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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  October 12, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc i'm terry mcsweeney in oakland. a city on the search for a new police chief this morning. anthony batts resigning yesterday a few choice words for the city. the story coming up. also, supporters of the occupy san francisco protest plan to march through the city's financial district this morning. they will be joined by members of one of the bay area's largest labor unions. barricades placed near the san bruno site will come down this morning. clear and cooler. temperatures make a dramatic jump today through friday.
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following your wednesday morning commute. live look at the san mateo bridge. all is quiet. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. oakland begins searching for its fourth police chief in seven years. we are learning more about what may have motivated chief anthony batts to drop the resignation bombshell yesterday. terry mcsweeney is live at the headquarters with the latest. >> reporter: the city of oakland losing its police chief anthony batts. he's going to be officially gone next month. his reasons for leaving may be a heads up for the next chief. watch out for the beauracracy that prevents you from doing your job. take a look at the chief making the announcement yesterday. a frustrated chief. he became chief two years ago. there were high hopes at the time. earlier this year, major indication of his dissatisfaction with the job when he applied for the chief's job in san jose.
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>> no chief wants to be in a position where he or she has been held accountable but does not have the power to make an impact. if i have a crime-related problem in the community i have to move resource. there's laws within the city of oakland that says i cannot touch 75 officers. >> reporter: last what week the city council refused to adopt his request for tougher crime fighting laws. some councilmembers wanted more research before acting on that. likely the assistant chief will take over as interim chief. the officers association would like to see jordan become the fulltime chief next month when batts' resignation becomes official. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> this is the second time chief jordan has been put in the interim chief job. heads-up for commuters coming into downtown san francisco this morning. supporters of the occupy san francisco protest are
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planning a 7 a.m. march. the wall street movement spread to san francisco last week. labor and community groups are planning to march to the federal reserve bank on market street they want s to pay their fair share and be held accountable for their in the economic crisis. >> in oakland 200 people have been there with tents since monday. the protests are spreading to the suburbs, one is planned today in front of the bank of america downtown walnut creek others in palo alto and san rafael. two cupertino workers killed in a shooting rampage by a former co-worker will be laid to rest. hundreds showed up at a memorial last night. new information from the coroner on the gunman. >> reporter: the bay area will see two of three funerals
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today for plant shooting victims. hundreds are expected to attend the funeral of manuel pinon. last night hundreds of friends, family co-workers even stranger turned out for a rosary in honor of pinon. one co-worker called him the sweetest person you could know. family members including his daughter talked about their sudden and profound loss. >> [ inaudible ] >> we just appreciated him. we ask that everyone just say good-bye and say i love to you your loved one you never know if that is going to be the last time. >> reporter: pinon was killed when his co-worker opened fire on a meeting at the cement plant last week. two others were killed, six more wounded. allman shot a woman while trying to steal her car after leaving the plant she was not
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killed. as far as the investigation into the shooting, bombshell last night. sunnyvale police revealed the results of the autopsy on allman which showed he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. he was also hit by officer's bullets. it is official the fatal hit came from allman's weapon. officers fired after he pointed his gun at them. those officers say they did not realize he shot himself. 4:30 five now this morning the barricades near the site of last year east deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno will come down. a ceremony will be held at 11 a.m.. the mayor calls it another milestone in the recovery and rebuilding process around the neighborhood. last month residents helped fill in a gaping crater that mashed the spot where the pipeline exploded in september of 2010, killing eight and destroying 38 homes.
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many of those homeowners are still mired in difficulties with their insurance companies. a new survey by a non-profit advocacy group finds that 45% of the neighborhood homeowners have yet to reach a settlement on the part of their claim dealing with their home. 50% of under insured by more than $200,000. 50% received low ball rebuilding from their insurance company. >> when we turned in the information that we got from the insurance company to our a -- to our architect he said they have got to be kidding. he said they don't know what costs are in the bay area. >> insurance industry group says the reason for under insurance is people often don't bother up-to-date policies over the years. they say the reason many san bruno residents have received low ball estimates is probably a miscommunication or
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misunderstanding. thousands of san francisco voters will get postcards notifying them of a change where they have to go to vote. new mailings must be sent out because a vendor sent out 115,000 pamphlets with the wrong polling place. election officials say three correction postcards will go out before the november 8th, elections. officials say the vendor will have to pay for it. the controversial decision by bart to cut off cell phone service at downtown stations to stop a protest two months ago was made less than 12 hours before the demonstration was to begin. the bay citizen reports, it has received several e-mails exchanged in the morning august 11th by bart officials. bart said the shutdown was a difficult decision made after weighing rider safety with the rights of the protesters. bart board member lynette sweet says the short timeline shows not a lot of thought
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went into that decision. almost 4:38. time to check the forecast. >> doesn't feel as warm now as it did yesterday morning this time. temperatures are changing overnight, definitely. clear sky this morning, storm track moving up to the north all radar returns around portland up towards seattle. little fog san jose the lowest visibility santa clara valley half mile. antioch three degrees warmer this morning. everybody else 1 to 14° cooler from oakland to napa. that will translate that temperatures in the 50s as we head through the 8:00 hour with hazy conditions due to the low level moisture and some of the fog developing. towards the noon hour total sunshine everywhere 68 at half moon bay through the 70s to 80s into fairfield what a
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great day to be out during the lunch hour. temperatures in the low to mid 70s east bay valleys north bay, even south bay by 4:00 mid to upper 70s around the bay shore low to mid 70s along the coast. accuweather 7-day, thursday, friday almost the same, cold front passes to our north saturday, sunday still looking dry extra clouds and wind shift will bring cooler weather for the back half of the forever cast. overnight roadwork still to be picked up. good more. eastbound highway 4 remains closed all lanes detour in place until 5:30 this morning. live look at southbound 680 towards walnut creek from pleasant hill light, roadwork sycamore valley road. san jose light traffic 280
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north bird on-ramp closed until 7:00 this morning. 4:40. the news the bay area has been waiting for. giants' fan brian stow takes a major step in his recovery. homeless advocates lay hide-and-seek with san francisco police
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♪ ready in minutes! ♪ you gotta taste...mmmm a brand new morning ♪ [ female announcer ] new pillsbury grands! biscuit sandwiches. san francisco, bay bridge towards oakland you can see clear this morning. we are going to warm up quite a bit we'll check out temperatures with mike in a few minutes. san francisco police are watching to see if homeless activists try to reoccupy two vacant hotels they took over the properties yesterday to make their case that empty housing should be used for homeless. police had to close streets
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for a while last night officers searched inside the vacant charles hotel. 20 officers in riot gear removed banners and other belongings. police said anyone found inside would be arrested. the activists scattered. earlier the tactical unit went in the vacant cathedral hill hotel, but found no one. brian stow the fan beaten into a coma at a dodgers' game is out of the hospital in a rehabilitation center this morning. his parents and sister were by his side as he was moved from san francisco general. the hospital's chief of neurosurgery says he has made dramatic progress. doctors say he's ready for the next step in his recovery. >> he's beginning to mobilize. he has been up out of bed. again, this is why he's ready for going to a top notch traumatic brain injury rehabilitation center that will allow him to have the
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best opportunity for recovery that he can have. >> traumatic brain injuries are complicated to diagnose and treat and they are not sure how much more stow will improve. coming up, vitamin warning. the supplement taken by millions of men that could increase risk of cancer. evidence the u.s. says ties iran to a to assassinate a top saudi diplomat in washington. >> reporter: more on the winners and losers in the gop debate, coming up. >> check out first lady obama's attempt to break a world record. you can be part of it today. we'll tell you how coming up.
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look how cool it is in seattle and great falls, mid 50s there mid to upper 60s boston, new york, d.c., minneapolis, fargo 70s and 80s elsewhere phoenix at 98.
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most airports on time. delays out of philly and arrival delays into charlotte. check out our flight tracker any time you travel it is at the bottom of the front page. 4:47. the obama administration is increasing sanctions again iran in response to what federal agents say was a to assassinate saudi arabia's ambassador to the u.s.. u.s. officials say iranian agents planned to kill adel al-jubeir by detonating a bomb near capitol hill. they offered to pay members of a mexican drug cartel 1 1/2 million dollars to carry out the plot. >> when the confidential source noted there could be 100 to 150 people in a restaurant where the request bombing would take place the lead defendant said no problem, no big deal k >> officials say the plot was directed from iran by the
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country's special foreign actions unit. iran denies the whole thing. in the mideast, a deal reached today between israel and hamas for a lopsided prisoner swap. more than ,000 palestinian prisoners -- more than 1,000 palestinian prisoners will exchanged for one prisoner, netanyahu says shalit would be free in the next few days. not clear when or where the young sergeant will be released. 450 palestinian prisoners will be let go next week. the remainder within two months. republican presidential candidates find themselves clashing with herman cain he's soaring at number two in the polls. a top target last night in new hampshire. john hendron takes a closer look at the debate that had mitt romney trying to stay on top and perry looking to deliver a knock out performance. >> reporter: you know you in
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the lead when you are taking fire from behind. cain former of godfather's pizza took plenty for his 9, 9, 9 plan. >> 9% business platt tax 9 -- >> you turn it upside down, i think the devil is in the details. >> i think it is a catchy phrase i thought it was the price of a pizza. >> reporter: coming out on top, mitt romney who came with a simple talking point. >> right now america is in crisis if that does happen you want to have someone who is smart, and i do, i've done it. >> reporter: this is a two-person race, cain and romney, a month ago i was romney and perry. >> reporter: earlier romney captured the endorsement of the week. >> mitt romney is the man we need to lead america. >> reporter: anyone hoping perry would recapture the lead might have walked away disappointed. >> i'm still speaking. >> reporter: perry had trouble ing a word in edge
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wise. >> he was the man who wasn't there. -- >> reporter: this slip-up after the debate didn't help. >> reason we fought the revolution in the 16th century was if get away from that -- >> reporter: the american revolution was fought in the 18th century. romney was the man with a target on his back. when it came time for each to ask the other a question, everyone but ron paul -- storm's outer bands of rain began hitting the coast yesterday. jova is now a category 1 storm of winds at 85 miles-an-hour. expect odd to turn eye tropical storm later today dark -- heavy rain still a threat with 6 to 12 inches or more that could produce
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flash floods and mudslides. people will be moving quickly on the golden gate bridge this morning as part of the first lady's push for fitness. yesterday mrs. obama and hundreds of kids kicked off to break the guinness record for most people doing jumping jacks in a 24 hour period. 10:00 this morning school kids and others will do jumping jacks on the golden gate bridge they have to do it for one minute to be counted if you are interested in joining in go to >> viewers may wonder what the current record is? >> take a guess [ talking over each other ] >> i was cheating just like in college. i didn't say that. 4:51. let's check in with mike. hurricane jova the winds are down to 75 now? >> yeah it will continue to weaken today. energy source warm ocean water.
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it will create more flooding rain unfortunately. back at home nothing to worry]om about in that sense. we have chamber of commerce weather. sunny, warm, barely have a breeze today even out at the ocean. going to be one of those beautiful days. take some pictures send them in. good ones lately. would love to see more especially if you are heading to the beaches for some of us who can't make it there when it is this warm. san francisco, -- cooler as we expected everywhere. san francisco, mountain view, antioch sill in the 60s, everybody else mid to upper 50s, -- napa and jose a mile to half mile visibility thanks to fog forming. mid to upper 50s around the monterey bay and inland. warmer weather everywhere
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today, clear and mild tonight. the weekend still trending cooler but still looking dry. as far as our temperatures today, three degrees in oakland, five in san francisco, concord, fremont, san jose, 7 santa coast eight degrees warmer than yesterday. there's no clouds, no organized low clouds and there won't be through the lunch hour into the afternoon. that's why we'll have a wealth of 70s and 80s today. no 60s, 90s possible tomorrow. let's focus on today in the south bay once the fog fades low to mid 80s in most areas sunnyvale and milpedis upper 70s. millbrae 76°. throw mid 70s along the coast today into down -- low to mid 70s along the coast today and into downtown san francisco. 70 beaches in the north bay, mid 80s in the valleys. mid to upper 70s most of the
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east bay shore oakland 77 castro valley and fremont around 81°. late of the 80s in the east bay valleys low to mid 80s. most of the monseray bay sunny 74 and 72 in carmel. around the state mid 80s through the central valley and yosemite. 69 tahoe, l.a. 97. 100 in palm springs. heat continues to build south tomorrow we may see 90s. 50s and 60s tonight not as cool as this morning. near 80 inland thursday and friday near 90, near 80 around the bay low to mid 70s at the coast sunday about 8 to 10° cooler than the next couple of days. good morning. san jose northbound 101 first reports of an accident just cleared. northbound at blossom hill no significant slowing. stalled big rig westbound 580
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drive towards san leandro blocking right lane at keller. no slowing in the area yet. we'll hopefully get that big rig out by the time your commute gets underway. golden gate bridge no fog, light traffic. same with the bay bridge no delay behind the tolls, metering lights off. for the latest. the renovation of cal's football stadium has reached a small milestone. the last steel frames what will be the press box were lowered into police yesterday. they sit above the western side of the stadium the stadium as top a hayward fault. it is being rebuilt so it can move and shift during a quake. the work is scheduled to be completed in time for next year's football season the number of mumps cases at uc berkeley rising, now 15 confirmed cases and 15
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suspected cases. the mumps cases are up the lines are getting shorter. yesterday 750 people attended the second campus vaccination clinic. another clinic friday afternoon. officials say patient zero is the student who recently returned from europe. new evidence that taking vitamin e pills can carry a risk. men who took high doses of the vitamin for five years found they had a slightly increased risk of prostate cancer. men randomly assigned to take a 400 unit capsule everyday were 17% more likely to get prostate cancer. that risk continued even after the men taking vitamin e quit taking pills. new research in the journal of the american medical association. wasn't it linked to reducing the risk? >> years ago that's what doctors thought. next, the reward that police hope will help them
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catch a suspect in a pet store robbery. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in oakland. a city which will be looking for a new police chief this morning. anthony batts announcing his resignation yesterday saying he doesn't want this job because the city council and mayor wouldn't let him do his job. why would a weight watchers shipwreck off the california coast have some -- have some environmentalists concerned. hey guys, what can i get for you?
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