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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  October 8, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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ooohhh! ♪ i like it. yeah, i love the kitchen. [ male announcer ] the epa-estimated 42 mpg highway chevy cruze eco. perfect for finding your way home. >> alan: good evening. i'm. >> alan: acknowledge. a bay area football icon is
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gone. longual raiders owner al davis died at his nome piedmont. he was one of the most enflew enshall figures in nfl hoyt, best nope as a rebel who established a team that symbolized his attitude on and off the field. mike shuman enter interviewed davis as a sports anchor. he had the bad-boy person san na but the people who knew him loved him. >> mike: he was so loyal to everybody involved with him. al davis was a maverick, the godfather of the modern nfl and did things his way. from the pirate logo to the silver and black colors. he paced -- passed away this morning. survived best his wife carol and son mark. >> commitment to excellence was the phrase al davis lived by. he was willing to take chance on coaches and players no one else wanted, and groom them to perform in the raider way.
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george atkinson was stun behind he got the call this morning. >> got the call from mark, around 5:00, and letting me know his father passed, and i went, wait a minute, and then it hit me. mr. davis -- it was a shock. >> mike: just win, babey, was the raiders slogan. >> he loved football. he would be on the field, out an practice during the week, and fred would have some temper displays, and al would be over there just shaking his head,, ad i'd goo by him and heed go, young man, he just wants to win more than i do. and that was al. >> mike: hall of famers jim otto, like everybody, is still trying to process the fact that al davis is no longer with us. >> mr. davis has been so loyal to so many people, and so helpful to so many people.
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that one does not think that is ever going to end, and, yes, indeed, it has. >> mike: all three former players say there will never be another al davis. >> only one guy like him. >> going into the locker room and seeing mr. davis there with a smile on his face, and giving you a handshake, that handshake was very valuable. >> a great football owner. >> mike: the raiders released a statement on their web site that says, he was an innovate for, pioneer with a deep love and passion for the game of football, his legacy with endure forever. we'll hear from some current players coming up later. >> alan: called him mr. davis. >> mike: that's what called him, too. >> alan: the raider nation fans are paying tribute to al davis. we're live at raider
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headquarters in alameda where fans have been paying respects. >> reporter: and for those who do call themselves part of raider nation, this is the white house house, and that memorial right there is the expression of a people in mourning. for those devoted fans, al davis was more than just a man who built an iconic franchise, balloons, flowers, and a raidersjersey, the silver and black piece office the memorial. >> i feel like an orphan. i fell like the father of our football team just passed away. >> the death of al davis has stricken a usually rowdy gripe silent, and here at headquarters, devote fans take a knee, bring flowers, and ad signatures to a poster in honor of the man who turned the rough and tumble raiders into more than just a football team it's a way of life for those fans.
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>> how long you ban raider fan? >> all my life. 33 years. >> for the vices, this chance to pay their respect is well worth the 50-mile drive from fairfield. of course, some decision by davis did bring pain to long-time fans. >> i was young when they first moved to los angeles, but i was brought up in rared household so my elders taught me well, and when the raiders move back, i cried. >> father jones, heads up a group that runs one of the longest running tailgating parties at oakland coliseum. he says all was forgiven when davis returned the raiders to oakland. >> it was heaven on earth. >> from southern california, the martinezs made their drive to pay their respects and wish their team well in tomorrow's matchup. >> they're going to win tomorrow for al davis, at houston. even though they're away, i think they're going to play hard. >> it's really been interesting
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throughout the evening to watch our solemn and very respectful all of these raiders fans have been towards al davis, earlier this evening, actually while ago, watch a man pull up in a tax cani cab, unfold his walkerd personally deliver his addition to the memorial. >> there was an outpouring of con dole lenses from athletes on twitter, snoop dogg wrote, rest in power. win, babe, bin. >> from magic johnson, a leader, an innovator and a friend. >> the cc sabathia, now a yankees pitcher, said, sad day for a raiders fan. rest in peace, al davis. >> for more an davis, go to abc7news.comful we have a gallery of photos.
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>> in other news, controversial bill is now a law in california. governor jerry brown signed the dream act today. now undocumented immigrant students can apply to state universities and receive state financial aid. the mass roman has more on what this all means. >> reporter: supporters of the dream act celebrated today's signing of the law. to them it affords an education that they wouldn't normally get for the estimated 2500 undocumented college students in the state. detractors say the law encourages illegal immigration and takes grant money away from student horses citizens. >> so happy. >> supporter office the dream act being signed into law is being celebrated from san francisco to los angeles. >> this is absolutely to the credit of the thousands of students, especially the undocumented students, who are so courageous and fought year after year. >> los angeles assembly assemble
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theired the bill and says the students can improve the state. >> there's going to be an opportunity for them to be treated equally, to contribute to the future of this state. >> reporter: there are many who believe the state's citizen students can barely afford tuition in state colleges and universities and now these up documented opportunities can get public education grants. he says his grandparents had to work for their citizenship. >> work hard to come here and apply by the laws and just giving away free money, and that's why we're in debt in the united states. >> howard he can steen is the past chairman of the san francisco republican party. >> their parents brought them. it's not their fault. but their parents should be responsible, not the taxpayers of california. >> the design and arctic tiewg tour of this bill is that these students will not take one cent. not one scholarship from any
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other student. >> he says it's not just money. >> it encourages people to come here illegal lie. >> this man thinks it's great idea. >> they're here to stay. so if they're going to grow up here, i want them to be smart, not stupid. >> according to the california department of finance, the dream act allows 2500 undocumented students to get only 1% of the year he cal grant. $14.5 million out of $1.4 billion fund. >> alan: thank you. the family of the man who shot and killed three clowe workers in cupertino last week say they're shocked. shareef alimony's family said there are no words to express their sorrow. they said they're shocked because the shareef we knew was a loving man who lived his life helping others, volunteering and advocating for positive change. police say he opened fire at the
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lehigh see smecht plant, killing the of his coworkers. he was shot dead by sheriff's deputies. >> in san jose, police are searching for a killer after a double shooting. one person is dead and a second person was seriously injured. police are releasing few details, saying only a man and woman were shot inside an apartment on third street. >> in san mateo, police are investigating the shooting of a clerk inside a pet store. the victim was transported to a nearby hospital. it happened at pet smart on south el camino real. investigators believe the shooting is probably part of an attempted robbery. the shooter is still at large tonight. >> a wild police chase in oakland and the driver is in the hospital, arrested for stealing a car and violating his parole. the driver of the stolen red honda actually drove end on westbound 580. the police rammed the honda to end the chase. >> the angels are flying high
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over the bay area this weekend. coming up, what's in store tomorrow, and a warning if you're heading into the city. insure. >> plus, still on the streets and showing no sign of leaving, as the "occupy" movement spreads across the u.s. >> alan: and at 11:30. berkeley's, music, poetry, and woody harrelson's shower. >> leigh: we have clear skies inland right now. a little cloudiness starting to move in near san francisco and the coast. will you be able to see the blue angels tomorrow? i think so. we'll lololololololololololololo
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>> closed captioning brought to
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>> closed captioning brought to >> alan: it's a loud and thrill week glebdz san francisco. the blue angels are in town. the angels precision perform-and-the highlight of the annual fleet week festivities. plenty of ships, parades, and people, and watching planes fly wing continue to wingtip, that's what it's all about. >> because they make a lot of noise. and they fly really high and do tricks. >> alan: if you're thinking about coming out. officials urge you to take public transit. the blue angels fly from 3:00 to 4:00, and you can tour the sheps fromle a.m. to 4:00 p.m. the navy band will be playing at pier 9 from 12:00 to 2:00, and from 4:00 to 7:00, and a niners
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game and italian heritage day in north beach to so if early. >> it's one thing to run out of gas on the road. it's another when you're flying alone over the pacific ocean. this is dramatic coast guard video released today of a pilot who flew out of monterrey headed to hawaii. the coast guard coached the pilot into a perfect pancake landing. the man was picked up by helicopter. >> the rally against corporate greed, known as the "occupy" movement is in its ten day in san francisco. >> occupy wall street, up a well street. >> demonstrators have been camping out in front of the federal reserve bank at market and main street. it started in new york city bay small group and has spread nice nye. the occupy protesters in new
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york city haveend to several thousand and marched to washington scare. -- washington square. protesters are making decisions by consensus. >> our nation's capital has caught "occupy" fief fever, many formed the number 9, representing what they feel is north american of people in the country without influence. antiwar demonstrators closed down the national air and space museum for the day. they tried to enter the museum to protest a drone exhibit. >> and speaking of drones, computer virus has reportedly infected the networks used to control air force drones in iraq and afghanistan. the report published in wired magazine says the spy ware is resistant, it's uncertain if it's part of a direct attack or if it accidentally infected the network. the air force says it does not discuss threats to it networks.
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>> more vandalism at a hatterry in ma rein county. someone broke in this more than and cut the nets again, releasing thousands of salmon into the bay. the vandals struck last month, releasing 40,000 fish. the salmon were being raised by students at the high school in petaluma. they were going to hold a ceremony and release the salmon at the end of the month. not anymore. leigh glaser is here. we're have something great days and more ahead? >> leigh: one day, in the north bay, few sprinklesment don't panic. it won't be tomorrow. we're seeing from he high definition sutro cam, a lot of fog venturing inland. it will sit near the coast and over night but should be out of here in time for the angels tomorrow afternoon. check out the current reading in antioch. 60 degrees after the high in the upper 80s. 59 in concord.
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56 in san francisco. the fog is moving in novato, 57. 61 in mountain view. and 58 in san jose. so go with the patchy areas of fog, mainly the coast and the bay, overnight tonight, and then definitely see that continuing to move inland overnight this evening and then in through the morning hours. i had to reset my computer for you. here's a look the highlights. the patchy coastal fog overnight, sun and mild for the blue angels, and then this warm weather pattern will be with house the latter part of the work week, by wednesday and thursday, inland temperatures up near 90 degrees. so the heat will be on then. here's some overnight lows inch the 40s, 54 in san francisco and fremont. 54, livermore, high pressure is dominating weather feature today and tomorrow. going to keep the cold front to the north of us for one more day. so look for sunny and mild
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temperatures for the blue angels, going to be just fine. may see a little patchy fog near the coast. as we head into monday morning and monday night, the tail end of this system will swing by extreme north bay communities, leading to a slight chance of maybe a few sprinkles north of the golden gate bridge by monday afternoon so keep that in mind. once the impulse moves through, high pressure will re-establish itself and that's when the temperatures start to warm up. fleet week tomorrow, mixture of sun and cloud overhead. temperatures near 70 degrees as you head out there to see all the activities, and here's a look at the rest of the city highs tomorrow. san jose, 77. milpitas, 74. mid-60s for the coast. pacifica, 64. 74 for redwood city. daly city, 64. on the east bay, oakland, 73. newark tomorrow, 73. and 80 as we head toward antioch
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and brentwood. concord, 78. le for livermore. 70 for watsonville and santa crurksz 72. thing a crew weather seven-day forecast. a slight chance of sprinkles in the north bay on monday. otherwise, the heat is on. wednesday, thursday, temperatures inland near 90 degrees. 7 sores at the beaches. >> alan: a beautiful day. shu dialed up some current play-s to talk about the death of al davis. >> mike: the most eye coppic- -- iconic figure. we'll talk with current oakland players as [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash? no exclusions! with jcp cash, get 10, 15 or 20 dollars off on the spot storewide! unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get up to $2off with no exclusions! we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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no exclusions! with jcp cash, get 10, 15 or 20 dollars off on the spot storewide! unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get up to $2off with no exclusions! we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. >> mike: al davis, coined the phrase, just win, passed away this morning at the edge of 82. the cause of death is not known. davis did more for the nfl more than perhaps anyone in the gate. an assist can't coach, head coach, commissioner, and owner. the maverick, doing things his way, the raider way, and he was loyal to his players, coaches, and fans, and the only color he saw was silver and black.
11:25 pm
hired the first african-american coach, art shell, and the first latino coach, tom flower flores. >> i was saddened by it. just walking around in the morning, getting ready to go out to walk-through, and one of the players saw it on the news and told me. i tried to reach out to some guys and see how everything is going. it was tough. >> shocking news for us. get here last night and then to wake up this morning, and hear that we lost our owner, the guy that led this team for many years. it's tough to take in as a team, and what he meant to this organization. >> mike: raiders are in texas. they're going to win one for the gipper tomorrow. >> a lot going on today, including stanford cardinal playing host to colorado and heard the buffaloes are no problem. a big game for
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>> mike: seventh ranked stanford improves to 5-0 as the crush the buffaloes of colorado. colorado looking to get on the board first. oliver lines up a field goal testimony. bergan up the gut. blocked. returned. a special teams touchdown. 7-0. third quarter, luck, had the colorado defense guessing, fake handoff and hewitt is wide open. the second touchdown of the game. 34-7 stanford. fourth quarter, luck with a quick drop. watch griff do the rest. scores. luck 370 yards passing and three touchdowns. stanford wins big 48-7. >> obviously love to score a touchdown on every drive. no turnovers. i think we had a couple punts, which will kill you.
11:30 pm
so we're going to have to improve if we want to win consistently. >> mike: san jose state playing in provo without rutley and maced million dearly. into spartan territory and the cougars waste no time. wright to jacobsen, 40 yards. the cougars end the spartans two-game win streak. >> the san jose sharks hoping the third time will be a charm. they made it to the western conference finals for two years, and hopefully thil -- this will be their year. no stanley cup. sharks on the power play. pavelski knocks in the first of two goals on the evening. check out the past by marleau. between the legs of morris. second period, sharks on the power play, cloture to clowe, the behind the back pass.
11:31 pm
sharks get scoring from all four lines and win their home opener, 6-3 the final. >> game one of the american league championship series in arlington with the rangers hosting the tigers, nolan ryan hoping to get his rangers back to the world series. nelson cruz, crushes one deep to left. that's gone. solo shot makes it 3-0. verlander is human after all. then it started pouring in the fifth. first of two rain delays. the tigers got to wilson. jackson into the gap. santiago scores, jackson scores on a while punch bit the rangers hold on to win the game. that was your toyota sports report. more on al davis later in the newscast. >> alan: the newsmaking headlines around the bay, plus, remembering legendary al davis. we'll be right back.
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>> alan: good evening, i'm alan wang. in tonight's headlines, governor jerry province giving undocumented immigrants a chance to get taxpayer funded college aid. critics say it encourages
11:35 pm
illegal immigration. the family of share reach allman is expressing sorrow for a bloody rampage. a shooting in san jose left one man dead and a woman on life support. police aren't sure what happened in the apartment. >> and san francisco is praying for a whole lot of people in town tomorrow. fleet week includes a performance bay the blue angels, and add a niners game and italian heritage game in north beach, and you might want to consider mass transit. >> the bay area and nfl fans across the country have lost a football icon. oakland raiders owner al davis died today. he was a football hall of famer who won three super bowl titles and was passionate about his raiders. larry has more on the life of al davis. >> never forget that the flame
11:36 pm
in the off season that burns brightest is the will to win, commitment to excellence, pride, and poise, and just win, babe. >> from john madden to jon gruden, to hugh jackson, winning super bowls or losing, al davis believed in the greatness of the raiders to the very end. >> we'll get this thing straightened out. you'll be proud to wear that silver and black. [cheering] >> no team in sports was more of a reflection of its owner that an davis -- than al davis and the raiders. the vertical passing game, socially, giving minorities a chance in the nfl. he was the raiders and his favorite phrase will always be remembered. >> just win, babe. >> al davis was born on july 4, 1929. raised in brooklyn, graduated from syracuse in 1950. where he was cut from the varsity football team. he began coaching in college,
11:37 pm
including a stint at usc, his pro career began in the american football league with the los angeles chargers in 1960. in 1963, at age 33, davis became head coach and general manager of the oakland raiders. he took a losing team and quickly turned it around. in 1966, davis was named the afl commissioner and helped force the historic merger with the nfl. when pete rozelle was named commissioner of the combined leagues, davis went bang the raiders, the raiders won 1 division championships and three super bowls from 1967 to 1985. those were the glory years, features greats like kenny stabler, dave gas speaker, and marcus allen. the silver and black claimed to title of deem of the decade. >> i had a dream i would build the finest organization in professional sport. >> davis hired the first
11:38 pm
hispanic coach in tom flores and the first african-american coach in art shell. >> did become a proving ground for great players and minorities. >> i think it was just another evolution of he equity and fairness. >> we hope that's one way to see it. >> davis took a chance on a little-known line backerses coach, naming john madden head coach at the age of 32. davis also took a chance on an older player, george plan da, who -- blanda. there was below -- bo jackson, the first to excel in two pro sports, football and baseball. davis left a legacy in the courtroom, moving the team to los angeles in 1982 after a two-year legal battle in 1985 he moved the team back to oakland. that brought about multiple lawsuits involving l.a., oakland, and the nfl. davis also was involved with suits against the city of oakland over the sale of raider tickets
11:39 pm
tickets and seat licenses the team finally got control of ticket sales in 2005. after years of switching coaches and after three straight losing seasons, al took a back to the future approach in '06, rehiring art shell as head coach. yes, the same coach he fired 12 years earlier. >> the raiders are the most trusted name the sports. >> bit rather than trusted they would become arguably the most dysfunctional name in pro sports. shell lasted one season, and on january 23, 2007, davis shocked the critics again when he name 31-year-old lane kiffin as the team's 15th head coach. >> the youngest in professional football. but you don't have to be old to be great. >> i will bring an explosive, powerful, offense to this franchise. we'll utilize our skilled players. >> that never happened. randy moss was dealt to new england. high priced free agents failed
11:40 pm
to deliver under kiffin. after posting five wins in 20 games, davis fired kiffin in 2008. what followed was a contentious war of words. >> the lying that had been going on for weeks and months, and a year. and time. >> the number of lies is hurtful. it was tough to stomach. >> al davis ruled the laid raiders through literally the best of times and the worst of times. love him or hate him, davis was an ike -- icon, truly one of a kind. [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash? no exclusions! with jcp cash, get 10, 15 or 20 dollars off on the spot
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no exclusions! with jcp cash, get 10, 15 or 20 dollars off on the spot
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storewide! unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get up to $2off with no exclusions! we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. >> alan: a home grown musician who lit up berkeley's greek theater, he stopped by 7 live and talk about the people who inspire him and the unusual place he wrote his biggest hit. ♪ >> one of my biggest influences, carlos santana. >> just had to honor spending six weeks on tour withcarlos, and carlos is so amazing as a spokesperson for kindness, love, generosity, people putting aside
11:44 pm
differences and making things happen. >> something who you admired, somebody who was an influence, what was it like the first time you met a hero like that. >> the first time i met carlos, i was at the studio called the record plant in sausolito, which was stevie wonder and fleetwood mac, and i came walking out of the bathroom, and i'm just not thinking too much, and i think i ran into carlos carrying his lunch or something. >> you messed it up? >> it was a bit of an embarrassing thing. because at first you're caught off guard and then you're like, oh, mr. san tan nark sorry about your peanut butter sandwich. >> woodie harrelson, i met for the first time in an airport in miami, and he had a box of blueberries, and he was just kind of -- i sat near him and he
11:45 pm
was like, you want one of my blueberries in and then we just became friends. >> boned over blueber blueberries, and he invited know stay at his house and he said, michael, i'm going to be gone making this movie. stay at my house instead of this little hotel room. and you have the whole place to write music. so one day i put my little ipod on -- thank you, steve jobs -- put some chords on my ipod, and i'm searching off over for a pen, and i couldn't find any. maybe steve jobs should have inexcellented one of those. a pen you can hide on your body. and so i start write can it on the glass of the steam of the shower, and i jump out of the shower and i turn around and it's starting to vapor rise, and i pick up the camera, and i
11:46 pm
wrote it on the inside of the glass, but then i'm sit can on wisdom use's -- woodie's toilet, and he says, how is it going? i said i think i wrote any hit snong your -- song in your bathroom. and woodey goes, is it number one or number two? it was that song you just played, say i love you. that was the song. >> writteny woodie harrelson's bathroom. >> and went on to sell two million downloads on itune. ♪ >> alan: you can watch 7 live from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. right here on abc-7. >> another musician was honored in wales. it was the michael forever concert celebrating michael jackson's life and legacy.
11:47 pm
♪ >> alan: tito, marlin, and jackie jackson were on the stage for, blame it on the boogey, and michael's three kid addressed the standing room only. despite the enthusiasm, this was a controversial event. jermaine and janet jackson said it was wrong to hold the show during dr. conrad murray's manslaughter trial. >> let's check in with leigh glaser. >> leigh: clear sky over the bay. in fact earlier in the evening, look at this. some fireworks out there. a lot of folks celebrating fleet week this evening. got a nice show overhead this evening. speaking of the show overhead. will you be able to see the blue angels tomorrow? we have some fog out there right now but i think it will clear
11:48 pm
nicely by tomorrow afternoon. so bank on sunshine tomorrow, temperatures near 70 degrees for san francisco. here's some other locations for you. the north bay, santa rosa, lots of sunshine, 77. 9 -- 69 for richmond. concord, antioch and livermore, hovering new near 78. 77 for san jose, and gilroy tomorrow, sitting at 79 degrees. here's the seven-day forecast. a slight chance of a few sprinkles, mainly in the north bay, monday afternoon. otherwise, get ready for a warm week ahead. wednesday and thursday, inland temperatures near 90. 80s around the bay, and even squeeze out some 70s. at the beaches on wednesday and thursday. and then things start to reverse back. we'll be cooler friday and saturday, and might even see a little rain next week. we'll keep you posted.
11:49 pm
>> alan: thanks a lot, leigh. shu broke out his little black book, died up another great. >> mike: still trying to process the fact he is gone. al davis passed away. we talk with current players and a man who has been with al for
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
>> mike: al davis, the man who coined the frairksz just win,
11:52 pm
babe, passed away at the age of 82. the cause of his death is not known. davis did more for the nfl than perhaps anyone involved in the game. as an assistant coach, head coach, owner, and american football league commissioner. the hall of fame was a maverick, doing things his way, the raider way, and won three super bowls in the process. he was loyal to his players, coaches, and his fans, and the only color he saw was silver and black. he hired the first african-american head coach in art shell, the first latino coach in tom florez, and here's what willie brown had to say about al's passing. >> devastating. everybody realize sooner or later you're going to die, but you never expect it from him because he is so tough. the things he had gone through over the years, but meant a lot. he was the leader. you lose the leader, it's hard to replace a great leader and a legend like al davis.
11:53 pm
>> mike: one of the reasons mr. davis meant so much to the people, especially players, because of his knack for finding guys nobody wanted and making them fit into this system. there were other recent gems bike nnamdi. davis raised eyebrows when he drafted the safety in the first round, turned him into a corner and blossomed into one of the finest defensive players in the game. >> given so many people opportunities that before they had -- before him a, those opportunities weren't there, and obviously i'm one of those people, he took a chance on me, and not too many other people were doing that, and he was through my career just a great adviser, and a great coach for me. >> mike: he will be missed.
11:54 pm
seventh ranked stanford improves to 5-0 as the crush the buffaloes of colorado. colorado looking to get on the board first. oliver, 30-yard field goal attempt is blocked by max bergen. he is gone. 82-yard. smoothed turns a special teams turnover into a special teams touchdown. 7-0 cardinal. third quarter, andrew luck had the colorado defense guessing all game hewitt, wide open. second touchdown of the game. fourth quarter, luck, quick drop. finds whalen. a little post pattern. griff makes one man miss. and scores. luck, 370 yards passing and three touchdowns. stanford wins big 48-7. >> obviously love to score a touchdown on every drive. no turnovers. i we had a couple punts in the game, which will kill you. so we know we have to improve if
11:55 pm
you want to win consistently. >> mike: san jose playing provo without rutley and they missed him deer any. faulkner picked off. he will take it down in the other end. nelson on the money to jacobsen, san jose's two-game win streak is over, cougars roll. >> the sharks hoping the third time will be a charm. made it to the western conference finals the past two years and hopefully this will be their year, unveiled the fourth consecutive division title banner. look for the first stanley cup. pavelski knacks in the first of his two goals on the evening. how about this pass by marlowe. between the legs of morris. second period, sharks on the power play. couture finds clowe with a little behind the back pass. the first game of the season. check out this pass.
11:56 pm
mid-season forms. sharks win their opener 6-3. >> game one of the alcs tonight in arlington with the rangers hosting the tigers. nolan ryan looking to get his rangers back to the the world series. tigers ace on the hill, texas not intimidated. murphy to deep right. ordonez can't get it. napoli scores on the rye lay. 1-0 texas. to the fourth, nelson cruz crushes one. deep to left and gone. 3-0. verlander is human after all. then it started pouring in the fifth. when they resume the tigers got wilson. jackson into the gap. santiago scores. jackson would score but the rangers hold on to win game one 3-2 the final. that is your toyota sports report. the raiders are in houston to take on texas and got to believe they're going to win one for al davis. >> alan: the soul of the raider
11:57 pm
franchise. >> mike: going to be missed, and we are all still processing it. >> alan: that's the conclusion of the news. captioned by closed captioning services inc. you can see
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(meredith) paranoia... gives you an edge in the o.r. what i realized that peds is the only specialty where i could do it all-- you know, cardio, general, ortho.


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