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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  August 30, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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teammate pablo sandoval he plans to meet his direct name sake soon. >> and i think the baby giraffe is going to win. >> that is going to do it for us. world news is coming up next. >> from all of us here, we appreciate your time and hope to see you again in half an hour. this is "world news." and tonight, jump-starting jobs. abc news learns details of president obama's new plan to put americans back to work. what he'll announce next week. will it be enough to reverse the jobs crisis? to the rescue. victims of irene still being saved from raging floods. and as rivers rise and roads crumble, the national guard rushes in to help. but what about the rescues that didn't need to happen? targeting cancer. a new drug gets approved to treat deadly lung cancer, shrinking tumors, saving lives.
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it's a breakthrough for personalized medicine. and help wanted. the queen is hiring. if you're a self-starting perfectionist that loves the outdoors, her majesty has the job of a lifetime for you. good evening. abc news has new reporting tonight on the jobs front president obama will propose next week. we know that jobs are what matters most to you. the president knows his job is on the line, too. that's why this plan is so critical. the white house tells us it will be new, signififint and details. and even telling us what you want to hear from the president. here's what you sent on twitter. we need people and infrastructure. good combo. more incentives to hire the unemployed. and how much will it cost me, the taxpayer?
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abc's john berman starts us off with specifics on the president's plan and the questions it will answer. >> reporter: it is a painful reality for nearly 14 million americans looking for a job. >> i need a job. i came here looking for a job. i came here figuring i'd get a break. >> reporter: and political reality for one man, trying to keep his. >> our economy has to grow faster. we have to create more jobs. and we have to do it faster. >> reporter: abc news has learned the president's plan will focus on three areas. first, tax relief. including tax credits for companies that hire new workers. >> get someone in the door, gives them an opportunity to learn the skills necessary to compete for the job. and also lowers the cost of hiring for the company. >> reporter: second, infrastructure investment. funding for building projects like transportation, schools and clean energy. and third, targeted assistance for the long-term unemployed. more than 6 million americans out of work for six months or longer. the white house points to ideas like georgia works.
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>> it's a win-win scenario. i decided that if i could go somewhere and volunteer for awhile to see if it's a fit for me and they get to see if it's a fit for them, there's nothing to lose. >> reporter: jacqueline willis has a job as a college today because of a georgia program that gives workers on unemployment eight weeks of training at participating companies at no cost to the company. >> this is our new flyer. >> reporter: georgia says 24% of workers in this program were ultimately hired by the company. about 60% found work somewhere. analysts say all these programs dodoelp people get in the door. but staying in the door might be out of their hands. unless these new jobs make americans confident enough to spend more. >> what is the final demand for the products and services these workers are going to produce? if the final demand is not there, the workers are simply not going to be hired. >> reporter: now, we know what you're thinking. how much will all this cost? the white house tells abc news
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that along with the jobs plan, the president will offer specific spending cuts and savings. so, they claim the jobs program will not add to the deficit, george. >> that is what they say. we'll see about that. but there's also the whole question over whether any of this can pass in this congress. >> reporter: it's a brutal political environment in washington right now. and you can bet republicans will want to see that spending and savings in cuts plans before they agree to anything. >> okay, john berman, thank you. and we stick with jobs, as we move to our 2012 election coverage. your voice, your vote. the new front-runner in the race for the republican nomination, texas governor rick perry, took dead aim at president obama today, calling his handling of the economy, quote, the definition of dumb. but perry's republican opponents are starting to take him at him and abc's jon karl took a closer look at his record. >> reporter: mitt romney, suddenly no longer the republican front-runner, ventured today to the home turf of the new guy on top, texas governor rick perry. >> now, i'm a conservative businessman. i spent momo of my life outside
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politics, dealing with real problems in the real economy. career politicians got us into this mess and they simply don't know how to get us out. >> reporter: that's a swipe at perry, a politician for almost three decades. >> i'm running for the presidency of the united states because we must get america working again. >> reporter: perry likes to talk about all the jobs texas has created. but now the rest of his record is getting new scrutiny. starting this week in texas, you can shoot hogs from a helicopter. drive 85 miles an hour. take your gun with you on the drivivto work. legally catch cat fish with your bare hands. all new laws signed by perry. if it sounds a little odd to people living in california or massachusetts, perry says that's how it should be. it's a view he lays out in the book "fed up," denouncing the supreme court as nine oligarchs in robes, saying "congress might as well be using monopoly money, and even arguing social
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security is being carried out at the expense of respect for the constitution. perry's big idea? virtually everything should be left up to the states. "if you don't support the death penalty and citizens packing a pistol, don't come to texas," perry writit. "if you don't like medicinal marijuana and gay marriage, don't move to california." "texans elect folks like me. the kind of guy who goes jogging in the m mning packing a ruger .380." as for romney's attack today on career poll tigs, perry, as you might expect from a front-runner, george, is not taking the bait. his spokesman said that perry responsibility 19 years working as a former and serving in the military and that romney, quote, must have been talking about someone else. >> okay, but they might have to engage next week in their first debate. okay, jon karl, thank you. and we turn now to the continuing toll of hurricane irene. at least 42 have died from the storm. 2.5 million homes and businesses
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along the east coast are still struggling without power. and the flood zone now stretches from new jersey to new hampshire with entire towns cut off and roads wiped away. abc's dan harris is in patterson, new jersey, tonight, and dan, they have never seen flooding like this. >> reporter: they have n not, george. good evening to you. all day long, from our perch here in flooded out patterson, new jersey, we've been watching rescue crews bring out scores of families to this spot right here on boats. one by one they came. entire families with their belongings, their children and their pets. >> they just took me out on the boat. >> reporter: so basically you see the water coming -- >> and it's rising more. >> reporter: and you realize you have no choice. >> no choice at all. >> reporter: so, what did you bring with you? >> well, what we can grab. food. clothes. >> reporter: the fire department says they brought in roughly 1,000 people, some of the
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rescues captured live on local station wabc's chopper cam. have you ever seen it this bad? >> never. >> reporter: we gave a small camera to the rescue crews, who gave us a close-up view of how high the waters are. three days after irene, the flood waters are still wreaking havoc throughout the northeast. snarling railroad lines, washing out highways and cutting off entire communities. today in vermont, the national guard was out delivering food and supplies to the stranded. tonight, there are still 3.3 million people from maine to north carolina who don't have their power back. the head of fema, along with the homeland security secretary today, toured the damage in vermont, virginia and north carolina. back here in patterson today, while we did see frustration, sadness and anger, we also saw the better angels of our nature on full display. a grandson's kindness and a little boy's resilience. so, how were the fire crews who picked you up from your house, were they nice?
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>> yeah, really nice. i want to be just like them. >> reporter: for that little guy, at least, all of this has been something of an adventure. george, , do have one bit of breaking news. amtrak just came out and said that as of tomorrow morninin they will be resuming train service between boston and philadelphia. this has been a massive service outage for amtrak. inconveniencing tens of thousands of people. so, that is one bit of good news tonight. >> slowly getting back to normal. okay, dan, thanks very much. and with all the rescues dan told you about, we're also learning about the lives put in danger when they didn't have to be. it turns out all too often, some simple advice was ignored. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: a father and his twtwlittle girls holding on for dear life in manchester, new hampshire, just seconds away from plunging over a waterfall. 9-year-old daughters out on jet skis yesterday, a dangerously bad decision. >> we're talking within seconds of them letting go. there was nothing between them and the falls.
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>> reporter: but thanks to this heroic rescue effort, the family is all safe. but not everyone has been that fortunate. authorities say many of the 42 deaths blamed on irene were preventable. in fact, nearly a quarter of the deaths were people still driving when they should have been off the road. this particular river in vermont made it all the way across this field, up to the roadway. you can see where it started to wash away the asphalt. there was a 20-year-old woman in a car that drove by and was washed away by the flood waters. rescuers got to her too late. >> they had some road closedd signs up but people were going right by them. >> reporter: experts implore the public to remember, when ignoring safety warnings, water rescues are not only time-consuming and expensive, sometimes upwards of $10,000, they also put resesers at risk. 39-year-old michael kenwood, an emt in new jersey, was swept away by flood waters when he responded to a report of a submerged vehicle. so, for the sake of the rescuers and your own safety, officials say to follow the rules. stay safe. and stay out of the water.
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linsey davis, abc news, wilmington, vermont. and we turn overseas now to libya, where rebel leaders have given an umeltimatum to moammar gadhafi and his supporters who are still fighting. if they don't surrender by friday, the new leaders will launch an all-out assault on gadhafi's hometown, sirte, which they have now surrounded. and as abc's jeffrey kofman reports, today, we also learned that a loss gadhafi often used to elicit sympathy, the death of his daughter, may have been a hoax. >> reporter: no one disputes that an american bomb hit gadhafi's compound on that april day in 1986. ronald reagan ordered the attack on the mad dog of the middle east after libyan agents targeted american soldiers at a nightclub in berlin, killing two and injuring dozens. >> this monstrous brutality is but the latest act in colonel gadhafi's reign of terror. >> reporter: gadhafi survived. but he has always claimed that that bomb killed his infant
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daughter, hanna. after the regime crumbled last we week, rebels found a room in one of his houses with medical books belonging to dr. hanna gadhafi. regime insiders now believe her death was all a lie. this is the building that reagan bombed. gadhafi never repaired it. instead, it became the ultimate propaganda tool. for 25 years, it served as a backdrop for his diatribes against america. for years, skeptics wondered if hanna ever existed. this week, a tripoli hospital confirmed that dr. hanna gadhafi was on their staff but hasn't been seen since last friday. the woman who never existed has disappeared. jeffrey kofman, abc news, tripoli. and still ahead on "world news," could this pill save this woman's life? a promising new weapon in the fight against one of the deadliest forms of lung cancer. something we did not know about hunger in america. why 50-year-olds are at greater risk than ever.
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deadliest. the fda has approved a new pill that is already shrinking tumors. and abc's chief medical and health editor dr. richard besser is here with more on how it works an who it might help. >> reporter: it's hard to believe that last february, tina meranda was only given weeks to live. she had stage four lung cancer. >> my oncologist basically said there was absolutely nothing he could do. >> reporter: a nonsmoker who was used to helping her husband rurua winery and raising two young boys, tina found herself barely able to move from the bed to the sofa. >> i would beg my kids to play right in front of me so i could be around them because basically, i could do hardly anything. >> reporter: realizing she was dying, her husband searched the internet for hope and found it. he learned that patients who had tumors with a rare mutation something called the out-gene were being enrolled in a new drug study. but t ly 3% to 5% of lung cancer
5:47 pm
tumors have this rare mutation. >> we tested me for the out-gene and it was like winning the lottery. i had it. >> reporter: the new pill, xalkori, goes after the out-gene, and the mutation which makes the tumor cell grow out of control. the drug attaches itself to the prototn made by the gene and simply shuts the cell down. and when the drug works, it works quickly. >> within hours, 24 hours, i started getting better. and today i'm off all painkillers. i am -- i've got more energy they've than had in three years and it's just wonderful. >> reporter: and her tumors continue to shrink. >> 90% will have some kind of response and 60% actually have a very significant response. >> reporter: each year, lung cancer effects more than 200,000 people. even with aggressive treatment, only 1% of people with tina's stage four type cancer live for five years. and while it is too soon to know how long the drug will work, for tina, it's made life livable. >> i'm loving life.
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they're loving life. i'm glad to be back to almost normal. >> rich, that is just amazing. so, is this precision almost personalized medicine, the wave of the future. >> reporter: it really is. you know, i've been talking to oncologists all day. more and more, they're going to be testing people at the start of therapy to understand what makes their tumor tick. and then prescribing drugs specifically for your type of mor. i mean, it gives a lot of people hope for the war on cancer. >> and the drug companies getting behind it. rich, thank you. and coming up, beyonce's baby already making history. take a guess at how. hut! go! here it comes! right on the numbers! boom! get it! spin! oh, nice hands! chest bump. ugh! good job, man. nice! okay, halftime. now, this is my favorite play. oh! i'm wide open. oh, fumble. fumble. don't want to fumble any of these. [ male announcer ] share what you love, with who you love. kellogg's frosted flakes. it's up...
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talk to your doctor about nexium. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. webeen repor we've been reporting on hunger at home, the crisis here in america, and today we learned about one group being hit especially hard. the aarp has found that 1 in 11 americans over the age of 50 are at risk of going hungry. that's up almost 80% over the last decade. abc's steve osunsami spoke to some of those struggling today. >> reporter: nancy and randall watkins say they were just like most middle class couples in their early 50s, making sure everything was paid on time until he got sick last year. and then she got sick. and they both lost their jobs. today, they can barely put food on the table.
5:52 pm
>> sometimes you don't want to get up. you just think today will be better. so, i'm thinking, lord, let me feel better. >> reporter: they use all kinds of tricks to make their food last. they eat food that's gone bad. and eat cereal without the milk. >> sometimes there's not a lot of milk, you know? you compromise. you can use water. >> reporter: they make too much from disabilititto get food stamps. but they don't make enough to pay their bills. they owe $25,000 to a hospital in kentucky. today's report say it's now americans in their 50s who are in the prime of their working lives and more likely to be hungry than people in their 60s and 70s. >> these are folks who have been suffering from the recession and the economic declines in this country. some of them have just recently lost jobs. >> reporter: nancy and randall say they have to keep positive. >> i always remember that you're blesesd, regardless. and that there's somebody always out there that's a little bit
5:53 pm
harder, you know, worse off than you. >> reporter: george, we have an update to an inspiring story we shared last week on pastor bob caldwell, that arkansas preacher who feeds his entire town with donated food he collects himself. someone has come forward and itten a $10,000 check for the church and the pastor. george? >> that is great news. okay, steve, thanks. and since we first reported on hunger at home last week, so many more of you have answered that call, too, donating a total of $188,000 so far, which means more than 1.3 million meals for americans who are hungry tonight. you can still contribute at and on a very different note, there's a brand new record for buzz tonight. that big announcement from beyonce at the mtv video music awards thrilled the crowd. we could see that. but now watch this. beyonce unveiled her baby bump at 10:35 p.m., setting off a collective viral cheer on
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and do more of what matters. [ female announcer ] lyrica is not for everyone. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior, or any swelling or affected breathing or skin, or changes in eyesight, including blurry vision, or muscle pain with fever or tired feeling. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. i found answers about fibromyalgia. then i found lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. and finally, we began tonight talking about jobs, and that's where we end, too, with what has to be one of the most
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remarkable help wanted ads we've ever seen. the job has plenty of freedom and fantastic perks, but it will require a move, because the ad is from queen elizabeth. abc's nick watt has the details. >> reporter: deep in the misty mountains, balmoral, acres of lawn, thousands of trees. head gardner required. and she's the boss. applicants should be experienced in all aspects of gardening. that's the want ad on the castle website. capable meeting the high standards required. >> these are for the house. these will grow maybe on the piano. we know if the queen wants the weeding done because she'll pull some weeds herself and leave little piles for us. and then you say, oh, she's noticed we're not keeping up with it. >> reporter: like most of her subjects, she just lov a garden. garden parties, organic vegetables and charles, by the
5:58 pm
way at way, at his country house, he talks to his plants. >> charles at high grove. i had a guided tour by prince charles himself. it went over two hours. the man lives and breathes for his garden. as do most of british people. >> reporter: my own mother is a good example. she takes her summer vacation in november, because, she says, during the proper summer, she's too busy in her garden. honestly. that's not a joke. so, is this balmoral gig the best job in britain? >> this is the top. i would say. providing pot plants and cut flowers and vegetables to the queen. what's not to like? nick, you should go for it. >> reporter: but i'm a weird brit. i hate gardens. and the free house on n fer is bound to be drafty. sand, well, she'd be a scary boss. nick watt, abc news, london. >> thanks for watching tonight. we're always on at don't forget to watch a million dollar embezzl
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embezzlement case against a giants employee. the i team reveal what's led to arrest. >> it was not a question of if this pipeline would bust. it was a question of when. >> findings of the san bruno pipeline investigation what. pg&e is doing to prevent another disaster. >> and sacramento, walmart leading attack on amazon for skirting new online sales tax law. and it falls under the category of oops. >> and bay area technology that could offer a road map to treating out break of deadly diseases. >> good evening, everyone. >> and a front office employee at san francisco geejts has been arrested on federal charge autos she's accused of embezzling more than $1 million from player accounts. >> and the storyyo


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