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tv   Nightline  ABC  September 1, 2011 11:35pm-12:00am PDT

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tonight on "nightline," marc anthony speaks. jennifer lopez's estranged husband in his first interview since their breakup. >> i'll always love jennifer. >> he addresses rumors of affairs and tells why their marriage fell apart in tonight's "nightline" exclusive. dolphin deb. one of nature's most beloved creatures. we go inside a top secret
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dolphin preserve where a world you never knew existed is revealing its mysteries. and dictator's daughter. known as the claudia schiffer of north africa, she's also gadhafi's daughter, and now a wartime leader. an inside look at the strange world of libya's former first family. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden d bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," september 1st, 2011. >> good evening, i'm terer moran. for the past seven years, jennifer lopez and marc anthony have been one of hollywood's hottest couples. but six weeks ago, they announced that they would be ending their marriage. tonight, in a "nightline" exclusive, marc anthony speaks out for the first time since their announcement, to abc's john quinones. >> wish me luck. ♪
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>> reporter: marc anthony is hitting the road as often as he can these days. the highway and his new bike are a kind of escape. this is a new bike? >> yeah. >> reporter: it's beautiful. >> thank you. i love it. really good to me. >> reporter: an interesting choice of words, given his recent separation from jennifer lopez. ♪ the sexy, high voltage superstar and the king of salsa announced six weeks ago they're splitting up. and marc has refused to talk about it until now. do you want this divorce? >> y you know, it's -- it's a decision that we made jointly. and that's how i'll answer that. >> reporter: what can you tell us about what went wrong in the marriage? >> i'll tell you that it wasn't some sensationalistic happening. >> reporter: infidelity. >> no, absolutely not. nothing sensational allistic
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happening. >> reporter: he's baffled and angry, he says, at the tabloid reports that he broke up the marriage with affairs. it was a flight attendant. >> it was the pilot, i heard. it was this guy sitting next to me in a rehab in houston and -- i've heard it all. >> reporter: ugly rumors out there. the most difficult of all, he says, rumors of an affair with with jada pinkett-smith, wife of will smith and on the co-star of the tv show "hawthorne." it's a rumor that the smiths like marc have denied. >> when something like that happens, it's laughable. we were laughing, like, wow. we've been friends for years. what bothers me is the affect it has on family, to will and circle, their relatives and their loved ones. >> reporter: the reason for marc's breakup with jennifer lopez was much simpler, he says. their marriage just no longer worked. >> it was a realization on both our parts. you know, it wasn't shocking. these things happen.
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these things happen. >> reporter: what do you tell your children? >> you know, we're -- i'm always going to be daddy. you see what i'm saying? and they're used to me traveling and jennifer traveling. and we skype all the time. and, you know, trying to maintain that presence. they're still young, you know what i mean? >> reporter: do you love jennifer? >> i'll always love jennifer. yeah. i will always love jennifer. she knows that. the important thing is she knows that. ♪ you go hard tatyou've got to get on the floor ♪ >> reporter: as for jennifer lopez, she had the biggest single of her career this year. ♪ don't stop ♪ keep it moving ♪ put your drinks up >> jennifer lopez, ladies and gentlemen. >> reporter: and her success as a judge on "american idol" led tabloids to claim he was jealous and controlling and that it put a strain on their marriage. but you could never tell by this
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performance on the show's finale in may, less than two months before they separated. i watched jen when she sang and she danced on "american idol." >> did you? >> reporter: that was magical. >> yeah. it's not the end of that. this is not a funeral. this is not a burial. it's just two people came together and just realized, see what i'm saying? that i wasn't sustainable the way it was and that's that. >> reporter: it wasn't "american idol," it wasn't her working out there, it wasn't -- >> you know, i think anybody will tell you, you know, how i supported her, you know, from day one. we're going to be in each other's lives for many, many years and i'm glad that our friendship is strong, you know what i mean? because that's what i think. what would make it difficult is if we didn't get along. other's lives for many years and >> reporter: especially difficult, given their work together on projects like their upcoming latin talent show.
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you and jennifer would work together on it? >> of course. we met working together. i don't know what people think. yeah, absolutely, no question. we're partners for life. >> reporter: it won't be awkward working with her? >> no. being puerto rican, born and raised on the streets of new york, you go, wow, you're still friend with your ex, man? that's weird, man. i don't play that. >> reporter: make no mistake, marc anthony is a megastar in his own right. he's sold more than 13 million albums worldwide, in spanish and in english. he's been in movies, like martin scorsese's "bringing out the dead." and now marc is also a fashion designer. he and jennifer have each unveiled a brand new clothing line for kohl's department stores. everything you are wearing is from this line? >> i would wear absolutely everything and i swear by it. the only difference is, probably would have been 1,000 bucks more. >> reporter: and believe it or not, marc is also a minority
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owner of a professional football team. miami dolphins. >> woo! dolphins! >> reporter: how the heck did you wind up owning part of the team? >> it's a dream come true. you think about it -- it's -- you know, puerto rican kid, born and raised in east harlem, we used to sneak into yankee stadium, sneak into the games and there was always like the possibility in the back of my head, like, we can get thrown out. so, there's something about going to the stadium and saying, ain't nobody throwing me out. you know what i'm saying? >> reporter: not anymore. the last time i interviewed him in 1999, i walked with marc through the streets of spanish harlem where he grew up. this time, he brought me to his mansion in long island. it's a long way from spanish harlem. >> yeah. >> reporter: he bought the home 12 years ago, before j. lo, before their twins. before his first marriage, which
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also ended in divorce. but even with a second divorce looming, he has kept his sense of humor. >> let me talk to you about marriage. so marriage, the institution of marriage, right but i'm not ready for an institution, right? >> reporter: no you look pretty sane to me. he brought me to the ultimate man cave. >> this is where the magic happens. >> reporter: his recording studio, where he played he a tracack of his latest album. ♪ marc is also working on an english album, his first in ten years. >> it has to survive the test of time, right? so, when i do an album, usually takes me three, four years. why? if i'm not sick of i iafter four years, i need this in my life. ♪ >> reporter: i'll leave you with one final quote that jennifer said. she said, for the first time in my life, i can truly say that i'm loving myself. i'm doing loving things for
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myself. as devastating and heartbreaking as this has been, this is an important journey for me. >> i i think what she meant was you know, we only have one life. one life, that's all we have. all we have. living the best life. whether it's together, apart, with this one, with that one. >> reporter: ready to start dating again? >> are you kidding? that's like asking a boxer in the 12th ground he's going to retire or not. that's the worst time to ask a boxer. because he will say, i'm done. i'm done, you know what i mean? and two weeks later is when you ask him, you know, so give me my two weeks. >> reporter: at least. >> at least. >> well, thanks to john quinones for that report. just ahead, we're going to take you on a journey to the top secret underwater preserve where scientists are getting a close-up look at the sea's most playful creatures.
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>> announcer: "nightline" continues from new york city with terry moran. >> dolphins have long fascinated humans because they exhibit social behavior we feel we can relate to. they're interactive, just like our favorite pets. but almost no one has interacted with dolphins like the scientist she lives on a secret preserve for wild dolphins s d calls them her family. here's abc's matt gutman with tonight's "into the wild." >> reporter: somewhere off the coast of the bahamas lies an alternate universe. a place where dolphins rule. and we are only visitors.
11:49 pm
a world you never knew existed. a place so secret, so scientntically important, we had to promise not to reveal its exact location. this is the world dr. denise herzing has inhabited for nearly 30 years. and these wild spotted dolphins are her family. are they like your children, the ones you've noun for generations, literally generations of dolphins. >> i've grown up with a lot of them. the grandmothers out here, i've known them as juveniles. i don't have to send them to college. >> reporter: or pay for it. herzing's devoted her life to studying theirs. called the jane goodall of dolphins, she's spent more time with dolphins than almost anyone on earth. >> i can look at them, i remember you when you were little, growing up. >> reporter: but while we're looking for dolphins -- >> what are they doing?
11:50 pm
>> reporter: they fifi us. suddenly, it's a race to dive in. >> everything goes on. >> reporter: before they swim off. we're going to find some dolphins. under the water, we are simply amazed. herzing has spent so much time with this pod she knows each dolphin, well, by name. she has photographed them, learned their spots and scars and i.d.ed more than 370 of them. >> that was nassau. >> reporter: oh, that was 1992 -- >> the calf. >> reporter: so, this is, 20 years later -- >> her as a mother. >> reporter: that's right. this dolphin is this dolphin. photographed for a cover story about herzing in 1992. wow. that's cool. that is pretty cool. over the years, she's learned to mimic their behavior. watch. this upside down swim is her hello. and then this.
11:51 pm
almost human affection, mother janetly pats her son's head. >> they have these strong family bonds and relationships. and they're so smart. perfect combination. it's what we value in humans. >> reporter: her life long dream has been to communicate with the dolphins. >> we're not talking to dolphins yet. with the right technology and focus time, i think three or four years. >> reporter: if there's anyone who can do it, it just may be here. >> it's important we know about our natural world. it's a complement world. we tend to be very focused on our human lives and we lost that perspective. we need to know about the natural world to preserve it, protect it and respect it more. >> reporter: then, as if on cue -- >> we've got some dolphins. >> reporter: the dolphins find us again. >> we have dolphins? yeah. >> reporter: we're back in the water, as herzing's motto goes, in their world, on their terms. for "nightline," i'm matt gutman, somewhere in the bahamas.
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♪ oh, oh, oh former libyan leader moammar gadhafi today released a defiant audio recording declaring that his hometown was now the country's capital. and if it sometimes gadhafi and his family y e living in a parallel universe, the life story of his only natural daughter will not diminish t tt impression. here's abc's nick watt. >> reporter: she's the crazy colonel's only daughter. aisha gadhafi. once known and, i'm not kidding, as the claudia schiffer of north
11:57 pm
africa. remember his female body guards? well, gadhafi insisted they all be named aisha, in honor of his beautiful daughter. that's odd. and made us think that she might give a glimpse into the weird world of the gadhafis. the colonel had seven fairly unsavory sons including one called hannibal, who was arrested for beating up a girlfriend in paris. another who is a washed up pro soccer player and a couple who are in the army. and his heir apparent, the hard-partying saif, who just told a reporter on the phone, victory is near. but there in the wreckage of daddy's palace, after the rebels smashed his compound, there's aisha's face in bronze. in her own abandoned home, rebels threw open the doors for all to see. they gawked at the gaudy about luns, a tv in the bathroom, and
11:58 pm
a jacuzzi. our own jeffrey kofman was there. >> when you see how she lived, what do you think? >> reporter: how could she live like this? the rebels cooled off in her pool. aisha had a gold-plated couch, a mermaid with aisha's face. and her personana photo album? claudia schiffer -- i don't know. here's a rebel on the mermaid couch. and there's aisha in happier times in her wedding gown. >> she's very good looking. very blond. >> reporter: colin freeman is one of the very few who she interviewed her. >> she's clad in all the latest designer gear. very, very well turned out. >> reporter: but there's more to aisha than that. educated in france, she's a lieutenant colonel in the army. she was a u.n. good will
11:59 pm
ambassador. and she heads a charity that defended the guy that threw that shoe at george bush. a trained lawyer, she was on saddam hussein's defense team. >> i pointed out that i'd been to iraq and seen the massacres that saddam left in his wake. and she just said, well, there will always be people that disagree with what you want to do when you're in government. and i thought, well, if that's the attitude of the gadhafi family, then it must be a pretty scary place to live. >> reporter: when nato started bombing in the spring, aisha ditched the bottled blond look, switched to eva peron mood, defiant on the balcony of casa gadhafi. she said to nato, when you leave, take your tails with you. the tames of shame and filth. but aisha just fled by limo to algeria, where, apparently, she gave birth and apparently, she just called an arab news agency to say her dad's


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