we're a bit sad to see happy feet go. >> reporter: it's a long trip back. four days abroad the ship. he'll meet other empire penguins his own age, happy feet will have quite a story to tell about how he spent his summer vacation. he washed up in june on a new zealand beach the first empire penguin in 44 years to be so far out of his way. rescue him, they did. after all of that wet sand he had eaten thinking perhaps it was snow. the wellington zoo nursed him back. they even held his little foot,
7:45 am
as they pulled out tuition and other debris clogging his stomach. they outfitted him with a gps device. happy feet's many fans were riveted. watching every move on a web cam as he made his recovery. zoo officials admit it's tough to say good-bye. his fans lined up by the hundreds to wish him well. >> i will miss him when he's gone. >> i wish i could be his friend. >> reporter: he may not be able to say so, but clearly he knows that he's one luckyky penguin. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> happy journeys, happyfeet. coming up -- how far would you go to l look flawless. new extreme women are going through for perfect skin.
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now, sam logs the most hours outside of any of us during the storm. take a look at what other reporters went through covering this storm. >> the waves are crashing up against the sea wall. it's developing this foam that is riding over the top and excuse me, it's in my face as well, as you can image, it doesn't taste great. chief meteorologist said that it's some kind of organic batter. whoa, whoa! >> no shortage of incredibly -- i'll bite my tongue -- people coming out. i'm speechless of what we have seen around us. at this point, i don't want to show any more, how many people are out here. >> it's almost imcomprehensible
7:51 am
to understand the force. eye wall approaches us. >> we had the wind now we're finally getting the rain. i'm losing my breath here because this wind is so ininnse. >> if you need to hold on the a railing. >> yeah, that's a good idea. >> we have been loooong at all morning is the storm surge. oops. >> i don't see any s sns of needing to evacuate. you never know. stay tuned and stay safe. >> coming after your job, sam. >> organic water, is one way to put it. >> we won't go into what's in there. >> thank you. you know what this is, cartwright? yes. nicorette mini.
7:52 am
you carry them around everywhere. yes i do,
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7:56 am
two people are being treated for injuries after a small plane struck a car during a crash landing in napa county. faa says the single-engine aircraft skid order highway 29 clipping the back of a car near the napa county airport.
7:57 am
they will investigate what caused the mishap. mike is here with the forecast. >> good morning. we'll have sunshine by noon. clouds at the coast until about 2:00. temperatures 50s to 90s in east bay valleys. cooling trend begins tomorrow. northbound 880 sycamore valley road, they are flooded due to a water main break, i'm sorry, northbound 680. stall at soyersville out of antioch. >> the news continues now with "good morning america."çwçwnnnnh
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] joining us here in times square. lady gaga, this is how she opened the vmas with a performance that had so many people talking. >> playing joe. >> so we'll have that and so
8:01 am
much more from the vmas. there she is. ♪ i'm not leaving without you >> she stayed in character the whole night long. >> she's a talented actress the way she stayed in character. we'll have much more coming up. we'll take a look, look at this mask right here. it's going to show how far people will go for perfect skin. >> there it is. >> layer after layer after layer. i don't get it. >> bianna did this. we had brunch yesterday. you were telling me about this piece. yeah. >> a little soap and water never hurt anyone. >> a little bit more than soap and water. this is for you moms out here. we're going to show you the mommy on baby clothes. we'll show you how to turn those clothes into cold, hard cash. >> show me the money. >> that's right.
8:02 am
let's get the latest news from our weekend anchor bianna golodryga. 25 deaths are now blamed on hurricane irene and her aftermath, most caused by falling trees. the big story this mororng, extreme flooding in upstate new york and vermont. one fire chief said that he considers this a 500-year flood. jim avila joins us. good morning to you, jim. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. i'm standing on the catskill bridge, which is closed and you can see why. debris forced up against it. you can see below how strong the water is. it was over the bridge during most of the night. a local resident took an incredible picture showing exactly where i was standing and what it looked like yesterday. you can see that the water was totally covering the bridge. you could barely tell it was a bridge at all. the famous covered bridges of vermont.
8:03 am
like this 141-year-old span, disappearing into the raging waters. or like this one, just hanging on for dear life. irene continued her fury overnight. plowing through vermont and upstate new york. >> make sure nobody's in the ter. >> reporter: small towns here in catskills under water. suffering catastrophic floods. search teams in margaretville, new york, pushed this woman's car to safety. firefighters extending ladders across rapid waters to save residents. and school buses shuttled trapped residents from one side of the creek to the other. look at these dramatic images out of margaretville, new york, where 16 feet of water, almost completely submerged the town. you could barely see the door at the local drugstore. >> oh, my god, this is the road into prattsville. >> reporter: fast-rising flood waters. where at least 21 were rescued and are now safe. county officials there are urging residents to move to
8:04 am
highererround. a warning that came just moments after the creek crested. at 18 feet. in windham, new york, this house swept into the overflow and this bucket sank. as people stared in disbelief. in vermont, a situation equally grim. hundreds forced to evacuate after raging waters flooded homes. took over entire cities, submerging cars. the good news is, the sun is out this morning and waters that rose so fast are now dropping just as quickly. >> that's good news but unbelievable images. jim, thank you. new york city is slowly getting back on track this morning, subways are rolling again and the airports have just reopened, although expect major delays. train travel is still a challenge. amtrak has canceled service between boston and washington. and in new jersey, this house in a flooded neighborhood burst into flames, when a gas main ruptured this morning, crews and boats tried hosing the
8:05 am
house but the house is a lost cause, unfortunatelyly in new jersey, searchers had to rescue five teenagers. they were trapped when their boat capsized. and in north carolina, more than 2,000 people have been stranded on hatteras island. cut off because the only road is gone. nearly million customers are without power this morning, along the east coast because of irene. it could take weeks before the lights come on. connecticut suffered the worst outage in state history. let's go to west coast, fires are the problem this morning as well. 200 homes in oregon threatened by a series of wildfires. sparked by lightning. 33,000 acres burned. it could be late next week before crews can surround a fire near yosemite national park. lot of devastation. >> all the way around.
8:06 am
how about a little pop news. >> how about that? >> from lara spencer. it's monday. let's get this party started. and we begin with boiling hot relationship between jennifer aniston and justin theroux. apparently they're taking it to the next step. they're officially playing house. they have been house hunting for a while according to "people." they hadn't found the perfect permanent love nest yet. they have rented a two-bedroom home in hollywood hills. it is a far cry from the five-bedroom, 7 1/2-bathroom beverly hills house that she sold recently. amazing. you know what t ey say, home is where the heart is and we wish jennifer the best of luck in that. you know what, i'm going to go back, i got so excited about that story. first, let's talk tron. if you like the bike -- illuminated bike, you can buy it. $55,000. hammacher sclemmer. it can be yours. it's illuminated, sexy and it
8:07 am
can go up 160 miles per hour. but this outrageous gift is just designed for casual cruising. you don't need to go fast to get attention. and now, we get to my little baby croc, you know i love a good animal story. and take a look at these little guys. currently only about 300 of these siamese crocs left in the world. but these guys, and 18 of their brothers and sisters were just born. in laos. they'll stay at the zoo there at laos until 18 months old and that's when they'll be released into the wild and we'll be watching them and bringing that finally, this one is for you, scott, who's madly in love with pippa. as many of you men. adding to the appeal, the woman can also cook. she can bring home the bacon and
8:08 am
fry it up in the pan. according to her professors, her final menu was a delicacy, it was beautifully cooked and well presented. they described pippa, quote, an asset. of course, she is. you know, sometimes it's the little things in life that make >> thanks so much. let's get to sam now and the weather. >> george and robin, we're going to pan to every face in this crowd this morning. because this is my band of storm survivors. since the subways just opened -- good morning, marine. where are you from? >> holly springs, north carolina. >> who is this? >> my beautiful wife, jennifer. >> were you expecting to be here this morning. >> yes, yes. >> what does the sign say? >> semper fi, north carolina. we survived irene in nyc!
8:09 am
>> and everybody else did here. good job we're all here this morning. let's get to the boards. there's more tropics on the board here. take a look at jose, this one not expected to be a threat to the u.s. mainland. we're going to watch that. see that other tropical depression on the lower end, that could easily become katia. we got to watch that very carefully. very comfortable this morning. little cool for me. but, okay, it's nice. philly coming in at 78. gets up into the 80s. also nice on the west coast. portland at 78. but inland, that's where all of the heatatnd fires are roaring through so
8:10 am
>> we're live in times square with our storm survivors. robin, george and lara. >> thank you sam. and here's a look at what's coming up -- the best, the worst and the weirdest fashions from music's biggest night. and are you obsessed with your pores, would you do anything to shrink them to get smooth skin? the latest skin treatments. and finally, we went shopping at some pawnshops across the country, you won't believe some of the things that we found on the shelves there. we're goininto show them to you coming up on "gma."
8:11 am
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you have your idea of summer fun, and we have ours. now during the summer event get an exceptionally engineered mercedes-benz for an exceptional price. but hurry, this offer ends august 31st. it would not be the video music awards without eye-popping style. cameron mathison is back because cam had a front-row seat to it all. what did you see, cam? >> reporter: first of all, we showed it on the black carpet instead of a red one, but, hey, it's the vmas. they can do what they want. from a live accessory to a very famous new jersey resident asking me to do something g ry unusual with her dress. don't get the wrong idea. it was quite an experience. whether it was a parasol, red or yellow buffon, or a
8:16 am
gender-bending female superstar. who managed to stay in character >> i don't want gaga to get -- >> reporter: there was plenty fashion hits and misses at this year's vmas. katy perry won the award for the most outrageous costume changes. with three memorable looks. from this japanese-style dress to a lacey purple number and finally to this jaw-dropping ensemble with square hat. where she picked up video of the year. beyonce turned heads on the red carpet for a different reason, a baby bump. she arrived holding her stomach on the red carpet and later after her performance, she let the world know that she was expecting, while proud papa jay-z looked on. shiny short dresses wewe a must with britney spears, selena gomez and demi lovato sporting the look. justin bieber stood out with the most unusual accessory. dude, tell me about the snake. >> i donon know.
8:17 am
it matches the outfit. >> reporter: the cast of the "jersey shore." one of the latest reactions on the red carpet. snooki's dress simulated the simpsons. >> can i smell it? >> yes. it smells like arts and crafts. >> that's unbelievable. you're like a walking arts and crafts table. i'm not going to lie to you. that was the first for me. never smelt anyone's dress on the red carpet. between you and me, i think it smelled like spray tan than arts and crafts paint. as for justin bieber, that snake, i don't know if that trend will catch on, terrified of snakes. just saying. >> taking one for the team yet again, cam thanks. it looks like you had a great time. >> i go to any length, robin. yes, it was a great night. to break down all of the
8:18 am
fashions, we have the style expert, our good friend joining us from los angeles this morning, suzy, let's start with the one and only beyonce and cameron said she had the perfect live accessory. >> let's talk about a wow moment in her gorgeous red -- i love this dolce & gabanna purple. where she's rubbing her stomach and showing it off. everybody was high fiving jay-z at the end. it was amazing. she looked gorgeous. she has the glow that's for sure. >> she sure did. and also, katy perry, she had so many different outfits for you to choose from. >> she did. but my favorite favorite was the versace kimono dress. she just looked so unique and fashion forward. loved it. >> all right, speaking of uniqueue, lady gaga, once again you know, last year it was the meat dress and this year, boy, she hit it out of the park. >> it was.
8:19 am
it was "west side story" when you're a jet you're a jet all the way. you know? instead of the spray tan, she had the sprayed didi all over the shirt. kept in character. you didn't even know it was her. >> she has -- i think she has some acting in her future. i mean she really -- >> if she didn't, this was the way to kind of put her on the map as an tack or the. >> also in character, nicki minaj, she's delightful, she's not bashful about looking like this at all. >> let's talk about -- she wins the bjork award for most creative, unique look from the ice cream cone necklace to the white tights, to carrying a
8:20 am
stuffed animal, the whole thing, i didn't know what nicki minaj looked like. it's a definitely you got to kidding me moment. but we will never forget her. she has made an impression forever. >> kim kardashian -- how about kim kardashian? i understand you weren't too crazy y th her outfit for the vmas. >> let's just say, okay, i thought she looked absolutely gorgeous. the dress is the sexiest dress beyond. however, it felt like she was going to the oscars as opposed to the vmas. it was long and classic and simple. she's a real creative dresser as well. so, this was the time to kind of pull out all of the stops. she was sexy and beautiful. right dress, wrong show. >> now let's give the men fair play here. the trends that you saw, fashion forward for the men. >> the big color of the night was red. i liked the justin bieber red jeans that we saw and also
8:21 am
definitely made a fashion statement. and look at his glasses. they're very missile crisis jfk. i would leave the snake the next time. >> yeah, i think cameron agrees with you there. how about trends for women? what did you see? >> definitely, it's not jujust e little black dress anymore, robin. it's the little, little black dress. it has to be shorter, shorter, shorter, from selena gomez who was wearing the mullet dress, because it was shorter in the front but longer in the back. i loved zoey saldana. britney spears was wearing a short dress, she looked cute but it wasn't over the top. i also loved kelly rowland's dress which was dripping in gold. all in all, i think everyone looked spectacular last night. >> i would have to agree with you. it was so good to see britney
8:22 am
with a big smile and doing well. always good to see you, suzy. thank you. >> great to see you, robin. >> take it easy. what was your favorite vma moment. use your smartphone to vote or head to our website, loved to hear from you lara? lot of celebs were head-on how they looked for the vmas. how many were worried about the sides of their pores? seriously. abc's bianna golodryga is here to tell us about it. >> those close-ups are clearer than ever in high definition. that makes big pores even bigger. so a lot of people are doing something about those pores. not popping. porefection. forget wrinkles and sun spots. move over botox, now more than ever, peoplelere becoming obsessed with the pores on their face. dermatologisis are even dubbing
8:23 am
it porexia. >> i see patients all day every day who are literally obsessed with the size of their pores. >> and generally pores are caused by genetics, but sun exposure could make them appear like mini craters on your skin. >> there's nothing that you can do to make your pores go away. there are things that you did do as a quick fix or make your pores appear smaller. you can gentle exfoliate the skin. >> what if some products aren't getting the job done? >> i have to tell you, you have no makeup on right now. and i see nothing wrong with your skin at all. it looks perfect. what was the issue? >> i am obsessed with my pores. my skin isn't that good by naturere i'm 45. i just have to really work at it at this point. >> reporter: kathy comes here to get a facial she swears by. very scientific.
8:24 am
this isn't your typical dove bar. >> this is no joke. hands down, is the most effective nondoctor administered treatment that there is. >> reporter: this comes in three parts and takes just about an hour and 30 minutes to complete. >> what i'm going to do once the skin is wrapped up like this, is place this leather mask over the face and neck. >> reporter: it is warm. >> it makes dry heat rather than the damp heat. of steam. it's much gentler on the skin. it does a beautiful job of gently opening the pores. it starts to liquefy the oil. >> reporter: after ten minutes of the heat dome, vitamins and minerals are apply to the face. then comes the mask. >> there are ways to help different ingredients penetrate the skin. one way is to an energy that is a form -- it helps the products penetrate better into the skin. and the face mask can help with that.
8:25 am
>> there is a pad that's placed under the client's back. that has negative electrical current. you can see from the red here, this is a positive electrical current. the vitamins and minerals are drawn really deeply into the skin. at the same time, the electrical current contracts the muscles in the face and the neck, helping to firm the facial tissues. as it's doing that the pores tighten up. >> reporter: do you feel anything, kathy? >> yes, i mean, there's a slight tingling sensation. i like it when it's all tingling. >> reporter: if electrical current isn't your thing, how about nature's own remedy. here at this day spa ticks owner says her geisha facial, using purified birdd droppings is in high demand. >> the ingredient, the dropping has a natural enzyme and it
8:26 am
exfoliates, it breaks down the top layer of the skin. >> anything that's a left over by-product of feces of another animal, i would be hesitant to use on my skin. >> reporter: she incorporated the idea as a substitute for her clients that didn't want to use harsh chemicals. on their face. mixed with rice brand, the bird droppings give off an overbeganic aroma. she can't wait for her next visit. >> it smells a little funny. but i was expecting that. i recommend it to other people to do it. because it's definitely a different kind of a facial to get. >> i'll never look at pigeons in new york city again. it takes about 60 minutes and 180 bucks. the mask is $140. not very cheap. there are other ways you can do this at home. >> and we have one that we can show people online, correct?
8:27 am
that's with things out of your kitchen. that doesn't cost a lot of money. >> honey, berries, natural products. >> coming up, pink or blue, we'll show you how to make green. or blue, we'll show you how to make green. oakland police say the shooting death of a man yesterday afternoon occurred during a robbery attack. jose esparza had cashed his check when he was shot in front of his six-year-old son on international boulevard. he died later at a local hospital. they are looking for two suspects in what they are calling a senseless killing. let's see how the monday morning commute is going with sue hall. >> traveling through the san
8:28 am
ramon valley, slow traffic and earlier water main break is now capped but slow traffic remains at ignacio boulevard and accident in center lane there. 680 toward north main and 24th jammed this morning. >> thanks a lot. we are seeing sunshine but what about the rest,
8:29 am
welcome back. good news, flight arrival delays
8:30 am
are over at sfo. skies are starting to clear mainly in the valleys. it will be out by noon, clearing along the coast during the afternoon hours, 50s and 60s right now. we'll keep 50s along the coast. 70s around the bayshore, a lot 80s in the north and south bay. cooling trend begins tomorrow. thanks a lot. that is it for now. the news continues now with [ cheers and applause ] you know, "dancing with the stars" is coming back and tonight, tonight, the cast will be revealed. it will be announced on the "bachelor pad." and then tomorrow, the new cast members will be live right here in times square. new season starts on monday,
8:31 am
september 19th. they'll have to get top dancing form fast. we're starting to hear rumblings about who's going to be in this year's cast. >> i can't wait to find out. >> no tweeting. also, i know lara spencer when it comes to getting bar gains. i thought i saw everything. andrea canning went across the country to different pawn shops. that's coming up. we're going inside one show-stopping wedding. alicia keys played at this rehearsal dinner. the beginning of one of the most extravagant weddings ever. >> didn't she just buy the
8:32 am
spelling mansion? >> yes, she did. yes, she did. she doesn't do anything halfway, apparently from one extreme to the other -- >> she's got the money. speaking of money, it's time to show you the money. come on, everybody, say it w wh me. show me the money! today's our -- this one is for you. baby clothes fit for about a day. when want to figure out a way to turn that baby clothes into cold, hard cash. baby clothes, adorable necessity, down right fashionable but they can also be expensive. in fact the average american home spends between $700 to $1,000 in the baby's first year of life. that's a big investment for
8:33 am
items that are only used for a few months before they're outgrown. gma wondered can a mother recoup for some of the value that she paid top dollar for but no longer needs. we decided to find out with the help of three moms. first up, nina. i hear you're growing very fast. nina, mother of a 5-month-old. >> he's growing so quickly. >> costume changes throughout the day? >> he changes twice throughout the day. nina told that she needs room and money for the new things he needs. >> never wore this. >> reporter: then there's
8:34 am
wilhelm's baby gear. >> can't carry a baby like this. it's like a duffel bag. >> reporter: next up, sarah, the mom of a 2-year-old and a 10-month-old. she's anxious to get rid of clothings that neither one of her daughters have managed to wear. and she's ready to part with a kate spade diaper bag that she's never used. finally we pay a visit to carla, her 2-year-old has an aunt to lives in france and sends the toddler parisian fashions. but she says that many of the fashions have been outgrown. >> that is gorgeous. that's a definite we watched as
8:35 am
she tried on some things to see if passed the fit test. one item that didn't, this pair of snow pants. >> brand-new. never worn. >> reporter: by the day end, cacaa had quite the collection of stuff. now, we're going to fill your wallets. from three homes and four children, we managed assemble a treasure drove, how much could the stuff make if we tried to resell it? we turned to the co-owner jane's exchange, new york city consignment shop that specializes in children's stuff >> it's a little -- we would probably did this for a $1 or so. many of the items could be resold. >> gorgeous condition. a collector item.
8:36 am
15 to $25. >> reporter: other great places for moms to sell items is on ebay or consideratiraigslistcra. >> they are modified. >> items that sell well are baby gap, old navy. remember anyonina's hat. >> i think they would do 5 for 7.50. >> reporter: baby gear, gear that still has its original packaging can fetch a pretty penny. >> this is a great graco pack and play. in the box, $65. >> reporter: bottom line says gale -- really good stuff. before we get started. i want to mention another great resource, is donate your baby
8:37 am
clothes. baby to baby on the west coast. baby buggy started by jessica seinfeld, wife of jerry. ways that you can swap clothes online. all of the information on our website, abcnewewcom/gma. now the moment of truth. these girls were looking for green from their pink and blue clothing. we begin with carla. before we reveal, she had a tough time parting with some of this stuff. did she get over it? >> she did. she did. she's looking forward to getting new stuff for the fall. >> how o o is she? >> almost 2 1/2-year-old we saw what you gathered. now, let's do the big reveal. you made how much? $168. not too shabby from clothing that she's not going to wear
8:38 am
again. the snow pants did well for you. because they still had their tag on them and because they retailed for about $40s. it's a great pick. now, start to look at your kids' clothing that's fall or winter. again, congratulations. we move on to my friend, nina, nina has a beautiful little boy right behind him. let me say, he's got quite the wardrobe. we >> i went shopping online every single day. he needs this, that. >> in truth -- >> he needed not half the stuff. >> take a look. show us the money. nina, $286. >> oh, wow. >> according to our appraiser, you had a pack and play that you barely used, you still have the
8:39 am
box and instructions, save those things, if you want pass them along, they help a great deal for getting money, it's a big deal, make sure you save that stuff and grouping things. one hat, not so much. if you sell them as group, you got something there. thank you. nice to see you all. and we move on to our final, let's hear it one more time. >> show me the money! >> very nice. not too shabby. the total, $516. your stuff was in really good condition. we wanted to know what's your secret in terms of washing your stuff? it was impeccably perfect. >> we just tried to take good care of it. steamed it and hung it dry. >> you were saying to me, try to stay away for the dryer.
8:40 am
congratulations, ladies, some great tips. now we go to sam. >> this is new reality, you buy something and you can resell it and it's got more than one life. >> swap with other moms. that's a hot of things that you can do. it doesn't need to sit in your drawers and take up space. >> you get cash back. let's get to the boards. we're going to start with our twitter pictures. all of us storm survivors standing in times square this morning, your pictures from all over twitter. this is friday briarcliff, new york. lot of damage in all direction there is. quick look at the board. we have a dallas live shot. another hot day today. six more days at abobo 100 degrees you would have b broken the most 100-degree days in a
8:41 am
year. but it is not going to happen. thursday, 91. nice weather on the west coast. although it's still 105 in vegas. but when you're up and down the eastern seaboard not such a great summer. enjoy these dais. portland, 78 degrees. hazy, hot humid in t >> that weather was brought to you by mercedes-benz. coming up, how does a billionaire daughter get married. needless to say, we're going to show you one of the world's richest heiress.
8:42 am
nothing spaered for herererererr
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
now, to e eravagant wedding that pulled out all of stops. we just had the "show me the money." this is the flip side. they got a lot of money and they do some things that we can only dream of. this is such a story. she's one of the richest heiresses in the world. worth of billions of dollars. she getting married and she ent as much money as she wanted. and chris connelly has all of the lavish details for us mere mortals. >> reporter: petra ecclestone, she wasn't afraid to drop hints about her upcoming nuptials. >> we're getting married in italy. as low key as i can be. i try. >> reporter: petra low key?
8:46 am
a-plat m mor is what you could call this megamansion that she brought for $85 million in cash this summer. this same place where tom cruise and katie holmes wed back in 2006. where petra concerned, her wedding put the kardashian and the royally windsores to shame. >> it topped them all. it was like their weddings combined. >> reporter: they did their wedding at an hour-long service. capping their celebration, with no if, and or but -- this was picture was tweeted by her sister the day before the twosome were to rock the center
8:47 am
aisle. that wedding saw a prewedding dinner. alicia keys serenaded a bride to bewho spent her entire lifetime in an empire state of mind. guests at saturday's wedding were asked to give money to charity instead of buying gifts for the couple. among guests in attendance were paris hilton and princess beatrice, minus that fascinator that she wore to william and kate's wedding. petra arrived with her father, bernie ecclestone. her ears besooned with diamonds. she wore a vera wang gown. the groom, wore an ear to ear
8:48 am
grin apparently. after the vows it was andrea boccelli singing time to say good-bye. but moments later, guests were saying hello to eric clapton and black eyed peas. finished with fireworks. next up for petra and james will be love american style as they take possession of their 123-room chateau villa. for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> all right, thanks to chris. but we're happy, right? that's right. you can't put a price tag on happiness. rob yiin leach, champagne and
8:49 am
caviar greens. i love these people out here. they were talking about andrea. coming up next -- do you want an oscar? do you want an oscar? you know what, you can go to a pawnshop and get an oscar. i
8:50 am
8:51 am
i had a great time on my ca cameo on pawnshop. andrea canning looks at how far that phenomenon is spreading. >> reporter: on the hit show pawn stars we have seen sales on everything from swords. >> how much do you want it? >> reporter: to super bowl ring. the family has opened a pandora's box for opportunities for everyone out there looking to make some fast cash.
8:52 am
>> 40 bucks. >> really? >> reporter: he's also seent all. he said that weird is now the new normal. got a neon clock, he'll buy it. even an urn with the ashes of a pet sold here for 50 bucks. >> i had a girl bring in the ashes of her cat. i actually gave her a loan on it. >> reporter: even this painting by serial killer john wayne gacy was up for sale. >> the last eight to ten years, there have been a lot more people who have never, ever come into a pawnshop. people need money and they know if they bring me something they'll get their money right now. >> reporter: the tough economy has desperate people selling things right off their backs or out of their mouths for thaha matter. >> they come from the dentist
8:53 am
office. and they do sell them to me. this is a lady's front teeth. >> reporter: she really will buy anything. including someone's stuffed dog. she sold it for $500. >> they brought me the strangest things. sometimes, i get bras believe it or not. >> reporter: he managed to buy an oscar from a famous movie producer. for $3,000. >> i'm waiting for my close-up. >> andrea did add -- we'll be
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
thank you for watching. either i can't get to sleep, or i can't stay asleep.
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[ male announcer ] unisom helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep. so i wake up rested. [ male announcer ] unisom. fall asleep faster. sleep longer.
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a manhunt continues this morning for a gunman that shot the former mayor of ft. bragg. it happened four miles east of ft. bragg. he was checking on timberland when he was shot. s.w.a.t. teams have been searching for a suspect aaron basler who they say it was guarding a marijuana grove. >> i think we're going to see sunny conditions by noon, mid to upper 50s around the coast. 70s in the bay-shot shore.


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