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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 1, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. and watch out. overnight, a brand-new hurricane. katia churning right now, forecast to become a huge category 3. sam is tracking its target, as another storm forming now heads for the gulf coast today. incredible nightmare. this logger pinned down in a remote forest. no help, no phone no choice but to cut off all five of his toes.
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his amazing survival story, in his own words. sideline superstar. tennis champ venus williams' stunning dropout. the shocking diagnosis that sent her from the court. she talks to us live right here in an exclusive interview. only on "gma" also, marc anthony breaks his silence speaking out for the first time since his surprise split from his wife, jennifer lopez. revealing why their marriage is endingngnd how he feels about her now. >> i'll always love jennifer. she knows that. good morning, everyone. welcome to september. robin is off. but it's great to have elizabeth here. >> 1st of september, my goodness. >> it is here already. boy, do we have a lot to get to,
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politicians behaving of what a mess in washington. takes the white house and congress all day long to even agree to a time for president obama's big job speech next week. so, we'll have james carville will weigh in on that. >> another clinton administration former official, it's like watching a ping-pong match when the speech is slated to happen. all the exclusives. our conversation with marc anthony sure to make news. plus, venus williams, the seven-time grand slam champion, announcing she has a terrible diagnosis with a disease and dropping out of the u.s. open. and "dancing with the stars" is making more news. a huge reaction, much negative to the selection of chaz bono as one of the contestants after she went from chastity to chaz. cher has taken out lashing out at her son's critics and another controversial cast member. >> also, nancy grace. she's here live also today. so, we got a lot to get to. let's get started with sam. new storms heading our way.
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>> hurricane katia because by the way, september the most active month in the hurricane season. so, we have katia out here in the atlantic. but we have what could become lee. and let me show you the end of maria, as well. open water, nothing to stop it from growing. a category 3 sitting north of puerto rico. a look at the spaghetti models. they're this wide. and the storm has been tracking on the western side. not where you'd want it to be. you want it to be on the forecast in the middle. it isn't. so, there's still uncertainty with where katia is going, east coast, middle of next week, late next week when we know whether katia will take a turn. whether it becomes lee, it's a heavy hit of rain this weekend and all weekend long for the gulf coast. some forecast models have it wandering, even backing up into texas, which could deliver some much-needed rain into texas. but we have katia on the board, potentially lee, maybe maria, very busy time. >> it's certainly a busy season. sam, thanks very much. josh elliott with the news starting out with speechgate.
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>> president obama forced to go into the far corner and do a crosscourt winner with the forehand. we'll begin with that decision by the president to reschedule his primetime speech on the economy. now, he wanted to address a joint session of congress next wednesday. but republicans objected. that's the night of a nationally televised republican presidential debate. so, house speaker john boehner invited the president to speak thursday, as well, which happens to be the nfl season opener. tread lightly, mr. president. so, white house insists the president's speech will not conflict with that first game. >> get it in the morning. meanwhile, the president will visit new jersey this weekend to see firsthand now the destruction brought by hurricane irene. the record floodwaters are finally receding. but just this morning, thousands of families are only now though beginning to realize just how much they've lost. abc's dan harris has been on the story since irene's landfall and joins us from paterson, new jersey. dan, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, josh, good morning. this is what the president is going to see when he gets here,
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entire neighborhoods besieged. as you say, the water is going down. but this is what it's leaving behind. take a look. this rather disgusting sludge. it's filled with all sorts of pollutants that will make the cleanup difficult. 4,200 families evacuated. in somomplaces people are back in their homes. and we spent some time with one family a few towns over as they were going through the painful process of bringing their entire material lives out on the front lawn. it will cost them 50 grand and not money they have just lying around. people in this state and many others will be eligible for fema assistance. and even though fema is in the middle of a big budget crisis, i spoke to one official who insisted everybody who is eligible will be helped. >> dan harris pulling double duty in paterson, new jersey. meanwhile, first it was colin powell.
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now, condoleezza rice taking issue with former vice president dick cheney's new memoir. the former secretary of state says she resents what she views as an atatck on her integrity. rice says she rejects cheney's claim made in his book that she misled president bush about nuclear diplomacy in north korea. meanwhile, milestone in the iraq war this morning. it was unthinkable not so long ago. august ended without a single u.s. military fatality there. the first month since the invasion in 2003 that not a single u.s. service member was killed. a major sports headline this morning. venus williams has pulled out of the u.s. open having been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that causes fatigue and joint pain. williams and dr. richard besser will both join us live in our next hour to discuss it all. a rough ride for this driver of an suv in texas. he failed to stop before crashing into a sudden sinkhole. ended up in that awkward, upright position. the hole opened up after a water main break under the road.
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and still, the most dramatic images of the day may be here coming from china this morning. watch as a massive wall of water roars ashore sweeping dozens of people along the river bank into the waters. the water had burst through a dam. 20 people were hurt. remarkably not a single one of them drown. take a closer look. some still images. that river jackknifed. and it rose by 30 feet, rushed by 25 miles per hour. all thanks we're told to the moon's gravitational pull influencing the seas downstream, which is to say -- >> no one killed. >> not a single person killed. and always blame it on the moon. >> never underestimate the powee of the water. as josh said the latest in that political standoff over speechgate may be over. but there's a controversy of a different kind as a solar panel company championed by president obama and given more than $500 million in loan guarantees from the fededel government is all of a sudden filing for bankruptcy. c's brian ross is here with more on that story. good morning, brian.
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>> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. well, up until the very end the obama administration said it was money well spent creating more than 3,000 jobs in a so-called green company that made solar panels. the company's bankruptcy wednesday punctured that claim and led republicans in congress to question whether undue influence by obama campaign supporters was involved in what appears to be a $500 million hit for u.s. taxpayers. it was with great fanfare from president obama last year. >> hello, everybody. >> reporter: and the promise of thousands of jobs that the federal government guaranteed a $535 million loan to the solyndra company. >> the true engine of economic growth will always be companies like solyndra. will always be america's business. >> reporter: wednesday, the fremont, california, company shut its doors, telling the 1,200 employees it would file for bankruptcy. >> it's kind of somber.
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it shocked people there. you know, you walk into your company and the doors are shut. just picture that. >> everyone is kind of, i mean, speechless right now. nobody knows what to think -- nobody saw it coming. >> reporter: not entirely true. republicans in congress say they smelled a rat from the beginning. >> we have been raising questions s out this from the get-go. and it is really bad news that we got today that they filed for bankruptcy and, again, leaving the taxpayer holding the bag probably. >> reporter: the questions involve one of solyndra's principal backers, george kaiser, an oklahoma billionaire who was one of president obama's big fund-raisers. he did not return calls seeking comment. but a report by the government accountability office found officials were, quote, favoring some and disadvantaging others in giving out the government guaranteed loans to energy companies. >> someone had to sell a bill of goods to somebody, right? >> reporter: workers say they were told there wasn't even enough money left for a small severance check.
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>> i haven't actually gotten the final information. it looks like the severance package is pretty much zero. >> reporter: the government has denied there was any political influence involved in the loan. and the company says despite strong growth it couldn't compete with chinese companies making the same products at much lower cost. abc news and the center for public integrity has asked for documents to back up the claim that politics were not involved. but so far they've refused to provide them to us, were refused access to them. let's stay on to the jobs controversy. james carville, our "gma" contributor. thanks for joining us this morning, james. we do foe that almost anything having to do with jobs right now will be a controversy. but who could have predicted the fight over the timing of the president's speech? seems like both sides in washington determined to get everyone hating them. >> it does. and the last thing that the white house needed was to appear to cave in to the speaker. and that's what happened. the last thing the congress needed and the white house was
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to have a spat that looks like they couldn't resolve anything. i mean there might be a good explanation for how it came down. but i haven't heard it. and i read everything i could before i came on the air. it's a tendency to say, well, it is discuss a little spat and got it resolved 24 hours later. but i think this is just going to reinforce a lot of perceptions that are already out there. oat's not a good thing. >> if scheduling a speech is this difficult it's pretty hard to see them getting an agreement on how to confront the jobs crisis, which presents a real dilemma to president obama when he gives the speech next week getting advice on both sides. some say come out with a huge, ambitious program that will appeal especially to democrats. show your vision. others say grab more of a middle ground that might get bipartisan support. which one makes sense to you? >> they're not going to get any bipartisan in anything they propose. they can't get the payroll tax extended. so, you know, just go out and just document -- it's not so
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much that it's a speech that's important but the follow-up after the speech. and this is going to have to b b what they run the 2012 campaign on. this congress isisot going to pass anything that the president proposes. that's pretty clear. the speaker boehner said he got 98% of what he wanted in thehe last deal. and the house republicans are just not going to do it. so, get whatever you do, get something that you're going to stick to and run on it in 2012. it doesn't mter if it's little or small, it's not going to pass. >> how about on the republican side. they are having the big debate next wednesday night. it will be the first debate for the new front-runners that transformed the race, governor rick perry. is it going to be time for his opopnent, especially romney, to take him on a lot more directly? >> we saw pawlenty suffer as a result of one debate. i've never seen anybody take a hit as a result of a debate performance. >> when he didn't attack romney? >> when he didn't attack romney, exactly right. i think the stakes are high. and i think the best solution that came up with that they should have done the speech and debate and do the debate after
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the speech which is the sponsor of the debate offered to do. interesting to see the republican candidates respond almost in realtime to what the president said. now, they'll have a day to get ready and prepare for it. i thought that would have been a good solution to this and where no possible conflict with football or anything else. but that's not going to happen. and i do think this is a really big debate. and i think the white house was out of bounds in suggesting -- in trying to schedule a speech during the debate. i know -- given a chance between watching a debate and speech, i would have watched the debate. and i'm not even a republican or close to being a republican. >> ten seconds left. palin this weekend. does she get in or out? she's going both to iowa and new hampshire. is this just more of the celebrity game? or do you agree with karl rove she might actually get in this thing? >> i don't think karl has any idea. and neither do i. i don't think sarah palin has an idea, either, to be hont with you. >> will she be a factor in she gets in? >> she'll be a factor in the
7:14 am
terms of generating interest and everything else. i don't think she will be a factor -- certainly not going to win. presumably she could hurt t rry some. that's what people think. i don't know that for sure. i can't wait to see this debate next week. it's going to be a barn burner. >> james carville, thank you. >> a barn burner, an apt description. the hurricanes at the top of the show and wildfires raging from drought-stricken texas. 400 homes threatened. 6,200 acres scorched thanks to high winds, unrelenting heat and dry terrain. it is expected to burn through everything in hit path by daybreak. and our ryan owens is right in the middle of that fire now. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: with flames leaping this close to homes, it doesn't take much convincing. >> headed towards the dam. >> reporter: pat kappes is among those scrambling to pack up. one day ago her home was safe. then, the winds shifted and so did her luck.
7:15 am
>> i think about it yesterday. and it's like i felt sorry for everybody over there. now, here it comes over here again. >> reporter: nearly 40 of her neighbors have lost their homes in this upscale community. hundreds more have had to evacuate. something they did just four months ago. in april, fire destroyed 160 houses in this same area. >> it's not farfetched to say that we've burned half of our county off. >> repepter: it's not just his county. 99% of texas is suffering through a historic drought. and this was already the worst fire season in state history. before the blaze that forced pat capps and so many others from their homes. even though it's september, triple digits are in the forecast again today. but that's actually not the number that worries firefighters the most. for them, it's all about the wind speeds. if the winds will die down, so will this fire. >> all right. ryan owens, rererting for us from texas. and sam champion, are they going to get any relief in texas
7:16 am
from these drought-like conditions contributing to all thesesfires? >> we see, elizabeth, george, good morning, by the way. good morning, everyone. we see in about two weeks now a session of cold fronts that will help break that big heat dome sitting in the middle of the country. in the short term, let's watch lee. let's see what happens here. as that storm system gathers up strength in the gulf it is right now this big tropical kind of mess, whether it becomes a depression, whether it becomes lee, it doesn't really matter here, other than wind speed, because it's going to deliver a heavy hit of rain. from new orleans to venice, we know it's 8 to 10 inches right in there. some forecast models have this thing wobbling westward, which would not only put moisture on the coast of texas but throw a lilile bit inland. we can hope for that. and some folks in texas can hope for that. but we'll see what happens. dallas at 102. minneapolis, at 90 degrees. that heat goes all the way up. milwaukee, 88. san angelo, 98 degrees. austin, you're at 102. it's been very warm there. so, the heat continues baking for the next few days. this is where the next few cold front also come from. see that cooler air down here?
7:17 am
as it pushes down in here we think of the next two, it'll start to break the back of this big heavy hihiof heat in the middle of the country. you can see how cool it is on the west coast.
7:18 am
>> show you some pictures of the big waves out on the west coast in the next half hour. george? elizabeth? >> all right, sam. thanks. we're going to show you, now, a survival story out of a hollywood thriller. a colorado man was cutting trees when the trail he of his truck slipped loose slamming down on his foot so hard he couldn't move. trapped alone in the forest, he had only one incredibly painful way out. abc's clayton sandell has the story. >> reporter: in a remote part of western colorado wilderness john hutt had driven his logging truck to pick up a load of trees and was caught in a freak accident. >> trailer started to slide down the reach. and it pinned my foot right in there. >> reporter: he was trapped,
7:19 am
completely alone and in unimaginable pain. >> whenever i tried to move it, then the pain would get worse. >> reporter: there was no cell service, no help. no choice. after just 30 minutes he made a decision. using his three-inch pocket knife he began amputating his own toes. >> i'd cut some and then it -- it would be pretty painful. so, i'd stop, take a breath or two and then keep cutting till i finally got it cut off. >> reporter: after cutting off all five toes he stopped the bleeding with his shirt. he collected his toes and got in the car, driving till he got within cell phone range. an ambulance met him on the road but the toes were too badly mangled to be reattached. hutt is not the first person faced with his own mortality to resort to self-amputation. last summer, jonathan metz was in his connecticut basement when his left arm got stuck behind a furnace. >> before i knew it i was basically trapped. >> reporter: after 18 hours, he began sawing through his arm. he was eventually rescued.
7:20 am
and who could forget aaron ralston? pinned deep inside a desolate utah canyon for days. finally cutting off his right arm to get free. >> this is insane. >> reporter: a story made famous by james franco in the movie "127 hours." two weeks after his accident hutt is healing. >> i think it's really important to keep your head and not just panic and start screaming and yelling. that isn't going to do you any good. >> reporter: his toes may be gone but his sense of humor as intact as his sense of survive. >> my insurance agent, he asked me why i called an ambulance. he said i should have called a tow truck. >> for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> i wish josh elliott was here. that's perfect for josh. >> absolutely. a great sense of humor about what must have been a very frightening incident. only took him 30 minutes up to get the resolve up to do it, too. i think it would take me 30
7:21 am
hours. all the big exclusives today. tennis superstar venus williams joins us live to talk about her shocking decision to drop out of the u.s. open and a diagnosis that forced her to withdraw minutes before taking the court. marc anthony breaks his silence about his breakup with jennifer lopez. his past and his future. a candid interview, an abc news exclusive. and we're talking with one of the most controversial members on "dancing with the stars" this season, nancy grace. she'll be here live. they're going to do it with sweat on their brow and achievement in theirirearts. so, this is what they're gonna need: running shoes, t-shirts, tube socks, fruit cups, cheese sticks, energy bars, rope climbing gloves, rope burn ointment, and a jump drive. not sure what that is, but they're gonna be jumpin'. school takes a lot. target has it all.
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san jose police officer is free on bail this morning after his arrest on child molestation charges, investigators believe patrick durego provided alcohol to minors and had sex with at least two boys. allegations first surfaced two years ago. he was taken into custody yesterday and police say there could be additional victims. at one time he was assigned to a san jose high school. let's get an update on the thursday morning commute. >> we're going right now to the bay bridge, live shot the incline section, we have a stall reported westbound just before treasure island blocking the left lane. you can see very heavy headed up the incline section coming into san francisco back towards west grand. hot spot drive times, there you have it. sue, thank you very much. >> when we come back, mike has a look at bay area forecast.
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a tri-tip sirloin, and endless salad bar, all for just $10.99. sizzler. thinking fresh every day. welcome back. cloud deck causing 37 minute flight clays. visibility north bay valley quarter of a mile around santa rosa. as we head in the afternoon hours, look at the warmth, 70s and 80s around the bayshore to mid-80s in valleys and this is the first day it will be warmer tomorrow and saturday. thank you. news continues now with "good
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♪ let it rain over me >> that is marc anthony. his latest single "rain over me" speaking out for the first time about his surprise split from jennifer lopez. it came earlier this summer. he's been quiet about it but he speaks to john quinones in an abc exclusive coming up in just a few minutes. robin is off today. >> the parents of twins, of course, that's another reason that a lot of people were shocked by the split.
7:31 am
we're going to have another big exclusive. venus williams, seven-time grand slam champion joins us live with her shocking decision to step off the court and what she wants everyone to know this morning about a rare autoimmune disease she's been diagnosed withth >> she was fighting it but had to pull out at the last minute. richard besser weighs in. we'll hear from a boy who barely survived an attack by a polar bear. his head was actually in the bear's mouth. we talk about the move he made that saved his life >> that's an incredible story. but we'll get right to the latest on robyn gardner missing in aruba. a judge has ordered the prime suspect in that case, gary giordano, to stay in police custody for another 60 days. and abc news has exclusive new details about the missing american woman and the strange thing one witness says she or he saw the day she disappeared. ashleigh banfield is in aruba with the lalast. ashleigh, good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
7:32 am
elizabeth. a short vacation has turned into a three-month incarceration in paradise. that's all because as you said the judge e cided that the prosecutors here have enough information on gary giordano to hold him here on the island while they continue to build that case. there may be a lot of evidence collected in the case against gary giordano, but prosecutors don't yet have enough to charge him with any crime in connection with the disappearance of robyn gardner. no body, no confirmation that robyn is even dead but they do have one thing, more time. now 60 days more to find out what they can. >> what the investigators are going to do, i believe in the next 60 day, is tighten this case up as much as possible and that mr. giordano was involved in it. >> reporter: so far it's a confounding mix of evidence. abc news reviewed a number of sworn witness statements that show robyn gardner's roommate that robyn was often covered in bruises but she refused to say
7:33 am
where she got them but the roommate also told police she accused giordano of scary behavior in the past. just a few minines from where gary giordano is being held in the local jail here is this spot, this is the place where he says he last saw his girlfriend, robyn gardner. take a look at the rock, how jagged they are. that doesn't seem like a very unusual spot to go swimming, there is another reason that her roommate has told police she never would have gone in the water. the roommate stated robyn would avoid the water because she didn't want to ruin her hair and makeup. she has hair extensions and saltwater is really bad for extensions. in his statement to police, giordano said robyn had an appointment with her hairdresser scheduled for the day they returned. the trouble is, the roommate is the hairiresser and said nothing of the sort. >> in any statement taken either from a suspect or witness, it's extremely important to find the
7:34 am
inconsistency. >> reporter: giordano told police they chose that rocky more private part because robyn wanted to lie topless but a witness remarked to police that when she saw two towels neatly placed next to each other, what she thought was strange was the dress of the woman was lying at a distance from the towels. all strange detail, perhaps but the prosecutors are certainly playing their cards close to their vest as to how they'll tackle the case. but, elizabeth, at least for now they don't have to be in any major rush. >> all right, ashleigh banfield, thanks for that latest report. let's bring in civil litigator john q. kelly. he represents natalee holloway's mother and knows the criminal justice system in aruba far too well. good to have you here. the judge has given authorities another 60 days to try to build a case. how many times can the judge do that? an ultimate time limit where they have to set him free or charge him. >> no, the next 60 days they
7:35 am
have to either charge him or demonstrate to the judge at the end of the 60 days they've made additional significant progress in the investigation and they can make an application for a final 30 days but they'll have to demonstrate to the judge that they've made progress and they need that 30 days to gather or verify additional information. it can't just be an open-ended request that they want more time. >> as in the natalee holloway case, in this case there are no witnesses to a crime. there is no body. how difficult is it going to be to make a case given those realities? >> well, i don't think it's going to be as difficult. you do have the benefit of witnesses who saw the couple shortly before and saw giordano immediately afterwards, most compelling his shoes were wet and the rest of his clothing himself were not wet. he said he had been snorkeling. they have his laptop, his camera, his cell phone, they also contacted the fbi right away to execute the search
7:36 am
warrant on his home in maryland. >> you pointed out parts of his story that don't seem to add up. there are other, as well. her friends say she would never go swimming, robyn, because of her hair and makeup and he says he seems to be saying he was swimming while wearing his tennis shoes. >> and apparently nothing else if that's the case and slipped his mind afterwards but the southeast end of the island their beaches are not the place that lend themselves to snorkeling. nobody goes there. it's rough there. there are ferocious cross currents there. you wouldn't want to be in the water there, so none of that makes sense and plus his indication of a consciousness of guilt the way he wanted to get out of the country quickly and apparently was acting very, you know, suspicious at the airport before he was stopped. >> there are many reports that this couple met on an adult website and that during this trip in aruba they had been drinking heavily. will those be factors in this case in any way? >> well, it's probably the only
7:37 am
thing that is, you know, might be consistent with giordano said, that robyn had been drinking before the incident but so many of these tragedies when drinking is involved but you have adults on vacation everywhere every day, probably millions of them drinking and, you know, you don't have these disappearances into thin air under suspicious circumstances with, you know, very nefarious conduct by one of the remaining parties as in this case. >> you were involved in the natalee holloway case representing the family. you dealt very closely with authorities in aruba. how are they -- who were heavily criticized in the holloway case for not reacting appropriately and handling the case well. are they doing a different job of it this time. >> they are. they were rightly criticized the first time around but to their credit they've handled it much differently this time. as i said they've taken all their witness statements immediately and knew the gravity of the situation right from the start.
7:38 am
they've gathered any potential evidence both were the suspect himself and from others. they asked for the fbi assistance immediately, so they responded quickly. it appears they've done all the work they can do on the case up till now and continue to do also. >> so perhaps painful but important lessons learned from the natalee holloway. john q. kelly, thanks for joining us this morning. time now for the weather and sam champion. hey, sam. >> hey, good morning, elizabeth. we start with newport beach and pictures of amazing waves from the best news station in los angeles, kabc will show you all of those waves coming in. believe it or not, this rough surf from storm systems in new zealand. there's big surf in hawaii. also on this west coast all through california area.a. we're look at san diego, oceanside, los angeles, all in the 70s, santa barbara, 63 but even san francisco, you're ten degrees warmer than yesterday. that rough surf lasts all the way through friday. the big heat in the middle of the country. continue to watch this tropical
7:39 am
wave/dep >> all that weather was brought to you by walgreen's. >> wow. those were unbelievable waves in southern california. thanks, sam. coming up, our exclusive conversation with marc anthony speaking out for the first time about his amazing split and his life now. >> it's a decision. this is kate. [[ate ] can't believe i have high blood pressure. what's that thing? another medication. ♪ i really should have taken my shoes off before i got weighed. [ female announcer ] you've got a lot on your mind. that's why every walgreens prescription goes through a 10 point safeguard check that reviews your currentt walgreens health record for allergies and potentially harmful drug interactions. [ kate ] i can do this.
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we have an inside look a a the most high-profile breakup of the year. marc anthony and jennifer lopez announced their split back in july but anthony has not discussed it publicly until now. he sat down with john quinones for an exclusive interview on "nightline." >> this is an intensely private
7:44 am
man and doesn't like to talk about his personal life, his family, his children. but he sat down with me because he says he's fed up with all the lies and misinformation about what's led to his breakup with jennifer lopez. what can you tell us about what went wrong in the marriage? >> i'll tell you that it wasn't -- you know, some sensationalistic happening. >> indy felt? >> no, absolutely not. nothing sensationistic. >> reporter: marc anthony is baffled and angry, he says, at the tabloid report that he broke up his marriage to jennifer lopez with affairs. there was a flight attendant. >> there was a flight attendant. it was the pilot, i heard. it was this guy sitting next to me in a rehab in houston and i've heard it all. celebrity watching and speculation, it's almost like a sport. >> reporter: but the real reason for the breakup, he says was much simpler. their marriage jusus no longer worked. >> it was a realization on both our parts, so, you know, it
7:45 am
wasn't shocking. these things happen. these things happen. >> reporter: do you want this divorce? >> you know, it's -- it's a decision that we made jointly and that's how i'll answer that. we have about ten acres here. >> reporter: we interviewed him in his beautiful rambling mansion on long island, new york. >> reporter: a long way from spanish harlem. showed us his massive theater room. exotic and priceless art collection. >> this is where the magic happens. >> reporter: and his own multimillion dollar studio where he recorded his latest album "econonst. a collection of classic spanish love songs. >> it was a nice little journey, especially in the selections of the songs. it reminded me of my dad, my mom, their friend, the music in the house. >> reporter: and marc is also a fashion designer now. he and jennifer have each unveiled a clothing line for kohl's department store.
7:46 am
everything you're wearing is from the line. >> i would wear everything and i swear by it. the upcoming latin talent show marc co-starring with jennifer lopez. they seem to be staying connected. do you love jennifer. >> i'll always love jennifer, yeah. always love jennifer. she knows that. the important thing is she knows that. my kids know that. >> and those kids, their 3-year-old twin, marc says he will always plan to see them as often as he can. he seems confident and strong, ready for this next chapter like jennifer. >> but it'll be chapter alone. thanks very much. the whole interview tonight on "nightline" and also coming up here, why venus willilis is really putting down her racket now. the e nnessee superstar joins us live to talk about her surprise last-minute decision to drop out of the u.s. open. [ dramatic soundtrack plays ] whoa! man: what is that? i don't know, but it burns! it's like fire. woman: ow, ow! i can't see.
7:47 am
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7:50 am
all right. this may be the most
7:51 am
controversial season yet on "dancing with the stars." there's chaz bono who is going to be one of the dancers. a lot of peoplpl not really hapy about that. a lot of negative comments online but also a lot of support. among supporters, cher and she writes online "this is still america, right? it took guts to do it." which i think is pretty great. there's been a lot of back and forth and chaz thanking his mom for support saying "the haters are just motivating me to work harder and stay on "dwts" as long as i possibly can. >> a real protest. christians shouldn't watch it at all. we'll see if it helps or hurts. we'll have nancy grace -- >> speaking of controversy. >> according to all the votes and e-mails. >> i don't want to believe we're a hateful nation. >> let's root for everybody to do well. >> i want to see how chaz is going to dance. >> that's very true, too.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
this morning, cal trains board of zrrkts expected to fame a new transit company to operate the commuter line replacing amtrak. mercury news reports caltrain
7:57 am
executives will choose missouri based transit america. forecast now, mike. >> good morning. sunshine everywhere even at the coast and much warmer about 5-11 degrees. 80s in the south bay and north bay and low 90s in the east bay valleys. warmest days are ahead of us. very slow traffic hayward to fremont, stall southbound 880 at alvarado boulevard. slow from willow pass road to stone valley road. live look at walnut creek. there you have it. news continues now with "good morning america."????
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
[ cheers and a alause ] did i read that correctly? it said, i married my rat man. >> yes, i married my rat -- >> there it is.o -- i married my rat man. sam will have to do a little investigating.
8:01 am
let's go to "dancing with the e stars." big night. there she is, nancy grace. and i can say, this is a cast full of surprises this is e biggest one for me. i was shocked that n ncy grace was picked. i was shocked she decided to do it but she's excited right now there with her partner tristan mcmanus. first time out for tristan, as well, talking to us live in a minute. >> they look good together. >> they're getting -- probably rehearsing the cha-cha. also, coming up, an exclusive conversation with venus williams. she withdrew from u.s. open and is here to talk point reason why, a surprise diagnosis of an autoimmune disease that could affect her future on of the court. it can affect your lung function and joints. and for any elite athlete that's a big deal. >> i'm disappointed. i wanted to see her play. >> looking forward to that story. but this one is pretty amazing. it's a survival story that you will not believe. you're going to hear from a
8:02 am
teenager, attacked by a polar bear. his head caught in the polar bear's mouth. how he managed to escape. and he still has teeth from the polar bear embedded. >> this is a big rampaging bear, almost 500 pounds. that's coming up, as well. josh, what kind of news do we got? >> we're going to start with breaking news right now. moammar gadhafi has released a tape from an television station, saying his supporters are armed. gadhafi is promising a long fight. his ability to deliver on that promise is in doubt, as he remains in hiding. meanwhile, president obama will make a rareddress to a joint session of congress in primetime next thursday, to outline his plan to get americans working again. he wanted to speak wednesday. but that's the night of a republican presidential debate. so, the president rescheduled. the white house is working on the timing of thursday's speech, so as to avoid any conflict with
8:03 am
thursday night's nfl season opener. and in northern texas, crews hope to get a handle on a massive wildfirire today, which has destroyed at least 39 homes. hundreds more are at risk, as the state now struggles with extraordinary drought. and police in the pacific northwest are scratching their heads after a human foot in a running shoe washed up on shore. the thing is, it's not the first time it's happened. it's not even the second or even the third time that it's happened. abc's neal karlinsky has the story. >> reporter: as mysteries go, it doesn't get much stranger. air hunting shoe containing what appears to be a human foot washed ashore near downtown vancouver. >> a citizen called vancouver police to report that they found what they thought was a foot and leg bones attached. >> reporter: eight feet have been found, while three more were discovered along the coast of nearby washington state. nearly all of them have been found in running shoes leaving one magazine to ask if the
8:04 am
reebok ripper is on the loose. >> we have not ruled out any possibilities. and we have to be aware that these could be homicide victims. >> reporter: one theory is that modern running shoes are more buoyant. so, feet from decomposing bodies in the water are more likely to wash ashore. but whose bodies? only three people have been matched to the feet. one a suspected suicide. another an unidentified canadian woman. without much to work with, dna and the brand and manufacturing date of the shoes are the best clues investigators have in what is a growing mystery. >> the dna will tell you if it's a female or a male. but unless you have something to compare it to, you just have to sit back and wait and hope that somebody reports someone missing. >> reporter: for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> thank you, neal. meanwhile, a new study out on americans' sleeping habits. and the news isn't good. researchererfound one in e ery four u.s. workers are affected
8:05 am
by insomnia, resulting in an average loss of 11 days of work or productivity every year. meanwhile, mel gibson's long-running custody dispute has finally ended. he and his ex girlfriend, oksana grigorieva, have agreed to share custody of their daughter. gibson will pay $750,000 plus child support. meanwhile, she'll keep their multimillion dollar home. and finally, the 11-year-old minnesota boy who made the hockey shot of a lifetime is not going to get the cash after all. nate smith would have won $50,000 for knocking that puck ththrough that tiny hohole. but the chance to take the shot actually belonged to his identical twin brother, nick, who was outside at the time. the company that insures the event says instead of paying nick it will donate $20,000 to youth hockey in the name of both boys. and, of course -- >> that doesn't seem right. he made the shot. >> it's -- >> sorry. that's exactly the way it goes. >> i think he made the shot. he should get the cash. >> there was somebody who did
8:06 am
make a shot, elizabeth. and he didn't get one penny. >> i was goi t tbe gracious and introduce the clip agaga of josh making the shot. >> that would be great. >> there it is. >> goal. >> oh. >> $50,000. >> would have been -- let's go right for it. let's talk about me again. >> we have to get to the weather. >> lara, what do you have? >> josh, so, they put the donation in your name, as well? >> yes, they should.d. >> and you're welcome. let's get right to pop news, "the heat index" is burning up today. there you go. with prince harry. we know he likes to have a good time. but you know what? he also knows how to give back. the 26-year-old went back to work yesterday spending a lot of time with sick children for a charity he supports. and if he looks relaxed and tan, well, he was equally committed
8:07 am
to a boys weekend at a croatian resort. even taking a little dip in the pool fully-clothed while on the break from apache helicopter training. what so many love about the young royal. whatever he does he seems to give it 150%. and maybe robert downey jr. was inspired by his role in "due date" because after six years of marriage, he and his wife, susan, have announced they're having a baby. the academy award nominee has often credited his wife with his amazing comeback. she's been an executive producer on several of his films including "iron man 2." and this latest for team downey is due in february. congratulations. and apparently the movie "the help" doesn't need any when attracting an audience. the movie put out by our disney company has hit the $100 million mark and ticket sales. and it's already getting oscar buzz. what started out as a wonderful book made into what some were calling a chick flick has now
8:08 am
morphed into an official blockbuster. finally, all right. so, an apple employee walks into a bar. stop me if you've heard this one -- oh, wait. you have heard this one. it's happened twice now. last year, the prototype for the apple iphone 4 was lost in a bar and sold to a gadget blog. and now, guys, an apple worker trusted with a prototype for the new iphone 5 has reportedly lost it in a san francisco bar. and it may have been sold on craigslist. the bar with the prototype lost was a tequila lounge. so, chances are that employee has a very foggy memory of what happened to the iphone. i'm wondering if they should create a dwi phone, like a citation, internally, in that company. police did -- apple did tell
8:09 am
police that the item lost. they were very vague about i. but said it was priceless. so, i wonder how that guy's day is so far. >> not so good. >> good luck in your future endeavors. >> i'm qualified to work at apple. i leave my phone everywhere. hey, sam. >> all right. now, here we are. investigative reporting. tell me your name. >> kelly. >> kelly what is this rat man mean? you're not being mean to him. >> he's had this nickname for 50 some year. >> we should say kelly actually last year at about this time had a man that said i love my rat man. when she got back he asked her to marry him. so, now they're married. she's vacationing without him. but still it's love and it's "gma" love. >> that's right. our first year anniversary will be saturday. and i'll still be here. >> all right. we can't help you there. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want to talk about. but i'm sure he loves you anyway, still. let's get to the boards. here's that storm. is it going to be lee? we're not sure. here's what we are sure about. this is 8 to 10 inches of rain easily through the southern area
8:10 am
of louisiana and texas coast. it would be good news if it made a backup and weak tropical form and delivered rain in that way. here comes the cool air, remember this session of fronts will break the front of that cold f >> last day of vacation. lara? >> all right. sam, thank you. and here's a look at whas coming up on the "gma morning menu. tennis superstar, venus williams joins us to talk point shocking diagnosis that forced her sudden departure from
8:11 am
the u.s. open. what does it mean for one of the sport's greatest players? she will be with us live. and nancy grace is here to talk about "dancing with the stars." the inside scoop from her dancing partner, as well. and surviving a bear attack. we hear from a teen who was attacked by a polar bear and how he lived to tell the story. coming up on "gma."
8:12 am
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8:16 am
exclusive. tennis superstar venus williams dropped out of her u.s. open match wednesday just minutes before she was supposed to take to the court. the reason, a surprise diagnosis of sjogren's syndrome. it is a rare disease that we'll learn more about in a moment but we're here to welcome venus williams to our studio. good to have you here. this was such upsetting news to so many sports fan, millions of tennis fans yesterday. how long have you been feeling the symptoms of this disease? >> you know, i think i've had issues with sjogren's for awhile. it's just -- wasn't diagnosed and i was diagnosed this summer, a few weeks ago actually and i've been struggling this summer and i came to learn that takes an average of 6 1/2 years for people to get diagnosed. so it's a long journey. >> a long time. tell me what you were feeling. obviously as an elite athlete you were incredibly attunededo your body. what symptoms were you
8:17 am
experiencing. >> well, for many years i always felt like no matter how much i trained i never had stamina so i would go to the doctor and say i don't feel like i can get in shape so when you only have that symptom it's tough to find something and then about four years ago i felt like i wasn't getting enough air and so i got diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma but my medicines never worked. so for years and years and years, you know, i had trouble with stamina and continuing and just on and on and on until this summererhen i started to have more definite symptoms outside of that. >> and what were those symptoms? were they joint pain. >> my hands starting swelling. my joints started to kind of change shape. i had some of the classic symptoms, dry eyes and dry mouth and then, you know, i lost a lot of feel. like i would miss shots by feet and just couldn't feel my hands and my hands would hurt when i was playing and i had swelling and numbness and then fatigue
8:18 am
which is really debilitating. i just didn't have any energy and it's not that you don't have energy, you just feel beat up. yeah. >> well, you have been an athlete who has never once ever complained of injury or illness. you've really let your playing do your talking in that sense. was it a relie then to finally get this diagnosis because you were missing a lot of the warm-up tournaments for the u.s. open, the hard courts. was it a relief to have somebody tell you you're not imagining it. >> yes, it's a huge relief because as an athlete, everything is physical for me. everything is being fit and being in shape and for so many years s t to feel at my top at all, it was tough and just more of a relief like, okay, now i know what i'm doing because now i have an opportunity to feel better, so i think the worst -- the best thing that could have happened for me this summer is to feel worse so i could get better. >> this disease cannot be cured but it can be treated. what are you going to do to
8:19 am
treat it? how are you going to -- y y and your doctors. some of the long-term treatments have to be patient take a few months, three to six months to set in and there are some things that i can try to do to feel better right away, but i'm not sure exactly what my journey will be but i do know that i feel really positive about getting back on the court and being able to at least get back to normal. my normal might not be everyone else's normal but i feel like now i can get better. >> you did choose to almost right up until the last minute play yesterday. what happened yesterday? why the last-minute decision to make this announcement to drop out. >> i was just -- i had a tough practice, and i was just in there and it was -- it was taking effort to lift my arms and i just felt like, okay, i could walk out and record i'm a tough woman, tough athlete. i've played through a lot of things, but what kind of match it would be, i wasn't sure and i didn't feel like -- i didn't
8:20 am
feel like i had to put myself through that. it was a tough decision but at the same time i've had to come to accept what i'm going through and that's a tough state, it's been an emotional journey but thankfully i'm kind of through the emotions now. >> millions of tennis fans are anxiously hoping you will come back to the game. do you plan on it. >> absolutely, absolutely. >> your doctors have every reason to hope that you can be back innood enough shape to compete at a great high level again? >> yeah, and the good news for me is now i know what's happening after spending years of not knowing. >> right. >> so now that i know i can -- i have the chance to get better, so i feel like i can move on and, you know, sjogren's is something you live with for your whole life but i'm moping people will know what's happening to them if they have the same symptoms of joint pain or feeling ill, dry eye and dry mouth or wake up every morning and feel like you have a cold but you don't have one, then you know that something is wrong. >> finally your sister serena
8:21 am
had her own health issues with blood clots in her lungs and she says it really changed her perspective on her life and career andndhe said "not taking anything for granted anymore." has being diagnosed with this autoimmune disease changed any perspective on what's important to you? >> it's so new for me, so i really am just coming to acceptance to be honest, so, you know, serena's condition has helped me to feel a new less on life in itself so right now this will i think help me to feeee grateful for everything that i have but at the same time it makes me get up and want to fight even harder every day. >> well, venus williams, we hope to see you out on the court really soon. more importantly i hope you feel better. >> thank you. i can't wait to be back. >> let's get more information on sjogren's syndrome with rich besser sitting over there with josh elliott. >> dr. rich besser to lend
8:22 am
perspective. between 1 and 4 million people have this, rich, but perhaps speaking to how tricky a diagnosis it is we can't know for sure but what exactly is sjogren's syndrome. >> this is one of those diseases called an autoimmune disease. it's where your own body, your own immune system designed to protect you attacks parts of your body. it always attacac the tear glands and the glands in your everyone with this condition has dry eyes and dry mouth. that's a hallmark. >> and so we also heard talk of fatigue, certainly for an elite athlete like venus williams that is -- >> fatigue, joint paint. it can attack your lung, wherever your white blood cells go to attack, that can cause problems. >> is it chronic. >> there's drugs to treat the symptoms, you live a normal life span. i have a friend who is a surgeon who has this and is still operating on 15 patients a day
8:23 am
so variable. you can have a normal life but for some the symptoms can be quite debilitating? >> at least now she know what is they're dealing with. >> exactly. it's that long period for diagnosis which can be so difficult. >> dr. richard besser, thank you very much. george? >> thanks, josh. now to "dancing with the stars" and our friend nancy grace. 20% of our viewers say she is the star they most want to see dance. slees already working hard at it annan si joins us now with her new partner tristan mcmanus. good morning, nancy. hey, tristan. >> hi, george. >> nancy -- >> how are you doing, buddy. >> i'm doing well. i was completely shocked when i heard you were doing "dancing with the stars." i could only imagine what you thought when you got the call. i guess you were on the way to hearings for the casey anthony trial >> that's right, george. i was en route to the courtroom in the car and at first i thought i was getting punked that someone somehow had gotten the time warner cell number and was kidding me about doing "dancing with the stars" and i was on my way to the tot mom
8:24 am
casey anthony triaiabut it turned out to be true and here he is. >> tristan, this is your first time. nervous? >> yeah -- no, no, i'm glad actually. first year competing. i was pakind of getting used tot but nancy certainly put me at ease from me first time around so i think we'll be all right. >> you guys are already hard at work. tell me about the rehearsals. >> well, they're long and they're arduous and let me tell you, yesterday i had to bandage up my feet, george. and, you know, i'm used to doing battle in court and my feet have never really been an issue. so, you know, this one just k p keeps on going like a robotot s i'm trying to keep up. did you know there is a difference between latin shoes and ballroom shoe, george. did you know that? i know it. >> i've been doing this for a
8:25 am
little while now so, yes, i do know that, nancy. >> sorry. i've been businessing working in court. no idea. >> let's talk about some of the other controversies here. boy, chaz bono really getting ripped apart online. her mom cher coming to her defense. what do you make of this controversy? >> well, you know what, the last i looked let he who is without sin throw the first stone. i'm not getting involved. unless it's got crime tape around it, i don't care. i met chaz, absolutely lovely person. i'm just waiting to see how he dances and i don't know. i just don't think it's our business to judge other people for their personal decisions unless chaz commits a felony, i don't have a problem. >> you don't care. well, you know who else was after you, carson kressley, on "gma" yesterday saying he was going to kick your butt. >> someone tweeted. always tweeting things.
8:26 am
someone tweeted that they thought nancy grace would kick my butt. no, i think i'm going to beat her butt which i already did at "celebrity jeopardy" so how much harder could it be. >> throwing it down. number one, i'm surprised you would stoop to the level of stirring the pot. but please don't make me think about carson kressley's butt, first thing in the morning. okay? not his booty. get that mental image out of my mind right now. >> they are fighting words, though. >> they are. stir the pot a little more with the help of one of our viewers. deborah connor-baldwin via facebook says do you worry about this experience taking away from your hard-hitting reputation. what will you do when the judges don't like your dance? >> if the judges don't like my dance i'll probably respect what they say but bottom line, all my money is going to the national center for missing & exploited children, i'm putting my money where my mouth is and he's going
8:27 am
to help me, god willing. >> well that, is good. tristan, nancy, thanks a lot for joining us. we cannot wait to see you dance. >> who is your favorite pairing? use the "gma" app on your smartphone. a san jose police officer is free on bail this morning after an arrest on child molestation charges. investigators believe patrick durego provided alcohol to minors and had sex about at least two boys. allegations first surfaced two years ago. he was taken into custody yesterday. police say there could be a additional victims throughout. at one time he was assigned to a
8:28 am
san jose high school. let's see how the commute is going this morning. >> we do have a bit of an issue in walnut creek, southbound 680. here it doesn't look bad but sig alert at geary, two left lanes and motorcycle involved and very slow traffic. live look at the bay bridge, incline section and quick look at drive time hot spots for this th morning. >> thanks a lot speak of shotott
8:29 am
8:30 am
good morning, still dealing with fog around the north bay valleys. temperatures in the 50s. 49 still in napa. what is going to happen this afternoon, 5-11 degrees warmer. 80s and 90s in the inland valleys and temperatures will be hotter tomorrow, saturday and sunday. >> thanks a lot. thank you for joining us. the news ♪ someone to love me >> boy, what a summer concert series we have had. beyonce, lady gaga and now mary j. blige. she is going to be in central park tomorrow. we're here in times square. >> come on down if you're in new york city. it will be a great show. she was on our summer concert series last year. we had a huge crowd and she did not disappoint. so mary j. blige.
8:31 am
ahead, style guru and let's admit it, chef extraordinary, clinton kelly. a perfect labor day celebration, all the food, allll the fixings setting the party up and all for the low, low price of under 60 bucks. >> $60. >> under 60 for the whole thing. >> the whole thing. >> there's no kind of fruit on the grill. >> peaches. >> what do you get whenn you mi cooking with my kids? yeah, big mess but also an opportunity for a little sneaky learning and we're going to show you how to get that in in these last dog days of summer. >> a lot of that coming up but we start off with an amazing survival story. a group of kids went camping in the arctic circle. a polar bear 500 pounds rampaged through their camp. this lucky boy survived and nick watt is in london with the story. >> good morning, george. well, young patrick flinders is
8:32 am
really lucky to be alive. one of his friends did not survive the terrifying attack, but patrick's life might never be the same again. the physical and the emotional scars are deep. this was as the saying goes a trip of a lifetime for 13 teens. a dream exhibition to this stunning desolate arctic archipelago, one of the most remote places on earth where polar bears roam free. 16-year-old patrick flinders sold his cherished collection of action figures and dvds to help pay his way. his tent mates were horatio and scott and they became great buddies. patrick remembers going to bed august 4th, tired and happy. joshing each other about smelly socks then early next morning, a scarcely believable tragedy. patrick flinders is back home
8:33 am
being nursed by girlfriend lauren and he is speaking for the first time describing that terrifying moment when a 550-pound polar bear rampaged through their camp on a remote glacier. >> i just remember just the bear, everyone screaming. >> reporter: there was nowhere to hide. the bear, its muzzle already bloody grabbed patrick. >> grabbed my head, was biting it. me punching it just to try to get it off me. >> reporter: patrick acted on gut instinct. >> i was punching it because it was biting my head and i just wanted to get it off me just by hitting it. just repeatedly hitting it to try to get it off me. >> reporter: patrick heard his own skull crack. the bear dropped him leaving teeth embedded in his head. >> i got a fractured left side of my skull.
8:34 am
fractured bit of my jaw there. and just bite marks all over and scratches. >> reporter: and horrific memories. >> sometimes when i'm on my own i just remember -- remember what happened like i see stuff in my mind. >> reporter: the bear lunged at his tent mates and mauled two group leaders drags one by the head for 20 feet. one of them grabbed a rifle which jammed four times before he shot and killed the marauding bear. only then did patrick realize that his friend horatio was dead. mauled. >> he was a really nicic fella. he was a really nice guy to be with. >> reporter: experts say it was the polar bear's keen sense of smell, eyesight and high level of intelligence that led it to the campsite. >> an animal that's anywhere over 500 pounds upp to 1,200 pounds is constantly feeding. when it has an opportunity to
8:35 am
investigate it will. >> repororr: if patrick had been sleeping where horatio was sleeping then maybe patrick would have been killed. >> i'm just glad that wasn't me sleeping there. >> reporter: patrick claims he's no hero. he's not brave. he says he was fighting for his life. and he's just glad to be alive. now, authorities are trying to work out exactly what went wrong. why that gun jammed. why a bear alarm around the camp didn't sound and they have conducted a postmortem on the polar bear. they've discovered the bear was under weight so it was probably hungry and was also suffering from toothache they say and that might be the reason why it behaved so unpredictably and so aggressively. george? >> boy, that is some story. it really is an incredible story. boy, heard his own skull crack and kept on punching. >> that brings you down. that's courage. >> you got that. how about the weather. >> let's talk about the weekend as we head to it.
8:36 am
our twitter pictures by the way in for a long holiday weekend in case you didn't make your plans yet. ocean city, a good place to be, south of atlantic city and also i love the south carolina coastline, absolutely another beauty spot. here's what's going on with heat in the country, dallas, 102. we begin to see cold fronts marching through the country but could be in the next week or two weeks when we s srt to get those fronts as far south as oklahoma and texas. could east texas be getting some rain? could coastal texas be getting rain, of what would be a tropical storm lee? we'll know by the time we get into the weekend but the rain is forecast along the gulf. remember, that rough surf advisory on the west coast particularly in the southwest up into
8:37 am
>> all that weather brought to you by and, george, we'll see you live from miami bachelorette in front of the fountainbleau. >> coming up, more sneaky teacher seeks from lara. say that three types fast. and her kids. odododododododododd
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
all right. so as summer winds down you do still have time to sneak in some teachable moments with your kids. nobody wants to go back to school with brain drain so for our sneaky teacher series i did a little experimenting with my own guys. we got a cooking lesson that served up much more than tasty treats. ♪ >> reporter: in these last days of summer my house is a mix of kids. dogs and, yeah, a little bit of chaos. >> hi. >> reporter: but in the midst of all the fun i'm always looking for ways to sneak in a little learning.. that's where our sneaky teacher
8:41 am
comes in. >> hello! >> oh, nice. give me hihi-fives. >> all right. >> you get one too. >> reporter: she's here to show my kids how baking can feed y yr brain. on the menu, ham and cheese corn muffins. >> cook something g great learning opportunity for kids. there's an opportunity to learn about math, when we're measuring things and science, because i'm going to talk about how baking is really chemistry. >> reporter: the minute you said chemistry my son zoned out and is now -- but say baking and he was into it. first we gathered the ingredients and go over them. sneaky tip number one, recipes can add in some summer reading. reading. woo! come on, now. come on now.
8:42 am
work with me, people. what's the second ingredient, kate. >> three -- >> three-quarters -- >> sneaky tip number two, double up. >> a mess so this recipe calls for a dozen muffins but we're going to double this recipe and make two dozen muffenings. >> if we're going to double the recipe and a single serving would call for two large egg, how many do we need if we're going to double it? >> four. >> reporter: sneaky tip three, cook with all your senses. >> see how it feels. >> it's not as hard. >> is it salty? >> sweet. >> reporter: sneaky tip number four, learn about ingredients. >> do you know what the difference is between a white egg and a brown egg? >> i don't even know that. >> chickens that are bigger and eat more foods. that's why brown eggs are more
8:43 am
expensive. >> reporter: number five, kitchen chemistry. oil and water don't mix. >> that's right. we're going to have to work harder to get the oil and milk to be friends. >> reporter: and sneaky tip number six, put them to work. when kids get messy, it usually means fun. >> tah-dah. >> would you dump these cheeses for me? >> all of it? >> all of it. yay. all the cheese, it's going to give it a nice yellow color and, girls, all the ham. >> reporter: but the best part. >> all right. so here's the best part about cooking is you get a reward. and look what you made. >> tell me what you think. try the top. the top is the best part. >> it's really good. >> here's a lesson for you. it's called cleanup. dandy, my cleanup crew. >> yeah. >> so, listen, the great thing was that cooking is magical. you start with this gloopy mess
8:44 am
and have this fluffy delightful cake afterwards and can sneak everything in. that's from our kitchen here at "gma." not my version but they're pretty good. >> really good. >> come on. come on. but great tip, though, ririt? >> they're not good by the way, voice in my ear but we're going to push through. you know, serena is -- she's just three so i can't be doing fractions necessarily but we rhyme her name to -- sereni, sue kenny.tuccine fettuccine. also broccoline. daddy's favorite color is green. so let's focus on the green -- >> on the green. >> vegetable. i make her count her way to desert so she needs to take four bites before she gets the cookie >> that's great. a lot of people i know because of irene school is delayed so
8:45 am
you can still sneak in a couple of these lessons and if you want the recipe which apparently i thought it was good and also -- >> that makes one of us. >> and how you can sneak in some lessons for your kids while you cook, go to and coming up next, josh. >> yes. >> the ultimate labor day party. >> i don't want to let summer go. >> party all for less than 60 bucks.
8:46 am
♪ ♪ free access to chase atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees with over 16,000 nationwide. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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well, you know clinton kelly from tlc's "what not to wear" but pretty soon he will tell you what to eat when he begins on abc's "the chew" which debuts later this month. but today he's got -- you're here for us, a little preview on labor day parties. this is a party you say you can throw for 20 people that will cost $60. >> $60 or less depending on whether you have some of this stuff in your house already. >> i kept reading in my research and thought it was a typo. how do you feed 20 people. >> give them the cheap chicken but it's delicious. we'll do chicken thighs. before i start, i've got to say you look amazing. you look amazing. doesn't she look amazing? [ cheers and applause ] >> okay. >> so the first thing we'll do is use chicken thighs because they are really flavorful and wonderful and don't get dry. they're dark meat and have enough fat on them t tt you can put them on the grill and they won't dry out. if you're not an expert griller,
8:49 am
you can use chicken breasts. >> do you season them. >> salt and pepper and olive oil turning them over once in a while and when they're done they're done and put the chicken nyes on top of an arugula salad. it has the great peppery taste and we'll do an easy vinanarette. olive oil, a little balsamic vinegar, touch of lemon juice. >> equal increments. >> double oil to your vinegar and your lemon and you sort of mix that together. >> crunchy and -- i love arugula. >> to make things less expensive and give more flavor i use peaches so -- where are my tongs? the chicken thighs when they're this dark, they're done. >> you can't overcook this. >> i'm telling you i have done chicken thighs so many types this summer and have not overcooked them once.
8:50 am
they still stay nice and juicy so chicken thighs and peaches on the grill. >> what do you do to them. >> drop them in some boiling water for about 15 seconds then the skin comes right off. cut them in haha, take out the pit and throw them on the grill for five minutes. nothing else. >> why do you take the skin off? well, you know it gets a little weird when you drill it. it's that chewy sort of texture. a lot of people don't like peach skin. >> can i try this. >> yeah, go right ahead. that's the perk. so then you dress the salad. >> dress the salad. >> uh-huh, good, right? >> it's really good. it's hot. >> dress the salad. -- mix that up. and you're going to toss it all together with the arugula and then what you're going to do is -- let me just get this all together. >> then you shaved some fresh parmesan. >> shaving parmesan. you know, i love this. i love when you take your vegetable peeler and put it right over the salad like that
8:51 am
and get those great big chunks of parliament shank, salty and delicious. >> most of this you have in your kitchen anyway. >> this came right out of the pan, so easy to go and peaches you can get by the buck, i mean by the bushel. >> really in season. >> what's nice, the arugula has a peppery taste, the parmesan salty taste, peach, sweet. >> and you assembled it on a huge platter. the grand total for the entree. >> let's see that. here's the grand total. >> all right. >> food and beverage costs $40 and decorations for about 15 dollars. chicken and peaches inexpensive. a great desert idea. that is the cream puff/profitterole. i'm telling you a novice could make a cream puff shell, water, butter. melt those together, add flour
8:52 am
and add a few eggs in and drop it by the spoonful on a cookie sheet. >> do you cut it in half. >> put whip cream we flavored with a little bit of vanilla and a little bit of sugar and then, of course, these are strawberries from the local farmers' market. really sweet but not so sweet you can put a little sugar in there, as well. just macerate them. >> come on. >> you guys want one? >> quickly, you have as your drink half lemonade half iced tea, an arnold palmer. >> make it for just penny, iced tea, probably have tea bags already. arnold palmer, half ice tea, half lemonade. for the adults, some bourbon. put kit trust on the outside. it helps them stand up and makes
8:53 am
it very pretty. >> oh. >> i just pulled her out of the audience. 9-year-old lilly. loves the cream puffs. >> she is connecticut. >> buy it from the roll from 10 to $20 but you get a gigantic roll. painted rocks to hold it down. >> let them paint it the day before. they create the art on the table for you. >> the kid center, i like it. a little height on it is fun. you don't have to make a party a really big deal. just throwow some food on the table. [ cheers and applause ] >> september 26th it previews and we'll be right back. p
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
what i love about this, looks like a real picnic table. thanks for coming out. >> don't forget join us tomorrow in central park for mary j. blige, our summer concert series. it'll be a fantastic show. we hope to see you out there. >> kicking off labor day weekend. have a good one.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
take a look at the forecast and things are warming up. >> this afternoon once we get rid of the clouds that is causing flight arrival delays. five to ten degrees warmer with mid to upper 70s richmond and oakland. you can see the mid-80s in the south bay and north bay. heat builds for friday and saturday. tapers for sunday and monday.


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